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*slap slap slap slap slap*

Bulma groaned as the sound of slick skin hitting skin continued. Her whole body ached—especially her hairless, freshly fucked and gaping pussy, which still throbbed and twitched. She couldn't decide whether she regretted baiting him into it, or if she was now thoroughly addicted.

Chi-Chi had tried to warn her the night before over drinks and girl-talk.

"Never let him transform in the bedroom," she had said as the topic turned to sex between saiyans and humans.

Bulma's breath caught and her cheeks flushed as she imagined it.

"Vegeta's never even tried that before. Sounds pretty interesting, now that you mention it."

"Don't say I didn't warn you. The night I got pregnant with Goten, Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan in the heat of the moment. You know how their muscles get bigger when they go Super Saiyan? That applies everywhere. If you get one of them horny while they're transformed, then you'd better be prepared to deal with the consequences."

Chi-Chi leaned closer as she lowered her voice even more. "I don't mean to brag, Bulma, but I'm a pretty strong woman and even I could barely take it. I walked funny for weeks."

They had continued sharing drinks for a while longer, but Bulma was distracted the whole time by fantasies of what it would be like to be fucked by Super Saiyan Vegeta. She simply couldn't resist trying it at least once.

Vegeta had skipped the party altogether in favor of training by himself in her latest and most intense gravity room yet. It was already near midnight, so she went to their bedroom hoping to find him already there. She was delighted to catch him just as he was coming out of the shower, sans towel. Who needs towels when raising your power level can evaporate all excess moisture from your skin?

She was on her knees in front of him with his cock in her mouth before either of them said a word. She enthusiastically sucked him to full staff as she shed her own clothing, then she started climbing her way up his god-like body. Her arms wrapped around his titanium neck while her legs encircled his adamantium waist. She shuddered as his hands grabbed her ass and ground her wet, needy pussy against his thick, eight inch cock that stood at steely attention.

She reached down and guided it into herself, beginning to ride him as he just stood there, amused but silent and stationary. Vegeta was curious to see what the clever little human woman had planned for the pleasure of his royal rod tonight. She was always scheming something. Before long, she put her lips up to his ear and began begging for what she really wanted.

It didn't take much convincing. He had smirked as soon as she suggested it, as though he had been toying with the idea for a while.

"You asked for this, woman," he growled at her, prompting her arms and legs to tighten around him in anticipation.

Vegeta roared so loudly that she doubted the room's sound proofing could handle it. Then her own squeals joined his racket as his hair turned golden and his muscles became larger, including his already thick cock, which grew by another inch inside of her, forcing its way right into her womb.

His entire body gave off light, enough so that when she looked down she could clearly see Vegeta's massive, illuminated monkey dick fully lodged inside of her. His entire body vibrated and pulsed with power, including his cock, which stimulated her g-spot like nothing she had ever experienced before. She had the biggest orgasm of her life and squirted like a geyser before he even started moving.

Her memories of the experience grew hazy after that, which tends to happen when your Super Saiyan lover fucks you unconscious. Repeatedly.

*slap slap slap slap*

As Bulma rose to full consciousness, the first thing that fully registered to her hungover, horny mind was that she was in a different position than the last one she had been in when Super Vegeta had fucked her unconscious. She was now on her toned belly, her pert ass up in the air, propped up by several pillows beneath her hips. She made sure not to move carelessly because she knew that Vegeta had left her like this to keep his precious cum from leaking out of her still gaping pussy. He got mad if she spilled any of his seed—and for good reasons, she supposed. They were trying to bring the entire saiyan species back from the brink of extinction, after all.

Vegeta fucked her at least once every day when he was around in an attempt to get her pregnant, but while saiyans produce more prostate fluid than humans (to the point that the amount of their pre-cum and cum is impressive and they have multiple orgasms) they actually produce significantly less sperm. It had been eight and a half years since Trunks was born, and they still hadn't conceived again in all of that time, despite their most persistent and enjoyable efforts.


