The Crown Prince\'s Desire

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Title: The Crown Prince's Desire, part 1 of ?
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Chapter One - A Second Chance

This is an alternate universe fic. Frieza never rose to power and never worked with the Saiyans - he was the lifeless
result of a stillborn birth.

The Saiyans continued to live on their planet Vegeta and prospered through a class society. Since the Saiyan race never
met Frieza, they never became planet pirates, so the lower classes remained on the planet Vegeta and worked hard, their
strength and natural perseverance making the Saiyan race a productive society.

Tuffles were not completely obliterated in the Saiyan/Tuffle War. What remained of their race lived in small communities
out in furthest reaches of the populated lands. The two races still hated each other, but the Saiyans, knowing their
dominance over the Tuffles, just ignored their former enemies. The Tuffles were too few to challenge the Saiyans ever

Some characters from the DBZ universe are here, only they are now Saiyan instead of human such as ChiChi and Tien. You
will have to let your imagination run wild. ;)

* * *

The market place was filled with thousands of buyers all milling about, trying to find a good deal. Farmers from all over
made the pilgrimage every spring to the King's Market in honor of his Birthday. It was time to celebrate after a long
winter. They made another pilgrimage in the fall, after their bountiful harvests. This festival featured many more
crafts and furs, many of the farming community spending long winter nights at home, making beads, sewing, creating
masterpieces of all types of craftsmanship.

City walls were festooned with ribbons. Every other wall had long draping posters of His Majesty, King Vegeta. He
looked regal and stoic in every portrait, numerous ones on display throughout the City.

Many women secretly dreamed of the King. All men respected him.

He was the King that led their race to great prosperity. He took pride in the abilities of his people and encouraged
them to prosper, even the lower classes. It was a sharp contrast to the rule of his father, who, although a decent
man, was not as wise as his son.

The old farmer Bardock walked through the Market, to find his son's stall. He had long ago retired from farming and now
owned a small shop in the city. His younger son and his grandson were busy behind the counter, displaying the furs
after a season of hunting and trapping.

His older son Radditz was nowhere to be seen during the day. Radditz would come out at night, though, participating in
the underground tournaments, where he made money as one of the gladiators. Bardock was pleased that his younger son,
Kakarot, had not turned out the same, although he saw the fire in Kakarot's eyes when the mention of fighting was heard.

But it was the way with all Saiyans. They loved to fight. But without enemies, they learned that life could be pleasant
without fighting as well, and they found other pursuits.

Kakarot and Gohan were busy dealing with customers. Gohan gave his Grandfather a huge grin as he accepted payment for
a beautiful leather coat he had crafted.

Bardock was most proud of his Grandson Gohan.

Bardock got behind the booth and offered his busy son a hand. Kakarot smiled at his father, and they got to work. ChiChi
was wandering around the marketplace, looking for fabrics and spices.

A young noblewoman approached the booth, and looked at all the leather goods carefully. Bardock was dismayed to see her
glance every now and then at his Grandson. He couldn't help but notice the young woman slip a small note to him. Gohan
pocketed the note, carrying on with his work as if nothing had happened. He saw the woman working at tucking a note that
he must of slipped to her under her sleeve as she looked over the furs. After a few minutes, the blue-eyed girl walked
away. Bardock watched as she went up to the angry, bearded man that was obviously her father. The man, a wealthy
merchant by the looks of it, eyed Gohan suspiciously.

When Gohan turned around to place money in their holding, Bardock saw the blush on his cheeks.

* * *

The young women all gathered by the Palace gates, hoping to catch a glimpse of Trunks, the Crown Prince. They had waited
there all morning, knowing that he would emerge to make his way through the marketplace as he did every festival.

The first murmers in the crowd started as a glimpse was caught of Queen Bulma. Yes, there were a few sniggers in the
ranks, still some not accepting the Tuffle woman as Queen even after all of these years. But she was Queen and she
carried herself as one. She turned around, and only for her son's eyes to see, stuck out her tongue at him and crossed
her big blue eyes.

Trunks stifled a laugh, a grin on his handsome face. His favorite and Commanding Guardsman, Tien, was at his elbow, as
always. The five other Guardsmen passed the Prince and gathered in their protective formation around him, before he
stepped fully out of the doorway to descend the Palace steps.

A chorus of swooning could be heard all around the gates as women of all ages stared at the beautiful young man. He
nodded politely to all of them as he passed. Some women tore at their bosoms, crying out his name as tears streamed
down their faces, just begging for him to look at them once. These he chose not to encourage, fearing the extent they
would go to.

He always preferred to walk, enjoying the exercise as most Saiyans did. His Guardsmen all around him, especially Tien,
were ready to give their lives to protect him. But Trunks could defend himself easily, training under his father all
the years of his life as he did.

