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Gine rested solemnly underneath the heavenly tree. She sat by herself, hiding her head in her knees. It had been decades since he had died, and yet she still had not gotten used to life in Heaven. It surprised her that she had never seen any of her family during all these years. Neither Bardock, Raditz, nor Kakarot had ever met her in Heaven. Supposedly Kakarot had found his way into Heaven, but he spent more time training outside of the realm than relaxing.


Gine let out a sigh. I miss them… she murmured. Even after all these years, she could not forget about them. A golden halo floated above her head, representing her eternal prison. How can it be Heaven if everyone I know is gone? she wondered. She stood up and walked towards the nearest restaurant. At least I can’t get fat in Heaven, she thought with a faint smile. She pressed her hand onto the front door of the restaurant, letting it creak open. She took several footsteps, gently walking into the empty restaurant. Her smile transformed into a grin as she watched the stacks of food that lined the buffet. She noticed a sign on the wall, making her grin widen even further. “‘Today only! Whoever eats the most wins a prize!’” she read aloud. “I can do that.” She snagged a plate off the nearest table she could find and began stacking her plate with entire trays of food.


“Are you sure you want that much?” a blue-skinned ogre asked from over the counter. “That is a lot of food.”


Gine nodded eagerly. “I love food,” she stated, stars forming in her eyes as she gazed into the stacks of food present: meat, rice, bread, fruit, and ramen. She grabbed handfuls of food and began stuffing her face with them, never even pausing to do so much as breath. Once everything on her plate had been consumed on her plate, she let out a massive burp that shook the entire building. The ogre behind the counter struggled to stay on his feet, holding onto the counter to keep his balance. Gine patted her satisfied stomach, grabbed her empty plate, and walked over to get more food.


“No more,” the ogre stated, shaking his head nervously.


“But I’m still hungry,” Gine whined.


“You’ve already eaten more than half of the food,” the ogre complained, his left twitching. “You win the contest. Just take your prize.” He pulled out a small ticket from his pocket and handed it to her immediately.


“What is it?” Gine questioned.


“It’s a free ticket to see your loved ones for a day,” the ogre explained. “Just take it to King Yemma. He’ll know what to do with it.”


Gine nodded eagerly. “Wow. Thank you so much!” she said giddily, jumping for joy before putting the ticket into her pocket.


“You’re welcome,” the ogre muttered, staring at the empty rows lining his buffet. That took forever to make, he wanted to say.


Gine ran out of the restaurant and jumped onto Snake Way, which was remarkably close to King Yemma’s palace. She took another leap, but she underestimated how light she was in Heaven’s gravity. She leapt over the pathway, almost falling down to the depths of Hell. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she caught herself before she could fall too far down. However, this was an involuntary action. “Oooooooooh,” Gine whimpered, feeling her posterior tighten beyond belief. She craned her neck to see what was keeping her from Hell. “Oh no,” she whispered, seeing her underwear hooked onto the rocky scale of Snake way. Her white onion-printed panties had stretched to the point she could see her own leg holes. “Whyyyyy?” she whined. Although she was familiar with the concept of wedgies, she had never received one before. “Oh Kami,” she complained, feeling her body sink even further as the wedgie’s grip tightened upon her posterior. The sensation was comparable to a cheese grater with her posterior acting as the cheese being sliced up. Gine bit her lip as she felt the fabric burning against her bottom. “It hurts... so much...” she whispered, frozen by the agony. She kicked her legs in an attempt to break free, having becoming too engrossed by the torture to be able to fly out of it. She let out a sigh of relief. “At least nobody can see me like this,” she murmured. She held out her hand, reaching out to pull herself up. She lifted herself up, climbing her own underwear like a rope. “Owie,” she muttered, her posterior tensing even more as she clambered up her lingerie. Her fingers came within inches of the scale, only for the plate to snap off the trail.


