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Well, it’s a pity but most relationships fail one way or another and if talking about two males there is an even greater possibility for that. Even if in the final chapters Goten ends up with whomever he prefers, it won’t mean that they will stay together for the rest of their long lives.
Goten and Almanda… I did entertain this thought of a while XD And we will see Kyon too, much later, though.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z – it belongs to its respective owners. This fan fiction is not a commercial project, and I am not making any money from writing it.
Warnings: Alternate Universe. Yaoi (male x male). Goten x Trunks and vice versa. Other pairings.


by chayron (, beta-read by quatreofdoom

Part 51

Not without admiration, Goten watched Almanda’s foot connect with the elite’s face. The man landed on the floor with a loud thud and a painful grunt. Despite being a female, Almanda almost matched the heavily built man in size and was no less muscled. If at first the elite male was trying to be both cautious and courteous to Almanda, he had realized in no time that he had to face her seriously.

Goten turned to look at Reyn, who was also following the fight. His face reflected a surprised interest, just like the faces of most of the crewmen in the training hall. Draman and the other two elites were watching the duel as well, waiting for their turn. Reyn winced sympathetically when Almanda’s foot made contact with the other elite’s crotch. It was fortunate that the man was wearing full Saiyan armor. Still, the man’s eyes crossed in alarm as he felt the protective metal bend inward, and then the female’s fist flew into his field of vision.

“I’d not want to spar with her,” Reyn muttered. “She’s rather…sadistic.”

“I don’t think anyone would,” Goten agreed. “Despite the fact that the man is at least twenty years her senior, she doesn’t seem to be having difficulties facing him.”

The flight officer shivered at Amanda’s second unsuccessful attempt to crush the elite male’s family jewels. Then she grabbed a fistful of his long mane and punched him in the face with all her might. Reyn moved aside when the elite male flew past him and into the wall; this was the main reason Reyn liked to keep his hair short.

The spar was soon over and Goten quickly made himself scarce. On his way to his cabin, he was quickly joined by Reyn and, just as they stepped through the door, Almanda appeared from behind a corner. Wordlessly, she crossed the corridor and entered the cabin after them. She let the door close behind them.

Goten gave her a slightly nervous look. “Really, I can’t thank you enough for taking those idiots off our backs.” She must have noticed everyone heading for the training hall and asked around to find out what was up, then hurried to inform Draman. The shaii appeared to be sensible enough and followed the female to the hall to stop the fighting.

“Those are elites you’re talking about,” Almanda warned Goten. Touching her rapidly swelling jaw with her fingers, she looked around and sat down in one of the chairs. She had been surprised by how quickly Draman had reacted. The shaii had almost run to the hall.

“Doesn’t make it any better,” Reyn muttered, walking further into the cabin and seating himself on his bed.

Almanda tensed at first, then just shrugged. “I suppose not.” She turned to Goten. “So, golden boy, I’d like to hear the reason you’re here on this ship.”

“Oooo…” Goten drawled, thinking frantically. He had been dreading this question since the very moment he'd woken up. “Ahh… We eloped,” he said finally, a little breathless. “We eloped!” he repeated more convincingly, content with the idea. “The captain was against me and Reyn creating a pack, so we eloped!”

Angry, the elite shook her fist at him, while Reyn unsuccessfully tried to stifle a burst of laughter. “You seriously think I’d believe that bullshit?” Almanda wondered. She very nearly punched Goten for the look of absolute innocence on his face.

“We received orders to join Mantanko,” Reyn said, taking pity on her. “They need more people on Bruminan Station, that’s all. You do know about the conference that is going to be held there?”

“Of course. Who doesn’t? And I also know it was not “they”. It was Ranvera who sent you two here, so cut the crap.”

Reyn looked at Goten and shrugged. It was not his place to tell her anything. Goten was the one who had to decide how much, if anything, to tell.

“The hell is that?” Almanda grunted in alarm suddenly, jumping to her feet. A ki ball formed in her palm.

Goten’s eyes followed her left hand that was pointing at the half-open wardrobe. Two glistening eyes were seen from deep within.

“Oh, that’s a cat,” he said dismissively.

“What’s a cat?” the elite asked, ready to launch the ki ball at the wardrobe.

“You can power down. It’s a harmless pet,” Reyn explained. “We took it with us accidentally.”

“No, you took it with us accidentally,” Goten corrected him.

“Well, yeah,” Reyn agreed.

Almanda extinguished her ki and walked to the wardrobe. She opened the door all the way to reveal a strange black creature sitting in a suitcase.

“It’s not ours,” Goten said quickly while the elite was inspecting the animal. “Belongs to the gunnery sergeant on Starcut.”