Bulma groaned again and pulled handfuls of luxurious bedding over her head, wanting nothing more than to drift back to sleep, soothed by more sexual fulfillment than she had ever known before. Unfortunately, it seemed to already be morning, or maybe even afternoon by now, and the room was so bright with sunlight, and so loud with that certain incessant sound. The unmistakable sound of a big wet dick being worked. She groggily wondered what Vegeta could possibly be doing. Was he really jacking off after fucking her all night long?

She had never once known him to masturbate, and the only time that she had ever brought it up with him, he had made it clear that he wasn't exactly a fan of the practice.

"True warriors don't waste their strength. Seed is for planting where it can grow," He had said, before he proceeded to demonstrate to her what he meant. Thoroughly.

Bulma opened her eyes and turned her head to see Super Vegeta at the side of their bed with his back to her. He was still gloriously naked, with his knees slightly bent and his perfect ass tensing as he humped back and forth with a wet, squishing sound into . . . what, his hands? Both of his arms were in front of himself, hidden from this angle-but the image of him standing there at the side of the bed, double-fisting his cock by himself because he thought she couldn't handle the extent of his desire made her feel bad.

"Baby, come back over here, I'll take care of that for you," she beckoned.

After another wet, slurping suction sound, and a distinct *pop*, she saw her eight-year-old son's face craning to look at her from where he knelt on his knees in front of his Father.

"Nooo, Mommy! I heard you playing with him all night. It's my turn to train with Daddy now!"

"Trunks?!" Bulma scrambled forward on the bed until she was able to see Trunks more fully. The boy was in Super Saiyan form, naked and on his knees before Super Vegeta, his own leaking little erection bobbing in the air, a string of saliva still connecting Vegeta's big, veiny cock to the little boy's mouth while he adorably pouted at her as though she was about to take away his favorite toy.

"I never gave you permission to stop," said Super Vegeta. He grabbed his own meaty cock and placed it back at Super Kid Trunks' mouth, who opened it eagerly. Bulma heard the wet sucking sounds resume again as Vegeta fed his cock back into their son's mouth and then down his throat inch by inch.

There was a little gurgle from Trunks' mouth, and then another *smack* as Super Vegeta's balls slapped against the horny little boy's face. With Daddy's big cock all the way down his throat, Trunks tried to hold it there and milk out Daddy's sweet cream with his deepthroat muscles while his tongue wiggled around the remainder of cock that wouldn't quite fit.

Vegeta had been skullfucking their son right next to her while she was sleeping? Stunned, she watched as Super Vegeta placed one hand back onto Trunks' head, and with the other he reached down and pinched their son's cute nose shut, cutting off his only remaining air supply.

"Vegeta, stop!"

"We've talked about this, woman. This is part of the Bonding, and an important part of his training. Do you think he'll be able to breath if he has to fight underwater, or in space? You think he'll survive that if he isn't trained properly?"

Bulma bit her lower lip. Her still-gaping pussy twitched with a cummy sloshing sound as she watched Trunks move his own head slightly back and forth on his Daddy's dick, trying to please him, his little tongue sticking out and wiggling to tickle Vegeta's hairless balls .

She and Vegeta had indeed already talked about this. The topic of the "Bonding" came up shortly before Trunks' eighth birthday. Vegeta had explained that in saiyan culture, when one of their people turned eight years old they would be paired with a stronger warrior who would mentor and train them.

As a warrior species with a high mortality rate, saiyan males sexually matured faster than most humans, usually going into their first major heat and being able to impregnate females by the time they were eight years old. Yet another peculiarity of saiyan biology is that if a stronger saiyan plants their seed into the body of a weaker one, then the seed will increase the weaker one's power level up to the maximum power level of the donor-with enough repetition. The degree to which the weaker saiyan's power level increases depends upon where the seed is planted-the stomach, the pussy, or up the ass.

Swallowing the seed of a more powerful warrior increases the receiving saiyan's power level the least-only about 1% more than the weaker one's original power, and she thought this might be partly due to the amazingly potent saiyan digestive system. This seemingly insignificant increase can become a staggering boost over time if enough loads are swallowed. Vaginal planting has twice the effect of oral planting, and anal planting transfers twice the amount of power as vaginal planting, increasing the power level of the receiver by at least 4% every time their ass is seeded by someone stronger than them, sometimes more than 4% depending upon the power of the donor.