* * *

It was getting close to dusk and the Crown Prince had yet to walk through the entire marketplace, having found himself
in the hospitality of some noblemen at a local tavern. He only had one more street to walk through so decided to have
one last ale before he did so.

* * *

ChiChi was in the booth, counting the takings and happy with all that her family accomplished that day. She hugged
Kakarot. Bardock had long gone and Gohan was dealing with a customer.

When Gohan put the money in their holding, Kakarot put a warm hand on his son's strong shoulder.

"Son, why don't you go and have some fun. Your Mother and I can finish up."

Gohan gave him a smirk. It was an old joke among them. Gohan had never seen the Crown Prince in person. He always
seemed to leave or had to take a pee break and then the man would pass by, nodding to all the vendors. "I guess I'll
keep the tradition alive." He laughed.

Kakarot winked at him. He had told his son that the Crown Prince seemed a lot like his Father, aloof, and proud and
that Gohan wasn't missing anything.

Gohan waved to his parents as he left the booth, strolling aimlessly until he was out of eyesight. Then, he strolled
with purpose so that he could meet with Videl at the appointed place.

Videl's family owned the estate only a couple of miles from the vast stretches of farmland that several lower-class
families worked, including Gohan's. It was by chance that they had met once, while he was out fishing, just a year
ago. The young girl, although proud and headstrong due to her family's station, still had a weak point in her heart
for the big-eyed, simple youth. Eventually they had kissed and pledged themselves to each other. Gohan didn't know
how they would manage it, but someday, she would become his wife, against her Father's wishes. Gohan suspected that
her father, Lord Satan, knew about them from little things that she had said of late, but she assured him that it was
only a suspicion and not directly about Gohan - Lord Satan just suspected there was some boy interested in his daughter.

It would be very bad indeed if Lord Satan knew. It was strictly forbidden for the farming class to mix with the
bourgeoisie. And Lord Satan would be sure to have Gohan locked up if he found out about them.

Gohan made his way through the market, not realizing that he was being followed.

* * *

Gohan waited for a good half-hour, starting to feel concern. He tried to act coolly, not showing his agitation. He
looked at various vendors' goods to pass the time.

He felt someone staring at him and looked up eagerly to see if it was his Videl. His heart caught in his throat as her
father stared at him, hatred in his eyes.

Most of the vendors around them were closing their booths, getting ready to pack their wares, to either spend some of
their money in the taverns or make the long journey home.

In the midst of the din created by all the vendors closing shop, Hercule stared at the young man that had been seeing
his daughter behind his back.

"I'll teach you a lesson, boy, for interfering with my daughter!"

Gohan crouched into a fighting stance, confident that he could take the old man, but worried about what kind of charges
the man could press against him. Gohan would have to wait for attack so that he could claim self-defense.

Hercule smiled at him. No, it wouldn't be so easy, he thought.

Gohan saw Hercule nod at someone over his shoulder, but before Gohan could react he got a swift, hard kick to the side
of his head. When he fell to the ground, several pairs of hands grabbed at him, digging their thick knuckles into
him painfully. He was thrown against a wall, several Saiyan men kicking him in the gut at once. He doubled over,
knowing that if he fell to the ground again, they'd kick him to death. He could hear screaming all around him as women
and children ran clear from the scene.

Gohan stood his ground and started to fight back. He spun around lightning quick and took out one man's entire jaw
full of teeth with a perfectly timed kick to the face. He punched another attacker in the throat, the man crumpling
to the floor lifeless. The smell of blood invaded Gohan's senses, and like his ancestors before him, he became a
killing machine the likes of which it was even rare for Saiyans to see.

Gohan, as he continued to defend himself from attack, the blood roaring through his ears, still managed to hear a large
commotion to his left. He worried that it was the authorities, but was at least obviously being attacked by at least
ten men and could argue against arrest.

He heard a strong voice call out, "Stop it at once!" The entire crowd hushed, and Gohan, in fighting stance, also
noticed that his attackers halted around him immediately at the sound of this voice. He continued to look at them
all defensively, worried about a sneak attack. When it was obvious none was coming, he straightened a little to see
who it was that had spoken.

The Palace insignia on the man's long, regal coat told him who it was immediately. The Crown Prince stared at Gohan
blankly. All of his attackers bowed to the ground in honor to the Prince as did all of the onlookers and vendors.
Gohan, hurt from the attack, attempted to do the same, but stumbled slightly.

"Why were you men attacking this young boy?" The voice was clear and young sounding. Hercule stepped forward out from
the crowd.

"Your Majesty, this farmer's son has broken the law. He has given my daughter a love note. Here, look!"

Gohan, to his dismay, saw the small square of paper he had given Videl earlier, clasped in her father's hands, held
out to the Prince.

