Videl Marriage Blues

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Finally her dream day was here and Videl couldn't be happier she was dressed in a modern bride style with a mini skirt bride dress and she looked beautiful.

Finally she was delivered to marrying gohan the man she loved but despite loving him she was regreting the wedding maybe it was too fast,but she wanted to marry him since he was handsome,nice and one of the strongest men on earth and she loved him.

Time passed in a blink of an eye Gohan was busy studying to be a professor sadly due to studying all the time he didn't have for Videl and ended neglecting her.

Videl passed most of the time alone and cried a lot because of gohan neglecting her yet Gohan never noticed anything about her,their relationship seemed to have ended as fast as it started yet she wasn't satisfied the sex wasn't satisfying since Gohan was too small for an adult his penis was more like that of a little boy in full erection and far too small when normal "Maybe is something from saiyans" videl thought

Despite being alone all day in the middle of nowhere she could go to any place thanks to the flying technique but she wanted to be of support to Gohan so he can be a professor even if it means neglecting her with occasional sex which just increased Videl sexual frustration.

As she was relaxing one day she started to watch some sport magazines her frustration was on the limits she kept watching the muscular macho men and started to masturbate on her living room,she kept masturbating for a while but it wasn't enough "Why this is happening to me?" wondered Videl as she kept masturbating "In the past I never suffered like this" she said just like that a hint came to her mind.
"The past? What was different between my married life and the past" said videl stopping her masturbation at once "Is not like Gohan size changed it has been the same all the time" said videl walking around while she went to take a bath,as she was relaxing on her bath she remembered "Maybe the reason I feel frutrated is because in the past I made lot of training so maybe physical training will reduce my sexual frustration" said videl.

Days went by but Videl wasn't sure about training so she waited since it was the sex day the day gohan wouldn't neglect her and will have sex,sadly as time passed there were no signs of Gohan showing up,Videl waited some time and when she saw the clock it was already 11PM just at that momment Gohan showed up but sadly he was really tired so nothing happened between him and Videl which increased videl sexual frustration.

Videl went to take a bath while gohan went to sleep as she was deep in her thougths "This is going to end up ruining our marriage so I have to do something,at the next day she prepared the breakfast and woke up Gohan to eat as soon as he started eating videl started to talk to him in a serious tone and said "Gohan starting tommorrow I will go each day to train to my dad Gym" gohan swallowed the food he had on his mouth and just said "If you want to train just do it,is not like you are leaving forever" in a relaxed tone without caring which just made Videl angry so she didn't talk to him for the rest of the day.

The next morning still mad at gohan Videl went to her dad Gym in satan city to train herself "Wow it is bigger then what I remember" said videl as she entered the Gym,there wasn't even a single woman in sight just big black muscular guys in really tight suits,Videl aproached one of them and said "I came here to train myself" and started to see the men in front of her he was taller then gohan not only that his dick seemed big but she thought (there is no way that thing is real,but again my only references are gohan and the kids),the man just smiled at her and said "It will be a pleasure to help Videl-sama on her training" to which she just answered "i'm in your hands"

The man and videl walked by and started training,most of her training was lifting weights and using machines with occasional massage by the big black man,Videll felt delighted by that his hands were firm and he knew what he was doing but Videl wasn't bothered at all by that,as her day of training ended she left the gym and went to her home thinking "Is the first time in a while since I felt so alive,training is really good and his hand made feel really good"

As days went by and she kept her training she started noticing she was getting addicted to feeling the other men hands while they massaged her,gohan didn't mind her wife training on her own and just supported her since he had more time to concentrate studying and Videl looked more happy since she started her not only that he didn't have to try to get sex with her since she didn't brought the theme of sex during the 3 weeks she was training on the Gym.

As a new week of training was starting Videl was feeling more bold,attractive,invigorated and wanted to show off her body to her training partners as she wanted to changed her training clothes,normally on her training sessions she was wearing a long lose t-shirt and lose pants,but she wanted to show how she felt so went to a nearby store and bought some really tight black short spats with a white elastic belt and a tight black sports tank top with a white stripe under the chest "This is it,is quite easy to move (and maybe I will feel more of their hands) I don't show think I should show more skin than this" said videl while going to the cashier to pay for the clothes she bought.

As she arrived to the Gym all the men were impressed she looked more attractive and sexy then what she looked before,the tight clothes didn't leave any detail to the imagination Videl perfect round ass,Videl perfect thights,Videl panties lines,Videl small tits that due to the attention she grabbed started to get perky,as Videl saw the attention the only thought that came to her mind was "Maybe it wasn't a good idea,or maybe I'm overthinking this" while she was calm several of the men just rushed to the toilets to masturbate after seeing such a hot woman while others rushed to the shower to take a good cold shower to refresh their minds.

Videl started warming up her body but due to low movement since most of her training was for strength her body was kinda stiff "Could some of you help me stretching" said Videl,one of the men that ran to the toilet aproached her to help her,he got really close behind her and started helping while videl tried to reach the floor while stretching she said to the men to sit behind her and pushed her down getting really close the man felt Videl soft skin,sweet smell,her perfect ass pressing against his crotch (What is this feeling,what is this huge thing I'm feeling on my butt) thought videl as she kept making exercise while the man on the other hand was getting a huge erection that pressed againt Videl ass and back,the smeel of his dick started to spread and get stronger yet Videl didn't gave signs of disliking the smell "You smell really good" said videl while her eyes were widening and she started to blush,the man was forgetting this was a married woman not only that the daughter of Mr Satan so he reccomended her that was enough stretching for now and standed up while Videl turned around trying to get up when she saw what was pressing against her back (30 cms? No maybe 40cms or bigger I wonder if something like that would fit in me) thought videl as she closed her eyes and blushed,the man after seeing his massive erection just tried to accommodate his cock to make it less notable as he rushed to the toilet again.

