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Warnings for this chapter: Inflation, vomiting, rimming, attempt at cheating to win.

Chapter 2: What if ran fan was able to beat nam, but has to beat goku to make it to the final round, causing her to make a plan for goku?


"You gotta be freaking kidding me." Was the thoughts of horror and disappointment that went through the head of the only female contestant of the 21st tenkaichi budokai tournament, as she looked at the tournament ladder and saw whom she was going to fight.

She had fair bright white skin, with dark blue eyes and purple hair that was curly and messy in a style of a messy ball, similar to an afro. She also wears a blue tank top shirt that is covering her DDD breasts, with green pants, and red sneaker shoes. She also wears red lipstick on her lips and has a beauty mark on her left cheek.

Her name was ran fan, and she was an underwear model of her home in the city of gingertown, and amateur martial arts fighter. Who did modeling for her underwear that was sexy and stylish, and most of all shows off the sexy bodies of the ladies that wear them. Which included her. Not only that but she modeled for bikinis too, and was used to the risqueness of the underwears, that she didn't really mind fighting in her undies. Not only that, but she doesn't even mind posing, or even fighting in the buff, like she did the former for some adult magazines.

She entered the tournament because she wanted money for a particular pair of a two piece bikini that she had her eyes on, that she believes fits her like a glove like she was born to wear them. So far though, she happens to be closer to her goal since she was able to defeat a buddhist warrior named nam with her best weapon, her sexy underwear clad body. No matter how hard it was.

But she hit a huge snag afterwards, and was both horrified and angered at the results of the tournament ladder.

For the round she's now fighting in, has her fighting a young fighter named goku. Whom she dreaded fighting since seeing him fight a big man and having him fall out of the ring using only his finger. Sure he leaned out of there and the soft tap on him was enough to catch him off balance making him fall, and sure goku doesn't look the part of a strong fighter like that, but goku was stronger than he looks.

Which was proven to her when he fought against giran in his match after she defeated nam (Who still got water for his village, much to her relief.), and ended up getting trapped in the merry go round gum that giran's species uses against their enemies which had her believing that he's gonna lose and she's gonna fight giran, which she wasn't too worried about since she'll do it again on him, yet goku was surprisingly able to break out of his strong rubbery gum. Shocking and intimidating both giran and her, the former of which ended up surrendering on the spot after that.

And now she has a match against him which is required to fight in, only if she's gonna at least get the consolation prize which should be enough zennies that she'll be able to win to buy that bikini, that is if she can't beat either krillin or jackie chun in the finals.

Which is why she was reluctant and a bit scared to do it, due to goku's strength which she believed makes him a pint sized juggernaut that will make this round against him, a curb stomp battle against her. She doesn't really fear him in general though, she does find him quite cute looking with his spikey hair that sticks in all directions, and his face helps him too. It's just that she doesn't want to get clobbered by him when they fight. "I wonder if he drank juice, and lots of it." she thought as she wondered why and how he got so strong, yet so cute.

"Nevertheless, what am i gonna do to take him out, so i will take the win if it's that old man in the finals that seems so suceptable to my sexiness. Or that bald kid that could get easily embarrassed by my teasing." She thought as she planned to seduce jackie chun and defeat him by ring out by doing what she could do best. Which is use her sexy body and her looks as a weapon and defeat the finalist that way. Or krillin if he wins against jackie chun, whom she could leave embarassed like hell with her tease, and have him ring out, or get k.o'd by her that way too.

Only to have a naughty idea to come to her head. Which she was mixed about, as on one hand, since he's just a boy, it could fail and if she gets caught, then bye bye freedom and bye bye chance to buy the bikini. But on the other hand, it could be fun as well as useful if she could be able to catch him in a private place, she could be able to beat him that way. Seeing no other option, she decided to go with it.

Which is seduce goku and fuck him into a sex coma, or leave him too tired to fight back effectively. Which she finds to be quite a dirty tactic, and since he's just a boy, it'd be quite disgusting, and paedophillic. But in her eyes, it's actually pretty hot, and she had no other choice.

Speaking of whom, she ended up seeing him walking to the warm up section of the tournament building. Which he was gonna get more ready for his match with her tomorrow. But if she plays her cards right, he might not be able to fight in the ring at all.

So he followed him to the room where she then watched him getting ready for her fight against him tomorrow, then ended up speaking with him.

"Hey cutie." She said causing goku to turn to her.

"Oh! Hey there. You're the lady that beat nam aren't you? Miss... Fan fan?" He asked guessing her name.

"It's ran fan. And yes, i'm that lady that defeated nam. Who says that feminine charms will get you nowhere?" She asked while quite smug.

"Beats me, nobody asked me that. Anyways, the tournament ladder says it's you that's gonna be my next opponent, right?" Goku asked

"W-why yes." She slightly stuttered since she still dreaded fighting him. "And i-i have to say, it's an honor and a pleasure to meet you in the ring tomorrow." She said making a bow. It was a half lie though, as in reality, ran fan was more scared that goku's her opponent then being honored to fight him. But she is adamant when she says that she's honored to meet goku, and speak with him at the very least since he's a nice and cute boy.

"The pleasure is all mine. So, why are you here." He asked.

"Well..." She dragged the word out with a sultry tone. "There's something i wanted to ask you if you had time. Which happens to be now, right?" She asked.

"Umm... yes, i guess i have time, what do you need?" He asked.

She then put her plan in action. "I was wondering if you could help me with something back at my place. You see, i have a little skill in what i could call, 'massaging' that i would like to test out. And i'm wondering if you're able to come by my place for a massage. Right?" She dragged the last part out with another sultry tone.

"I don't ...know, should i try that? If so then, what's in it for me?" He asked

"Why it's strength and flexability, if i could relax your body, then you could be cramping less. Which means you could have flexability in your body which could help you in combat." She said thinking goku likes to fight. "And it could help you with strength since your muscles could cramp if you push too hard, so if you cramp less, then your exorcises would be less of a burden, and you could grow stronger because of it." She finished with a subtle smug smile.

Goku had to think it over. As since she seemed to be a nice lady who was among those that helped him fight giran by waking him up and getting him to the ring early enough, to help him avoid getting disqualified causing giran to win by default. Yet ran fan did seem to have a smile that had a tone of 'according to plan' like she was trying to fight dirty like she did with nam, and like she was gonna use an underhanded tactic that could beat him and leave her winning unfairly.

"I don't know... why do i get the feeling that you're about to trick me. After all, you're my opponent tomorrow, so you have to be up to something if this is what you're doing." He said expressing his doubt. Much to her horror.

Nevertheless, he was naive if she knows him enough. So she had a way to convince him without much trouble. "You're right... i'm your opponent when a day passes. I'm just hoping to be your worthy one, by giving you a little good luck sort of ritual that will make you and me stronger, once we try it together. Thus we'd be fighting at our best, and it'd be fun as a result. I'm just hoping that you'll agree to do it too. So... wanna try your luck for that?" She asked hoping to exploit his naivete.

It took more thought for goku to make his decision. Sure in his eyes this could make him stronger. Sure that this could be pretty fun too, and it may help him in the future. But this is coming from his opponent of all people, giving him this 'good luck ritual' that could or could not work, and could mean that he could still be at his current strength. Which seemed like she could be lying and could be trying to trick him into playing into her field. Which in this case, could mean that he's gonna lose if he's not careful. But he was tempted to say yes, and try out what ran fan wants to do.

"Goku!! Where are you?!" Krillin yelled out trying to see where goku is. Causing goku to near instantly respond that he's here and he'll be out soon. Before he left though, he ended up accepting the invitation, much to ran fan's joy.

"Where can i meet you?" Goku asked ran fan, who reached into her cleavage and pulled out her room key for her hotel room, which she packed into her cleavage as she was on her way to her hotel room when she saw the tournament ladder reminding her that she has to fight goku.

She then showed goku her room number on her key, hovering it over his face so he'll put that in his memory. "The room number is #69. Yes i'm staying in that room number. Even i'm facepalming at that hentai joke." She whispered the rest of her part to the audience. Which goku heard.

"Hentai joke?" He asked, startling her.

