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In the Xenoverse rested a timeline similar, but different to the original. Goku and Vegeta could not access their god forms. Instead, they achieved Super Saiyan 4. They had joined the Time Patrol, an organization dedicated to stopping threats to the timeline. In present day, however, there were no threats to deal with.

           Goku’s eighteen-year-old granddaughter, Pan, was playing board games with her nineteen-year-old friend, Bulla. Pan wore an orange bandana around her forehead, a red jacket with a yellow trim, a black top, dark grey fingerless gloves, sage green shorts, brown thigh-length socks, and dark grey boots. Her short black hair reached down to her shoulders with a flat bang front over her forehead. Bulla, on the other hand, wore a more simple outfit: jeans, a blue-and-white striped t-shirt, and red heels. She swiped her long blue-green bangs out of her face as she stared at the board. The two played in the house of Bulla’s father and Goku’s rival, Vegeta.

           “Do you like my new outfit?” Pan asked.

           Bulla looked up from the board. “Yeah, it suits you.”

           “I figured I’d need a new outfit for when I go out on time patrol,” Pan explained.

           “Looks comfy,” Bulla observed. “I wish I had something like that.” She tugged at her jeans. “My clothes are way too tight. It’s giving me a serious wedgie.”

           “A what?” Pan asked, scratching her head.

           “You’ve never heard of a wedgie?” Bulla questioned.

           Pan shook her head in response. “It doesn’t sound fun.”

           “Well, there’s a normal wedgie and then there’s the prank version.”

           “What’s the difference?”

           “A normal wedgie is when your panties get stuck up your butt,” Bulla explained. “A prank wedgie is when you yank somebody’s underwear up their butt.”

           Pan laughed. “That actually sounds pretty funny.”

           “Only if you’re the one giving the wedgie.” Bulla stood up and walked into the kitchen. “I’m going to get a snack. You want anything?”

           Pan followed her friend into the kitchen. As she was doing so, she noticed Bulla’s light purple undergarments were sticking out of her jeans. “Uh, Bulla?” she asked her friend. “Your panties are sticking out.”

           Bulla froze as her cheeks flushed red. She hastily tried to tuck her underwear back in to little success. “How does it look?” Bulla asked.

           “Worse,” Pan admitted sheepishly. “I can help you out if you want.”

           “No thanks,” Bulla replied. Pan snuck up behind Bulla and gripped her waistband with both hands, and gave a quick yank. “Eek! What the hell, Pan?”

           Pan giggled. “I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help it. I hope you don’t mind.”

           “Of course I mind,” Bulla replied, smacking her friend on the shoulder. “That’s never happened before...” she murmured.

           “Wait... you’ve never gotten a wedgie before?” Pan asked.

           Bulla slowly shook her head. “I give nerds wedgies at school. I’m not a nerd like my mom. I don’t get wedgies.”

           “Who gives your mom wedgies?” Pan asked.

           “My dad,” Bulla answered. “He does it to make me laugh.”        

           “That’s weird,” Pan pointed out. “Also, you are a total are a nerd. Nobody except you wears strawberry panties.”

           Bulla considered mentioning that her mother often wore strawberry-themed underwear, but decided against it. “Fine,” Bulla stated, gritting her teeth. “I’m a nerd. At least I’m not as big a nerd as my Mom is. My dad and aunt give her wedgies all the time. You should have seen her one time Dad and Goku became Gogeta. He made her look like a mummy with her own underwear.”

           Pan began to laugh. “You’re making that up,” she stated.

           Bulla shook her head. “I saw it with my own eyes,” she insisted.

           “Nobody can get that many wedgies unless they’re asking for it,” Pan argued. “Your mom has to like getting wedgies if she keeps letting it happen to her.”

           Bulla shook her head. “I would have figured it out by now if that were the case,” she replied. “Anyway, my mom got bullied a lot as a kid. She’s been getting wedgies her whole life. She got all sorts of wedgies, from the melvin all the way to an atomic.”

           “There’s more than one type of wedgie?” Pan asked. She still believed Bulla was fabricating the mummy wedgie story, so it surprised her to hear about actual types of wedgies. “What’s a melvin and an atomic?”

           “I’m not telling you,” Bulla replied. “You’ll just give me more wedgies if I do.”

           Pan chuckled. “I was thinking about doing that, either way.”

