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Warnings for this chapter: Near drowning. 

Chapter 1: What if bulma's seduction at goku's house worked a little too well, and led to goku's first time there, instead of at bulma's house?


Far away in the vast land untouched by time, there was a martial arts master named son gohan. Who found an abandoned baby monkey boy named goku in the wilderness. The boy was nude having spiky hair that stuck out in all directions, while having a tail that had brown hair all over, and an unusual secret on his crotch that surprised gohan but nevertheless, He then took the baby and raised him as his own, and watched in awe as he trained him while he grew up, and saw him excell and become unaturaly strong, giving him a name. "Goku." Years have passed as he raised little goku until unfortunately, he passed on to the afterlife, leaving him on his own. Now he has become the sole guardian of his grandfather's possessions. Including his mystical spherical jewel known as his dragon ball.

It was on this day when he rode on a huge log. Now wearing a blue fighter gi, He saw some monkeys waving at him which he returned. "Hi. Nice to see you. How are ya-" He said but before he could continue, he felt himself going down a slope in the dirt path. While the log was rolling fast down the hill, he kept speeding backwards to stay on the log without much trouble as it rolled to his destination. Which is his house that he used to live with his late grandpa in.

Goku's house

Once there, he used his kung fu to make short work of the large log. Making it merely a pile of wood by the time he was done with it. Now he had firewood that'll keep him warm and cook his food. Speaking of which, he was hungry after that. "I wonder if there are any food for the picking?" he said as he retreated to his house. While in there, he picked up his granpa's old stick which is the power pole, then tied it to his back. Then he prayed to his grandpa and then left. Not before he looked back hearing an odd noise, which little does he know is the dragon ball glowing. He then trekked through the forest in the mountain looking for some apples. Once he found some, he jumped up using his strong legs, onto the branch. Then he ate the apples to his hearts content, and made sure the branch was picked when he was done with it. Tossing the apple aside, he ended up accidentally angering a brown cougar that proceeded to attack. One short chase later, the cougar ended up accidentally falling off the cliff into the water stream. With goku grabbing onto the branch, shortly following when it broke, and also hit the water. In his case though he was fine afterwards and proceeded to swim with the current to a nearby lake.

Once there, he decided to swim up to the flat rock island that poked out the water, next to a tiny island with a small tree then climbed onto it. Then he stripped till he was naked as the day he was born. He then proceeded to wrench his clothes until they were not dripping wet. Then he proceeded to walk to the other side of the big rock and look for fish to eat. Though not before deciding to pee, having yellow streams squirting out of his crotch, into the water of the lake. Hearing a small splash he then knew where the fish was and after stopping his pissing to hold the rest, then decided to dip his tail underwater swishing it around.

A school of fish was interested and focused on the tail thinking it was a hairy worm, but before they could nip it, they got scared away by the big fish that had a lime green body with a yellow underbelly. Which then focused on the tail. "Wonderful a lion, or a monkey. looks tasty." it thought as it retreated back before charging up. "Time to eat!!" it thought as it charged up to try to bite the tail.

Unfortunately for the fish, goku sensed the fish coming his way. So smiling with trained reflexes, he dodged the fish's bite as it breached the surface, then jumped back with a jumpkick. Hitting it in a pressure point and killing it instantly. When it fell back in the water, it sunk below the surface, causing goku to dive for it swimming underwater.

Goku swam underwater getting deeper, trying to get the fish that was sinking underwater, eventually reaching the bottom of the lake, and grabbed the tail of the dead big fish. When he sensed another presence coming his way, and it wanted to kill him. So with reflexes, he dodged out of the way of the charging large fish, this one having a dark blue color with a lighter blue underbelly. Wether it wanted to eat goku for killing it's friend, or wanted goku all for itself didn't matter. As he kept swimming out of the way of the charging bites that this big fish tried to do to him. While trying to swim to the position to strike back.

It wasn't an easy fight for goku. As he basically was still deep underwater, making his movements a little sluggish, and a little clumsy as he mainly fought on land and killed fish there as well, thus he wasn't experienced in underwater combat, and he eventually needed some air. The fish on the other hand was flexable, as he was able to swim and turn through the water with ease, and could breathe underwater, and kept on trying to eat goku. It even was able to get in some shots with its tail, slapping goku and even knocking goku into some rocks, which didn't really hurt for goku much, but did knock some wind out of him.

On the other hand, it wasn't easy for the fish either, as despite goku's nudity and clumsy movement in attacking, it was never able to touch goku with its teeth, and goku kept on dodging its charges and tail whips, keeping the fight mostly one sided as goku was then able to dodge without much trouble underwater, and eventually killed the blue fish with a punch to the pressure point. Now the fish sank to the bottom of the lake laying next to the green one. Goku sighed, bubbles flowing out of his nose, as he then got both of the fishes by their tails. "Woah! Two big fishes, Now that's what i call a catch." he thought as he then swam up trying to get to the surface of the lake.

Unfortunately it was easier said than done, as the fishes combined weight was getting to him. He was able to carry both of the fishes no problem, but swimming up without rope, was a different story. As their combined weight made swimming up the water slower than necessary. Not only that but goku was only able to use his legs for swimming up, since he was holding both of the fish, which didn't help goku either. He didn't even have any flippers since he was naked and swimming up. Which was when he started to feel short on air.

Now he was putting effort in his kicks as goku was running out of air, which was causing him to have trouble holding his breath, and had his face turning blue. He thought about dropping one of the fishes, to free up his arm for helping him swim up, then once he surfaced he would put the fish on land so he would dive underwater again to get the other one, but he didn't as he didn't wanna risk a current pushing the dead fish out of the lake, and to a strong river. But as he was getting more shorter on air, he felt like it could've been a better idea than this.

Nevertheless he was determined to get to the surface with both of his catch. So he kept kicking with all his might getting to the surface with his feet. Still it was easier said then done as the fishes were heavy, and goku didn't use anything else to climb on, and was just swimming up. Though by the mid point of the swimming up, he was losing his breath. With his closed mouth leaking bubbles, along with his nose, with his cheeks puffed up while it was a little cold underwater, and his face turned more blue while on the virge of turning purple. Yet he kept a tight grip on the fishes as he swam up, determined to get his catches.

By the time he was almost to the surface, he was nearly unable to hold his breath, his heart was beating fast against his ribs, his lungs were burning, his cheeks was turning purple and puffing up more and was leaking more bubbles, while he was about to open his mouth, and his kicks started to weaken a little. But he wasn't giving up, as he still kicked with more power and speed.

He was near the surface when he lost his breath with his mouth opened up and losing bubbles, also making gurgling noises as his chest hitched, and was starting to lose his feeling in his legs, as they weakened and started to limp, and his hold on the fishes started to loosen. Soon he was about to lose concious as he was getting a little limp, sinking slightly as he felt his vision turn blurry and his eyes getting heavy. Not only that, but he felt the water getting warmer around his waist as he accidentally peed underwater due to the loss of feeling in his body as he felt that he was about to sleep with the fishes. But he then gained a second wind and got more determined as he then kicked with all of his might, keeping the fishes in his hold as he then swam up, and was able to break the surface.