"Nevermind that. Point is, look for this room number that is on this key, when looking for my hotel room. It's in an elegant hotel by the way, with the name on this key, and that's where i'll be in there waiting for you. One more thing, make sure that you're alone for this, and that none of your friends, or aquaintances are gonna know what happened, for it's only between us. Trust me, they'll never understand. So be there," She said then put her face close to his ear. "Or. be. Square." She whispered naughtily in his ear, before giving his tush a soft smack, then walked out of the warm up room putting the key back in her cleavage, while swaying her hips in a naughty way leaving the room on her way to her hotel room, walking past the bald kid named krillin who's running to goku's side as he briefly followed her out.

In her head she was thinking "Got him. Now it's only a matter of time. I just hope that he's gonna be alone like i told him to." She thought while walking to her hotel room in preperation for tomorrow, and for her plan for goku.


Goku was in the elegant hotel halls after he left the dorm rooms where his friends were staying, sneaking out when they were napping. Then he ran to the hotel that he remembered the name of from the key that ran fan had. Now he walked through the halls looking for ran fan's room number, remembering what the number is on the key that ran fan showed him.

It took time, and following directions from the employees of this hotel, to find the room #69 which is where ran fan told goku she'd be staying in. Pretty soon he was at the door, preparing for any trap that ran fan was planning, trying his best to not get caught in that trap and in ran fans hand's. Whatever this ritual is could be worth all this trouble that he's risking on himself from ran fan's hands. That is, if it's gonna truly work. So with caution he knocked on the door, watching out for any net or pitfall traps on her room. Which there were none, as goku figured out. Now he waited for ran fan hoping he chose the right room.

It was only a minute of waiting when the door opened. With ran fan herself shown opening the door. Now clad in a red thin velvet bathrobe that ends past her knees, and her lipstick colored more red, while she still had her hair in an afro, and was barefoot without her sneakers. Goku could tell that she's naked under there due to seeing her nipples poking through the fabric. At first she was looking around worried, until seeing goku, which was when she smiled seductively. "Thank you for coming by goku. Hope you got no friends nearby though." She said worried.

"Don't worry ran fan. I made sure i was alone and wasn't followed." He responded much to her relief.

"Excellent. Come inside please." She said seductively holding the door open for goku to enter.

When he entered inside her room, hearing her close the door behind him, he ended up looking around at the scenery of ran fan's room. And he had to say, he thought it looked nice. With a bright red carpet floor, white and pink colors on the ceiling, with white walls. One of the walls was entirely windows though, causing him to look outside from a high place and saw the bright lights and buildings. In the middle of the room was a rectangular bed that was built in the floor with a little dip in there, it had purple pillows, and a blue blanket. To goku's right was a small hallway that had two doors. One leading to a kitchen, and one leading to a bathroom.

"Looks nice don't it?" Ran fan asked an impressed goku, after she locked the door.

"Of course it does. I love it." He said pleasing ran fan.

"I'm glad you like it. Now first things first, want a drink before we get to speak to eachother?" She asked, hoping he's parched enough.

"No thanks." He said, causing her to briefly inwardly frown, before just thinking "Oh well." before just walking to her kitchen to get herself a drink. Which is juice.

Once she returned to the living room and had goku sitting with her on the hotel floor bed, after taking off his shoes, she and goku had a conversation about eachother.

"So goku, i have to ask. Why did you enter this tournament?" She asked.

"Let's just say that i was trained for this tournament. I guess... i entered this tournament to see some strong fighters, and i have to say i wasn't dissappointed so far, as nam looks like a good fighter. Even though he lost to you after you did... that to him." Goku said refering to the match where she stripped to her pink bra and panties to embarrass nam enough to where he fell for one of her attacks that knocked him out of the ring.

"Well what about me, yamcha, krillin, and giran?" She asked.

"Well, for giran he is a jerk, but he can fight pretty well. And that gum that he trapped me with, it was quite the strongest stuff that i had to wrestle out of. And i could've remained trapped in there had my tail not grown back." Goku said.

"Your tail?" She asked confused.

"Of course my tail. See?" He said smiling as he stood up and turned around showing his clothed butt, then pulled down his pants, taking them off, then wagged his tail to show that his tail is genuine, and not part of his orange gi. Basically mooning her, but she ignored the sight of his naked butt, no matter how surprised she was, and focused on his furry ropelike tail. Shocked that the tail, looked so real and is not a costume when he wagged it around. Which had her wondering if he's an alien.

Then he pulled his pants up and turned around facing her. "I should ask for him to make more of that stuff to exorcise with. Too bad that he turned coward and surrendered though, as i would love to face him again and see his potential as a fighter if he's more braver than that." He finished on giren. Then sat down.

"Yamcha on the other hand, is a great fighter. After all, i fought him once in the desert near fire mountain." He said much to her shock.

"YOU WERE AT FIRE MOUNTAIN?! W-was it dangerous there?" She asked shocked. Learning from word of mouth about that legend.

"Well... not really, at least i didn't really think so. Since i met the ox king, and i also learned that he's a friendly guy once you get to know him, and he's friends with roshi. So any friend of roshi is a friend of his, I believe. Oh, and I rescued his daughter who was lost, so that helps." He said surprising ran fan, who didn't know that both goku and the ox king knew of this master roshi.

"But anyways, back to yamcha. He was hard to beat the first time i fought him, but that was mostly because i was hungry. So i lost my strength, and i thought i was about to lose against him. Only to have it end in a draw due to him running away when bulma woke up. Second time i fought him though, was easier as i was no longer hungry. And so far, that's the last time i fought him. Which is a shame since i would like to see him at his best in fighting, and i think the tournament preliminaries proved that his skills have sorta improved and he can fight well. If only jackie chun didn't easily beat him though." Goku finished on yamcha.

"Not much to say about krillin though, other than he was a jerk when we first met. But as time passed, we became friends and bonded well as fellow students when we trained together. So he is bound to have a similar style of fighting, since we both had the same sensei. Which in case you're wondering, is master roshi. And... that's it." He finished on krillin, much to her shock as she didn't know that roshi, 'the roshi' was his sensei. Maybe she was a little in over her head in joining this tournament at her current skill.

"As for you though, well... your fighting style needs more ironing out. After all, you can fight, but the style seems a little amateurish. Like you learned only the basics, then only some of the intermediate kung fu techniques, then rushed to this tournament thinking that you could win this. Only to find out the hard way that you actually couldn't because of that, as nam may have demonstrated. Or maybe could've demonstrated if he won." He said truthfully, much to ran fan's chagrin.

"Well... what about the fact that i beat him. Wasn't it nice?" She said defensively.

"True that you were able to beat him. And i have to admit, the way you beat him was pretty smart." Goku said briefly smiling. "But the fact that you took off your clothes until you were underwear clad, causing him to blush and get embarrassed then end up losing by ring out, just seems so unfair also. Not to mention dishonorable since i believe that the code of martial arts states that there should be no stunning your opponent through dirty means, like throwing sand in his or her eyes, or even using strong and putrid scents for that, like what bacterian tried to do to krillin only to lose, and so on. And showing your underwear seems like one of those methods of fighting through dirty means. I'm wondering why the tournament didn't disqualify you for doing that." He continued to lecture.

"And let's not forget the fact that you ended up pretending to get hurt to the point of crying, over a little tap on your shoulder that nam gave you. Just so that he'll feel sorry for you and apologise, to where he gets vulnerable doing that. Lining himself up for the surprise attack that you gave him. I'm not gonna lie, that was pretty mean of you to do that for the similar reason of fighting dirty. I'm also wondering why the tournament didn't disqualify you for doing that too." He continued lecturing.

Ran fan was dissapointed in what she was told by goku of all people. She was dating him right now to seduce him soon, but she had some thoughts about kicking goku out. But she knew that by the end of the day, he had a point. Maybe she should go back to the academy since she needed more techniques to fight with, so she could fight better than she did with nam, and get that bikini easier. That is, if she's unable to win this tournament. But she ain't gonna stop what she was about to do, not until she wins against him and gets that bikini she wants.

"But i won right? After all, it's the win that counts... right?" Ran fan said continuing to defend herself.

"I know you won, and i think that regardless, you're a capable fighter in your own right. But is it worth it? After all, you did win against nam. But the methods of doing that was pretty... mean, and dirty to say the least. Which means that there could be people that could trust you less, and they might not like you as much, because they would expect you to pull the same thing, or pull another dirty trick. And that's pretty much your fault when all is said and done. So i ask. Could that win be worth it?" He asked.

