Mark of the Saiyan Mate

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Inside a moonlit dressing room sat a fair-skinned beauty whose flowy light blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and angelic features gave her an otherworldly presence. To say she had an hourglass body was clearly an understatement as those shapely legs and exposed slender arms were features for any man to die for.

Such a creature of elegance was, for the moment at least, not in her element though, as her flustered cheeks contrasted sharply to her otherwise milky-white complexion. Adding further to the sense of discomfort were her hands clasping tightly around that pink bathrobe of hers, not to mention the frantic pacing back and forth and mutterings of “I can’t believe I’ve agreed to this! I can’t believe I’m really doing this!”

While her legs carried themselves in an auto piloted fashion, her mind couldn’t help but to drift back several months earlier, back to a mountain hut in the middle of nowhere. It was the start of her dilemma, one she could’ve gotten rid of had she acted differently and this miscalculation had her narrow those breathtaking crystal blue eyes in frustration.

They were there to kill him. Yes, all three of them, and he, their victim laid there bedridden on that sweat-drenched bed. It was all too easy and she should’ve ended his life and yet there’s something about him fighting for his life, all abandoned by his friends that made her did the unthinkable. She ended up handing him the medicine and even planted a small kiss, a teasing, nearly tarty little peck on his cheek as a reminder of her sparing his life.

“You’d better be ready for us next time cause I won’t show you any mercy!”

That had been the only punishment she left him, she had even went so far as lying to her brother and friend.

What followed was a series of fruitless searches that she knew all too well wouldn’t yield any results. Instead, they had ran into that creep named Cell which sent everything spiraling out of control.

Cell, the name still sent shivers through her body and she wrapped her arms around her petite waist even tighter. Cell the greenish devil, the bio-android designed to hunt them down had come for them and in no time had absorbed, no swallowed her twin brother into his being. It then turned its attention on her, licking its lips ready to consume her with that grotesque body sucking tail.

Never had she felt so afraid in her life and in that moment, she had asked for someone, anyone to whisk her away from harm.

That’s when he showed up again, this time fully healed and rather heroically, saved his fallen friends and offered to help her escape.

The blonde woman closed her wavering, almost teary eyes as she recalled the scene. There he was, his spikey jet-black hair waving in the wind, his brown eyes earnest locking against hers for permission. She had wanted to take on his offer as well. Heck, it was near impossible to resist this handsome man staring into her soul offering her a way out. Rather than taking up on the offer though, she had let her ego took control of herself, those icy words coming out of her mouth like daggers, driving him off and to “Mind your own damn business!”

It didn’t seem like such a bad decision at first either, as his arrival had caused enough distractions for her to escape with a very damaged Sixteen. But her relief lasted mere minutes as the creature quickly caught up to them and wrapped its tail around her body. What followed was the worst seconds of her life as she screamed and cried; her haughtiness long abandoned as she disappeared inside the monster’s body.

Thankfully, her journey hadn’t ended there and the next thing she knew, she had woken up on top of what they call Kami’s lookout, with his face hovering over her all concerned. According to his friends, he had risked his life defeating Cell and in the process, caused him to regurgitate her out. To get her even more emotional was that the low class Saiyan warrior had defied his prince and kept her safe, even shielding her unconscious form with his body when Cell exploded.

She was close to tears by then and had wanted to thank him, to show him some form of affection, especially when this Saiyan warrior, her primary target had wished for her and her brother to be returned to what they originally were, humans.

Back in real time, the blonde woman shook her head again in clear disgust for her own actions. Rather than doing what was right, her defensiveness caused her to curse at him leaving him clearly saddened as she leapt off the platform.

Oh boy what a mistaken that had been too, since as human, she wasn’t able to control her ki yet and ended free falling hundreds of miles downwards, until he suddenly appeared and held onto her protectively that was. It was there in his arms that she completely lost herself, burying her head against his chest and cried silently.

She knew she was destined to be his back then and swore an oath she’d do anything for him, even if he wouldn’t return the feeling. After all, he was married according to Dr. Gero’s database.

