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Blinking Gohan looked down at Videl with wide eyes.  “What?  What did I do?”


“Why are you talking like that?  It makes you sound like a sap.”


“Because I told you that you were pretty?”


With a sigh Videl turned her back to him and crossed his arms.  “Every time I hear someone talking like that it just makes my skin crawl.  I am not into all that sappy stuff.”


With a wide smile Gohan shrugged.  “Well typically that is what guys do with their girlfriends to make them feel special.”


“That is just crazy.  I mean would your dad do stuff like that?”


Gohan nodded as he grabbed her hand and then flew into the sky with her.  “In fact I will show you.”


Her blue eyes glaring Videl held pulled her hand free of his.  “I call your bluff.”


Gohan winked at her as they flew toward his home.  Stopping just out of sight range.  “See them?”


Squinting her eyes Videl nodded.  “Yeah what are they doing?”


With a smile Gohan once again crossed his arms.  “Since he got his life back because of what he did to help us defeat Buu, it is back to what it was when I was a kid.  They do their own things but…..see watch.”


With wide blinking eyes Videl watched as Chichi turned and waved Goku over to where she was in the flower garden.  And to her shock Goku started to help her in the garden and even at one point reaching over and whipping dirt off of her cheek with a smile.  “Whoa.  Now I see where you get your sappieness.”


“There is nothing wrong with showing affection Videl.”


“It shows you are weak.”


“Who says that?”


“My dad.”


Bursting into a fit of laughter Gohan held his stomach while Videl glared at him.  “Wait you mean to tell me that you are anti emotion because your father says it is for those that are weak?”


“Exactly.  And he never was and I won’t be either.”


Grabbing her hand and shooting off to the mountains he smiled.  “I beg to differ on that one Videl.  I know of at least one time your father was weak in the way you are putting it.”


“He never was!”


Landing on a bluff Gohan turned to face her with a wide grin.  “If he didn’t have at least a single moment of weakness then you wouldn’t be standing here with me.”


“What is that supposed to mean!?”  Videl’s eyes were narrow slits of pure rage.  “There is no way that my father has been weak for even a second!”


Nodding his head Gohan only grinned.  “There is a certain act that two people have to do to make another little person.”


“You are talking in riddles.”


“To have sex with someone, you have to be gentle, you have to show emotion.  Without that, no babies could be born.  So………………….”


Blinking Videl brought her hand up to slap him.  “Gohan!  I don’t want to think about my parents doing that!”


Catching her hand Gohan smiled.  “You know I bet if you just let one form of affection in you will be hooked on it.”


“What do you think you can do……………………………”


Gohan cut her off as he dipped his head and pressed his lips to hers.  Catching her other hand as it came up to smack him.  After a moment he felt her arms go limp and let go of her hands.  Wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer to him.


After a few moments he pulled his lips from hers and smiled down into her barely open blue eyes.  “See what I mean?”




Spinning her around so that her back was against his chest.  Pinning her arms down at her side.  “Yes?”


“Why did you do that?”


Leaning down to kiss her neck and hearing her gasp Gohan smiled.  “We have been dating for a couple of years now and you have never let me so much as hug you.”


His breath on her ear making her breath heavy she closed her eyes.  “Stuff like this shows that you are weak willed.”


“It does not.  It shows that you love the person you are with.  Don’t you love me Videl?”


“Of course I do!”


“Then show me other than just asking me to spar all the time.”


Shaking now Videl held her eyes closed shut.  “Gohan what are you doing?”


“Talking.  I am just holding you like this so you can’t run off.  I was raised in a family where we openly show our emotions.  It is our emotions with each other that make us stronger.”




“Who would you fight harder for Videl?  Some guy on the street you just met, or your dad?”


“My dad of course.”


“Because you love him right?”


Her eyes wide she turned in his arms and slid her hands up to rest on his chest.  “Point taken alright.  It is going to take me some time though.”


“I got all the time in the world.”  Gohan then dipped his head and kissed her lips again, letting out a throaty groan as she kissed him back instantly this time.  Wondering if she would let him he opened his mouth slightly and ran his tongue across her lips then slid it in her mouth when she gasped. 