           Bulla gulped. “Please don’t.” Before she could reach out to stop Pan, the latter had grabbed the front part of her waistband and skyrocketed Bulla’s panties into the air. “Stop! This isn’t funny!”

           “Just tell me what a melvin wedgie is.”

           “You’re doing it!”

           “Oh. Neat. Now what’s an atomic?”

           “It’s a wedgie that goes over your over head,” Bulla wheezed.

           Pan laughed. “Thanks.” She grabbed the back of Bulla’s waistband and began flying in the air. Bulla’s eyes widened as her toes parted with the ground. Her panties had reached over her head and were nowhere close to ripping. “Wow, Bulla. Your underwear is really stretchy. Why is that?”

           “I’ve been putting on weight and I needed a bigger pair,” Bulla stated, prompting Pan to burst into laughter. “It’s not funny!”

           “It’s your fault for admitting it,” Pan replied “Let’s see how far these panties stretch.”

           “Wait!” Bulla begged. “Please let me go.”

           “And what do I get if I do?”

           “I’ll give myself an atomic wedgie. Just let me go.”

           Pan contemplated her options. “Okay.” She gently let Bulla touch the ground.

           “Thank you,” Bulla whispered. She pulled her undergarments over her head and hooked it onto her eyebrows. The back of her underwear had been stretched to the point that the atomic wedgie didn’t even hurt. “There. You happy?”

           “Almost,” Pan stated. She grabbed the front of Bulla’s underwear and yanked it over her head. “You didn’t say anything about a melvin atomic wedgie.”

           “Guuck you!” Bulla screamed, her voice muffled by her underwear prison.

           “I guess that was a little mean,” Pan admitted, staring at Bulla’s double atomic wedgie

           “Led me oud!” Bulla shrieked.

           “Okay,” Pan replied.

           As Pan reached out to free Bulla, she heard a voice call out: “Oh my Kami. What is that?” It was less a shout of concern, and rather one of amusement.

           “Aunt Bulma!” Pan said excitedly, observing a woman wearing jeans and a red t-shirt. “How’s it going?”

           “What happened to Bulla?” Bulma, Bulla’s mother, asked, attempting to suppress her chuckles.

           Bulla yanked her undergarments off her head, her face redder than the strawberry prints on her underwear. “She gave me a freakin’ wedgie!”

           Bulma burst into laughter. “Like mother, like daughter,” she mused.

           “You’re not upset about this?!” Bulla yelled, messily shoving her underwear into her jeans.

           “Nah. It’s kind of funny seeing someone else in the family get a wedgie for once.”

           “Mom!” Bulla screamed. “You’re just gonna let her get away with this?”

           Bulma ceased her laughter and turned to her daughter’s bully. “Pan, I want you to let Bulla give you a wedgie sometime in the future.”

           “When will that be?” Pan questioned, nervous about her future punishment.

           “Whenever Bulla decides.”

           A grin formed on Bulla’s face. “Thanks, Mom.”

           “No problem, sweetie.” She gave a slight tug on the front portion of Bulla’s undergarments.

           “Not funny,” Bulla stated, now desiring a senzu bean for sore posterior.

           Bulma smirked. “It is to me.”



Two days later, Pan was relaxing on the couch in her uncle Goten’s home. Her uncle was busy training with his girlfriend, Valese. Goten wore a white t-shirt and purple jeans, whereas Valese wore a yellow t-shirt and torn jeans. The innocent, but naive, brunette was deeply infatuated with Goten, preventing her from taking training seriously.

           “Focus, Valese,” Goten told his lover.

           “Sorry,” Valese apologized. “I’m just a bit distracted, that’s all.”

           “By what?” Goten asked.

           “Your underwear,” Valese replied, pointing to his waist.

           Goten blushed before looking down at his waist. His underwear had been sticking out of his purple jeans. Laughter roared into the room, prompting the couple to stare at the source. “It’s not funny, Pan,” Goten stated.

           Pan stood up and walked up to him. “I guess you’re right. But you know what is funny?” In an instant, she grabbed his pants and dragged them to the ground.

           “Pan!” Goten shouted, bonking her on the head. At the same time, Valese’s face reddened upon seeing Goten’s tighty whities. She had become both flustered and aroused.

           “Worth it,” Pan whispered to herself. “Come on, Uncle Goten. Can’t you handle a prank?”

