Uncontrollable Lust: Multiverse Takeover

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He concentrated once again, the marks on his chest glowing once more, before he lifted his hand to his right, a large hole appearing in front of him.

He pushed himself inside the hole shortly after telling one of his remaining clones to tend to the new souls that needed judgement, before finally entering it.

Gohan had made his first wish to go to the Mirai dimension, as that was the one he was most aware of.

Upon entering the world, he floated down from the sky, looking around only to see ruins everywhere, the full moon high in the sky.

So this was the future that Trunks had come from...

He wasn't very surprised at that fact.

The Androids had pretty much destroyed everything when they'd went through there, from what Trunks had told him.

He closed his eyes, making one wish.

Make all organisms on Earth that are human males or humanoid males, other than myself, be...

He stopped himself from finishing the thought however.

He looked around himself sensing the power levels all around him.

Counting them, he barely felt any at all.

He half lidded his eyes in thought, wondering whether he really should've gone through with this.

But after several minutes of thought, he sighed.

He shouldn't interfere with this universe too much.

It was already damaged enough as it was...

He searched through all of the nearby power levels despite that fact, and when he found one certain power level, he blasted off towards it.

When he reached the building, he descended, and as his feet landed on the ground, he walked inside, moving through until he reached one room, entering without giving any warning, seeing a blue haired woman sleeping on a bed, face visibly tired out from age.

He walked in front of her, then shook her awake, her looking up in slight surprise.

"Huh...? Who are...?"

"Bulma, can I ask you something?" Gohan asked, while she was waking up.

"Gohan...? Is that you? Why are you so..."

"Is it alright if I asked you something?"

"Okay, what?"

"Do you know how many years ago it was when you first met Goku?"

She must've thought that she was dreaming still, and so she didn't say anything else about his sudden reappearance from the dead as a younger version of himself.

She visibly thought about if for a moment, then responded, "It's been 35 years since I met him."

"Okay, thanks. I needed that information." Gohan picked her up in a bridal style, and he disappeared, reappearing in front of his house in Mount Paozu, seeing the dome shaped house and entering.

"Why are we going here Gohan?"

"I need to talk to Chi-Chi for a moment."

As she seemed to think it was still a weird dream, Bulma only pulled herself closer to Gohan.

By "talk", Gohan meant taking her as well, moving Bulma so that she was thrown over his shoulder, his arm wrapped tightly around the backside of both of her knees.

Bulma made a surprised cry, yet couldn't do much before Chi-Chi too was thrown over his shoulder.

Chi-Chi too woke up from this action, and without warning, Gohan used his powers to recreate another portal, this time going into it with his two women on his shoulders.

He reappeared in a grassy field, the house no longer there, and knowing where he was, Gohan closed his eyes in concentration.

I wish to be teleported to Planet Vegeta.

He disappeared in a flash of light, and reappearing on the requested planet, he finally set Bulma and Chi-Chi down.

"Gohan, what's going on?"

Gohan didn't answer, only closed his eyes yet again.

Make all organisms in this solar system that are saiyan males or humanoid males, other than myself, be erased from existence.

Reopening his eyes, he saw the men surrounding him disappear.

He turned back to Chi-Chi and Bulma, "It's time I changed several things in the past."

"Gohan, what do you mean?"

He only wished for them to have their memories copied into their minds so that they could know what was happening.

When the look of realization came across their faces, they stared at Gohan, "Gohan, where are we exactly?" Chi-Chi asked after a moment, her admitting to herself that she did have a more intimate relationship with Gohan than was fitting for a mother.

The fact that it had happened in another dimension was something she knew she couldn't deny either.

"We're on Planet Vegeta, right before it got destroyed." Gohan turned around, looking up at the sky, seeing a giant red ball plummeting towards the planet.

He charged his ki up, reaching the maximum power level he could have while in his Super Saiyan 2 form.

He blasted up towards the ball, slamming his hand against its surface, making another wish, him feeling several power levels being transported there.

He flew up towards space, and when he left the world's atmosphere, he lifted the ball over his head, seeing the face of Frieza, him being astonished at what was happening before him.

That was the last thing Gohan saw of him before he launched the ball right back at Frieza, amping the attack up with a large amount of his own ki.

The resulting explosion took the toll of all of Frieza's soldiers, as well as the tyrant himself.

Seeing this, Gohan simply turned away from the look of the high scale explosion, flying back to the planet under him.

He landed while making a crater around himself, then picked Chi-Chi and Bulma up again, flying back to the royal palace in Planet Vegeta.

Once there, Gohan stood on the balcony that overlooked thousands of miles of land, and he turned to the saiyan females under him.

"To all saiyans, I am here to proclaim to you that the age of the saiyans has now come to an end." He spoke powerfully, gaining their attention, "All of your men and your king have agreed to leave all power to our race to me. These new changes that come for this world will be for the prosperity of the Neo-Saiyans. Watch, and I will show you how powerful we will be as a new race!"