She ended up in a loss of words. She never thought about it beforehand, until now. What if that win means that she'll have little to no friends because of what she has done in the ring? What if it would give her enemies that are too strong for her to face? Which caused her to realise that maybe, it's not really a good idea to seduce her way to winning.

But that ain't stopping her from doing what she's about to do, as she decided to change her style of fighting only after she wins that bikini.

"Ahem... changing the subject, what do you plan to do with the prize money?" She asked hoping goku would let it go.

"Hmm... I don't really know. Maybe, give it to bulma? After all she could use the money. Or roshi, since he may need the money? Or maybe give it to nam, since he seems to need, and does deserve the money? i don't know, but i'm leaning towards nam. What about you?" He answered, much to her relief.

"Let's just say that there's a particular bikini i want to wear, since i think it would look so sexy on me. It just screams "wear me." on it, like i was born to wear it, for fashion shows." She said being honest with him, knowing that goku might not care about her wish, causing goku to get confused.

"All that for... a swimsuit?" He asked.

"Of course goku, trust me. Once i win that prize money, the first thing i'm doing is buying that bikini. Then once i'm wearing it, i plan on inviting everyone, including those competitors of this tourney counting you, to a fashion show. Where i'm gonna be on center stage wearing it, and showing it off like a bunch of jewelry on a trophy. And who knows, i just might invite you to the front row. And maybe..." She grinned as she got closer to goku to whisper in his ear again. "invite you to the backstage room with me." She said the last part with seduction.

"Umm... thank you? Whatever floats your boat i guess." Goku said while wondering why some ladies like his girlfriend bulma dresses more modestly and doesn't like peeping toms unless it is himself, and yet some ladies like ran fan are not afraid to get near naked, or even all naked while in eyesight of anybody. Basically to where goku believes bulma herself would be fuming in embarrassment at how the afro lady herself gives her a bad name. "Girls are so weird." He thought.

The conversation continued with both goku and ran fan telling eachother about their lives before the tournament. With goku wondering why ran fan decided to go to the tournament when she's not really a fighter, though he did find her to be capable of fighting, just not really as good at it compared to himself due to the lack of practice. While ran fan felt sorry for goku's life in mt paozu after his grandfather's death. Especially since he lived some of his life isolated in the cabin home, prior to his adventure with bulma.

"Does that explain why he's so naive? Like he had nobody to raise him after his grandfather's death? That poor guy." Ran fan thought as she was inwardly crying for goku. Almost making her reluctant to do this to him. ...Almost.

"Okay, now are you ready goku?" She asked prepared for massaging then seducing him.

"Yeah ran fan. I'm ready now." Goku said smiling. Excited about what she's gonna do to him.

"Excellent." She said with a sultry tone. "Go to my bathroom. It's to the left of the small hallway, i'll meet you in there." She said causing goku to jog his way to her bathroom. Then she prepared her plan for him, taking her velvet robe off showing her naked body as she entered her walk in closet.

In the bathroom, goku was looking around seeing the shower behind a glass wall, and a bath in the middle of the room that was full of water, with one wall being entirely a window like in the living room. The bath was white smooth ceramic that was built into the floor. While the shower looked like it could be holding at least 4 people in a vertical rectangular shape. With a interesting showerhead ceiling. The floor and the walls was made of little square tiles, all over the place, except for the window wall. And in the corner of the room, an inflatable mat was laid against the wall.

Goku was confused while he ended up focusing on the mat wondering what that was, when he heard ran fan walking into the bathroom. "Sorry i kept ya waiting, little monkey." She said seductively as goku turned around. To then see what is basically a sexy form.

Ran fan was holding a packet of lotion in her left hand, and was nearly naked, with only her underwear that is a bra and panties that was quite similar in design to the frilly underwear she stripped to while fighting nam. Only this kind of underwear was quite skimpy, not frilly in the slightest, and just more elastic looking, and was exposing more skin on ran fan. The bra that was blue, was less modest than the other one in her fight with nam by showing some more breast, and the outline of her aereolae was threatening to show themselves. While her pink panties behaved more like a thong, threatening to show her lower crotch, while her upper crotch was exposed and showing her purple peach fuzz. And goku guesses, is poorly covering her ass, other than her buttcrack.

Goku's inner pervert was pleasantly surprised and jumping around like a boy on sugar high... if he had one that is. Perverted goku was basically wanting to take ran fan to her bed and hump her into a sex coma. While just plain goku was shocked and had a slight nosebleed, while having that warm feeling in his body, at the sight of her gloriously sexy body, that threatened to usurp bulma from the 'queen of sexy' throne. Which had ran fan giggling naughtily.

"Like what you see, monkey boy?" She asked using her nickname for goku after seeing his monkey tail. Which she was quite shocked by when he showed her, but not as shocked as bulma was in goku's eyes, and later on, ran fan just thought it looked cute on goku. Like he was living proof that some aliens are cuter than she believed.

Goku didn't really know what to answer, since he was wondering what she was doing wearing the more skimpy underwear. Though he did think of one thing. "Yes?" He asked, finding her nice looking nonetheless. Much to her delight.

Once he found his voice, he asked, "What's with the underwear, and the packet?"

Which had her answering, "Just the requirements for the massage that i'm gonna do to you. Hope you enjoy it." She said as she sashayed into the bathroom, hand on her hip, and being seductive as possible while she got the inflatable mat out and onto the floor.

"First, take off those clothes, then lay on this mat. I'll do the rest." She said making goku strip himself of his gi, then his other clothing like his pants, until he's in his loincloth. Which showed ran fan his body that she admits looks cute, as well as showing how young he is, with a roundness to his belly, as well as his arms and legs, showing his chubby body.

"Should i strip this off too? Or keep it on?" He asked causing ran fan to think about it. Since she did find goku cute in that loincloth, like it's a red sumo wrestlers cloth that was shrunken down to his size. Not to mention how it fits goku and compliments his shape of his chubby young kid body. "I wonder if he became part of the young sumo wrestler's league." She thought giggling.

Eventually though she decided to tell him to take it off. Causing him to strip off his loincloth, or at least tried to, when ran fan stopped him. "Wait! How about you dance, while you take off that loincloth." She said seductively, wondering what sort of sexy dance goku might've learned on his journey with bulma. If she taught him one that is.

After hearing that from ran fan, goku had to think about what dance moves he could do, which took him a few minutes for him to decide. So ran fan did try to say that he doesn't need to do that, but goku kept saying he'll think of something. Eventually, he remembered a certain dance that he saw some monkeys doing back in mt paozu while seeing them mating, and even had some pointers from a monkey friend of his. So he ended up doing the mating ritual dance. Which involved shaking his tail and his butt, crawling around on the floor, doing the handstand while dancing, even moving his arms in a scratching and clapping motion.

"What're you doing?" She asked confused, yet was smiling while trying to stifle her giggles at the sight of goku acting weird, yet funny and adorable.

"Just something i learned from mt paozu." He said as he continued his monkey dance, even making some monkey noises, much to ran fan's amusement as she smiled at his monkey antics. While also doubting that bulma would teach him that, considering what he told her.

Throughout his dance, he kept tugging on his loincloth pulling up and down on it, and even pulling it up showing his buttcheeks while scratching his left cheek. Eventually he pulled his loincloth down, finishing his dance, and exposing his naked body, especially his cocks to her eyes. Which was much to her shock.

"He... he has two?! T-two fucking cocks!? But how?!" She thought, until she then thought about his tail again and reminded herself that he is, or should be an alien since he has a tail. Thus she wasn't as surprised since she realised that since he's an alien, he's bound to have two cocks for that reason. So she could've expected that as a result of his alien birth.

Though she wonders why he has two cocks instead of one like the other monkeys, which had her asking. "Holy kami goku, you have two?! How did you gain two?" She asked.

"I don't know. I was just born with these. Not that much of a big deal to me since they don't get in the way that much. Unless they're erect that is." He said, causing her to stop her questions for him, feeling like she got her answer now. Though she does wonder if there are certain species of monkey at least in space that may have two cocks like goku does, but she digresses.

He then laid on his chest on the inflatable mat waiting for ran fan to do this massaging. Which ran fan ended up doing, by rubbing the soap on her chest and then rubbing her soaped up chest against goku's back.

