Chi Chi's gift

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Trunks nervously knocked on the door as he waited for an answer. It was actually the first time he would see Gohan’s mother considering the one in his own timeline had passed away. He was a few hours away from going back to it actually, and for some reason, Chi Chi wanted to meet him before that. He didn’t know why, but maybe it shouldn’t be too surprising since he knew a future version of her son after all. She could have a few questions about him, and that made him nervous because he wasn’t even sure he could describe Gohan’s greatness.


Finally, the door was opened, revealing a woman that looked only a bit younger than his mother (in this timeline that is) with black hair tied in a bun. She was pretty, that was for sure, and Trunks couldn’t deny that Gohan looked a lot like her.


‘Ah! You must be Trunks! Come in!” Chi Chi said as the teen nodded before going in.


Once he stepped in, he realized it was excatly like Gohan’s house in his own time, but a lot cleaner.


“I’m happy to meet you! I heard a lot from the others,” Chi Chi smiled as he led him to the living room, where they had something to sit on.


“W-Well, the pleasure is all mine, Ms Son,” Trunks answered as he slightly bowed his head.


“You’re very polite; I like that! But you can call me, Chi Chi. I’m sure you know why I wanted to meet you,” She replied with a sweet smile, which surprised Trunks a bit since he heard she could be very… let’s say hotheaded and harsh, but that didn’t sound like her now that he was seeing her for real.


“Yes, about Gohan, right? I can at least start by assuring you that you would be proud of him,” Trunks started as it made Chi Chi a bit teary eyed.


After this, the conversation went on for at least an hour as Chi Chi learned about her son’s future self and Trunks. It was as he predicted, and she was very proud of Gohan, but also quite hurt by his demise. She didn’t even seem to care that she lost her life, too. Although, by the end of it, Trunks quickly became the main topic of their talk until he finally ended his story on him coming here.


“It was great meeting you, Chi Chi, but I think it’s my time to go. My time machine should be ready soon, and I still have to say goodbye to everyone,” He said as he stood up, only for Chi Chi to do the same.


“Wait! There’s still something I didn’t tell you about. Actually… The main reason I called you wasn’t just so I could know about the futuren even if it was part of it. I… wanted to give you a reward. A goodbye gift you could call it,” Chi Chi explained as Trunks raised an eyebrow.


“A gift? But I didn’t do anything special. In the end, Gohan did all the work,” He replied as Chi Chi shook her head.


“Trust me, you’ve earned it. If you didn’t warn everyone of the coming danger, nobody would have been strong enough to deal with this, and… my baby wouldn’t be in this world right now. Moreover, I think you deserve something after everything you went through, and because of what happened to your Gohan, you shouldn’t blame yoursef,” Chi Chi answered before grinning. “And I promise it will satisfy the both of us,”


“Hum… Okay… I guess there is enough room in my time machine to bring a gift,” Trunks commented as Chi Chi blushed a little.


“It’s not really something you can bring with you, and it is kind of the first time I gift someone with this…” She said as Trunks raised an eyebrow. “Well I’ll be frank as to not waste any more time, I want to have sex with you. With that horrible future of yours, you probably didn’t have a girlfriend, so your gift would be to lose your virginity,” Chi Chi said as Trunks stepped back in shock.


“W-What? Is this a joke or something?” Trunks asked only to see in her eyes that she was completely serious. “B-But you’re a married woman, and Gohan’s mom! It would be so weird!” Trunks replied while shaking his head.


“My husband is dead, and this time not planning to come back… Just as he came back from space, there’s a new threat and he has to train for years, we barely had any time for us at all! And now that the threat is finally gone, he dies and decides not to come back! Without even telling me first! I just want to feel like a woman again… At least once. If I did this with someone else, it would be awkward, but you on the other hand are about to leave forever, so I thought you were a good choice…” Chi Chi explained while trying not to get flustered. What she didn’t mention was also the fact that she wanted to take this opportunity to try something new with a young man like him.