Gasping for air, he ended up coughing out some water out of his mouth, and with the rest of his strength, he got to the tiny island next to the rock he was on, and tossed the fish there while climbing out of the water. Then he laid on one of the dead fishes, catching his breath. Even though it was a close call for him, he couldn't help but grin as he got his catch of the day. Even though he was laying on the fish naked, and leaking out the rest of his piss into the grass of the flat rock, he wasn't really cold. "Close one." he thought.

Meanwhile, a car was driving on the cliffside. Once it stopped, a girl got out of it. She had turquoise blue hair, fair white skin, and had big breasts that are DDD cup, and a big posterior. She was wearing a short pink dress with her name on it, with blue sneakers and purple socks. Finally she was holding a watch-like radar. Her name was bulma.

Looking in the radar, she was smiling when the glowing blinking dot was not too far away from her location. Showing her objective is close enough to her after a small drive there. "I got you now you little jewel." she said, then she got back in her car and drove on to her destination.

Where little did she know, something's gonna happen where her life is never gonna be the same afterwards.


Goku was walking to his home with the fishes in tow. He was dressed in his fighters gi since he knew it was dry enough, and he still had his nyoibo, a.k.a power pole. "This'll last me until beyond dinner." he said happily. After a successful hunt, it was high time for his reward. It 'was' an average day for goku.

Emphasis on was. As goku was walking to his home, he heard a noise sorta like a roaring of an engine, though he thought it was a roar of a different creature, and it was getting closer every second. When he looked behind him, he saw a box like car headed towards him, much to his surprise and sudden fright. While inside the car, bulma was driving a little recklessly, when he saw a boy on the road, much to her fright as she was about to run him over.

So she tried to turn while pressing the brake, causing her car to veer to her left, but wasn't stopping due to the dirt road. While goku was trying to run away, but the big fish was slowing him down and the car was still too fast. Thus he got hit and was flying into a nearby tree.

Bulma was horrified as she looked out of her car hoping that the little boy was okay. Only to be shocked when he rose off the ground, seemingly okay and only slightly hurt, and at first stunned, but then quickly got pissed off. "So you thought that you killed me eh? Well think again you monster. For that is my fish! Nothing will take it from me!" He said as he dashed to the car, then did something that shocked bulma heavily. He picked the car up with surprising strength despite his size and then threw the car aside, landing on its side and breaking it. "That is for hurting me." he said while drawing his power pole and pointing at the car's remains, and a horrified bulma hesitantly emerging from it.

As he approached the car, bulma then took out her pistol for self defense and took aim at him and pulled the trigger. The bullets all hit their mark, including getting a boom headshot on him and knocking him on his back. Unfortunately for bulma, he got back up and on his feet, only hurt but not even close enough to take him out. Much to her shock. "Whoa what... was that? Nevertheless it's not enough to kill me, so say your prayers monster. Cause your dead meat!" he said drawing his power pole, much to her horror.

So she yelled out trying to tell him. "W-wait! Stop please! I'm not a monster i'm a human, just like you!" That had goku stopping in his tracks in shock. "Y-you're a human?!" he asked as bulma climbed out of her car's remains and onto the ground.

"Of course i am. Want to see my i.d of authenticity?" she asked, when goku declined as he walked around her with his pole at the ready just in case she makes sudden moves.

He was scanning his eyes over her, much to her impatience. "How long is this gonna take?" she asked. "Will you hush up!" he responded much to her dismay as he was close to done.

"Well you look human, but you look so scrawny and taller than me. Not to mention your chest and butt is bigger than mine." he said making her blush at his description of her looks. Almost like he's naively flirting with her.

"Well that's cause i'm a girl silly." she said surprising goku.

"W-what, you're a girl? So that's what you are." he said now surprising bulma.

"OMK. you mean you never seen a girl before?" she asked curiously.

"Nope. You see, other than grandpa, you're the only human i've seen so far." he said shocking her.

"Grandpa told me that if i ever meet a girl, i should be polite to her." he continued much to her relief.

"Well what a nice thing to say. He seems like a very nice man, isn't he?" she asked smiling.

"Yeah... he was... until he died. A... few years ago." he said glumly as he circled her again. That had bulma looking at him with sympathy in her eyes. After all goku was alone after his grandpa was dead. Thus she couldn't help but feel sorry for him. For living an isolated life here.

Though she then saw him lifting up her skirt with his pole, showing her white panties with pink flowers, much to her embarrassment. "H-hey! For shame kid! What are you doing that for?!" she called out as she pulled down her skirt and away from his pole.

"I was just checking to see if you had a tail." he said innocently, causing her to be confused, and then focus on his tail. Seeing it, she thinks that it's a fake one despite the fact that she was seeing it wave around. But she blames the wind for that.

"Maybe for girls like you, it takes longer to grow." he said much to her amusement.

"What a wierdo. Thinking that we have tails." she thought giggling.

Afterwards, they talked about her car that was a wreck, but she wasn't complaining too much since she'll buy a new one. While also telling goku that she is from a city known as west city, then goku and bulma headed to his house with the big fishes in tow.

"By the way, i'm goku. G.O.K.U. What's yours?" he asked

"B-bulma's my name." she timidly said, though she was a little annoyed that he didn't look at her shirt that had her name on it, and learned it that way.

"Hehehehehe, bulma huh, that's a funny name." he said.

"Quiet kid, goku isn't a normal name either." she responded. Not really fond of her name herself.

"But not as weird as yours." he said much to her dismay.

"WELL MY NAME IS BETTER THAN GOKU AT LEAST!" she said as she then got silent for the rest of the walk.

*time skip*

Once at goku's house, goku ended up leaving the fishes at his door, Then he got in the hutlike house with bulma not too far behind.

"I'm back grandpa, and i brought a friend with me... w-what is wrong?" goku asked seeing the ball glowing causing bulma to look around wondering where his grandpa is when he's supposed to be dead, only to see her objective on a dresser on a red pillow...

the glowing four star dragon ball.

"YAAY!! It's a dragon ball!! I found you at last!!" she yelled as she rushed passed goku and grabbing it in her hands.

Which was a bad idea with goku around. "HEY GIVE IT BACK!!!" he yelled much for bulma's fright.

"Y-you mean this?" she asked, getting it snagged by goku.

"Yes i mean this! Grandpa told me to protect his treasures, which includes this one. Nobody but me can touch it." he said. While looking at his ball.

Bulma was sympathetic, and understood why goku would be so protective of his grandpa's stuff. Though nevertheless wanted the ball from him.

So she decided to reluctantly show goku her own collection. "I didn't want to do this, but it seems i don't have a choice. Let me show you something." she said while getting her bag and opening it and taking out it's contents, which is her own 2 dragon balls much to goku's surprise.

"WOAH Unbelieveable!! you have your own grandpas?!" he asked shocked.

Causing bulma to briefly giggle and then answer. "Actually goku, they're called dragonballs."

Goku was in awe, then grimaced. "You mean a poor dragon lost his-"

Goku tried to say when bulma knew where that was going and interrupted him. "NOPE! NOPE!! Not that kind of dragonballs!! like eww. I'm just saying that's what they're called." she said calming goku down.

"You see goku, the ball your holding was glowing, because they're reacting to the ones that i have." Bulma continued to say putting her dragon balls on the table. "Try putting that ball on there and see what i mean." she said causing goku to reluctantly put his ball on the table and sure enough, the dragon balls glowed much to goku's amazement.

