DBZ Gang-bang

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragon ball Z characters, and I make no money from this fan fic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragon ball Z characters, and I make no money from this fan fic.








Son Gohan has done it. After years of studying, he has finally become the great scholar his mother, Chi-Chi always knew he could be. And tonight, he and his petite and pretty girlfriend, Videl, will celebrate.


They dine at a simple yet classy restaurant, the kind of place that Gohan can afford to dine in. Videl is the daughter of World Martial Arts Champion, Mr. Satan, and can afford to eat at an expensive five star restaurant. But Gohan had said he would buy her dinner to celebrate, and she didn't want to insult him by going some place fancier, though she is exceptionally proud of him, and would have gladly paid for a more expensive meal.


They also decide to dress simpler. Gohan, wearing glasses, a green polo shirt, and khaki pants, and Videl in an orange sundress.


After dinner, they walk home holding hands. Videl quietly giggles to herself. Since Gohan wouldn't let her pay for dinner, she will have to think of some other, more creative way to congratulate him tonight.


It is late. The streets are nearly empty except for three skater boys, one with green flippy hair, one in a hoodie, and one wearing his baseball cap backwards, doing skateboard tricks. The couple is about to walk past them, when Videl recognizes the one wearing a baseball cap, and her heart skips a beat.


It is Android 69. Two weeks ago, this android used his energy absorbing abilities on her, and then proceeded to rape her repeatedly all through the night! For obvious reasons, she had kept the entire incident a secret, especially to Gohan.


“Gohan, let's find another way,” she whispers, tugging at his arm, while pretending not to be frightened.


“Hmm? Why?” Gohan asks.


It is too late. The skater boys see them, and now they start circling them on their skateboards. Videl fearfully hangs onto her boyfriend's arm. Gohan, on the other hand, is amused, and he smiles at the three boys.


“Hey, you guys are pretty good!” he compliments them. “But isn't it a little late for boys your age to still be outside on a school night?”


They just laugh back at him. One of them flips Videl's skirt up from behind, getting a good look at her white panties, and making the girl squeal.


“Hey!” Gohan angrily shouts at them. “That's rude!”


“Gohan, let's just fly out of here right now,” Videl nervously begs him.


“No! They should apologize!”


All three skaters stop skateboarding at the same time. One of them walks towards Gohan, the one with the green hair. He's much shorter than Gohan, so he has to look up at him.


He fearlessly says, “Make us.”


Gohan is flabbergasted by the boy's arrogance!


“OK, that's it!” he yells. “I wanna talk to your parents!”


Then in a move way too fast for him to see, the boy gives him a roundhouse kick to the abdomen! Gohan groans as the wind is completely knocked out of him, and he collapses to the ground, coughing, and holding onto his injured stomach.


“Are you sure he's the guy that beat Bio-android Cell?” the green haired boy asks.


Gohan gasps. Only a handful of people know about that. The rest of the world believes it was Mr. Satan that defeated Cell!


“Leave him alone!” Videl shouts, throwing a roundhouse kick of her own.


The green haired boy easily ducks under it. And when her momentum spins her around, he gives her a stinging slap in the ass, making her yelp! He and his friends laugh, as Videl pats her hurt fanny. This infuriates her boyfriend.


“Alright,” he furiously warns them, rising to his feet. “You want the guy that defeated Cell?! Here he is!”


With his fists clenched, Son Gohan roars to the heavens, and...


...and nothing happens.


“W-What...?” he quietly asks himself, staring at his hands in confusion. “I didn't become a Super Saiyan. Why?”


“G-Gohan...?” his girlfriend speaks worriedly.


“V-Videl,” Gohan stutters, his eyes filled with fear. “R-Run! Get help!”


Videl is loathe to leave his side in the middle of a fight, but she quickly realizes he's right. They can't win. She turns on her heel, and runs away.


“You idiot,” Android 69 scoffs at Gohan. “She's the one we want.”


Gohan's eyes widen in shock.


“Stay away from her!” he growls, swinging a fist at the boy.


But the android is faster. He kicks Gohan in the face, breaking his glasses, and knocking him out!




Videl decides against flying. In the air, it would be easier for the androids to spot her. What she doesn't know is that these three androids are able to detect power levels and power signatures, and easily locate her.


“70, 71, I found her!” Android 69 calls to his companions.


Videl hears him, and increases her speed. She is mortified by the memory of this boy violating every inch of her body that night. She refuses to let it happen again!


Android 71, the one in the hoodie, howls as he cuts in front of her on his skateboard. He flips her skirt up again. This time from the front, getting another good look at her underwear. Videl blushes, and quickly pushes her skirt back down.


Android 70 catches up, and gives her another slap in the ass, making her jump.


“Ouch!” she cries.


The green haired android just laughs at her. She turns and runs from them towards a large warehouse. What she doesn't know is that they had purposely maneuvered her in there.




The warehouse is nearly crammed with large, multi-colored shipping containers. The androids enter, and noisily pull down the rolling steel service door, startling her. Videl rushes into one of the narrow passageways in between the 10 foot tall 40 foot long containers to hide from them, but almost immediately gets disoriented.


Android 70 scans the area with his built in detector.


“She's in here somewhere,” he says.


“Let's make this more interesting,” Android 69 says mischievously. Then he cups his hands around his mouth, and yells, “Hey! Videl Satan! We know you're in here!”


Videl crouches behind a giant metal container, and listens fearfully.


“This place is like a maze!” Android 69 continues. “So let's play a game! You manage to find the way out of this warehouse, you're free to go! But if we find you first,... Well, you already know what happens if we find you first!”


