Bound, Bonded and Betrayed

BY : ShenLong
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Pairings; 1x2, 3x4, 1xR, 2xR

Warnings: Sap, angst, bondage, slavery, Yaoi, Lemon, lime, het, violence, dark, fluff, AU, OOC.

Rating: NC 17


Summary: Heero is the eldest son of the King of Colonia. His 21st birthday is approaching and as tradition dictates his betrothed is soon to arrive. However he is also bound by tradition to select his own personal slave. The events that unfold lead him down a path that not only tests his sanity but his humanity and love as well.

Author's Note: This fic was started back in 2004 and has languished on my hard drive ever since, only sporadically being added to when I have the time (and the muse the inclination). Updates will be far between, but rest assured, it will be finished. Feed back is most welcome as are honest critiques. Flames will be dealt with as I deal with all flames with sarcasm.

"Bound, Bonded and Betrayed"

Commenced July 2004 published January 2008



Heero gazed out of the window across the sprawling lawns of the castle grounds to the sweeping forest beyond and sighed softly to himself. A knock at his door drew him from his thoughts and he turned, bidding the visitor to enter his chambers.

A small blonde head appeared around the door and a gentle voice accompanied the entry. "Prince Heero, sir. Your father wishes to speak with you in the throne room."

Heero gave the kneeling slave a warm smile. "Thank you, Quatre. Please tell my father I will be there shortly."

The blonde slave rose from his knees, keeping his head bowed. "As you command, Prince Heero." He turned and was gone, closing the door behind him.

Heero glanced out of the window once more before taking his cape from the back of the chair and donning it. Quickly he left his chambers and headed for the throne room.

He knocked respectfully on the door and hearing the deep voice bid him to enter, he did so. His father sat behind a large desk, papers strewn about. The throne room, as it was called, was not in fact the room where the king's throne resided; many years ago, the royal throne had graced the room but Prince Heero's grandfather had had the room converted into an office and the royal thrones had been moved to the great hall where the banquets and balls were usually held. Heero agreed that it seemed a more fitting place.

You wished to speak with me, father?" Heero said as he approached the desk.

"Yes, my son. Please, be seated." The king waved to a chair and Heero sat down, his cobalt eyes wandering across the desk and traveling up his father's torso before settling upon looking at a spot on the wall behind his father's left ear. King Treize finished his writing and set the implement down. He linked his fingers together and turned to gaze at his first born son. "Heero, as you are aware, your twenty-first birthday is approaching."

Heero nodded.

"And as heir to the throne, once you achieve that age, it is required that you marry and produce your own heir."

Heero nodded again. He was well aware of the rules and traditions of the royal family and as such, respected them.

"Your bride has been selected for you and will arrive in a month. I'm sure you will approve of the choice. She is a well-bred woman with intellect, sound of body and mind and quite pretty too."

Heero couldn't help but think they were discussing his future wife as one would discuss a piece of horse flesh.

"Her name is Relena and she comes from the Peacecraft line, the rulers of the Sanq Kingdom," his father continued. "I expect you to make her welcome and spend time getting to know her before your marriage, which will take place two weeks after her arrival."

"Yes, father."

Treize paused for a moment and studied his son. His voice softened a little as he delivered his next speech. "As you are also aware, you may select for yourself a personal slave..."

For the first time since the conversation began, Heero actually looked at his father.

"Just as custom and tradition dictates that your bride is selected for you so you are entitled to select your own personal slave, unlike your younger brother whose slave was picked for him. Bear in mind though that your slave will also be expected to serve your queen."

Heero mulled that thought over in his head. While he really had no objection to his future queen being selected for him, it was a comforting thought to know he was free to choose his own personal slave, someone who would tend his every need and be a companion just as much as a slave.

"Do you have anyone in mind?"

Treize's words jolted Heero back to the here and now. "No, father, I don't."

"Then may I suggest that we announce to the kingdom that you will be looking for one?"

Heero thought about the suggestion for a moment and then replied with a suggestion of his own. "I think an announcement would be fine, however..."

Treize quirked an eyebrow in question.

"However, I do not wish to see endless lines of potential slaves presented to me here at the castle; rather I would prefer to ride out to the villages and search for my slave myself."

King Treize looked thoughtful for a moment and then smiled at his son. "So be it. I will send messengers out immediately to inform the kingdom of your intention. When do you wish to begin your search?"

Heero thought for a moment. "I will begin in two days."

"Very well," Treize nodded to his son, indicating that the conversation was finished.

Prince Heero stood and gave a respectful bow before exiting the room.

~ * ~


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