DBZ Wedgie Story - Videl vs Erasa

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Videl strolled down the school hallways with her best friend Erasa. School had ended and almost everyone had left the building already. It was only a few days before the World Martial Arts Tournament and Videl had to keep up her training. She had won the last tournament and she was certain would win this time around. She currently wore her normal attire: a white sleeveless loose shirt, a pink undershirt, black spandex shorts, black fingerless gloves, and yellow boots. She kept her black hair in a short cut, having trimmed it within the past few days. A scowl covered her lips. Her entire appearance screamed that she was ready to fight.


Erasa’s attire, on the other hand, said the opposite. She wore tight blue jeans, a lined green tube top tucked into her pants, yellow socks, and red shoes. Her short blonde hair covered her the right side of her head as she blew a few locks of hair out of her eyes. She was ready for whatever party came her way. “You ready for that big tournament?” Erasa asked her friend, holding her hands comfortably behind her head.


A grin popped onto Videl’s lips. “You bet I am,” she said, tightening her fists excitedly. “I can’t wait to win again!”


“Oh yeah!” Erasa remembered, placing a finger to her lips. “I kind of forgot you one the last one. That was the junior division, right?”


Videl groaned. “Erasa, that was all over the news. How could you forget?”


“Sorry,” Erasa said with a shrug. Videl walked slightly faster than her, remaining a few steps ahead of her. “Hey, look out!” Erasa shouted, noticing a wet puddle a few feet ahead of Videl’s shoes. The latter’s left foot stepped in the puddle, losing traction and contact with the ground. Videl slipped into the air and crashed face first into the ground.


“Ow,” she murmured, removing her face from the marble floor. She shook her head, shaking off the water dripping down her face.

“You okay?” Erasa asked.


“I will be,” Videl grumbled, clenching her fists. Damn it, she wanted to curse as she slammed her right fist into the ground.


Erasa’s eyes caught onto a fabric peeking between Videl’s white shirt and black pants. “Nice panties,” she said, snickering while noticing a white fabric appear.


Videl’s face reddened as she looked away from Erasa’s gazing eyes. “Shut up,” she grumbled, slowing picking herself up. She froze when she felt Erasa’s warm fingers wrap tightly around her waistband. “Don’t. You. Dare,” she said through gritted teeth. She felt a slight tug, shocking her bottom like a surprise needle injection. “Eep!” she yelped as her undergarments rocketed up her derrière. The cotton’s rough fabric scraped against the skin of her posterior, making her terrified eyes pop out. She clamped her teeth closed as she struggled to break free of Erasa’s grip. She did not want to give Erasa any further satisfaction as her tormentor committed her deed. Very rarely had Videl ever received a wedgie, but the pain from every occasion was beyond humiliating. The wedgie was unlike anything she had ever experienced. She had taken many blows during her life, but nothing compared to the mortification that came from a wedgie. The sensations of power she had accumulated over the years faded instantly whenever she faced the embarrassment of a wedgie. The fabric ran up her bottom, giving her the feeling that she was being split in half. The wedgie itself, while despicable, paled in comparison to the shame she felt for having let down her guard.


“Sorry, but you were kind of asking for a wedgie,” Erasa said with a snicker, tightening her grip on Videl’s undergarments. Her laughter continued as she took notice of the pattern adorning the fabric: teddy bears. “Seriously, Videl?” Erasa asked, continuing to laugh. “Why would you wear such dorky panties?”


“They’re not dorky,” Videl insisted angrily, only to be silenced by another yank. The fabric running up her back had made her jump to her feet, making it even easier for Erasa to give her a wedgie.


“Imagine if Gohan saw me like this,” Erasa thought humorously. “I don’t think I could live it down. He’s too cute!” she thought obliviously. “Maybe I can get him to go out with me sometime,” she murmured with a grin. “That would be awesome!”


Videl froze, slowly craning her head and locking eyes with Erasa. “What... did you just say?” she grunted, desperately attempting to not let the wedgie affect her ability to speak.


Erasa chuckled. “I’m thinking about asking Gohan out after the tournament. Knowing the kind of girl I am, he’ll definitely say yes!”


“You can’t ask him out!” Videl squeaked, blushing even more than she had been before.


Erasa raised a curious eyebrow. “What do you mean?”


“He... uh...” Videl stuttered as the adrenaline drained from her body. Just a moment ago, she had been willing to fight Erasa to the death for Gohan’s affection, but she could not explain why. “He... he’s... my... boyfriend...” she claimed, sweat dripping down her cheeks while her heart raced around in her chest.


“What?” Erasa asked, almost freezing up. “But... but... I thought you hated him,” she stumbled, barely able to comprehend her statement. “When did you two start...”


“Um... yesterday,” Videl grunted once more, hoping Erasa would keep buying this.


Tears dripped down Erasa’s face. “Why... would you do that?” she whimpered, feeling more pain than she had been dishing out. “I thought you knew I liked him,” she murmured, drying her eyes with her hands covered in fabric, oblivious to the fact that she had been using Videl’s underwear as a tissue.