"Pretty cool right? Did you know that these mythical gems has the power to do great things?" she asked then continued. "...As well as not so great, like if a bad person has these then that would mean that chaos will really ensue." she said causing goku to curiously ask. "What great things do you mean?"

Bulma was reluctant to tell him, but she decided to let him know about it.

Every year if all seven dragon balls are together in one place, then someone has the ability to call upon the power of the dragon balls to summon the eternal dragon named shenron. Who after he's summoned, has the ability to grant one wish, whatever that is. Though bulma neglected to tell goku about the fact that if the dragon grants the wish, the balls separate in different directions, and turns to stone balls, but she'll cross the bridge when she comes to it.

"Wow! A wish can be granted by this dragon once all seven are together? How come he never told me about that?" goku asked.

Causing bulma to respond, "I don't think he knew about the legend when he had that ball. The truth is goku, is that you and I are the only few people that knows about this legend, and no one else. Which is for the better, as it would be pure chaos in a predictable sense, if the public knew. Also if you're confused about which one is yours, then simply look at the ball's stars on it. Like mine, this one has five stars on it, while this one has two." she said pointing at the balls in her hand.

"Then that means mine has four." goku said excitedly much to bulma's delight. Then she tried to persuade goku to give the ball to her.

But he still refused. "No way! Grandpa gave me this ball to remember him by, and i refuse to let you have it even if you're a girl." goku said.

Even if bulma tried to tell him that being polite means to be generous to girls as grandpa gohan told him to, he just stuck his tounge out in response. "Damn it. Now what'll i do for that perfect boyfriend?" she thought

Then she had a naughty idea, that may give her the dragon ball. "Then why don't we trade, for i know what you want." she said.

She then lifted up her skirt showing her white panties with pink flowers on it while giggling naughtily at what she's done. She even pulled her panties up from the back part, turning it into a thong. Thus she was showing her nearly nude butt to him. She also gave it a little shake hoping to attract him to her butt. "Why don't you give me the ball, and I give you a peak. Or more than that if you wish." She said seductively.

Unfortunately for her, goku wasn't convinced. "So what are you showing me your fat dirty butt for?"

"IT IS NOT DIRTY YOU RUDE LITTLE BOY!!" She yelled, while thinking, "Damn it. I almost had him there." She thought.

Only to see what appears to be a large bulge on goku's pants, causing her to smile and make a naughty giggle. "Or maybe, i actually did get him." She thought while saying, "Teeheeheehee, but it seems you really want it, even if you don't know it yet." she said.

Goku was confused until he looked at his bulge on his pants. "Oh you mean i have a boner?" goku asked.

"Why yes. So tell me, what did your grandpa teach you to do when you have one?" bulma asked smiling.

"Well he told me that if i get erect, that i should wait until it goes down. Or i should rub it up and down until i squirt, or..."

"And if that doesn't work?" bulma asked

"Then i should, either make love or do it again harder, or something like that." goku finished.

"Well tell ya what. You give me the dragon ball, and i give you a little something to do that will make that erection go away. Okay?" bulma asked getting a yes from him in return.

Little did she know is that she's getting more than she bargained for.

"First off, we're getting naked. You go first." bulma said while she closed the door to goku's house so they'll be in private and hidden from the outside world. While goku then stripped out of his fighters gi, starting with his armbands, then his shirt showing his upper body, then his pants showing his red loincloth. Bulma couldn't help but find him cute in his loincloth, which is like a sumo wrestlers cloth shrunken down to his size. Not only that, but it compliments goku's chubby body shape. Then he proceeded to strip out of his shoes first, then his loincloth, standing naked as the day he was born infront of bulma, much to her shock...

As she saw that he had not one but... 'Two penises in a vertical row.

Which she saw that both were erect and standing to attention. Not only that, but they were 5 inches and covered by foreskins that looked stretched making him cringe. Like they were trying to contain what could be monster cocks between his legs.

"WoW you gotta be kidding me. Either he was born that way, or he's an alien from another planet that brought him here. Wouldn't surprise me if it's the latter. But still, i feel sorry for anybody that may have quality time with those 'monsters' when he grows up." Bulma thought.

Nevertheless she was aroused at the size of those cocks. She felt like she's gonna have fun with the little monkey boy with two cocks, as she was next to strip. Starting with her glove, then her shoes and socks, then her pink dress and belt, as well as her scarf. Leaving her in her underwear, which she proceeded to strip as well, but in a more strip tease like fashion like she's a stripper. Starting with her bra which she took off while making her boobies jiggle and swing, showing her DDD cup breasts, and then took off her panties while she turned around showing her butt and her cheerleaderlike hips, swaying it two and fro as her panties descended down her legs. Making her as naked as goku is.

Speaking of whom, has ended up at first hypnotised by her naked body, especially from the show that she did while getting naked, until he looked at her shaved crotch and then screamed out of shock, startling her. "W-what's wrong goku?" she asked.

"YOUR BALLS! WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOUR BALLS!?!?" he asked shocked and horrorfied.

Bulma was initially confused by what he means, but when she figured it out, she inwardly giggled and explained to him that she is a girl and she has a different sexual organ known as a vagina a.k.a a pussy. That calmed him down though he was still freaked out, but it was fading as she first walked to the only bed in goku's house, which is a canopy bed that could fit only two on it, then sat down on it then shown her crotch, that happened to be shaved with only a faint trace of blue peach fuzz was growing on it, and opened her pussy showing it to goku. Then she rubbed it, making her moan lustily when she inserted her finger inside the opening of her pussy.

"See goku? This is what you'll be doing in a few minutes, and it's gonna be fun. Well mostly for me that is." she quietly said the last part as she continued fingering her open pussy. All the while goku looked on in awe, seeing someone's pussy was a new experience for him, since he never seen one, but to see someone playing with it and moaning like she was getting a massage was a different matter entirely. "Oh shame on me for doing this. I'm naked in front of a young boy with a tail glued to his butt that should be in school right now, and i'm masturbating in front of him. On top of that, he obviously should have realistically small cocks, like he still has yet to grow any longer due to how young he is, yet he seems to be packing meat between his legs. Regardless of how young and chubby he looks. I know i shouldn't enjoy this experience, so why am i?" She thought as she also was hesitant, but it was a brief moment as she then smiled.

Once she felt her pussy was ready and dripping wet, she gestured goku onto his only bed, which he did climbing onto it and was now standing on it. She got on the floor on her knees ready to blow goku.

"Ready goku?" she asked Seeing goku's pained face when on his bed. While his cocks foreskins were quite stretched, looking like they could rip open and out comes the 'twin monsters'.

"Please." he said. Enough of a signal to have her begin the blowjob. First she licked the head of his top cock, while rubbing his top cock up and down. Then she decided to put the foreskinned cock in her mouth, while rubbing the bases of his top and bottom cock. Which both enjoyed the sensation of this despite goku initially struggling away with her mouth thinking she was gonna eat it.

Then she decided to use her lips and tounge to peel back his foreskins. But doing so had her mouth and nose assaulted with the rank smell and taste of his rotten melted cheeselike smegma. Despite feeling like she could puke at the stench and taste, she did her best to ignore it and continue the blowjob and deepthroat of the five inches of his top cock.

It was minutes of that when she felt what she believed was a meat balloon expanding inside her mouth and into her throat. Which also happen between her hands while she was giving the lower one a handjob. She was caught off guard and gagged because of it. So she pulled her mouth back to avoid choking and to see what was expanding inside her mouth.

