Dragonball: Unforgotten

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A/n: most reader inserts do not give the reader names. However my style is written in the second perspective - the "you" view. I will give my characters names and basic backgrounds. It's almost impossible to build a story without assuming some history and a personality. However, because of the nature of aninsert I will try not to make the name a big focus so that it doesn't throw you off.

Dragonball: Unforgotten
Chapter One

Life was a funny, fickle thing. People go about it almost carelessly. Most never consider what they would do when there might not be a tomorrow, at least not until it was already too late. You weren't any different. You had lived your life pretty carelessly considering the fact that you never considered that it would end before you were ready for it to. Like death was something you invited over once you got old enough and were kind of bored or something.

That preconception was shook off its rocker when you found out that you were going to die. That's right; age seventeen, looking forward to graduating and being an adult, and you were already facing down death. And you had only found that out because you had passed out during PE one day. None of the doctors had any idea what precisely was wrong with you. But they all seemed to agree on one thing - you were dying. Apparently your body was doing everything too well; digesting food and turning it into energy, healing, replicating cells, cleaning out bad cells, the whole shabang. Normally that would have been an excellent thing...but it wasn't stable. You were a human with biological processes that were so advanced it was killing you. You were a shooting star - brilliant to behold but you were really falling and burning your life up.

What made it worse was the fact that you couldn't help but wonder if you would have survived if the Red Ribbon army was still in power...they were terrible, yes, but they had accomplished great things. Unfortunately they'd collapsed. And you were left in a world that had to recover in its wake. Which meant that there really wasn't anything you could do but wait to die.

Not that you waited around the house. Oh no. You made each day count as best you could. Your family moved to a village that was closer to a main city so that you could experience everything you wanted. And every day you'd try something new or do something fun. Or at least you tried to. It might have been selfish but the fact that your parents had cashed in their savings while continuing to work didn't bother you too much. The doctors only gave you a year to live and you wanted to at least enjoy it. You wanted to go out with no regrets.

Which was exactly how you got into the situation you were in.

You were walking down the street when you saw a rather strange young man. His hair was spiked up so strangely, almost as though he got hit by a strange lightning bolt or something. And the clothes he wore really made him look like he'd rolled out of bed and just walked outside after putting on some sort of boot. Coupled with his extremely dazed look as he tried to stare up at the exceedingly fancy high rise building, you had to wonder if he was alright. Like all mentally there.

You didn't know it at that point but that crazy man would end up changing your life forever.


There really wasn't a reason why you had decided to visit the handmade clothing store around the corner. It wasn't like you were ever going to need high quality clothes or anything like that. You really didn't have a place to wear that intricate low-neck tunic style shirt that you bought. And it actually made you a bit uncomfortable considering the plunge neckline showed off a lot of cleavage. But when you saw it in the window out of the corner of your eye, you wanted it. And that's how you had been living these last two months so you kept with that theme.

It just so happened that you had a chance to dirty it up and break it in pretty quickly. Near the shop that you'd just purchased the exquisite top from, you noticed that a younger girl was being harassed by a boy who was probably about your age. He clearly wasn't getting the picture. And while you might have ignored it like many other people, the same ones that half way glanced but continued to walk away anyways, you didn't want to regret not helping. Besides what did you have to lose?

Taking a breath you moved over to the confrontation. When you got closer you realized why the girl looked so afraid. The guy was still sporting a red ribbon symbol. Did he know that it wasn't cool to be with that group anymore? Obviously not. It was kind of fitting. He was scum so it was appropriate that he wore the symbol of scum too. Although they'd been like all powerful bullies when they were in power...oh well. Good thing they collapsed a few years ago.

"Leave her alone," you told the man, standing nearly at his eye level.

He looked surprised and uttered what had to be the most cliche thing ever, "oh yeah? Why should I?"

And you did possibly one of the stupidest things you could have in return. You punched him. It wasn't in the face so you didn't get to see the satisfying squirt of blood or anything like that. You hit him somewhere in the diaphragm. He pretty much doubled over. Surprising considering the fact that he looked quite fit. Probably was some sort of low ranking RR member before it collapsed.

When he recovered just enough you felt the stinging sensation of being hit back. Only unlike you he aimed for the face. You winced and flinched back as anger filled your body. As you clenched your fists tightly, clenching your jaw as well, you never saw that someone else was moving towards your impromptu fight. Mostly because you lashed back out with a kick. You felt the man's knee break from the force you delivered. He fell to his knees but you were all ready connecting with his face with a cross punch. The man went down and stayed down.

The upside of being a falling star? Your body was like on a constant surge of adrenaline. Or so you'd figured out. You weren't like able to leap tall buildings in a single bound or anything but you packed a punch. And you didn't feel nearly as much pain compared to other people you'd been around. All of your systems were in hyperdrive with no way to slow them down, which was why you were dying. You were burning yourself up. And no one knew why.

"T-thanks," the younger girl said in a sort of scared voice.

Before you had time to even tell her that she was welcome, a guy interrupted you. He had on a serious amount of orange. And blue. Seriously - orange and blue?