“Ahhhhhhh!” Gine screamed, falling several yards. She slammed face first into the ground as a mound of underwear piled onto her head. “Ew,” she complained upon picking her head up and the first thing she smelled was the utter effluvium that was her waistband. She picked herself up and began stuffing her undergarments back into her pants. “They’re so stretched out,” she whined, taking several minutes to readjust her lingerie. I didn’t know wedgies hurt that much, she thought with a shudder. Her posterior was still throbbing from the tormenting wedgie she had just endured. “At least it’s over.”


“Oh ho ho ho,” a familiar voice chuckled.


Gine froze when she demented laughter. “Not you,” she whispered, her body clattering while attempting to turn around. Anybody but you.


“I’m so happy that even in death you monkeys still recognize me,” Freeza said with a snicker. He was standing comfortably in his final form. The sinister alien had a glowing halo floating above his head much like Gine. “I knew you Saiyans had no respect for yourselves, but I didn’t realize that applied to your undergarments as well.”


Gine’s body trembled as she watched the villain stroll up to her. “Please... don’t hurt me...” she begged. She was more than aware of what Freeza had done to her planet and her race as a whole.


Freeza simply giggled. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, dear monkey,” he stated, eyeing her cowering tail. “I never leave a cornered animal unwounded.” An eerie thought popped into Freeza’s cranium. “I have a simply stupendous idea. Care to hear about it?”


“No...” Gine whispered, hiding her face behind her frightened hands.


“Too late,” Freeza replied, shooting a red energy blast from his index finger. To Gine’s surprise, nothing had happened.


She looked at her body, searching for any visible changes. “What... did you do?” she asked, patting down herself. Freeza merely blinked and watched what happened next with glee. She felt her undergarments become tighter, firmly constricting her waist and posterior. The lingerie slowly slinked up her back, compressing the breathing room for her bottom. “Uh...” Gine said, her cheeks reddening within an instant.


Freeza walked behind her and began to snicker. “Your undergarments are simply adorable,” he stated, attempting to control his giggles. He lifted his index finger upward, watching jovially as the fabric crawled up Gine’s back. “Tell me, can you smell the onions?”


Gine clamped her eyes shut as tears dripped down her cheeks, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. She could never have imagined in a thousand years that something like this could have happened. It did not help matters that Freeza, her worst enemy, had seen her favorite underwear. Her eyes snapped open as her underwear was suddenly yanked up her posterior. “Eep!” she shrieked. Her tail shuddered as the fabric rubbed up against the fur. Her entire body shivered as the lingerie slithered past her neck, increasing the agony considerably. Her own undergarments made her feel claustrophobic, inching closer to her scalp. Once the fabric made it past that hurdle, Freeza blinked once more. Gine’s head forcibly yanked itself back, making it easier for the undergarments to traverse its journey. Gine squirmed around, hoping to break free to no avail. The underwear was now approaching her forehead, having reached past her bangs. Her heart bounced around her chest like a tennis ball, becoming faster as the fabric blanketed her eyes. “Please... stop...” she pleaded, hoping for a chance to see again.


“No,” he said simply. “No, I don’t think I will.” His grin grew even wider as he watched Gine’s waistband latch onto her nostrils.


“Why are you like this?” Gine whimpered. Her nose wrinkled upon the fumes invading her system. She had no idea what this type of wedgie was called, but it was certainly the most painful one of them all. She was horrified how her own undergarments could betray her in such an agonizing way. What disturbed her even further was the fact that her underwear had not ripped in the slightest. She supposed that was a downside of the Saiyan culture: since all of their armor and clothes were made to stretch for their Great Ape forms, that would also apply with their underwear.


“I’m not quite sure,” Freeza admitted. “I just like watching you suffer.” He let out a hearty chuckle. “I think that’s enough for today.” He gripped Gine’s underwear by the leg holes, which had made themselves prominent from her current affliction. “Up you go,” he stated, tossing her back up to Snake Way. Once again, she fell face first into the ground.


