His Sister: The Keeper

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He threw on his backpack full of supplies, preparing his exit out of the large and isolating cabin. He hadn't done something as simple as a walk in a long time, ever since he met Trunks all those years ago.

You'd think someone abandoning a well maintained, two story, four bedroom abode like this would be crazy - but it wasn't his. It didn't feel right. He had seen the old man she had taken it from and... the less said about that, the better.

He looked up the cobblestone with its mossy undergrowth; his diaphragm locked at a standstill inside him. Intaking a long breath, he then took off. With her having recently gone, he knew she wouldn't be back until dark, so it was his one big chance after working up the nerve. He wasn't aimless, as he had one goal in mind:

Finding Bulma Briefs.

He was fast on his feet, but tried to slow down; not wanting to illicit any power level as he did. Leaping over a tipped over tree, he followed his marked out plan, diverging from the normal footpath. There was not a sound of a bird whistling or dragonfly wing spans spinning, only the eerie rustling of empty trees -- but that would soon be replaced by the brashness of water.

He stood on a cliffside, staring down at rocks that were thrashed by waves. He was never the fastest flyer, but he'd have to try if he'd want to get out of here. He levitated to a higher point - a jagged looking sandstone formation that was smooth to the touch - trying to see beyond the vastness, and preparing himself for his flight. He cupped a hand above his eye, squinting beneath the sun.

This place... this island... was a beautiful hell.

"Going somewhere." Her frigid voice offered him no question, as it ran up his spine like her cold fingers would often do.

Where... how... "N-n-no. I just wanted to... go for a walk." He climbed down from the rocky perch as a child might with his hand caught in the cookie jar, finding familiar steps in the crooked craggy surface, like pulled out cupboards as a makeshift staircase, a meekness in him like seeing a disappointed mother.

She brushed her hair over her ear, letting it fall, as she didn't exactly smile, but did something closer to what a pleased demoness might exude: An assured confidence that she was the one in control. "That's good. Especially after I gave you strict instruction never to leave."

"I was gonna be back." He tried to plead his case, even though he was lying.

"We've talked about chaining you up." She shook her finger firmly. "Don't make me actually do it."

He was thrown for a loop, an anxiety already building just imagining having even less freedom. She was... always one to deliver on threats. He resigned, allowing himself to be taken back through a long and insulting walk. "I'm not game for you to hunt." He tried his best to defy her, but his cowardice was clear, a muttering under his breath.

He froze up, wishing she hadn't heard him. "Mmmm, that's right - you're more like..." She pressed a finger to her chin, then tilted her head - it was clear in the way she looked that she already knew the answer long before she verbalized it. "My pet -- and sometimes..." She snorted about her superiority. "Pets run away."

That made him stew, his teeth grinding a little.

"Shoo. Go along. Get inside, dog." Her left hand held up her elbow, as she rotated her right in a dismissive fashion. That casual use of that powerful wrist had him worried on top of it leaving him rattled.

"And what are you gonna do today?" As if he actually cared.

"I'm gonna pay Central City a visit. Heard they've managed to rebuild even after my last visit."

His fists tightened. If he didn't say or do something, it would be like he was responsible. "Eighteen! You just can't go and-"

Her lip curled, as a mild noise of amusement left her. "Trite."

"Excuse me?" He hadn't felt so offended.

Her thumb held her chin, as her middle finger and index finger crossed her lips. "Trying to stop me. We've been through this before. You know you really can't stop me from having fun, so why bother?" How can you say the word 'fun' and sound so emotionless about it?

"I don't know... but it- hmmmm." He exhaled like a dragon, his frustrated thinking really was getting him nowhere. Maybe it was a dumb thing for him to even try at this point... "I'll see you later tonight." He acted like he hadn't done anything prior to that, and hoped she'd feel the same way.

18 reached out towards him, allowing him to see down the cuff of her loose long sleeved shirt with the horizontal stripes, as she ruffled his hair... or maybe more accurately and unwantingly for him: she pet him. "Not that you have a choice."

He grumbled on his way back, slamming the door. He dug into his backpack like he had homework to do, pulling out some of the rations he had packed. Mostly junk 18 recovered from the city. 18 rationed out the supplies at her discretion - she told him it was an attempt to prevent him from getting fat. He skipped a few days, so he could make sure he'd have enough for the journey, but he could splurge a bit today, his efforts for naught. Peeling back the tin of his canned dinosaur meat with refried beans, he ate in peace, saving the chocolate bar for dessert. The saltiness hit him early, and he took a swig of capsule water. He tried to milk it for all it was worth, occasionally peeking at the outside world, expecting something to change.

