Uncontrollable Lust

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Capsule Corporation

It had only been a week after the Cell Games. And everyone was still in mourning over Goku's death, Chi-Chi and Bulma more than everyone else. Gohan thought he was going to be in the same state as well. But ever since he gained the Super Saiyan 2 form he has had these strange feelings. Every time he's around a woman he keeps getting the urge to look at certain areas on their bodies. He stayed in his room all day, unless he was eating or training, most of the time he just stayed in there to try to understand the feeling he always got. It was very powerful, though that's for sure.

The black haired warrior destroyed another training bot. Training was the easier of the two ways to get his mind off of his new urges. Three all lunged at him at the same time, Gohan leaped in the air then started disappeared from sight and reappeared behind one before kneeing it in its stomach, bringing his hands together pulled them over his head then thrust them down onto the bots back breaking it into pieces. He merely the same to the second and destroyed the last one with a Ki blast.

"Finished." He had finally finished training at 200 times the Earth's gravity.

He left the gravity room and saw Bulma.

"Good job Gohan." She was still sad but now she sounded slightly happier.

There it was. That feeling. Gohan managed to smile, before bowing and saying his thanks to Bulma before leaving quickly.

He sighed in relief. 'Why do I feel this way when I'm around her?' he asked himself.

He was taken out of his thoughts by the sound of sobbing coming from the room to his right.

He peeked in to see Chi-Chi crying over a picture of Goku.

Seeing this he went inside to comfort her. But then he felt it again when he was about five feet from her. But despite this he kept going.

'If anyone needs comfort, it's Mom.' He thought to himself.

Big mistake. Before he could utter a single word that feeling intensified ten times more. That's when Chi-Chi turned around and crushed him in a hug. Gohan had hugged her back quickly, but tightly. He was half hugging her and half using her as a support to keep his mind focused. But sadly when Gohan opened his now closed eyes, his face was in front of her cleavage. It took every last ounce of his willpower not to rip her shirt off. This feeling was so powerful. It was like what transforming into Super Saiyan 2 did to his humanity. The only difference was that his feeling was that it was directed to everyone that was female.

After comforting Chi-Chi (which wasn't a very easy feat) he went to the room he was staying in for the time being. He clutched his head.

'I can't stop thinking about them. But not in a good way. What is this feeling?!' Now that Gohan thought about it he remembered seeing Chi-Chi rip out some pages in his chemistry book a while ago. 'Could the answer be in there?' But then again he remembered the fact that these feelings hadn't started until the end of the Cell Games. 'Maybe my transformation has something to do with it.'

He didn't know what to think of that. He might need to ask Bulma later, she might know. He would ask Vegeta but he was currently in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber training to become a Super Saiyan 2. From what Gohan knew he wouldn't be leaving for several months.

A few hours later we find Bulma and Chi-Chi are both drinking to try to get their minds off of things. They were unfortunately unsuccessful, for they were talking about the old days when they were younger and after they met the fallen saiyan. Bulma had even admitted that she liked Goku at one time.

After several more drinks they were both drunk out of their minds.

Gohan had decided to leave to go look for Bulma after a while. When he asked for where she was from some of the people of the Corporation they had said at the bar that was at the lower level.

Gohan went there and waited at the entrance, and he waited… and waited. After this the demi-saiyan went inside to get Bulma. He was shocked to find that Bulma and Chi-Chi both were drunk to the core. Gohan hesitantly went to them after watching them drink. It looked like they were talking but their words were so slurred that Gohan was amazed they were able to keep a conversation. He grabbed their hands and guided them to their rooms, even though his 'feeling' was going crazy. But outside Chi-Chi's room Bulma suddenly kissed Gohan. Before he could recover from the shock he felt a hand go into his pants, where he felt the hand start stroking his member. Bulma released him from the kiss. He could still feel the hand stroking him, but was surprised to see it was Chi-Chi's hand. But he wasn't complaining either. It felt good.

The door opened behind him and next thing Gohan knew he was being undressed on his mother's bed by the blue goddess.

Chi-Chi was stripping as well.

They were really talking it up during those drinks.


They were still drunk out of their minds. They were now talking about Chi-Chi's sex life with Goku. Most of the details were very explicit. Which was the main reason the bartender didn't stop them from drinking after a while.

They had both noticed that Gohan had come. But somehow they both mistook him for Goku. They had even made a bet to see who could 'pleasure' him better. They had made the bet just before Gohan took them. When they were just outside of Chi-Chi's room, one look from Bulma and the bet was on.