Then the impossible happened again. It was one rainy night she’ll never forget, that one night when she was staring out into the clouds, about to doze into a sleep when she heard the knocks on the door. There he stood, drenched and shivering, stood by her run down shack in the middle of nowhere asking for permission to enter. This strongest man in the entire galaxy, her savior then poured his soul out, letting her know he couldn’t live with his overbearing, abusive, controlling wife anymore. She still remembered how she held onto his wet body until they both fell asleep.

They then started dating, and eventually it happened.

She still remembered it like it was yesterday since, well, it was really just yesterday that he had popped the question. The handsome spikey haired man had got onto one knee and took out a pair of stunning sapphire rings, his dark brown eyes glistening with determination as he let those words out.

“Will you become my lawfully wedded wife, both as a human and a Saiyan mate, and share the rest of eternity with me?”

She couldn’t possibly say no. It was a dream come true.

This led to a private ceremony witnessed only by her brother and his son from his previous marriage. They had kissed on that altar, their first kiss that made her dizzy just thinking about it. Those firm lips of his were more than she could ask for and in a state of overwhelming emotion, she had passed out in his arms according to her brother.

All that took place just hours ago as now at their new home, which just happened to be a mansion on a tranquil, secluded tropical island her husband had bought as their wedding gift, he had asked her if she’d be willing to fulfill her engagement promise. To “Go through the Saiyan wedding with him and become his mate.”

“Of course my husband, but what’s a Saiyan wedding? And how do you know this when you’ve never been taught the Saiyan way?” She had asked curiously.

“I don’t know where and how I had gotten the information darling, somewhere deep inside tells me it takes much more than exchanging rings to tie the knot. We need to...perform some kind of ritual and I need your help. Can you help me?” He had stated rather seriously, if not in a dark and almost animalistic way.

It was as if the Saiyan side had come out, ready to show her all the secrets and inner workings of being a Saiyan.

“Yes!” was the last dreaded word uttered in perhaps a bit too much enthusiasm from her. It was impossible to take it back though, especially after seeing his eager grin and receiving a certain outfit he’d like her to wear for the ritual.

Now the said outfit clung onto her body, covered only by the bathrobe. It was an outfit she couldn’t force herself to look at for just one more second and was contemplating taking it off for something more conservative.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Three gentle knockings on her door snapped the blonde beauty from her thoughts and sent her jumping, letting out a small but audible gasp. She knew the fateful time had come and he was here for her, and that there weren’t any excuse she could think of.

“Eighteen! Are you ready babe?” came a male’s voice from the other side of the door that caused her limbs to weaken.

“N-no o-of course not!” replied the beauty named Eighteen still holding onto her bathrobe for her dear life, not exposing even an inch more skin.

“What’s the matter?” asked the man curiously.

“I’m just not ready. I’m not sure if I want to do this tonight.” Confessed Eighteen after gingerly opening her bathrobe then quickly closing it, her blush intensified by the sight.

“But we’ve talked about this already babe.” He pressed on with an almost pleading tone.

Yes, yes we have husband. I’ve even promised myself I’d do anything for you.” She agreed mentally but the only words coming out of her shivering lips were “Well I’m having second thoughts.”

There was no response for a couple of seconds, which saw Eighteen strangely getting increasingly worried she had driven him off until the man spoke once more. “Can I at least come in?”

“N-no, y-es, I mean wait...”

A light chuckle passed through the walls separating them, then came his stern response. “Well I’m coming in babe and we’ll discuss this okay?”

It wasn’t a question, and she knew it. If he really wanted to come in nothing could prevent him she thought. No, there’s nothing in this world that could possibly stop the strongest man on Earth and possibly the entire universe so the only question was how would he deal with this small flimsy wooden door separating them. She would soon found her answer as those excited yet slightly fearful eyes observed the doorknob began glowing a golden glow before the sounds of lock mechanism being undone reached her.

“Wait Go...!”