“How did it get here?”

“Well, it probably snuck onto Kareli, then crawled into my suitcase. Or maybe someone just put him there. A prank, so to speak.”

Reyn cleared his throat when she reached out for the animal. “It’s probably best you don’t touch it.”

She turned to him. “Not so harmless, is it?”

“The claws are sharp,” Goten explained. “And it doesn’t particularly like being touched.”

“Well, neither do I,” Almanda said, moving away from the wardrobe, “so we’ll get along just fine.” Her jaw was starting to burn more and she looked around the cabin for something cool. She settled on a tin mug she saw on the desk near Reyn’s bed. Pressing it to her chin, she returned to the chair.


Goten scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “You see, you will never believe me, so I’d rather just leave it as it is.”

With her thumb, Almanda pointed at Reyn. “But your honey here, he believes you, doesn’t he?”

Goten gave Reyn a long searching look, then turned back to the elite. “Actually, I think he’s here just to make sure I don’t get myself killed stupidly. Believing… well, that’s another matter.”

The flight officer shrugged. It was just as Goten said. He had believed Goten. He’d had no doubts a day ago when Goten told him they were going to save the prince. As the hours passed, though, he found himself more and more uncertain about the credibility of Goten’s dreams. There had been strange coincidences, sure, but those were just dreams. How accurate could they be?

“Weeeell,” Goten drawled. “I have received information that there’s going to be an attempt on the Crown Prince.”

Almanda grinned at him. “Really?” Gradually, her grin started to fade as she took in the serious expression on Goten’s and Reyn’s faces. “You’ve gotta be shitting me…”

“Not really,” Goten said. “They intend to destroy the entire station.”

Almanda was staring at him, confusion and disbelief written all over her face. She looked at Reyn, but the flight officer answered her questioning eyes with an offhand shrug. She turned back to Goten.

“How do you know? Ranvera? But why would he…?”

“No, Ranvera doesn’t know anything. I just asked him to transfer us.”

“And he agreed?” She rolled her eyes when Goten nodded. “Alright, but who then?” Almanda tensed suddenly. “Ooo… Him? Seriously?”

Goten shook his head vehemently before she could utter another word. “No way. And why would he send us,” he pointed at himself than Reyn, “if he knew?”

“Hmm…” Almanda hummed. She rolled the mug over her chin, but it had already warmed up and was offering no further comfort. Irritated, she started banging it against the armrest. “Right. So who, then?”

“Let it be a secret,” Goten said.

“Stop that,” Reyn told her after a few particularly loud bangs.

Almanda lowered the mug into her lap. “Well, okay, let’s leave it for now. Who is the enemy and how are they going to do it? And do you have any plan on how to prevent it?”

Reyn and Goten met each other’s eyes. Goten averted his eyes first. He blushed lightly. “Well, we didn’t really have time to discuss that. I just know that, in all probability, it will be an Imperial Destroyer and that they are planning to blow up the entire station.”

The elite stared at him for a few moments, then shook herself out of her stupor. “An Imperial Destroyer? One of our own ships?”

Goten nodded. “They’ll probably hijack one. Or…bribe maybe. I don’t know.”

“So how do you plan on finding that destroyer?” she asked, addressing the question to both third-classes.

Reyn gave Goten a questioning look. “I have no idea how we can find one particular destroyer amongst all of them,” the flight officer said. “I’m sure there will be many. In the worst-case scenario, we will have to blow up all of them using the station’s defense system.”

Goten nodded. This was what he had suggested to his father. He could see that neither Reyn nor Almanda were happy about the idea either, but at this moment, there were no other options they could choose from. They had to get there first and see the situation with their own eyes.

“You do realize that, even if you somehow manage to take down all the ships, you’ll still end up dead?” the elite asked them. “If no one knows why you did it, you won’t leave the station alive. They’ll hunt you down.”

“Umm… One thing at a time,” Goten said.

“Are you really sure?” Reyn asked him.

“Listen, I didn’t drag you here,” Goten snapped at the flight officer. “You came of your own volition. You can just stay on this ship and go to Earth with them. I’m sure you’ll somehow manage to get back to Starcut.”

“Yeah, I could,” Reyn said. “But I don’t plan to, so you could at least answer a few of my questions.”

Tiredly, Goten rubbed his forehead. “Am I sure? No, I’m not,” he admitted with a sigh. “I’m going in somewhat blindly. I will only be certain when I see my father there.”

“Your father?” Almanda asked, surprised. “He will be there as well?”

“Yeah, he should be.”