The black haired beauty was now done stripping. And Bulma had stripped Gohan down. Chi-Chi went over to Gohan and started to jerk him off, while sucking on the head of his dick, making Gohan become erect as he moaned. Gohan looked over at Bulma who was stripping herself. She was already topless and she was taking her bra off at the moment. When they were freed Gohan marveled at the size of her breasts. Beach balls would be put to shame at the size.

Gohan moaned out as Chi-Chi covered more of his dick with her mouth.

She started to hobble her head up and down as he was given the blowjob. The demi-saiyan's eyes screwed shut as the pleasure went through him. Then he felt something hovering over his face and he saw Bulma's pussy. His saiyan instincts took over and he started to eat her out, her moan made him lick with more fervor.

As a result Bulma started to ride his face. Gohan could feel his release coming…

He groaned into Bulma's pussy as his load shot into Chi-Chi's mouth. She drank it all up, and then started jerking him off again. After he became erect again Chi-Chi mounted him, and after positioning herself lowered (or more dropped) herself on Gohan's dick.

Chi-Chi became slightly surprised at the size of it. 'He's grown. I don't remember him being 11 inches long!'

Overcoming her surprise she began to ride Gohan's member slowly. After getting used to the bump in size, she started to go faster. After a few minutes of this Gohan started thrusting his dick up whenever Chi-Chi went down, increasing the pleasure. Chi-Chi began to ride him wildly; her breasts started bouncing as both women screamed out in pleasure. They both started feel something building inside of them.

They let out a scream as they climaxed at the same time.

Their sweaty bodies fell to their sides, completely out of breath. But Gohan was just getting started.

His 'feeling' was worse at the moment than all the other times put together. And he could no longer control himself.

He put Chi-Chi on all fours and laid Bulma on top of her in the same position.

He gripped Chi-Chi's waist and, with a grunt he thrust his dick back inside of her. He rammed into her at blinding speeds, Chi-Chi's moans could be heard in the entire building. But Gohan didn't care. It was a good thing Bulma had locked the door before this even started.

He pulled out of his mother, then Gohan positioned himself behind Bulma and grabbed her waist in a death grip, and without warning rammed into Bulma, not even missing a second, he started to drill into her doggy style. She screamed in pain. She hadn't had sex in a long time. So she wasn't used to the feeling of having a dick inside her.

But this made no difference to Gohan. He shifted from his base form to his Super Saiyan Form. His power and speed had increased gradually, so had his member in size. It was now 12 ½ inches long and, 3 inches wide. The sudden increase was new to Bulma, but the pain was decreasing as well. He started to fuck her at incredible speeds. While he did this he took one hand from Bulma's waist and inserted three fingers into Chi-Chi's pussy, thrusting at the same speed as he was Bulma. After a long time of this Gohan removed his digits from Chi-Chi's pussy and with both hands spread her ass cheeks. He saw a tight hole and, managed to push his tongue inside of it. While doing this he reinserted both his middle and fore-fingers inside of the black haired women.

Gohan started to feel his release coming, but held it in. He didn't want it to end so quickly. But theirs seemed to come too quickly. He could feel the walls closing in on his member and fingers, but despite how tight it was Gohan fucked them as hard as he could.

After three minutes of this he felt the walls close in on his dick again.

He took out his finger, and cock. Then he reentered Chi-Chi and started fingering Bulma. He then finally had another idea. He mentally thanked Piccolo for teaching him this. He got off the bed and concentrated his power before creating five clones of himself. Then he did his last transformation. He screamed as he went through the transition between Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan 2. His dick extended another inch in length, and 2 in width. When he was finished he looked at the two women who were now sprawled on the bed in a sweaty heap, all kindness leaving him. Gohan and his clones forced the women into all fours positions again.

Two went behind them, another two in front of them, and Gohan and his last clone underneath them.