Eighteen didn’t had time to finish her sentence before the door opened and more illumination aside from the moonlight shined into her room. Standing by the door with his back facing the florescent light of the hallway was a muscular figure of considerable height, at least a head taller than her. What really set him apart from other men was his spikey hair that seemed to point toward all directions and a faint golden glow casting faint light on his surroundings. To make this man built like ancient Greek statue all the more alien was his furry monkey tail that wagged all excitedly.

“Hey what’s with the darkness sweetheart? Here let me turn on the light.” Said the individual going for the switch.

“No Goku, don’t!”

It was too late; the light was already on as it illuminated her entire body and, more importantly for her, his. The man was built like a god and she knew because he had nothing on other than a pair of black briefs that left little covered to her awed gaze. Although it was true she had seen him in different levels of nakedness before, this was the first time those gorgeous abs, chiseled chest, and muscular limbs were completely exposed to her. The only other article on him came from a beautiful bluish glow, the sapphire ring on his ring finger that was identical to one she wore.

This wasn’t where her eyes ended up though, as they zeroed in on his undergarment and the impressive bulge underneath. The bulge, the small tent, the monster, although jaw-dropping, was clearly at its normal, non-erected state seeing Goku was hardly blushing. Needless to say, this only made her body temperature rise.

“Common Eighteen, what’s with the shyness? You looked great.” Said Goku as he began approaching, apparently unaware of her dilemma when in reality, he was perfectly aware of it because truth being told, he was having trouble controlling himself from imaging what laid underneath that blasted robe.

She instinctually backed away from him, causing him to stop.

“Babe? Honey?” asked Goku worried.

She took a deep breath, closing her eyes briefly, “I don’t think I’m ready for this Goku, you know, to go through the Saiyan ritual. I’m just not ready.” There was clear trace of fear in her voice.

The Saiyan warrior paused fearing the worst, but he nevertheless managed to state the next part light heartedly trying to ease the tension, “Is that it? You are getting cold feet?”

“No it’s not just cold feet, it’s something much more.” She protested, her hands trembling holding onto the robe as if fearing it would disintegrate in his steely gaze, which she bet was probably his intention as there was no concealing the hunger in his fiery brown orbs. After all, no one could possibly ask their partner to wear that without literally looking forward to it.

“But that’s what it is Eighteen. All newlyweds get cold feet during their honeymoon and I assure you it will be all over soon.” Reassured the spikey-haired Saiyan coolly. “Besides, I was the same way during my first marriage. Chichi had to...”

“Don’t mention that in front of me husband! I thought we’ve agreed on never discussing that woman in my presence!” She interrupted him assertively the first time, her beautiful eyes narrowing in displeasure.

The Saiyan warrior raised both hands defensively. “Okay, okay, right. I’ve forgotten how irked you are by the fact I’ve been married previously.” He paused, flashing her an award-winning grin then continued in a darker tone, “And you have no idea how your possessiveness turned me on. If I could rewind time I’d not go through with my first marriage and save myself for you, my true wife!”

During his delivery, Goku tried sounding confident and sincere yet on the inside, he was afraid this beautiful creature would leave him forever, married or not. He could still recall how cold and aloof she had been when he saved her from Cell, how, even after being turned into a human, Eighteen hadn’t showed much emotion. At first, she appeared so icy he was afraid she’d ran away anytime he misspoke something. It wouldn’t be until several months after they started dating did the young woman began opening herself to him and he could be more carefree with what he says.

Even now, he was surprised she had said “Yes” to his marriage proposal and had agreed to go through with this Saiyan marriage, this ritual initiated by two lovers who had agreed to merge their souls together.

Bringing himself back from the reminiscence, the Saiyan warrior was relieved to see his human spouse, his soon-to-be mate hadn’t ran away but was smiling at him, her hands loosening around her bathrobe.

It was a sign he couldn’t possibly ignore, it was his chance and Goku quickly made his approach once more, cautious step by cautious step at a time least his eagerness scared her off. He took a mental breather when he was finally standing on front of her, his sturdy broad chest pressing against her perfectly sized, not too large yet definitely well-endowed bosom through the pink robe. The contact sent a wave of electricity through his body and he was all too sure she had felt the surge of want as she jerked backwards as if shocked by the energy.