Bulma had asked if this Bonding ritual decreased the power of the donor, but Vegeta just said, "When you light a new fire from another, is the first diminished?"

After many discussions, Bulma wound up fairly open-minded about Vegeta preserving his culture and Bonding with their son Saiyan Style, not only for Trunks' healthy development, but for survival as well. Like it or not, Trunks was one of the strongest people in the Universe, which made him a target. Refusing to make him stronger when they had the opportunity to do so was almost the same as killing him themselves if he needed that power in the future and didn't have it simply because they denied it to him. As long as Trunks understood what was going on and consented to it, she had no qualms.

Still, she had never actually seen anything like this in person, and it made her feel exhilarated in a way that she had never felt before. Extremely seductive saiyan sex hormones pervaded the room, and her hand unconsciously made its way down to rub her clit as she watched her little boy deepthroat her husband.

One minute went by with Super Vegeta's cock all the way down Super Kid Trunks' throat, but Trunks still seemed unphased. His own little cock was as hard as ever and continued leaking pre-cum. Cheeky as usual, Trunks began to hum a little tune around the cock in his throat, as though swallowing his Daddy's big fat monkey dick was no challenge at all. It sure seemed to help that saiyans have absolutely no gag reflex, and as a half-saiyan cum-hungry boy neither did Trunks. Bulma could tell by the look on her husband's face that the sensations Trunks was causing him threatened to make Vegeta cum sooner than he intended to.

"Tch, little brat. Don't. get. COCKY!"

*slap slap slap slap slap!*

The sound that had originally stirred Bulma from her fuck coma began again as Vegeta resumed skullfucking their son, as he had been for who knows how long before she woke up.

"You have to keep the air in your lungs even when the vacuum of space is trying to rob you of it. Even when your rivals are trying to pummel it out of you," he said, still pinching the boy's nose shut. The shclicking sound became even more pronounced as he fucked his rambunctious son's humming face faster and faster.

*slap slap slap SLAP SLAP SLAP!*

Super Kid Trunks ceased his humming in the face of the onslaught, so Super Vegeta slammed his dong down the boy's throat just once more and then he held it there as he had before. One minute. Two minutes. Three minutes. Four.

Bulma began to grow worried again as she watched. But she saw that Super Kid Trunks not only didn't seem phased, but he had one hand jerking his own leaking little cock while the other was cupped beneath his hairless little balls, catching the pre-cum that fell there from his weeping tip. Every few seconds, he would stop jacking himself and dip his fingers into the pool of pre-cum in his other hand, then he would reach back and finger his little monkey butt with them, getting ready for his favorite part of training with Daddy.

After exactly five minutes of this, Vegeta slowly withdrew his dick from his son's throat inch by inch until just the head remained. Listening to the sloppy suction sounds and watching the shape of her little boy's throat change as her husband's cock left it caused Bulma to shiver. When only the head remained in his mouth, the little boy immediately began to flick his tongue around it, especially focusing on assaulting the sensitive underside of his Daddy's delicious dick.

"Good boy," Vegeta said, massaging his son's head and letting go of his nose with his other hand. "Prepare to receive my gift."


Super Vegeta's balls hit Super Kid Trunks' chin louder than ever before and then Vegeta grunted like an animal as he unloaded his seed down his little monkey boy's thirsty throat. Bulma watched the small throat work up and down as it swallowed, trying not to spill a single drop. It sounded like her son was trying to chug a jug full of milk. She supposed that he kind of was. She knew very well from personal experience how hard it was to avoid spilling when a saiyan came in your mouth, and she found herself impressed with her son's oral skills. He was not only a martial genius, but a sexual one as well.

Like Father, like Son.

*GULP GULP GULP GULP GULP . . . GULP, gulp. . . gulp . . . gulp*

Super Vegeta slowly pulled his still hard dick out of Trunks' little throat and then fully out of his mouth with another distinct *pop*. He patted his son's head as the boy grinned cheekily up at him, proud of his performance.