           “That’s a prank?” Valese questioned, placing a curious finger to her mouth. “What’s it called?”

           “Pantsing,” Pan explained. Every since she learned about wedgies, she had been doing research about all the pranks she could pull on her friends and family.

           “Pranks are supposed to be funny,” Goten stated angrily, pulling his pants up.

           “Well, I think you look pretty cute like that, Goten,” Valese stated confidently, prompting her boyfriend to blush profusely.

           “Thanks, Valese,” Goten murmured.

           “I know what can make you look pretty cute,” Pan began saying to Valese. “Have you ever heard of a wedgie?”

           “Don’t you dare!” Goten warned Pan. “Do not give her a wedgie.”

           “What’s a wedgie?” Valese asked.

           “Goten can show you,” Pan replied with a smirk.

           “Really?” Valese asked excitedly. “Goten, can you give me a wedgie? Pretty please with wedgies on top?”

           “That’s not how the saying goes,” Goten whispered to himself. “Fine.” As he walked up to Valese, he said to Pan, “I’m going to get you for this.”

           “Good luck,” Pan told her uncle.

           “Am I going to enjoy this wedgie?” Valese questioned.

           “I hope not,” Goten replied. “These things are supposed to hurt.” He gripped Valese’s panties and gently pulled them out of her jeans.

           “You like what you see?” Pan jokingly asked her uncle.

           “Shut up,” Goten told her. Valese’s orange undergarments were lifted all the way up to her shoulders, revealing the Dragon Ball pattern on the underwear. “They make panties like this?”

           “My parents were nice enough to have them custom made,” Valese explained. “This wedgie is feeling pretty good so far. Are you doing something wrong?”

           “You’ll see,” Goten replied. He gave a solid yank, lifting Valese off the ground.

           “Oooh!” Valese whimpered.

           “I’m sorry if it hurts,” Goten replied.

           Valese shrugged. “I don’t care about the pain. I’m liking this wedgie! Keep going!”

           Goten froze. His girlfriend was... enjoying this? “Are you sure?”

           Valese nodded. “I wanna see how far my panties can stretch.”

           Pan burst into laughter. “Your girlfriend’s turned on by this!”

           “What does turned on mean?” Valese asked, her face reddening as her waistband approached her forehead.

           “It means you feel horny,” Pan explained simply.

           “Pan!” Goten shouted. “Will you shut up?”

           “Oh,” Valese murmured. She knew what horny meant. She wasn’t trying to enjoy the wedgie, but she couldn’t stop the good feeling she got from it. “I guess I’m one of those people who likes wedgies.”

           Pan knew that Valese was an oddball, but she wasn’t expecting this. An idea sparked inside her mind. “Finish it with an atomic,” Pan suggested. “Pull it over her face.”

           “Oh, yes!” Valese exclaimed. “This feels way too good!”

           Goten blushed, horrified and aroused by Valese’s reactions. While he enjoyed making her happy, wedgies were not his idea of a good time. If her current behavior was any indication, he would have to give her a wedgie every other day to keep her happy. Goten took a deep breath and hooked the waistband under Valese’s chin.

           “Tankyu,” Valese spoke muffled through her underwear. She pulled up the waistband and uncovered her mouth. While her eyes were still covered, she wasn’t worried. She connected her lips with Goten’s and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Goten wasn’t sure how to react, so he just went with it. After the kiss had finished, Valese resumed her fighting position, atomic wedgie in place. “Let’s keep going.”

           “You want to fight in the wedgie?” Goten asked, surprised. Pan’s laughter erupted through the room, irritating Goten even further. “Shut up!” he yelled at Pan.

           Valese nodded in response to Goten’s question. Her underwear had ripped, but she didn’t mind. To her, that added to the experience. It also helped that her parents had bought stretchier pairs of the same pattern, so she was set for life. “I think I’ll eat dinner like this, too.”

           “Please don’t,” Goten suggested. “I want to see your beautiful face when we’re eating.” He had hoped flirting with her would dissuade her from receiving anymore wedgies.

           “Good point,” Valese admitted. The two continued their training, with Goten easily beating her. At dinner, after Pan had left, Valese had removed the atomic wedgie, much to Goten’s relief. Much to his annoyance, however, was the fact that she had connected her underwear to the back of her chair.

           “Valese,” Goten began.

           “What is it?” his girlfriend asked. “You want some more rice?”