"That was such a piece of cock but I bet he is the only one that size" said videl in a low voice to avoid being heard,as her day continued she continued training until she wanted to make sit-up "could someone help me with my sit-up" said videl to the men,the man was wearing spats only and was all sweated from making exercise but wanted to help her so aproached her videl just said "Thank you for your help you are really nice" as she watched his crotch his cock looke really fat and big "that looks delicious" said videl unconciously to the man to which he rjust laughed it out and bended on his ¡knees while holding Videl legs so she could make sit-ups,as she kept making sit-ups the man noticed Videl moaning each time she did one sit-up not only that she was stopped for a second leaving her fave near his crotch moment she took to inhale and exhale straight on his cock,the man was getting conscious of his smell he didn't mind smelling to sweat since was normal but he masturbated before so the smell of cum still remained,Videl kept enjoying her exercise making more moaning voices breathing more erotically near the man cock and aproaching each time more the man was trying to control himself while closing his eyes yet his erection was rising with each of videl sit-ups (is almost the ssame size as the other man but this one is more fat) as she said that she started rubbing her lips on the tip with each sit-up the more sit-up she did the more precum started flowing yet the man was with his closed eyes trying to avoid thinking or feeling something "my last one" said videl as she raised and let her face rest on the man crotch with heavy breathing and moaning erotically while rubbing her face against the massive cock while precum started to fall on her face,the man felt troubled and left in a rush.

" Exercise feels really good" said Videl while standing up and going to the get her massage,the man was waiting for her but since the massage area was located in another are he didn't saw Videl looks just one look made him horny and just let her sit face down and just said "Since you made different exercise from today you will get a different massage as he proceeded to massage videlfirst he started rubbing Videl back,as she relaxed she started raising her butt to the masseur surprise yet it wasn't bad he then proceeded to massage videl legs and butt he kept going for a moment until he got up on the table saying "I will have to massage you this way" as he grabbed Videl butt and started rubbing his erection between Videl cheeks while his balls kept slapping softly against Videl pussy after some minutes videl was moaning in her lover voice and said "this massage feel really good" as the man started cumming in her back,as he moved away he noticed the strand of love juice from his pussy noticing she didn't mind,Videl was really happy from her training day her mind was numb and couldn't think straight yet was more satisfying then any other day.

In her home as she took a bath she realized her behaviour was really wrong "how I could do something like this to gohan,while he is commited to studying I was getting horny with some men I barelly know" while having second thoughts about keeping training,yet she didn't mind rubbing her face against some huge cock or getting massaged.

"Maybe I should ask gohan if I should keep training,i don't want to repeat this" said videl as she walked around the house in a towel,after some moments Gohan showed up and after seeing Videl walking around in a tiny towel just said "Videl-san please cover yourself" yet those words somehow made Videl feel bad about herself and said "We are married gohan there is no big deal If I walk around the house naked" to which gohan answered "But you should wear something or you'll get sick" yet those words just made Videl more angry at gohan and said "What is the problem I want to show my body to my husband there is nothing wrong with that or I'm not attractive enough" but gohan choice of words was really bad and said "You shouldn't do that,besides walking around naked is something a pervert will do" Videl exploded with that and just said "I wanted to show my body TO MY HUSBAND! SHOW HIM MY LOVE YOU KNOW WHAT MAKE YOURSELF YOUR DINNER I'M GOING TO SLEEP" but gohan without delicacy and calmed just said to himself "did I said something wrong"

At the next day videl went really early leaving a note that said "MAKE YOUR OWN BREAKFAST FROM VIDEL" and continued the same training regime she did the day before yet the only difference right now was that she stopped feeling guilt,just like that passed one week of her new regime and as she was leaving one of the men on the gym aproached Videl "Videl-chan maybe you should train more time here starting next week,the best thing to forget all the problems is training" said the man,videl thought that it was as he said she forgot all her problems while training even why she fought with gohan "You are right I never thought exercise would feel this good" said videl to the man while watching his crotch to determine his size something that she got used to do in a month of training in the gym.

Once videl reached her home she rushed to take a bath as she was changing "My panties are all wet,maybe I should stop wearing them,the massage could feel even better after this" said videl,as she took the bath she started masturbating thinking on her actions "i'm becoming more perverted each day but I don't think is a bad thing" she said as she heard Gohan entering the house "that's right is not something bad is just gohan old thinking fault" said videl to herself.

After eating dinner Videl wanted to have sex as a reconciliation so got ready and invited gohan after kissing for a bit she took gohan clothes out yet her dissapointment came when she saw gohan dick,compared to what she saw and felt during the week gohan looked like a child (maybe is not fully erect) she thought but as soon as she touched she knew that gohan was at his top yet she was horny and wanted sex so she proceeded only to finish a few minutes later (this was it?,it barelly felt good or anything,even masturbating felt better) thought videl as she moved out and heard gohan saying he loved her to which her answer was " I also love you gohan"

She passed the sunday searching for food recipes that helped increase the size of a man "there has to be a diet or something,i can't accept it after seeing all those buffed man having huge cocks,there has to be something wrong maybe a different diet" yet she found nothing at all and started searching if she could get pregnant from someone with a small penis "so I can get pregnant but the chances are really low,well at least is a good thing" said videl as she finish checking the books.