Reyn nodded. “Alright. We will still have a day or so after we arrive at the station.” He hoped that, by that time, Goten would have had a few more of those strange dreams of his. He also hoped that this was not all of the information Goten had, and that he just didn’t want to say anything while the elite was in the cabin. If neither of those two expectations were true, their future looked bleak.

“All of this is so vague…” Almanda said, getting up from the chair. She placed the mug back on the desk and went to the door. “I’ll think about it.”

“It’s better you don’t,” Goten said. “I’m sure this won’t end well.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, seamstress.”

For a few seconds, Reyn stared at the door that had closed behind her. “Seamstress?” he asked Goten.

“I’m awful at needlework,” Goten enlightened him. “My sergeant used to call me that all the time.”

“Ah.” He waited for Goten to add something to his earlier explanations, but nothing came. “Is there anything else you can tell me about that attack on the station?”

Goten gave the flight officer a guilty look. “Not really. But when I think about it, I believe my father told me that he would have the codes for their defense system when we get there.”

“Oh! That’s good news!”

“I will tell you more if I remember or find out any further information, but I’m afraid this going to be a one-way suicide mission.”

Reyn laughed softly. “Well, if we really take down all the ships, and manage to escape the royal family, and find a spare ship at one of the docks… I’m certain your father will have one ready for us. After that… I don’t think anyone could stop us.”

Goten was staring at him without blinking. “But we’d become outlaws, hunted throughout the entire Saiyan Empire and its allied nations.”

“Well, it’s better than to be dead or have our prince killed, right? Besides, with this war, we’ll be forgotten sooner or later. We could also pass for battle survivors. Well, I’m sure we will come up with a plan.”

“We will need to destroy the station’s defense system after using it so that they can’t take us down while we’re doing the runner.”

Reyn grinned at him. “Of course.”

Goten was suddenly faint with relief. All this time he had tried to avoid giving thought to the consequences of his short but fatal quest. He knew that it had to be done and that was it. The anxiety and hidden panic had been there, though. He had a way out now. He doubted it would work, but now he had hope.

“We’ll have to kill hundreds of people to be able to escape,” Goten said finally. “A lot of Saiyans too.”

Reyn nodded. “That’s right. But think about this: if you can prevent the prince’s death this time, maybe you can influence events in some other way next time.” He laughed softly. “You’re a national treasure now. Maybe even more important than the prince we’ll be saving. Only that no one knows it.”

“You don’t even believe these dreams,” Goten pointed out, not without bitterness.

“I wouldn’t say I don’t believe them. I have my doubts, but so far they’ve proven themselves to be genuine.”

The younger male was still pouting and Reyn shrugged. He stood up and walked over to Goten’s bed to seat himself next to the other man. “Listen, I don’t particularly believe your dreams, but I believe in you. You did save me and the other men’s lives back then. I have no reason to disbelieve you.”

Goten sighed. Well, that was to be expected – he wasn’t even certain about those dreams himself after all. “I’d rather you believed in your luck,” he said. “This is gonna be one heck of a bloodbath.”

“Goten, it’s simple – the prince has to survive and you have to survive. That’s all. Well, yeah, your father and myself too,” he added after the younger man’s level stare. “Your father sees those dreams as well, right? And you’ll probably need me to pilot a ship when we escape.”

Goten was frowning again, and Reyn laughed. “Well, maybe I can be useful for something more interesting than piloting a ship.”

“Yeah, like mopping the floor,” Goten muttered at the suggestive proposition.

“You call that interesting? You certainly lack imagination.”

Chuckling, Goten turned his body towards Reyn. “Well, at least you have enough for the both of us,” he said, smoothing his hands over the older man’s shoulders and leaning in to bring their mouths together. Reyn’s lips met his eagerly, his own hands sliding over to Goten’s nape and waist.

The younger man was relieved, much calmer now, and it showed. Reyn could feel Goten’s body melting under his touch. Reyn ran his hands down his sides and to the other third-class’s hips. His fingers slid under Goten’s shirt to caress his sides and back. The younger male’s shirt was still buttoned and he couldn’t reach far inside without the risk of tearing it. He broke the kiss and lowered his head to nuzzle the side of Goten’s neck. The younger man voiced his appreciation with a soft moan. It turned into a gasp as Reyn unexpectedly gripped Goten by the hips and lifted him. He suddenly found himself straddling the flight officer. While Reyn’s hands were kneading his rump with relish, Goten’s own fingers dove for the older man’s belt. He had unbuckled it and was about to unbutton Reyn's trousers when, with a soft ping, the door opened.