"Combat Stance!" Vegeta barked.

Without hesitation, Trunks flew back to his feet and took up a fighting stance. Bulma watched as Super Vegeta took his own stance. It was laughable to see such a little boy squaring off against such a powerful man, but this was also saiyan tradition. There was no way Trunks had any chance of defeating his Father, but this was part of the training, and perhaps also the most erotic form of saiyan foreplay. They would wrestle eachother now and whoever got pinned got fucked.

Trunks put up a good effort, using his short stature and flexibility to his advantage to evade and slip out of many holds, but everyone in the room knew that there was only one way this would end. Before she knew it, Bulma was looking on as Super Vegeta pinned Super Kid Trunks, folding his small body almost in half on the floor as they both breathed heavily from the arousal and exertion. Her son's hairless little legs dangled on either side of Vegeta's head and rested atop his broad shoulders, with both of his hands pinned above his head by Vegeta's.

Super Vegeta's big, throbbing dick rubbed along Super Kid Trunks' exposed, pink boyhole and Bulma gasped when she saw her son's entrance for the first time since the whole Bonding process had begun six months ago. This wasn't the little boyhole she remembered from changing his diapers and bathing him. Her son's half-saiyan monkey butt had practically been transformed into a bonobo boypussy. It winked at her as Vegeta's cock repeatedly rubbed against it, not quite going in. She watched as the little boy wiggled his ass and struggled as much as he could from beneath his Father, trying to get it to actually go in, but to no avail.

Finally, Vegeta stopped toying with him, and without any assistance from his hands, he aimed his dripping cock right at his son's beautiful boycunt and sank right in.

"You're mine," Vegeta growled.

"Yes, Daddy!" Trunks moaned and grunted as his father fully sheathed himself inside of the hot, wet, and tantalizingly tight furnace that was his son's fuckhole.

All Bulma could see was Super Vegeta's perfect, muscled frame with two little feet on either side of his head. Ten little toes curled as Father fully became one with Son. Then the little legs started bouncing around as Vegeta's ass flexed, beginning to plunge into and out of their son's ass, pummeling the internal clitoris that was his prostate. Bulma couldn't contain her arousal as she watched those little toes curl, those little legs bounce, that huge, veiny cock fucking into and out of her own little boy's ass while she watched and listened to him moan and beg for his Daddy to hit that spot again-yeah, do me more! Do me even faster, Daddy!

Bulma came.

Vegeta picked the boy up and rotated him so that he was facing the other way, his big cock remaining buried inside of him. Vegeta now stood facing Bulma, as did Trunks, whose splayed legs were held by his Father while the boy leaned back against his Daddy's buff chest and he grinned incorrigibly at her. This put their coupling on full display for her as Vegeta walked them over to the side of the bed. Trunks' grin slid into an O-face and he moaned lustily with each step that jarred the big Daddy dick inside of his little monkey butt, causing it to vibrate even more against the boy's internal cum button.

Vegeta brought them right up to the edge of the bed where she had crawled and said one word.


This was her part of the Bonding ritual. Saiyan Mothers were also expected to do their part once their children went into heat for the first time at age eight, guiding them in their sexual development. She may not be saiyan, but—according to Vegeta—she could still fulfill most of the same requirements. Saiyan donors typically didn't perform oral on their receivers, and they certainly didn't bottom for them. That was instincually against the natural order of things to saiyan males.

Saiyan mothers, on the other hand, started sucking the penises of their sons every day as soon as they turned eight years old. Sucking their sons strengthened the maternal Bond, ensuring many aspects of healthy physical, emotional, and mental development, and it especially helped their sons to reach their full penile potential. It was well known among saiyans that developing boys who didn't get their dicks sucked at least once a day had significantly smaller (and often deformed) penises in adulthood as opposed to those who were taken care of as they should have been, and the neglected ones never ended up as strong or as alpha as the Bonded and properly sucked boys were.