A new week started and Videl was preparing to go to the Gym "Yes there is no reason towear panties" said videl as she prepared,after some moments she reached the gym yet once she opened the doors all the men started looking at her it was like she liberated lot of pheromones on the air so lot of men taking cold showers while other could barely hold on and went to the toilet to masturbate,videl was blushing and said in a sweet tone "are people feeling bad in the stomach" as several men aproached her,unlike the others they were more bold while showing their erections close to videl she just said "WOW!? You are really big men" as she was thinking (those look so delicious I want to eat them) she started to flirt with the men for a moment before going to train.

After some minutes she started walking to the training area as she walked by the men noticed why they felt that way videl perfect ass and the spats that molded to each crane showing her perfect butt and pussy without any lines or indication of underwear.

Videl was feeling how her mind numbed for some reason still she decided to start her training with some sit-ups "could some big man help me do my sit-ups" said Videl in a flirty and erotic tone,one man aproached her while she was sitting on the floor and said "i'm I big enough to help you" as he flaunted his erection at Videl as she felt mind mind was going worse yet she felt it wasn't a bad thing and started with her sit-ups.

The man flaunted his erection as he took position as Videl started unlike before she started putting the tip of the man cock on her mouth with each sit-up,the man couldn't bellieve Mr Satan daughter would be like this but instead of removing his pants he just kept them on as videl continued putting the tip on her mouth and started licking the huge bulge in front of her,she didn't why she was doing this maybe it was the smell of male sweat on the air,the smell of a smell of cum or simply because was something really big yet she just couldn't stop herself and continued.

As she kept going precum started to leak from his cock which made Videl more rearing to keep doing it not only that she started licking more sensually the bulge going from his balls to the tip even if it was covered by fabric Videl could feel the man huge cock,the smell,the flavour making her mind go more numb with each sit-up as she continued the man was reaching his limits and waited for her to put it on her mouth which Videl did and kept the tip for some seconds which was enough for him to cum,as she felt the man splurting something inside her mouth she just foccused on swallowing the hot thick stuff on her moth while thinking (this has a really good taste...i want more) without realizing her actions.

As she made her daily routine she noticed she had time left so wondered what she could do as a man aproached her to help her with her training,she was happy of receiving help specially from a well doted men "what kind of exercise should I make said Videl" to which the man answered "well there is an exercise is good for the back and to be flexible,it also helps you mold your butt but not that you need it" Videl interest picked since she didn't feel atractive enough due to gohan remarks "could you please teach me that exercise" she said in a flirty tone,the men then started to explain the "exercise" to Videl "well videl this exercise is simple you lie face up on the floor spread your legs and position them over your head" as she heard that she said "this exercise is quite simple" but the man said "that part is simple the difficult part is you have to raise you center and make a movement to approach it to your mouth" as he said that videl asked "what is the center" the guy was searching for words to explain it but couldn't find one and just said "well your center is the are near your vagina" as she heard tthat she blushed and said "but I will look dumb that way" but the men motivated her and said "there is no dumb when you make exercise,the only dumbs are the lazy bastards" as videl heard that she tried to make the exercise but was unable to do it so asked for help in a flirty tone "could you help me do it" as the man heard he aproached videl and grabbed her ass from bellow and started to raise it yet videl said flirting "without some weight there is no meaning to this,maybe if someone was on top making sure I could keep this pose this would be a good exercise" as the man heard that he got on top of videl like making arm flexions,the man positioned himself over videl making sure videl felt his manhood with her ass and pussy,while videl had her legs spread over her head and holded them with her arms, they kept making this weird exercise for a while as the man rubbed his cock against videl pussy and as until the man was leaking precum that started to fell on videl mouth due to the pose and his size "it is a really good exercise" she said as they finished and she went to other place for training.

The next exercise she did was arm flections but she wanted something more exciting,poor judgement,being mind numb from smelling semen and the previous exercise made her more bold and said "I want to make arm flections but I wondered if someone could make me company,i will be just right down the man while we exercise at unison" as the men heard that they started to compete in a njanken game with the winner having the privilege after some minutes a winner finally showed up and made company to videl,while both synchronized well the man was getting a huge erection but videl didn't help as she raised her butt more to feel him,they kept going for a while but the man couldn't stop himself and stopped making arms flexions and foccused on moving his hips while rubbing his dick up and down on Videl ass,videl was feeling really happy by that for some reason,the huge man on top of her,th huge bulge rubbing her butt as she kept going she started getting more wet and started losing strength on her arms yet she wanted to feel more so instead of finishing the exercise she lied down raising her butt the more she could while the man started to leak precum yet she wasn't displeased and made her more horny as the man continued he couldn't hold on more and cummed straight on Videl butt,as videl was feeling really good from the warm thing on her butt the man lose the strength on his arms to fall on top of videl as she finally could get a hard grasp of how big it was "could you please move you are really big" said Videl in a sexy flirty tone as the man started to stand up "it was a really good exercise thank for your help" said videl while licking her lips and flirting to the man.

