Just Your Average Dragon Ball Z Story

BY : Donglibog
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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragon ball Z and I make no money from this fanfic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any Dragon ball characters and I make no money from this fanfic.


Just Your Average Dragon Ball Z Story






Son Gohan, the well-muscled, spiky haired half-Saiyan, and his girlfriend, Videl, the short haired, athletic, and pretty daughter of World Martial Arts Champion, Mr. Satan, go on vacation together in Budai, an exotic city located in the middle of the Abar Desert.


It was Videl's idea, the more adventurous of the pair. Gohan would rather immerse himself in his studies or practice his katas, but he doesn't complain, and makes an effort to enjoy himself, or failing that, pretend to do so.


Videl excitedly drags her boyfriend into a rather shady looking establishment that seems to be a combined restaurant, bar, and nightclub. Gohan is initially suspicious of the place, but eventually concedes.


It is spacious but dimly lit inside. Several tables surround a wide dance floor area, where a number of sexy belly dancers entertain the patrons with their fluid movements. The scene excites Videl, but Gohan becomes even more wary. He senses warriors with impressive fighting levels all around them.


Once seated, Videl decides to playfully tease her rather reserved boyfriend. She gets up, and begins to erotically dance for him. But the sensual swaying of her firm hips in her skin tight bike shorts has caught the attention of three dark skinned, thickly bearded men: the diminutive Aashiq, his devoted friend, the lanky Abbud, and the muscle bound strongman Abir!


They simultaneously rise from their seats, and approach the fair skinned foreign beauty from behind. Aashiq is the first to make his move, grabbing Videl's butt cheek, and giving it a squeeze!


The surprised girl yelps, and immediately spins around to face her violator. At first, she sees nothing, and has to look down. He is nearly an entire foot shorter than her. Aashiq pulls her to him, pressing her soft breasts against his hard frame. His hands find her buttocks once more, and knead them repeatedly.


Videl squeals in protest, “Stop that! Get your hands off me!”


Aashiq responds by roughly pressing his lips against hers. The horrified girl panics and struggles, but is unable to break the unwanted kiss. Her attacker's strength is formidable. Then she feels one of his callused hands slither under the front of her shirt, up her skin, cupping one of her breasts, and then squeezing it! Mortified, Videl redoubles her efforts, but still to no avail.


Gohan, who was momentarily distracted by the arrival of the Falafel he ordered, rushes to his girlfriend's aid, now. But his path is blocked by the gigantic Abir! The half-Saiyan senses the great strength within his opponent. And they engage in an intense and extended stare down.


Meanwhile, Aashiq begins rubbing Videl's nipple with the tip of his forefinger, causing the teat to harden. Then he begins licking down the side of her neck.


The hapless girl shuts her eyes tight, tilts her head back, and begins moaning helplessly, before crying out, “Gohan, help me!”


Gohan snaps out of the trance caused by the stare down. He throws a powerful right straight into the larger man's midsection. To the young half-Saiyan's surprise, Abir arrogantly smiles down at him, apparently unharmed.


“Is that the best you can do?” the big man drawls in a low voice.


“Actually,...” his young opponent replies with a smirk, “...no.”


Immense energy suddenly envelops the boy's body! And with a prolonged shout, his hair color changes from dark to gold, his eyeballs become green, and Son Gohan transforms into a Super Saiyan!


Abir is surprised but hardly impressed. He too transforms, his already impressive musculature doubling, even tripling in size!


Super Saiyan Son Gohan strikes him with another punch to the abdomen! This time Abir feels it! The wind is completely knocked out of him, and the giant falls to his knees, clutching his stomach, and gasping for air.


Now yearning for some privacy for what he is about to do next to his lovely captive, Aashiq takes Videl by the wrist, and drags the poor girl out the back entrance.




Under the shadow of a stone bridge, her back against the surface of one of the support beams, Videl is subjected to even more depravity, as Aashiq once again savors the taste of her mouth. His hands caress her smooth thighs, then slowly move behind to knead her ass once more.


After a couple of minutes, he smiles wickedly, takes hold of her shirt's left strap, and slowly pulls it down her shoulder, uncovering one of her breasts. He does the same to her right strap, revealing the other, and her shirt slides down to her feet.


Aashiq is pleased. The foreign girl has an attractive figure. Slenderly built, with boobs that are not large, but perky. His lecherous gaze causes Videl further discomfort. Her face reddens with embarrassment and anger, and she looks away.


He takes her breasts in his hands and roughly massages them, making Videl grit her teeth and wince. Then he takes her erect nipples between his fingers and tweaks them repeatedly. Unable to withstand the continuous stimulation, Videl once again begins moaning uncontrollably.


She puts her hands on his shoulders in another vain attempt to push him off her.


“No! Stop it! Get off me!” she screams in between moans.


He licks one of her teats, then sucks at it. Videl's nipples are so sensitive, her genitals moisten even before he decides to touch them. So when he finally does fondle her down there, it doesn't take long for her to cry out, and orgasm all over the crotch of her panties.


Sweating and panting heavily, Videl could do nothing to stop her attacker from stripping her of both the bike shorts and the soiled underwear. When he sees her very wet pussy, Aashiq couldn't help but smile slyly up at his victim.


Videl avoids his gaze, and mutters angrily, “Bastard.”