“Gross!” Videl shouted. “Let me go!” she demanded. Although her body was still paralyzed by the pain, her embarrassment was on full display.


A terrible scowl appeared on Erasa’s face. “Why didn’t you tell me?!” she demanded, yanking Videl’s undergarments even higher.


“Eeek!” Videl squealed, her vocal pitch increasing by several decibels. “You didn’t ask!” she squeaked, although she felt guilty over making that statement. How did this escalate so quickly?! she wanted to scream, but she bit her tongue instead.


“If you love him so much, then maybe you can wait for him to rescue you,” Erasa said bitterly, walking over to her locker that she had left open. She dragged Videl by her waistband, annoying the fighter even more.


“Let me go!” Videl demanded through gritted teeth. She despised the fact that wedgies caused all of her power to leak from her body. The absolute embarrassment and sheer dread she currently endured was enough to make her faint. Unfortunately, she would remain conscious during this whole endeavor.


“Up we go!” Erasa said angrily, hoisting Videl into the air.


“Ack!” Videl shrieked, the lack of space between the fabric and her bottom decreasing faster with each passing second. Erasa latched her waistband onto the hook inside her own locker before finally slamming the door shut. “Eep!” Videl yelped, watching her feet dangle helplessly in the air. She held her hands over her lap, burning intensely from the stabbing pain.


“Later,” Erasa snapped, walking away in a huff. She exited through the front door, leaving Videl to her tormented thoughts. Was I too harsh? Erasa pondered as she continued to depart from the premises.


“Why?!” Videl squeaked, slinking so close to the ground. Her feet were inches away from the ground, but just barely missed contact. I’m so going to regret this, but I have to try, she thought desperately. She thrusted her hips up and down, painfully bouncing herself in the attempt to separate herself from the locker. While her entire body felt numb, she knew that she had to keep going. She craned her head back, noticing that she had not made any dent in the fabric. She let out a massive groan. How could this happen? I’m the daughter of Mr. Satan! She stopped bouncing, conceding defeat. There, she hung for at least an hour, floating motionlessly. Why do I have to be the last person who got out of school? Aren’t there janitors around or something?! She shamefully hung her head, hoping she could fall asleep to make the pain stop.


Her eyes snapped open upon hearing a familiar voice. “Videl! What happened to you?” a familiar someone asked in a concerned tone. A figure in a purple gi approached her.

“Gohan?!” Videl yelled, shrinking immediately upon seeing his equally red face. She hid her face behind her shaking fists, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. “Why are you here?”


“I was training and I remember I left my books in my locker,” Gohan said before taking notice of the pattern printed onto her undergarments. “Oh, hey. You like teddy bears too?”


“Maybe,” Videl muttered, still hiding her face. She had gotten the pair after learning about Gohan’s style. For reasons she could not answer, she wanted to identify and match with Gohan. Although she was not dating him, the pair made her feel closer to him. “Can you please get me down?” she pleaded, revealing her embarrassed face to him.


“Sure!” Gohan said with a quick nod. “But... I don’t want to break the locker...”


Videl groaned. “Then just pull me down!” she demanded, throwing her arms into the air.


“Won’t that rip-”


“I don’t care!” Videl shouted. “I just want to get down!”


Gohan let out a sigh. “Okay...” he murmured, gripping her feet. In a single pulled, Videl separated from the locker and the bond was broken. Her undergarments, however, remained hanging lifelessly from the locker. Videl landed on her feet and let out a sigh of relief. “Thank Kami!” she exclaimed, rubbing her sore posterior.


“Who did this to you?” Gohan asked.


“Erasa,” Videl said bitterly.


“Doesn’t she sit next to me in class?” Gohan questioned, rubbing his chin while attempting to remember. “Why would she do that?”


“I lied about us dating and she got jealous,” Videl said bitterly, crossing her arms.


Gohan raised an eyebrow. “Why would you say we’re dating?”


“I don’t know!” Videl exclaimed. “Maybe I like you a bit, okay?”


Gohan’s blushing turned into an even brighter shade of red. “Videl... I...”


“Let’s talk about this after the tournament,” Videl demanded, looking away from him. “She made me feel... so... powerless.” Her fingers tightened into her palm, her nails drawing blood as she formed fists. She spun around and stared into Gohan’s eyes. “Hey, can you do me a favor?”


“What is it?” Gohan asked.


“I need your help to get payback!” Videl stated with a devious grin on her face.


“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” Gohan questioned. “I don’t want to get in trouble with the school...”

“Just this once, please,” Videl pleaded.


Gohan paused to contemplate his options. While he could always help out Videl, he had no idea how this could affect his permanent record. “You promise I won’t get in trouble?” he asked.


Videl nodded as she picked out the fabric stuck in her bottom. “I promise,” she assured him. “Now, let’s make that plan!”



Erasa read the note attached to her locker in the beginning of the morning. She always showed up before anyone else in the school, so she was the first to notice the torn fabric hanging from her locker. I guess Gohan got Videl down, she assumed. She felt somewhat remorseful about the brutality she had unleashed upon Videl yesterday. “‘Dear Erasa,’” she read excitedly, recognizing the handwriting. “‘I want to talk to you. Videl is too weak for me and I desperately need a lover who’s strong like you,’” Erasa whispered, nearly panting for breath. “‘Meet me after class today and I’ll show you a nice surprise at your locker.’”