She started making another exercise she was lying down on her side as she raised one of her legs trying to reach her head trying to tempt the men surrounding her as she hoped another man aproached her and offered his help "thank you I hope you can help me a lot" said videl in flirty sexy tone,the man was wearing espandex shorts and only that,he was taller then and bigger then Gohan in every way,the man asked her "what should I do" to which videl answered in a flirty tone "just trying to be flexible need just put some pressure on my legs,don't worry I won't get mad if you touch me since this is just training" as she said that the man started grabbing her legs putting pressure and goping her butt to see if she didn't mind at all as he did that videl just said "that isn't enough" as the man changed tacticsand put himself over videl like he was making arms flexions which made videl leg reach her head "this is it is perfect,just keep like this" said videl as the men noticed how he was rubbing himself on videl pussy but after hearing how the woman moaned with a lover voice the man started to push himself more,while videl felt really good from the exercise for the man it wasn't enough so he changed from two hands to one hand,with the free hand he started to rub his manhood on Videl pussyfeeling soemthing wet was on the tip of his cock he just kept going until he was about to cum in that moment he put the tip and tried to push it the more he could inside videl pussy as he did that videl was thinking (this is just exercise,is not a bad thing,is normal to feel good from exercise,i'm not cheating gohan since I still have my clothes on,yet this feeling is great it spread my pussy more then what gohan could,not only that feels great) a few moments passed and he started cumming on Videl pussy the hot splurts started to get inside videl pussy yet she was telling herself (is just exercise,is not bad,i haven't cheated gohan) while her mind was going more numb as Videl reached an orgasm that made her squirt like crazy "feel really good,i want more exercise" said videl in a sexy tone while heavy breathing.

After resting for some minutes she standed up and went to get her massage thinking "this is really good I never felt so good before" and went to the massage tableyet instead of lying down on the table she was on top of there raising her ass with her legs spread "i'm counting on you" said videl flirting to the men but he didn't notice since he was reading some book facing to a wall,when he faced Videl he was surprised the young woman was there showing her pussy like she was begging for action,as Videl flaunted he butt she said "could you hurry up I really need my massage" the man could barelly hold his urges yet he tried to control himself he got on top of the table and starting rubbing Videl ass "ahhh...feels goood" said videl while moaning he kept going for a bit yet Videl moaning and heavy breathing just made him lose control,he lowered his pants and took out his dick as he did that he put the tip on videl pussy that was leaking love juice as he did that he started grabbing her tits and said "i'm trying this new massage I hope you like it" videl was in a bliss and her only thought was (is not cheating since we have our clothes on and is just a massage) the man kept going for a while until he cummed on videl pussy,(this feels different then before but who cares is just a massage) thought videl while reaching a new orgasm and squirting all over the table.

As the man finished and cleaned the massage table,videl standed up and said "this was a really good massage I hope you keep doing it" said videl with a flirty tone,Videl left the gym and went to her home it was her routine going back,take a deep bath and masturbate,she got to her house and prepared her bath it was when she was removing her sport clothes that she noticed her cum stained spats "why this smell makes me feel so good?" she wondered that and started licking the parts that had semen as she did that her mind returned to lucidity just to wonder "why I was doing something so pervert like this" she slapped her face and took her bath "is so invigorating to be in the gym,it feels really good,the guys make me feel desired and attractive" said videl as she washed her body "no this isn't cheating is just exercise,is normal ,is gohan fault and his old way of thinking,i shouldn't feel bad for going to the gym" she said in a complaining tone.

She continued her perverted training for the week while convincing herself she wasn't cheating gohan since it has her clothes on the men that helped her rotated each day to have a turn on her,as the days passed by Videl was going more perverted and being bold and lewd yet still declaring she loved gohan and having sex with him despite not feeling anything.

As the new week started videl felt she should change her clothes "the smell is getting pretty strong on those and I want to impress the men on the Gym" said videl as she went to the clothes store once inside she saw what she wanted at once a high waist sport bikini aand a sport bikini bra in the same color as before "I wonder if the guys will like this" said videl as she started went to the changing room to see if it was her size,the high waist top was wedging between her buttcheeks covering more on the front part,the bikini bra was really fit to her size not only that it covered a bit more then the nipples as videl saw herself on the mirror she said "this is perfect I bet the guys will love this style" and went to the cashier to pay for the clothes as was getting ready to get out the staff girl said "don't you think it would be best you put those clothes on the gym or at least wear something else on top" videl just laughed out at that and said "this are sports clothes there shouldn't be anything embarassing about wearing them on public" and started walking away,as she kept walking to the gym she felt the sleazy eyes of the men around her yet instead of feeling embarassed she felt more bold,once she arrived on the gym all the men were left speechless Videl was a really stunning beauty her body was more obscene,she looked even more attractive then before was miles away from when she started training yet unlike the past this time the men weren't running to masturbate or take showers and instead just aproached Videl and started to talk to her "You look more stunning then before,Your body has changed,you became really sexy thanks to the training" as the men said that they aproached more to Videl as they started groping her butt,tits,legs,waist and so on but Videl wasn't displeased she loved the attention she was getting and being touched made her feel really good so videl was in a bliss,as she started to flirt she noticed how several of the men were wearing speedos as she aproached the men she started touching them with her feminine soft hands which pleased the men in more ways then one and their erections started to poke out of their speedos yet videl didn't mind and crouched a bit while flaunting her ass (this feels really good,and is not cheating,i'm just hanging around with my training partners) thought videl as she finished touching the men in front of her.

Videl started her routine as normal made her exercise yet the men were all foccused on Videl,she was really stunning and hot,her body was more obscene then in the past it was like she spreaded pheromones to attract all the male on her surrounding.