It didn't.

It was like a painting.

A well lit standstill of early morning nature.

The spoon swirled with a squeak as he placed the now empty can down with haste, tapping his heart at the onset of heartburn. He then picked at his teeth, a piece of gristle stuck. The most exciting part of his day was over. He meditated, watching the sun rise and fall in rapid fashion - missing the moon that used to be in the sky at night. The moonless nights made the sky way too dark, but he disliked the dark for more than the missing space rock, as he knew what the darkness meant.

Android 18 would be coming home to roost.

He stared out of the four panelled pane of glass in the wooden door, and like he could feel her nonexistent ki, he moved away, knowing she had landed out there.

He heard the door scrape followed by some wind slipping in, before it was closed back up. Her denim jacket vest folded over one arm, and then twisted over the other, and not bothering to take off her shoes -- she was rude on top of everything else.

Her light steps were like drums on his psyche. "Where oh where is my little slave."

He darted.

He could be dead in a buried hole with no sign of life, and she'd still find him.

Android 18 opened the closet door, finding only where he used to be. Her eyes scanned every inch of it, finding nothing except for maybe his old heat markings. "The game is cute, but only as long as it entertains me." There was a hint of insidious snark in her voice.

He slid out from his spot: A laundry hamper.

She must have seen the look on his face. Her voice was throaty with a humored tone. "Teheheh, someones a little grumpy today."

He shot forward. "How do you expect me to act, Eighteen?"

"I thought you'd enjoy alone time with a girl like me." As if to prove her point, 18 vogued for him, showing off sides of her face through her hand, particularly with her gold earring in sight.

"Being trapped with a beautiful woman wouldn't be so bad, if..." His eyes flicked on instinct down towards her lower half. "You just didn't have that between your legs."

"Hmph." 18 took more mild offense to that than anger. "There you go again, worrying about things you can't change -- besides, I think it gives me a certain charm." She said with a knowing smugness. "Speaking of which... I'm gonna turn in early." She slung her jacket over her shoulder, two fingers like a clothing hook -- and she did it in a way that was, dare he say it because he hated giving the devil her due: Badass. "Now hurry to bed." She stopped on a dime, her free hand on her hip, looking over the same shoulder. "And I do mean, hurry." Eighteen never did anything over the top to let him know her intentions like licking her lips seductively -- instead, she just gave him that look as she made her exit.

She left him standing there in a stupor, like usual. He wished she brought home alcohol sometimes. That would make things easier. He slapped his face in a rhythm, 'alright, come on.' He waited till her footsteps were silent, and that's when he began his long trudge to follow after her. She chose the biggest bedroom in the place - of course, taking a left after some stairs. Stood in her door way, light on it's dimmest setting, she was laying in repose on her bed, her legs crossed. Eighteen gave him the 'come hither' with a single finger. "Don't leave a lady waiting." Her voice had dropped a vocal register. The way she said it made him think that she wanted him in a way that didn't involve... that.

His movements were well practiced, as he undid her belt with the gold buckle, which held up her denim skirt. As he slipped it down with her help, he could already see it even as she raised her knees, hiding within her tight black leotard pants, a tightly packaged sausage.

"Don't just stare. Unsheath your ladies sword." It was a sword alright... his quivering finger dangled - but the outline aggressively jutted at him, causing him to pull away. It was like a snake wanting its freedom. "It won't bite. You should know that by now." Her panty selection always seemed painful, but maybe she didn't feel it, as it looked like an unwanted guest in its own home. Her squeezing pair of knickers squished her genitals down, sending her heavy looking balls out the two leg entrances, the both of them a series of colors ranging from reddish to orange. Her pink tip crested above the frilly, nearly seethrough top, pressing down into her taut stomach, a trail of precum leaking into her bellybutton.

Pulling on the elastics at sides of her hips, the massive eight inch cock flopped out with a 'fwoom', before rising to the occasion, stiff as a board. The underside of it a thick vessel of blood beating into a purple head that throbbed, as he watched it grow, pulse, and escape the foreskin that held it hidden - the whole thing looking almost silly on her tiny hipped body. "Staring won't make it go away." She stretched, her black shirt loose, which exposed her flexing taut and tight tummy, while her hands rested behind her head as her arms triangled out.

