Onii-Chan Loves Us!

BY : Chozin_Yi
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The Aoi household was pretty quiet today. Chiharu had to leave to pick up ingredients for the bakery, so she trusted her oldest son Valt to watch over his little brother and sister.

Although the fact that things were quiet was something that Toko and Nika both found strange. Usually Valt would be loudly practicing his Beyblade skills, but hardly a sound can be heard from his room.

The twins, concerned about their big brother, tip toe over to his room where they peep in through the crack in the door. To their surprise, they see what seems to be Valt lying on his bed and pulling something in his pants.

Unsure as to what he was doing, and not knowing that he was doing something that was supposed to be private, they walk in.

"Onii-Chan, what are you doing?" They both say.

Hurriedly yanking his hand out of his pants, Valt sits up and stares at his little brother and sister.

"What are YOU doing!? I was doing something private!" He said firmly.

Nika backed up a little embarrassed, now sure she and her brother were in trouble.

"Sorry Onii-Chan, we didn't know..." She said softly.

Toko though, was more curious about what was so private about what Valt was doing.

"What was so private Onii-Chan?" He asked.

Valt looked at them both. The honest truth was that he was touching himself thinking about them. Valt didn't know why, but he always found his younger siblings arousing. Right now, he was horny, mom was out, and both Toko and Nika were right there with him. It was too perfect.

"Okay, I'll tell you. If you both get naked." He tells them.

"Really??" They both say, faces red, but yet curious. Toko's never seen a girl naked, and Nika has never seen a boy nude before either. Their curiosity was overruling their embarrassment.

"Yes, really." Valt affirms.

They look at each other, giving the other a cheeky smile before beginning to strip right there in their big brother's room.

They threw off their shirts, showing off their torsos, Toko's young boyish chest, and Nika's flat and smooth chest dotted with cute pink nipples. Next came off their socks, followed by Toko's shorts and Nika's dress, leaving them in their underwear. Finally, their underwear was pulled down and kicked away, leaving them both naked.

They took a moment to check each other out, but were most surprised by what they had between their legs.

"Wow Nika, you have nothing there!" Toko said, taking in the view of her smooth, hairless pussy.

"That looks so cool Toko! What do you call that thing?" She asked, curious about the little worm between his legs, bald as a baby.

"It's my peenie." He says.

It was at this point while Valt took in the view of his naked siblings and grew very hard in his pants, Toko's little soldier began to stiffen and stand erect.

"Wha-What's happening to it!?" Toko said in worry, covering his groin with his hands.

"It's okay Toko! That's supposed to happen!" Valt said hurriedly, hoping to calm him down. "See, look!"

Valt then began stripping and joined the twins in delicious nakedness, his own hairless pecker jutting out from his body.

"See? That's supposed to happen. It means you're excited." He tells them, both kids being amazed at their older brother's penis.

"So what do we do now?" Nika wondered.

"Now we are gonna play a secret game, so you can't tell mom about it. It's called sex." Valt explained.

"Sex?" They both said.

"Yup. Nika, I want you to lie on my bed, like this." Valt had Nika lie down on the bed with her legs dangling off the edge and then him spreading her legs, giving him and Toko and good view of her puss puss.

Valt then leaned down and began to lick all over her pussy, much to her surprise.

"Wowie!" She said, Toko intrigued by what he's seeing and playing with himself.

Valt continued to taste her delicious pussy, Nika moaning lovingly and kicking her leg every time his tongue reached an area she liked.

"Oh Onii-Chan! Yes! Lick my private!" She coos.

After giving her a few more licks and sucks Valt stands back up as Nika leans up.

"Wow, Onii-Chan can girl do that to a boy?" Nika asked.

"Uh huh. She can take his thing in her mouth and suck on it. It's called a blowjob." Valt replied, Nika sporting a wide grin.

Ever since she was a baby, Nika had an oral fixation. She always sucked on her thumb from infancy to when she was a toddler. Nowadays, she didn't do it nearly as much, but sometimes when she was bored, she would find something to suck on.

"Well Toko, do you want Nika to give you a blowjob?" Valt asked.

"Oh yes Nii-Chan! Yes! Yes!" Toko replied excitedly.

"Okay you two, switch!"

Nika got off the bed as Toko took her place, lying on his back and spreading his legs to give her access to his peter. Valt found himself getting very turned on seeing his little brother naked on his back with his legs spread.

"Okay Nika, you know what to do!" He encouraged.

Nika got on her knees and without missing a beat, she took his thing into her mouth and sucked on it.

"Ah!" Toko moaned, loving the wet feeling on his peenie.

"Well Toko, does it feel good?" Valt asked, already knowing the answer.

Toko just grinned and nodded his head rapidly, watching in amazement as he enjoyed his first ever blowjob.

Valt stroked himself as he took in the view. He even considered telling Nika to let him have a turn with his brother.

Nika was enamored with feeling his hard pecker in her mouth, she loved how hard and fleshy it was. She bobbed her head more and more and licked all over his thingy as Toko moaned happily.