           Goten shook his head. “No. I just want to ask something of you. Could you not give yourself a wedgie every five minutes? It’s getting excessive.”

           Valese. “I guess I can cut back a little,” she conceded. “How about on the weekends we dedicate a whole day to wedgies?”

           Goten sighed. He really loved Valese, but not the wedgies. However, he was willing to make this work. “Sure. Just promise me one thing.”

           Valese nodded. “What is it?”

           “When we get married someday, please don’t walk down the aisle in a wedgie,” he suggested. “Most people are weirded out by somebody enjoying a wedgie.”

           Valese sighed in disappointment, imagining their wedding day. She had expected to walk down the aisle in an atomic wedgie, her face completely covered until she had reached Goten and he would detach her underwear. After that, they would kiss and she should leave the wedding with her underwear sagging from her dress. “Okay,” she stated. “But what about the honeymoon?”

           Goten chuckled. “We’ll figure that out later.” Valese slowly nodded to this, happy he was considering her request. “I do have a question for you.”

           “Let’s hear it.”

           “How good are you at giving wedgies?”



Over the course of the next week, Pan was preparing herself for her nineteenth birthday. Bulla had turned twenty a few days ago and Pan had promised her she wouldn’t give Bulla any wedgies during the party. Although Bulla had healed herself with a senzu bean, she was hesitant to hang around Pan. She was grateful, however, for Pan’s generosity. 

           When Pan visited Valese again while Goten was visiting his parents, Pan noticed that Valese had been giving herself wedgies in ways the former had not even thought of. One of these included doing yoga with her panties stretched over her nose. “Isn’t that the same pair you wore the other day?” Pan asked, noticing the hole in the back of the undergarments.

           “Yep,” Valese said as she stretched her leg out. “It’s nostalgic.”

           “Doesn’t the stink of your own butt bother you?” Pan questioned.

           Valese shrugged. “Not really.”

           Pan laughed. She was still surprised that somebody could actually enjoy a wedgie. “You are so weird.”

           “You should see my other training methods.” She removed her atomic wedgie and let her underwear sag out of her jeans. To her, she felt like a superhero in those movies she had seen, with her underwear acting as her cape. She walked over to the weights in the room. She gave herself a melvin wedgie until the leg holes stuck outside her jeans. She pulled out one of the weight bars and stuck it through the leg holes. She added weights to the bars and started lifting. Both the weights and her panties were increasing in height with each pull she mustered.

           “That’s... creative,” Pan admitted, surprised by Valese’s ingenuity. “A wedgie workout sounds tough.”

           “It is, but it’s sooooo worth it,” Valese said as the front part of her waistband had reached up to her nose.

           “Do you want some help with that?” Pan asked. Valese nodded, prompting Pan to walk over and give her a melvin atomic wedgie. “There. Now your workout has more rewards to it.”

           “Tankyu,” Valese spoke through her underwear prison. Pan nodded and was on her way.

           The next day, she headed to the Time Nest. There, Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time, was relaxing. Chronoa’s job was to watch over the various timelines and send Pan or the others out to solve any disturbances in time. At the moment, Chronoa was watching TV. “Hi, Chronoa,” Pan greeted her casually.

           Chronoa jumped up from the couch, annoyed by Pan’s remark. “It’s Supreme Kai of Time. How many times do I have to tell you this?” 

           “Chronoa, I’ve known you for years. Can we stop being formal?”

           Chronoa sighed. “Fine. I just want people to take me seriously.”

           Pan pointed to Chronoa. “They won’t if they see you watching TV in those pajamas.” It amazed her how childish the Supreme Kai was, despite being an adult.

           Chronoa blushed, looking down at her purple pajamas with blue hourglass prints. “It’s a slow day and I wanted to relax.”

           “I’m not blaming you,” Pan replied, sitting down next to Chronoa. “It’s nice to be able to relax now and again.”

           Chronoa nodded. “I was going to make some breakfast. Do you want some?”

           Pan grinned eagerly. “If it’s waffles, then yes.” Chronoa prepared breakfast while Pan set the table.

           When they began eating, Chronoa dropped her fork by accident. “Oh, great,” she muttered, reaching down to pick it up. She felt something grab onto her, and she slowly looked up to see Pan pulling on her underwear.

           “Cute panties, Chronoa,” Pan stated, observing the blue undergarments with clock prints. “Very fitting.” She gave a quick yank and reveled in Chronoa’s screams before releasing her underwear.

