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Goten is indeed bound by his morals, especially his views on classes. He’s a pretty common guy. A bit naive but not too innocent or too stupid.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z – it belongs to its respective owners. This fan fiction is not a commercial project, and I am not making any money from writing it.
Warnings: Alternate Universe. Yaoi (male x male). Goten x Trunks and vice versa. Other pairings.
A/N: Starcut’s crew members:

1. Captain
2. Backup Captain
3. Master Sergeant
4. Navigator - (Adriel)
5. Communications Specialist - (Sildara)
6. Programmer - (Rokunda)
7. Gunnery Sergeant - (Monteira Fawa)
8. Arms Specialist – (Hazel)
9. Arms Specialist – (Mandro)
10. Flight Officer - (Reyn Dueri)
11. Flight Officer - (Jadenas Ealt)
12. Head Engineer - (Nohail Ofura)
13. Maintenance Technician
14. Maintenance Technician
15. Doctor - (Tamahi)
16. Medic - (Yereli)
17. Head Cook
18. Cook
19. Soldier - (Edesha)
20. Goten


by chayron (, beta-read by quetreofdoom

Part 32

Starcut started patrol in the Renera Section, quadrant 2, six days ago. Goten was tense, not certain what to expect after a dream like that. With the start of the patrol, the activity on board had also increased – they had already stopped two passing ships to check their identity and cargo. They had found nothing suspicious: one passenger ship belonged to the Terran Republic and had been heading for Oren, and another was a Saiyan transporter, delivering a cargo of weapons to Earth.

The third-class soon found out that usually the crew didn’t even check ships like those two – this used to be done in the territory of the launch pads; usually they were crawling with soldiers. However, security had now been increased, lest the Ice-jins try to sabotage the hyperspace gates or launch pads by sending down ships filled with explosives to blow them up.

They had also received an order to attack a ZIR361 named Domera on sight. The news was that it was a pirate ship which had recently attacked a carrier in a nearby section and stolen the expensive equipment inside. Starcut hadn’t met anything suspicious yet.

Goten didn’t take part in any of the inspections as he hadn’t been trained how to do them and didn’t know what he was supposed to search for. It was usually Edesha, one of the flight officers, and the maintenance technicians who checked the cargo. They went into the other ships armed from head to toe, and constantly kept the link between themselves and Starcut open. Depending on the cargo or the size of the ship, it could take hours upon hours to inspect it. To make their job easier, they used scouters with thermo-scanners.

Goten had gotten used to the daily life on Starcut, and Starcut got used to him. The third-class spent his time acquainting himself with what people did on the spaceship. He didn’t interact with all of the crew, as some of them had naturally split into groups according to their daily activities, but everyone had more or less acknowledged him. He mostly found himself interacting with Jadenas, Adriel, and Sildara. The doctor and the twins were always near him as well. The doctor was bored, and the arms specialists were simply following Jadenas around like two watch dogs to prevent the friendly man from getting too friendly with Goten. It was a peculiar relationship, not one the third-class had encountered before. Sometimes he didn’t even know how to behave around the three of them. In comparison to that, despite their endless bickering, Adriel and Sildara were easy.

Just as Goten had promised, he and Reyn had sparred one more time and, for the last two days, the third-class had been walking around with a black eye; Reyn had conked him good. It seemed that the flight officer had meditated on their last spar and decided on more aggressive tactics, which, to Goten’s regret and excitement, worked much better.

Besides the thrill of a good fight that Goten was getting out of their spars, there was one more goal the third-class had in trying to get closer to Reyn – he wanted to keep an eye on the flight officer. What he had seen in the dream didn’t sit well with him. He didn’t have any particular plan, but was ready to do everything to help Reyn avoid the death he had seen. He doubted anything depended on him, though.

What Goten found peculiar was that the flight officer had never questioned him about Mr. Elite’s missing collar, never nagged at him about it. He kept quiet, even when it disappeared for a second time.

In fact, even the third-class was surprised at his own impudence. The thing was that when he saw the damn cat in his bed again, with that accursed collar around his neck, he felt as if the stupid animal was challenging him. He probably was too. And since Goten now knew about the “master key” detector, he had dragged the cat to the showers, took the collar off, cut out the chip, crushed it under his heel, and threw it into one of the hatches. It took him more time to chop the leather collar into pieces. That was when Reyn had entered the showers to perform his latrine duty.