As Videl continued her day she noticed it wasn't like the other days,the smell of male sweat was in the air but there was something missing,something that always melted her brain "I can't stop because of that,i need to keep training,the guys are always nice with me,and they support me making me feel really attractive and desired unlike gohan" as she said that she prepared for her sit ups and called someone to help her "Could someone help me out in my sit-ups" said videl in a flirty tone,as the men heard that several men went close but videl said "I need just one guy to help" in her flirty yet sexy voice,the man took his place to help her and just said "forgive me about the smell I had some problems with the bathroom on my house" as videl heard that just said "don't worry I'm get used to ….is normal to have have smell" said as her face blushed,as she started making the first sit-up she felt the smell,it was quite strong yet familiar,as she felt her brain was melting out,as she made her second sit-up she started moaning really sexy which cause the men a massive erection when videl saw this she started putting the tip on her mouth,as she continued she started licking the shaft that wasn't covered by the speedo,the man noticed videl closed her eyes as she kept making sit-ups and sucking him off as Videl started to raise up with her mouth open sticking her tongue out for the sit-up the man removed is speedo and videl swallowed more then the tip of the cock (i'm not cheating since is just training) thoguth videl as she didn't move and kept moving her tongue inside her mouth "thank you for your big help" said videl as she kept going with her sit-ups and the man started to leak precum which videl kept on licking,as she kept going on the man was unable to hold off and waite until she had the tip on her mouth as videl raised up and licked the shaft precum fell on her face yet she was in a bliss as she put the man cock on her mouth he started splurting his cum on Videl mouth,instead of being scared or grossed she started swallowing the cum like it was the most delicious thing she had after she sinished swallowing the semen she said "this milk is really delicious and made my skin really soft,my body changed a lot thanks to this" yet as she said that aanother man gave signal to change places to which the other mand agreed,as he started to get in position he took out his dick and said "let's continue your training" videl was surprised but her mind was melting from what happened before so she didn't mind and kept going until she made 15 guys cum on her mouth,as she finished with the last she just said "thanks for the treat,it was delicious" while her mind was busy with only one thought (is not cheating because we are training partners) yet her mind was breaking appart.

As she continued her training it was time for other exercise she was heavy breathing and moaning her face was sweating or maybe was cum yet Videl didn't mind aand said in a flirty sexy tone "could one of you help me in my training" as she said that another man showed up it was another speedo guy yet seeing her made him really horny and his erection started popping out,videl was impressed it was a really big black and fat cock bulging out yet in her condition she could barelly control what she spoke and said "I want to eat that…" and started getting herself on pose spreading her legs and raising them to her head as she hold them with her arms "i'm ready so please help me" said in a flirty tone,the man after hearing this removed his speedo and put himself on position holding himself with one hand,with his fre hand his grabbed his cock and started rubbing it on the parts not covered by the bikini as he did this Videl started feeling like an electric shock ran through her body getting fully wet with that,the man kept going rubbing his dick against videl pussy and accomodating the tip of his cock on videl clitoris as he kept moving his cock with his hand he could pleasure precise point on videl pussy as he kept going videl started reaching her climax "please keep going feels good" said videl yet she could barelly think straight at this point after some minutes videl started squirting while love juice all over her face while she was spasming from the climax yet the man wasn't even close to finish so he continued and kept going trying to put it in without removing her clothes,litle by little he started pumping her pussy yet he couldn't penetrate her fully since her pussy was too tight he kept going for some minutes as he felt he was about to cum he pulled out and started moving Videl bikini with his cock so he could penetrate her raw pussy just to cum after struggling for a bit he finally got a good view of videl pussy and started to pentrate her,Videl pussy was really tight so barelly half of his manhood could penetrate her yet was enough for him and he kept going until burst of hot spunk started to splurt inside videl pussy yet videl could barelly think straight feeling like her brain melted out and starting spasming again from the cum on her insides and squirted again with her love juice splashing her face while he kept cumming as she only said "this is not cheating...i'm not cheating my husband...this is just training" while in ecstasy as she said that the man put his speedo and said "she can barelly think straight anymore" while other man entered yet he was more direct he removed a bit her bikini bottom and started to rub himself on Videl love juice and started to ride her pussy from on top,he reached more deep then the other man while videl heavy breathing and moaning made the man move even faster,as he kept going he aproached his climax yet instead of cumming on her inside he pulled out and started to rub himself on Videl pussy and clitoris as he kept going he reached his climax and started to cum,hot splurts of semen fell on videl breast,face and hair "shank you,fo yu help with ma duraining" said videl but her mind could barelly process what she wanted to say her mind was a complete mess "is not my fault,is just training,i'm not cheating my husband" said videl as she reached the climax again and started to spasm and squirt while love juice fell on her face,the man left and another one came helping videl on her "training" and so on 10 men took a turn on having sex with videl,after some minutes the men left she started to think a bit better and wanted to make her next exercise and lie on her sides stretching her leg to reach her head as she was doing that a man aproached her and said "do you need help" videl didn't mind and said "yes I need your help for training" in a flirty tone as the man started to help her his massive erection started rubbing her pussy yet the manwasn't sure if he should take advantage as he thought that videl took out his cock and tried to push him deeper insider her pussy after seeing this the man started to penetrate deeper,her pussy compared to before spread quite a bit yet wasn't a surprise after taking so many cocks as he kept going he reached his climax and came inside videl,yet this time wasn't enough for her to reach the climax as the man started to leave several men were waiting and said "we have to change your tarining" to which videl just agreed and said "whad should I ju" unable to think straight,the man fixed her bikini and lied down the floor "is simple just grab their cocks whiel you shake your ass and ride me with your pussy "bush theshe are 4 of ju" said videl as the men answered "use your mouth and hands" as she was said that she put herself on position and started inserting herself on the man cock while grabbing the other 2 yet she felt something weird her hips started moving on her own and unconciously she started licking all the dicks changing the man she masturbated and knowing precisely what to do,a fe minutes passed she kept focusing mostly on the cocks in front of her face as she kept moving her hips up and down riding the huge cock, as she felt the mans cock throbbing more she just knew they were about to finish her ahegao gave away hoe pleased she was and wouldn't mind anything and started to cum on her face and hair while she felt a huge splurt inside her pussy filling her up "feels sho goosh!" said videl while squirting and spasming on top of the man she was riding the man pulled out his cock and moved videl to a side like she was and old cloth while videl just kept smiling in a bliss while started to leak from inside her pussy.