           “Really, Pan?” Chronoa asked, incredulous that Pan would resort to something so childish. “You’re almost nineteen. Why would you give me a wedgie?”

           Pan laughed. “It’s funny. And you know what else is funny?” Pan grabbed the bottle of syrup off the table and poured it onto the Supreme Kai’s head.

           “Ewww!” Chronoa whined. She yanked the back of the Supreme Kai’s undergarments over her head. Pan stuffed a waffle into Chronoa’s mouth and hooked her waistband under her teeth. Chronoa screamed as she tasted the savory flavor of the waffle combined with the stench of her own panties. She cursed herself for wearing the same pair for three days in a row. She had never thought her own underwear could be so disgusting.

           Pan shot yellow energy rings over Chronoa’s head and hands, trapping her in the atomic wedgie. Chronoa struggled to get free to no avail. “See you later,” she taunted as she walked out of the Time Nest, leaving Chronoa to her fate. Chronoa hated how much stronger Pan was than her, making the energy rings practically unbreakable. The Supreme Kai of Time rolled around, attempting to free herself. Instead, syrup only spread further through her hair. She continued to struggle for half an hour until somebody walked in.

           “Chronoa?!” a voice asked in surprise.

           “Trunks?!” Chronoa shrieked. Unbeknownst to her, Trunks’s face was redder than hers. While she was happy that her boyfriend was here, this was not how she wanted him to find her. They had only been dating for a few weeks now, and she had not expected Trunks to ever see her like this.

           “What happened to you?” Trunks asked, tearing the energy rings off. Chronoa was thankful Trunks was stronger than both her and Pan. She pulled her underwear off her head and spit out the waffle.

           “Disgusting,” she muttered. Her hair and clothes had been stained with syrup and her pride had been shattered.

           “Who did this to you?” Trunks asked. Although he would never tell her, he found her kind of cute with her underwear stuck on her face.

           “Pan,” Chronoa stated, gritting her teeth.

           Trunk’s eyes widened. “Wait... why?”

           “She thought it’d be funny,” Chronoa muttered. She looked up to Trunks. “I need your help.”

           “With what?” Trunks asked, gazing at her underwear sticking out of her pajamas.

           “Will you stop staring?” Chronoa demanded, making Trunks blush even more than she was.

           “Sorry,” he quickly apologized. “They look cute...”

           “Thanks...” Chronoa murmured. “Give me a few minutes, please.” She walked into her room, took a shower, and changed into her normal clothes. She let out a sigh of relief as she returned to Trunks. “I’m sorry you had to see that...”

           “It’s fine,” Trunks replied. “I just didn't expect to see so... much of you today.”

           Chronoa’s cheeks became redder than it had been all day. “Well... I hope you liked what you saw,” she spoke, hoping her flirtations would make the situation less awkward. Trunks smiled without saying a word. “Anyway, you’re going to help me get payback.”

           “Are you sure? We could just tell her parents and let them punish her,” Trunks suggested.

           Chronoa shook her head. “No. She needs to know how I feel. What do you say?”

           Trunks sighed. He believed this all to be very childish, but he knew his girlfriend wasn’t going to give up her grudge. “Alright...”



It was Pan’s nineteenth birthday, and it had been a good day so far. She had cleaned herself up from the previous day and was ready to go. The party inside her house had been moving swimmingly and the cake was going to be served soon. Some of her friends had shown up, but at the moment, the only people there were herself and her crush, Uub. Her parents were out doing errands and promised they would return soon. She and Uub and had been making small talk for awhile, with Pan stuttering whenever she spoke to Uub. She was always nervous talking to him. She wondered if a relationship between them was possible, considering he was almost five years older than her.

           “Are you okay?” Uub asked.

           Pan nodded anxiously. “Yeah. I got a question for you.”

           “What is it?”

           “Will you go out with me?”

           Uub blushed, unsure of how to respond. He had not considered the possibility that Pan was attracted to him.

           “I always get a good feeling when I’m around you,” Pan explained. “You make me feel like things are gonna work out.”

           Uub smiled. “Sure,” he stated, hoping for the best. “We can go see a movie tonight after training.”

           Pan nearly shrieked from excitement. “Thanks, Uub.”

           Uub’s phone buzzed. He answered it and closed it when the call was over. “I have to go. My dad needs some help back at home.”