He waved his hand, and clones appeared behind every last woman, their bodies quickly becoming more voluptuous in comparison to before, their clothes disappearing as well.

Without any warning, the clones took them all in bridal styles, all disappearing into the women's homes.

And finally, after making one more wish, a woman appeared in front of him.

Her short black hair did nothing to veil her face, which was wide eyed with confusion.

"What's going on?" She asked, not trying to mask her naked body.

Gohan also made a wish to make it so that all the women on the planet all allowed what was happening to happen.

Yet despite that, she still looked confused.

"I am going to make a new generation of the saiyan race that's more powerful than the last could ever be."

"So you're going to...?"

"Yes, that means I'm going to impregnate you as well." Gohan said simply.

Fasha looked in slight surprise at this, but nodded after a moment, "If you're sure that you can satisfy me, then alright."

She gave a smirk at him, as though challenging him.

"That isn't the current question." Gohan, Chi-Chi, and Bulma's clothes all disappeared, the latter two becoming 15 years younger than their former selves, "It really is going to be a question of whether you can satisfy me."

Bulma and Chi-Chi both walked to each of Gohan's sides, and Bulma reached down, grasping his length and stroking his slightly hardened member, it becoming straight and harder than metal seconds later.

Fasha looked back at him, looking as though she'd just accepted a challenge.

She walked forward, getting on her knees when she was in front of him, lifting her J-Cup breasts and stuffing his cock between them, moving her breasts up and down while looking up at his face.

Gohan didn't react at all, even when Chi-Chi and Bulma both starting licking at the head of his cock.

"You'll have to try harder than that."

Fasha followed through with it, whole heartedly sucking on his dick like the other two women around her.

Gohan never gave any signs of pleasure despite this.

After several minutes of this, Gohan pulled his own body away from them, Fasha looking up at him, face looking surprised.

But when she saw the bored look on his face, she narrowed her eyes again.

"Get on your hands and knees, all three of you." Gohan ordered, and Chi-Chi and Bulma complied, Fasha taking a moment to register what he'd said, before she too followed directions.

Gohan walked behind all of them, trailing his hand over all of their asses, slapping each one of them heavily.

Bulma responded to her slap by crying out, Fasha by giving a slight muffled shout of surprise, Chi-Chi doing the same as Fasha.

Without another moment of waiting, Gohan got on his knees, aiming his dick and thrusting into Fasha, her losing the ability to breathe for a moment as they erection plowed into her pussy, him forcing himself into her womb just to fully put himself inside of her.

He pushed three fingers into Bulma and Chi-Chi, two clones appearing in front of them, thrusting their dicks deep into their mouths, them sucking on them after realizing what had happened.

Gohan started thrusting deeply into Fasha, her moaning loudly while their flesh clapped loudly with each other, Gohan fingering the other two women very slowly, their wetness forming on his fingers.

With Fasha's breasts bouncing into her arms, her head thrown back soon after, she felt the pleasure course through her, along with the pain that came with Gohan fucking her womb.

He kept scraping against her pleasure points roughly, her legs twitching every time her thrust inside of her.

Within minutes, with her body glistening from sweat, her walls closed in on Gohan as she came, only for Gohan to keep thrusting into her, him suddenly becoming much more brutal than before.

Gohan was still holding back however, and when he made her cum again, he went as hard and as fast as possible, the thrusts so powerful that Fasha looked as though her body was vibrating more violently than a cell phone would on a glass table, her very suddenly screaming her head off, Gohan never stopping once for what felt like an eternity, but was in fact only several hours.

Soon, Gohan could feel himself reaching his own climax, and he pulled his now slimy fingers out of Chi-Chi and Bulma's pussies, grabbing Fasha's waist and holding her so he could fuck her harder, him slamming her ass against his waist every time he thrust, the clapping now lightning quick.

Fasha was trying her best not to let her arms fail on her, after what must've been her 23rd climax, them trembling however despite her efforts.

Then Gohan finally thrust as deeply inside of her as possible, his dick exploding a giant mass of seeds inside of Fasha, her womb expanding from how many seeds he released inside of her, a slight bump appearing there on her slim, toned body.

Fasha screamed her loudest scream yet, her sweat mixing with the tears of pleasure that Gohan had just drilled deep into her, eyes clenched tightly, mouth wider than it ever had before.

It was that moment that the clones fucking Chi-Chi and Bulma's mouths abruptly pulled out of there, aiming their cocks at Fasha's face before shooting their seeds at her face, it covering it before she could do anything.

Her body twitched, her trying to breathe, only to fall over, crumpling to the ground, legs wide on the ground, knees bended, cum bursting out of her pussy as she nearly wheezed while trying to catch her breath.

"It seems like you couldn't satisfy me after all." Gohan smirked down at her.

So that was his grandfather's elite...

He'd expected a bit more if he had to be honest.

With that thought, Gohan moved towards Chi-Chi, soon becoming one with her alternate dimensional other.

Now he would start his takeover of the multiverse, one universe at a time...

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