Green Haired Cutie!

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Disclaimer: I do not own Metal Fight Beyblade nor the characters featured. I make no profit

Green Haired Cutie!

A Metal Fight Beyblade One-Shot.

A Kenta x Madoka Lemon.


Hey Everybody!

Here I am with a new Beyblade story, this time based my favorite series, the Metal Saga! And it's probably the first ever (that I know of) straight lemon with Kenta.

Granted it's very simple in concept, but hey, gotta start somewhere.

Disclaimer Time!

1. I do not own Metal Fight Beyblade, nor the characters featured.

2. This story is a Lemon.

3. This story also contains Straight Shota and Lolicon.

Now let's Go Shoot!




(Clink! Clink! Clink!)

The sound of multiple beys landing on the floor can be heard throughout the room as Flame Sagittario spun undefeated in the middle of the stadium, the green haired boy cheering in victory.

"Wahoo! Way to go Sagittario!" Kenta cried happily, taking his prized Bey back as the other kids congratulated him for his win.

Kenta was happy at the praise, but he noticed that his bey had quite a bit of scuffs and debris all over it.

"I better head over to see Madoka, Sagittario has seen better days." He said mostly to himself.

He turned and left the building, the other kids waving goodbye to him. He made his way through the city, stopping only for stop lights and to wave to Benkei as he and Kyoya trained.

Eventually he arrived at Madoka's workshop, heading inside to see the brown haired girl wiping down the counter of her shop.

"Hey Kenta! What's going on buddy?" She asked the little guy.

"I just need to get Sagittario cleaned. We had a pretty tough battle today." He told her.

"Well let's see then." She said.

They both went to the back of her shop and Madoka sat at her desk putting her goggles on and looking over Kenta's beloved bey. He stood idly by, watching her doing her job as his eyes wondered aimlessly until he couldn't help but notice something.

What he didn't know was that Madoka wasn't wearing her training bra, so her nipples were making noticeable points through her shirt. But not knowing much about breasts or girls for that matter, he thought she had something under her shirt.

"Madoka, are you hiding beys under your shirt?" He asked.

At first confused about what he was talking about, Madoka blushed and tried to explain as best she could.

"Uhh, no Kenta. I'm not hiding beys under my shirt. They're... Oh geez this is embarrassing... They're um, my boobies..." She trailed off, hoping Kenta would get the picture and understand why she was so embarrassed.

Kenta however, only seemed more interested.

"Why do they stick out like that? Can I see?" He asked innocently.

"N-No! I can't just let you see them!" Madoka said, shocked.

"Why not? It's just like if I took my shirt off. See?" He said, taking his own yellow shirt with green stripes off and letting Madoka see his young boyish torso.

"It's different for... Girls... Kenta." She tried to reinforce, but couldn't help but be interested in seeing Kenta's naked chest.

Maybe showing him wouldn't be so bad? He's still young, just curious. Plus the idea was making her lap warm.

"Okay, but you can't tell anyone. Got it Kenta?" She made sure.

"I got it!" He nodded.

She began by removing her small jacket and then lifting her shirt up, revealing her perky A-Cups to the little boy. Kenta looked on in interest, curious about those mounds on Madoka's chest.

"You can touch them if you like." She said with a smile and blush, gently moving her chest to and fro to entice him.

Kenta got closer and Madoka guided his hands and instructed him to be gentle. Despite how small they were, after all she was still 12, Kenta liked how soft they were. When he played with her nipples, she made happy sounds that made Kenta want to please her more. Although it was getting harder to concentrate since his boyhood was feeling very weird.

"Um, Madoka? My pee-pee feels weird..." He admitted, not sure if Madoka would know what to do.

She however, knew fully well what was going on.

"Is it all hard?" She asked.

Kenta nodded and held his hands in front of his pants.

"Well then, let's go to my room and take care of it." She suggested, taking his hand and leading him to her bedroom.

Closing the door behind her she dropped both her and Kenta's shirts on the floor and instructed him to get naked. While embarrassed, Kenta trusted Madoka and did as she asked, kicking his sneakers off along with his socks and his pants, followed by his briefs, revealing his hard 3 inch stiffy pointing up at the ceiling.

Madoka had to keep herself from squeaking in delight at seeing his cute little penis.

"Now I want you to lie down on my bed." She instructed.

He did so, and watched with wide eyes as Madoka got naked as well, taking off her stockings, her skirt and then her panties. Kenta's mouth dropped when he saw that she had no penis of her own, but didn't say anything as he was wondering what she was planning to do as she climbed into bed with him.

She was so enamored by the stiff pole between his thighs.

"You have such a cute little cock!" She said with a breathy tone.

Before he could ask what she meant, Kenta gave a cry of pleasure as she licked all over his stiff pecker. She took in the taste of his boyhood, gliding her tongue all over inch before taking the boner into her mouth, sucking on it like a little popsicle.

Kenta moaned and made boyish squeals as he tried to stay still, it felt so good. His small hips lightly bounced, humping his stiffy into her mouth, wanting more and more.

Feeling her loins burning for attention, Madoka popped his cock out of her mouth and looked his adorable, innocent face.

"Kenta, would you like to help me with an 'itch' I've got?" She asked him.

"Y-Yeah, where?" He asked.

"Well, it's kinda right here," She pointed at her pussy. "So, I think this..." Referring to his penis. "Should be able to help."

She climbed over and straddled him, lowering herself onto his hard stiffy, both of them crying in pleasure.

"Madoka! It's so hot!" Kenta said, unable to fully comprehend that he just lost his virginity.

All he knew as Madoka started to ride him, was that he wanted to do this naked game with Madoka over and over again. He never knew his little pee-pee could be used for something besides peeing, especially something so fun!

Madoka bounced more and more in her seat, one hand toying with her clit as the other playing with her nipple. Kenta grabbed her derriere and bounced it up and down as she rode him harder and harder, he felt a strange feeling in his lower body, the only thing close to what it felt like was a need to go potty.

"Madoka! I'm gonna pee!" He cried, hoping she would stop.

But it only made her go faster. He tried to hold it in, but being unable to use his hands to put pressure on his groin, he was fighting a losing battle and soon he cried out as he came inside her, Madoka sharing an orgasm with him as cum filled up her pussy.

Lying down beside him, Madoka kissed Kenta on the cheek.

"How was it?" She asked.

"Amazing!" He could only say.

"Think you could go again?"

"Uh huh!"

Madoka grinned and lowered her head to take his dick into her mouth again. As she gave him a spectacular blowjob, his penis grew nice and hard again.

This time she lied on her back and had Kenta be on top. Guiding him, she felt him penetrate her pussy again and using her hands on his rump, she had him humping her like a champ. Kenta moaned loudly as he pounded into her, her velvety insides felt amazing on his penis.

The bed creaked and rocked with the rhythm of their lovemaking and Madoka found herself becoming addicted to sex. She was slowly turning into a cock minded girl.

As Kenta kept fucking her, he felt another of those Feel-Good pees coming. As he slammed into her harder and harder, he helped Madoka reach her peak and ask she wrapped her legs around his waist, she came with the force of a train and Kenta cried out as he emptied his balls into her again.

Tired from all the excitement, Kenta fell asleep, so Madoka tucked him into bed and got dressed again so she could go finish cleaning his bey.

She knew she was gonna treat him some more when she was done.


Alright everyone, like I said, simple and to the point. Hope you all liked it!

Chozin out!

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