           Pan sighed. “It’s fine. Go help your dad.” Uub nodded and walked out of the house. As Pan stood up, she tripped and fell to the ground. “Oh no...” she realized, looking behind her.

           “Happy birthday, Pan,” Goten said sarcastically.

           “Uncle Goten?” Pan asked in surprise. “What are you doing here?” She felt someone pick her up and saw Valese in front of her. “Thanks, Valese.” However, her gratitude was short-lived as the brunette grabbed the back of Pan’s white undergarments and stretched them over her head with relative ease. Pan silently berated herself for wearing the largest panties she owned. Her desire for comfort had doomed her posterior to a world of suffering.

           “Happy birthday, Pan,” Valese spoke in a sincere voice. “I hope you can enjoy your wedgies as much as I do.”

           Someone tapped on Pan’s shoulder. “Happy birthday, Pan,” the voice spoke with pure venom. Pan’s eyes widened in terror as she saw Chronoa and Trunks with handfuls of cake. The Supreme Kai of Time tossed the cake into Pan’s face while Trunks handed Chronoa his handful for another tossing.

           “Sorry, Pan,” Trunks said apologetically. Chronoa, on the other hand, watched with satisfaction as Pan’s face contorted with pain and disgust.

           “Please stop,” Pan begged the group. “I’ve had enough.”

           “Not yet,” a final voice spoke. Pan saw Bulla in the corner of her eye, terrifying her even more than she had been before. “This is for all those wedgies you gave me,” Bulla whispered into Pan’s ear. Pan grimaced as Bulla gripped the front of her undergarments.

           “Bulla... I’m sorry...”

           Bulla yanked Pan’s underwear with as much might as possible, fully intending to tear the undergarments. Her grin grew larger as she saw the leg holes of Pan’s panties coming apart at the seams. Bulla finished the job by snapping the waistband against the back of Pan’s head. “Happy birthday, Pan,” she spoke with a sadistic smile.

           Chronoa yanked on Pan’s shorts, worsening the experience of the numerous wedgies Pan had previously endured. Goten formed an energy ring around Pan’s hands, entrapping her in a manner similar to handcuffs. “Whatru doing?” Pan asked, her voice muffled by her double atomic wedgie.

           “Making sure you can’t take off the wedgie,” Goten explained, adding another energy ring over her head. “If you need us, we’re going to collect the Dragon Balls. Have fun with your party.” He waved her off and walked away.

           “Never give me a wedgie again,” Chronoa warned. “If you do, you’re banned from Time Patrol.” She gave the back of Pan’s panties a harsh tug before leaving the party.

           “Eeek!” Pan screeched. “I’msrry...” she murmured. I deserve this... she thought to herself.

           “Sorry,” Trunks apologized. “When Chronoa has something on her mind, she doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants.” He guiltily followed his girlfriend out of the house.

           “Have a good day, Pan,” Valese said genuinely before leaving. “I really wish you can love wedgies as much as I can. Maybe you can find someone to give them to you.”

           Pan shuddered at such a thought. The only person she would ever consider approving of giving her a wedgie would be Uub. And even then, she wouldn’t ever enjoy it.

           “Have fun letting Uub see you like that,” Bulla told Pan as she walked away. “I’m sure he’ll be wondering what kind of kinky stuff you’re into.”

           Pan froze, disturbed by such a thought. She tried to free herself for several minutes, but nothing had changed. She refused to consider telling her parents the truth. She was too prideful to tell her parents about such a humiliating defeat. Eventually, Uub returned, much to her horror.

           “Pan?” Uub asked, extremely perplexed by what he was seeing.

           “Help!” Pan begged. Uub rushed over and broke the energy chain with ease. Pan was almost surprised by his strength since she had forgotten how strong he had gotten over the years. She ripped her underwear completely out of her shorts and let the undergarments drop to the ground.

           “The others told me what happened,” Uub explained. “It seems they wanted revenge for all those wedgies you gave them.”

           “I guess I got a bit carried away,” Pan admitted. “I’m starting to see why people hate getting wedgies.”

           “To be fair, you’re the only person I know who looks pretty cute in a wedgie.”

           “Thanks,” Pan said, blushing from the compliment. “Let’s talk about something else. You ready for our date tonight?”

           Uub nodded. “You bet. Are you gonna be okay?”