As much as Valt liked what he was seeing, he wanted Toko to have his first orgasm inside her pussy.

"Okay guys, there's something even better you get to do." Valt said, much to their surprise.

"Even better!?" They both said. What could possibly be better?

"Yup, Nika climb onto the bed and lie down. Toko, you lie on top of her while she hugs you." Valt explained.

The twins did so and Nika layed on her back as Toko climbed over her as she hugged him, even feeling his boner rubbing her inner thigh.

"Now Toko, take your thing and push into hers." Valt said, excited and almost breathless.

"It's going in!" She said in surprise, feeling his hard cock sliding inside her.

"Oh wow!" Toko cried, loving the feeling of her warm insides tugging on his length.

"Now you push in and out." Valt told them, his cock was so hard, it was oozing pre cum all over the bed.

With that, Toko began to hump his twin sister, and Nika wrapped her legs around him in joy. Both youngsters were enthralled by the feeling of intercourse and couldn't get enough. Feeling their naked bodies numb and grind in this erotic rhythm felt so amazing.

"Yes! Oh yes! More Toko! I love it!" Nika moaned.

"Me too Nika! My pee pee feels so good!" He cried.

Valt watched with envy, stroking his cock as he watched his little siblings have at it.

Soon though, both of them felt something building in their bodies.

"Mmm! Mmm! Mmmmm! Ahhhhhhhh!!!" Nika cried as her came for the first time in her life, Toko groaning as his thingy twitched inside her and she peppered his face with kisses.

Seeing them cum was too much, and Valt came all over Toko's back as he cried out in pleasure.

"Onii-Chan, did you pee on me?" Toko asked.

"Haaahhh, sorry Toko. Watching you two was so hot, I couldn't hold it." Valt said as he grabbed a bunch of tissues.

He explained to them that only big boys squirt like that when they get the good feeling, both of them nodding in understanding.

"Well Nika? Want a turn with me?" He asked.

"Oh yeah Onii-Chan!"

Valt lied down an had Nika straddle him before sinking down on his member, the pink haired girl moaning at how much bigger he was than Toko.

Now nice and comfy, Nika began to ride her big brother, Valt moaning happily as he played with her butt. Toko watched in fascination as Nii-Chan's penis went in and out of Nika. The girl in question bounced in her seat more and more, loving how much Valt's dick filled her up.

This game was so fun!

After a few minutes of incestual cowgirl, Valt moaned as his seed filled up his sister, Nika cuming as the hot liquid stimulated her vagina.

After she climbed off, Toko asked a big question.

"Nii-Chan, can WE have sex?"

Once Toko asked that, Valt grew hard again instantly.

"Of course Toko!"

With that, he stood on his knees and told Toko to suck him. While hesitant at first, Toko worked up the courage and took his Nii-Chan's penis into his mouth. Valt moaned as Nika clapped for them, Toko bobbing his head gently. Valt took time to pet his brother's head and run his fingers through his hair as he sucked away. Just as he felt a warmth pooling in his lower body, he told Toko to stop on get on his hands and knees.

As he did so, Toko watched as Valt opened a drawer and took out some lotion. Getting his dick nice and slick, he climbed up behind his little brother and eased into his sphincter.

"Oooooh! Nii-Chan! I feel so full!" Toko groaned loudly, Valt steadily humping his ass.

"You're so tight Toko!" Valt groaned too.

Nika watched as Onii-Chan sodemised her twin brother. Looking down, she saw his hard thingy bouncing with every thrust Valt made into his bum.

Getting an idea, she crawled under him and took Toko's penis into her mouth. Toko moaned loudly as he was pleasured from both ends, his young body so overwhelmed that he started crying tears of pleasure.

"N-Nika! S-Suck it! Suck it!" He sobbed.

At last, Toko cried as he came, his like weenie twitching in Nika's mouth and his anus grasping tightly on Valt's dick, making the older boy erupt and fill him up.

After they were done, Valt felt ready for one more round as Toko lied down to recover from the amazing sex.

"Nii-Chan! Can I have it in my butt too?" Nika asked eagerly.

"Of course little sis." He replied.

Having Nika lie on her right side, Valt scooted behind her and shoved himself into her backdoor, Nika moaned in happiness. Holding her leg up, Valt humped into her with as much effort as he could. Getting back up, Toko looked over to see Nika getting fucked up the ass, and her pussy was out in the open.

Peenie growing hard again, Toko crawled over and layed down in front of her, hugging his twin sister as he thrust into her love tunnel.

Nika was overjoyed as both her brothers fucked her, a penis in her pussy, and one in her butt. Sex truly was the best game ever!

Once Valt felt his balls aching, he knew it was time. Pulling out, he kneeled over the twins as they continued to bump and grind, stroking himself closer and closer to climax.

"Look over here!" He said.

Toko and Nika looked over just in time to see Valt cum one last time spray his semen all over them, both twins laughing as they were sprayed before cuming themselves.

With all three of them spent, Valt suggested they all take a bath before mom came home.

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