“You’re at it again…” he said absently while Goten clutched the shredded collar, trying to look as innocent as he could while being caught red-handed. “Fighting for your territory with a pet? That’s quite…”

Reyn didn’t seem to be interested enough to finish the thought and set about cleaning. Goten, meanwhile, realized that it was exactly what he had been doing. He glared at Mr. Elite at his feet. The animal was washing himself thoroughly, not heeding Goten. The third-class threw the shredded collar into the hatch. Staring at the cat, which currently was licking his ass and balls, Goten scratched his head. It was probably more about privacy, but he felt antipathy for the cat. He strolled around like he owned the entire ship.

“Ah!” Goten thumped his fist into his palm in sudden realization. “That’s why he’s called Mister Elite!”

“You can be pretty slow at times, can’t you?” Reyn muttered. “Besides, you can simply ask Adriel to change the combination of your lock.”

“Can I? Really?”

“Sure. Rokunda would do it in two seconds, but it’s a bother to ask her.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean.”

The thing was, though, if Goten went and asked to change the combination now, Adriel and then the whole ship would know that it was him who took the collars. Adriel was a total blabbermouth. Goten was certain that he couldn’t keep a secret even if it killed him. The third-class wondered if the flight officer had suggested he ask Adriel for help purposely. But then…if he wanted him to get into trouble, he could just tell everyone himself.

Goten and Reyn’s relationship was a peculiar one. There wasn’t tension between them anymore, but both of them were unnaturally careful and considerate around each other so as not to spark off yet another conflict. While sparring, they were also ultra careful not to inflict any unnecessary pain on each other. The rest of the crew obviously felt the same and were on the lookout to prevent any arguments between them. Goten was certain that this had a lot to do with the amount of damage they could do to their surroundings if they got into a serious fight and resorted to using their ki.

The next day, after Goten had thrown away the second collar, the captain gathered the crew and gave them a long lecture about damaging equipment on purpose. There were no threats, but he seemed to be seriously pissed. Goten wondered if they would install a camera in the collar. Or maybe in the corridors. However, they gave up, and soon Mr. Elite got a new collar without any additional functions. To his surprise, Goten didn’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed. He had somehow been looking forward to annihilating yet another master key.


It was the captain’s birthday celebration on Tuesday. Saiyans rarely bothered to mark their birthdays in any way, but the crew seemed to be keen on this Terran tradition. Goten wasn’t very surprised as he figured this was one more way to provide some light relief from their monotonous lives. He had expected something special, but there hadn’t been much in a way of amusement so far: they had received some special dish for lunch (which Goten would have gladly done without as he didn’t like that particular dish) and then, for dinner, shared a few bottles of wine among themselves while saying a few words to the captain and raising their tin mugs to toast him. The third-class had liked the mood, but that had been pretty much it. Soon everyone had dispersed, leaving about ten crew members who weren’t busy at that moment.

Goten was sipping the last drops of his wine when Adriel approached him. Somewhat confused by how close the navigator was standing to him, the third-class gave him a questioning look and set his tin mug onto the table.

“Want to come to a party tonight?” Adriel whispered so that only Goten could hear him.

The third-class was reminded of his first party on Starcut with vomiting Jadenas and the twins dancing striptease. “Sure,” he agreed. It sounded like fun. Despite the fact that it was forbidden, the crew seemed to find a way around it. It wasn’t wise, of course, but Goten couldn’t force himself to care – he simply wanted to forget himself and his worries. At least for a few hours. Obviously, some of the crew felt the same.

“Then be at my place at eleven.”

Goten nodded. “I’ll be there,” he said softly. He watched Adriel fluttering around the canteen, inviting a few others. With interest, the third-class watched him approach Reyn. The flight officer shook his head indicating that he wasn’t interested. From the look of it, Adriel was trying to talk him into it, but received the same answer again.

The third-class spent the next five hours looking forward to the party. He felt a bit uncomfortable that he didn’t have anything to bring with him to the party; he had boarded the ship with only a suitcase filled with clothes and Kyon’s cookbook. He was pretty certain that there were going to be rivers of alcohol and mountains of snacks and eats. Well, he would try and at least donate some money to Adriel. The navigator would really accept it.