"Woah. It actually feels nice. You know?" He said

"Thank you for that monkey boy, it's supposed to feel nice. Otherwise it ain't a massage." She said smiling at the compliment, while she continued to massage his back. Rubbing her chest up and down on him, trying to relax him. As well as make him feel good with her boobs.

Goku couldn't help but enjoy the massage that ran fan is doing to him. Sure she was a dirty fighter, and she used her sexy body to do the work in stunning her opponent, but goku would admit that she is good at massages. He also admits that she looks so nice as well, like she has a body for doing massages, and if she's telling the truth, also for modeling. So he did secretly look forward to seeing her in that bikini she wanted.

He just wished that she would fight with more honor once they fight in the tournament tomorrow.

"Enjoying this massage monkey boy?" she seductively asked after a few minutes of massaging.

"Yes i am. But i'm wondering if there's more you're about to do."

"Oh monkey boy. I thought you'd forget to ask." She said with a sultry tone as she took off her top, showing her DDD breasts. Then she used them rubbing them up and down goku's back.

Now he felt something different about her, as he no longer feels her elastic underwear on his back but instead, just skin with some tiny bumps on their ends rubbing on his back up and down. He realised after a few minutes that she's topless after seeing her bra on the floor.

"Uh ran fan, i'm guessing your chest is naked?" He asked while slightly blushing.

"Why yes monkey boy. Do you like it?" She asked rubbing his back with her boobs.

"Y-yes ran fan." He said moaning at the touch of her boobs and her erect nipples rubbing his back. Making pleasant shivers go up his spine as well as hers.

Now ran fan was rubbing her boobs on his back, while she was using her hands to massage goku's arms, as well as his legs, covering them in lotion. Then she decided to rub his feet too, tickling him and covering his feet in lotion too. As well as making sure to calm his muscles just so that goku would become more relaxed when he gets more receptive of her advances towards him. She just hopes that he won't run from her room and tell his friends about what she's gonna do to him out of shock, when she goes in for the kill.

Then she ended up massaging his butt, covering his butt in lotion and making him gasp at the contact. Before moaning at that, yet he was not resisting as she rubbed his butt and pinched his cheeks, which she admits she wanted to do after seeing him naked minutes ago. Then she finished his back by rubbing his tail, making him gasp again as he slightly tried to resist by crawling forward, but ran fan kept him in place as she covered his tail since he lacked friction to move and just slipped in place before giving up and letting her continue.

He just hopes that she won't find out his weakness after this.

Then once she was done with his back, she then told goku to roll over and lay on his back. Which he did, showing his erect cocks pointing at the ceiling to see ran fan's topless body, showing her DDD breasts to his eyes. Yet she wasn't trying to cover them from his sight. Instead she just smiled and let goku take in the eye candy, feeling more proud of her beauty pleasing goku, instead of embarrassing him like when she fought nam, or getting embarrassed herself. Which since she is a model, she expected those naughty stares to happen. So she didn't really care if the whole world saw her naked.

Though like bulma, she would pound a pervert into the dirt if he got too close.

Seeing those erections though, ran fan ended up feeling surprised. "Did... they just grow a bit? Why are they bigger?" She thought. Only to remind herself that he's an alien, so he could have large cocks too for all she cares. She just hopes that his cocks aren't too big for her.

Then after that, she decided to massage his front with her boobs. Moving her boobs up and down, rubbing them on his chest as well as his belly, she couldn't help but squee on the inside at how adorable he looks. Even while naked, she just found him looking cute with his current physique looking like he has yet to shed his baby fat, despite being stronger than he looks. She even hopes that he'll become her boyfriend once he grows up.

Goku then suddenly patted ran fan's panties with his foot seeing if she is a lady. Though she thinks he did it for a different more perverted reason. "Ah! What did you do that for?!" She said blushing while flinching off of him, not expecting goku to do that. "Oh I get it. You wanna take things further?" She asked seductively.

"I was just checking to see if you're a girl." He said.

That had her looking at him incredulously, wondering why he thought she isn't a girl, despite looking pretty obvious due to her looks, as well as him feeling her boobs. Then she giggled at goku's confusion while reminding herself of goku's life prior to meeting her as well as the tournament. Not to mention his adventures with bulma and co.

"Well... wanna see if i am?" She said seductively getting ready to take off her thong. Which when goku nodded, she did just that, showing goku her naked crotch that happened to be shaved save for the mentioned peach fuzz that is purple too. Now she was completely naked in front of a little monkey boy.

Standing naked before him, she ended up feeling a little moist between her legs at what she's about to do with goku. Which she was ready to do from the beginning of goku's visit to her room. Which she made sure was private, since she didn't want the public to know what she plans to do with the young little boy with a monkey tail.

"Now... let's see what you got." She said before picking up goku and walking to her bedroom, where she laid him on the bed, "Hope you're ready monkey boy." She said, then she gave him a blowjob on his top cock.

As surprised as goku was at that move ran fan made, he didn't really ask her what she was doing that for. Considering that the second person to do that, ended up learning about his sexy times with bulma, he didn't want ran fan to learn about her, as well as his other lovers too. So he only gasped at the feeling of ran fan's mouth on his top cock, while keeping his question to himself.

And instead, he ended up moaning at the feeling of ran fan's mouth on his top cock, making him feel good like last time. While he squirmed slightly, he didn't try to get out of her blowjob on him. Which was fine by ran fan as she started to like giving the little goku a blowjob on his wormlike winkies.

"T-this feels nice ran fan." Goku said.

"I can see that. And i have to admit, your cock is tasty." She said as she licked his hardening cock.

Ran fan felt pleased that goku was not struggling out of her blowjob on his top cock. If anything, he was starting to enjoy it as she continued the blowjob on him, making sure that he is gonna like this blowjob. Though she was still wondering why this alien looks like a boy, yet has two big dicks between his legs, although she did think he's a certain species of furless monkey with two cocks. She also jokingly wondered if his dicks are gonna get a bit bigger.

She didn't have to wonder long though as she ended up feeling goku's dicks start to grow in her mouth and into her throat. Causing her to gag since she didn't expect the dick to grow, and pull her mouth off his top dick to see his fully erect dicks.

She was quite shocked at the sight of those dicks, as she believed that goku was already fully erect when the massage began. "You gotta be kidding me! Geez goku, you look too young and cute, yet you're packing a serious pair of meat in you? I think i got more than i bargained for." Ran fan thought feeling a little intimidated at the size of his cocks.

But she decided to keep going as she felt that she might enjoy this session once she get's used to the size of his cocks. That and she could be able to sexually satisfy goku into passing out.

So with determination, she ended deciding to take his cocks and put them between her boobs, giving him a double dick paizuri. Which had him moaning in pleasure feeling her boobs on his cocks, much for ran fan's delight.

"See monkey boy, this feels good, and i'm sure you'll enjoy this." She said. "Though i gotta ask. Is this what you mean by them not getting in the way, unless their erect that is?"

"Yes ran fan, that's what i mean. They just swing like meaty sticks as I train, and that risks tripping me. They also looked like i could whack someone with these, let alone myself, and that would hurt. That and they used to start to hurt, like they were pulling against my pee pee's skin like they were trying to rip my skin off. Which hurts, but not in a painful way."

Ran fan cringed at that. "But they don't anymore right?"

"Right." Goku said smiling. "Though I still believe that they could trip me, and I could whack myself and someone like you too if I swung them around." He said, having her cringe again, hoping that he won't whack her with his cocks.

Then she decided to lick his top penis head, while she was at it. Basically having his moans increase in volume when he felt her wet tongue make contact with his penis head. He ended up believing that even if she's a cheater, she is very good at this.

Though he did wonder if this really is gonna make him stronger, even though he did this before with bulma, and chi chi, pie pie, and launch.

After a couple minutes of her blowjob, ran fan then removed her mouth off his cock. Then she ended up getting on her knees, while hovering her pussy over goku's face. "Now goku, i would like it if you'll lick me there. Please monkey boy?" She asked. Which goku obeyed and decided to lick her pussy like she told him to.

Ran fan couldn't help but sigh in bliss as goku was licking her pussy. Making sure to touch the spots that makes a lady moan in pleasure, as per the instructions courtesy of roshi. Goku stopped his actions as he then spreaded her pussy, then licked the insides of it as ran fan had her eyes open up in surprise as she also bit her bottom lip, at the feeling of goku's tounge inside her pussy. Making her moan louder, and had her putting her right hand on goku's head to keep him licking her pussy, while using her left to molest her boobs.

