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A light blue Majin clasped her palms together, forming blue energy around her arms. The woman wore a purple gi that bore her midriff, baggy white pants, yellow shoes, and yellow bracelets. She possessed black sclera with red eyes and kept her hair in a side ponytail on her right. Her opponent was a female Saiyan who was much taller than her. The Saiyan wore an orange tank top, purple shorts, and black shoes. The Saiyan possessed long black hair that reached down to her waist. Cydney, as the Majin was called, began to speak. “Ka... me... ha... me…”


 “That trick isn’t going to work on me,” Zik replied with a smirk, clenching her fists.


 Cydney smiled as she spun her arms around. “Ha!” she exclaimed, soaring through the air. Zik held out her hands, preparing to catch her opponent’s flying fists. However, Cydney zoomed past Zik, throwing her off her guard. Before Zik could even react, Cydney had already begun using her next tactic. Her fingers gripped a certain material that was sticking out of Zik’s shorts and reached for the sky. The fabric bolted up Zik’s back, causing a yelp that became music to Cydney’s ears. The cotton was so stretchy that it had already rocketed all the way up to Zik’s neck, stretching out the leg holes beyond repair. Zik groaned as she heard the material stretching as it normally did. She had known Cydney for only a year, but she had grown used to the Majin’s pranks. That did not mean that the prank did not hurt, though. With hardly any effort, Cydney vaulted the waistband past Zik’s head, angering the Saiyan further. The blue-and-pink striped fabric crawled past Zik’s eyes, making her groan as she realized what was coming next.


 “Another one over the chin, huh?” Zik asked, becoming bored. “That’s the third one this week.”


 “Hmm... maybe I’ll change it up.” Cydney conceded. Using her magical abilities, she stretched her arms past Zik’s chin to zip past her legs and come up her back once more. She repeated the process once more before finally hooking the blue waistband onto her chin. Cydney stood back and laughed as she watched Zik scream through her cotton prison while the Saiyan waddled around. Cydney rubbed her chin, hoping to conceive any new ideas for pranks. She took notice of Zik’s long hair, appearing between the leg holes. She once more used her stretchy arms to pull off her prank. She tied Zik’s hair through the leg holes, creating a ponytail that worsened the wedgie by tightening around the fabric and yanking the fabric higher.


 “Ah!” Zik screamed, her hair reaching to the ground and flickering blonde. An explosive golden aura eradicated the fabric off her body, freeing herself. “There goes another pair,” she muttered with a groan.


 “Woah,” Cydney murmured, admiring Zik’s transformation: Super Saiyan 3. Every day that they trained to become time patrollers at the academy, they would make a bet. Whoever yielded first would get a wedgie of the victor’s choice and they had to stay in that state for however long the winner desired. Due to Zik’s Super Saiyan 3 transformation, there were many times where Cydney had to yield. They currently fought in the woods a good distance away from the academy, meaning nobody could see their confrontation.


 “Your turn,” Zik stated sternly, soaring past Cydney. She gripped the Majin’s mint green waistband and shot herself into the air. Cydney squeaked as the fabric zipped up her back, already standing several feet above her. Cydney struggled to keep herself planted to the ground, hoping Zik would become bored and give up.


 “So... could you... let me go?” Cydney asked with a hopeful grin.


 “I’ve lost too many pairs this week because of you,” Zik stated through gritted teeth.


 “That’s only because you blow up every time you start losing,” Cydney said with a pouty face. “Majin underwear doesn’t rip unless you make it.”


 “Oh yeah, because that Majin clothing store was such a great recommendation!” Zik shouted from above. “All of their clothing barely fits me!” She shuddered as she thought back to how many times she had gotten wedgies from Cydney on account for the fact that her shorts were so big that her underwear stuck out. “Would it kill them to make a smaller size?!”


 “They fit me just fine,” Cydney said with a shrug, now becoming used to the pain.


 “That’s because you’re puffing up just to fit!” Zik shouted.


 Cydney gasped, rubbing her puffy posterior and legs. “That’s not true!” she insisted, her face turning red. “This is how I normally look!”