Aashiq pulls up his white thawb, and pulls down his matching white sarwal underneath to take out his cock. Videl grimaces in a combination of disgust and fear at the sight of the thing. She desperately looks around for anything or anyone that can help her. Finding nothing and no one, she whines resignedly, and hesitantly spreads her legs for him.


“Good girl,” Aashiq comments cruelly.


He slides his engorged member inside her, and Videl is revolted by the feel of it filling her up. He begins rocking back and forth. She wants to shrink back into the stone beam, disappear inside it somehow. He lifts one of her legs behind the knee, and raises it under his arm. With his other hand, he fondles her breast. And he begins pounding her more violently!


Videl attempts meditation techniques to take her mind elsewhere, but the relentless assault on her body, the abuse of her breast, and the ravishing of her clitoris made it impossible! And she is forced to physically and mentally endure the rape till its very end, when he finally erupts inside her!




Dragging her by her wrist again, Aashiq leads Videl to his stone desert dwelling. He proudly parades her naked before his neighbors, as if she were some trophy. With only her boots, fingerless gloves, and nothing else, Videl could only look down in shame, as she tries in vain to cover her exposed chest with one lithe arm.


He pulls her inside, and slams the wooden door shut. He spins her around to face him, and takes a moment to leer at her beautiful naked form.


“Move your arm,” he commands.


Videl scowls at him, but hesitantly obeys, and slowly moves her arm away from covering her chest. He chuckles wickedly. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulls her to him, squeezes one breast with his other hand, and savages her mouth with another long kiss. Videl doesn't struggle. She understands it would be pointless to do so.


Then he roughly pushes her back into his bed. He strips off his sarwal, and climbs up the bed after her. In exasperation, Videl looks away, and grudgingly spreads her legs for him again. But he shakes his head.


“No,” he says. “Turn around.”


“W-What?” Videl stammers fearfully. “N-No. Not there-”


Aashiq becomes furious. He grabs her right breast, and brutally squeezes.


“Ow! Hey, stop!” Videl shrieks.


He squeezes harder.


“Alright! Alright! Stop, please!” she yields.


He releases her. Then she turns around, gets on her elbows and knees, and presents her ass to him. Aashiq smiles widely. He wanted this ass ever since he saw it swaying back and forth at the nightclub. He eagerly kneads her butt cheeks in his hands. Videl bites down on her lower lip, dreading what she knows is about to happen next. He feels his hands on her hips, then the tip of his penis poking the rim of her anus.


“Oh, Kame, please help me,” she prays.


But her prayers go unanswered, and she cries out when he rams his cock inside! He begins raping her asshole. The warm and tight embrace around his penis is as amazing as he expected! As he rocks back and forth, he reaches forward with one hand to squeeze one of her breasts. Then he takes the nipple in his fingers, and tweaks it repeatedly.


No longer able to keep her head up, Videl buries the left side of her face into the mattress, and freely weeps into it. To her, it felt like an eternity, before he finally climaxes inside her.




Aashiq's snores echo against the stone walls. Videl is naked and quivering in a fetal position next to him. The door isn't locked. But even if it were, it's made of wood, and she can easily shatter it with one punch, but she doesn't dare try to escape. Lord knows what else this maniac will do to her ass as punishment.


But to her surprise, the door shatters anyway! Aashiq is startled from sleep. He bolts up, and is shocked to see the golden haired boy in his doorway.


“H-How did you find us?!” he asks the intruder.


“I tracked your ki signature,” Super Saiyan Son Gohan explains. “It wasn't easy. It's unbelievable how so many powerful warriors there are on this island!”


“I assume you defeated Abbud, also.”


“Didn't have to. He sensed the difference in our power levels, and surrendered. But you have a loyal friend. He never gave up your location.”


“I sense your power level, too. And I am not as impressed.”




Blue electricity sparks all over Son Gohan as he transforms into the even more powerful Super Saiyan 2! And Aashiq falls to his knees in fear.


“I-Impossible,” the villain stutters. “There's no way I can compete with such power.”


“Glad you realize that. Now, we can be friends! While I was scanning for your ki signature, I detected someone with power far greater than both of ours combined. If he turns out to be evil, I might need your help to defeat him.”


Aashiq stares at the boy in a combination of disbelief and confusion.


“What? Y-You're not going to kill me?”


“Nah, we're very forgiving of our villains. Piccolo turns the planet into a living hell, he's now my mentor. Vegeta breaks my dad's legs, they're best buddies now. Android 18 breaks Vegeta's arm, nobody even brings it up. Fat Boo,... The list goes on and on...”


Asshiq is momentarily stunned into silence. Then he clarifies, “OK, let me get this straight. I sexually harass your girl in a night club,...rape her under a bridge,...humiliate her by parading her naked all across town,...rape her again at my home... And that's all cool?”


Super Saiyan 2 Son Gohan just shrugs his shoulders.


Aashiq turns to Videl.


“How about you?” he asks her. “You're OK with this?”


“Forgiven and forgotten,” she answers cheerily.


“Wow, I don't know what to say. That's...INSANE!”


“I know,” Gohan admits dryly. “Our movies are written a little better.”


“Well, you mind if I have a couple o' more rounds with your girl before we go?”


“Not at all. I'll wait outside. Who knows? You might even end up having children with her. I mean, Vegeta stole Yamcha's girlfriend, no one seems to mind. Including Yamcha!”


So a few hours later, Gohan, Videl, and their new bestest friend ever, Aashiq fly off to murder the powerful being, who has never mistreated them in any way. But he is powerful, so that's good enough.



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