"Oh kami goku, it feels so good!" She said smiling down at him, showing her pearly white teeth.

She then felt his tongue start to touch her clit, causing her to open her mouth in a silent scream while sticking her tongue out, as she moved her pussy up and down on his face. While she had her pussy squirting a small amount of juice. Basically rubbing her pussy on his face while he continued to lick her pussy, enjoying the juices that he tasted.

Then she lifted her hips after a few more minutes of that which ended in her cumming, making goku pull out as she saw goku's lower face covered in her pussy juices, making her giggle a little bit as she then made out with goku, tasting her own juices. Making her moan at her juices tasting good, she then told goku to lay back on the bed, which he did as she stood up tall, then took a dollop of lotion on her chest, and applied it to her anus. Seeing as she knew that she had to use her butt to, when she first saw goku's cocks.

Then she ended up surprising him, where she decided to give him a raspberry on his stomach. Which had him giggling at that since he was ticklish. "Heheheehehee, quit it." He said while laughing, yet didn't try hard to stop ran fan from continuing. Letting her keep going with her raspberry, until she then got ready for fucking.

After a minute of mental preparation and applying a little more lotion to her anus, she ended up sitting on goku in reverse cowgirl style, and inserted his cocks into her ass and pussy. She moaned loudly at the intrusion of both his cocks in her pussy and ass.

"Oooh yeah! Get ready goku, because i'm rocking your world." She said before she ended up thrusting up and down on his dicks. Causing her to moan in pleasure of his dicks rubbing her insides.

Yet had to go gently up and down, since she saw cocks, and even had cocks in her, but none were this big, and none had two of them like goku did. Not only that, but she didn't have anal sex much, so she did feel some pain from putting his top cock in her anus. But it didn't hurt too bad, and she was just getting used to it when she thrusted up and down due to the lotion acting as lube for her anus.

"R-ran fan, it feels so good!" Goku said.

"Get ready, and sit back and relax monkey boy, because there's more than this!" She said getting a little faster on the double dick fucking. All while moaning in pleasure from feeling goku's double dicks in her.

"Oh kami, It feels so good! I'm feeling good in fucking a furless monkey!" She said while continuing her sex with goku.

"Woah ran fan, you feel so tight in both of your holes." He said.

She giggled at that. "Exorcising and yoga is paying off for me. It's nice you feel good at that." She said.

As ran fan continued to have sex with goku, he ended up looking at her butt that was bouncing and jiggling with the motion of her hips going up and down, while seeing his cocks dissapearing in her ass and pussy. Which had him hypnotised at the sight of her big posterior bouncing.

To the point that he ended up giving her posterior a little smack on the right buttcheek.

"Ouch! Easy there monkey boy. Even though it feels so good." She said rubbing her right buttcheek.

"Sorry." He said before smacking her buttcheek again a little softer that time, while rubbing her buttcheeks too.

She yelped at that, then moaned in pleasure as he rubbed her buttcheeks, feeling so good on her white skin. She was already praising goku for knowing how to turn her on. Even though she was already turned on when the massage began. "Hell yeah goku! Continue rubbing my butt! I like it on my butt!" She said.

She remembered getting a massage one day, a week before joining this tournament. Where she ended up stripping naked and was in the middle of a massage when the messeuse touched her buttcheeks, since it was a full body massage. Which he apologised to her about while he continued to massage her back. She accepted his apology, then had him continue there, finding it pleasurable to get rubbed on her butt. It didn't lead to sex with him though, and she left satisfied from the massage, but she did wish she had a boyfriend who could do that as she has sex with him.

Now she was having sex while getting her butt rubbed, despite the fact that the tiny hands that was rubbing her butt belongs a young boy who is a furless monkey. And it was feeling so good for her making her smile at him for that.

Then she moaned in pleasure and surprise when she felt something furry that was touching her clit. Causing her to look down and see goku's tail rubbing against her pussy, giving her jolts of pleasure and making her feel the furry hair on her. Which she ended up smiling at, finding the furry tail cute on goku. Now goku seems to be putting that tail to good use on her.

"Sweet kami you feel so good. I didn't expect that your tail could feel so good on me." She said while moaning.

"Well... i'm just beginning. He said as he then pushed her onto her hands and knees, then went into leapfrog position and then put his cocks back into her ass and pussy.

"Oh sweet mother of KAMI, FUCK!!!" She yelled out feeling his cocks enter her butt and pussy. Not only that, but it was in a more faster pace as goku humped her like an actual monkey could.

"Oh kami, slow down you monkey boy! It's like an actual monkey is fucking me!!" She yelled hoping that goku wouldn't end up having the energy of a monkey.

Unfortunately, he does. And soon he was humping away at her ass and pussy like a little man possessed. "OMK! It's like a monkey is really fucking me! It feels so good!!" She yelled out as goku continued his thrusting.

Not only that, but she felt goku's tail rubbing her pussy and her clit like a feather duster. Making her moan even more at feeling the bristles on his tail. "Geez monkey boy, are those hips gonna rest for a bit?" She asked.

"Not really, they're moving on their own, I can't really stop, ya know?" Goku responded while he enjoyed his thrusting into ran fan. She couldn't help but enjoy her fucking, even though she could feel that her plan is probably gonna go awry.

Boy is she about to learn the hard way at how right she's about to be.

"Oh kami! I can't believe that a monkey is making me feel this good!!" She said while goku thrusted fast and hard.

Soon she was yelling, while thanking the makers of this hotel that her room is soundproof. Since it'd be incredibly awkward for somebody to enter her room wondering what's the screaming about, then see her fucking a naked furless monkey boy. Which she didn't want since it should be only goku and her in this room.

Though she wondered how an alien monkey like goku ended up coming here to earth, if he was from space.

*Small time skip*

Eventually, she was back in the bathroom, where she was in the shower standing up with her chest pressed against the wall as she continued to get fucked by goku as he basically got rough with his thrusts in the monkey position, crouched on her butt. He was basically in his lustful phase, where once he begins, he won't stop or listen to ran fan, no matter how much she begged or demanded.

Which is what bulma, chi chi, launch, and pie pie learned the hard way, and what ran fan is learning too.

"Oh kami!! You fucking monkey boy, how are you making me cum in here!?!" She yelled as she came for the third time this round with him.

While goku still thrusted up her ass and pussy, enjoying the fucking he did with ran fan. No matter how many times he had sex with someone, or how many women he fucked, whom being bulma, chi chi, launch, and even pai pai, he still loved having sex with women. He just found it fun despite how much it gets tiring for him or the lady he fucks. And he feels that he might love more of it with ran fan.

If there was somebody in the bathroom with ran fan and goku, they'd see ran fan's boobs flattened against the glass wall of the shower, and see ran fan's face scrunched up in pleasure. They'd be unable to see what made her that way, but they'd see goku if they look from the side. Which is what ran fan hopes is not gonna happen if somebody else is inside.

Another hour ended up passing as ran fan ended up cumming again from her double dick sex with goku.

"Oh kami! I'm gonna cum! Again!" She yelled out before doing just that. Feeling her pussy tighten around goku's bottom cock, while squirting more of her juices onto the floor as she screamed. "YES FUCK ME MORE!!" She yelled out, loving the sex she's doing with goku.

While that went on, goku continued to give her butt some more slaps. Not only that, but he also reached for her afro hair, before giving up since he couldn't really reach it until it's down, but also ran fan could resent that too, so he stopped himself.

"Whoa ran fan! It feels so good! It's like I'm screwing an angel!" He said smiling as he decided to molest her boobs.

"Or, you could say you're screwing a she devil." She thought humorously as she let goku molest her boobies.

Then eventually what happened next, is that goku was thrusting faster in her ass and pussy, showing signs that he's about to cum himself. So ran fan had to grab him to get him off her hips, then put him down on the shower floor. Where he stood while she ended up on her chest, jerking off his top and bottom cock. "Go ahead monkey boy. Cum all over me." She said smiling while she continued.