The second-class who had just entered took a good look at the two frozen figures on the bed, staring at him with questioning faces. “Don’t mind me, go on,” he said. “I’m just a messenger. I’m not sure which one of you is Reyn but… Ah, it’s you,” he said when the flight officer pulled his hand out from under Goten’s shirt to raise it in indication. “So yeah, the captain will be waiting for you in the training hall in about an hour. Now the good news. We are having a very important conference in the meeting hall, also in about an hour. Don’t forget to bring your own drinks.”

“Will there be any elites?”

The second-class shook his head in disbelief at Goten. “Of course not. What are you thinking?”

“Thinking that I’d like to avoid trouble, if possible.”

“No trouble at all. Some would be overjoyed if you joined.”

“I bet,” Reyn muttered.

The second-class chuckled, his attention going to the flight officer. “Well, you aren’t exactly invited, but if you come, then you come. And it’s best that you don’t allow your boy,” with his chin, he indicated Goten, “to go to the hall alone.”

Goten raised his eyebrows at the man. “I’m actually pretty capable of taking care of myself.”

“Yeah, sure. I’m just saying that there might be many wishing to take care of you as well.”

“Nothing ever changes,” Reyn chuckled softly, squeezing Goten’s behind for emphasis. He nodded at the second-class. “Yeah, thanks for the news.”

“No problem. You should also take him,” the man motioned at Goten, “when you go to meet the captain. Just to make sure you have backup.”

When the door closed behind the second-class, Goten and Reyn looked at each other. “So our little rendezvous is called off for now…” Goten muttered. That was a pity – he had really been getting into it. Plus, there was also the promise of Reyn being on the bottom the next time they had sex.

Reyn squeezed the younger man’s buttocks a few more times then, regretfully, let go. Goten slid off his lap and sat down a little further away from the flight officer. He watched Reyn buckle his belt then, leaving the older man sitting on his bed, he stood up and went to the wardrobe to check on the cat.

“Have you fed it?”

“Yeah. I fed him your meals when you slept through breakfast and lunch. Well, minus the salad. Seems he doesn’t like salad.”

“Clever thing.”

Once Goten approached the wardrobe and took a more careful look inside it, he saw a metal bowl of food at the back wall of the wardrobe. It was still half-full, a piece of steak and some boiled vegetables visible. The cat was staring at him quietly.

“What about his toilet?” Goten asked, inspecting the wardrobe. It didn’t stink, though, if one didn’t pay attention to Mr. Elite’s usual smell. After raising his head, Goten spotted a few magazines on the shelves above.

“Well, he asked to be let out, then returned in about two hours.”

Incredulous, Goten turned to Reyn. “You let him out?”

“Well, what was I supposed to do? He kept making noise. I considered frying him, but then took pity on Monteira.”

The younger male shook his head and concentrated back on the magazines on the shelves. “Since he returned alive and with his hair still on, I suppose no one noticed him.” That was hard to believe, though. Goten rummaged about on the lowest shelf, then tossed one of the magazines across the cabin for Reyn to catch. The rest of the magazines featured photographs of various home interiors and he held not the slightest interest in that. He doubted Reyn or any other Saiyan in general would ever be interested in that either. Shortly, Goten wondered about the previous owner of the cabin. He inspected the remaining shelves, but finding nothing more of interest, returned to his bed and sat down next to his friend.

Absently, Reyn was flipping through the pages of the magazine. In about the middle, his eyes set on a female’s busty chest, then slid down the page to her crotch. He turned the magazine sideways to inspect it closer.

“Why is it that you get invited to a party and I get invited to a duel?” he asked Goten finally.

“Must be my face.”

“I say your ass would be a more valid guess.”

“Ooo!” Goten sang in appreciation after catching a glimpse of the photo in the magazine. “Such awesome tits!”

“Yeah,” Reyn agreed. “I’m trying to figure out what species this is.”

Goten took a closer look. “No idea. So will you come to the party, too?”

Reyn flipped the magazine to another page to reveal a burly Saiyan male having intercourse with some kind of a large bluish animal. The flight officer shuddered and closed the magazine to check its cover. It said “Daily Delights” in big orange letters and had a three-eyed creature looking out of it in what was obviously meant to be a seductive manner. Reyn gave the creature an apathetic look and tossed the magazine back to Goten; maybe the younger male would find it more appealing.

“Well, of course. Gods only know what they would do to your naïve and unsupervised self,” he spat sarcastically. There was probably no point in telling Goten he didn’t want him to go to that party at all. It hadn’t worked the last time, it was not going to work this time; the younger male would just brush him off. No matter how annoyed he felt, he could not forbid Goten from attending these kinds of gatherings. It was very likely, though, that in a few years Goten would lose interest in them on his own. If they were going to last that long.

Goten pursed his lips at the three-eyed creature on the cover. He shook his head. “That’s not fair. You get to kick ass and then attend a party!”