The ones behind them spread their ass cheeks in unison and didn't hesitate in pushing inside their assholes with enough force to knock a freight train over. The clones in front of them forced their mouths open and rammed their dicks inside of the women's mouths. And finally Gohan and his partner slammed their erect cocks into the goddesses' openings. After five minutes of this Gohan noticed how much their breasts were bouncing in front of his face. He grabbed his woman's boobs and sucked on the nipples. They continued this for several hours straight. Gohan had made Bulma and Chi-Chi climax countless times. It was the crack of dawn before Gohan started to feel his own release coming. He and his clones rammed into them as hard as they possibly could, and when they couldn't hold it in anymore they thrust as deep inside of them as they possibly could go and came inside of them. The women's eyes rolled to the back of their heads and they lost consciousness. Gohan returned to his base form. He still had a large amount of energy left, and he still wasn't satisfied. His clones fucked the two women again. Neither one made any signs that they would wake up. There was a difference now however. It would take several hours in Super Saiyan 2 form to feel his release, but in his base form it took about two. He and his clones fucked them with all the energy that their bodies would allow. Gohan had a feeling that there were several earthquakes in the love making session. Gohan didn't care though, he would keep doing this until he was satisfied. Gohan felt his release coming again and he thrust into the two women as deeply as possible. After he came inside of them for the second time, he finally pulled out of the two women, satisfied… for the moment.

His clones disappeared and Gohan clothed Bulma and Chi-Chi and, after putting Chi-Chi to bed, picked Bulma up bridal style went out of the window and flew to her room where he laid her down. He left and went to his room. When inside he crumpled in the bed and instantly fell asleep.

When he woke up, the events of last night replayed in his head. Even though he knew what he did was wrong he didn't feel bad about it. But it only worsened his 'feeling' more than even last night. Gohan wanted more, and he knew it now.

He got out of his room after taking a shower. He got into a gi that was similar to his father's, and then went to the training room.

After training he left and saw that Bulma wasn't in the room she was in usually in. Gohan went to her room and knocked. When he got a "Come in." he saw a sight that surprised him.

"Hey Gohan, would you mind helping me up? I can't move my legs." She was on the floor, where she evidently tried to move from but could only manage to crawl (albeit weakly) before the energy left her. Gohan looked at her for a moment. His 'feeling' was soaring. She was vulnerable in this state. Gohan could do whatever he liked with her…

The demi-saiyan shook the thoughts out of his head and picked Bulma up bridal style.

"Where do you need to go Bulma?" He asked.

"To your mom's room. I need to talk to her."

Gohan started to walk to his mother's room as instructed, but with each step his anxiety rose.

"Do you remember anything from last night?" When Bulma shook her head he started to explain. "You were drunk last night. I could not tell you how many bottles surrounded you. I tried to take you to your rooms, but you both fell asleep." He didn't meet her eyes when he said the last part. Gohan was a horrible liar. So to not raise any suspicion he didn't meet her eyes.

Bulma put most of the pieces together but then she remembered the dream she had.

"Do you remember any of the things we said about your father?" She asked hesitantly.

"No. You were both talking to each other. But you were so drunk I'm surprised you could even tell what the other was saying." He looked at her, his curiosity rising. "What were you saying about my father?"

The memory of the things they said made Bulma blush. She could remember one thing. The bet. And then there was that dream… Bulma's face became if possible even redder.

"Forget it. It's nothing." They had reached Chi-Chi's room now. Bulma knocked on the door. But she got a groan as a response. She opened the door and saw Chi-Chi in the same position as she was.

'Damn. Did I do 'that' to them that hard?' Gohan thought. He put Bulma in a chair and helped Chi-Chi up. "Do you need help with anything else?"

"No I'm okay. Can you leave us Gohan; I need to talk to Bulma." His mother asked him.

The boy nodded before exiting the room.

Despite the door being closed and the fact that he was walking away quickly Gohan could hear the entire conversation due to his Saiyan hearing.

"Do you remember anything from last night?" Bulma asked.

"No I just remember one thing clearly." Chi-Chi replied, although her voice was grim.

"The bet?" Bulma was hesitant in asking.


"What was the bet exactly about again?"

"…We bet on who could… 'pleasure' Goku more. The rest of the details are blurry. All I remember is having a strange dream after that…"

Gohan paled after she said that.

"Yeah, me too. What was yours about?"

"I… remember me, you, and Gohan in the dream." She stopped after that.

"I did too. But what happened in yours?" Bulma had an ever so slight pang of fear in her voice.

"We… We all…" Chi-Chi choked on her own words. "We had… sex. All three of us. In this room. We did it because we thought he was Goku." She forced out.

"…I dreamt the same thing." Bulma said after a long silence.

The color drained completely from Gohan's face. Saying his skin was whiter than snow would not be exaggerating. He did the only thing his mind screamed for him to do. He sprinted back to the room with all the speed he could muster. But on the way he was stopped by Chi-Chi who had a look of pure shock on her face.

"Gohan, we need to talk." Chi-Chi said in a monotone voice. Fear moving him he followed her into the room.

It was much darker inside then he remembered. The only source of light was from the hallway.

