Promise To An Angel

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Chapter 3: HORROR

I was so enraged I never even noticed when Quatre knocked the door off its hinges and burst into the room that I had sequestered myself into. I guess he was rather terrified that something had happened to me. I mean what other reason could make me of all people scream? Well, something had happened to me. It just wasn't what he expected, but I think he was just as horrified as I was when he saw what my eyes were glued too. He tried to turn it off, to take it away from me, but I wouldn't let him. I simply held my ground and eventually he backed off. God only knows why. He knew I was just going to torture myself more, the longer I watched the tape, but still he left me to my own devices. Maybe he realized I needed this. That I needed something to focus on . . . I'm sure he did. He wouldn't be Quatre otherwise.

Duo's rape, it haunts me still. I wish it had been me instead of him. Such a light-hearted person didn't deserve to be abused that way. No one did, and to top it off, the blond had simply left Duo alone, tied to a chair, naked, bleeding, and totally unconscious. He had slipped back into unconsciousness when he felt the blond rip into his sensitive body. I have never decided if that was a good thing or not. It was good because at least he wasn't aware of what was being done to him, only maybe if he had been, he would have fought a great deal harder to get free. Not that he didn't fight hard, but he was tired, so very tired. Even I can admit that. But he had to have known that we were not far behind him. Didn't he think that we would help if we could?

God, I wished I hadn't let him leave me. You ever wish you could take back a single moment in time? Well, that's my moment. I wish I could still have him here with me. I need to touch him, to feel him once more and hear his beautifully sarcastic mouth. He made me whole and now I am but a shell of a man. But I can't change the past, no matter how much it hurts. I can only change the future and I fully intend to do so.

Shaking my head, I try to rid my thoughts of Duo, only I know it is a futile effort. I still love him and my body aches to be touched by him. I drop the knife to the ground and run my hand through the blood on my chest. Funny, I never even felt myself cutting into my smooth skin. I wonder if I am screaming yet? I'm not really sure. I can feel myself falling away though. Reaching out, I grab the last item that was on the sink before I land on my ass on the cold tiled floor. My head is spinning and a groan involuntarily escapes my parched lips.

I let my tongue dart out to moisten my lips and think idly, I really should have put clothes on for this. Quatre is going to be traumatized enough without seeing me nude. I attempt feebly to stand, my mind set on finding some clothes. Anything would do, but I can't quite focus. Everything is starting to spin and I blink rapidly in an effort to maintain my vision. It's not working. My thoughts begin to drift again . . . back to Duo. Back to the last good memory I have of him.



"Hey!! Whatcha doing?"

I glance over my shoulder at the braided boy with a slight smirk on my lips. "Nothing."

Duo arches a brow at me. "Sure sure. I know what you are doing. You're looking for pornography sites on the web, aren't ya?"

I feel my skin turn crimson at his remark which only made him even more irritating. "I was not!! I was looking at our next mission." I paused briefly before adding, "something YOU should be doing, yourself."

Duo simply shrugged and draped his arms about my shoulders. He then hit a few keys on my laptop and before I realized what he was doing it was too late to stop him. He had managed to pull the window I had been looking at back up, before I had been oh so deliciously distracted by his nearness. He whistled softly as he took in the site of exceedingly descriptive and thoroughly sexy looking young men all sprawled in very revealing positions. Some were lying on high piled cushions while others were merely draped in flimsy gauze like material across four poster beds. It was mouth watering to say the least. Least Duo appeared to think so as he glanced back at me, grinning playfully before saying softly, seductively, "that's some mission, koi."

I blinked at his innuendo before a slow smile stole over my features. Pulling his light unresisting frame to mine, I crush his lips with my own. He tastes like raspberries with a hint of lemon. A very erotic taste to my mind, almost as good as chocolate.

Our two tongues dance together magnificently as we each try to out dual the other. Finally, I give in to his demands, simply because I want to feel him inside of me. Sue me, I love to be taken and Duo loved to take. We never did it the other way around. Duo always wanted to be top and I was so entranced with him that I just didn't care as long as we did it someway.

I can feel his hands pulling my shirt over my head and removing my jeans. I even acknowledge the sound of his zipper being pulled down before I arch up in sheer ecstasy as he swallows my turgid member whole. My back stiffens immediately in shock. I had never known him to move so fast or so gently. It kinda threw me for a loop and his searching, probing fingers did little to alleviate my mind. Hitting my prostrate with those talented fingers had me spilling my seed into his waiting mouth almost immediately. I felt him smile around the slightly salty tasting, white substance as he took some and used it to moisten my entrance and wet his weeping staff. He then swallowed the rest of it. Never a more hedonistic sight have I seen.