Bulma had actually been happy to do her part. Trunks was such a beautiful boy, and he was always eager to have his little dick sucked-especially with her expert skills. She had been going down on him daily ever since the day he had turned eight years old (Happy Birthday!), but never while Vegeta was in the same room. Doing it not only while he was there, but while he was fucking their son, well . . . it was so kinky that Bulma forgot to try to keep the seed inside of her womb as she crawled over to take her son's four inch dick into her mouth, leaving a trail of Vegeta's cum on the bed in her wake.

Trunks giggled, like he did every time she started doing this for him, his chibi penis just too sensitive to keep himself from bursting into tinkling laughter, interrupted this time only by moans of ecstasy due to Big Daddy doing his butt while Hot Mommy sucked his thing at the same time.

Bulma's nostrils flared as her nose filled with the scents of her own little boy's dick and filled fuckhole, along with the unmistakable scent of her husband and his cock, which she saw, heard, and felt moving into and out of their son's ass, from its tip to the solid pelvic bone that slapped against the cherubic globes of Trunks' rump.

It didn't smell like you might think. Fun fact: saiyans that reach the level of Super Saiyan and above have such fast and efficient metabolisms that they no longer defecate. Trunks hadn't needed to take a shit since the first time he ever become a Super Saiyan. No matter how much he ate, his little boy asshole's only purpose now really was simply to serve as a fuckhole, like the asses of all Super Saiyans and above.

Besides hearing the skin against skin, Bulma felt it each time Vegeta bottomed out inside of their son. The boy's dick would swell to its full current potential size and jerk in her mouth every time his Daddy was all the way inside while she sucked him.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Do it even more, Daddy. Put more power in my butt! I can take it!"

Super Vegeta laughed proudly, then he drove his thick nine inches into Super Kid Trunks yet again, only this time as soon as he bottomed out, he went Super Saiyan 2 and his dick grew even thicker and another quarter of an inch longer inside of the boy while he deposited a small warm-up load of cum up his tight little ass.

"Oh, Daddy! Ohh, Daddy! Ohhh, DADDY, YESSS!" Trunks squirmed and squealed, shining even brighter and issuing a little boy roar as his golden hair grew even spikier. Then he began to shoot more cum into Bulma's mouth than he ever had before while Vegeta held Super Saiyan 2 Kid Trunks steady on his super Daddy cock. She could only imagine the power that Trunks felt flowing inside of him right now.

*GULP GULP GULP gulp. . . GULP, gulp . . . gulp*

Bulma almost spilled some of her son's copious and delicious saiyan cum, but managed to get it all down without spilling a drop, and-as usual when drinking Trunks' hybrid cum-her body began to feel a peculiar tingle. She felt revitalized from her fuckfest with Vegeta last night and stronger than she had ever felt before. Similar sensations occured every time she swallowed her half-saiyan son's seed, but never with Vegeta. She wondered if her hybrid son's biology was bridging the gap between species and causing the Bonding ritual to strengthen her own body to some extent as well.

Her initial reaction to the thought was that it was ridiculous. But then, she didn't know how else she could have taken the extreme fucking that Vegeta had given her last night without even a single bruise this morning if something wasn't making her body significantly stronger.

"Flight training!" Vegeta suddenly barked.

Trunks immediately snapped out of his ahegao from being fucked silly by Vegeta's big dick and from being pushed over the edge to reach Super Saiyan 2 for the very first time, and Bulma felt the boy brace himself. Not knowing what was going on, but knowing that shooting one load wouldn't be enough to satisfy Trunks, she kept on sucking his still hard little dick, which had grown another quarter of an inch when he went Super Saiyan 2.

Vegeta stopped supporting Trunks with either of his hands until the only point of contact between them was Vegeta's cock sheathed inside of his young son's tight, eager ass. Trunks had to try to keep himself in place as much as possible using only flying techniques while Daddy did him hard from behind, Saiyan Style.


Bulma could hear the loud impact every time Super Vegeta fucked his way into Kid Trunks' super eight year old boypussy, but she still barely felt the impact while sucking, even though this was without doubt a harder fuck than Vegeta had ever been able to give her own frail human body. For some reason, she was aroused by the knowledge that her little boy loved getting fucked by his Daddy, and she was proud that her son could satisfy her husband so well-perhaps even better than she had ever been able to thus far, from the looks of it. But it also made her want to compete.