Five to eleven, Goten was already thumping with his fist against the metal door of Adriel and Sildara’s cabin. The door pinged open almost instantly and he was met by Adriel’s grinning face.

“Come on in,” he said, letting Goten pass. He stuck his head out into the corridor and looked around quickly, then locked the door again.

Goten’s smile froze on his face when he took in the cabin more carefully. It was not that he had constructed a certain image in his head of what the party was going to be like, but this was definitely unlike what he had expected. The contingent of the present people was different than he was used to. Except Sildara and Adriel, he hadn’t interacted much with them.

The third-class shook off his stupor and went to sit down at the table. The rest of his prediction was true: the table was covered in snacks and eats and, from the corner of his eye, Goten could see a row of bottles hidden behind Adriel’s bed. All of them would soon find themselves on the table. From the bottles, the third-class’s eyes rose to the faces of the people sitting at the table. There was the head engineer, Nohail Ofura, with whom Goten had never exchanged even a word. There was also Edesha; Goten thought of the unspecialized soldier as a somewhat awkward but likeable guy. Then there was the medic. Goten had only spoken to him once or twice. From the way the man constantly gazed at the much older Tamahi while in the medical room, the third-class suspected a heartbreaking case of unrequited love.

“So, as everybody is here,” Adriel started, “let’s begin. Pass me that bottle, Goten. The one with the red label. Sildara, the shot glasses.”

Reaching out for the bottle, Goten wondered about the overall atmosphere. There was some kind of strange tension. It wasn’t hostile or anything, but there was something awkward and embarrassed about it. Well, there was no ice a few shots of alcohol wouldn’t break.

The third-class watched Adriel distribute the drinks. He was a party animal; he loved being the center of attention.

The head engineer raised his shot. “To this evening,” he said, bottoming it up and grabbing what looked like an enormous hamburger from the table. He took a mammoth bite and started chewing.

“Yeah,” Goten agreed and emptied his shot glass together with the rest of the men.

Sildara filled their shot glasses again. Adriel retrieved cards from his wardrobe and the atmosphere started warming up considerably.

“You suck!” the medic declared to Goten, who had lost three times in the row. He had been paired up with Goten for three rounds of Dumb Corner. “You really suck!” he repeated, scattering his cards onto the table angrily.

“It’s my first time playing this game. What do you expect?” Goten said, throwing him an unfriendly look. He grabbed his shot glass, which had been miraculously filled by someone while he hadn’t been looking, and downed it.

“Yeah, leave Goten alone,” Adriel said, patting the third-class on his arm soothingly. He winked at Goten. “They say that if you have bad luck in cards, you have good luck in love.”

“Who says that? First time I heard this,” Goten mumbled out, chewing on a stretchy piece of something which tasted like dried ham.


Goten rolled his eyes. “Ah, them. They sure spout a lot of crap.”

“I said you’re prejudiced!” Sildara exclaimed, pointing at him with his middle finger while his other digits were securely wrapped around his shot glass. “Admit it! You hate everybody who is not Saiyan!”

“I do not, you dumbass!” Goten argued. “I hate Saiyans too!”

Adriel let out a longwinded sigh and whacked at Goten’s forehead. “You’re drunk. Has anybody told you that your attempts at jokes suck?”

“Oh yeah, frequently.”

“Give up, then.”

Goten pouted at him.

“You’re good at sarcasm, though,” Sildara comforted him. “I sometimes don’t even know if you’re serious or not.”

“I always am!”

“Was that sarcasm again?”

“I think he meant he is never serious,” Adriel said, filling their shot glasses again. “So tell me, Goten. Do you have a sweetheart?”

“A what?”

“Don’t give me that. Everybody’s been using that term for about ten years now.”

“I seriously hate Humans and their language, their pizzas, and their freaky sense of complicated simplicity in technologies. Ah! And shaving us bald! What the hell’s with their unnatural obsession with our hair?”

“See! I told you he’s a racist!”

“Just roll over and die,” Goten said. “Seriously. What the hell is wrong with you and your taste? At least don’t push it on me.”

“Who is pushing what? I’m just saying you need to reconsider the way you see and talk about other species!”