Spreading my legs open, I tried to rock forward out of the chair, but he shook his head at me. Sitting down on the floor, he pulled me down into his lap where I gasped in shock at being entered. We had never done it this way before and God it felt so good. So right. Tentatively, I lift myself up and plunge downward again, impaling myself on his thick staff.

I can hear him moaning as his slender fingers dig into my hips, strong enough to leave bruises on my pale skin. I didn't care, though. This was definitely worth it.

I continue to plunge up and down, my inner walls clamping him firmly each time. After a few more minutes, I feel him stiffen as he shoots his seed deep inside my warm flushed body. I feel sated but still aroused. He grins at me from behind and nips my shoulder as he begins to stroke my neglected arousal. I whimper in need; the feeling so intense it borders on pain. I feel the lights behind my eyes burst as I reach my second climax of the evening with Duo draped over me like a body pillow. I feel him hug me tight, almost as if he knows what the morning would bring. Happily, I snuggled into his warm embrace, content to let him hold me. Exhausted, we fell into a deep sleep and the next morning was the day my life went to Hell.

End Flashback

I moan as I feel my body temperature dropping. I think I am already dying. Maybe I won't need to use my last idea. Gingerly, I hold up my well-maintained black gun. I rub my hands against it in a vain effort to warm them up, but I know it won't work. Akneskness is seeping in and has been even before I started to think of these methods of killing myself. It's a darkness born of
revenge as I remember reaching the safe house a moment after Quatre did.

A primal scream had rent the air just as I was pushing the door open and it took me a moment
to realize it was Quatre's voice, but realize it I did and my blood ran cold. I remember rushing down the hall to the bedroom only to pull up short uatruatre blocked my way.

"Don't go in there. Please," he begged me, tears streaming from his gentle green eyes.

I took in his visibly shaking form and the wide eyes and knew he was going into shock from whatever he had already scene. I could feel his pain, his anger radiating outward and I had to know. I had to see. Maybe it's the sadist in me; I don't know. I just know that I pushed past Quatre, entering the dark room behind him, and felt the floor drop out from under me as I passed out. Yeah me. I passed out. Can you believe it? I know I couldn't when I awoke a few minutes later, my heart in my throat. I felt like I couldn't breathe; the sight in front of me was that gruesome. How Quatre managed to stay on his feet, what with his space heart and all, is beyond me. Maybe he tha that he had to be there for me, to be my strength. But even so, he had to be in as much agony as me. He and Duo were best friends. God, even now I feel like vomiting.

Duo's blood had been splattered all over the white walls of the bedroom. His throat was slit and
his prized hair was gone. The habitually cheerful violet eyes were sightless; his mouth open in a silent scream. His left arm was broken as if he had tried to wrench free from something or someone. The blood on his thighs was testament to his rape that I later watched in vivid detail. Dark colored bruises marred his almost translucent skin and a bullet hole was in his right shoulder. Several shallow cuts cris-crossed his stomach and if you looked at them really hard you could see they spelled out a name. Zechs. Apparently raping Duo, had not been enough to appease the warped man. That or Duo let his mouth get the better of him. I always toim tim that it was going to get him into trouble one of these days, but this . . . this atrocity was more than I could bear.

I think I saw red when I realized that Zechs was responsible, and I know Quatre retched. He and I stayed there with Duo. I refused to leave his side and I think Quatre was afraid of leaving me; afraid of what I was going to do. He knew me well enough to know this would not go undone. I
would have my revenge. I could see the fear and anguish in Quatre's green eyes every time he looked at my shattered form. I vowed then and there that Zechs would pay for what he did to my Duo. It was my promise to my dead lover, but first things first. I just couldn't leave Duo like he was. I had to make sure he was comfortable, didn't I?

I had Quatre bring me some rags and a tub of warm water to clean up the man I loved. I think I was in shock just as much as Quatre. I know my mind wasn't all the way there and my motions were choppy as I worked. I could feel my insides heaving as I ruthlessly squashed the well of emotions that were threatening to drown me. However, even that didn't stop my stomach from twisting violently when I remembered that just a few scant hours ago I had made love to this
shell of a man and now . . . he was gone. It was too much to handle and I could tell I was going to blow and soon.

TBC . . .






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