“E-Even so, I still don’t feel like it would be good morally… What would Goku or Gohan think? Besides, losing my… virginity like that would be…” Trunks trailled off as Chi Chi looked down.


“Goku is busy training even in the afterlife, he porbably isn’t looking… Or are you saying I’m beautiful enough? Too old for you maybe?” Chi Chi said while looking saddened.


“No! I didn’t mean that… You’re-” Trunks started as the older woman let her long hair down until it reached the middle of her back, which made Trunks blush. “Beautiful…”


“Come on, I’m sure you are curious about how it would feel. You’ll love it, and nobody else needs to know. After this, you will be gone in a whole other world, no one would ever be able to know,” Chi Chi tried to convince him as Trunks still looked unsure until he stared at Chichi.


“W-Well if that’s what you really want, then it would be rude if I refused…” He muttered loud enough for Chi Chi to hear him.


“Great! Follow me!” Chi Chi said as she grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom. “Why don’t you undress, and I’ll do the same,” She told him as he nodded nervously.


He couldn’t help but be enthranced by Chi Chi’s body as he looked at it while she stripped down; he knew she ws a fighter before, so it wasn’t a surprise that she would look fit, she also had quite ample breasts. Before he even knew it, he was aroused by this sight.


On Chi Chi’s end, she was just as pleased as she looked at his body, she liked that it was so muscular. And even now he looked pretty innocent, but not enough to be dense like a certain someone she knew.


“I’m glad my body has such an effect on you,” Chi Chi commented as she looked at his semi-erected cock. “But it still needs more energy,” She added as she ran her hand on his chest, making him gulp at the feel of her softs hand travelling on his skin.


She suddenly grabbed his right hand and placed it on her left boob. Trunks squeezed it, enjoying the feel of it while her nipple hardened under his hand. Chi Chi came closer and suddenly wrapped her amrs around his neck before kissing him. Trunks didn’t know how to react, but simply tried to follow Chi Chi’s lead, their tongues met and wrestled one another while both their bodies heated up.


Chi Chi’s soft tongue explored every spot of his mouth while she was lighlty pushing to lay on the bed while she climbed on top of him, her chest pressing against his, making him feel all of her cleavage. After a few seconds, she broke the kiss and moved down to his crotch.


“Would you look at this,” Chi Chi said as she looked at his fully erected manhood. “It’s so big! Must be that saiyan biology,” She commented as she licked her lips, then wrapped one of her hands around his meat pole and stroked it.


Trunks let out a moan at Chi Chi’s warm and soft hand moving up and down. While she was doing this, she moved strands of hair behind her ear, then leaned down and sucked on his balls. A shudder went through his body the moment she did so. It didn’t take her too long to go for the better meal and started running her tongue across his cock, before putting its tip in her mouth.


She slowly moved her head down, pushing his meat rod down her throat. Trunks couldn’t believe it! Gohan’s mother was sucking his cock, and he didn’t know if he should be ashamed or not. However, he was sure of one thing… It gave him a lot of pleasure. Chi Chi knew what she was doing! Suddenly, electricity went through his body as he couldn’t handle those feelings anymore and shot all his load deep inside her mouth. Chi Chi didn’t even flinch and swallowed every drop of it, before pulling his meat rod out and smilling at him.


“It was delicious, Trunks. But why don’t we get to the best part?” Chi Chi asked before turning her back to him and getting on all four. “Take me from behind,” Chi Chi said while smirking seductively.


It was already too late to turn back, so Trunks might as well enjoy this moment as long as it lasts and go through with it! Chi Chi looked way too good to be ignored! So he grabbed her butt, making her squeal in surprise as he thrust his manhood inside her pussy, all the way in until he hit the back of it.


“Ah! So good! Fuck me, Trunks!” Chi Chi moaned as her entire body shuddered, feeling filled up with his meat.


“If that’s what you want…” Trunks muttered as he thrust back and forth while Chi Chi grabbed the bed sheets and curled her toes as she endured the violent thrust. However, it didn’t hurt at all since she was used to something like this, and she was a fighter! Instead, she only felt pleasure as she finally got to take a dick! She didn’t hold her moans down and freely let them out while Trunks had to focus on not coming now.