           “Yeah,” Pan said with a smile. At least one thing went right today.


After finishing the movie, Uub and Pan walked side-by-side out of the theater. Uub had wrapped his arm around Pan's shoulder, providing her the most comfort she had felt all day. She had told her parents that the cake had been destroyed in a food fight, and she was fortunate that they bought that excuse.

           “Thanks for going out with me,” Pan told Uub, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek. “It means a lot to me.”

           Uub smiled. “You’re welcome. Just promise me you won’t wedgie me.”

           Pan nodded. “I’ll only give you one if you ask for it.” She chuckled before sighing. “Uub, you’ve made this day go a lot better than it was supposed to. I think... I love you...”

           Before Uub could respond, he froze upon seeing what Pan was doing to herself. “Pan, what are you doing?”

           “I don’t know!” Pan said worriedly, sticking her hands into the back of her shorts. “I’m not doing this!” Her white teddy bear panties ripped as they were lifted into the air and pulled over her head. “Uub, help me!” She hooked her torn panties under her teeth and allowed the stench to infiltrate her nostrils. Since this pair was smaller than the last, the mobility of her body had significantly decreased. The atomic wedgie had strained her neck backward, forcing her to look up to the night sky above her. This time however, she was not nearly as repulsed. Instead, it was starting to feel normal receiving wedgies. Uub quickly pulled the underwear off her head, allowing her to breathe again.

           “Why did you do that?” Uub asked. “You don’t enjoy these wedgies, right?”

           “No!” Pan stated, disturbed by such a question. “I don’t know how this happened. I...” She paused, realizing why the others were collecting the Dragon Balls. “They made a wish,” she realized. She had taken a nap earlier, meaning she would have missed the sky going black.

           “What was the wish?” Uub questioned.

           “I think they wished for me to give myself a wedgie everytime I say ‘I love you.’” She lost control of her hands as they placed herself in a melvin atomic wedgie. She automatically flew over to a nearby metal pole and hooked the back of her underwear onto it. Uub helped her down and removed both wedgies for her. A small part of her was disappointed by this, but she couldn’t tell why. She still had to figure out what the other two wishes were. “Did Valese say anything to you?”

           “She bragged that she was going to be able to give herself a wedgie without using her hands,” Uub explained. “I didn’t think much of it. I thought she was just being a goofball.”

           Pan’s eyes widened in realization. She had figured out what the third wish was. The second wish was a no-brainer and the third wish she discovered from her most recent wedgies. The wedgies at the party were painful and completely intolerable. The wedgies she gave herself were still painful, but she felt a sense of comfort from her waistband being secured over her face or hooked onto a metal pole. “Valese wished for me to enjoy wedgies as much as she does,” she stated.

           “That’s weird,” Uub stated. “Am I going to have to give you wedgies to keep you happy?”

           “Maybe, I don’t know,” Pan admitted. “We’ll have to wait until we can use the Dragon Balls to undo these wishes. The Dragon Balls on Namek should reset in a month or two, so we can use those instead.”

           “Good point,” Uub admitted.

           “Promise me one thing,” Pan begged of Uub. “You will make sure these wishes happen. I don’t want to enjoy this stuff.”

           Uub nodded. “I promise.”

           Pan grinned and gave him another kiss on the cheek. “And that’s why I love you.” Once again, she pulled her panties over her head and attached them to her eyebrows. Her leg holes were reaching their limits of elasticity, with the fabric coming apart. “There goes another pair,” she said nonchalantly.

           “At least they look great on you,” Uub joked.

           “Thanks,” Pan replied confidently. “It runs in the family.” She had received this pair from her mother, who said that she learned about the design from her father. She still couldn’t believe that both her mother and father had worn teddy bear underwear. It almost seemed like a running gag in her family for all of them to receive wedgies in their life. For Gohan and Videl, it was from fellow classmates who scowled at the idea of the nerd and the cool girl getting together. However, the couple usually brushed off the wedgies and returned the favor. That is what Pan wanted to do: brush off the pain. And the first step to that was to take things easy, even if it meant enjoying something as ridiculous as pulling her own underwear over her head.

           “You said ‘I love you’ on purpose,” Uub observed with a smile.

           Pan grinned as she soaked in the delightful, but agonizing experience of being in love and in an atomic wedgie. “Only because it’s true.”

                                                                       The End

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