The Saiyan warrior couldn’t allow distance to be drawn between them however, and faster than her eyes could blink, his battle-worn fingers had grasped her chin, tilting her head up for a closer look at those facial features that he could clearly make out even in his dream.

“Damn, you are so beautiful Eighteen! I’m so lucky you are mine!” Proclaimed Goku sincerely.

“T-thank you Goku, y-you are quite handsome yourself.” Eighteen admitted hesitantly, her heart pounding painfully right next to his chest.

“I want to see more of you, may I?”

The dreaded question had finally arrived. Despite the fact he had asked it gently, it was a yes or a no, acceptance or decline and she had to make a choice. Part of her, the passionate side could barely contain her desire for him but there was also another side, a more reserved side that cautioned her against this all smiling but secretly very perverted man.

A glimpse at his kind, dark brown eyes that showed nothing but love made her cheeks flushed yet again and the blonde beauty reprimanded herself for doubting her husband, her other half’s character.

Besides who isn’t eager during their honeymoon? I’m his newly wed wife and what’s so wrong about wanting to see me in something revealing? Cause I know I’m enjoying this brief-clad hunk myself. ” She thought growing hot with want herself.

“Fine you horny monkey, but only cause you asked so nicely.” Said Eighteen pushing herself away from him, still putting on an icy demeanor.

After taking a deep breath that steadied all internal trembling, the blonde beauty reached for the sash that tied her robe and untied it, letting her robes part slightly giving him a glimpse of what’s underneath.

She may not be aware of it, but his member nearly doubled in size just from the sneak peek.

Next, she grabbed the garment itself and slid it down her shoulder and from there, gravity did the rest.

The warm blooded Saiyan warrior wasn’t sure how he looked, but from the clear display of contempt and embarrassment on her face he must’ve looked rather awkward, like school boy horny awkward. Standing mere inches in front was a divine being in nothing but a triangular string bikini that covered only the most essential.

Now to be honest this wasn’t the first time he had seen the swimsuit, as right before their wedding during their shopping trip, he had handpicked this gift solely for their first time. The slutty bikini, as she called it, consisted of three pink elastic triangles connected by shiny, golden strings. The problem laid with how stunning Eighteen looked in it, as the side tied golden strings matched her silvery blonde hair perfectly and the bright pink covers brought out all her feminine charms. Looking closer, he could make out her breasts straining against her bikini top and the folds of her womanhood were clearly visible through the pink bikini panty that hugged her pussy tightly.

“Goku?” Asked Eighteen unable to hide her flushed face and almost considered covering herself once again.

The Saiyan chuckled. “Sorry babe, but you are just too beautiful I lost a moment there. Now can you please turn around? I’d like to appreciate you some more!”

She blushed yet again put complied, letting her back face him as requested which unexpectedly had her worried at what he might do now that her eyes were off from him.

The wife need not worry though, as he was caught in a daze checking out her exposed back and more importantly, her mostly bare rare end. The pink gold bottom turned out to be a thong and the triangle at the back was much smaller, leaving much of her round ass cheeks exposed for his pleasure.

Damn, that’s one child bearing hips if I ever saw one!” Goku thought to himself, his eyes zeroing in on a specific part of her covered by the narrow strip of thong.

No longer able to satisfy his craving for her, the Saiyan husband began walking forward.

The blonde human wife heard his footsteps drawing closer and feared what her undoubtedly horny husband would do. She was exposing too much of her skin with this string bikini and besides, this Saiyan lover of hers obviously wasn’t as innocent as she’d like to believe. So when she heard him right behind her, the wife couldn’t keep still anymore and tried spinning around.

Except she couldn’t as his heavily muscled arms had wrapped around her petite body, his firm broad chest pressing against her silken skin. The sudden contact made her gasp, her cherry-like mouth shrieking out “G-Goku!” in a high-pitched way that would’ve made her blush in embarrassment had his masculine scent and physical contact not occupied her mind already. Even without laying her eyes on him, she could tell just how well built he was through skin contact alone. He was like a war god and she could feel every battle scar on him, undeniable proof of his experience.