 “Oh, just shut up!” Zik snapped, zooming down to Cydney. She zipped past the Majin several times, wrapping the fabric around the latter like bandages. Within an instant, Cydney became completely encased in cotton. The waistband completed its journey by finding a warm home underneath her eyebrows.


 “Okay... I... give up,” Cydney conceded, struggling to break free. Wedgies from a Saiyan were tricky enough as they were, but a wedgie from a Super Saiyan 3? Impossible to break out of.


 “Good, you’re going to stay like that until you go to bed,” Zik replied angrily, returning to her base form.


 “Oh come on,” Cydney complained. “I never made you stay in a wedgie past dinner time.” She shook her body, making no dent in breaking the fabric. “And what is this one even called?”


 Zik scratched her chin, trying to think of an answer. “I don’t know,” she said with a shrug. “You kind of look like a mummy like that, so... mummy wedgie?”


 “That actually sounds pretty funny,” Cydney said with a laugh.


 Zik sighed as she smiled. “Only you could laugh at yourself getting a wedgie, Cyd.”


 “I’d feel better if you could get me a senzu bean,” Cydney said.


 “Hmm... nah,” Zik replied, stuffing the remaining fabric back into her shorts. “I really need to get a belt,” she murmured, struggling to keep her shorts up. “I’m lucky you’re the only one who gives me wedgies.”


 “Yeah, then you’d really be in trouble,” Cydney joked, still attempting to wiggle herself free.


 “I’ll come back to bring some dinner,” Zik offered, patting Cydney on the shoulder. “I need to go clothes shopping. Too bad the Majin store is the only place close by...” she said sulkingly before flying away. Seriously, how hard is it to make small clothes?!


 “Okay then,” Cydney murmured, using her own voice to keep herself company. “Dinner’s in half an hour. That’s not so bad.” She tapped her foot against the ground and began whistling a tune. “Wedgies are fun, except when they’re not,” she sang, only to realize she was off key. “Wow... singing’s hard!” She grew bored of singing and closed her eyes, thinking of new ways to prank Zik. As she was doing so, a shock enveloped her body. The wedgie’s pain was slowly transitioning into a new feeling. While she had become numb to the pain, she grew more and more used to the sensation that was now tingling throughout her body. The soft fabric’s texture rubbing intensely against her skin became enticing. She could not describe it, but the presence of the tightness in the material was exciting. The feeling was both amazing and abhorrent. “Wait, am I enjoying this?” she wondered, becoming slightly horrified. Throughout her entire experience with wedgies, they were nothing more than a fun-filled prank. She never considered the possibility she might feel something more with them. A confusing mixture of embarrassment and joy overwhelmed as she wondered what to do next. “Oh Kami! This feels good!” Hesitation filled her voice. “But... I feel weird about it. Like I shouldn’t. But it’s so nice. And yet awful. Ugh... I don't know how to feel.” She continued arguing with herself before finally coming to a conclusion. “Okay, I like them... but I also hate them...”



 “Hey, I’m back,” Zik said, flying down with a small white box in her hands. “You like burgers, right?” she asked, walking over to her friend. “I got one with extra cheese.” She snapped her fingers, remembering something. “Oh, yeah. The mummy wedgie.” She placed the box done and zipped around Cydney, unwrapped her from her cocoon. She let the mounds of fabric drop to the ground, causing Cydney to groan in disappointment.


 “It was just getting good,” Cydney whimpered, making Zik raise an eyebrow.


 “Uh... what?” she asked.


 “Oh, uh... well, it’s a funny story, but I... am... in love... with you,” She lied, her cheeks flushing red.


 “Bullshit,” Zik replied with a laugh, seeing right through Cydney. “You like getting wedgies, don’t you?”


 Cydney’s eyes widened in panic. “Is it that obvious?!” she questioned. “I mean, of course not,” she claimed, attempting to regain composure.


 “Really?” Zik asked, placing her hands on her hips.


 “Fine, I like ‘em,” Cydney admitted. “There’s just something so nice about my underwear getting stretched so far!”


 “Well, at least you’re being honest about it,” Zik chuckled. “So how long have you been enjoying this?”