After she recovered she went to get her massage but her mind was melting out,couldn't think straight and was a complete mess yet she went to the table and lied down raising her ass,legs bended,begging for someone to ride her "could you give me my massage " as Videl said this she pulled her bikini bottom down the man was checking oils for massages giving videl her back,as he turned around he saw the cum covered mes she was not only that her pussy was spasming ready to take a cock at any time the man could barelly control himself and just rammed videl pussy and started pumping in and out without saying a word the only thing that culd be heard was Videl heavy breathing and moanings as minutes passed Videl started to say "i'm not cheating….this is just sports….i need parteners for sports...i'm not cheating" the man was on his limit and pulled out to cum all over Videl back,as each splurt of hot semen fell on her back videl felt like electricity ran through her body "shank ju...feeelsh sho goosh " said videl as she putt a really erotic face,moments later she recovered and went to her home.

Since she was so get used to her routine she made it almost automatically as Videl recovered her lucidiy when her bath water was getting cold "ehh!? How did I? When I returned home? " said videl in a confused state "I remember I went to the Gym then the guys started to greet me and complement me,everything is fine since is sports and I didn't cheat Gohan " said videl while ending her bath without realizing he mind was already broken "but how long I have been here the water is really cold" said videl as she went out she started washing her sport bikini "I did a mess of this I have to hurry up " as she finished washing her clothes Gohan arrived home so videl went to the kitchen to prepare some food,as they eat dinner Videl realized that her husband didn't congratulate her like the men at the gym or complemented her and felt unatractive (I wish you could complement me just one idiot) thought Videl as she finished her dinner.

Her week continued yet her mind was already broken and her exercise changed to a daily sex routine with almost all the men on the gym as she was being gangbanged by huge big black cocks yet Videl loved it,the bliss of sex,the happyness of feeling attractive and desired,the sexual satisfaction it was nothing like the life she had until now she felt that everything was Gohan fault,just like that her week was of training was ending and as she was being gangbanged she said "don'¡t you think my husband is horrible,he doesn't congratulate me for looking better,he doesn't say anything to make feel desired,he doesn't complement me like you " as she started sucking the cock she had in front of her,one of the man just answered "well if he doesn't apreciate you just dump him and live with us each one will have a day" as she heard that she blushed and said "I can't leave my husband,is the man I love" as she said that the man started to splurt his semen on Videl mouth another man said "she says she loves her husband but won't stop having sex with us or swallowing cum" as videl heard that she said "This is just sports and training don't get confused " as she said that the men started cumming in her ass and pussy while other started masturbating while Videl was ready to take the cum with her mouth open,sticking out her tongue and holding a bowl near near her mouth to catch the most ammount of semen to drink,as the man started to cum Videl reacted to the smell and hot splurts falling on her body making her cum as the men using her lower creampied Videl she started getting ready to go "i'm making too much exercise so is getting too late " said videl while her face gave indications she wanted more,licking her lips in an erotic way at the views of the cocks yet saturday was the day of sex with Gohan even if she didn't feel anything she wanted to get pregnant of him so she rushed to her home.

Once on her home she took a bath before gohan arrived once she was ready she made dinner and waited for gohan to arrive,an hour later Gohan arrived and they started their routine they had since they married eating dinner barelly talk to each other,as they finished Videl started washing the plates and everything else,gohan started to read the news after an hour or so they went to bed and Videl started getting ready for sex with Gohan,as they started their sexual routine Videl asked if gohan find her atractive yet gohan answered "did something happen why you ask me this" as videl heard this she hurried up and made gohan cum as she did that she said "Good night" while gohan wondered why she behaved that way.

At the next day videl started to see her clothes they seemed old style quite normal and loose after seeing that she thought (I have to change my guardrobe there is nothing that makes me looks good or attractive) after a few minutes she made the breakfast as she waited for Gohan ,gohan showed up and started to eat breakfast as he did that Videl sat and said "i'm going to buy clothes gohan " gohan didn't want to make her mad and just said "why you want buy clothes,you have lot of clothes in the closet" to which Videl answered "I see so you don't want me to look normal dressing sexy like bulma" gohan knew that he triggered her anger so said "I don't think bulma-san way of dressing is apropiate " which angered more videl and said angered "I will change my look and will buy clothes even if you don't like it" as she said that she left to the city.

Once in the city she wasn't sure what to do "what I can do to change my image,the only reference is bulma yet is not what I want for me " as she kept walking for a while she found a hair dressing store "I know I will die my hair,maybe caramel color will be perfect " as she entered the store and get her hair dyed and went to the clothes store.