Erasa’s lips curved upward in a heartbeat. “You got it!” she exclaimed, holding the hand-written note warmly against her chest. “I’ll be there!” She collected the torn undergarments adorning her locker and tossed them into the trash before heading into class. For the rest of the day, she sat in class shaking in anticipation for the big surprise. She sat extra close to Gohan, discomforting him immensely, although she was too enamoured to see that. Videl was mysteriously absent during the day, making Erasa feel worse about herself. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that, she admitted to herself as she wrote down the answer to a math problem. I really overreacted.


After school had ended, she returned to her locker in anticipation. “Where is he?” she wondered aloud.

A demonic voice whispered into her ear. “He’s not coming...”


A shiver was sent down her spine. “V-Videl?” she asked through chattering teeth. She cursed herself for leaving her pink waistband exposed from her jeans. She had hoped it would entice Gohan, but he did not seem to notice. She felt Videl’s cold fingers clamp down their grip on her frilly waistband. “What... are you-ACK!”

Videl reached for the sky, hoisting Erasa into the air. Erasa’s feet dangled into the air, hanging motionlessly as Erasa screamed. Unfortunately for her, everyone had already left school for the day. She and Videl were the only ones left. “I forgot how light you are,” Videl murmured, noticing how easily she was holding Erasa in the air. “And really? Orange stars?” she said with a chuckle, thinking about the connection between the pattern and their school name.


“Shut up!” Erasa exclaimed as the color of her face evaporated into a crimson red. The fabric tightly ran up against her skin. Her bottom was slowly turning to mush as the cotton tore her a new one. “Videl!” she squeaked. “I’m sorry about yesterday! I overreacted!”


“You think?” Videl snapped. “You left me to hang for at least an hour! Do you have any idea how painful that was?”


“I think I have a clue...” Erasa whimpered, losing all sense of feeling in her derrière. Videl slowly lowered Erasa, allowing her numb feet to reconnect with the ground. “Thank-EEP!” Videl, using Erasa’s own undergarments, provided an uppercut that make her squeal.


“You know what they say,” Videl joked. “Reach for the stars.”


The fabric had made its way up to her nape and rubbed up against the tips of her hair. Videl triumphantly mounted the waistband past Erasa’s scalp, making her shake even more. She could hear tears ripping loudly into the fabric. “Please stop... this is my favorite pair...” she pleaded, hoping to salvage what bits of her undergarments she could. “I’m sorry, okay? Can we please talk this over?”


“In a minute,” Videl replied bitterly, watching with a devilish smile as the final act was instated. The frilly waistband crawled past Erasa’s eyebrows, blanketing her vision and entrapping her in a pink and orange prison. The job was finished when the waistband latched onto her nostrils, forcing her to bend her neck backwards. She struggled to stand with all the pressure put onto her.

“Videl! This wedgie stinks!” she whined, forced to endure the tortuous fumes of her own rear.


“That’s kind of the point,” Videl said with a snicker. Although she hated to admit it, nothing felt better to her than this vengeance she had exacted against Erasa. She tugged on the stretched out leg holes, chuckling as she watched them tear even more. She gripped the leg holes one more time and gave her strongest pull yet, splitting the fabric completely in half. Erasa’s neck returned to its normal position, allowing her to yank off her remaining undergarments. She snatched the other pieces from Videl’s fingers and began to sob.


“You didn’t have to rip them,” she whimpered, drying her tears with her knuckles.

Videl let out a sigh. She almost felt guilty for what she did. Are we seriously giving each other wedgies over one guy? she asked herself. “Erasa... I lied.”


Erasa raised an eyebrow. “What do you mean?”


“I’m not dating Gohan,” Videl admitted reluctantly, rubbing her elbows anxiously. “I just said that so I can ask him out. He found me hanging yesterday and helped me down. I asked him to write the note, which he only did because we’re friends.”


Erasa let out a deep breath. “I’m sorry I overreacted,” she apologized. While she wanted to be mad at Gohan for tricking her, she could understand him wanting to help a friend in need. “I just really wanted to go out with Gohan. I got so mad and... well, you know,” she said with a nervous smile. “Can we still be friends?”


“Only if there are no more wedgies,” Videl demanded, crossing her arms.


Erasa nodded, putting the torn undergarments away into her pocket. “No more,” she promised, holding out her left hand. Videl took the offer, shaking hands with her. “So... what are we going to do about Gohan?”


“Let’s focus on that after the tournament,” Videl suggested. “I’ve still got to win that thing,” she said excitedly, clamping her fingers down into fists.


“I’ll be rooting for you,” Erasa offered. “Hopefully nobody gives you a wedgie in the tournament.”


A faint smile formed on Videl’s lips. Although the last day had been excruciatingly painful, she felt like things were going to be alright. She had her friend back and she still had a chance with Gohan. “Let’s hope so.”

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