Only to feel her jaw drop to the floor at the sight infront of her.

Goku's two dicks suddenly looked like they bloated to massive size like meaty untied animal balloons, at surpising 10 inches in length, and 1 3/4 inches in diameter, with his peeled foreskins showing his penis glans. Basically looking nothing like what his penises originally looked like before her fellatio. Little did she know that this is because of his saiyan heritage.

Though at this point, she did believe that goku was indeed not human, she just wasn't sure what he is. "Okay. Now i believe that goku is definitely not human and is definitely an alien. After all, what kind of man have i slept with already, and also saw in porn, has a big sausage that expands to a more bigger size like a balloon made of meat when they're aroused, let alone two!? On top of that, goku has a tiny body looking like he just got out of his toddler age, though he still is looking chubby, especially when I see his butt, yet he is packing a huge monster sized pair of meat between his legs?! Now I really feel sorry for any future sex partners that may have quality time with those monsters when he grows up. But mostly i feel bad for me right now." she thought.

She was intimidated by the size of those cocks, but she was also aroused at his penises size, and goku's relieved face smiling down on her, was enough to relieve her and had her not wanting to quit. Nevertheless she also wanted some of what goku was having. "Hey goku, before i finish you off, why don't you give me something like that too?" she said as she spreaded her legs after laying on the floor.

Goku was confused though. As he wondered what he could do, since bulma had no balls. Which bulma realised that, and facepalmed "Lick my pussy you monkey, it'll feel good to me, if you do." she said annoyed making goku know what to do. So he jumped off the bed, and walked then crawled to her pussy, where it was wet and waiting to get licked.

So he got some experimental licks in. "Ooohh yes, goku! Just like that!" she said as goku started to lick more. Pretty soon she shoved his face into her pussy while he was licking it more profusely.

"OOOHHH!! I didn't know that a monkey boy would be this good!! Keep going!!" she said. As goku started to speed up his licking, while wagging his tail. Not only that but he also started to suck on the wet parts of her pussy making her moan louder.

"OOHHH! I can't believe this. A monkey boy is making me feel so good there, i didn't think that he could be good at this!" she yelled as she moved her pussy up and down trying to have goku lick every corner of her wet pussy, which he ended up doing much to her pleasure.

Then he saw on the top of her pussy, what he thought was her pink pearl, which is her clit. Curious, he ended up grabbing it with his fingers, causing her to squeal. "AHHH! Yeah, that's my weak spot! Go for my clitoris too!" Goku listened and decided to lick on her clit, Then he decided to finger her with his tiny fingers, while sucking on her clitoris.

That did it for her. With a shriek, she ended up cumming, squirting her juices on goku's face and body. She also screamed while thrashing and rolling about on the floor, with her left hand cupping and squeezing her own breast, and her right clutching her pussy also sticking her fingers in there too, while also vibrating. Basically kicking the air not too hard, like she was swimming in the clouds.

Though goku was startled, he knew that she was not in pain, since she said, "Cumming! Soo good! Sooo Fucking good!" like a broken record, while she also smiled while drooling. Goku curiously smelled the juices on his hand, before he then licked the pussy juices that was on his skin, finding the taste delicious. Which also set off a sudden wanting for bulma in his belly. Then bulma ended up calming down, like her orgasm was done as she hugged her knees to her boobs, so goku touched her left buttcheek wondering if she's okay.

"AUUUUUGH!!" she yelled as like an electric shock, she came again and squirted juices in goku's eyes, making him rub her juices out of his eyes, as she actually was still cumming and making a pool of her thick white goopy syrup under her ass, and goku just kept her orgasm going with that touch. So goku waited for her to calm down, so he could touch her again to have her continue cumming and yelling making the same sound again and again as he started to have some fun making her cum. Even using his tail for that one time as he rubbed it on her arms and legs. All while he decided to lap up the puddle of her cum under her ass finding it tasty.

Eventually though her orgasm was done, and she came back to her senses, she saw goku continuing to touch her buttcheeks trying to have her react like that again, only to stop when bulma got his attention.

"Whoa kid, you're a natural. ...I swear for a virgin, ...you do know your way around a pussy." she said smiling at him. Making him smile back at her, standing up and showing her his penises that was still erect despite having had time between sessions to where they should've deflated. All whle showing his cum covered body to her, causing her to make a 'you naughty boy.' look at him when she instantly knew that he was tasting her juices.

Which was fine with bulma as she then told goku to get back on his bed. Where she continued her blowjob on his top cock while rubbing his base. She then decided to lick only his penis heads like ice cream for minutes on end.

Then she got bold and deepthroated his bottom cock. Though it took effort, she was able to go deep to where goku's surprisingly still small testicles were on her chin, making him moan feeling her gullet squeezing his cock like a gelatinous vice.

She then retracted her mouth and did the same things again, wrince and repeat. Both enjoyed the experience until a couple minutes when goku was gonna experience his first orgasm like bulma did.

B-bulma something's coming... i can't hold it, i feel like... i'm about to pee!" bulma then went back to her blowjob and handjob combo on his top cock, until she felt goku grab the back of her head and her ponytail, and forced her to deepthroat his top cock, she didn't mind at first starting to want to get throatfucked, which he proceeded to do.

Having his thrusts sawwing her throats insides for about 30 seconds until, "AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" with a scream goku then came, both his swelling cocks expanding in thickness by an inch or two then spraying alot of sperm like a hose of yogurt, little did he know his top cock was in her mouth spraying a huge amount into her throat, she felt a large volume of jizz overflowing through her mouth and throat, feeling like a high pressure hose was in her mouth on full blast. Spraying gallons every 5 seconds. She tried to swallow all of his jizz but his squirting cock was pumping out more than she could take and breathing through her nose was impossible since his top penis swelled until it acted like a plug, causing his jizz to go through her sinuses and flow out of her nostrils.

"This is not good i have to do something or i'll drown in his jizz." She thought, so with tears in her eyes from choking, she struggled in his grasp trying to break free to breathe, her attempts to scream at him was futile because the flowing jizz makes her gag and sputter forcing her to swallow everytime she tried, so she then tried to force goku's grip off her head but he was strong and she would cause him to pull her hair and ponytail trying, pushing at goku but he's like a stone wall, trying to claw at his back, pulling his hair, and then slapping and pinching and scatching his butt as hard as she can again and again to have him nurse his butt welts with atleast one arm giving her enough leverage to break free.

It was for naught however as goku's orgasm and tough skin had him feel little to nothing, plus her nails were leaving no marks behind. Pretty soon she is starting to lose conciousness, losing her strength, her struggles turn sluggish, her slaps and pinches at goku's butt was turning more into taps and tugs, and her shoving starts to weaken, along with her grip on goku's hair, pretty soon her body slowly starts to limp and twitch, her arms starting to feel numb and also feel like jelly. and her vision goes blurry and she's starting to see stars while her vision starts to darken, and her eyelids felt heavy.

She hoped that she will survive this accident, merely passing out and regaining conciousness, still alive and in goku's house with goku apologising for this, which she couldn't blame him as he couldn't control himself in his orgasmic state with his muscles locking up, nor did he feel aware of her choking. "Besides...at least... it...was an...accident." her 'would be' final thoughts crystallizing as her eyelids are feeling heavy and her vision fills with more stars and starts to blacken, her arms limped to her sides, she was onto her knees and was about to pass out.

