Android 21 Wedgie Story - Reflection

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The good version of Android 21 wrapped her arms around Android 18, surprising the latter. “Thank you 18,” she whispered into the blonde android’s ear.


“S-sure,” 18 murmured, slowly embracing the other android.


“You’ve shown me what it’s like to have a family,” 21 murmured as she let go of 18. “To know what... life looks like. To feel it. That means a lot to me.” Tear drops rained down her cheeks, prompting her to slowly wipe them away one at a time. “Goodbye.” She soared away, rocketing towards her evil counterpart.


“Wait!” 18 shouted, holding her left arm out. The shout was futile, however, as 21 continued on her trajectory. 21 wrapped her arms around her evil counterpart, leaving the duo to their fates. The blue and white sphere of energy that was the Spirit Bomb consumed them both. Her life flashed before her eyes, revealing to herself memories she had long since forgotten. She saw herself on her wedding day, when she was still human. She wore an illustrious white dress with a veil that covered her nervous face. The handsome, albeit balding, man standing by her side wore a brown suit and matching pants. The ring slid snugly onto her finger, making her the happiest she had ever been.


A new memory popped into her mind. She lay in a hospital bed, having experienced hours of excruciating pain. In her arms rested a young, sleeping infant. The child had a peaceful look to him. She hoped for great things with this child, but now she knew better. A new memory flashed before her eyes. She found herself weeping, in pitch black attire, in front of a gravestone at night. Her only son had been taken from her, and she had no knowledge on how to bring him back. She shut her eyes and reopened them one more time to see another flashback. Wires were attached to her body as she had become chained to an iron table. She constantly faded between consciousness and the lack of it. When she had woken up, she found herself having pink skin and snow white hair. Her body would constantly switch between her Majin and human appearance while a deceptive voice whispered poisonous words into her ears every five minutes. This voice sounded exactly like hers, only corrupted. Finally, she saw one last memory. She had wrapped her arms around an android whose face looked identical to her son’s. Much like present time, tears dripped down her cheeks as she silently wept in joy. So this is what it feels like, she realized as she closed her eyes. A faint smile curled onto her lips as she embraced the cold depths of the other side. She was finally free.



21’s eyes snapped open. “Where... am I?” she pondered. A moment ago, nothing but darkness blanketed her vision and her entire being. She looked down at her hands, which had now returned to her human appearance. In this form, she possessed long bushy auburn hair along with a tall and curvaceous figure. A gold ring adorned her left middle finger, reminding her of the best night of her life. On that night, she had not yet realized the monster that her husband would become. She wore a pair of gold hoop earrings, black rimmed glasses, a sleeveless, blue and red short dress with opaque black tights, black arm sleeves as well as blue and red heel boots. Finally, a wispy, golden halo floated above her head.


“Same place as me,” a voice identical to her own grumbled. “Unfortunately.”


21 looked to her left and found her evil doppelganger standing angrily with her arms crossed. 21 stared into her blaring red eyes, almost surprised by how much they looked alike and yet could be so different. The black sclera of her other self was like an endless abyss, showing 21 just far into the darkness she could have fallen if she had given into the pain. Her counterpart no longer possessed the purple skin with dark spots she had in their final battle. Instead, she had resumed her initial, inverted appearance: pink skin, pointed ears, and white hair. Her clothing resembled that of Majin Buu, albeit with its own differences. She wore a black tube top and matching arm sleeves, white baggy pants, a pointed tail, golden rings around her wrists and a matching belt. Much like 21, the evil counterpart had a glowing halo floating above her head.


“I’m just doing some paperwork for you two,” a loud, booming voice explained. 21 looked up to a red ogre sitting behind a massive wooden desk. The ogre wore a grey suit and matching helmet that contained a horn on each side of his head. An enormous beard covered his face, with hairs larger than the average person. On his desk rested a checklist containing several names that he was going over. “You know, it’s funny. I don’t normally have to deal with two of the same person,” he said with a hearty chuckle.


“And who are you?” 21 questioned, holding her hands together behind her back. “I’ve never been here before. It’s a bit confusing.”


“I’m King Yemma,” the ogre stated, his voice’s echo causing the ground to shake. 21 and her counterpart wobbled, struggling to stay on their feet. “And this is my office. I’m just deciding whether to send you to Heaven or Hell.” He  pointed his pencil in the direction of 21 and proceeded to speak. “You’re actually pretty good. Goku wants to see you reincarnated,” he explained. “It’s up to you, though.”


A thought burst into 21’s head, making her shout her immediate reaction. “Is my son in Heaven?”


Yemma looked through his checklist, taking several minutes to search for the name. 21’s counterpart let out a yawn, vexing the ogre. “Hey, give me a few minutes, okay?” he demanded. “I hold all the power here. You have to listen to me,” he said sternly.