The Prince took the note, and said, "You know that you should have brought this to the authorities first before
you took things into your own hands." He then opened the note and read it. He closed it again and held it out
for Hercule to take.

"I know, Sire, I'm sorry. I will never do it again. I was just so angry."

"It is understandable." The Crown Prince nodded at him, dismissing him. He then turned to his Guardsmen.

"Arrest that young man."

Gohan, in horror and dismay, watched as two of the Prince's Guardsmen walked towards him with purpose as the other
four Guardsmen flanked the already departing Prince, who never spared another glance his way.

* * *

It had been three days, and in his pain and delirium, Gohan only stirred when stale water was poured down his throat.
He could barely see out of one swollen eye. He passed into his unconscious state again, his body's pain and hunger
sparing him the agony.

* * *

The Crown Prince sat in his deep tub of warm, scented water and closed his eyes. He had been bothered these last three
days by thoughts of the fight he had stopped in the street. He remembered the young and innocent face of the young man.
He thought it a shame that such a young man had broken law and custom as he had. Trunks had acted without any real
choice, circumstances demanding of him the arrest. But he still couldn't help but feel that it was wrong somehow.

But the way the young man had fought off his attackers - now that was impressive. He knew that Tien was also equally

Trunks got up, skin dripping. His manservant came up to him with a silk robe. He stepped into it, tying the belt
around his waist as he looked out the window. He looked down to the courtyard and the several barred windows at the
foot of the wall opposite that housed the prison cells.

* * *

The prison guards stood at attention as the Crown Prince made his way through, nodding at each individually. Tien
was by his side.

The head Prison Ward lead them to a dark cell. The smell of old blood, piss and feces wafted from the straw as the
Prison Ward entered, holding a lantern high to illuminate the young man, unconscious, chained to the wall.

Tien walked in and grabbed the long, greasy and blood caked hair of the young man and lifted his head so they could
look at his face.

It was the same young man, but he was badly bruised and swollen.

"Will he live, Tien?"

"Not if we don't get him to a physician, Sire."

Trunks turned to the Prison Ward, "Ok. Unchain him. Have some of your men carry him and follow us."

* * *

Trunks watched as the nurse cleaned the blood and dirt from the young man's body. Trunks could see that under all the
mess, the young man's skin was creamy white. The young man moaned in pain, stirring from his unconscious state slowly.
His strong hand came up to touch his face, wincing at the swollen and pained skin his fingers brushed against.

The nurse grabbed his arms and gently pulled them back again, shushing him to soothe quiet the young man.

The Palace Physician had injected him with antibiotics and vitamins. An IV was inserted into his left arm, already
giving him nourishment.

Under all the bruising, Trunks could tell that he could be no older than 17. He thought about the young man's parents
and wondered if they had any idea where their son had ended up.

"Did he have ID on him?"

"No Your Majesty, but the prison ward said that the merchant that had placed the complaint was demanding that the boy's
family pay for his transgression. The Merchant has their names and their address."

The old nurse had been with the family since the King was a small boy, so she was well trusted and well acquainted
with the entire family. She didn't see anything odd about the Prince taking an interest in the young man, since
she knew him to be very kind-hearted.

"Tien, see to it that the family is contacted and told what has happened, but that charges will not be placed. I read
that note; it was fairly innocent so I don't think any real damage has been done. If the old merchant persists in his
complaint," Trunks turned to give Tien a hard look, "explain to him that enough of the Crown's time has been spent on
this matter already."

"Yes, Your Majesty." Tien bowed and left the room.

Trunks had already consulted with Tien, asking him if he thought the young man would make a good Guardsmen, one of the
older men looking for a chance to retire and Trunks needing his replacement soon.

The young man stirred again, at the sound of the voices. Trunks could see him struggling to open the eye that was
swollen shut. The other eye circled dizzily but finally trained on Trunks.

Trunks saw the unmistakable look of fear on the young face and just stared back at him. Trunks then spoke to the nurse,
"What can be done about his eye?" The nurse lifted the lid slightly showing the red orb underneath, the boy struggling
against her hand.

"It will be fine, My Lord. The eye is intact underneath, see."

Trunks nodded and looked pleased.

The old nurse continued, "All he needs is some rest and nourishment and he'll be good as new. I would say within the week.
He looks like a strong lad." The old nurse turned to Trunks and smiled.

Gohan watched the Crown Prince and the nurse speak about him as if he were not there and wondered why they would
suddenly take care of his health when he was beaten within an inch of his life last time he was fully conscious.
He saw the blue/gray eyes look at him and Gohan looked away not knowing what else to do.