He grabbed it, but it felt more like he was wrangling it. It had a sheen to it, and he could feel the sweat in its wrinkled skin. It felt like it was growing against his palm, the heft immense as he wielded her rod, staring into it, his nose and mouth inches away, the musk mild, yet it never insulted his sense of smell. "It's been a long day." His jaw relaxed, as he moved in on it. He could already taste it without tasting it, as the large head sat in his mouth, causing him to salivate like crazy as it radiated heat in his skull. "How about using your tongue?" Her voice came out throaty, her teeth bitten into her lower lip.

He tried to delay himself, but he knew it was better to dive in. His tongue dabbled and danced, a sourness from her pores and a saltiness from her engorged bulb, both of which he endured, as he still delivered his serpentine licks, mapping out its shape in his head, particularly the vein that splintered two ways, standing out even further as her skin pulled back. "That's right... don't be shy." Android 18 sat up, looking down on him. "Really get in there." Their eyes crossed, and he nodded, as he lead his tongue, trying to slip past the snug foreskin; a squishiness preventing from getting a foothold even deeper. "Aaaaaaaaaaah, that's it~" 18 fell back, letting out a soft moan that started loud, but cascaded back down into just her throat. Her legs straightened out, her feet going off the edge of the bed, as he watched her toes curl then sprout in different directions, all while having her stiff cock past his teeth and in his cheek.

She brought him down to her base, his chin against her smooth balls, his vision affixed on her hairless groin. "Grgl-grk" Even with it as a wedge blocking his windpipe, he drooled on it and around it. Their event together started nearly silently, but now, sloppy sucking noises filled the room, as her shaft now glistened with his spit as opposed to her sweat, as her hips began to buck upwards to meet her own demands that he just wasn't satisfying.

Then she started going faster, without letting him anticipate things, as her member slammed the back of his throat; tickling his tonsils. He coughed and gagged, which did little to persuade her to stop. He pounded and beat on her thighs to no avail, as her breaths whined more and more, sounding more and more shallow with each grazing of her salami past his tongue. "Nnnnnnghaaaah!" 18 threw her chin up, and her knees mountained out. She was going to be cumming soon, and before he could escape, she held him in place -- but even just as gently as she held him by the back of his head, it had a holding force that made him feel like he was going to become a permanent fixture to her penis. "Hnn... hnnn... mmmmm!" Those raised knees clamped to the sides of his ears, the world almost becoming deaf, as torrents of gushing cum pushed out from her reddened slit, flooding his gums and all the way up to his sinuses, forcing a shotgun blast of white stuff from out his nose, his cheeks puffing out. The only thing he could do to stop himself from drowning in her spunk was gulping down close to a pint of it, the only signal that it was going to stop pouring from her faucet was that her intervaled penis winces were becoming less and less powerful.

As he nursed the last bit of 18's cock milk from her hose, he let it fall from his face, as he reached up to wipe away the greasy feeling that her penis rubbed off on him. The salty taste was still stuck to the roof of his mouth, as his vow of never getting used to its texture and smell still rang true. Eighteen looked content, a slight curve to her lip. Her eyes shut. He felt ashamed. Embarrassed. He tried to slip away, making his presence as little known as he could -- and he nearly made it out the door.

"Is this another job you're going to leave half finished?" She taunted.

He was shocked to see her up so fast when she was just in bed a second ago. Her prick went to and fro in the air from thigh to thigh, sending flecks of wetness he hadn't swallowed around and a resounding meaty slapping sound that reminded him just how thick it was, as it went from semi-erect to fully stiff again in the time it took to cross over towards him, her sagging sack stuck in between her legs.

He had done everything she had asked of him, and still wanted more.

He watched 18 strip her top off, her tits getting hung up and caught, before the raising neckline finally allowed them to spill out in a bouncing drop, revealing a nice set of soft looking, large and perky breasts; her pink nipples as small as eraser nubs, yet just as erect as her penis. "Now you." He reached for the corner of his shirt, and that got an instant reaction from her and a wagging finger. "Tch tch tch." She nudged her chin forward. "I meant your pants."

"Eighteen, I-" She raised her hand as if to strike. He cowered, expecting a blow.

Instead, her hand ran soft through his scalp. Even his tired body relented, letting himself fall for it, before she sent him hurtling to the bed with ease. She was on top of him in a flash, those crystal blue eyes staring daggers into him. A familiar ferocity, back to when he feared both her and her brother's unofficial rule over the world. The way she decimated cities. He scrambled to get away, but she was fast - so much faster. Her strength unyielding as she forced him in a flip face first into the bed. "EIGHTEEN! NO! GET OFF ME!" He growled as she yanked his pants down, her nails clawing a trail on his behind as she did it.