“And what the fuck is wrong with the way I talk about other species?”

“I will tell you what is wrong with the way you talk about other species!”

“Oh, yes, pray tell me!”

“Isn’t this getting too personal?” Edesha whispered to Adriel.

The navigator waved it off. “Nah.”

“He’s quite drunk,” said the head engineer.

Adriel rolled his eyes. He downed his shot. Frowning and sticking his tongue out in disgust, he shuddered. “Well,” he said, raising his eyebrows, “weren’t you the one who asked me to get him drunk?”

“No,” Nohail said, shaking his head. “In all honesty, I believe that was Edesha.” He gave a somewhat reproachful look to the soldier.

Edesha glared at him. “What?”

All of them started at Goten’s loud yell: “Shove your fucking Nectarines up your ass, you fucktard! Oh, wait… They have got nothing you can shove in! HA!”

Adriel slapped himself on his forehead. “Oh, gods.” He smacked his palm over Sildara’s mouth to keep him from answering. “Enough, baby.” He threw his other arm around Goten’s shoulders. “So let’s return to the matter at hand, Goten. Do you have a boyfriend?”

Goten was staring at the navigator while his mind was trying to switch gears according to the topic. And here he had hoped that Adriel had forgotten all about it during all this bitching with Sildara. Goten suddenly became aware that the rest of the room occupants were also looking at him with interest evident on their faces. Even the communications specialist’s eyes were glimmering above Adriel’s palm. What the hell was this all about?

This was a complicated question and Goten considered it very carefully. “I didn’t commit myself to anything,” he finally said after having summed up his relationships with Kyon and the prince.

Everybody met each other’s eyes and then some of them burst out laughing, others whooting and catcalling.

“You’re a freakin’ slut, aren’t you?” Adriel chuckled, removing his palm from Sildara’s mouth and wiping the saliva on his lover’s trousers.

Goten considered what he had said and how it had sounded. “I’m drunk,” he concluded. “But I don’t have a boyfriend. Probably,” he added, just in case. Then he decided to explain to the laughing audience: “I’m a little bit confused concerning that.”

“Are you? Poor thing,” Adriel soothed him. “Well, let’s get you a boyfriend whose existence you won’t doubt.”

“Sounds like a plan!” Sildara agreed, clinking his shot glass against his lover’s.

“I don’t really need a boyfriend,” Goten protested meekly.

“You need someone to fuck you,” Sildara said seriously.

Goten blinked at him. “I don’t really need a boyfriend for that, do I?”

“Shit, he’s a slut alright!” Adriel squealed in perverse delight. “Anyone will do, won’t they?”

“Adriel, you twit, stop calling the guy a slut or he will turn into one.”

“I don’t think I’m in danger of that,” Goten denied. “And h-”

“Dammit! Will you finally shut the fuck up, all of you?” the head engineer groaned. “Let’s finally watch that porn you promised, Adriel.”

Goten perked up. This was more like it! He badly needed some new jerking off material. Recently all his thoughts and dreams had been full of that purple-haired nuisance. And that telephone number. He had fucking lost it. Even though the purple-haired nuisance had specifically told him not to! Well, it was not that he had promised anything. Right? He had never ever promised anything. Neither to the prince nor to Kyon. Oh, man, was he really trying to avoid any responsibility? Well, of course he was! Who the hell in their right mind would want to tamper with a prince? And Kyon…Kyon… He was afraid that he couldn’t exactly return as much as Kyon was ready to give him; their “likes” for each other were obviously not on the same level.

The terminal on the desk/table started exuding the first sounds of the movie and Goten threw all tedious thoughts out of his head. Everybody started scuffling around in order to be facing the screen. The third-class vaguely felt someone push and shove and then get behind him, but, as long as he could see the screen, he didn’t care.

The porn opened with two young uniformed men running track on what seemed to be a military base. Then the camera zoomed in to show the lecherous face of their sergeant, and Goten knew what it was going to be about. True enough, after having eagerly “helped” the savars to stretch, the sergeant followed them to the showers. It seemed that it was half serious, half amateurish movie. The acting sucked. The “sergeant” was trying too hard to come across like a lewd bastard, and one of the “savars” could hardly keep his face straight; he was always on the verge of laughing. Goten liked the third actor, though. He was showing much more effort than the other two put together.