 “Today,” Cydney admitted sheepishly. “That mummy wedgie really did something... I can’t explain it, but it feels both good and bad.”


 “Huh,” Zik said, impressed. “I have the power to give people fetishes. That’s gotta be the greatest technique of all.”


 “Maybe you can undo it,” Cydney suggested, tapping her fingers together nervously. “I kind of don’t want this fetish.”


 “Hey, if you need some help, I’d be happy to do so,” Zik replied. “I don’t think fetishes really go away, though. I could be wrong, but who knows? So what do you need me to do?”


 “Give me enough wedgies so that I hate them,” Cydney stated.


 Zik raised an eyebrow. “Won’t that just make you like them more?”


 “Not if it’s a wedgie I despise!” Cydney exclaimed. “There’s plenty you can give me! 


Shoulder, bra-connection, atomic, melvin, melvin atomic! There’s got to be one I hate!”


 Zik merely laughed. “With how knowledgeable you are on the topic, I’m not surprised you ended up with a fetish for the stuff.”


 “Very funny,” Cydney said with a sigh.


 “So is a bra-connection a wedgie tied to your underwear?” Zik asked, scratching her head.


 “Yep,” Cydney replied with a grin.


 “Do you even wear a bra?” Zik asked, noticing the lack of a rack present.


 Cydney’s eyes snapped open. “Hey! I do!”


 “I’m sure you do,” Zik said serenely. “I’m surprised you don’t puff that up of all things.”


 “Shut up,” Cydney stated sternly, reaching over to wrap her fingers around the waistband sticking out of the front of Zik’s shorts.


 “Eek!” Zik yelped, watching the white fabric with tiny prints of Piccolo skyrocket up her stomach. Cydney stretched the fabric up past the Saiyan’s chest before letting the material snap onto Zik’s bust. Despite the pain, Zik managed to put a smile on her face. “Mine’s bigger,” she said, nodding to her own rack that managed to keep the melvin wedgie in place.


 “Ah!” Cydney shouted, throwing her arms into the air. “That doesn’t count!”


 “Well, it’s staying up, isn’t it?” Zik asked with a grin, ignoring the pain. “You know, after a while, you just get numb to this stuff.”


 “Yeah, I’ve noticed,” Cydney murmured.


 Zik pulled the waistband off her chest, letting it bounce against her stomach. “So what’s a shoulder wedgie?”


 “You pull it over my shoulders,” Cydney explained.


 “That’s it?” Zik asked, disappointed. “I guess I can do it, but you might want to get a pair less... stretched out...” She wrapped her fingers around.


 “Good idea,” Cydney stated, flying away in a heartbeat. Within a few minutes, she had returned.


 “Okay, let’s do this,” Zik replied, wrapping her fingers around the orange waistband peeking out of Cydney’s pants. “So what is the whole appeal to this fetish again?”


 “I guess I like the pain a bit,” Cydney murmured. “There’s something fun about feeling something comfortable being made uncomfortable, I guess. And I like the feeling of my cheeks going red.”


 Zik raised an eyebrow, becoming confused.


 “These cheeks,” Cydney stated, pointing to the rosy cheeks resting below her eyes.


 “Okay,” Zik replied, zipping the fabric over Cydney’s shoulders. She chuckled as she heard Cydney squeak, then burst into laughter as Cydney started moaning.


 “Dang it,” Cydney groaned, struggling not to enjoy this. “Now I just enjoy them more.”


 “Well, shit,” Zik complained, pulling the material off Cydney’s shoulders, letting the cotton droop down. “What do you want to try next?”


 “Bra-connection!” Cydney exclaimed a bit too excitedly.


 “That one sounds kind of boring, plus I’m pretty sure you don’t wear a bra,” Zik pointed out.



 “I do!” Cydney insisted, stomping her feet.



 “You said something before about a melvin,” Zik remembered. “What is that, exactly?”


 “It’s a wedgie from the front,” Cydney said casually.


 Zik sighed. “Of course it is,” she muttered, letting out a groan. “I’m guessing a melvin atomic is just an atomic from the front, then?”


