The Crown Prince\'s Desire

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[Fic] The Crown Prince's Desire, part 3 of ?
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Chapter 3, Women

Trunks told the girl to rise, and as she did, she eyed the Prince eagerly. It was then she noticed the new Guard.

“He’s new!”

“Yes, he is.”

Gohan stared at the woman blankly, his face showing no emotion.

The girl smirked. “He’s a baby.”

Trunks did not laugh. The girl wasn’t supposed to be mocking his Guardsman. He was glad to see that Gohan hardened his
eyes in her direction.

“Ahh, but he has a temper.”

Trunks looked at the girl, his face wearing a lustful grin. In a husky voice, full of desire, Trunks said, “Perhaps you
shouldn’t worry about my Guardsman, Diana, and just worry about me instead.”

Gohan controlled his features. He knew that if he could just get through this the first time, he’d be able to do this job
and make the Prince proud. But Gohan, sheltered as a child, slept in the loft of his home, well away from where his
parents slept. He had heard the distinctive noises of their love-making throughout the years, but never had to see
anything or be made to confront it.

The woman walked up to the Prince and Gohan, still feeling as if he were being rude, turned to watch her. But it was his
job, after all.

She put her arms around the Prince’s neck and they kissed, full of passion and urgent need. The Prince’s hands were all
over her body at once, and Gohan watched as Diana boldly reached between Trunks’ legs to grab his swollen member.

Trunks broke the kiss, looking down at her, greedy lust naked on his face. “On the bed.”

She eagerly backed up and hopped onto the bed. As the Prince approached, he slipped out of his robe, letting it fall to
the floor.

Gohan willed himself to remain calm. It was bad enough having to see the Prince nude, but to see him in a state of arousal
was just too embarrassing.

The Prince climbed on top of the girl, pulling open the bodice of her gown with ease and experience. He released her
breasts and started to bite and suck on them, Diana moaning and moving against him.

Gohan had seen naked women before, women bathing in the lake, other times that he could not exactly remember, one maybe
with his uncle, but he had never been in the same room with one. Especially, he had never seen or been around one so

Gohan hovered his gaze above the couple, but remembering Yamcha’s instruction, he looked directly at the woman.

She had her hands entwined in the Prince’s hair, as her tongue circled around Trunks’ tongue outside their mouths. The
Prince lifted her dress and grabbed her leg, raising it in the air.

Trunks put his fingers inside Diana, causing her to moan loudly as she moved her hips against his hand.

“You’re so wet, my sweet.” The Prince said, as he buried his face in her neck, his voice husky and muffled.

Diana replied, “Yes, Your Majesty. So wet for you.” The girl whimpered as he intensified his manipulation on her. She
arched against the Prince, urgently wanting him to enter her.

The Prince moved quickly, sitting up and reaching over to his bed side table drawer where he pulled out a lambskin. He
rolled it onto his erection and then mounted the woman.

Trunks started to move inside her, Diana digging her nails into his backside. The Prince arched his neck back briefly,
then lifted one of her legs. He grunted, yet still didn’t look content.

“Flip over, Sweet.” The girl looked annoyed, but the Prince liked that position best. She flipped over, and The Prince
finally looked satisfied. He pumped away into her fast and steady, Diana’s breasts bouncing with each thrust of his body.
The Prince’s purple tail wrapped around one of his own legs, looking as if it were squeezing his leg.

The Prince grunted a few times, but didn’t moan or call out as he neared release. When he finally came, it was with one
final grunt, his final thrusts in silence. The woman, however, moaned loudly and continuously all throughout the act.

When the Prince was finished, he flipped her again and buried his face between her legs to bring her to her final pleasure.
He almost did it as if he wanted to get it over. Gohan guessed that was how a man acted with a woman he didn’t care for

When Diana finally was satisfied, the Prince sat up, wiping his chin with the back of his hand.

“Thank you, my Sweet.”

“Oh, My Lord!” Diana whined, hearing the dismissal in his tone of voice.

“Sorry, my Sweet, but I need to get some rest. You can’t stay tonight.”

The girl pouted at him prettily, as she began to button up her bodice.

Gohan felt himself relax a little. It was over. And so quickly!

Diana got up once her bodice was done, and smoothing her skirt, leaned down to give the Prince a kiss. He smacked her
bottom as she did and she giggled. She walked past Gohan, smirking at him so only he could see and then made her way to
the door, knocking on it once so that Tien could let her out of the room.