"Woah, I've never seen a girl hit that hard before!"

You weren't sure if that was a compliment or if he was just that sexist. Maybe a bit of both. Oh well.

"Uh uh," you sounded back, not wanting to be too rude.

The guy smiled, "hit me!"

Wait...what the fuck?

"What?" You managed to get out as the man stepped over the fallen RR soldier you cold cocked.

"No, seriously, hit me. Please? Kami sent me down for a few months to get life experience before the next tournament! And I want to see how strong you are! Most people I've seen wouldn't have been able to knock someone out with one punch!"

"I hit him three times," you pointed out warily.

"Still! I want to see how strong you are. Please?"

He had his hands together at this point. Like he was praying that you'd hit him. He really must have been insane. Although for an insane person he was pretty fit. Like his arms didn't just look healthy, you could see the muscle even when he wasn't flexing. It wasn't carved in stone or anything like that but it was as easy to see as the rise of of clavicle bone.

"You're insane," you finally said, disregarding a filter.

And with that you walked away. Because honestly you didn't want to be there when the guy woke up. And you were hungry. Seriously hungry. You were going to get a cheeseburger or something to stop the grumbles.

The man who hadn't introduced himself yet followed you. Every time you stopped for a crosswalk he pleaded. You alternated between "no" and "you're insane". But he was very persistent. So by the time that you got to your favorite hamburger place in the area, you wanted to hit him.

"Look, if I hit you I'll get in trouble," you finally explained.

"You hit the other guy and you didn't get in trouble."

If you didn't know any better you'd think he was autistic or something. But he didn't have any of the trademark features. Nor did he seem like he was avoiding eye contact or physical contact. Nothing like that. Was he just that socially inept?

"That was different. He was harassing that girl and he hit me back."

The large man tilted his head slightly and spoke in a sort of curious, caution filled tone. "But if I hit you, I'll hurt you. Did you really want me to hit you?"

Well wasn't he being presumptuous.

"...no. Look, I'm hungry. I want to get a burger," and cue the stomach growl. It wasn't even from your stomach either.

"Hah, yeah, guess it's time to eat. Say, do you know how to get food from here? I tried earlier but I have no idea what I need to do."

Yep. He had to be different somehow. There was no way an average, nearly full grown man didn't know how to order a burger.

"Uh, yeah I do. But do you have any money? You know that you need to pay for things right?"

"Oh! I guess that's why Kami gave me all that paper before I came down. This is Zenni right?"

He pulled what had to be the largest wad of money you'd seen out of a brown mini sack tied to his waist. From what you could tell it was a lot of large dominations too. Where had he gotten that much zenni from?!

"Is it enough?"


That seemed to upset him a bit. You could tell because that innocent and happy face turned into a frown.

"Why would I be joking?"

"Seriously where did you grow up? In a barn or something?"

"No. Gramps and I were in the mountains. First time I met anyone else was when I was twelve and that was after gramps died. Why? Did I say something weird again?"

There was no way this guy was telling you the truth. Sure there were still plenty of isolated villages, especially in the mountains. But to not have human contact for twelve years outside of his grandfather? That was kind of insane. Especially considering he had all that money at his disposal and acted like he had no idea how much it was worth.

"Huh I guess I did," the man said in self reflection before grabbing onto his stomach. "Man, I'm starving."

That last part sounded like a whine. Almost like a kid too. Something about him made you want to help. Your expressions shifted a bit as you contemplated the situation. What was the worst thing that could happen if he was lying? It wasn't like there was a higher chance of you being kidnapped or anything if you went into the burger place. And if he was telling the truth then he was going to seriously need help navigating the city. It was a bit much for socially adapted people much less someone who'd been raised in the mountains.

"Okay, I'll help," you decided, though your tone was still cautious.

"Really? Thanks!"

"You're paying for your own food though," you warned him before moving into the building.

The childlike man nodded as he stepped in after you. When you showed him what to do it turned out that he wasn't that pick of an eater. In fact he ordered one of everything on the menu, much to the surprise of the staff. You laughed at the look on their face as he handed them enough money to pay for everything...including the two meals you'd ordered for yourself. Compared to his order yours didn't seem quite so gluttonous. Then again you figured that he was probably planning to bring most of it back with him to wherever he was staying while you knew you were going to eat both of those meals. Upside to burning out was that you needed to eat a shit done of calories to keep going each day.

"Thanks for paying, I'll get it back to you when I get some change Okay?" You offered as you and the brightly dressed man went to the largest table; it was going to be filled with trays soon.

"Don't worry about it," he said with a smile. "You helped me order the food. We helped each other right?"

"I guess..." if he tried to guilt you later about the meal, he'd probably get his wish. If he was just trying to play you to lure you into a trap or something you imagined that it'd probably be okay to hit him then.

"My name's Son, Goku," he finally introduced himself.

"Greene, Bella," you returned in kind.

You wouldn't know it but despite having just met him, Goku was going to change your life. What you did end up realizing was that you'd finally found someone who could out eat you. That well built man could shovel it away.


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