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Disclaimer: DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragon ball Z and I make no money from this fanfic.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Dragon ball Z characters nor the name Octopussy, and I make no money from this fan fic.


Dr. Octopussy






In her seat at Orange Star High School, the short-haired, slender, and pretty student, Videl is not paying attention to the lecture. She is resting her chin on one hand, while her other hand absentmindedly taps her pen on the desk.




A week ago, General Fuchsia and Android 69 of the supposedly defunct Red Ribbon Army, assaulted her just outside her famous father's gym (Previously in DBZ: Videl in Peril). As soon as she had stepped out, Android 69 used his energy absorbing abilities, weakening her. The android then proceeded to rape her anally.


She managed to escape him, but before she could even try to take revenge, the General showed up, and raped her at gunpoint.


They took her back inside the gym, and took turns raping her all night. Afterwards, the General leaves her with a parting message for her boyfriend's father: The Red Ribbon Army is back!




Her signal watch suddenly starts beeping! As a powerful martial artist and daughter of Mr. Satan, mayor of Satan City, the police often ask Videl for help in subduing stronger outlaws. They contact her via her signal watch.


Her classmates and professors know this, so the teacher just nods, excusing her from class. She bows in respect, and then rushes out the door.


“What's wrong?” Videl talks into her watch's communication device.


“There's been an attack at the Satan City Capsule Corporation branch!” the policewoman on the other line frantically responds. “I-I think Dr. Brief is still inside!”


“I'm on my way!”


Videl breaks the connection. She considers changing into her Goddess of Peace Great Saiyaman 2 costume, but decides against it to save time. A white T-shirt, bike shorts, boots, and fingerless gloves will suffice. Besides, her partner, Son Gohan, the Iron Fist of Justice Great Saiyaman, is the one that's really into the whole superhero thing. And he's out of town visiting his mother.




Videl arrives at the Capsule Corporation branch, and is bewildered by what she sees!


All of the policewomen have been subdued! They're lying on the ground or leaning against their squad cars. Fortunately, they're all still alive. But their uniforms are disheveled, and they all seem exhausted!


“What happened to you?!” Videl worriedly asks one of the women leaning against her police car.


But the woman doesn't answer. Doesn't even turn to look at Videl. She just blankly stares forward.




Videl enters the huge building cautiously. It seems deserted. Perhaps the staff has evacuated. And then she hears a pair of voices in the next room. Two men. One of them is angrily shouting. The other is whimpering in fear or pain or both. She enters the room.


Inside, she finds a middle aged man in a bowl haircut, wearing thick glasses and a lab coat. His back is to her. He is angrily shouting expletives, as he kicks the poor and prone Dr. Brief repeatedly in the nuts!


“Hey, stop that!” Videl yells without thinking, instantly regretting it.


She could have easily taken him by surprise earlier, and knocked him out from behind with a simple karate chop.


The man turns to face her. He quickly takes some kind of device that looks like a TV remote from his pocket.


“Kill him, Videl!” Dr. Brief yells to her in a harsh voice, his lip bleeding. “Kill this sadistic son of a bitch!”


Videl complies. She leaps forward to attack!


“Kiai!” she yells.


Then from out of nowhere, a long snake-like, metallic tentacle with 3 robotic fingers in the end, rapidly slithers towards her, and latches onto her left breast!


“What the-?!” Videl gasps.


The robotic fingers begin squeezing her soft bosom. Mortified, she attempts to pull it off. But it refuses to let go, and even squeezes harder, making her scream. Another tentacle appears, and roughly grabs her other breast.


“W-What's going on?!” Videl shrieks in panic.


“Those are my inventions! The Mecha-Tentacles!” the man in the bowl cut proudly announces. “I went here, to the Satan City Capsule Corporation branch when I heard that its founder, Dr. Brief was visiting. I planned to have a profound, scientific conversation with the man about our achievements. But the unprofessional son of a bitch insults me! Accuses me of having a hentai fetish!”


“This is an anime,” Dr. Brief explains, trying to get back up. “You show me a bunch of mechanical tentacles. What was I suppose to think?”


“Shut up!”


The man kicks Dr. Brief hard between the legs again, causing the old man to fall back down.


“Stop doing that, you...you...!” Videl pleads.


“The name...is Dr. Octopussy!”


“Dr. Octopussy?”


“Yes. I wanted to go with Dr. Octopus, but that name was already taken.”


“Actually, I think Octopussy is also taken.”


“It is? DAMMIT! All the names are taken. Now, I'll have to add some numbers at the end.”


“Dr. Octopussy,” Videl speaks to the man calmly and respectfully. “You're angry because Dr. Brief said you have a hentai fetish. Look at what your inventions are doing to me. What would you call this?!”




And at his command, the two tentacles rip Videl's shirt off her, revealing her firm, bare boobs!


The surprised and humiliated girl flushes. But before she could attempt to cover herself, the tentacles return, binding her by her wrists! Octopussy puts away his remote, steps forward, takes the girl's breasts in his hands and squeezes them.