"Uh… Mom."

He was silenced by someone's lips. The door slammed leaving him in darkness. The light turned on to reveal it was Chi-Chi who pushed Gohan on the bed. Gohan saw Bulma standing to the side and the demi-saiyan saw she was naked. He looked at the beach ball sized tits that had pink nipples. His eyes wandered to her lower section. The 'feeling' had overtaken him again. She walked to him, deliberately swinging her hips. His dick became erect at the sight of her body. She was in front of him now. She got on her knees and started stroking his member. It became completely erect immediately. She enveloped his 11 inch dick with her tits leaving only the head out, which she then put in her mouth and sucked on it while putting her tongue inside the dick hole as she began to tit-fuck him. As Gohan moaned loudly he saw the door open, and in came Android #18.

"I'm only going to do this to repay you for getting me out of Cell." She closed the door behind her.

She then stripped for him, as did Chi-Chi. When they halfway finished Gohan saw the size of both their breasts for the first time. He was surprised when he saw that their tits were the same size as Bulma's. There were only slight differences in size. But unless one looked closely they would seem the exact same size. They walked to him, swinging their hips as well. Chi-Chi crawled on top of Gohan and got in a sitting position above his mouth.

"Eat me out." She ordered. Gohan did as he was told and lapped out her juices. He felt #18 on his stomach and he entered two fingers inside of her and kept pumping into her with his digits.

Soon Bulma was bored with just a blowjob and mounted him. She lowered herself onto his length and screamed in ecstasy as she started bouncing up and down on his dick. He added two more fingers to #18's pussy and she did the same as Bulma, and he started licking more feverishly on Chi-Chi's opening. He kept doing this and he made them switch places whenever they climaxed.

This went on for a while, and Gohan did something else. When they were switching he had a few clones trap them all and chose one of the three to fuck. He chose Bulma first and lay down on his back. She mounted him immediately, grabbed his shoulders, and rode him again wildly. Her bouncing tits made Gohan reach up and squeeze them. Then he leaned higher and sucked on her left nipple and massaged the other breast. He licked, bit, and sucked on it and felt it grow very hard. He moved to the other nipple and massaged the other breast. He stopped completely after several transitions and grabbed her hips and started pulling her up and started slamming her onto his dick. Just when she was about to climax, a clone took her off of him and put him next to the other two, while slowly going in and out of her.

Gohan chose Chi-Chi next and this time he put her on all fours. He got behind her grabbed her hips and shoveled into her as fast and as hard as he could. Several times he would slap her ass just to get an extra moan from her. After an hour of pummeling into her, he pulled out of her pushed her down on her stomach and spread her ass cheeks. And finally without warning he thrust into her tight ass-hole. She screamed out in pain, but that didn't stop Gohan from starting to pound into her. He pounded into her as hard as he could, then he suddenly wrapped his arms around her stomach and fell on his back, putting her on top. Chi-Chi started bouncing on his cock, whenever she went down her tits would bounce in her face. Gohan started fingering her as time went on. He sensed her climax coming and his clone grabbed her and started her torture session again.

Finally it was #18's turn. He threw her on her back. "Pull your knees to your shoulders."

The android did as she was told, and Gohan entered her and started pummeling into her. Gohan had to admit, she was pretty damn tight. He saw her breasts bouncing from the sheer force of his thrusts. She let go of her legs and they rested on Gohan's shoulders. Gohan instantly wrapped his arms around his legs and he thrust harder into the android. He slammed into her as hard as he could while staying in his base form. He spread her legs and leaned down to suck her tits. When she was close to her climax Gohan pulled out of her and the third clone grabbed her and pulled in and out of her slowly.

Gohan stood in front of the three women, as he started to charge his power to maximum. He shifted to his second form quickly and looked at the three with unsympathetic eyes. He positioned himself on the bed by laying down. The clones put Bulma on top of him and put Chi-Chi behind them. #18 was put in front of them. Gohan thrust into Bulma and thrust with all the strength he could muster. Her breasts bounced in his face and he leaned in to suck on her tits. Bulma moaned but had to stop when she was forced to eat #18 out. A clone appeared behind the blonde and spread her ass revealing the tight hole which the clone thrust into quickly. As she moaned #18 was silenced by a clone putting his cock in her mouth. As for Chi-Chi she lapped at Gohan and Bulma's juices as Gohan pounded into the blue haired woman. Two clones put flipped her on her back and each fucked a hole each. The orgy went on like this for many hours. The clones still didn't show any signs of fatigue and the sun was only poking out of the horizon! For many times they would only speed up when it seemed someone was about to lose consciousness. Finally after what seemed like an eternity all the clones and Gohan came inside of them. They pulled out and the clones disappeared as Gohan surveyed his 'work'.