Reyn rolled his eyes.

“So do you want me to go with you to the training hall?”

“No,” Reyn said, shaking his head. “I will deal with them on my own. There’s no need for you to get involved.”

“Well, I sorta am already,” Goten pointed out.

“You know, if it’s really a trap and there are many of them, I’ll need to power up quite high. Thinking about trying not to kill you while I am fighting them is something I’d like to avoid.”

Nodding, Goten hummed softly. The older man was right. In that case, he would only be a nuisance. For a few minutes, he leafed through the journal in silence, then pushed it off his lap and lay down diagonally across the bed, his legs hanging over the edge.

“You need to learn to control your power better,” Reyn said.

“Yeah,” Goten agreed. “Will you help me out?”


This was very simple training, something all Saiyan children started learning as soon as they were taught how to summon their ki. Reyn doubted it would take Goten more than a few days to get the hang of his newly acquired power. As long as he didn’t power up too high.

Both of them turned to the wardrobe as scratching sounds came from it. The cat finally left his sanctuary and slipped through the slightly ajar door. He stared at the two Saiyans on the bed while his tail swished about in a few twitching motions. Were it a Saiyan’s tail, Goten would have thought the cat was very happy to see them. However, it was obvious that a cat’s tail had to be read differently.

Using the opportunity, Goten got up and went to take a look at the contents of his suitcase. Since he had originally planned to go back to Starcut, he hadn’t packed all his things. One uniform was missing and he had no spare change of socks or underwear. The boots he had been issued at Hataro Officer School had been worn, but they had been sturdy and comfortable. It was a pity he hadn’t packed them. Spare boots, clean socks and underwear, though, always came second when one had an empire to save. Besides, he had other things to worry about. Pushing his Hataro Officer School uniform aside, he dug out the recipe book. He’d had his doubts when taking it, thinking himself a fool for even considering it, but now he was unbelievably glad he had ignored his common sense. Thinking, Goten stared at the book.

The prince… After what was going to happen on Bruminan Station, the man would probably think he had betrayed him. Using his name to get to the station, then destroying all allied ships, assassinating many of the renowned guests and allies, maybe even attempting and failing to kill Prince Vegeta himself.

That silly inscription was probably the only memento he would have left from the prince. Next time they met, if ever, they would very likely be enemies.

Goten covered the cookbook with the uniform again. That’s how it was and it was best not to think about it. The khaki uniform was coated in short black hair, and the entire suitcase reeked of the cat. He thought about removing his uniform, but then he would need to relocate the cookbook as well. That might result in him forgetting where he put it, which, in turn, might lead to him forgetting to take it when he left Mantanko.

Goten’s head turned in the direction of the door when the cat meowed. The black abomination wanted out. He was sitting at the door, staring at it stubbornly. The two Saiyans met each other’s eyes. The cat meowed again, louder this time. The third demanding call sounded as if someone was skinning Mr. Elite alive, which was what Reyn wanted to do to him at that moment.

“Any suggestions?” the flight officer asked.

“Not really,” Goten said, moving away from the wardrobe. He walked to the door and let the cat out. Mr. Elite waltzed through it and into the empty corridor. For all the demanding noise the cat had made, he sure was taking his time.

Quietly, not meeting anyone along the way, Goten followed the cat through a few corridors. Mr. Elite’s final destination appeared to be the toilets. The cat had obviously found the room by the smell. Goten followed the cat inside. He watched Mr. Elite climb on top of one of the open holes. Watching the cat going about his business was not interesting at all, so Goten left him alone. As soon as he left the bathroom, Goten saw one of the three men who had approached Reyn and him in the canteen with the request to spar walking towards him.

“How are you doing?” Onar asked.

Goten smiled brightly. “Very good, thank you.” That damn cat had better be done fast.

“You two are quite a pair, huh?”


“Will you come to the meeting?” the man asked, winking.


“Nice, nice,” Onar said, clapping Goten on his shoulder. He turned to the toilets.

The third-class moved out of the way. Apprehensively, he waited for a sign that Mr. Elite had been discovered. Two minutes later, though, the man left the toilets, gave him a puzzled look seeing him still standing there, and walked away. Wondering how the cat had managed to stay unnoticed, Goten opened the door. Not managing to immediately locate Mr. Elite, he walked further into the room. He checked all the cubicles, but the cat was nowhere to be seen. Confused, Goten turned on his scouter and scanned the toilets. Nothing. He turned off the thermo scanner and stood motionless, thinking. In a few seconds, he raised his head to look at the corner near the entrance and a soft curse slipped past his lips. The vent.