Goku couldn't hold it anymore, and ran fan ended up seeing him grunt, while seeing his cocks extend at least and inch in thickness, before he ended up... squirting out a dollup. "What?" She said flatly, while feeling dissappointed. "What happened? I expected something along the lines of a small tidal wave, or something, if your alien body is capable of that, but i guess you weren't loaded yet. What a shame, since i did- *Blblblugh*"

She then was surprised and caught off guard at the small tidal wave of gooey sperm that ended up hitting her in the face, courtesy of goku's cocks now spraying the aforementioned tidal wave that she expected. And the amount didn't disappoint, as ran fan sputtered at the amount that she's now getting covered with from head to toe. What also surprised her is that she felt like she got pushed into the shower glass from the force of his yogurty sperm like he had hi pressure fire hoses between his legs. "Good thing this happened in my shower, and not my bed." She thought relieved, as she didn't want to do cleanup, and at unlucky moments, having to end up having to explain why she has white gooey yogurt all over the wall. And why a naked monkey boy is in her room.

By the time goku was done, ran fan and her shower's glass was covered in goku's sperm. Which is not a problem for her to clean up in the shower, she'll just use the showerhead and the wrags to do that. She was just shocked that goku was able to make that much sperm, despite the small size of his testicles, but she sorta expected it since she knew goku is an alien who could have alot of sperm to shoot out at least according to a hentai manga, and she enjoyed it. "Geez goku, now this is what i'm talking about. You defy expectations." She said as she stood up with some difficulty, towering over goku, to get her shower ready.

"Hehehe, thank you ran fan." He said giggling, coming back to his senses after he came.

"I just hope this isn't some one time thing, as i would love to take those two dicks again." She said smiling as she then showered his sperm off her skin and her hair. Causing her afro to flatten and then having her hair limp down, leaving her hair down in a few minutes while the curls of her afro was still on. Yet despite what she said, her legs were wobbling and so were her hips. "Dear kami, my body can't walk properly since it feels like it's turning into gelatin. It was quite a fun and sexy round with him, but I hope i'll survive the next round. That is, if he's capable of that." She thought.

"Uh, ran fan? You're hoping for a second time?" He asked.

"Why yes. Why do you ask?" She asked, hoping that goku is either exhausted or ready for another round that is surely gonna make him pass out.

Only to then see that the latter was happening, as goku's cocks were still huge and erect, and still pointing straight. Which had her shocked, but thankful that goku is still ready for more fun with her since she too had some fun with goku, and it means she's on the right track in having him pass out. Or so she believes.

"Holy kami goku, you... geez... you... are definately stronger than you look. I really underestimated you." She said. Then she got seductive for goku after getting the sperm washed off her and the glass wall. "You wanna go another round? It'll be fun. And it'll help your strength and test your stamina." She said.

"That sounds fun. But i think i should go now, as i think my friends could get worried about me. Besides, i'm strong enough as it is." Goku said, beginning to walk out of the shower.

"WAIT! I promise you'll love it! Just stay for now!" She called out to him, trying to make him stay for now.

Which goku initially didn't really wanna stay right now since he did this before with bulma and his other female friends, including the mermaid. It was still fun and he'd be willing to do it again, but in this case, he had a feeling that ran fan was doing this for a certain reason. Like she was truly up to something, and he's gonna play into her hands. By which point, it'd end in goku getting screwed over in a bad way if he wasn't careful. And goku was pretty afraid of that.

Yet he had fun with ran fan, and was willing to have some more fun with her. He just hopes that it won't end in her pulling a dirty trick, that could end in his defeat in his match with her tomorrow.

While he hesitated, ran fan ended up squeeing again at seeing goku's naked body. Basically finding him looking adorable despite or because of the naughty things they did, especially seeing his butt, to where she wants to put him in her arms and hug him, or squeeze his buttcheeks. She then ended up having an idea of what to do. She crawled to him out of the shower, took him by the hand back into the shower, letting the water pour over both of them, and then raspberried his belly again. Which had him laughing again due to his ticklish stomach.

"Hehehehaah, stop ran fan, that tickles!" He said, though like last time, he didn't struggle hard out of her raspberry as he toppled onto his back. Pretty soon, he conceded. "Okay okay! I'll stay! Just one more round!" He said, much to her joy, but she wanted to really make sure she has him where she wants him.

"Make that two rounds, then you have a deal." She said smiling down at him.

"Two? Why two?" He questioned. Which ran fan hoped he won't do more of. Leading to her plan B.

"Okay, you asked for it. COMBO ATTACK!" She called out, before she raspberried him again, while she then poked the other parts of his body that she believed was ticklish. Including his ribs and his buttcheeks, and his testicles with extra gentleness on the latter. While she avoided using her nails too, just so she won't hurt him instead.

Goku did struggle, but was laughing hard and had some fun with her raspberry and poke combo, while merely trying to cover his parts that she poked, only for her to poke another part, making his hands move to the other part to expose his spot for poking again, wrince and repeat. "Okay okay! Deal deal! Two rounds it is!" He said between giggles.

Causing her to stop with her combo attack, to look at him with joy and seduction. "Yeah! Thank you goku! I guess i owe you one." She said smiling widely while deciding to give him a hug and kisses till most of his body got covered in her kiss marks from her lipstick. Which she wiped off with her wrag and shower water. "In fact, i guess i should let you start this next round, to pay you back. So what are you starting off with?" She said having the shower water keeping her hair down, but not getting rid of her curls.

Goku had to think about it for a bit. Before an idea struck him, and had him giggling, remembering his second time with bulma. Then he stood infront of ran fan's face, turned around to where his butt was facing her, and then raised his tail before wagging it while spreading his buttcheeks, showing his pucker.

Ran fan quickly knew what goku wanted, and was feeling pretty grossed out, yet she was a little aroused as she found what goku wants, surprisingly pretty hot even if it's gross and not what she does. Nevertheless, she knew she has to do it, so goku won't walk out of her room, disappointed. "Okay fine. You wanna play that way? Then at least let me do something else while i'm at it." She said.

"Fine by me." He said prepared for the incoming rimjob she's gonna do to him.

After puckering up her red lipstick that didn't get washed off from the jizz or shower water due to being waterproof, unless it gets wiped off, she ended up giving goku what he wanted. She got onto her hands and knees while lowering her head to his butt. Putting her lips to his pucker, she ended up licking it making him giggle. She was relieved that goku's butthole was clean and had no droppings on it as she continued.

While she did that, she touched goku's buttcheeks and grabbed them, making him gasp and yelp in surprise. Yet he didn't resist in any way and just let her continue doing that. She also touched his testicles with some soft pokes and rubbed his erect cocks as she wrapped her arms around his hips.

Then she ended up raspberrying goku's buttcheeks as well, catching goku off guard, and having him giggle more, while trying to walk to the wall of her shower to get away from that, but ran fan's grip on his hips and elevating him a bit from the floor had him unable to escape. Not that he wants to right now.

It was a few minutes, when she went back to her rimming. She didn't really mind rimming goku at this point since his butt is clean, but she feels she ain't gonna do this again. She isn't into rimming people, and this isn't gonna change her mind even if it's goku's cute buttcheeks that she's doing this to. But she could do it again if it's only his butt, and she looked forward to what goku is gonna do. Which in this case, she knew is possibly gonna get rough.

She then decided to get bold, and jab her tongue through his anus, making him gasp out of surprise, but didn't try to struggle as he felt his innards getting licked. Which ran fan was pleasantly surprised had no droppings inside. She just hopes her breath won't smell like monkey butts after that. Or in this case, human monkey alien child butt.

Once she was done, she retracted her tongue out, then turned around showing goku her ass. "Ready for round two, monkey boy?" She asked seductively, while smiling at him.

Just one look at her pose of seduction had goku feeling his horny instincts coming back to his head, soon he was already wanting to mate with ran fan again. So with a little run, he jumped onto her butt, and shoved his cocks back into her ass and pussy again. Causing her to scream in ecstasy as the shower water flowed down her back.

At least until ran fan turned the water off with some difficulty, as she'd rather be saving the water for when she's cleaning herself up, and not for sex in the shower. Then she ended up getting fucked on the ground as goku ended up getting faster with his thrusts.

It was minutes of this, when goku ended up having an idea that was perverted. So he pulled out, and picked up ran fan bridal style while walking out of the shower. Ran fan was surprised by the move goku made, but was interested in what goku wants to do with her. Then she ended up feeling goku put her down while on her knees, before feeling the glass of the window on her boobs and nipples. Feeling the sudden cold touch of the glass of her window causing a shiver to go up her spine.