Then through her blurry darkening vision she sees goku's monkey tail wagging left and right in exitement, that's when she has an idea that may save her. So with what is left of her strength she then lifts her jellylike arm with some difficulty and grabs goku's tail, then squeezes hard enough with all her strength. Goku then suddenly seized, gripping her hair painfully harder for a few seconds, then his grip started to weaken. She then uses one last push to break free, which she succeded.

Pushing him over on his bed, she was able to get her mouth off his cock. Then she vomited a medium amount of jizz onto the floor and finally breathes in her much needed air and blew out her nose to clear up her sinuses, while goku toppled over on his bed.

"Crisis averted. Though i may need a bath after this." She said to herself, but then she got another surprise. Goku was still cumming and his cocks still sprayed his cum in a small arch onto her, which pushed her down because of the force of his climax. All while trying to paint her whiter than her own skin, making sure to cover her hair, her chest, and her belly in his jizz. It felt like an hour for bulma when his climax ended.

And she was covered head to toe in his jizz.

Not only that, but goku's room was also covered in his sperm. His floor had large white puddles like he was painting his floor, also applied to the wall behind bulma, and any sperm shot up in the air, either remained stuck to the ceiling, or landed on his bed sheets. This left bulma speechless.

"Let me rephrase that. I definitely need a bath after this. But dayum though, he was able to paint this room with his jizz, and was able to reach the ceiling in large globs. Is it normal for him to shoot out that much with a surprising amount of force? Even if he saved that much in those tiny balls of his?" she thought surprised.

She then saw goku recovering and was on his feet again after atleast 10 seconds. "W-woah. That was... wow." he said sincerely. Then he saw bulma in her current condition and was laughing at her predicament. Even though she was grumpy about that, she still smiled at him, also finding the fact that she was covered in his yogurt, ridiculous to the point of humorous in her eyes.

Then she gestured goku into stopping, which he did. "This is why, you should be polite to women like me." she said while scooping up the jizz and putting them in her mouth. Finding the taste interesting, though it was as thick as syrup. "Because if you please us, this is the reward that you get."

"You mean the reward i'm getting now?" he asked, standing up and showing his penises, shocking bulma as his penises were still erect. "OMK!! He's still hard? I thought that i needed to suck him off first." she thought. Though she was still aroused and ready to begin.

Although she quickly found herself in a dilemma. Goku has two cocks, and she's confident that both of them would not fit in her pussy. She was in a brief thought when she quickly realised, she's gonna have to use her ass too.

So she told goku to wait on his bed, while she decided to scoop up the jizz on not only her body, but also on the floor, until she had enough to cover his top dick with. Which is when she got on the bed with goku, and had goku close to her to where she covered goku's top cock with his jizz until it was nice and lubed up. Then she took more of the jizz and smeared it on her anus tool

"Now goku, it's time for the main event of this sex session." she said as she got on his bed and on her hands and knees. "Okay goku, now stick that bottom one in my pussy," she then spreaded her buttcheeks showing her anus "...and put the top one in my ass.' She said while slightly giggling seductively.

Goku didn't need to be told twice. As he walked on his bed, his hard sperm covered meats swinging between his legs, and then after climbing onto her ass, decided to do just that.

"UUUUGGUHHH!!" she basically said as goku got deeper and deeper in her ass and pussy. She was thankful for the jizz lube on his top cock, as she felt what she imagines is like a long meaty salami being pushed up her ass. As well as her pussy. It was a minute of this when goku was balls deep in her, and doubled over due to her tightness on his top cock.

It lasted only a few seconds though when he thrusted in and out of her butt and pussy. Bulma wasn't a virgin though, as she had her first time with somebody, but she was wanting a perfect boyfriend so she decided to cheat on the guy with new boys.

Now she was fucking goku, and she feels like she found someone for her. He may not be perfect boyfriend material, but he'll be up there someday.

She still groaned in pain though since it was her first time in a long time, up her ass. "SLOUGHHH DOWN GOKUAUGHHHH!!!" she loudly grunted out, but goku couldn't hear her properly as he continued to thrust fast. "AAAAUUUGGG GOKUAUGHH STAUUGHP!" She continued to grunt but goku still couldn't hear her properly, thus she gave up and had to bear goku's top cock up her ass, until a few minutes when the pain stopped.

If goku had a mirror and she looked into it, she would've seen a crazy monkey boy that is sticking his tounge out and drooling slightly while thrusting fast. He was having fun with fucking bulma, and wasn't willing to stop.

Which after a few minutes of this, neither was bulma. "Ohhh yes!! Fuck me goku!! Make me yell!!" she yelled out as she started to like goku's cocks up her ass and pussy. Feeling his double dicks in her ass and pussy was just the pleasure that she expected, and goku didn't disappoint. Even though it was awhile since she had something in her vagina, it didn't hurt as she still doesn't have her hymen grown back yet, and her butt was no longer hurting. It seems that goku would be a better 'not' perfect boyfriend than she thought.

Goku continued to thrust in and out, while going faster. He was loving the feeling of both of his cocks rubbing the insides of her pussy and her ass, and felt like he could pump away for a long time.

"Yeah!! goku, fuck my ass and pussy!! I love this!!" bulma yelled out. As goku was going faster in his thrusting.

Then goku suddenly pulled out much to her dismay as she demanded for goku to continue, then she saw him untie the knot that kept the beds curtain open, then rushed back to her ass and pussy to continue fucking it as the curtain closed. Thus it looked like there was no way out of the bed, without touching the curtains that is. Which was fine by bulma.

Even though it was a little dark in here now, goku then fixed that. By pulling out again much to bulma's frustration, and then turned on the lantern that was over the pillow on his bed. Thus brightening up the inside of the bed as goku rushed back to thrust in and out.

Goku then spanked bulma's buttcheeks, making her yelp, out of pain but also of pleasure. "Yeah goku!! Spank me and fuck me!! It hurts but it feels so good!!" she yelled as he continues his thrusting. Getting faster in his thrusting in and out of her ass and pussy.

Then she felt something hairy brush against her clit, causing her to squeal in pleasure as she wondered what was doing that. Only to then see that he was using his furry rope like tail to rub her clitoris. Which she approves of as she felt herself cumming. Squirting her juices on goku's bottom cock and onto his sheets. Though part of her wondered how goku was able to control his tail.

Then suddenly, he pulled out once again. Bulma turned her head around trying to tell him to stop pulling out, only to get a shock as goku leaped onto her buttcheeks, and was about to put both of his cocks in her anus. Which was when she then got scared. "NO! nonononono! Not up my AAAAHHHHHHSS!" but was too late in making goku stop, as he pushed into her butt. He then doubled over at the tight feeling in her butt, while shutting his eyes tightly, finding it pleasurable though very tight compared to her vagina. It was minutes of that when he ended up thrusting in and out again.

"AAAUUGH PULL IT OUT!" she yelled out in pain as goku thrusted in and out, with her having yet to adjust her ass to having both cocks inside her. Yet she also moaned in pleasure when she felt her pussy suddenly filled with goku's furry ropelike tail. Nevertheless she was hoping that it wouldn't get rough in her butt, at least until she's used to it.

