I'm Not Like That Anymore

BY : LadyKiyoko2020
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The next three days flew by for both Bardock and Kaiya.  It was evening on the last night they were going to stay in the hotel, and he knew something was bothering her.  He walked over to her and wrapped his arm around her from behind.  “So you going to tell me what’s going on?”

With a smile as she laid her arms on his, she looked out at the sky.  A half-moon already there.  Letting out a sigh she laid her head back on his shoulder.  “I know you love me.  I love you more than anything as well.  And I was wondering if we could……………………..well……………………….”  Then she turned in his arms and looked up into his concerned dark eyes.  “Do you think we could actually get married before we leave the city?”

“What exactly does get married mean anyway?  Been trying to remember to ask you.”

Smiling as she looked at his chest Kaiya was once again reminded that he didn’t know the customs of Earth since he wasn’t from here.  “When two people are in love with each other, and want to spend the rest of their lives with each other, they get married.  The girl takes on the guys last name, and they are married in the eyes of the law.”

“Why do you have to be married like that here?”

“Well we don’t have too.  But for some, it is so that they can be legal in different things they do with money and stuff.  But I want to be able to call you my husband, just because what I can remember about Mama was that her eyes always sparkled when she called Papa “My Husband”.  I want something like that.”

Lifting her face to look at him, Bardock smiled at her.  “I have no clue what it really is.  Or what I would call you.  But if this is something you want to do, before we head out in the morning, we will go wherever we need to and get married.”

Tears shinning in her eyes, Kaiya smiled up at him with nothing but love reflecting in her eyes.  “You truly don’t mind?”

“Nope.  Not if it makes you smile like that.” 

Her smiling getting even bigger Kaiya just gazed up into his dark eyes.  “Thank you Bardock.  So much.  You by the way, would call me your wife.”

His own smile now, Bardock started to lean his head toward hers.  “My wife.  I think that I can get used to that.”  Then he dipped his head and seared her lips with his own.

Letting her hands slide up his chest so that her arms could wrap around his neck, Kaiya melted into his arms.  The way that he kissed her just moved her.  She wanted to get closer and closer.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to go on without him.

When she felt him touching her mouth with his tongue she gasped and when her mouth opened, her eyes went wide when his tongue dived into her mouth.  After a few seconds she moaned into his mouth as she began to move her tongue with his.

Bardock kept her pulled hard against his body.  When she allowed him to deepen the kiss he felt a fire ignite deep within him.  Before he knew it, he used his speed and had her on the bed, with him hovering over her.

Feeling herself on the bed, Kaya tensed.  Not because she didn’t want that, but she knew where it was going to lead, and whether it was now or in three years, it was still going to be something that made her nervous. 


Opening her eyes and looking into his dark, and lust filled ones she smiled as she leaned up and kissed him quickly.  “I am more than willing.  But it is just that, I have never…………….”  Then she let out a gasp when she felt his mouth on her neck.  The sensations swimming through her were like nothing that she ever felt before.  She arched toward him as one hand fisted in the back of his hair, and the other hand fisted in the sheets.

This was something that Bardock just seemed to know what he was doing.  This wasn’t something he needed to ask her about.  It was like something primal was telling him what to do.  But he did know that he had to go slow.  He had to be easy with her.  And above all he wanted her to enjoy it.  The way that she tensed nearly made him stop.  It wasn’t something he was expecting in the least.

But something told him what he needed to do to help stop her from doing that.  Using his free hand he reached down and slowly yet firmly ran his hand up her leg, to her waist and under her shirt to stop just below her chest.  All the while he slowly kissed from her shoulder up to her mouth.  When he reached her mouth he drove his tongue inside her mouth with a groan as he moved his hand up to fully cover her breast as he gently kneaded his fingers.

Kaiya groaned into his mouth as she arched her chest closer to him.  Her entire body now shaking slightly from the sensations that coursed through her.  She always imagined what it would feel like to be with someone like this.  But the sensations and feelings that he was bringing out in her were more than she could have ever dreamed of.  The only thing she was sure of right now, was that release that she was longing for at the moment, only Bardock could give her.

Ripping his mouth from hers Bardock turned his dark eyes down to watch as he pulled her shirt up to her neck, exposing her chest to his feasting eyes.  Almost as if in a trance he dipped his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth, as his other hand once again played on her other one, rolling her nipple between his fingers.  Her sudden moan, the way her shaking intensified, and how she arched herself even closer, pulled a long and deep groan from him.

Her head thrashing back and forth at this point, Kaiya was delirious with passion.  The feel of his hands and mouth as they played over her breasts.  She nearly didn’t realize his shift in position until she felt herself being pulled up.  Opening her eyes she watched his eyes as they bore into hers as he lifted her shirt over her head.  Then moaned as he once again seared her mouth as he gently pushed her back on the bed.

Bardock dove his tongue into her mouth again with a groan.  His free hand moving from her chest, down the middle of her stomach.  Reaching her bottoms, he slid his hand beneath them and her panties he found the target that he was looking for.  The way she tensed and arched her back drew his attention from his throwing passion.  She just told him that she has never done this before.  “Kaiya?”

Opening her eyes to look up into his Kaiya smiled as her shaking started again, Kaiya opened her mouth to tell him it was alright but instead, the slight pressure he gave her made her eyes roll back in her head as they fluttered shut.  She arched her head back with a gasp.  Then she shocked herself as well as Bardock when she wove her hands around his neck and pulled his lips down to hers in a fiery kiss.