Videl’s head was swimming!  Her father always told her that if she showed emotions like this for someone that it would make her weak.  But the sensations that he was stirring in the pit of her stomach was causing a delicious pang to sweep through her.  Not knowing what came over she slid her hands up his chest and wrapped around his neck.


With a groan Gohan forced himself to move his mouth from hers.  “I take it you liked that?”


“I did actually.”


Kissing her again Gohan then smiled at her.  “Ready to head back?”


Her eyes went wide as she tightened her hold on him.  “Just a little while longer?”






“Videl I don’t know if that is such a good idea.”


“Why not?”


Running the back of a hand down her face he smiled.  “Because I don’t want things to get too carried away and we end up doing something that we don’t need to do until we are married.”


Her face flaming with a blush Videl closed her eyes as she gasped.  But there was something that was screaming at her to throw caution to the wind.  “But…………………………”


“It’s okay.  I don’t………………..”  But he was cut off when she stood on her tiptoes and pressed her lips to his as her grip tightened on his neck.  A desperate pleading in the way she kissed him.  After a moment he ripped his mouth from hers panting.  “Videl are you sure?”


Nodding her head as she smiled up at him.  “I am.  Please?”  Then she gasped when she suddenly found herself flat on her back with Gohan on top of her.  Her eyes wide as she looked up into his soft black eyes.


“Absolutely sure about this right?”



“I am.”  Then she sighed as he dipped his head and urgently pressed his lips to hers, sliding one of his legs down between hers, and the other leg on the outside of her right leg.  One arm behind her head and his other hand rested on her hip.  When she felt his tongue gently pushing on her lips she opened her mouth to allow him entry, this time using her tongue to dance with his.


Gohan groaned when she kissed him back the same way.  He was going to take this as slow as possible for her.  Though it was his first time too, he was astute enough to know that it was going to hurt her this time.  Pulling his lips from hers he bent his head and kissed her neck before latching onto her pulse point with a gentle suckle.


Videl gasped as her head arched backwards when he latched onto her neck.  The sensation it sent spiraling through her body was like nothing that she had ever thought could have been real.  That was when she noticed his hand sliding up her side, under her shirt, to cup her breast through her bra.  A moan escaping her mouth as her head arched back even further.


As her head went back further Gohan kissed his way around to the hollow of her throat before bringing her head back down and plunging his tongue back into her mouth to dance with hers.  After a moment he then pulled his hand from her bra clad breast and pushed his way up underneath it to press his hand against her bare breast.  His groan mixing with hers.


Videl gasped loudly when he finally broke the kiss, need for air the only thing forcing them apart this time.  Her body already felt like she was on fire with every couch.  She was scarcely aware that Gohan had already undid her button up shirt and her bra until she felt his tongue flick across one of her nipples pulling a loud gasp from her as she arched her back and pushed her chest closet to him.


She wanted to beg him to stop teasing her but every time her mouth opened nothing but gasps and small moans of sheer pleasure would escape her mouth.  The kisses he would land on her valley over to the next breast, and the way his hands softly kneaded them, she felt like she would explode if something different happen soon!


Gohan glanced up at her thrashing head and smiled as he dipped his head to suck another nipple into his mouth.  His free hand leaving her other breast to trail down her stomach and he started to unfasten her jeans.  Once they were undone and unzipped her pushed under her panties and cupped his hand over her most private of places.


Videl’s eyes went extra wide when she felt his hand slide between her legs and she tensed for a moment.  But the kisses he laid on her breast, up to her neck and along her now bare shoulders sent her head reeling again and soon the tenseness was turned into unctrolable shaking of exstacy when she felt one of his fingers weave its way between her folds and find the one place that every nerver in her body seemed to be coming from.


Groaning into her ear as he slowly worked his finger he could feel her body responding.  But he wasn’t done with her yet.  Moving from her body he pulled her to sit up with him and pushed her shirt and bra down her arms, then pulled her shoes, pants and panties off.  Before he joined her on the ground he stripped just his shirt off.  When he saw the disappointment in her eyes he laughed as he kissed her jawline.  “Trust me.”


He then moved so that his was fully between her legs now, holding his weight off of her as he dove into her mouth again.  He then pulled from her lips, kissed down her jawline, neck, through the valley between her breasts, down her stomach to stop at her bellybutton and swirl his tongue around it a few times.  He then moved so that he was only a breath away from the juncture of her legs.  He then used his nose and pushed through her silken hair to find her nub, and quickly started to swirl his tongue around it.  Using his hands to hold her hips still as she started to buck them up.