“Why does that keep happening?” she wondered aloud, spitting the dirt out of her teeth. She ran her fingers against her pocket, sighing in relief as she felt the ticket’s presence. At least it’s still there, she thought to herself. She gripped her undergarments, but froze when they wouldn’t come off. What did he do?! she wanted to scream. She scratched at her underwear, doing nothing in her efforts to peel it off. The perpetual stench of her bottom inflamed her nostrils, contorting her face in disgust. Oh Kami! she thought, terrified of her own undergarments. Why does it stink so much?! I can’t be that smelly!


“Um... what happened to you?” an elderly female voice questioned.


“Who’s there?” Gine demanded, struggling to move. Her neck forced her to maintain the uncomfortable position as she wondered about the identity of this mysterious woman. “Can you please help me take this off? It hurts so much!” she stated, clenching her fists together.


“I am Fortuneteller Baba,” the old woman answered, flying over to Gine on her glass ball. She snickered upon getting a closer look of Gine’s undergarments.


“It’s not funny!” Gine shouted, her cheeks becoming crimson as she stamped her foot against the ground.


“It kind of is,” Baba stated. “How did that happen?”


“I don’t have to tell you,” Gine pouted, crossing her arms.


“Well, do you want out or not?” Baba questioned.


“Yes,” Gine panted, unable to nod.


“Then tell me who did this to you,” Baba instructed, flying behind her. She noticed the stretched out leg holes, forcing her to suppress a chuckle. “It seems they did quite a number on your bottom.”


“Fine,” Gine said, letting out a sigh. “I fell down down Snake Way and ended up in Hell. Freeza then gave a wedgie,” she explained reluctantly. “He then tossed me back up here.” Her voice began to crack as her pitch increased considerably. “And I can’t get this stupid wedgie off me!”


“What a strange tale,” Baba observed with a faint smile. “And why choose those panties of all things?”


“Shut up!” Gine barked. “It’s my favorite pair!”


“Okay, but why onions?” Baba questioned, poking the fabric and tensing Gine’s nerves further.


“Don’t poke me!” Gine demanded. “I like onions. They’re my favorite food, okay?”


Baba shrugged. “If you say so. Now why were you on Snake Way to begin with?”


“I won a prize from a restaurant that said I could see my family for a day,” Gine explained, her voice reaching returning to her normal pitch. Although the wedgie still tormented her bottom tremendously, she was starting to get used to it. “I was going to see King Yemma so he could help me do that.”


Baba tugged on Gine’s waistband, noticing the unending attachment to her skull. “We’re going somebody strong to rip this thing off.”


Gine gulped. “Do they have to be ripped?” she asked nervously, thinking about what she would have to do if she had to go commando. She shuddered at such a thought. Although she hated wedgies, she also despised the concept of not wearing underwear at all. The feeling of that clothing missing would make her incomplete and she would not stand for such a sensation.


“I guess we’ll find out,” Baba said with a shrug. “I know somebody who can probably help us.”


“Who?” Gine questioned.


“Son Goku,” Baba said with a smile. “He’s an old friend of mine and he’s one of the strongest in the universe. You might be familiar with him.”


“I’ve never heard of anyone named Son Goku,” Gine stated, nearly causing Baba to fall off her crystal ball in surprise.


“Really? After all these years, you’ve never heard his name?” Baba asked.


“No,” Gine said, struggling to shake her head.


Baba groaned. “It’s your son. Kakarot.”


“What?” Gine questioned, several questions swirling around her fabric-wrapped cranium. “Why... would he change his name?”


“That’s because he never knew his name,” Baba pointed out. “He was picked up as a baby by a man named Son Gohan who raised him. Gohan gave him the name Goku and raised him into a fine young man.”


Gine sighed, realizing just how much of her son’s life she had missed. She had not seen Raditz or Bardock, so she could only assume they were in Hell somewhere. “Has... he ever mentioned me?”


“I don’t think so,” Baba admitted, disappointing her further. “He doesn’t really care about his past. He tends to focus on the present.”


“What else have I missed?” Gine wondered aloud.