It had taken Reyn a total of five minutes to deal with the captain. The man had come alone and it hadn’t been a trap. They fought, Reyn won, and that was it. The only problem was that the captain had invited him for a drink after that. Thinking that it would be rude and silly to refuse this sign of truce, Reyn had agreed. The captain had led him to his cabin where they were soon joined by two more second-classes.

Now, sitting on the floor and absently nursing his drink, Reyn wondered what exactly he was doing here. His mind quickly supplied him with the answer that he was playing cards, and winning at that. Any income was good. His mind was also quick to inform him that he wasn’t having a bad time either, and that the other three men were quite entertaining. Further into the game and their liquor supplies, though, the captain started flirting with him again. The other two second-classes started dropping hints too, and it became obvious that, if he wasn’t interested in a foursome, it was about time to depart.

Wondering what exactly the captain found so appealing about him, Reyn reached the meeting hall, where Goten’s party was supposed to be happening. Already, through the closed door, the flight officer was able to tell that it was indeed taking place. Reyn looked at the key code and just pressed the pass button. The metallic door slid open. A little surprised that it had worked, he entered the hall. Reyn’s right foot froze in midair at the sight in front of him, the clamor and laughter tuning out. Including Goten, there were six people in the room. There were quite a few open bottles on the desks and around them and the hall strongly reeked of booze. Most people were sitting around one desk, except Goten, who was lying on the floor in quite an awkward position. There was a man half-sitting, half-leaning over him. The third-class’s belt was undone. There was probably more going on, but Reyn was not able to see much else because the back of the guy leaning over Goten was blocking his view.

The second-classes were questioningly eying the flight officer. One was still telling a story to his buddies about someone he had unexpectedly met on Meia Colony. Goten burst out laughing.

Just as the messenger had said, he should have not allowed Goten to go alone. Now, seeing the third-class’s confused and flushed face, the arms that the younger male held out for him, he thought about just leaving Goten where he was. He turned to go, made a few steps back towards the door, then turned around. In a few swift strides, he was at Goten’s side.

“Get off,” the flight officer said to the second-class, whose hand, as now he could clearly see, was in Goten’s underwear.

The man turned to look at him. “What? You want a piece of him too?”

Reyn lifted the man by his shoulder and shoved him away from the other third-class. The man toppled sideways, hitting his elbow against the leg of a nearby desk.

“Hey!” he howled in pain and surprise. “What are you doing, you shitface!”

Reyn grabbed Goten by his upper arm and tugged him upwards. “Come, you freaking idiot.”

The younger male giggled stupidly and hung suspended above the floor. “I don’t…th-think I can walk.”

Reyn suddenly leaned in and Goten saw stars when he was backhanded across the face.

“How about now?” Reyn hissed at him.

“What the fuck are y-”

Reyn’s eyes shot to the second-classes. All of them were standing now. One was summoning his ki. “Don’t you interfere!” he growled. “And if you ever touch him again, I’ll fucking kill you.”

“The fuck you’re…”

The second-class who had been previously helping himself to Goten swung his fist at Reyn’s face, and the flight officer snapped. Powering up, he dropped Goten, and shot forward. He grabbed the second-class by his neck, slammed his head sideways into the wall, then took a better hold and smashed him into it face-first. He tossed the groaning, half-conscious man to the floor. The second-class’s nose was bent and crooked, blood gushing all over his face.

“Hey, chill out,” one the second-classes at the desk said, holding his hands up. “We didn’t know he was yours. Nothing happened, okay?”

“Fuck you, gods damn it!” Reyn growled at him. In a few strides, he was back at Goten’s side. The third-class was trying to stand up and was miserably failing. He was on all fours now, his trousers still undone, almost falling down his hips. His belt was hanging out, and his underwear was visible. Goten was hard. Reyn felt like hitting the younger man again, but he just grabbed him by his waist and swung him over his shoulder. Letting out a few colorful curses, he turned to the door and punched the pass button.

He carried Goten all the way to their cabin, then tossed him onto his bed. The entire time he was being carried, the younger male had been giggling stupidly and trying to get off his shoulder. Or maybe he just wanted more friction. At that point, Reyn couldn’t care less.

“Ouch,” Goten complained when his back hit the mattress. He pouted and reached out for the flight officer. The other man seemed to be badly pissed off and Goten’s brain failed to comprehend why. He didn’t want Reyn to be pissed off with him. He wanted Reyn to be fucking him. His pout deepened when the older male shook his hands off angrily and went to his desk to pour some water into his mug.

“Here, you idiot. Drink it,” Reyn said, giving the mug to Goten. The other third-class gave the mug an apathetic look, but after a threatening glare, took it. Or tried to. Reyn was just in time to grab it before Goten could spill it all over his bed. Goten flopped onto his back again. He looked somewhat confused that his limbs didn’t listen to him, but then his face cleared again. He was more interested in his swollen nether regions.