As she arrived there she saw some clothes she could like,high leg cut dress really tight that showed cleavage "I like this but this is for someone with large breast " said videl as she kept walking and saw some clothes she liked some skimpy and gaudy clothes "they are perfect,and I could even used them for training " said videl as she licked her lips in an erotic way,the clothes she found was a really short miniskirt and a sleeveless sweater that was really tight so every curve of her could be seen as soon as she saw herself on the mirror she said "this is what I wanted,my butt is showing off a lot but is perfect and is not my fault the skirt is short is just my butt is too big " as she took the price tickets off and went to the cashier the lady that was there said "dear customer I would recommend you a longer skirt since everything can be seen" to which videl answered really relaxed "is the reason I bought this clothes" and proceed to pay and leave.

After leaving the store Videl felt how everyone was looking at her yet she wasn't displeased at all in fact she loved the piercing sensation of being watched so after walking for a while and getting really wet she went to her house.

Once there she saw gohan wasn't anywhere near so waited for him so she could show off her imachange after waiting for an hour finally Gohan showed up as he seated in the living room videl aproached him really sexy licking her lips trying to seduce him yet gohan reaction wasn't what she expected "Videl-san why did oyu change your hair" said gohan to which videl said "Well I wanted to change my image….so does looks good?" yet gohan wasn't sure and said "There was no reason to change it" which made videl angry yet she wasn't giving up and started to spin around and tried to appeal gohan yet gohan after seeing her just said "That skirt is too short videl-san" to which videl said "What is wrong with the skirt,is fine there is nothing like too short" yet gohan just said "is just… that… your panties show up" which made videl more angry "WHAT IS WRONG WITH SHOWING A BIT TO THE MAN I LOVE BESIDES THE ONLY WAY YOU ARE SEEING IS BECAUSE YOU ARE SITTING DOWN IS NOT LIKE YOU CAN SEE SOMETHING STANDING UP" said videl but gohan answered trying to calm her down saying "is innapropiate to wear skirts so short in public" but videl short temper and gohan answer made her more angry "we are here in our house there shouldn't be any problem at all dressing this way here besides this kind of clothes is normal,the skirt isn't too short is normal" yet gohan wasn't fazed by that and tried to make her stop wearing such clothes but videl just got more angry and said "why can't you see I want to feel sexy,attractive,for the men I love,are you telling me this isn't good and you prefer me dressed like an old grandma because you don't find me attractive" to which gohan answer was "you are attractive but I think is bad that you dress that way is inapropiate and people will say bad things" yet Videl said "WHAT PEOPLE! WE LIVE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE" gohan after hearing that said "you go to the city so people will talk" that was the final thing as videl exploded "so you are telling me is innapropiate to dress this way in the city just because you think so,let me remind you this kind of clothes are normal,there are even skirts way shorter then this one yet I knew you would overreact if I wore those kind of clothes but seems that even regular clothes are too much" gohan was feeling a bit bad yet he wasn't standing down and said "you are overreacting as always videl-san" to which videl answer was "Overreacting!? You are telling me I should support all this just because you think is inapropiate to dress this way,making me feel bad and unattractive because you think is innapropiate to dress like,i want to feel attractive gohan-kun,i want to feel loved yet the only thing I hear from you is complains you know what I'm going to sleep and I don't want you close to me" as she said that she went to her room and closed the door leaving gohan alone "what does he think he is I don't even know why I married him" as she lied on the bed she started to cry thinking that maybe marrying him was a big mistake.

At the next day she went kinda depressed to the gym yet instead of using sport clothes she was wearing the sexy clothes she bought at the moment she entered all the men got charmed by her she oozed sex appeal and pheromones,the hair color,the sexy clothes,the slutty way she walked,how her pussy was visible after two steps and her butt showed up a bit as she stopped she thought (maybe I should stop this training) as she was lost in thought the men aproached her "You look more attractive then ever videl-san" said one "You look really sexy" said other man,just as she heard this she started feeling better "What happened videl-san you look sad" said other to which videl answered "Is just problems with my husband" as she said that all the man started groping her body and said at unison "what kind of problems" to which videl answered "my husband doesn't find me attractive or sexy…..kyaa ...he doesn't seem to care for me...mmmmhhh ….nnnyyaaa " while lusting like an animal,as the men heard that they started to show their massive erections to videl saying "there isn't a woman more sexy then you just look at this (showing their cocks to videl) you caused this by dressing like that" videl started to feel better this was the kind of reaction she wanted seeing those hard stiuff cocks in front of her was enoguh to forget evertything "you are such a teasers and good with words "as videl said that she felt something slding between her thights and rubbing in her pussy "kyaa … I wasn't sure about this but….. who cares "said videl as she got surrounded by lot of cocks "you seem to be suffering they are so red and hard " said videl while watching the men lusting over her and their massive erections "well since I'm mad with gohan I will stay all week here ….so I'm counting on you guys " as she said that her debauched life away of gohan started,going to gym to have gangbangs,going to her apartment to continue having sex with anything that crossed her path,losing conciousness half through only to wake up in the bathroom sleeping on the tub filled with semen yet videl was satisfied more then ever before "This is great I never felt so alive and loved before " said videl while her mind was going numb from the cum smell "one drink will wake me up " as she said that she gulped down a glass of cum "thish ish the besht " said videl as she started her day,her life of debauchery continued like that for a month yet the men were getting tired not only that videl started to feel worse each day after the first month alone not only that she woke up on the mornings only to throw up,her breasts started to give milk she felt tired and with weird food craving "could it be I am pregnant,but why ?" said videl thinking the men used condoms.

