Saiyan Of Midgar

BY : Sa1yan
Category: Dragon Ball Z > Crossovers
Dragon prints: 214
Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I do not own dragon ball z final fantasy or any of its characters, square enix, Toei Animation and Akira Toriyama, owns these rights, I am not making any profit for writing this

Standing beside one another, two young males look at their destination from atop a moving train with focused eyes.
'Avalanche... Shinra..' One of the men thinks as they draw closer to their destination his thoughts on the promises he had made and the promises that he had yet to complete.
Flash Back..
“Hey you guys! When are you going to start helping out around here?!” A woman with brown hair said to her two best friends at the 7th Heaven bar.
Glancing at her, the darker haired one was about to speak when the blonde one sighed. “We did as you asked, help out your Avalanche team and then be on our way. We are mercinaries you know.”
“Just once more for me? In fact if you two don't go I'll go myself with Barret and the others!”
“Ok.. ok we'll go, man if I had known that that promise was going to come back to bite me I woudn't have made it.” The blonde warrior sighed as he glanced at his darker haired companion.
“Ready to go...

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