The Prince laid on is back, his tail flapping on the bed next to him absently. He rested his head on one arm as he stared
up at the canopy. With his other hand, he twirled a lock of hair between thumb and forefinger. Trunks raised one knee,
and Gohan, trying to keep his gaze steady above the Prince’s body, briefly was greeted by the man’s splayed loins before
he could right his gaze. Gohan felt heat on his face again, and wished that the Prince would put something on again. But
Gohan feared that, as most Saiyans did, the Prince slept in the nude.

Trunks sighed heavily. He was getting bored with the same women. Trunks needed something different.

Trunks eyed Gohan and even though the Guardsman kept his gaze neutral, Trunks noticed a slight stiffening to Gohan’s whole
body in response to his look.


“Yes, My Lord?”

“Did you ever bed that girl?”

Gohan knew the Prince was referring to Videl. “No, Sire.” Gohan answered, dreading further questions.

The Prince’s voice took on a mischievous lilt, “Did you ever try anything? Anything at all?”

Gohan stuttered at first, but knew that the Prince was asking him a direct question and he was expected to give a direct
answer. “I did, My Lord.” Gohan quieted, not knowing how to continue, wincing inwardly when he could sense that that
was not enough of an answer for the Prince.


“I touched her breasts, My Lord. Through her dress.” Gohan felt his face go red.

“Mmm, did you like it?”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Trunks sat up to face Gohan. He folded his legs under him, and Gohan was forced to keep his gaze steadily on the Prince’s
eyes to avoid looking at his nakedness. Trunks smirked at Gohan. Even though they spoke about something that nearly got
Gohan killed, Gohan was now a Guardsman and that made all women available to him, except for the Queen, of course. Now
they could discuss women freely, something the Prince often liked to do.

“Why did you stop there?”

“Because we wanted to wait, My Lord.”

The Prince made a strangled sound and threw himself back on the bed in exasperation. “You are such a strange young Saiyan,

Gohan wasn’t sure what he was supposed to say to that so he remained silent.

“I mean, Gohan, didn’t it drive you nuts? I know she was special to you...” The Prince sat up to face Gohan again. “But
surely you must have had your way that night with the daughter from the next farm over?!” The Prince winked at Gohan.

Gohan just felt the continuing and growing heat on his face, not knowing if he was supposed to answer.

“Well?! Did you?!” The Prince eyed Gohan strangely, not ever having a Guardsman so shy or reluctant to talk about sex.
Not even Uub was this bad.

“No, My Lord.” Gohan shyly admitted, knowing that this would be the next question, and wanting to get it over with, “I’m a
virgin, My Lord.”

Trunks stared at Gohan in shock. His mouth actually fell open, staring at his newest Guardsmen in complete and utter


Gohan jumped when the Prince suddenly called for his Head Guardsman.

Tien rushed into the room.


Trunks didn’t waste time with formalities. “He’s a virgin.”

Tien spun his head around to stare at Gohan in an equal amount of shock. “But he nearly lost his life over...”

“I know! But he just admitted it to me.”

Gohan was beginning to suspect that somehow this was a problem.

“Tien, he cannot be timid around women, he...”

“Yes, Sire.” Gohan was so afraid that he hardly noticed that Tien actually cut the Prince short.

“Come with me, Gohan.” Tien was turning to lead Gohan out of the room, Gohan wondering if that meant his job was now over,
but Trunks halted their departure.

“Wait, we can take care of it. Despite it, he handled himself well.”

Tien regarded Gohan as he asked for confirmation, “He did?”

“Yes. But he needs to get it done with. Tomorrow. Hey, I’m actually bored and would like to find a new woman. Let’s all
go to Kame Tavern tomorrow.”

The Prince smiled devilishly at the pair of them.

Gohan felt the spit dry in his mouth at the thought of what they expected him to do the next day.

* * *

Gohan walked next to the Prince as all the Guardsmen and the Prince headed down the road towards Kami’s Tavern. Gohan
wanted to bury himself in the ground, he was just mortified. It was clear that all the Guardsmen knew why they were
making this trip, and even though they were not able to make any comments with the Prince and Tien there, it was clear
to Gohan that they thought him pathetic.

Yamcha and Uub couldn’t seem to meet Gohan’s eyes. Sharpener wore a smug look on his face and Yajirobe just looked at him
like he was crazy.

Gohan was equally dismayed by Tien’s and the Prince’s attitude to the whole thing. Tien had a grim look on his face. The
Prince looked like he had a new toy to play with, as if Gohan were some kind of pet project for him. So far, he guessed
that that was exactly what he was.