“Goku?” she asked again, much calmer this time.

Goku responded by inhaling deeply against her skin, taking in her feminine scent. He then planted a kiss on the back of her neck and, in a rather daring move, ran his tongue over the exposed skin. This made her moan aloud shamelessly and her feet grew weak as she fell deeper into his embrace.

“See babe, there’s nothing wrong with showing yourself to me now is there?” The Saiyan warrior whispered against her ear then nibbled on her earlobes. So far she tasted exactly like what he’d imagined, no, far exceeded it as the creamy skin’s texture was may more delicious than any of the food he’s tasted.

“And this is just the dessert, wait until I get to savor the main course!” The Saiyan warrior in heat said aloud already feeling his cock growing stiff with want.

The blonde goddess’s entire body was on fire and she felt rather light headed, so much so she wasn’t able to comprehend whatever he had just said.

This blasted Saiyan is talking dirty! What a creep...even if he’s my creep of a horny husband.” Thought Eighteen biting down her lips from giving away all her dignity with whimpers and moans.

She would quickly discover that staying silent was itself a herculean task though, as he began rubbing that briefs confined cock against her scantily covered hips. The heat radiating from his tip easily penetrated the thin material and gradually melted the last remains of her icy exterior. Like a snow-capped mountain defrosting in inevitable summer heat, her maidenhood was growing wet

If that wasn’t enough, his calloused hands were now toying her thong, pulling the golden strings as if trying to untie the knots. When she tried to stop him, the Saiyan wrapped his tail around her wrists, restraining her.

"Goku please, please not yet." She begged feeling the thong loosening.

The Saiyan only chuckled as he suddenly released the elastic material, releasing the pressure as the golden strings bounced back, hitting her hips. The resulting cry was music to his ears and he repeated the torture, pulling those golden strings and deforming the pink triangle cover to their limits then let go, watching as she squirmed in his teasing.

Just when things couldn’t get any more heated, Goku suddenly spun her around and captured those cherry lips of hers in a fiery kiss.

“Mmmm!” Eighteen moaned into his mouth as those firm lips made contact with hers for the first time since their human wedding. Last time it had been at a semi-public location and while both were clearly in the mood, the presence of Seventeen and Gohan had made any daring maneuver impossible. This time there in the private of their home, the Saiyan was more daring as his tongue brushed against her strawberry scented mouth asking for entrance, which she soon granted opening her mouth to him.

Goku was in heavens tasting her mouth, his tongue twirling all over her orifice enjoying her exquisite taste. It wasn’t long before his questing muscle found her passive tongue and began rubbing against it, urging her to return the heated kiss.

At first, she didn’t know how to respond and merely moaned in pleasure which irritated the Saiyan as he released her ass cheeks before giving them a hard slap.

“Mmph!” She let out a sharp scream feeling the sudden contact, only to scream again and again as he roughed her now hand printed buttock. To her surprise, the pain was rather enjoyable and she pressed her mouth closer, her tongue brushing against his gingerly as if asking for more. Another spanking and his tongue rubbing hers greeted her and, finally getting the clue, she returned his wild tongue thrashing by wrestling with it. Soon sounds of them sucking each other and his strong hand clasping her firm assets rang throughout the room.

Both were panting for breath when they finally parted, their cheeks flushed and a saliva trail connecting their tongues. Goku was by now checking out his aroused wife and thought to himself just how gorgeous she looked, her always well-kept hair slightly amess and her fair skin reddening in excitement, making her look even more enticing. Telling himself he had prepared her enough for their main course, not to mention it was getting increasingly difficult to keep his locked up family jewel in check, the Saiyan picked her up protectively and carried her out of her dressing room.

“Let’s get the Saiyan ritual started shall we sweetheart?” The Saiyan asked teasingly, giving her thong-covered hips another slap.

All she could do was moan and relax in his muscular arms, letting her husband carry her away to a more fitting location.

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