No sooner had the savars started to spectacularly shower themselves than the sergeant entered the cabin of the guy Goten had his eye on. The savar acted surprised (gods knew why, because, according to Goten, he should have clearly expected it after having noticed the sergeant vigorously winking at him all the time while he had been running track). At first, the guy put up some resistance with his meek attempts to push the sergeant away and the common “What are you doing, sir?”, “Sir, please”, “No, sir, we can’t”, “This is a breach in protocol, sir”, “Oh, sir, please”.

“Oh, just fuck him,” Goten advised, downing one more shot from his miraculously full glass. “He wants it badly.”

The sergeant seemed to be of the same opinion and paid no attention to any of those words. While the sergeant was trying to subdue the younger male, his clothing got wet in the shower spray. Now he was peeling it off himself. His boots, his uniform, his underwear, all of that went until he graced the camera with the sight of his naked ass. Adriel wooted.

The savar was soon manhandled into the shower wall, face-first, the older male pressing himself to him. He twitched and moaned in aroused surprise when the sergeant’s cock slid over the crack of his ass. The sergeant was fumbling around with the shower, trying to stop the water flow before both of them drowned. The older man finally managed to shut the water off and went on to stroke the savar’s cock.

Goten watched the younger male clawing at the wall, his hips bucking into the sergeant’s tight fist. The older man was encouraging him with nibbles on his neck and shoulders and an occasional dirty word. When the savar’s gasps had turned more urgent, the sergeant pulled away. The camera zoomed in to show his leaking cock. When the savar turned around, it concentrated on the younger male’s erection, then slid up his chest to his flushed face.

From then on, the events progressed even more predictably: the savar leaned against the shower wall and arched his back. A large bottle of lubricant miraculously appeared in the sergeant’s hand (the man was sure prepared for anything life threw his way to be carrying it around) and soon his fingers slid up the younger male’s ass. For a few seconds, the camera did nothing except concentrate on those digits working the savar’s hole. Goten could hear the younger male panting softly.

“Damn. Just fuck him finally,” Goten slurred impatiently. “Fuck the protocol.”

And fuck they did. The sergeant had stopped moving his fingers to watch the savar pushing himself forwards and backwards, and then removed them completely. He poised himself at the loosened entrance and started impaling the savar on his cock. From the sounds the younger male was making while being breached, one could guess that he was already coming. The ecstatic look on his face was nothing short of nirvana. Goten wondered if it really felt so good to have someone’s cock up one’s ass. He’d rather have his cock up someone’s ass. But he couldn’t be certain before he had tried both ways.

The sergeant soon found a comfortable rhythm and had them going like there was no tomorrow. He also slapped the younger male’s ass and thighs for greater effect. Goten didn’t notice that this would bring out any particular response from the savar; obviously spanking wasn’t his thing.

And then the second savar, whom Goten had completely forgotten, appeared on the screen. He was dripping wet, his cock in his hand and a sly grin on his face. He was clearly targeting the unsuspecting sergeant’s laboring ass. He snuck up to the busy couple from behind and joined them. The sergeant forgot to act surprised while the savar he was fucking let out a low yip and rolled his eyes in what seemed to be shock at being discovered (Goten figured that it probably didn’t take a lot of effort to discover someone fucking in the next shower stall; the sergeant and the guy he was fucking were obviously retarded).

Goten was so engrossed by the porn that he started and let out a shrill yelp when someone’s hand slipped into his crotch. His back tense and rigid, he grabbed at the offending hand and turned around to see Edesha looking at him with a lust-filled face. With a motion of his head, he indicated towards the bed where Adriel and Sildara were already getting it on. The third-class had predicted this would happen, but the change in his pose made him become aware of even more things transpiring in the room: the medic had cornered the head engineer and was giving him a blowjob. Goten’s and Nohail’s eyes met, the head engineer keeping his gaze evenly.

“Umm…” Goten drawled embarrassed, his face flushing red as if it were on fire. He turned away and dropped his eyes to his lap where Edesha had him in his grasp. Dazedly, he stared at the hand. The soldier obviously took his silence for a “yes” and his palm started massaging Goten through his trousers. The third-class squirmed under the assault. He was painfully hard and his drunken mind suddenly saw little to no reason why he shouldn’t just go with the flow.