“Hey!” Videl protests. “Take your hands off me!”


He ignores her, and starts rubbing her nipples with his thumbs. When they harden, he takes them between his fingers and twists them, making the girl moan.


“S-Stop it-!” Videl begins, but a long, forced kiss to the mouth shuts her up.


She pulls against her restraints, but to no avail. He starts licking down her neck, continues down to her nipple which he flicks repeatedly with his tongue. She tries to pull away from him, but one of the doctor's arms encircles her slender waist to keep her in place. He continuously licks her nipple, then takes it in his mouth, and sucks.


Videl moans again, louder than before!


He traces a slow, wet line across one nipple to the other with his tongue, then he starts making little wet circles around her areola. Videl's whole body shudders and sweats. She shuts her eyes, and grits her teeth to stop from moaning. But when he begins sucking at the nipple, in spite of her best efforts, she moans again anyway.


His hand moves down between her legs, and starts massaging her there.


“Oh, Kame, stop it!” Videl cries.


But he doesn't stop. And soon, a dark, circular stain appears in the crotch of her bike shorts.


Octopussy's tongue moves down her belly. In one motion, he strips her of both the bike shorts and her panties, revealing her damp pussy.


“You bastard!” Videl growls, infuriated by the satisfied expression on the doctor's face as he examines her exposed snatch.


At his signal, two more tentacles appear. They grab Videl by her ankles, and with the help of the first two at her wrists, they lift her off the ground, and spread eagle her in midair!


At first, she wildly struggles, but when the doctor positions himself between her legs, the lecherous look he gives her instantly freezes her with fear.


“You leave her alone!” Dr. Brief shouts. “You can kick me in the balls all you want, but don't you dare harm that girl!”


Octopussy has completely forgotten about his nemesis, too mesmerized by the beautiful, young, helpless, naked prize before him.


He begins by running his hands all over her soft, smooth, creamy thighs. His touch makes Videl flinch. Then he starts lightly teasing her folds with the tip of his finger. And then slides his finger inside her. Videl tilts her head back, shuts her eyes, and starts breathing erratically, as she gets ruthlessly fingered.


After some minutes, Octopussy pulls out his finger, and begins to undo his pants.


“D-Don't do it,” Videl begs, gasping for breath.


With one hand on her hip, another on his stiff cock, he guides himself inside her. She winces as her hole is stretched to accept the invader.


Then he does nothing.


The lazy bastard doesn't have to. The tentacles move Videl up and down his shaft for him!


“Behold the magnificence of my creation!” he boasts, as the screaming girl is forcefully thrust back and forth on his manhood!


“Damn, that actually is a pretty useful invention,” Dr. Brief admits. “At my age, I could definitely use it.”


Videl moans uncontrollably, and shakes her head from side to side, as with the mechanical tentacles' inhumanly tireless rhythm, she is rapidly approaching an orgasm. Octopussy recognizes this, as his victim's body begins to convulse. But he also realizes that she is doing everything she can to fight it. So he commands the tentacles to increase the intensity of the movement, in order to destroy her last ounce of resistance!


The maneuver works. And with a scream of defeat, Videl orgasms! The tentacles mercilessly continue its movement, until later, Octopussy also climaxes right inside her!


Only after he is certain that she has taken in every drop of his fluids does he withdraw his penis.


“Hah!” he arrogantly exclaims. “Now, do you still think I have a hentai fetish?!”


“My God,...” Videl whimpers weakly. “Do you even know what hentai means?”


“Sure, I do. That's the one with the five teenagers with colorful costumes and giant robots and shit, right?”


Videl stares at him in utter disbelief.


“Oh...my...God! That's...sentai! Not...hentai!”


“Huh? Really? Well,...which one is hentai?”




Octopussy is momentarily dumbfounded.


“Oh no,” he regretfully says. “I think I owe a bunch of policewomen a huge apology.”




Later, Dr. Octopussy humbly bows before Dr. Brief.


“Dr. Brief, I can't even begin to express just how sorry I am for repeatedly kicking you in the balls earlier,” he sincerely apologizes.


“Oh, don't worry about it,” Dr. Brief responds amiably, while holding an icepack to his groin. “You know, I was planning on having a vasectomy, anyway. So when you think about it, you actually saved me a lot of money.”


The men laugh, and then Octopussy turns to Videl, who is now wearing his lab coat to cover herself.


“I am sorry also, Ms. Videl,” he tells her. “You know,...for the whole rape thing.”


“That's OK,” she says halfheartedly. “It's not like we're tough on crime here or anything. Believe me, many of our villains have done much much worse.”


He smiles slyly, putting an arm over her shoulders.


“Hey, uh...how about we do a couple o' more rounds before you go?”


She stares at him in incredulity.


“I don't think so.”


He cups her breast and squeezes.


“You know I was just asking to be polite, right?”


She lowers her head, and sighs resignedly.


“Fine. Let's go.”



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