Returning her kiss with his own passion fueled one, Bardock groaned as their tongues danced with each other.  After a few seconds he then used his middle finger and then slowly wove himself down through her silky hair, and found the one place her entire nervous system was focused at.  Slowly and gently he started to swirly his finger as he put on just barely any pressure.

With moans of pleasure Kaiya thrashed her head back and forth as she clung to his neck.  His mouth working its way toward her chest again.  She felt like a fire was building deep in her soul and was soaring, raging out of control.  After what seemed like to her an eternity, her eyes went wide as her entire body convulsed and cried out in pleasure.  Arching her body ward him.  After a few seconds when he moved his hand she fell flat on the bed breathing heavy.

Smiling Bardock moved again and stood, quickly discarding his clothes and then moving back to the bed, pulling the last of her clothes from her before he hovered over her.  At first he kissed her stomach, causing a jerk from her.  Then he moved up as his knees gently pushed her legs a little further apart.  He then dipped his head and swirled his tongue around first one nipple, then the other.  Again using his knees to push her legs a little further apart.  This time though she jumped.

Kaiya knew he was just as naked as she was when she felt his knees push her legs apart slightly.  His kiss on her stomach making her jerk and her body started shaking again.  She arched her back, pushing her chest closer to him when she once again felt his mouth on her breasts.  But it was the second time when he pushed her legs a little further apart she jumped. 

She opened her eyes as she looked up at his concerned eyes.  Still shaking Kaiya reached up and pulled his face down into hers with a smile.  Though her body was still shaking.  “It is alright Bardock.  I am just a little nervous.  I don’t know about where you come from but here we are taught that a girls first time can sometimes be painful.  I want……………….”

Cutting her off Bardock seared her mouth with his.  At the same time pushing her legs further part with his own.  After a moment he smiled into her eyes as he pulled away from her kiss.  “I will be slow and gentle with you.  If at any point you want to stop, just tell me okay.”


Bardock then seared her mouth again as he rubbed his member between her folds.  Coating himself with her.  He then settled in and started to slowly push inside her.  With each little push he gave, he was relieved when her body stayed semi relaxed.  Then he came up on some resistance.  When her body tensed he knew this is what he was talking about.  Pulling back just slightly he then gave one swift thrust and broke through the resistance and buried himself fully inside her.  Then he froze.  Her body tensed and she gasped as she dug her nails into his shoulders.

Kaiya groaned into his mouth as he slowly entered her.  But when her pushed through her innocence the quick stab of pain that came from that startled her nearly out of her bliss filled state.  But as she started shaking she smiled as Bardock stopped the kiss and looked down at her.  “It’s alright.”

“Are you sure?”

Nodding as she pulled his face down to hers and touched their noses together, Kaiya smiled as she started shaking when she felt a hand start to play over her chest again.  “It is normal for the girls of this planet Bardock.  I will be fine.”

Bardock nodded then started to pull out slowly just a little and then back in.  Her wince of pain making him stop.  “Kaiya?”

“It’s okay.  Keep going.”  Kaiya then winced a little again when Bardock moved.  But with each small movement he made inside her, she could feel the pain lessening.  She could feel that fire starting to burn again. 

Watching her face with his small movements, Bardock smiled when she stopped wincing and she started to show that she was enjoying it.  Taking that time he kept his slow rhythm but started pulling nearly all the way out of her before he would slowly push back inside her.  After a while her seared her mouth as he increased his speed in and out of her.  Groaning in her mouth at the sensation that being untied with her like this was coursing through him.

Kaiya clung to him as he moved within her.  The pain from his first entry was totally gone now.  It wasn’t long before her thrusts up to meet his matched in a perfect rhythm.  Her nails dug as far as they could into his shoulder.  With each thrust she arched her head with a gasp and her head roll to one side or the other.  The more he moved, the more she wanted.

Bardock groaned as he dipped his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth.  Increasing his speed again as he held her hips with one hand, and his upper body propped up with his other arm on his elbow.  He could tell she was no longer in pain but with what he knew he could do, he still held himself back.  He didn’t want to hurt her.

After what seemed like eternity for both of them.  Bardock felt his own release coming on as he bore down on his mouth, snatching his her hands from his shoulders and holding one next to her head, and the other straight down beside them, he increased his speed one last time.  He could feel her quaking inside again.  They were both going to release at the same time.  A few moments later they cried out in each other’s mouth as he drove deep one last time and spilled his seed deep inside her body.

Kaiya clung to him as her body shook violently.  When he finally released her hands they flew up around his neck.  When he finally broke the kiss she smiled up at him with sweat coating her brow.  She didn’t know what to say.  For so long now, until Bardock, she resigned herself to the fact that she was never going to be with anyone.  Or her first time would be brutal by Kaimaru forcing himself on her.  But this was so much more than she thought that it was going to be like.

Slowly pulling out of her, Bardock smiled as he kissed her nose.  “You alright?”

Smiling as he moved them so that she was curled up in his arms, her back pressing against his chest.  “I am fine.  I may be a little sore for the next few days.  But I don’t mind.”

Kissing her neck Bardock smiled as he let out a relieved sigh.  “Good.  I held back so I didn’t hurt you.  I was worried I was.”

Snuggling in a little closer Kaiya laughed as she let sleep tug at her eyes.  “First few times yes.  But like I said that is natural here on Earth.  A few more times and it won’t hurt at all.”

Letting sleep tug at his own eyes, Bardock nodded as he rubbed her upper arm.  “Good.”

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