The third-class felt the other man’s left hand tug at his uniform, then slide underneath it to caress his stomach and sides. Goten closed his eyes. Edesha moved in closer to him so that the upper part of his body now was pressed to Goten’s shoulders. His hand slid out from under Goten’s uniform and started fumbling with his belt. The third-class could hear its faint clinking through the haze filled with Adriel’s moans and the medic slurping and salivating on Nohail’s cock. He inhaled sharply as Edesha seized and pulled him out. The man was stroking him already.

There was no shyness to Edesha’s touch. It was purposeful and direct; the man knew what he wanted and knew how to get it. Goten suddenly found this very different from the always eager but tentative Kyon or constantly horny but watchful of his wishes Ranvera. This wasn’t a hesitant and horny teenager, this was a much older man with plenty of years of experience behind his shoulders and Goten found himself uncertain.

The older male’s hands tugged at his waist with intention to turn him around and Goten allowed himself to be maneuvered so that now he was facing the other man. He stared at Edesha’s face awkwardly. The soldier leaned in and Goten found himself accepting the demanding kiss. At some point his back had touched the floor, but Goten wasn’t aware of that. He was only aware of the other man’s hands stroking his chest and, at the same time, unbuttoning his shirt.

Edesha tugged Goten’s trousers down his hips and the third-class couldn’t help moaning when Edesha took hold of his erection again and his thumb flicked over the sensitive head. His mind fuzzy from the alcohol he had consumed and numb with pleasure, Goten concentrated on the fist working on him. Then it disappeared and, vaguely, he could hear the older man starting to shed his own clothing.

“Mhnh…” Goten grunted at the feeling of the other’s body pressing against his. Their erections brushed against each other, and the third-class arched his back with a soft gasp. He opened his eyes to see Edesha’s face descend on his and allowed the older man’s tongue to slip past his lips. The tongue was practically fucking his mouth and Goten couldn’t keep up with the other male’s urgency. Goten’s uncertainty only increased further when Edesha bucked against him. The gasps, grunts, and moans wafting from around him suddenly made him uncomfortable and the feeling only increased the older male’s hand wrapped around both of their erections. Goten pushed at his chest. Edesha ignored him, starting to stroke them both, and Goten’s head fell back onto the floor while he wondered why he was fighting it so late in the game. Nobody would ever find out that he was just a third-class, and this felt good, didn’t it? No strings attached, wasn’t it?

Goten turned his head to stare at Sildara and Adriel on the bed. His tongue snuck out to wet his lips subconsciously, his hips finally starting to adjust to the rhythm Edesha’s fist worked on him with. The third-class turned his head to the other side to find the head engineer staring at him. There was something questioning in his eyes. Goten was baffled as to how he managed to question anything with the medic wantonly riding his cock.

The older man’s questioning face, though, made Goten reconsider and, muttering something unintelligible but apologetic, he tried to shove Edesha off him. This didn’t work well with the aroused male and he grabbed at Goten’s wrist, forcing his hand aside. The third-class bucked and tried to pry Edesha’s hand away from his cock. He wasn’t surprised at all when this resulted in Edesha growling at him and then using all of his body weight to press him down to the floor. At this point, the older male wasn’t going to let him go without some serious struggle.

“I’m feeling sick,” Goten moaned miserably, trying to pry his right wrist out of Edesha grip. “Let me go. I’m about to throw up!” He struggled fruitlessly for a few seconds, but then the grip on his wrist loosened. Edesha allowed himself to be rolled over and, panting, on all fours, Goten backed away. He pressed his hand to his mouth for the show and, holding on his trousers with his other hand, scurried out of the cabin. He had no intention of returning, even though he suspected that Edesha might be waiting for him.

Without a clear thought in his head, he headed for the showers, which had already become his usual place for masturbation. He stumbled in through the door and, unsteadily, trudged forward where his sudden and disheveled appearance was suddenly met by Reyn’s soft whistle. The flight officer seemed to be both astonished and amused by the sight of him.