It was then she ended up looking, and got shocked yet aroused at the sight of the outside world through her window. Seeing the city, as well as barely seeing the tournament ring in the night time, due to the dark night sky. It was pretty.

Then she ended up looking down and saw that there was still some people outside walking around, doing stuff that they do, whether play with their phones, talk on the streets, etc. And she was both horrified, and aroused... Or just partly horrified. As she saw that she is risking showing her naked body to the people outside, like in the more risque fashion shows where she showed her naked body for magazines. Which had her feeling like her body could cum right then and there, as she didn't care about getting seen naked.

She was just praying to kami, that goku wouldn't be seen as well. Seeing how young he is as he was doing an inappropriate thing to her.

She looked out of the window, even while she had her cheek pressed onto the glass, she still could see the streets that were illuminated. Showing people walking on the sidewalk, chatting to eachother, and even betting on who was gonna win next round. She feels that they're betting on goku to win, but she hoped that at least some of them were betting on her. She imagined that they could be looking at the window, and seeing her naked body on display.

Which since the lights of her bathroom were on, she could feel the illumination of the lights poking out the windows. Which she knows could raise the chance that she could be seen by people that would look at the window, and see her in the buff in the bright light of her bathroom. Which she couldn't help but feel like cumming at that.

She now stood up tall, with goku standing on her ass thrusting in her ass and pussy, while now making an ahegao face towards the sky and the possible crowd that she's exposing her birthday suit to, as goku thrusted with the energy of a monkey that is mating. Goku couldn't help but giggle at the sight of the ahegao look that ran fan was doing. Even though he's still going through his horny instincts that he's not able to stop.

Then suddenly, goku pulled out much to ran fan's confusion and dismay. Till she felt both cocks prodding her anus. Causing her to get surprised and horrified at what's about to happen. "Wait goku! STOP! NOT TWO AT ONCE! I'LL SPLI-AAAHHHHHHUGH!" But goku wasn't listening as he decided to shove his cocks up her ass. Causing her to scream as she felt what's like two thick salamis up her ass. Yet she still made an ahegao face since she surprisingly felt ecstasy at that, despite the pain of her anus stretching to take both his cocks. As well as feeling the effect, of feeling like she got punched in the stomach.

Which caused her to gag as well due to feeling the cocks hitting the spots in her innards and her stomach, causing her to feel funny like she ate something. Though she resisted puking.

Then he thrusted in and out as ran fan still yelled out in pain and pleasure, while also making some gagging noises too. While feeling her pussy starting to squirt on the floor. She couldn't help but blush at the feeling of not only getting seen naked by the outside world, but also shamelessly getting fucked naked as goku made her squirt onto the floor. Which she did have some fantasies about that as she read some hentai, so it seems for her that she's gonna have that part of her fantasy coming true. Since it's a monkey boy in her eyes, not a tentacle alien doing that to her.

Which had her making a crooked smile on her face when she looked at the city below her, believing that they're seeing her nudity that she was shamelessly showing to the crowd below. "Yes! Keep going monkey boy! Fuck my ass hard!! Make me cum!" She yelled as she rubbed her chest on the glass.

"I see that you're not feeling bothered about your naked body being seen by people below? I shouldn't be surprised since you were willing to strip to your underwear infront of the crowd." Goku said.

"Go ahead you lucky bastards! Look. Look at this naked body that i'm shamelessly showing to you all! Oh it's turning me on so much, getting fucked by a monkey while the people below watches! I admit it, I'm such a slut, but I'm proud of it!" She thought as she naughtily rubbed her nipples on the glass.

Then she answered goku. "Well I'm a model you know, I pose while wearing naughty lingerie and bikinis, so I expect those stares to happen!"

"Go on. Watch you perverts, see my naked body as i rut with a monkey. I don't know nor do i care if it's beastiality, or maybe it's not since he looks more like a human kid with a tail glued on his butt and two cocks than an actual monkey but who cares, go ahead and watch the butt naked beauty on the window as she gets fucked in the ass!" She continued to think as she rubbed and humped her pussy on the glass.

"So I guess you're not scared in the slightest of getting naked, I presume." He said as he thrusted and spanked her ass making her yelp.

"Of course not! I just hope that you aren't gonna get caught this way! But I'm sure you won't even be seen first." She said, making sure to hide goku behind her back.

"Yes! Yes watch me! See me, the naked sexy model of the tournament as i get fucked in the ass! Witness my naked body exposed in the light of the bathroom as i get fucked! Just don't ask what's fucking me from behind." She continued to think, having fun showing her body to the imaginary eyes looking at her from the city.

Eventually it was an hour of that when goku ended up putting her back into doggie style position. And kept on thrusting into her ass and pussy, making her scream in pleasure and ecstasy. "Oh geez! YOU NAKED MONKEY BOY! Aren't your hips exhausted yet?!" She asked as she came again.

"I don't know! I can't control them, they're moving on their own! They feel like pumping into you forever!" He said.

"Let's hope that he means it with hyperbole." She thought as she took more of goku's thrusting, hoping that she won't get fucked too hard by him.

"Oh ran fan, it feels good. I already enjoyed this from the beginning, but now i feel like i'm standing on a cloud while doing this!" He said smiling at her.

"Same here monkey boy! Only I'm doing doggie on a cloud with you!" She responded.

It was another hour, when ran fan then felt herself getting pushed backwards and then getting picked up by her ass as goku eventually got faster in his thrusts, signalling that he's about to climax in her ass. "Yes! Cum already, you're stronger than i thought!" She thought as she wanted it at first, but she then got scared when she realized that both of goku's cocks were in her asshole, and he was about to squirt out his jizz. So she quickly tried to crawl back to her shower and tried to push goku off her ass, but she couldn't get to her shower, and goku was too strong and clinging to her ass like fungus, so she couldn't push him off even if she tried hard.

So she had little choice in the matter but to just let goku cum in her ass while hoping that her belly won't pop. Which he ended up doing after a minute of trying to hold it. Filling her innards in the familiar white yogurt that she started to enjoy getting covered in even if it not only covers her in his jizz, but also if it pushes her down or like what happened not long ago, pushes her into the wall of the shower where she ended up feeling the pressure on her body like she was getting sprayed into the wall with a hi pressure hose trying to crush her. As well as possibly stick her to it like glue.

Only this time though, goku's semen from his cocks filled up her innards as she started to scream loudly. Ran fan felt her tongue sticking out as she came too from goku cumming in her ass, even though she still feels him cumming inside to where it felt like she got pumped with an enema of gooey sperm to where she could feel her belly getting bigger. Which sure enough, she indeed felt and saw to her shock, that her belly was getting bigger to contain his sperm in her stomach like he gave her an enema, making her look like she's pregnant for five months with a big baby inside.

"Holy fucking kami! I'm bloating like a frog! Why does it feel so good!?" She yelled out as she felt her belly getting bigger, stretching her stomach up due to the jizz enema that goku was giving her. Causing her to end up getting nervous yet aroused at the size of her belly as it got big to where she looked more pregnant for eight months with a big baby inside. "Oh geez, I hope it won't ruin my modelling job. Please don't pop!" She thought rubbing her belly as it continued to bloat as she continued to yell.

Soon, her yelling sounds was replaced with her gagging sounds, when she felt that she was about to puke when she felt something rushing through her throat to her mouth. At first, she covered her mouth and kept it shut to stop herself from upchucking, then she felt it leave through her sinuses as she saw that it was white like his sperm, and she saw that her belly got bigger to where it nearly touched the floor, and she feared it would end up popping. So she turned her head to her bathtub and let go of her mouth.

She then ended up puking out the jizz that went through her stomach to her mouth into the bathtub waters, which she quickly realized was how she won't pop. So she just continued to vomit out the sperm as she ended up cumming much to her surprise, as she thought that this usually happens in some extreme hentai books that she remembers reading where the tentacle alien came inside the girl, causing a similar situation where she too vomited. She didn't think that she'd end up in this situation too. And with a monkey alien instead.

Eventually, goku's sperm flow was weakening and ended up stopping when he got done cumming. Causing him to plop down onto the floor, causing ran fan to end up falling forward, making a pool of his jizz on the floor from feeling the floor pushing on her belly, forcing her to push out the sperm from her innards and onto the tiled floor, while some also landed on goku covering him in his own jizz and her butt juices. Which lasted up to a minute before she turned around to face goku before licking and sucking up the pool of jizz that was under both of them to clean the floor up a bit.