"Stop goku, it hurts! At least let me get used to it." she yelled hoping goku would stop at least for a few minutes. Which as if he heard her through his lust addled mind, he did. Giving her relief as she had to relax her butthole in hopes that she would get used to his size. Which she eventually did, so she told him he can go. Which he ended up resuming his thrusts up her butt, while rubbing her pussy with his tail.

She moaned loudly in pleasure as goku got faster with his thrusting in her butthole. Even though she also wondered how her butthole was able to take such massive cocks of goku's up there. But nevertheless she was enjoying it, and as goku seemed like he didn't want to stop, neither did bulma.

"OH KAMI ALMIGHTY! I FEEL SO FUUCKING GOOOD!" Bulma screamed out as she felt like cumming from a double dick anal from goku. Which she did squirting juices all over the blankets and goku's tail inside her pussy.

She couldn't help but yell out some profane words. "YEAH GOKU, FUCK MY SHITTER!! IT FEELS SO GOOD UP MY FUCKING ASSHOLE!!" She yelled out while goku did just that.

"GIVE IT TO ME GOKU! GIVE ME THOSE DOUBLE DICKS HARD YOU FUCKING HORNY MONKEY!!" She continued to yell while goku accelerated his thrusts. All the while bulma was thinking "I can't believe how good this feels. I might get addicted to his anal sex. I just hope he'll use only one cock in my ass though. At least until i get used to this." She thought.

After a while of continuous thrusting, goku got faster while grunting, showing bulma that he was about to cum up her ass. Which bulma ended up sensing, and was hoping that goku would pull out. Which he ended up doing, while she crawled off the bed after opening the curtain. Goku ended up aiming his cocks at her face while she had her fingers in her pussy trying to make herself cum as well. "Go ahead goku! Blast that cock yogurt on me!" She said feeling her throat a little strained due to her screaming.

Which goku ended up doing, after a minute of rubbing his cocks up and down with his little hands. Goku screamed a bit while clenching his eyes when he ended up arching his back and had his muscles tighten, while his cocks ended up swelling an inch or two in size and spraying... two dollups onto bulma's hands and chest much to her confusion. "W-what?" She said flatly. "That's it? I was expecting a small tsunami or something, after what happened the first time. Oh well, i guess you're out of ammo, so i guess after some time- *Blblblgulurgh*"

Bulma ended up feeling the small white tidal wave of goku's sperm out of his cocks, while she only half expected that. Causing her to fall onto her back on the floor while getting covered in his monkey sperm. She had to stop herself from gasping as she could've inhaled some of his sperm in doing so. Now she was on the floor getting painted whiter than her skin, while goku stood on the bed spraying his sperm on her skin and on the curtains like jets of yogurt was between his legs.

Nevertheless, she was also cumming as she ended up laying on the floor vibrating while getting covered in more of his alien monkey sperm. She ended up moaning while she had some breathing room as she was moving around on the floor like last time she came, only with goku cumming with her.

It was a few minutes of that when goku stopped cumming as bulma continued to cum, while feeling his sperm on her skin making her cum again and again. She was molesting her breasts and nipples, while she rubbed her pussy with her sperm covered hand. Basically enjoying her orgasm while goku stood on his bed. Eventually she was done cumming, and had to recover. Where after a few minutes of that, she ended up looking around in amazement at the sight of the sperm all over the walls.

Then looked at goku, who was still standing on the bed much to her amazement as she thought he was gonna at least sit down while he recovers from his orgasm. "I guess he's stronger than he looks. But geez goku, i hope this isn't one time only. Cause i might not go back to other dicks after this." She thought. Then she looked at his dicks, and was shocked that he was still erect. "Holy kami! I thought the second time would leave his 'goku juniors' falling asleep! Guess he really is stronger than i thought. Though i shouldn't be too surprised since he is an alien monkey." She thought again.

Then goku ended up getting off the bed. Then he walked his naked chubby form to bulma. "Bend over on that table." He growled out, causing a shiver to go up bulma's spine. But it was more of a aroused shiver instead of a scared one.

"MMMN goku. I like that side of you." She thought as she laid her boobies on the table, preparing for goku's penetration.

Bulma may look like she's prim and proper, and she may seem like a spoiled brat but a sweet heart nonetheless in a beautiful body, but on the inside, she is a submissive maiden, because it's her fetish. However nobody knows that, except for her family, because she refuses to show her sub side to anybody unless it is her perfect boyfriend.

But her search for the perfect boyfriend before meeting goku, was a hard search as she wants not only Someone that has the looks of a god, and is friendly to not only her but also any future friends she makes, without getting jealous. Sadly it was hard as she was fussy back in high school, even though she's had some men throw themselves to her feet, trying to be her boyfriend, there were those that were cute, but when she knew them, they were arrogant and also are bullies to those she felt sorry for, there were also those that were cute, but only in a nerdish way and not attractive, etc.

Not to mention the few boys she had woo'd to the sack. Either some were too quick to finish and didn't give her any of her own climaxes, and some were 'too' shy to do anything to her when she wanted it, and some were too rough and merely treated her like a piece of meat instead of a lady causing her to kick the latter boys out with a case of 'Purple balls'. All in all it was challenging to find a boyfriend that would be confident, but not arrogant, is rough, but get's gentle when she wants it, and happens to have a perfect size dick that isn't too small, but isn't way too big either.

Then she met goku. The little monkey boy that though he is pretty stupid, and looks too young to dance in the sack, let alone be her boyfriend, ended up becoming just that to her. The fact he's so innocent that he's adorable won her over, and the fact that he is friendly and polite to her despite some rude moments, ("My butt still isn't dirty!!" bulma thought.) protects her from any danger they both come across, and happens to have big dicks was what she needed. But most of all, she believes he treats her like a lady, and isn't afraid to get rough when she wants it, is the big reason why she is thinking of him as her future perfect boyfriend.

He just isn't her perfect boyfriend yet, but he'll be one someday.

Though the fact that he has two dicks instead of one was out of left field for bulma, not to mention they look realistically small when flaccid, and yet, they grow like balloons giving him unrealistic elephant cock sizes when aroused. Not to mention the tail that he has, making him look like an alien furless monkey. Add the fact that he looks like he's too young to even be fucking her since he looks chubby with baby fat, was not what bulma expected and left her with a weird taste in her mouth. After all, she may have enjoyed fucking him, but she's not a pedophile, and would rather be fucked by a handsome guy, instead of some elementary school student.

Now though she was penetrated by his double dicks again. Much to her dismay as she hoped he'd be back in her pussy again, but she's not complaining yet. Even while he decided to fuck her ass into the night. Where bulma learned that goku is more than an ordinary alien kid with a tail and two dicks. If anything, he is a sexual monster once he lets loose.

Which is proven to her as she started to cum alot as he continued to thrust into her ass with his double cocks at a rough and fast speed.


It was nightfall when both bulma and goku, both still butt naked, was outside infront of a campfire while their clothes were drying off. Since both of their clothes were covered in goku's jizz, they or more specifically bulma had to wash the sperm off in bulma's portable washing machine. Now they were both waiting naked behind goku's hutlike house at night, with a campfire going, near their clothes that got out of the washer.