No one was able to move. Only breathe as cum trickled out of their holes. Gohan smirked as he returned to his base form. If they thought he was anywhere near finished then they were wrong. It would take multiple climaxes from his dick to stop him now. He was gaining more energy. #18 suddenly stood up.

"I repaid you. Now I'll be going." She jumped out of the window after dressing. Gohan beamed at the two remaining women, who were both barely clinging to consciousness, and pulled Bulma out of the sweaty heap. He put her on all fours and put her so that her head was above his dick. He started to eat her out while grabbing her ass. Bulma crumpled and started to suck on his dick slowly but slowly went faster. He closed his eyes and continued to have his oral sex session. He licked into her with more fervor then before and Bulma did the same. She began to shift her legs after a few minutes and Gohan took this as a sign and pulled his tongue out of her as she reached her orgasm. The juices spilled out of her pussy and Gohan lapped them up. He pushed his tongue inside of her and searched in her until he found a nub.

He licked there and Bulma's moans grew as she continued to suck his dick. Soon she started to hobble her head on his cock, making Gohan moan as he felt his cum start to build up inside of him. A few minutes later he groaned as he shot his seed into her mouth.

Gohan picked Bulma up and put her on her knees, making her lift her ass slightly. He got behind her and grabbed her elbows, before he finally thrust his dick into the blue haired woman. He shoved his cock into her ruthlessly and her moans only inspired him to ram her harder. Besides Gohan loved seeing her ass jiggle whenever he thrust into her. She could feel Gohan start to shovel into her at a faster and harder pace, and soon she felt his cum flowing into her, making her feel like she was melting away. She almost lost what little grip of consciousness that she had left. She fell to the side and breathed heavily.

Gohan looked at Chi-Chi. She didn't even have time to react before Gohan pushed her on her back and forced her legs to her shoulders, which she responded to by holding her legs up for hm. He thrust into her without hesitation and started fucking her brutally. He thrust deeper and deeper into her. He buried his hands in her breasts, as he thrust as hard, fast, and deep into her as possible. Gohan felt her walls close in on his dick as she climaxed. He knew it would take more than that to wear her out. Gohan knew his father was stronger than this…

Gohan's black hair changed to gold and his black eyes became teal. Gohan rammed into her with his renewed supply of power and speed. Gohan could feel another earthquake happening at the moment as he thrust into her pussy. Gohan screamed out as he released his load. It seemed the amount of time it took for him to cum was decreasing, but at the same time his cum developed quicker as well. Gohan didn't show any signs of stopping, or even slowing down. He kept thrusting into her and kept cumming inside of her each time with the amount greater in size and the time getting shorter. At one point it seemed he was giving Chi-Chi a flowing stream of cum.

After what seemed like an eternity Gohan pulled out of his mother. Bulma was using the wall as a support as she tried to walk to her dresser. Gohan walked behind her and slapped her ass, earning a yelp from Bulma. He squeezed her ass cheek before throwing her back on the bed.

"Where are you going Bulma, I'm far from finished." Gohan growled out while looking at the two women lustfully. This was starting to get to his head. He made the transition between his final transformation, and spread Bulma's ass cheeks, revealing a tight hole. Bulma screamed in pain when Gohan forced his dick deep into her. Gohan rammed her with all the power and speed he could muster, not missing a beat. Another earthquake rocked the entire building but Gohan didn't care. He shifted his partner's position so Bulma was sitting with her back to Gohan. Bulma started bouncing on Gohan's cock as the 11 year old lay on his back.

Gohan's hands trailed up Bulma's body until they cupped her large breasts, while pinching her nipples between his fingers. Gohan was bored with the performance Bulma gave him (though if she was able to do this much then he had to give her some credit) he started thrusting into Bulma's ass at great speeds. It was the same speed as before, but now Gohan was holding back. He was definitely getting stronger, that was for sure, but if he kept going all out he doubted they would be able to 'pleasure' him anymore for a while.

Chi-Chi and Bulma lay unconscious on the cum filled bed. Gohan glared at them. He couldn't fuck them anymore. He was sure that their wombs would burst if he came into them anymore.

Gohan heard a knock on the door and he heard the voice of a woman, Bulma's mom.

Gohan smirked. He had found himself a new partner.

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