She also saw that the sperm she puked out was floating in large wads in the bathwater, much to her shock as she did wonder how she was able to hold some of those in her belly without popping like a balloon. Nevertheless, she was relieved that she was able to survive goku's cumming inside her asshole without popping like a balloon. Even though she hiddenly wanted to do it again, only with more precautions next time.

Despite all that she suffered though, she was still determined to make it so that she'll tire him out to where she could have him pass out, or be tired enough in the ring to where he would be sluggish and too tired to fight back effectively.

Even though she felt that it could be her instead, since so far, he happens to be quite strong enough to where he could go for hours in fucking her, and he would still be ready for more sex regardless of her current strength. Which so far, seems to be happening as she felt like she could fall over tired while standing, yet she was determined to make sure that goku would drop too. Which much to her shock, goku is not showing signs of that as he remained on his feet after he got done cumming all over her, and then pounced on her like a monkey as he shoved his cock inside of her, making her moan loudly as they continued the sex.

She was hoping that she could still stand up after her third round with goku ends up finishing. She couldn't really stay concious throughout that though as she passed out after a few minutes of it with goku fucking her into the night.

*Time skip*

It was now daytime, as the sun ended up rising upwards, shining brightly on the city and the tournament ring as the tournament was in the preparation stage. When the sun ended up shining into the room of ran fan's and into her eyes as she faced the window. Which woke her up as she tiredly rose out of the in floor bed, butt naked as she looked around her room, which happened to be in slight disarray thanks to her sex with goku. Much to her confusion.

"What... happened here? Why is my- wait!" She thought as she then felt memories rushing to her head as she got up with a start, then looked around her bed to then see a sleeping goku. Who was also naked under the blanket that she pulled off, which had her looking at goku and thinking about how cute he looked while naked, sleeping while shamelessly showing his pudgy body that had chubby spots even at his round belly, and his cocks that finally shrank down to normal size.

And while also being covered in a tell tale amount of his sweat, and jizz on his lower body. Which she thought looked quite messy on him.

"I remember, I invited him to my room and had him fucking my brains out in hopes that I'll win by default or have him tired enough to fight less effectively. Yet he still looks so adorable after what we did." Before she then saw the clock on the wall that she was relieved didn't get broken from the sex too, and saw the time.

"OH FUCK! It's almost time for our round between us!" She thought as she got up with adrenaline in her system, getting out of bed and pulled the blankets off of goku's naked body, before she ran around her room picking up her garments and clothing, before dressing up and freshening herself up enough to look presentable, and dashed out the door to the tournament. Where she was able to make it there, and enter the ring without too much problems, other than the fact that she's pretty tired herself to where she felt that her legs were weak and wobbly, so she's going to nap off her exhaustion of fucking goku after the round ends in what she believes is her victory.

Which little did she know at that moment, she's not going to gain it. Because goku was also waking up from his sex induced sleep rising out of bed in all his glory. Once he stood up naked on his feet, he ended up looking around the room, seeing it in a messy state. Then he looked around trying to find Ran fan, only to see that she's not in the room, which had him confused. "Where's Ran fan? Isn't she supposed to get us both up for the tournament round?" He thought as he walked to the bathroom thinking she'd be in there.

But when he got in the bathroom, all he saw was the now empty and clean bathtub that he realized that neither of them used in their sex. Then he saw his clothing in the room along with his red loincloth, right where he took them off at near the mat when their sex began. "Ran fan! Where are you?!" He called out trying to see if she's still in the bathroom.

But no ran fan was in sight and in the room. Not even her clothes were around. It was just him and his own clothing, and his naked self that he noticed, was a bit messy in his jizz.

Which, when that fact hit goku, it hit him like a strong fist to his head when he realized that his suspicion about her was correct. She tricked him into having sex with her, and she's probably going to win by default since he could've overslept. Much to his shock and chagrin.

"That jerk! That stinking butt kissing jerk!! She tricked me by doing this! And I blame myself for falling for it until now. But she's gonna pay for that once we meet again!!" He thought frustrated as he quickly got his clothes, then ran to the room to look at the clock, and saw the time on it. Which had him relieved since he saw the time on the clocks in the previous rounds that he was in, and he knew that he still has time for their round. "That's a relief, I can still make it! I just need to hurry before I lose by default!" He thought as he dashed out the door... with his clothes in hand as he ran naked.

As he ran streaking, he weaved his way through some people in the halls, who either wondered what passed them, or some saw only a brief glimpse of him and thought they hallucinated, or some saw him in the buff and ended up shocked at the sight, or for the ladies, ended up blushing at how cute he looked. And was he covered in sperm, they would all wonder when they noticed how dirty he looked.

But goku ignored them all as he ran through the halls to the foyer, shamelessly showing his butt and penises, and then out the door. "FLYING NIMBUS!!" He yelled out as he got his wristbands on him and ran on the sidewalk. Soon, the nimbus ended up decending on him before he jumped on and flew away into the sky before the hotel and sidewalk people knew what was going on.

Now he stood naked on the nimbus as he attempted to put on his clothes, but the wind made it pretty hard for him with the risk of dropping them on the way there. But he kept a hold on them and decided to dress up in the ring.

But first, he needed to get cleaned up for his fight with Ran fan. So he had his nimbus flying over a nearby lake to wash himself in, before getting back on the nimbus and racing his way to the tournament.

"Sure feels breezy up here." He said shivering a bit, finding the wind pretty cold on his naked skin due to the speed of his nimbus, and his wet nude body that was drying in the wind. But he kept on going fast as he started to see the ring in the distance, causing him to zoom to it till he's over the ring.

Where he ended up seeing that in the ring was ran fan herself who was standing on the tiles of the ring with a tired smiling look on her face, waiting for the match to end as he heard the announcer start to count for him, which had him feeling mad again as he felt that he could've lost to her by default if he didn't wake up in time. Now she's about to pay for that as he was descending to the ring.

"SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT- WHAT'S THIS? IS THAT..." The announcer asked as he and ran fan looked up and saw a naked goku as he descended to the ring, before he jumped off the cloud with his clothes in hand as he dropped at least twenty-five feet to the ring, where he landed on the ring on his feet and his hand like a superhero landing. Before he stood up and dressed himself in the ring, beginning with the loincloth, all while glaring at ran fan.

"AMAZING! GOKU HAS MADE WHAT COULD BE THE BEST ENTRANCE IN BUDOKAI TOURNAMENT HISTORY, DROPPING STRAIGHT FROM THE CLOUD FROM UP HIGH, AND HE'S STILL READY TO FIGHT! Although he could do without the nudity." He said the last part awkwardly. "BUT NEVERMIND THAT, LET THE MATCH BEGIN!!" He yelled out as the croud cheered at the match beginning at the sound of a gong, as ran fan looked on in shock and horror.

All while goku's friends like oolong, bulma, yamcha, and puar that were in the audience, ended up cheering at goku being able to reach the arena in time, in what is basically his second close call of the tournament. Especially bulma as she cheered goku on, though all of them were wondering a few things, like why was goku naked when he entered the ring, why was ran fan walking like she forgot to sleep for the day, and why was she staring on in horror. Though they believed that goku was swimming naked for unknown reasons for the former, and that ran fan herself knew that goku was too strong for the latter. Though they wondered about the mid former.

The reason being, is that she thought that she could make him pass out and oversleep, or have him tired enough to be sluggish and tired. But she saw that neither of that happened as she saw what could be a still wide awake, and vengeful goku glaring at her with the meanest look she ever saw from him as he finished putting on his clothing, which had her feeling scared of what's about to happen. "U-uhh... hi goku, h-h-how was y-your nap?" She asked awkwardly.

"Why it was nice. Especially after what we did in your room. That was a great time in your room." He said softly yet angrily with an evil smile. "What was not nice though, is that it would've had me losing this round if I didn't wake up in time, all thanks to you. So... how about i 'thank' you, for such a good time in your room." He sneered getting into his fighting stance, ready and willing to take her out. Which was at that moment, that ran fan ended up realizing that she just knew...

She fucked up. And she's on the verge of paying the price.

She just hopes she'll live after this.


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