“Come here,” Reyn grunted, lifting Goten’s upper back. With his other hand, he pressed the mug to the other man’s mouth. Watching him drink, his anger started dissipating. He had no idea what they had made Goten drink or eat, but it didn’t seem serious. Drinking a lot of water should flush it out of his system pretty soon.

Freaking idiot.


When Goten woke up, it was completely dark. Only his sense of smell told him that he was in his and Reyn’s cabin, on his bed. He felt dizzy and sluggish, and, most importantly, sick. He rolled out of bed and staggered over to where he thought the door was located. Not wanting to wake Reyn up, he didn’t call for the lights. That resulted in him hitting his toe on the metal leg of the unused bed. He let out a string of curses and called for the lights.

“You okay?”

Cradling his left foot, Goten turned to Reyn.

“Feeling sick?” Reyn deduced at the sight of the other third-class’s ghastly pale face. “Let me help you get to the toilets,” he said, getting out of bed. There was a look of urgency written all over the younger man’s face and Reyn didn’t bother putting his clothes on either. Hooking his hands under Goten’s armpits, he lifted the other man and started making it towards the door. Just as he had guessed, Goten was barely able to walk.

While Goten was kneeling in front of one of the toilet bowls, getting rid of whatever junk he had been made to eat or drink at that party, Reyn decided to use the opportunity to take care of his business as well. Later, leaning against the wall, he just stood and watched the other third-class’s heaving back.

The spasms were over in about ten minutes and Goten pushed himself off the floor. He swayed dangerously, his numb legs folding out from under him again. His head barely missed the toilet bowl, him managing to push himself away from it with his hands. That movement, though, made him topple over onto his back. He heard Reyn curse softly behind him, and he reclined his head to look at him. The older man was barefooted, only in his underwear, and was now walking towards him. He didn’t quite understand what was wrong with that picture, but Goten’s abused gut was telling him that he had done something wrong.

“I’m sorry,” Goten muttered.

“Feeling better?” Reyn asked, helping him to stand up. He doubted the younger male understood what exactly he was apologizing for. He still looked out of it.

“A little.”

Goten let himself be maneuvered towards the sink where he rinsed his mouth and drank at least a liter of water.

“So do you remember anything?” Reyn asked on their way back to the cabin.

Goten’s face acquired a painfully confused look while he was doing his best to glue the pieces in his head together. “Well, hardly anything,” he admitted. “Not really. Just that I…” He blushed fiercely, not finishing. “Did I actually do anything with them?”

“No, but I did think about leaving you there. Just to teach you a lesson.”

Goten was silent for a few seconds and Reyn turned his head to see him drowsing. He was barely moving his feet. This conversation was best had after Goten had fully recovered. He apparently still didn’t quite understand what had happened. Reyn was also very interested in which of the second-classes had prepared the mix.

As soon as Reyn put Goten to bed, he fell asleep. The flight officer followed his example.


Goten’s eyes blinked open. Still in a pleasant daze, he stared in front of him, then woke up completely. There was a heavy body upon his back. His wrists were pinned to the bed above his head. With a strangled gasp, he flexed his arms, but hardly managed to raise them an inch.


Goten recognized the voice instantly, his sense of smell coming second. His panic gave way to surprise. “What are you doing?” he asked, his voice still shaky. He tried to free his hands again, but with no success. “Release me.”


“What…” Goten trailed off at the feeling of thick bluntness pressing against his backside. It barely paused before forcing its way into him. “Mhgah!” Goten could feel himself spasming around the foreign object, but, to his surprise, there was hardly any pain. “What the hell are you doing?” he hissed, trying to free his hands again. Had he been lubricated in his sleep? His face flushed red at the thought of having slept through that.

Above him, Reyn chuckled. “One would think you’d have figured it out by this time.” Slowly, he transferred the rest of his weight to Goten’s back, moving now his free left hand above Goten’s head. When he loosened his hold on the younger male’s wrists, Goten immediately tried to shake him off. Instead, Reyn grabbed his left wrist with his left hand and pressed it back to the bedding next to Goten’s head.

Reyn could tell that the younger male was unsure about both the situation and his position. “Calm down,” he said, pressing a kiss to Goten’s nape. “It doesn’t hurt, does it?”

Goten exhaled the breath he had been holding in. “No, but…”

“It’s fine, then. Relax.”


The flight officer chuckled. “Can I move now?”

Still not quite certain, Goten stared in front of him then, finally, the muscles in his upper back relaxed, his body sinking into the bedding. “Fine,” he muttered.