Shakily, Goten leaned against one of the shower stalls. His brain soon processed that, in order to do so, he had let go of his trousers and now they were pooling at his feet. He cursed softly and squatted down to grab them. This didn’t go too well and he fell forward, banging his forehead against the tiled floor. He grunted in pain and clutched at his head.

“You okay?”

Goten looked at the flight officer, who had abandoned his toilet brush and was staring at him while trying very hard not to laugh. Embarrassed to his bones, Goten flushed red. He wasn’t okay at all: he had nearly had sex with a man two or three times his age, he was painfully hard, and he was mortified to no end.

“Everything’s just peachy,” Goten muttered, sitting up and trying to wriggle back into his trousers.

Reyn laughed quietly. “Need help?”

“I’ll manage.”

Decidedly ignoring Goten’s erection tenting his underwear, the flight officer took up his toilet brush again. He went on cleaning the hatch. “So what made you escape the party without waiting for its culmination?” he wondered. “Didn’t your partner measure up to your standards?” He turned around and cast a meaningful look at Goten’s crotch. “Although it’s hard to imagine…”

The third-class scratched his head sheepishly. He let out a longwinded sigh: “Haaahhh…” Then an idea occurred to his fuzzy mind. “You knew!” he accused.

“Knew what?”

“That it was that kind of a party! That’s why you refused!”

“You mean Adriel didn’t tell you?” Reyn gave him a look. “It’s his specialty, matchmaking. But, you know, someone must have specifically asked him to organize this party in order to get close to you. And I think that now you must have a pretty clear idea as to who it was.”

Goten groaned and flushed red again. He realized that, somewhere during their conversations, Edesha had felt that he didn’t dislike him, so he took his chances. This was one big misunderstanding. He had to be careful – this wasn’t the base with his awkward contemporaries whom he could lead on and then safely reject. These were grown men; they took what they wanted without fussing around. He should have known that watching porn with them wouldn’t limit itself only to watching. This was a serious business - if they wanted to fuck, they did. And if he had chosen to attend the party on his own free will, nobody here would understand his reluctance to go further.

Goten rubbed his forehead. “Crap.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen you so drunk,” Reyn said, grinning. “It’s quite engaging.”

Goten pouted at him. He had finally gotten his trousers up and zipped and buttoned, and now he was trying to stand up. At the moment, the alcohol was influencing him even more. He leaned against the wall, then realized that he had to pee. The prospect of one more time unbuckling his unruly belt and trousers made him grunt in frustration. Undoing his belt, he trudged over to the hatch which was the farthest from Reyn and lifted the lid.

“It’s quite surprising that, despite the fact that your coordination is close to zero, your mind is still pretty lucid.”

“And you deduced this from…?” Goten wondered, trying to steady himself so that he wouldn’t piss all over the walls and around the hatch; Reyn wouldn’t appreciate him making more work for him.

“You did lift the lid.”

Goten chuckled and then cursed loudly as this made the stream curve outside the hatch and onto the floor. “Sorry.”

Reyn sighed resignedly.


Avoiding Edesha’s uncomfortable look, which he could feel from across the canteen, Goten took a seat next to Sildara. He arranged his plates around him and leaned the tray against the leg of the table as he always did. The communications specialist gave him a questioning look.

“Where the hell did you disappear to yesterday?”

Goten took his fork and raked through the grated carrots in his plate. He raised his eyes to look at Sildara, then turned his attention to Adriel. “You should’ve warned me Edesha was after my ass.”

“Huh? Why should I?”

“You tried to get me drunk on purpose.”

“So what?”

Goten rubbed his forehead. He sighed. “Listen, I’m not interested. Edesha misunderstood me.”

“Ah. If it’s because of Edesha, I can suggest Yereli – he likes taking it.”

With a long sigh, Goten rolled his eyes upward at the ceiling. “Oh, gods. You completely missed the point here. Never mind. Who the hell is Yereli?”

“You’re really bad with names, aren’t you?” Sildara wondered.

“It’s the medic who was at the party yesterday,” Adriel explained.

Goten closed his eyes in disbelief as his mind threw up yesterday’s image of Yereli riding the head engineer’s cock.

“Thanks, but no thanks. Besides, isn’t he crushing on Tamahi?”

“Hey, you can be observant at times.”

Goten scowled at Adriel. “Anyway, I am not interested in anyone on Starcut. Got that?”