 “Yep!” Cydney said excitedly. “And a double atomic is when you get an atomic from both sides!” She stopped herself, attempting to contain herself. “Sorry, I got a bit excited there.”


 “It’s fine,” Zik replied with a grin. “It is kind of fun to watch you enjoy these.”


 “Well, that’s not the goal here,” Cydney pointed out, becoming frustrated. “Two atomics at once can’t be enjoyable.”


 “Speaking of which, what was the one you gave me earlier?” Zik asked, rubbing her sore bottom. “That one was pretty strong, not going to lie.”


 “A triple atomic,” Cydney chirped. “I can give you another if you’d like!”


 “I’d settle for a normal atomic, honestly,” Zik replied. “The triple atomic made it hard to see... or talk... or walk...”


 “If you insist,” Cydney replied, stretching her arms behind Zik’s back.


 “No, wait!” Zik shouted, but by that point it was too late. Her Piccolo-themed underwear slithered up her back instantly, making her squeak louder and louder with each consecutive tug. The fabric crawled past her scalp, closely approaching its destination. Cydney grinned as she heard the waistband echo in the wind as it snapped underneath her eyes. Tiny Piccolos engulfed her vision, making her blush as she struggled not to curse. “Ugh,” she groaned, reaching to pull off the waistband.


 “Could you maybe keep the atomic on like that?”


 Zik sighed before she started laughing. “Sure, why not?” she said, throwing her arms into the air. “Look at us, a bunch of nerds getting wedgies.”


 Cydney raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean? I’m not a nerd!”


 “Who else but nerds get wedgies?” Zik asked.


 “Very sexy ladies?” Cydney asked, snapping her fingers while hoping she sounded cool.


 “Maybe you do love me after all,” Zik joked. “I’m only doing this because this is funny. I wouldn’t otherwise.”


 “Sure you wouldn’t,” Cydney said, fluttering her eyes. “You can’t resist this Majin.”


 “Maybe not,” Zik said with a chuckle. She shut her eyes, figuring that they would not be of much to her as it was. Instead, she would rely on her energy sensing skills to find Cydney. “So how is this double atomic supposed to work?”


 “Pull the back side over my chin and the front side over my head,” Cydney explained, pointing to her stomach and back.


 “At least then you’ll shut up,” Zik joked, making the duo laugh.


 “I doubt it,” Cydney replied. “Eep!” The fabric jumped up on both sides, producing a squeak that was at its loudest yet. “Aw...” she moaned, both enthralled and disappointed. “A squeaky clean feels good, too.”


 “Wait, why do they call it a squeaky clean?” Zik asked, becoming perplexed. “Is it ‘cause you’re squeaking?”


 “Eh, close enough,” Cydney said with a shrug. “Let’s just see where this goes.”


 “I’m starting to think you’re just doing this to get used to your new fetish,” Zik assumed, continuing to tug and chuckling when she heard Cydney purring.


 “Of course not!” Cydney insisted, although she soon doubted that answer. “I don’t think...” She shook her head, attempting to regain her thoughts. “Well, why are you willingly standing there in an atomic? Maybe you’ve got the fetish, too.”


 “Pfft, as if,” Zik replied with a giggle, pulling the waistband up to her eyebrows. “One double atomic a la carte. I want to see this.” She yanked the back side effortlessly over Cydney’s head, making the Majin shudder with pleasure and causing the Saiyan to howl. “I didn’t even notice this before,” she murmured, noticing the orange material had a certain print pattern: chocolates, candy corns, cotton candy, and many others. “You got a sweet tooth, huh?” she joked, slowly pulling the waistband past Cydney’s eyes.


 “Yes...” Cydney muttered, mesmerized by the candies blanketing her vision with a painfully delightful sensation. The fabric’s grip tightened on her bottom, bundles of excitement bouncing throughout her system. The waistband, ever so close to finishing its journey, stopped. “Oh!” she complained.


 “I don’t think you’re going to stop liking wedgies this way,” Zik pointed out.


 “Fine,” Cydney conceded. “Can you just keep giving me the wedgie?”