“He’s also a father and a grandfather,” Baba added.


“I’m a grandmother?” Gine questioned, tears dripping from her eyes. The fabric soaked in the tears, preventing them from hitting the ground.


Baba nodded, noticing the wet marks. “Yes. Let’s go see Goku before those panties turn into a tissue for you.” She wrapped her fingers around Gine’s wrist and flew her over to King Yemma’s house. “Ah!” she yelped, being crushed by Baba’s tight grip. “Where are we going?”


“First, we gotta go see King Yemma,” Baba explained. “He’ll know where Goku is.” She stopped a few feet short of the door and gave a firm knock upon the door. The door creaked open “Slow day Yemma?” she asked, walking in and noticing nobody present except Yemma sitting behind his desk.


“What... happened to her?” Yemma asked, blushing while pointing a finger at her predicament.


Gine simply blushed as she covered her face in her hands. “Long story, but we need to find Goku so he can rip these off her head.”


“Goku’s at King Kai’s planet,” Yemma explained. “I can have him come here if you want.” He tapped on his TV sitting next to him, turning it on to show a screen revealing Goku training on King Kai’s planet. He was wearing his normal orange gi, blue wristbands, and blue boots. “Goku!” he shouted, startling the Saiyan doing pushups.


“King Yemma?” Goku asked, looking up to the sky. He heard his voice, but could not see his body. He continued doing pushups as he spoke. “What’s up?” he asked.


“You have a visitor who needs your help,” Yemma explained while he looked away from Gine’s embarrassed expression. “Could you come here please?”


Goku nodded, placing two fingers to his forehead. Within an instant, his body decomposed into atoms and transported the pieces into King Yemma’s palace. From there, the atoms reconstructed themselves in the shape of Goku. “I’m here,” he stated calmly. “What’s up?”


King Yemma, still looking away, pointed at Gine. “Help her.”


Goku’s eyes focused on the woman before him, who was blushing profusely while attempting to hide her face. “What’s wrong with her?” he questioned, unsure of what the problem was.


“It’s stuck to my head,” Gine whimpered. Although she wanted to greet her son for the first time in decades, the pain was too much for introductions to be had. “It hurts so much!” she squealed.


“That seems like some pretty good training,” Goku observed, rubbing his chin excitedly. “It’s like a stronger version of weighted clothing.”


“What?” Gine asked, flabbergasted. “This is not training. Please get this off of me! I can’t feel my butt anymore!”


Goku scratched his head. “Wait... how can it hurt if you don’t feel your butt?”


“Just help me!” Gine pleaded, waving her arms angrily in the air.


Goku shrugged. “Ok,” he stated, walking behind her. His height gave him a couple of feet above His fingers wrapped around the waistband stuck to Gine’s nose. He struggled to pull it off, making no progress with the material. “Wow,” he murmured. “What’s this stuff made of? It’s strong like Katchin.”


“I... don’t know what that is,” Gine muttered.


“I’ll go full power on this one,” he said as a blue aura formed around his body. Energy particles bounced around him while his hair began to float upward. Flickers of black and blue alternated between his hair before transitioning into blue and completing the transformation.


“What... is that form?” Gine questioned, her body trembling in fear. The power she felt alone was nothing she could have ever dreamed of.


“This... is Super Saiyan Blue,” Goku said confidently. “It’s a stronger form of Super Saiyan God.”


“Blue? God? I thought it was just Super Saiyan,” Gine murmured. “How many forms are there?”


“A lot,” Goku said simply, gripping Gine’s leg holes and pulled in opposite directions. Within an instant, the underwear snapped in two, freeing Gine.


“Oh thank Kami!” Gine shouted, yanking off her torn undergarments and letting them sink to the ground. She rubbed her tense neck, hoping to pull any knots out of her bones. “Oh,” she whispered, realizing her favorite pair of underwear had been destroyed by her son. “You didn’t have to rip them,” she whispered while tears strolled down her cheeks.