“Fine,” 21’s doppelganger replied in a huff. The only reason she continued to listen was because she felt that all of her power had gone missing. She and her good version had become significantly weaker, allowing Yemma to control their fates.


“Ah, there he is,” Yemma murmured, finding the name. “Yes, he’s there. Barely made it in. It seems he was one of the few good members of the Red Ribbon Army.”


“Then send me to Heaven!” 21 exclaimed excitedly, barely able to contain herself. “I don’t care about reincarnating! I just want to see my son!”


“Boy, aren’t you eager?” Yemma observed. His eyes then focused on 21’s evil counterpart. “Are you ready to go to Hell?”


21’s doppelganger raised an eyebrow. “What, I can’t repent?” she asked with a snicker.


“It wouldn’t do you any good,” Yemma replied nonchalantly. “Repentance has to be genuine.”


The evil android gave a shrug. “Whatever. Hell is a good place to find a sauna,” she said without a care in the world.


“Well, you can hi to Freeza and Cell when you get there,” Yemma replied before standing up from his desk. “I need to take a quick bathroom break. I’ll be right back,” he said as he started jogging to his left, entering another room and leaving the two ladies by themselves.


21 felt something smack her in the head, causing her to collapse. “Ow,” she murmured, rubbing her sore head.


“I’ve been waiting to do that,” her evil self said before bursting out into laughter. “That’s for screwing up my plans.”


“Why are you like this?” 21 asked, not feeling the pain go away.


“It’s fun,” her evil self replied. “And I like seeing you squirm.” She drove her fist into 21’s cranium and spun it around like a drill.


“Ah!” 21 screamed, incredulous that she was experiencing a schoolyard prank. “A noogie? Really?” she asked, continuing to be at her evil self’s mercy.


“If you want, I can change it up,” the doppelganger stated, letting go of her hair. She grabbed 21’s left arm and began twist it numerous times, leaving a burning sensation in 21’s arm.


“You just really enjoy being a bully, don’t you?” 21 spat angrily. “What’s next? Are you going to give me a wedgie or something?”


“Actually, that’s not a bad idea,” her evil self admitted as a devious grin curled onto her lips. She slashed her claws at the back of 21’s dress, exposing a hole that revealed a plain white fabric.


“No, wait!” 21 shouted, realizing her mistake. “I was just kidding!”


“I wasn’t,” her doppelganger replied with a sly grin, gripping her waistband with both hands. With a single heave, she caused 21 to let out a yelp loud to break glass. The fabric stretched surprisingly easily, already reaching its way up to 21’s neck.


“Eeep!” 21 shouted, feeling the fabric slash its way through her skin. Its tight grip grew even worse as her counterpart decided to bounce her, giggling as 21 smacked against the ground each time. “Ugggh,” 21 mumbled, trying to regain her footing.


“This is just too easy,” her evil self said between chuckles. “I can’t believe another version of myself could be such a nerd.”


21 gritted her teeth, struggling to comprehend what was happening. I should have kept my mouth shut, she murmured inside her thoughts. “Ack!” she shrieked, having been bounced again.


“Let’s wrap this up,” the demon stated confidently. She pulled the fabric over 21’s head, crawling past her scalp effortlessly. She gave a few more tugs, her grin growing even wider as she noticed holes in the fabric forming, the material turning into strings the more it stretched. “That’s much better. I was wondering when it was going to rip,” the demon observed.


“I hate you,” 21 grumbled. Now that she could remember her entire life, she could remember all the wedgies she had gotten over the years. From school all the way to her becoming a scientist, wedgies followed wherever she went. She could remember one time finding herself hanging on a hook thanks to her lab partner being in the mood for a prank. Her lab partner had done the same trick as her evil counterpart did, only using a corrosive substance instead to reveal her undergarments. The fabric she once took comfort in would become her own greatest enemy, leaving her hanging for several agonizing hours. It was only when had the leg holes snapped did she free herself. She had fallen to the ground, causing her glasses to break when she hit the ground face first. She had to go buy a new pair, which was the prescription she wore currently. In present time, she let out a frustrated sigh. Although she hated to admit it, she was indeed a nerd.


“Eh, I get that a lot,” her evil self admitted with a shrug. “Now let’s finish this.” The fabric slithered past 21’s hair, sending her into a panic attack as the waistband inched closer to her eyebrows. As this was happening, her evil counterpart was simply laughing at her misery. The waistband latched onto her eyebrows, securing the torment. “One atomic wedgie à la carte,” the monster exclaimed proudly.


