Promise To An Angel

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Author's Note: This section contains mention of rape. If that offends please do not read. I am in no shape or form condoning the action of rape. If you or someone you know has been raped, lease tell someone about it and get the help that you need. You may even help stop someone from doing it to others if you come forward.

Also, I apologize for who I am making my villain. I needed a bad guy and he was who I chose even though I personally don't have anything against him. I hope I don't offend anyone by my choice. Now Please enjoy.

CHAPTER 2: Remembrances

The day had started like any other. Duo and I were to infiltrate a nearby base with Quatre providing cover for us. Adding Quatre to the strike team had been a last minute decision on my part since I had a gut feeling that things weren't going to be as simple as the mission specs stated. According to the reports, the security system that was in place around the base was laughable and I had to wonder what it was they were hiding. You know the saying about hiding in plain sight? That was how this mission felt. I could feel that there was more to the base than it seemed. And I was right . . .

There was only minimal security outside but inside was another story. There were two more garrisons of troops stationed inside that were unaccounted for. I only found out because the food rations weren't matching the amount of soldiers that were practically being paraded in plain sight.

It felt wrong. Very wrong.

But a mission was a mission and no matter how I felt about this particular mission, I wasn't one to say no to an assignment. So, I pushed my gut instincts aside and took us in. I should have listened to my instincts. Why didn't I listen? I knew what was waiting for us, but I was arrogant. I thought that we could still get in and out unnoticed. I mean I was working with the man of shadows himself. I never counted on Duo's selflessness. I never thought he would go so far as to protect me, a worthless cold soldier.

But he did and now I am the one who has to live with it. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Overall, the mission went well that early morning. We were able to get in undetected and I had just hacked into the central computer lab when Duo said that he was going to secure my route out then head for our new safe house. I had no reason to doubt him. Why should I? He never lied, right? So, I told him fine and that we'll meet him there. I still had to download the virus the doctors gave us into the base's system. But I didn't need Duo for that. Damn it!! If only he had stayed with me, he would have been safe. Instead, he blundered into a nightmare.

Yeah I know. Duo blunder? He's the stealthiest one of us all, but it seems that he had taken a hit in the firestorm that followed him as he escaped the base. I never even noticed he was in trouble, as I was safely ensconced in the master computer room with soundproof walls. A nuclear blast could have gone off outside and I wouldn't have known it.

Duo, he knew I had no idea of what he had stumbled into and not wanting to draw attention to my position, he raced away taunting the men to catch him if they could. That was just his style. He had almost made it out when a single shot clipped him in the shoulder, spinning him around. It didn't stop him though as he brought his gun to bear on the sniper that managed to clip him. A single shot echoed down the long corridor before slamming into its intended target.

Duo then spun on his heel, easily making his escape. I later learned that he had radioed Quatre and told him that the corridor was clear for me and that he was going on ahead. Quatre had told him to wait, that he felt something was wrong, but Duo didn't listen to the blond. I often wish he had waited. Maybe if he had, he wouldn't have died. And I wouldn't be alone . . . So alone . . .

Duo just shrugged off Quatre's warning with a joke, continuing on his way and Quatre was too busy dealing with a couple of Mobile Dolls to stop him. He appeared to have given the Ozzies the slip but wounded as he was, Duo didn't pay attention to his surroundings as he simply opened the door to the safe house without properly checking first. He gave the empty house a cursory look before heading into the bathroom to get a shower, locking the door behind him. He never noticed the figure that lurked in the house's shadows, watching and waiting.

Stripping out of his bloodied clothes, he looked at them in dismay before stepping into the steaming hot spray, leaving his hair braided. He hissed in pain as the hot water came into contact with his feverish skin from the gunshot wound he received; yet, he still managed to finish his shower in record time. He was just getting out when he heard a light scratching noise coming from the other side of the bathroom door.

Curious, he picked up his gun from where he had dropped it earlier, placing a new clip in the bottom of the gun. Jerking open the bathroom door, he gasped in surprise to find a tall blond man kneeling on the floor, lock pick in hand. In retrospect, I believe Duo realized what a fool he had been to open that door in the first place. But how could he have known? He couldn't and that was his downfall.

The tall blond man had smirked up at him as the door was pulled open to reveal a completely naked and utterly ravishing Duo. How do I know all this you ask? Well you see, I had been to the safe house before our mission specs even came through. I knew where we were going to stay beforehand. I always knew and I always came prepared. I had small mini camcorders placed around the safe house and in each of the rooms. I had originally told myself it was just a precaution, but even then I knew I was lying.

I had put the cameras up simply for the pure enjoyment of watching Duo at odd times. It was a terrible habit of mine, one I haven't been able to break. I am not even sure if he ever knew of the existence of the cameras. If he did, he never said anything to me about it. Still, I think he knew of at least some of them, else he wouldn't strip as sexily as he often did in plain view of one of the supposedly hidden cameras. Guess, I will never know for sure . . . Anyway, this obsession with my lover led his killer to his eventual demise, which I am exhilarated over. The tapes caught everything from Duo's rape to his murder to his desecration. It was most disturbing imagery and I think what might have brought me to this point.

I stabbed myself deeper with the knife, the blood staining the once white towel crimson, but I didn't care. I couldn't feel anything anymore anyhow. All my emotions, those that I did have, died the day I lost my best friend and my lover. The one I had wished to spend eternity with and was denied, all because of some rich snobbish aristocrat who liked to play soldier. He didn't even know what the Hell we fought for. How could he possibly think he could understand us; that he wasn't tainted with the blood of innocents as we were and are?

I showed him the error of his ways. The heir to the Peacecraft throne will do no one any more harm. He is no more. In fact I even sent a piece of him to Relena to serve as a gruesome reminder of how far she and her brother had sunk. Yes, it was she who masterminded my Duo's downfall. She always did know where to find us when we didn't want her too, and she used that to her advantage by sending her brother out to fetch the five of us.

I chuckle without humor. My Duo showed him though. Even wounded, my lover was creative and used what resources he had against the blond. I think that surprised the other man especially when the braid began to choke him. Struggling against the thick rope of wet hair was especially difficult for the blond man causing him to pass out, leaving Duo free. Free to run. Free to kill. But Duo did none of these things. He was simply too exhausted. Stumbling across the bathroom floor, Duo tugged back on his jeans and pulled his shirt over his head, though his body was screaming at him.

Even now, I can see the pain etched on my lover's face as he managed to slip the soiled garments back on. His nose crinkling in that delightful way when he was annoyed. Holding his gun steady, he crept back out into the hall of the safe house. He knew that if one could find him, then so could others. Stumbling, he made his way to the door of our supposed sanctuary. He never got there.

That man. That blasted pig!! He should have been out for hours but apparently Duo's strength was weaker than even he realized. The blond grabbed Duo by his injured shouldeausiausing my lover's face to twist up in anguish. I believe he even blacked out for a moment or two as he was dragged into one of the bedrooms and tied over the back of a chair. The band around his braid was broken, letting his gorgeous chestnut locks flow free around his sdersders while the man quickly tore or wrenched Duo's clothes off of him.

I could have killed him for that. But he had to go and make it worse for my lover. And I, being who I am, snapped. All the feelings that I had kept carefully bottled up sprang forth in that moment when I knew what the blond was going to do to Duo. I think I screamed when I saw him ram into Duo's tight heat causing the boy to whimper loudly. His violet eyes shimmering with tears that he refused to let fall. The blond hadn't even tried to make things easier on my koi. I swore then and there the man would pay. Oh yes, he would pay for every hurt he inflicted on my love.

TBC . . .

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