Making fists at her sides Videl groaned and moaned, her head thrashing back and forth at what he was doing to her.  She didn’t know that such intense and delectable feelings could exist!  She could feel heat swirling out away from where his mouth was.  Wave after wave of passion soared through her body until finally she couldn’t take it any longer and cried out in bliss as her body quacked under his touches, then collapsed to the ground panting.


Removing his pants Gohan now stood on his hands and knees over her.  “Videl?”


Opening her passion clouded eyes she looked up into his smoldering black ones.  The question in them clear.  Her mind was still reeling too much for her to form words so the only thing she could think of to do was reach up wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling his lips down to hers in a passion fueled, fiery kiss.


Groaning into her mouth Gohan reached between them and began to rub himself up and down along her juncture.  Coating the tip of his member in her juices then guided himself to her entry.  Ripping his mouth from hers for a moment he panted.  “If at any time you want me to stop just tell me.  Smack me something and I will stop.  This first time is going to hurt some but I promise it won’t be for long okay?”


Nodding her head Videl gave him a nervous look then her eyes rolled back in her head and her eyes fluttered shut as he gently started to push inside her.  With each gentle push she could feel herself stretching to let him fit.  But there was no pain.


After a few thrusts into her body Gohan felt resistance and knew that was her innocence.  Looking into her clouded blue eyes he stopped.  “Last chance Videl?”


“Please…………………”  Was all she could get out then he clamped his mouth down on hers, driving his tongue into her mouth the same time he gave one final push and buried himself deep into her tight folds.  Her gasp and the way her body tensed was not lost on him.  Staying still he began to play over her breasts with his hands as he moved his mouth to suck on her neck again.


Videl hugged him to her as her body shook.  There was a stab of pain, and it still hurt a little.  But his hands and mouth were quickly bringing the pleasure back.  After a few moments the pain was hardly there, but her reeling mind wouldn’t let her form words.  Finally she figured if she bucked up against him it might give him the clue that she wanted more.


Gohan traced the outline of her ear as his hands kneaded her breasts.  That was when he felt her pushing up with her hips.  He raised up on his arms and looked down into her eyes.  “Ready for me to move?”


Nodding her head Videl reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck as he gently pulled nearly all the way out of her, only to push back in just as slow.  Letting out a hiss as he threw his head back.  Again, and again he kept this slow pace in and out of her.  The way she would let out a moan each time he pushed into her body was making it near impossible to go slower for her.


Videl let her head arch with each thrust that he did into her body.  There was still a little pain but not much.  As he kept his slow pace in and out of her she could feel a need growing.  But she didn’t know how to tell him.  She wanted more.  She needed more.  Lifting her legs and locking her anckles around his waist she pulled his face down next to hers.  “More……………………….”


Searing her mouth with his own Gohan increased his speed.  Her groans into his mouth causing the heat inside his own body to rise.  Before long he was thrusting in and out of her at a rapid pace.  His mouth going from kissing her neck to sucking a nipple into his mouth, back to her mouth, pressing feather soft kisses along her shoulder.  Then after what seemed like forever he felt that need to spill his seed.  “I will pull out Videl.  Are you ready?”


Nearing another earth shattering explotion Videl nodded her head but tightened her legs around his waist.  “Don’t pull out.”


“Videl if I don’t then…………………”




The pleading in her voice and eyes was too much for Gohan to resist as he smiled and then bore down on her mouth while he increased his speed a little more.  After a few moments they groaned out their releases in each others mouth.  His seed going deep inside her, as her own juices leaked from around his member. 


After they both had a moment to catch their breath he kissed her gently as he pulled out of her body.  “That was amazing.”


Nodding Videl rolled sat up along with him.  “That is an understatement.”


They dressed then he lifted her into his arms and flew off at a slow pace.  “Videl are you in pain?”


Hugging him around his neck a burring her face in the crook of his neck she smiled.  “No.  I am a little sore, but no pain.  Can I ask you something Gohan?”


“Anything itoushii.”


“When can we do it again?”

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