"You know I like to spread the love around." She purred. 18 was like a cat on the prowl, and she had dinner in her sights. His struggling came to a stop as her unwieldly looking protrusion rested upon his buttocks, which reminded him how precarious his position was. Eighteen enjoyed the visual of how it ran all the way up and covered his crack. She gave her gleaming meat wand a wag, drumming out a beat on him before aiming herself downward. He could feel her knocking, and his body on instinct tightened up. Eighteen's face snarled, still managing to look beautiful even while angered. "Come on! Don't fight me on this!"

Sat on her haunches, she knocked his knees further apart, but this time, he didn't move a muscle, but even with all the spit shining in the world, she still tore through him. His knuckles tightened and ripped out the bedsheets from the corners as it sunk in finally. "Guuuuh-" His throat scratched, and his face contorted. This wasn't the first time and he knew it wouldn't be the last, but there was just no getting used to it.

"Oooo..." Her eyes shut, and her exhale was that of release even if she had just started. It seemed like even being just inside could get her off. Though he wasn't that lucky, as she began her slow moving rhythm, a struggle to accept all of it. Once she had snaked her way in fully, she took hold of his waist, before churning his insides with solid impacted bumps, her ass clenching and then releasing, but her face and bosom were unmoving. She wasn't sloppy like he might have been in her position, a true mastery of her body. "Don't worry, it'll be over soon." She punctuated each word with a thrust.

She had lied, like always, as she soon started getting throatier, her grunts becoming louder, with a haughty laugh sometimes following. 18 evolved into something more bestial, her earlier pumping almost timid, but now it was a sharp fucking being delivered into him, which caused him to inchworm out of the way of her unintentionally, in her haze, Eighteen nearly slipped. She slapped both sides of his ass. "Move." Her commanding voice came. He followed through, his behind raising to meet her demands, but her penis always tracked him, never losing her place. Her hands trailed with verve from his torso to his chest, gripping him closer to herself, her spine arching, her udders squishing, as the closest thing to exhaustion that could affect 18, overcame her features, with strands of golden hair falling out of place, matting in crisscrossed thatches on her brow.

Pushing her hands down beside his head in an almost pushup position, she pumped him violently, as if punishing him for causing her to fall mid-stroke. Her tennis sized balls beat him into submission, knocking against his own with speedbag velocity, reminding him just how small he was in comparison to her. Yet despite the harrowing beating she was giving him, she still had a surprising softness to her body, with the hardest thing about her being the very cock he was taking on.

"Gaaah, Eighteen! It's too much!" He whimpered like a dog.

Her nose pressed into the side of his face. "My poor baby still hasn't cum yet." She spoke with an almost slurred drunkenness, like she had to dumb herself down for him. Eighteen then dug her wide forehead into his back, as she clung to him like his backpack, jackhammering his guts like no tomorrow.

"Eighteen!" He shouted out. She might have been onto something, as he couldn't believe it -- despite all the pain, she was hitting something in him that was really getting him going. He had to remind himself of all the suffering she had inflicted on the world, yet his brain became foggy, worrying less and less about the scarred world she had created, now in search of his own primal needs. Sadly, he was denied his orgasm, as 18's teeth latched onto his ear cartilage, which made him cry out, but it wasn't long before her proud erection fired load after load into him, before becoming even more reddened and irritated, her hips moving to unleash another volley, but doing so dryly this time, having exhausted some of her ammunition earlier.

Her cum felt thick, and had a revolting, sweltering boil to it. There was a sensation of fullness, as her spermy ropes fell off his inner walls and into smaller pieces inside him. He wanted the grossness out of himself, but her penis head acted as a dam, which she refused to remove, keeping the both of them connected. 18 rocked in place above him, getting in her last subtle humps in, an insane part of him wishing she'd go again so he might have a chance at finally cumming.

It felt like forever before Eighteen retrieved herself out from him, a dollop of her goo flowing as a string of sticky fluid still connected him and her by a sliver that was quickly broken. With it no longer scraping his innards, the idea of further sex between them was a distant memory, as he held his sides like he were frostbitten, having survived another night he had been taken against his will without a fight. Before he could find comfort beside her, he was brushed off and thrown to the floor. Landing with a thud, the only thing he could be happy about was that he wasn't erect when he did. "Now go to your room, you're back to disgusting me."

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