They all entered the Tavern and all occupants stopped their conversation to look on them. As the Prince walked in,
everyone rose and then knelt in deference to him.

“Ahh, please, do not stop what you are doing. Please carry on with your conversations.”

And with that, the patrons of Kami Tavern well used to visits by the Prince, continued on with their conversation and drink.
The Prince sat at the best table in the Tavern, a table reserved just for him and his men.

“Ok, give Gohan a chance to check out the women. Tien and Yamcha, you two go first.”

Gohan stared after them as both Guardsmen went up to women who seemed to be waiting for them at the bar. It was clear that
these were regular women that the two Guardsmen liked.

Gohan saw Uub eye a younger looking woman at another table and guessed that she was his usual girl.

Sharpener and Yajirobe just seemed to eye anything that moved.

“Well Gohan, the women in this Tavern are here for your perusal. Choose the one you like best.” The Prince fished in his
coat pocket and pulled out several silver coins. Gohan eyed them incredulously never having seen so much money at one time.

“This will come out of your wages. I’ll spot you this time.” Trunks pushed two of the silver coins over to Gohan. “Use
one coin to make the transaction, here in this room. She will lead you upstairs. Once she’s given you enough pleasure
for one coin, then offer her the other coin for her to use her mouth on you.”

Gohan’s face went red, but he nodded.

“You will go when I go, which will be next. Uub, you will station yourself in my room. When I’m done, Uub goes. Yaji and
Sharp, you both go last.”

All the Guardsmen nodded at their Prince. “Yes, Sire.”

With that said, it was clear that the Prince wanted to do a little looking of his own. He got up from the table and
sauntered over to the bar to fetch a mug of ale. Within seconds he began speaking to one of the blonds who waited there
with hope in her eyes. Uub got up and left the room for the sumptuous room upstairs reserved for the Prince’s visits.

Gohan looked nervously after the Prince, getting ready to follow him over to the bar. Yajirobe put a hand on Gohan’s
forearm. “He can mingle around here. Sharpener and I will keep and eye on him. You’re supposed to be looking at the
ladies. Look at that one. She’s been eyeing you since you walked in here.”

Gohan turned and regarded the woman Yajirobe indicated. The woman had straight blond hair. She smiled at him.

She didn’t seem as bold as some of the other women, such as the one currently talking to the Prince. Gohan smiled at her
shyly and she made her way over to the table. Yajirobe got up quickly and indicated that she take his chair next to Gohan.
Yajirobe then gave Sharpener a look and the pair walked away.

Gohan, alone with the woman, looked down at the table and saw the two coins in front of him. He palmed them and looked up
at her quickly.

The woman smirked at him. “I’m Miranda.”

“I’m Gohan.”

“You are the new Guardsman. All the women have wondered what you would be like. I have to say, we did not expect someone
so young. But you look strong.” She smiled at him again and it was clear from her coloring and the delicacy of her
features that she had a lot of Tuffle blood in her family history. She caught Gohan’s look and her gaze met his in

Gohan looked down at the table again. Then, Gohan felt the unmistakable feeling of a pair of eyes on him and he turned to
find the Prince watching him intently, as the woman at the bar kissed the side of the Prince’s neck. Trunks arched a
lavender brow at him and Gohan nodded. The Prince smiled and turned back to his business.

“Shall we go upstairs, Guardsman?” Miranda asked. Gohan still found his new title strange. The woman, although flirtatious
when she said it, still said it with the utmost respect.

Gohan controlled his voice to not stammer as he answered, “Yes.”

* * *

Alone with the woman in the privacy of an upstairs room, Gohan nervously looked at his surroundings. The woman snaked her
arm up, the palm of her hand trailing up the side of his neck, burying her fingers into his thick, black hair.

“You are very nice to look at, Gohan. You are so pale, yet your hair is jet black. It is a striking combination.”

Gohan blushed and said, “Thank you.”

“You seem nervous, Gohan. Is this your first time?”

Gohan swallowed. “Yes.” He knew there was no point in lying. Miranda would know that he knew nothing as soon as they

She smiled, liking his answer. “Well, then I’m honored that you chose me.”

Gohan thought, well, really, you chose me!

But Gohan said nothing, his thoughts a jumble of confusion and nerves as the woman pulled him over to the bed. He sat down
on it next to her, and she leaned in and gave him a suggestive kiss before he knew what was happening. Gohan kissed her
back, knowing that this was expected of him, but he hardly enjoyed it, his mind screaming at him how strange and wrong this
was somehow.

Gohan had wanted this to be with Videl.