 “Sure,” Zik said, continuing to laugh. “I’ve just never heard anybody ask for a wedgie before. It’s pretty new to me, I guess.” She latched the waistband onto Cydney’s chin, chuckling as she heard soft, joyful murmurs underneath the cotton mask. Zik then started her next journey, finding humor in seeing the front leg holes stretch beyond human comprehension. Then again, she was not a human; she was a Saiyan. She yanked the fabric over Cydney’s scalp, her grin widening as she let the snap reverberate against the back of the Majin’s skull. Small purrs could be heard from behind the cotton prison, making Zik even happier to hear. An idea formed in her head. “I’ve got one batshit insane idea if you want to hear it.”


 “Yes,” Cydney said excitedly, nodding.


 “Take my hand,” Zik suggested, wrapping her fingers around Cydney’s. “How about a little dance?” she offered. She held Cydney’s hand and started doing the tango, giving a tug on the leg holes with every step they took together. Zik and Cydney laughed the whole time, losing track of the time. After a while, it grew dark out, making them remember their surroundings. Zik had wrapped up the tango, giving one last pull from the front as a send off. Cydney let out a joyful gasp, her body shaking excitedly as she and Zik finished the dance. “That was fun,” Zik said with a laugh, pulling off her atomic and letting the fabric hang from the back of her shorts.


 Cydney nodded as she did the same to the front and the back of her underwear. She laughed as she stared at the front. “Kind of looks like a cooking apron,” she joked, proudly letting the cotton float in the air.


 “I really doubt you know how to cook,” Zik assumed.


 “I don’t,” Cydney admitted casually. She looked at the box of food standing by their feet. “Oh crap! I almost forgot about that!” she exclaimed, picking up the box. “Wanna split it?” she asked, breaking the burger in half.


 “No thanks, I already ate,” Zik replied, shaking her head.


 “Not for that,” Cydney replied, putting on a pouty face.


 “Another wedgie?” Zik asked.


 Cydney nodded. “It’s called a messy wedgie.”


 “Of course it is,” Zik muttered, taking half of the burger. “Would you like to do the honors?”



 “Only if you’ll do the same!” Cydney exclaimed, stretching her arm to grip the back of Zik’s waistband as Zik gripped the back of her waistband tightly. “One. Two. Three!” The duo tossed the burger into the back of their underwear, creating a grease-stained mess that was a delight for one and absolute horror for the other. “Ew! That feels nasty!” Cydney whined, shuddering in disgust as the messy fabric was yanked up her back.


 “This ain’t half bad,” Zik purred, her cheeks blushing as the chunks of burger, cheese, and bun stained her underwear. “Could you pull it over my head?”


 “Wait, you like this stuff?” Cydney asked, her eyes widened in surprise as she attempted not to remain strong in Zik’s presence.


 “I guess I do,” Zik said with a laugh. “Who’d have seen that coming?”


 Cydney burst into laughter with her. “Not me,” she admitted. “Although I think I found the wedgie I hate.”


 “That’s a shame,” Zik replied, now tugging on the back on her own waistband with Cydney. “Because I am loving this!”


 “How can you love messy wedgies?” Cydney asked, still laughing. “They feel awful!”


 “How can we both love wedgies?” Zik asked, tugging on her underwear and Cydney’s. “I don’t really question it. I just live it.”


 Cydney grinned. “I like that.”


 “Thanks,” Zik replied with a nod. “Now, if you could help me out...”


 Cydney nodded and gave a huge grin. “You got it!” She stretched her arm up Zik’s back, yanking the fabric up the Saiyan’s back.


 “Ooooh yeah,” Zik moaned, loving every moment of the material’s grip on her tightening. “A bit further.” Cydney nodded as she pulled the fabric up past Zik’s skull, the cotton gently rubbing against the Saiyan’s scalp to cause more purring. The material slinked down past her nose, continuing to stretch to her chin. “There,” she stated, moaning as the fabric passed the finish line, latching onto her chin and sending her neck back for a sensation that could only be described as painful bliss.


 “Glad to be of service,” Cydney replied, giving her a salute while trying to ignore the disgust she held for herself. Why can’t I like messy wedgies?! she whined to no one in particular. She let out one final sigh. Today has been too weird.

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