“Hey, are you looking down on us?”

Goten hardly resisted the urge to thump his fist on the table. “No. I’m just saying that currently I’m not interested in anyone.”

“Suit yourself.”

Adriel looked a great deal pissed, and Goten groaned mentally. He knew the navigator had meant well. He was certain that Adriel had very likely put in a lot of effort and now, instead of being thanked, he was suddenly reprimanded.

“Listen, Adriel,” Goten said, knifing his steak, “thanks for trying, but really, I don’t want to get entangled into anything.”

“Do you only go for females?”

Sildara snickered at his lover’s question. “Are you an idiot? Didn’t you see how turned on he was when Edesha manhandled him to the floor?”

Adriel turned to stare at his lover. “No, I didn’t, but you seem to have been watching Goten quite a lot, weren’t you?”

“Oh, gods,” Goten groaned, hiding his face in his palms. The last thing he needed was to become something for the idiot couple to fight over.

You were the one who told me to watch him in case Edesha tried something!”

“Well, he did try!” Goten declared.

Sildara shot him a look. “Tried something you didn’t like!”

Goten flushed red for the hundredth time these past few days and shut his mouth. He kept it shut the whole time Sildara and Adriel went on bickering and would open it only to fill it with carrot salad, steak, and mashed potatoes. Sometimes it was wiser to just keep quiet.

Goten and the rest of the crew perked up when the loudspeakers screeched.

“Your captain’s speaking. A meeting in ten minutes. Out.”

In a few minutes, Goten found himself walking towards the briefing hall with Adriel and Sildara.

“What’s this about?” Adriel asked the master sergeant in front of them.

The master sergeant shrugged. “I think it’s because the cook’s gotten ill. The chef has been struggling with breakfast, so the captain will probably ask someone to help out in the kitchen.”

“Oh. Is it bad?” Goten wondered.

“It seems he has poisoned himself.”

“Was it something he ate?” Goten asked, then became aware of Adriel shaking his head at him quietly. “Huh?”

“Goten could help out,” Sildara said, eager to change the topic. “He used to work in the kitchens on the base.”

The master sergeant looked at Goten. “Really?” Goten nodded, and the master sergeant’s eyes left his face to concentrate on Sildara. “And how do you know?”

Sildara laughed nervously. “Goten told me. He constantly talks about the base, right, Goten?”

Sildara was giving him a pleading look, and the third-class nodded. “I feel rather nostalgic about my studies,” he said with an affected sigh.

“And you call yourself a communications specialist?” Goten snickered at Sildara when the master sergeant moved forward in the crowd.

“I think you misunderstand his job – he mostly looks after communication devices,” Adriel enlightened him.

“Screw that,” Goten muttered. “So how did you two come across my profile?” It was obvious that if one had found it, he gave it the other to read it as well.

“Someone sent it to me,” Adriel said. “It happened just before your and Reyn’s epic fight. He also bet a thousand credits on you.”

“What do you mean ‘someone’? That’s a freakin’ lot of money!”

“Just someone. I don’t know who.”

“So where did you send the money to?”

“There was an account, so I transferred the money into it.”

“Any possibilities of tracking who it belongs to?”

“You can ask Rokunda. I’m only an amateur.”

Goten frowned at the prospect and shook his head. “Nah.” This would be too much bother. If he had any contact with Ranvera, he could ask him. But alas…

“Well, we haven’t told anyone.”

The third-class’s attention was suddenly occupied by Adriel. “Told what?”

Adriel squirmed. “Well, that you hate elites, and practically attack them on sight.”

Goten relaxed. “Ah, that. I don’t care; you can tell anyone. And I don’t attack them on sight. That’s a blatant lie.”

“You know,” Sildara drawled, “Reyn hates them too. With a passion.”

“Does he?”

“Yeah. Once in a bar he…gh!” He rubbed at his side where Adriel had elbowed him.

“Seriously,” Adriel said, “and you call yourself a communications specialist… It’s Reyn’s business. Leave it to Reyn.”

Although Goten was surprised, it did seem that Adriel could keep a secret when he wanted to.

All of them filed into the hall. Just as Goten had predicted, five minutes later he was sent to the kitchens. Some things never changed.


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