But even that thought seemed wrong somehow. Any thoughts of Videl brought to mind his own stupidity at putting his family
unnecessarily at risk as he had done.

Miranda pushed Gohan down on the bed and got to business.

* * *

Gohan was now naked with the woman fully nude on top and riding him. He had been very nervous at first, but now his hands
gripped the woman by her hips and moved her up and down his shaft, Gohan moaning his pleasure.

Miranda was enjoying herself, enjoying the young Saiyan’s smooth, warm skin against her own, and his throbbing need inside
her. He was young, but lacking only in experience; nothing else.

Miranda saw the door open to the room and was thrilled to see The Prince enter quietly. The Prince smiled at her and
winked, pressing a finger to his lips for her to keep silent.

She closed her eyes and kept up her activity, Gohan moving under her now.

Gohan moaned and grunted, arching to reach her and trace his hands over her smooth belly and up towards her breasts. She
squeezed him inwardly and he fell back on the bed panting, with his mouth open, making ragged, feral sounds.

Gohan, in his delirium, arched his head back, rolling his eyes in his head.

It was then that he caught sight of the Prince standing behind and grinning down at him proudly.

Gohan sat up immediately, trying to push the protesting Miranda off of him.

“NO! Gohan, I don’t want you to stop.” Trunks smirked at the trembling young man, who now sat on the edge of the other
side of the bed. Gohan stared back at the Prince in horror, as he held a wriggling Miranda, unnoticed, in his powerful

Trunks pulled a chair out a little from the wall and sat down. “Gohan, I gave you good money for this. Don’t waste it.
Let her finish. Lie down!”

The command in that voice left little choice for the young Guardsman. His body quivering, Gohan lay back down, his dark
hair fanning out on the dark burgundy sheets beneath him.

Gohan had lost half of his arousal when he first spotted the Prince, but he willed himself to relax, not even trying to
think of the humiliation he was enduring, or the horror of losing an erection altogether in the Prince’s presence. Gohan
told himself that this was just in return, that he had seen the Prince in a similar circumstance the day before and perhaps
this was somehow fair.

Miranda moved expertly over him again and Gohan soon regained his excitement. He glanced up at her to find her looking at
the Prince in a teasing manner. Gohan cared little for that and roughly grabbed her by the hips, thrusting into her from
beneath. The urgent and forceful grip brought Miranda’s attention back to where it belonged and the girl did her best by
him, eventually making Gohan cum loudly.

Trunks felt his own loins ache as he watched the pair on the bed.

Trunks stared at Gohan’s body the whole time, noting how strong the young man was. He had seen Gohan unclothed before, but
when Gohan had been at death’s door. That time, when Gohan had been gaunt from starvation and pain, could not compare to
the strength he clearly could see evident on the Guardsman now.

Gohan’s skin showed his youth as well, its smooth texture and the pale white cream of it in great contrast to the ruby
sheets he lay upon.

Trunks almost had to wrench his eyes away from the young man, to watch as Miranda got the desired effect from her young
customer. She smiled at the Prince as she climbed off of Gohan.

Gohan lay on his back, panting, feeling his skin flush afresh as he was fully exposed once more before The Prince.

Softly, causing a light feather touch of gooseflesh along Gohan’s skin, Trunks asked, “Gohan? Don’t you have something
else for Miranda?”

Gohan nodded, still catching his breath as he said, “Yes, Sire.” He sat up and reached for his pants that had been tossed
to the floor. He pulled the coin out from his small wallet and handed it to Miranda.

Miranda smiled at Gohan.

“Well, what do you want her to do for that little coin, Gohan?”

Gohan swallowed. He didn’t understand why the Prince was here and taking a part in all of this, and it made him feel
foolish. Gohan’s skin felt hot as blood rushed to his face.

Hesitantly, Gohan asked, “Miranda, would you use your mouth on me?”

Miranda gave Gohan a broad smile.

“Yes, Gohan. I would be very happy to pleasure you.”

She kissed him for awhile, her fingers trailing over his warm body.

Trunks watched as Miranda took her time in bringing Gohan to the peak of arousal. Trunks smiled as he was rewarded for his
patience with the sounds Gohan made as he neared another release.

As the Guardsman’s body filled with the sensation of pleasure, Gohan moved his head, arching it back as he had done before.
His dark eyes, of their own, slit open and regarded the Prince briefly just before the Saiyan screamed his release.

Trunks, watching as Gohan’s orgasm trembled through the young Guardsman’s body, let out the breath he had been holding in
and smiled.

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