Trunks grunted like a little monkey and started filling her mouth with cum again as his Daddy fucked him silly, prompting her to swallow as fast as she could. That tingly, exquisite sensation of feeling renewed and becoming more powerful washed over her again as she continued swallowing. The tingling sensation bloomed into a full-body orgasm that made her feel more powerful than she had ever felt before, and she became certain this time that Bonding with a hybrid saiyan was indeed effecting her to some extent. In that moment of empowerment and certainty, she vowed to get as much hybrid saiyan cum as she could so that her body could get strong enough for Vegeta to fuck her Saiyan Style, too.

Super Saiyan 2 Kid Trunks' super little fuckhole clenched, gripped, milked, and spasmd around Super Vegeta's cock so powerfully while he slammed into it that it triggered the beggining of his royal Father's orgasm. Suddenly, Vegeta's hands returned to his son's hips and began moving the small body up and down on his cock faster and harder than ever before. Vegeta grunted and began using Trunks like a living masturbation toy, to the point that Bulma could no longer keep her mouth on Trunks' dick and could only sit back and watch the saiyan mating taking place before her while she touched herself and Trunks moaned, grunted, and mewled like a horny sex kitten as he was bounced up and down on his Daddy's dick.

*Smack Smack Smack SMACK SMACK*

Trunks' little boy cock slapped against his stomach and all over the place with the speed and force of his Father's thrusts.

"I. LOVE. YOU. DAAA. DEEEEE!" he yelled as he felt Vegeta begin to fill him to the brim with his tasty stuff. The feeling of being filled with Daddy's cream caused his own little cock to start shooting again while his little body was wracked with the bliss that only boys and girls filled by their Daddies know.

Vegeta didn't reply, just paused for a moment to tenderly kiss his son's spikey head, before he kept fucking up into him so fast and hard that Bulma's eyes could barely track the movements, but her ears couldn't possibly miss the reports.


Trunks' face melted into an ahegao again as his Daddy literally fucked him silly right in front of his Mommy. Drool ran unnoticed out of the side of his mouth, and his little tongue stuck out as though he was trying to make room inside for even more of Daddy's dick.


Bulma watched open-mouthed as Vegeta shoved their son down onto his cock one last time and then held him there while he roared aloud with all of his might and dominance and deposited his main load into his son's royal boypussy. Bulma actually heard the cum spurting into their son's hungry fuckhole and sloshing around inside of him. The feeling of it caused Trunks to fire his own main load in a torrent of sweet boy cream that went everywhere.

When the cum started leaking out from around Vegeta's embedded dick, she was there before she even thought about it, licking it up as it spilled out of her son's freshly fucked ass until her husband fired his last shot.

Vegeta moved Trunks and himself over to the bed and laid them both down in the same position, with Trunks still impaled on his cock. Without a word, they both settled into a sex-induced nap, dropping out of Super Saiyan form.

Bulma moved so that she was between their legs and continued lapping at the stream of addictive cum that leaked out of her son's fuckhole from around Vegeta's still-embedded dick. Once the flow of scrumptious saiyan cum subsided, she alternated between licking the exposed parts of Vegeta's dick and rimming her son's sweet tasting half-saiyan boypussy.

Even though they were both asleep, she noticed that every once in a while little Trunks would rotate his hips to make Vegeta's big dick rub against his prostate even more, which would cause Vegeta to fuck up into the boy a few times before drifting back into a deeper sleep. Even as spent as Vegeta was from spending all night fucking his wife and then all morning fucking his son in front of her, she was somewhat surprised to see him still spurt yet another load into Trunks as they did their sleepy little Bonding nap dance. She dutifully finished licking up the last barrage from Vegeta's true galick gun, and then she, too, succumbed to her own exhaustion and drifted back to sleep.

Her last waking sight was of her boy's delicious fuckhole, which still greedily swallowed his Daddy's dick. After today, she would never be able to think of her son's little monkey butt as anything other than the insatiable bonobo fuckhole that it had become.

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