 “Sorry,” Goku apologized with a smile. His blue hair returned to its normal black as he handed her the shredded undergarments. “I wasn’t sure how strong that was going to be so I just turned things up a notch.”


Gine sighed, rubbing her aching posterior. “That hurt more than dying,” she grumbled, reminiscing about her past.


“Do you need a senzu bean?” Goku offered, pulling out a green bean from his pocket.


Gine raised an eyebrow as she pocketed her ripped underwear. “What’s a senzu bean?”


“It’s a magical bean that heals any wound,” Goku explained with a cheeky grin.


Gine shrugged as she took the bean in her hand. “Now I’ve seen everything,” she murmured. “Do I eat it or...”


“Yep,” Goku with a quick nod.


“Ok...” she whispered, tossing the bean into her mouth. Her body shook with euphoria, every muscle bouncing excitedly. Every single had dissipated within seconds, restoring proper mobility to her neck and giving a sense of normalcy to her bottom. “Thank you,” she stated, wrapping her arms around her son. “It’s been so long, Kakarot.”


“Have we met before?” Goku asked, perplexed by her familiarity with him.


Tears filled her eyes as she hugged him even tighter. “It’s me,” she whispered, hoping he would remember. “I’m your mom. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown.”


“Oh,” Goku stated, having trouble finding the words. Instead, he wrapped his arms around her. “It’s good to see you again.” He struggled to find any memories of her and much to his disappointment he could not do so. He noticed the halo above her head. “How long have you been here?”


“Uh... decades?” Gine took a guess.


“We can fix that with the Dragon Balls,” Goku suggested.


“That sounds disgusting,” Gine stated, sticking out her tongue.


Goku shook his head. “No, not that,’ he stated. “Dragon Balls. Magical orbs that grant you almost when you gather all seven together. I can use it to bring you back to life.”


Gine showed a pouty face. “Why did it take you so long to think of that?”


“I didn’t know who you were,” he contributed, scratching his head nervously. “And I thought the Saiyans were evil.”


“Not all of them were,” Gine pointed out, crossing her arms. “And what happened to your brother Raditz?”


“Oh, uh... he died,” Goku stated nonchalantly. “He tried to kill my son so my friend Piccolo killed him. And me.”


Gine let out a sigh. She had hoped Raditz would learn right from wrong, but she supposed that would never be a reality. She was one of the few Saiyans who opposed their violent culture, making her stand out in the crowd of barbarians. A thought popped into her head. “Why would your friend kill you?”


Goku chuckled. “Well, I held Raditz back and Piccolo blasted him to finish him off. It also happened to kill me. I got better, though.”


Gine blinked, confused as how her son could simply laugh off the concept of death. “What about your father?”


 “I don’t know, but I think he died too,” Goku stated, rubbing his chin. “I asked King Yemma once and he told me my dad was in hell.”


Gine groaned. She had hoped Bardock’s last years of good could have saved him from damnation, but she should have known better. “At least I have you.”


Goku nodded eagerly. “By the way, we’ll only get one wish since we used two the last time.”


Gine jaw dropped. “You get three wishes?” she asked, incredulous at the number.


“Yeah, but we’ll have to wait a whole year to get all three. Right now we only get one.”


“Maybe we can revive Raditz and your dad next year,” she exclaimed optimistically, stars appearing in her eyes.


“I guess we can try,” Goku said, wondering if that was a good idea. “Maybe all that time in Hell has cooled them off a bit.”


“I hope so,” Gine replied.“I can’t wait to see my grandkids,” she whispered. “I wonder what they look like.”


“Well, one’s not really a kid anymore,” Goku pointed out. “Gohan’s got a kid of his own now.”


Gine’s head tilted in confusion. “You named your son Gohan?”


Goku grinned. “Yep. After the man who raised me: Grandpa Gohan.”


Gine chuckled. “I’ve really missed a lot,” she stated, staring at her halo floating above her. Her faint smile curled into a grin. “I can’t wait to get back on track.”

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