Videl Problem in Satan City

BY : Tabris666
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Dragon prints: 2076
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Videl got called by the police headquarters while she was in the middles of class so she hurried up and left her classroom and went to the police headquarters

As soon she arrived the chief of police aproached her and grabbed her ass without videl minding that much “Chief i knew it was you” said videl to which the chief just said “there is nothing bad on feeling a young girl” as he kept grabbing her ass and squeezing it.

Videl didn’t want to lose time so just said “why did you called me here chief” thanks to that the chief remembered and said “ooh yes we need your help videl there is a problem only you can solve” as videl heard this she felt unique and compelled to fulfill the request by the police “what is the problem chief if you are confident i can fulfill the mission then i will do my best” said videl.

The chief started to walk from side to side in his office trying to explain with delicacy the problem they had “come on chief just explain to me at once” said videl hurrying the chief to explain the mission after some minutes the chief started to talk “Well the problem is the following,there is a group of chikan on the train attacking young sexy women with the following characteristics they had big butt,slim waist and mostly flat chested…” as he said that videl interrupted him saying “why you haven’t aprehended the criminal yet it should be easy since there will be evidence and witness it should be easy” the man aimed to calm videl and said “ let me finish first” to which videl noded in agreement “well as i explained the victim have similarities with your body but that isn’t all thing is this a group we are talking so they help each other and make sure no one see anything at all while they do their business” said the chief which helped videl understand the situation and said “i see, but why i am perfect?” the chief just said “well you have the type of body the chikan group targets,and you don’t seem to mind that much being groped so you can capture them in the act” videl got flustered and said “is not that i don’t mind is that i know you chief since a long time and is only that”.

The chief then started to explain mroe of what Videl needed to do and said “All the girls had this in common they wore school uniform with skirts extremelly short,so short they showed their panties” as videl heard this “so you want me to go on school uniform flashing panties waiting for a chikan” the chief just answered “i wouldn’t ask you if we had other choices besides you are the strongest martial artist right now so you wouldn’t have problem with a few men” as videl heard that she got entusiast about the mission “you are right i wouldn’t have problems handling a few chikan so i will try to get them tomorrow” said videl to the chief ,after a few minutes more of planning videl left the police HQ while the chief said “don’t forget you have to capture them red handed”

As she left started investigating asking to the witness,trying to find out how the girls dressed until she heard “seems like i will have to change my fashion the chikans keep targeting me no matter how much i change scedule” said girl A to which girll B just answered “what did you expect if you dress that way is like you are begging for cocks hahahahah!!” as videl heard this she went to see how the girl was dressing,certainly she had a similar body type to videl thicc legs,wide hips,perfect butt yet the way she dressed was different to what she thought the girl was wearing a semi transparent white blouse with the buttons open up to her chest showing cleavage ,the girl wasn’t wearing any bra so anyone could notice her erected nipples,the skirt was so short that barelly covered half of her butt not only that it gave the impression of not wearing anything down there “i shouldn’t assume she goes nopan maybe she is wearing a T-back but that would be difficult for me to wear and embarrassing if i have to choose i would rather go with my normal panties but this is going to be really embarrassing” said videl while watching girl A,the girls kept talking but videl wasn’t paying attention “i got raped so many times just yesterday” said girl A to whcih girl B just said “you fucking slut you are just dressing that way because you want cocks” and kept laughing and talking.

Since videl got what she wanted she went to the center of satan city to buy a similar uniform to the girl “biOchi gyaru the store for popular girls,is kinda embarrassing is someone see me but this mission is important and i won’t allow those chikan to roam free” said videl before entering the store,once inside videl noticed they didn’t have only uniforms it had street clothes and underwear on several types from kuma printed underwear to really obscene ones “wow this kuma-san is really cute but why are they selling this childish ones,oohhh!! shimapan i never thought i would see them” said videl as she kept looking for panties “i wonder why they sell those childish kind of panties” as she said that she started checking them reading the label “this kind of underwear changes color ,whn in contact with love juice it will become darker yet in contact with semen will turn change to pink color just in the areas with that have semen,in case of love juice mixing with semen the part in contact will change to purple” which surprised videl but just said “there is no way someone can make something so awesome” despite this she choose kuma-san panties along the shimapan but didn’t mind that it didn’t had a second fabric so her slit could be noticeable “maybe i should buy something sexy….not that i will wear them outside but to wear in my house wouldn’t be bad” as videl said that she started checking other kind of underwear “oohh!! this one is really sexy” said videl as she picked one,it was a kind of panties with transparent fabric at soem parts and really small it would barelly cover her butt enough,she kept looking at more panties until she found some really sexy panties,red in color with some transparent fabric along,it was really small and had just enough fabric to cover her pussy since was a T-back kind of panties “i wonder what other kind i will find” as videl said that she saw some cute ones that had a hole “wow!! they are so obscene,but i wonder why they have that hole,maybe is to make it easier to pee” said videl as she started laughing nervously

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