As the day went she make an appointment to a doctor "is better to be sure maybe I'm just sick after all" said videl as she prepared since it was a visit to a doctor she wanted to be in her best condition so abstained from her daily debauchery and cleaned her house while searching her cum soacked clothes "I tought it was going to be like this,it would be better if I buy new clothes but whocares I will just wash them" said videl,at the next morning videl went to the doctor and submitting herself to all the exams just in case,after waiting for some moments the doctor called her "well what is it doctor,i'm sick of something " said videl to which the doctor answered "well this "sickness" is kinda hard but after nine months you'll be cured" videl barelly understood w2hat the doctor said or referred "also you are overdoing it,you shouldm't engage in wild sexual acts before it stabilizes" said the doctor to which videl answered "what stabilizes?" the doctor surprised said "what? You didn't realize? You are pregnant around 4 to 6 weeks" as videl heard that she said "Pregnant? So there is a baby inside me" to which the doctor just noded,after some explanations of the doctor about the pregnancy which barelly entered Videl head since she couldn't process anything at all as she left to her apartment videl started to wonder who the father was "I can barelly recall if the guys even used condoms at all,yet I'm sure is gohan besides the doctor said 6 weeks which match the last time I had sex with gohan yet I'm not sure at all" said videl.

As the day went by the men from the gym got inside videl apartment since they had an spare key,videl was trying to process everything so didn't feel in the mood for sex and said "well guys I have to stop this since I got pregnant" which surprised all the men,one of them asked "who is the father of the baby" to which videl answered she didn't knew yet she was going to return to her husband again "well guys it has been lot of fun to be with you,but I have to return to my husband so we can raise our baby" to which one of them just said "is not his baby nympho woman not after gettting baby batter from over 300 men and bathing on semen" which surprised videl "what do you mean by that you promised you used condoms" said videl in an angry tone to which other man said "you can barelly contain yourself or remember what happened just watch this video " as he said that he showed videl a video of their sex sessions "don't use condom it feels better raw" said the videl on the video as she started inserting the huge cock raw inside her "you did the same for weeks raw sex with tons of men you fucking slut" said the man while videl didn't knew what to do "even if is like that I will raise him with my husband so for now I have to end ...but wait until later " said videl ,the men just said at unison "we hope you can have a baby girlso we can give her our baptism as our daughter" videl mood changed after hearing that and realized this was her chance and said "I hope you get ready her baby bottles" after a while the men left leaving videl alone.

As the days passed videl started to think about the future "well at least they are going to meet her,well I bet they are going to be ready with those huge baby botttles and hot milk... " said videl while realizing that maybe she could a get son and everything she was thinking would go away "my first oyakodon,teaching her how to please the men,how to attract men" said videl and as she thought she said "I just wish…" as she said that she remembered the dragon balls "with the dragon balls I can get any wish,not only that I can use them to get a daughter not even that make her a saiyan so there won't be any doubts about being gohan daughter...heheheheh " as she thought that she decided to see bulma,after travelling for some time she reached capsule corporation as she was seeing around she noticed bulma was taking the sun in a bikini "Yooohh bulma-san" said videl as she aproached bulma,bulma barely recognized her and said "is that really you videl? You look different" to which videl nodded "you look more sexy now,you look really slutty compared to before " said bulma teasing videl to which videl said "don't tease me bulma I just came because I needed a favour" yet bulma continued teasing videl "I bet you found some good men and that's why you got the imachange,not only that you aren't even wearing panties at all" said bulma as she pulled videl miniskirt up "don't tease I just want to know if you can lend me the dragon radar" said videl while her face was red "dragon radar? Ooohh I see you got pregnant from other man and want to wish the baby to be a saiyan" said bulma teasing videl to which videl answered embarrased "yes I want my baby to be a saiyan ios that wrong" which made bulma understand the situtation and said " well don't worry you wouldn't be the first one doing that,is true that saiyans are unique and strong yet down there are dicklets and they barelly know to treat woman" which made videl wonder if she did the same.

After some minutes walking and going to bulma lab they reached the lab both woman started to joke around getting closer then they where before while searching for the radar after some minutes they found it and bulma started to explain how it could work better "Well the rules are simple search the dragon ball and use them at night so no one would notice,you can make any wish you want from having the baby being a saiyajin,sex of the baby,to even removing the baby in case you want once you are over you say those are the only wishes I have shenron and ready" explained bulma to which videl said "I see so I can make anything just in case from the sex to the race I see…" to which bulma said "is more easy to do that instead of trying to find the dad among over 300 men" laughing out at videl and said "you have such a nice ass and sobscene body yet gohan doesn't apreciate you is such a waste,well maybe in some months more you can invite me " videl just nodded agreeing to bulma .

After several days videl finally got all the dragon ball yet wasn't sure how to make it work since she didn't know how to put everything on just one wish remembering what bulma said "Don't forget try to make it all in one wish only since we need at least one for my birthday party as a prize" as the night aproached she finally got the words for her wish and went to a barren land and summoned shenron ,as he showed requesting videl wish she said "MY wish Is the following I want the baby inside my stomach to be a girl and a saiyajin" as shenron heard that he said "is a simple wish" and proceed to fullfill itsaying after that "you have 2 more wishes tell them now" yet videl didn't have anything in mind so she said "those are all my wishes shenron you can leave" as shenron heard that he said "understood" and spread throughout the world after that Videl returned to her home with Gohan yet he never realized anything at all,Videl didn't have any way to test if her wish came truth for now.

Some months passed by and Beerus the God of Destruction showed up and she could check that her wish was fullfilled participating on the super saiyajin god ritual,goten and trunks found suspicious that Videl became a SSJ yet didn't say anything at all but that is another story,after several months passed Videl finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

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