How Kai Came to Live with Voltaire

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How Kai Come to Live With Voltaire


“Good night, Kai” the chibi boy's father said as he tucked his son into bed one night.

“Night daddy” Kai replied with a sleepy smiled.

“Sweet dreams, son.” Susumu turned off the light and the chibi's room filled with stars from his night light.

Kai's eyes were shut before his dad closed the door.

“That was...cute” Voltaire smirked as he stood across from his son in the hallway.

“Why are you here?” Susumu hissed as he glared at his so called father. “I told you to stay away from us, especially Kai.”

“But if I'm not near Kai, then who will raise him?” Voltaire smirked as his son's gray eyes went wide.

“Natalie, what did you do with her?”

“Come with me and see” Voltaire led the way down the hall to Susumu's room. The door swung opened and Susu was greeted with his wife bleeding to death on their bed.

“How could you?”

“Easily my son, like this.” Voltaire pulled out his gun and shot the other man in the chest three times. Thanks to the silencer Kai didn't know a thing happened.

The next morning Kai was woken to ruff shaking. He was surprised to see Voltaire leaning over him and an other voice, that weren't his parents, coming from the hall.

“Oh thank goodness, Kai, you're alright.”

The chibi blinked at the man. “Of course I am grandfather, but why are you here? Daddy doesn't like you.”

“Oh my dear boy,” Voltaire started to fake cry, “there was an accident last night, both your parents are dead.”

“NO!” he screamed and pushed the older man away from him. “I don't believe you.”

Kai ran from his room and saw the police surrounding his parents' room. He pushed passed them to see both of them covered in blood.

“Stop him” the senior officer ordered before Kai could touch his father's body.

“No, put me down. Daddy.” Kai struggled in a young woman's arms as the tried so desperately to reach his father. “Daddy wake up.” he started to cry.

“I'll take him” Voltaire had finally made his way over and grabbed Kai. “This is no place for one so small.”

Kai was given to Voltaire and that was the last he ever saw his parents, house and happy times. He was only 5 years old and his life was doomed to hell.

(End flashback)

“Kai, you should stop crying, Voltaire will hurt you again” Dranzer said as she hugged her young charge in her wings. It had only been a few months after his parents accident and it still tormented his dreams.

“I'm sorry Dranz. But I can't help it” Kai sobbed into her feathers.

“I know child.” She felt so bad for the small boy, but there was not much she could do for him. And since Voltaire was his only living family, he had to remain there, wither she liked it or not.

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