“Ugh... not again,” 21 whimpered, recalling yet another memory. Her lab partner had decided to pull another prank on her. 21 had been wearing a black suit and matching pants along with a white undershirt, trying on a different attire for once. Right before her big award ceremony to receive the medal for her advancements in science, her lab partner had yanked her white undergarments over her face, blinding her and trapping her in a dome of toxic odors. She had never been so embarrassed, especially in front of a group of people. It did not help matters that she had no one to comfort her that day. Although her lab partner had been fired, that memory was etched into her brain. Even when she had lost her memories after becoming an android, that feeling of embarrassment lingered within her consciousness.


“Again?” the demon spoke curiously. “You mean you finally remember your life as a human? That’s great. I’m going to help you relive the best parts,” she said, attempting to not break down into laughter.


“No more,” 21 whispered.


The demon raised an eyebrow. “What was that?” she questioned, placing a hand to her left ear. “I couldn’t quite hear you.” Before the demon could properly react, 21’s knuckles slammed into her left cheek, leaving a stain of blood on her knuckles and knocking a few teeth out of the monster’s mouth. Much to her annoyance, her atomic wedgie stayed in place. She felt like her bottom was dancing on coal by keeping the wedgie attached. She could not focus on that now, however. The demon and fallen onto her stomach and now was her only chance. She took notice of a black fabric peeking out of the demon’s pants. She wrapped her fingers around the waistband and hoisted the fabric into the air. “Ack!” her doppelganger screamed, clamping her eyes shut in the hopes of blocking out the pain. Unfortunately for her, the fabric ran through her bottom like a saw. Her undergarments felt like sandpaper rubbing against her skin, making the pain all the more agonizing.


“How’s it feel?!” 21 shouted, tugging even harder and reveling in the demon’s screams. “It’s not so funny when it happens to you, is it?!”


“Eek!” her evil self shouted, her face contorting in a new direction with each tug. “Let go!”


21 ignored her commands, taking great pleasure in ripping holes in the fabric. The tears echoing throughout 21’s ears, putting a smile on her face. “You can’t bully people and expect others to just take it!!” 21 exclaimed, watching the fabric come apart at the seams. At this rate, the fabric was coming undone faster than a ball of yarn. 21 yanked the fabric past her evil self’s neck, letting it crawl past her cranium. The material stretched over her forehead, inching ever closer to her eyes. The fabric leapt past her eye, blanketing her eyes. The journey finally concluded when the waistband latched onto her nose, forcing her neck to strain back. The pungent odor that was her rear connected with her nostrils, making her want to gag.


“You brat!” the doppelganger screamed, her peace of mind poisoned by the agony of the smell.


21 gripped her evil self by the leg holes, lifting her up to her feet. “We’re not done yet,” she stated, continuing to yank her evil self’s undergarments. She let out a mighty roar as she ripping the material in half, bursting into victorious laughter. She watched gleefully as the fabric that had been torn to ribbons fall to the ground. 21 wrapped her left arm around her doppeleganger’s neck and drilled her fist into her cranium. “Who’s the nerd now?!” she shouted into the demon’s ear.


“Ugggh,” her evil self grumbled. Her face and cranium was still masked by the black fabric she once called underwear.


“What are you two doing?!” Yemma’s voice echoed through the building, startling the both of them. “I’m gone for a few minutes and you two and start acting like idiots.


“Uh, I can explain,” 21 murmured,  releasing her grip on her evil counterpart.


“Why do you two have your underwear attached to your head?” Yemma asked, beyond perplexed by the current circumstances.


“It’s quite simple,” the evil android stated, pulling the fabric off her head and letting it drop to the ground. She pointed an angry finger in 21’s face. “She went crazy and attacked me! It was such a travesty!” she said melodramatically.


“What?!” 21 shouted upon pulling the cotton off her head. She stuffed her undergarments back into her dress and hid the hole with the parts of her lab coat that had not been torn apart from the demon’s attack. “You attacked me first! I was only getting even!”


Yemma stared into 21’s eyes, studying her facial expression for any doubt in her face. “I believe you,” he stated, allowing a sigh of relief from 21. He turned his focus to the Majin. “As for you, have fun in hell,” he said with a wave.


The Majin’s eyes widened in terror as she felt her body phase in and out of existence. “Fu-” she began to say before disappearing completely.


21 watched in disbelief as her evil counterpart had dissipated from the room. “She’s... gone,” she murmured, bringing a faint smile to her face. “It’s finally over.”


“You ready to see your son?” Yemma questioned, sitting back down in his desk.


A few tear drops streamed down her cheeks as she struggled to maintain her composure. She wiped away the tears, completely ready to begin her new life. She had made many friends over the course of her journey, but now she just wanted to relax. She placed her hands over her heart, feeling it beat excitedly in anticipation. Seeing her son once more felt like a dream come true. “Yes, I am.”

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