Her pussy was warm and wrapped around his cock, as if trying to melt it. It felt even better than her mouth! He didn’t know this could feel so good!


“Oh! I’ll miss you so much, Trunks! Ah! Ah!” Chi Chi moaned as he strated going faster, her talking getting him excited for some reason. It felt like… like he was better than his idol! “Y-You can still go even harder…? T-Turn into a super saiyan! I want to know… ah… how it feels with that form! Goku and I never did it like that!” Chi Chi said as she moaned.


“A-Are you sure?” Trunks inquired, uncertain until Chi Chi suddenly pushed her butt againt him.


“Just do it! I can take it!” She shouted, convincing Trunks immediately. It took him less than a second to turn into a super saiyan, and Chi Chi instantly felt it as he thrust into her with that form.


She jerked her head back as she let out a scream of pleasure. She felt like she would get split in half the moment he thrust into her; however, she held on and resisted before her body felt like it was shocked with electricity. Trunks didn’t slow down as he saw she looked fine, beyond fine even. She just learned what ecstasy was like! She never felt pleasure like this before!


Trunks didn’t know what came over him, but he suddenly decided to grab her by the hair and pull on them as he thrust harder, slamming his meat against her flesh.


“You can… ah! Be as rough as you want with me, Trunks!” Chi Chi moaned as he continued to pound her. “How do you like ah! The pussy of a naughty woman like me?” She asked as Trunks gritted his teeth before trhrusting one last time.


“It’s amazing!” He said before shooting all of his seed inside her womb, filling it up to the brim. Chi Chi moaned while letting her tongue out as she felt the thick warm liquid fill her up. She collapsed on the bed, with her ass up in the air while Trunks pulled his cock out. As soon as he did, cum poured out of Chi Chi’s pussy.


“Ah… Ah… You’ve got saiyan biology… So I’m sure you can go on for hours… Unlike me ah…. But I can still go for one more rounf, Trunks. Don’t underestimate me,” Chi Chi said as she managed to get up, she made him lay on his back before climbing on him, ready to ride the young man. “Don’t hold back, okay?” She said as she squatted down, getting his dick up her pussy again.


Trunks grabbed her butt cheeks in his strong grip and moved up and down, thrusting hard and deep into her, making her moan as loudly as before. Chi Chi felt lucky Gohan wasn’t home, because he would have probably heard all of it.


She was feeling guilty at first, and a bit ashamed, but now that she was doing, she felt only the pleasure it brought her. Her husband was dead anyway, so it wasn’t like she was doing anything wrong. Besides, the fact that Trunks had such a good cock was making it easy for her not to feel guilty. Trunks thrust so hard she couldn’t feel her legs anymore, and his grip was strong enough to leave red marks on her butt. She felt like she was in heaven, and she didn’t know what took over her so suddenly, but she leaned down and kissed him passionately.


Trunks was surprised at first, but kissed her back as he still held on her butt with one hand, but used the other to wrap it around her back. They stayed like this for a few seconds before Trunks burst another load inside her, making her orgasm at the same time while her womb was filled up again. When his cock was pulled out, Chi Chi quickly laid beside him for a much needed rest as she rested her head on his chest while breathing heavily.


Trunks, on the other hand, returned back to his regular form.


“Ah… Oh, god…  I never thought it would feel so good… ah… That was the best fuck of my life…” Chi Chi said breathlessly while caressing his chest.


“Yeah… Yeah it was amazing,” Trunks muttered in response.


They stayed like this for several minutes, sometimes Chi Chi would kiss him, but the time for him to go quickly came. So he quickly dressed up before saying his goodbyes.


“I have to go… But thank you for the gift, Chi Chi. I’ll never forget it,” Trunks said as Chi Chi told him farewell. When he left the room, the housewife was still inside because of the rest she needed. However, she was lovingly rubbing her belly.


“Thank you for the gift, too,” She said as she still felt his warm cum inside her pussy. She really wanted to have another child.

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