Goku was napping the sex off, with his cocks finally deflated and shrunk back to their normal size, while snoozing on bulma's belly, after his first time with bulma continued to outside in the daylight, to dusk behind his hut, while bulma was also recovering from her sex with goku. She was in shock at how she was able to prevent herself from passing out like goku did, or more specifically, passing out first, then waking up sooner to wash her clothes. Which was hard since she had to crawl to the capsules to summon the washer and dryer, then limp her way to goku to put him in her arms for laying down with since she had numb jellylike legs. Nevertheless she was in thought.

"Wow goku, even though i had some experience, you definitely took longer in cumming despite my efforts, and instead you fucked me into a sex coma. You must be a sexual monster. Nevertheless, that hurts my pride." She thought at first disappointed, then starting to smile. "But you made me feel good, and it was fun. So i'm not complaining." She thought as she relaxed herself regardless of how sore her ass and pussy felt, as they also leaked out his jizz in large glops into the dirt. Then she thought about her dragon ball journey she brought herself on.

Which after a few minutes of thinking, she ended up making a decision. Then she felt goku's naked form stir awake, opening his eyes to see her smiling face, and the dark sky over her. He then sat up looking at the fire, and then at her naked form. "That... was... fun. How did you feel?" He asked a little sleepily.

"It was fun for me too. Especially since you have those 'surprises' between your legs. You definitely ruined me good." She said smiling. "At least, for the other guys that may want me." She then thought.

"Heh... well I guess you can have my grandpa." He said a little sadly.

"Are you kidding? I don't really need the ball anymore." She said giggling.

That had goku looking back at her in surprise. "What!? What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, I got on this journey for the dragon balls just so I could wish for my perfect boyfriend. Now, I currently have him next to me, and I only had three dragon balls. Can you guess who?" She asked.

Goku got confused at who he could guess is her boyfriend, and hesitated saying who her boyfriend is. "Uuuhh... who?"

Bulma sighed wondering why Goku is this dense. "It's you. You're my boyfriend, you furless monkey." She said annoyed, but smiling nonetheless. Finding his dense bumpkin nature cute. "That is, if you want to be one. Do you?"

"Why sure." He said smiling at her.

Causing her to smile back at him seductively. "Excellent." She said. Then she told him, "Now goku, tomorrow I'm going back home. So you might wanna pack your stuff. That includes your dragon ball." saying that just so she won't leave goku isolated in Mt. Paozu any longer, as it seemed dangerous for him. Not to mention being the possible reason why he is pretty stupid.

"You mean, you're taking me with you?" He said in excitement.

"Of course you are. Though I just might need to teach you some things about how to live in a city. In fact, you need a tutor, which I'm happy to become one for you. Considering that you're a little... undeveloped in intelligence. No offense." She said hoping not to piss him off.

"None taken."

"Until then though, why don't we rest for a bit. Possibly until it's daytime, before we go back and I get to keep my dragonballs as a souvenir. Don't worry goku, you get to keep yours." She said as she laid back with goku, looking at the dark sky.

Then she realized her predicament, which is both of them still covered in goku's monkey sperm, and some of it still leaked out of her ass, and pussy, all while it was in the middle of drying up. Not to mention, when smelling both of them, she scrunched up her nose at the smell of both of them smelling like stinky apes that just mated. Though in goku's case, he was a monkey that just mated. "But first though, we both need a bath."

Goku was confused at what she said, reminding her that she has a monkey for a boyfriend. "Um... what's a bath?" He asked.

"OMK! I can't believe you're asking me that! I guess I gotta show you." She said shocked and pretty creeped out.

She then took a capsule out of her case that she got out of her clothes before they got washed, before they are now drying, then used it to summon an outdoor bathtub. Which is a circular one that looked like it could fit 5 people in while having a wide seat for sitting inside, with 3 showerheads that is held up by some metal ring arches, that had bars holding up the shower heads. While there were also some bars around the arch that make a circular shape around it while holding up some shower curtains for privacy.

Then she crawled inside it, then put goku inside it while it filled up to hip deepness for goku.

Once inside, she turned on the shower, having it spray water on both of them, before she ended up taking a shampoo bottle, and added a dollup to her hand, then after putting the bottle away, she added the shampoo to goku's hair. "What is this stuff you're adding to my hair?" He asked.

"It's called shampoo. It's supposed to clean your hair and make it look good in the light of the sun. Which judging by the fact that your hair is so spikey and sticking out in several directions, you definitely need alot of it. And possibly conditioner too." She responded while deadpan.

Then after she got the shampoo added in, she had it washed off using the showerheads above them. "You should be praising your luck goku. Considering that not only did you fuck the prettiest girl, you're also taking a bath with her. All while at a young age that you're currently in. You should be honored by that." She said smiling seductively, then she ended up telling goku to turn around. Which he did, showing his butt to her, which happened to have a furry tail attached to it. "What in the... I thought it was attached to your pants, now you happened to superglue it to your butt?" She asked confused since she still believed that the tail is fake, regardless of it touching her clit and pussy. Then she tried to pull it off.

"Ow! Hey that hurts, what are you doing?" He asked while trying to stop bulma from pulling it.

"I'm trying to remove that thing so i'll wash your back properly." She responded while pulling with a little more strength and picking up her scrubber from the shower rack.

Only for goku to surprise her after saying, "That's okay, i'll wash my own back." by using his tail to take her scrubber out of her hand. Which had her stunned as goku scrubbed his back and his butt while using his tail with her scrubber. "See? It's just like this." He said.

After a few minutes of her stunned silence, she ended up yelling out in surprise. "T-that tail! I-it moves... that means... it's real!" She said after getting done screaming, unable to take her eyes away from the tail infront of her face. It was here that she ended up seeing it as the truth...

he was indeed an alien.

That caused her to wonder if he is a certain species of furless monkey alien.

"My kami goku, how did you grow one that big!" She asked.

"Beats me bulma, all i know is that i was born with one. So all boys have them. It's no big deal." He said continuing to scrub his back.

That had bulma stunned. "But... that's impossible. I saw plenty of naked men, and none of them had tails. They also had only one penis instead of two. So... is he right in only his species's regard?" She thought, thinking that there is more of his species out there that may have tails and two penises too.

"Oh wait... there was my grandpa that i lived with before he passed, and he didn't have a tail." He said.

"T-then you should know that normal men like your grandpa should not have a tail, unless they're aliens." She said trying to make sense of the situation.

"But what i do know is that my grandpa was pretty weird." He said giggling at the memories with his grandpa.

"You're the one who's weird, you have two dicks and your ejaculation was out of this world! But your such a cutie, and i think you learn well, so i'm not complaining." She yelled annoyed before she smiled then took the scrubber out of goku's tail once he was done. Then scrubbed herself as well.

"May i wash your back, since you have no tail?" Goku asked.

"No goku, I can do that myself." She said, confident that letting goku wash her back could lead to another fucking session with him once he gets erect. Which she didn't really want to do since she felt satisfied enough. Not to mention how sore her ass and pussy felt.

"Are you sure? It seems like it'd be hard to wash your own back with just your arms and no tail." He said wondering why bulma doesn't want to let him do that, though he should've known why.

"Yes i'm sure goku. Now wash the soap off and get out of the bath!" She said annoyed trying make goku get out.

"Why should i? I already saw you naked." Goku said confused.

That had bulma shutting up for a second when she realised that he got her there. Plus, it did seem that goku's 'twin beasts' was staying limp and looked like they were done for the night. Even though she could still be surprised by goku's energy for his 'twin beasts'.