His laughter sends shivers down Videl's spine. But at least now she has a chance. All she has to do is find a back door or window or something. Or she could wait until the front door is unguarded, and she could double back and escape that way.


But for now, the important thing is to keep moving. Put as much distance between them and her.


The androids give each other fist bumps, then they each choose different paths into the maze.




Videl keeps her head low, and moves quietly. Searching for a way out is not a priority. For the moment, she just has to keep out of sight.


She wonders what she would do if she manages to sneak up behind one of them. Should she try to knock him out? With a shake of her head, she pushes the thought away. She's no match for an android. It would take a Super Saiyan to defeat one.


Then she sadly remembers Gohan's inability to...perform earlier.


“I guess Saiyans get nervous, too or something,” she thinks.


While lost in thought, she goes around a corner, and ends up face to face with Android 71.


For a second, Videl is like a deer caught in the headlights.


“OK, what do I do? Do I fight or do I run?” she asks herself. “Maybe I might as well fight, now. One on one is better than one on three, right?”


But it's what he says that finally makes the decision for her.


“Hey, Tits.”


It isn't just the uncouth words, or the malice in his voice, or the sly evil smile. It's all of them put together that finally convinces her to turn and run.


The boy pounces on her, wrapping his right arm around her waist. His other hand reaches under her arm, and squeezes her left boob. Then he starts kissing her all over her nape and bare back.


“No! Get off me!” she squeals, as she struggles to free herself.


But her efforts only seem to encourage him.


“Yea, that's it! I love it when they put up a fight!”


He pulls the left strap of her dress down her shoulder, revealing a firm bare breast.


“Let's have a look at that tit, Tits,” he says, spinning her around to face him. “Aw, yea. That's what I'm talking about.”


He momentarily ogles her exposed bosom, before reaching with his left hand to give it another squeeze. Videl shrinks from his touch, but finds her back against an intermodal container. Android 71 pins her against the cold metal surface with his bulk.


He slips down the right strap of her dress, uncovering her other bosom. Then he takes her breasts in his hands, places his head in between them,...and motorboats in her cleavage.


“You're disgusting,” Videl grimaces.


He just laughs at her face.


She's taller than he is, so he has to put his hand behind her head, and pull it down in order to kiss her in the lips. As his tongue explores the inside of her mouth, his other hand massages her right breast roughly.


He places his feet between her, then uses them to push her feet apart, spreading her legs. Then he fidgets with his pants to release his beast!


“No,” Videl whispers both shyly and fearfully, her face reddening. “I-I mean...I'm not ready. I'm not... I'm not wet...”


“Oh, didn't you get the memo? This is a rape! I don't give a shit if you're ready or not!”


Videl begs, her eyes starting to tear up from the humiliation. “P-Please,... I just... I just need to get a little wet. Just so it doesn't hurt so much...”


“Well, maybe I want to hurt you,” he responds menacingly.


Videl swallows hard, then makes him an offer. “You... You get to watch.”




She blushes, and looks away. “You can watch me...m-masturbate.”


He smiles slyly again. Then he takes a step back to give her some space. But very very little space. He's still so close that she can feel his breath on her.


Videl stuffs her hand in her panties to stroke her vulva. She also caresses her breast with her other hand. She closes her eyes so that she wont see Android 71 leering at her, and in order to use her imagination as well.


At first, she tries thinking about her boyfriend, Gohan. But that just made her feel sad again. So she starts thinking of yaoi instead, and she becomes wet almost instantly, in spite of the distress.


The sight of her, blushing and making little moaning noises, arouses Android 71 even more, and he joins in, squeezing her other breast, and sticking his tongue back in her mouth.


After a few minutes, he couldn't take any more, and says, “OK, that's wet enough!”


He gets her hand out of the way, spreads her legs with his feet again, pulls the crotch of her panties aside, then forces his angry, throbbing cock inside her!


She isn't that wet yet, and he impales her so suddenly and violently, that it makes her yelp!


“Hurts, don't it?!” Android 71 boasts. “I bet I'm bigger than your sissy Saiyan boyfriend!”


Videl doesn't respond. She just looks away, and tries not to think of him raping her. But it proves impossible when the android takes her legs under his arms, lifting her off the floor, and pounding her harder and faster!


“P-Please! N-Not so rough!” she pleads to him in between moans.


But the android ignores her, and continues to rock back and forth ruthlessly! For a second, Videl fears that he would rape her right through the metal wall! So as much as she hates to, she wraps her arms around his neck, and her legs around his waist for support.


Fortunately, he climaxes before that can happen. And Videl could only wince in disgust, as she feels his hot fluids fill her.


“That's it, bitch!” Android 71 moans. “Take it all!”


Only when he is certain that he had shot his entire load inside her, does he let her down, and withdraw his penis.


And that's when his victim finds an opening! With a yell, Videl shoves her knee into his groin!


But Android 71 manages to block her attack in time with his hand.


He glares at her, and snarls, “You bitch!”


Then he viciously gives her an open handed slap across the face! Videl is sent sprawling to the floor! But in spite of the pain, and the soreness between her legs, she forces herself to stand, and stagger away from him, as quickly as she can.


Android 71, with his pants down around his ankles, is unable to chase after her.


“Go ahead and run, bitch!” he angrily roars, as he pulls up his pants. “You thought I was rough now, wait until I catch up to you again later! You'll never escape this place!”


Then Videl can hear his cruel laughter echoing against the walls, as she desperately looks for a way out.



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