Reyn rocked his hips against Goten’s backside, making the younger male grunt at the friction inside him. The restrained position didn’t allow Goten any movement and he didn’t feel comfortable about it. It didn’t feel bad either, though. This position prevented Reyn from pushing deep into him and the cock inside him didn’t feel so demanding. Reyn wasn’t wearing a condom again, which also made it better.

“That’s it. Just relax.”

Goten lowered his head back to the pillow. Reyn was going slowly, teasing at first, but Goten’s thoughts became muddled almost instantly, his senses turning hazy. Only a few thrusts later, he was as hard as a rock, sweat starting to bead up on his brow. He would have felt surprised about how strongly he was responding, but any sense he had left was quickly pumped out by the cock inside him. Trying to keep quiet, he muffled his gasps with the pillow, breathing through his nose. Before long, he started lacking air and turned his head to the side, panting. The cock inside him felt fantastic. He tried to lift his hips but that didn’t work, so instead, he spread his legs even more.

“You like being fucked like this?”

Goten groaned wordlessly, this time not even trying to muffle the sound. He came a few seconds later. The orgasm was so intense that he saw white for a few seconds. Dazed, he panted to get his breath back. Still inside him but not moving, Reyn was kissing his back and shoulders. Goten wondered if the other man had come as well, then realized that he was still hard. His hands were still pinned at the sides of his head and it was obvious that the flight officer was waiting for his muscles to relax.

“You can let me go. I’m not going to escape.”

Reyn let out a breathless chuckle. “Liar.”

Goten rubbed his cheek against the pillow. “Damn you.” He sighed. “And, actually, it was your turn to be on the bottom.”

Feeling the restriction around him lessening, Reyn rocked his hips against Goten’s, making the younger man squirm underneath him.

“Ugh! It’s… Ghrm! Stop it!”

“Why? It’s fine, isn’t it?”

“It’s not fine!” Goten grunted. “It’s… Just stop it!” It felt so uncomfortable and intense that tears pricked his eyes. He shuddered and shivered every time the other man brushed over his prostate. “Reyn…” he groaned. “Stop it! Change the angle at least!” He felt the other man shift above him and it suddenly became much better, even pleasant.

Feeling the tension bleed out of the body underneath him, Reyn increased his pace. Goten responded by lifting his hips a little to give him more access. Awhile later, he changed the angle again. The younger man grunted, his fingers curling and body tensing, but this time he didn’t protest. After a few more thrusts, he started half-mutedly moaning his pleasure.

A minute passed and, testing, Reyn let go of the younger man’s wrists. Lost in his pleasure, Goten didn’t even seem to notice. His fingers curled tighter around the sheets while his hips pushed against Reyn’s demandingly. He was moaning with almost every thrust now, this time not even trying to still his voice. He was close again, even though they had barely started. Reyn soon felt the other man’s body seize up, the muscles around him clenching, trapping him effectively. And then he was coming too, the pressure being both painful and gratifying beyond belief.

Goten unclamped his teeth from the pillow. He hadn’t even noticed that he had sunk them into the material. His head swimming, he just concentrated on panting and stayed completely still for a few minutes. Carefully, Reyn pulled out. The puckered hole twitched, but the younger male didn’t react otherwise. He should have probably used a condom this time, but he hadn’t felt like it. Exhausted, Reyn slumped into the bedding next to his partner. Goten turned his head to him to give him a blank look. He had just come twice in a row without his cock even being touched and he couldn’t quite grasp that.

The overall numbness in Goten’s body passed much later. He felt sleepy, but his jaw and face started stinging, his back and hips felt as if he had been run over by some kind of large vehicle, and his ass was sore. He was feeling cold too, the sweat on his skin cooling. He shifted around, digging himself deeper into the bedding. He was sticky everywhere. The sheets underneath him were a wet mess as well, but he couldn’t be bothered at the moment.

“Still awake?”

Goten hummed something incomprehensible in answer and continued trying to get the covers onto himself. With Reyn’s help, he was finally successful and settled down tiredly.

“What the hell was that for?” he muttered, almost asleep already.

Surprised, Reyn blinked at the other man’s back. It hadn’t been a punishment. Not exactly, at least. He had just been somewhat annoyed and worried by Goten’s carelessness. He had also been horny as hell, and he knew Goten felt the same, so he thought it would be a waste to pass up the opportunity. A little bit of teasing and roughness to heighten their sensations was fine, was it not? He realized now, though, that he should have expected Goten to take it the wrong way. He did most of the time, after all.

“It was not a punishment. It felt good, didn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Goten agreed. “But I get to do you three times in a row now.”

Reyn couldn’t help chuckling.


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