Even though she felt that she should also tell him that he's missing the point, and say to him that he should get out, since he could get erect again, which she didn't want this time. But she felt that it might not happen if he's as satisfied as she is.

So with a sigh, she conceded. "Okay goku, you're staying in the bath with me... and... you can wash my back." She said hesitantly.

"Thanks bulma." He said smiling.

"But if those monsters are jumping out of those balls, you're jumping out of this tub. Got it!" She growled the last part to goku. Causing him to nod his head while feeling his spine start to tingle.

Then goku got her scrubber, and decided to scrub her back. Causing her to purr at the fact that goku is scrubbing her back. While she was blushing at goku's hands on her back. "Feeling good bulma?" He asked.

"Of course it does. Just keep those hands on my back and away from my butt, if those monsters are waking up from that." She said while scrubbing soap on her front while goku gets her back. Which she was rubbing her boobs as well as her belly. Then she soaped up her pussy as well, while she tried to look at it. Seeing it red in color while looking pretty swollen, like it was through alot. "Jeez Goku, you really ruined me good." She thought surprised.

Then she felt Goku's hands on her butt anyway. Causing her to gasp in shock, then to angrily tell him to stop. "Relax bulma, those monsters are sleeping. They won't wake up." He said, not really knowing that she's refering to his cocks.

"That's not what i mean Goku!" She angrily said, thinking about moving her arms more, so she'll spank him for that. But she let him continue, since his cocks were not rising... so far. 

But once they do, she's making him leave, and have him fucking anything but herself to satisfy him.

Then she washed the soap off after goku was done with her back and butt. She continued to wash in the bath while goku washed the soap off and left the bathtub at bulma's demand while bulma then showered herself in the tub. While she did that, she was pretty much in thought about goku. She knew that goku was an alien, which happens to be a monkey species. She just wondered what kind of monkey alien goku's species is.

She did believe that goku could've been from a jungle planet, where there could've been some villages built among the tall trees, with huts built on the branches of the trees, while also being built in the trees, with goku's species swinging on vines, eating fruits like bananas or apples, dancing to the jungle beats, and even playing some beats on drums, etc. While also mating like monkeys all over the place, and possibly in groups. And having some technology in the trees that was possibly quite advanced compared to earth's technology.

And there was possibly a kingdom on top of that, where goku could've been born a prince. Being worshipped as new king, being breastfed by his mom, walking and crawling around naked, while he may have played on a jungle gym in his diapers, or in his loincloth, or even in the nude. She also believed that goku must've been mating among the species as well, and must've mastered the moves and became a sexual monster too when he was at least 5.

She smiled at goku, believing that he was pretty lucky in being born a prince and possibly raised well by his parents. She also hoped that goku's species could be looking for him as she speaks, seeing that goku is here on earth for some reason, possibly an accident that sent him here. Possibly a spaceship that he piloted to this planet by accident.

But she's just imagining things, and she just smiled at the thought, no matter how silly it sounded in her head.

Little did she know is that her description of goku's planet was not even close to what she believed. If anything, she could've been grateful that goku wasn't raised there if she knew what goku's former home really looked like.

Then she ended up thinking about goku's age and was curious, and afraid of what goku's age could be. So she decided to ask him, noticing him waiting for her outside the bathtub. "By the way goku, how old are you?"

Goku had to think about it for a few minutes. Which after that long was when he answered. "Umm... i don't know, maybe... fourteen. Why do you ask?"

Bulma answered back saying that she was just curious. While on the inside, she was in shock and surprise. "FOURTEEN?! He's freaking FOURTEEN?! How in the world is he fourteen?! He looks nothing like how he should look, as a fourteen year old! He looks like he should be back in school, or heck, be in kindergarden knowing his idiocy! Considering the fact he is a sexual monster when we fuck, he seems to have done this before even though he's a virgin! Is there some sort of growth cycle that goku's species goes through that is different from ours that i don't know about? Because i'm pretty curious about how he is slow to develop his body in a physical sense, past his baby age, despite the fact that his cocks looks like they should be on a grown man instead of a small chubby body like his!" She thought.

Then she smelled a fire going, while there was some meat getting cooked. She quickly realised that goku is cooking the fishes that he had with him when they first met. Which had her wondering if the fish must've rotted while they fucked in the hut, or if goku is still able to cook em and eat em.

So she finished her wash in the shower, then she walked out of the shower with some difficulty as she felt her legs still felt like jelly as she walked. Especially since she still was in the middle of recovering the feeling in her legs, from the fucking she did with goku, which left her crawling to the capsules to summon her washer and dryer, and limp her way to goku to lay with him by the fire. But she's now balanced enough to walk out of the tub and to where the fire is, and sure enough goku was cooking the fishes that he planned to eat when they both fucked for the first time while still naked.

"Oh hey bulma, want some fish?" He asked wondering how hungry she is.

Bulma wondered if she is hungry enough to want a fish, but seeing those fish getting cooked did make her mouth water a little bit. Even if it looked barbaric to see some fishes on a cheap campfire spit of goku's making. And it looked like goku was without a cookbook, let alone experience in how to properly cook fish. But she did feel a little hungry enough to want some.

"I'll take a medium piece of the fish." She said, not wanting to ruin her figure by eating too much.

"Okay bulma! Piece of fish coming up!" He said while continuing to cook the fish. While bulma then sat by the fire naked as their clothes were still drying off.

"Hey goku, if you were seen naked by somebody other than me, would you get embarrassed?" She asked.

"Why should i be embarrassed? What's wrong with being naked?" He asked.

"Nothing really is wrong with getting naked, at least while in your room, or in a private place. Outside with people around you is a different story. Considering that they'd be pretty shocked or grossed out at the sight of your 'monsters' between your legs. Plus there are some things that you could step on with your bare feet that could hurt." She said.

"Way ahead of you bulma. I always be careful about what i step on while naked." He said, giving her relief, but she continued to speak.

"Plus, while in public, like in my hometown of west city, you could also get fined zenny or worse, locked up for public indecency." She said surprising goku.

"You mean, there are rules against walking around naked?" He asked.

"Only depends on which place you're naked in. Which if you wanna be naked, then at least make sure you're in my house, or a jungle, or any private place where nobody, and i mean Nobody will see you. Okay goku?" She asked.

"Okay bulma." He said, conceding to her demand. Now he was waiting with her for his fishes to cook. Which didn't really take too long as he felt they were done. So he took them out of the fire, had them cool off a bit, then gave a medium piece to bulma.

Bulma ended up consuming a small amount of it, before eating more of that piece. She had to say, it's not bad. If anything, she was delighted that goku isn't a bad chef, at least when it comes to cooking food. But still, he could do better with cooking.

But she only barely ate all of her piece, when she witnessed goku's appetite, as he ate the fishes in such a shocking rate. Which she was shocked that goku could eat so much for such a small guy. Which had her no longer feeling pretty hungry as a result of that.

Once he was done with the fishes, he ended up laying with bulma once again, till eventually he felt tired. So he turned in for the night in his house, with bulma doing the same in his hut. Soon, they were now sleeping in the nude in goku's cabin.

Tomorrow, they were both going back to bulma's home, where bulma is introducing her boyfriend to her parents. She just hopes her parents won't mind that she has a young furless monkey boy for a boyfriend.

Let alone her sis.

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