The nurse scolded him. "Young Man, you have the Prince to thank for your health. Show your respect!" Gohan didn't
know what he was supposed to do strapped to a bed, so he tried to speak, but his voice, unused in days and only used
the last few times to scream out in pain, merely croaked, then was taken over in a fit of terrible coughing.

The nurse reached down and rubbed his chest, "There young lad, calm yourself." She smiled at Trunks again, letting
him know that everything was under control. The Prince looked as if he would linger but then saw the look the nurse
gave him in puzzlement, so he turned to go.

Gohan was relieved when he left.

* * *

From his window, Trunks watched as the young man, named Gohan, walk with the nurse out in the courtyard. He looked shaky
on weak legs, but he was tall and well muscled and already walking after just two days, so Trunks knew he would be fine.
Trunks smiled.

Tien came over.

"He's doing real well. When do you want to break the news to him?" Tien smirked. Tien was so trusted by Trunks that
when they were alone, he showed an ease with him that he could not display otherwise and that included dispensing with
all formality.

Trunks chuckled. "Hmm, I would say on Friday. How were his parents?" Trunks arched an eyebrow at Tien.

Tien, the old soldier born with three eyes, made an uneasy face. "The mother was hysterical. The father, although
concerned, looked relieved that his boy was fine. I explained to them that Gohan would have to work off his debt to
society and that the young man was very lucky that you took pity on him. He was grateful."

"Good. Maybe after awhile, when Gohan proves himself, we'll let him see his parents."

Trunks looked down, shaking his head. "What was he thinking?!"

"You know how sometimes love can make people do really strange things." Tien replied.

"But to risk so much? For just a girl? I don't know. We'll have to watch him carefully."

"You don't think he'd be stupid enough to go after that girl again, Sire?"

"Who can tell?" Trunks shrugged. "I do know that the boy remembers me, though, and is afraid. That can either work for
us or against us. It's a shame really, because he could be great as a Guardsman. I just hope that it works out."

* * *

Gohan dressed on shaking legs as the soldier with three eyes watched him, arms crossed.

Once dressed, Gohan had to race after him, instructed to follow, the man parading before him as if they had to race
against the speed of light. When they finally stopped, Gohan thought he would faint, a pulse beating in his temple
and a sick wash of saliva flooding his mouth.

Tien turned around about to tell the young man something, but found himself watching as Gohan threw up instead, leaning
heavily against a wall.

Tien winced inwardly. Shit, he thought. He's still pretty sick.

Tien came over and grabbed Gohan's arm, the young man leaning against the wall, eyes shut, breathing heavily.

He pulled Gohan over to the nearby steps that lead to the private chambers and made him sit. The young man's legs gave
out at the last moment, his bottom crashing onto a step, as he clung to the banister, head leaning against it. Tien
put his hand to the boy's forehead -- it was hot and clammy.

Tien heard the approaching footsteps, and looked up to see Trunks and one of the other Guardsmen coming down the steps.

"What's wrong?" Trunks sounded annoyed.

"Your Majesty, he's still very ill."

Trunks looked at the young man as he approached, and noticed that Gohan was sitting on his own long hair, his head
pulled back in discomfort. Trunks came over and grabbed the thick dark hair and gently pulled on it so that the young
man could adjust and free the strain from his neck. The face, covered in sweat and very pale, turned to look around
and saw the Prince looking down at him in concern, the kindness of the face unmistakable.

"He should get to bed immediately." Trunks said as he touched the clammy forehead and felt the fever there.

Trunks stood straight, looking disappointed. "We should give him another week. We've rushed things here. He'll do
no good if he just dies on us."

The fearful face glanced at him and was surprised to see a friendly wink, then felt a rough pat to his shoulder.

Tien grabbed Gohan's arm, pulling him up. Gohan wobbled, but Tien supported him, and helped him back to the room he had
stayed in all week.

* * *

Gohan awoke in the middle of the night wondering about what was going to come. Gohan had been afraid of the Prince
before, but then his kindness towards him today and the concern the Prince had showed him earlier in the week puzzled
him. He knew that the Prince had intervened so that he could be made a Guardsmen, but when the nurse had gone on
about how Tien had been impressed by his fighting he had thought it all for just selfish reasons.

He was beginning to suspect that the Prince was a bit more complex than most people knew.

He didn't know what being a Guardsman would be like, but he was feeling better about it after the Prince's kindness
towards him today than when he was first told of it. At least he would probably want to guard the Prince now that
he knew he wasn't a horrible monster and was even actually nice.

He missed his family, but was told that they knew of what had happened and would not suffer for his stupidity.

Gohan thought of Videl and although he was sad that things had to end the way they did, he knew that he could not risk
the safety of his family ever again for her. He would do whatever Tien and the Prince would ask of him, knowing the
great opportunity they were giving him. He would make up for his transgression and hope that the Prince wouldn't be
disappointed in him.

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