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A thunderstorm was rolling over the small town of Resembool, driving the residents to stay indoors by warm fires to escape the dreary downpour. It was where one such resident, Winry Rockbell found herself, seated at her workbench in the back of her automail shop with a steaming cup of cocoa in one hand, toying with a screwdriver in the other. Den rested nearby on the rug in front of the fireplace, stretched out to allow the fire to warm his belly.  She took a sip from her cup, sighed with happiness as the warmth spread throughout her, and her mind began to wander as she considered what she should do next. She was pretty much caught up on all her orders, though she supposed she could back and fine tune some of them before heading off to bed. 


She was still pondering her options when there came a pounding on the front door and Den sat up, letting out a single bark towards the front of the store. “Come back when we’re open!” she called, wondering who would be crazy enough to be calling this time of night, let alone during a raging thunderstorm, petting the top of Den’s head as he came to stand protectively beside her. 


It felt almost like her heart stopped when she heard the all too familiar voice of her childhood friend Alphonse Elric cry out over the pounding rain, “Winry! Edward’s been hurt!” Before the initial shock could wear off, she found herself jumping up, sending her cup skittering and spilling cocoa all over the hardwood floor, and running for the front room of the shop, Den on her heels. She cleared the front counter in a single bound, sliding across its lacquered top, and her fingers scrambling to unlock the locks on the front door as soon as she reached it. Finally managing to get her fingers to cooperate long enough to jerk back the final deadbolt, she grabbed the iron door handle and jerked it open, looking out into the night with fear in her heart. 


A giant, seven foot tall suit of armor with red, glowing eyes and a long white ribbon atop his helmet stood just outside her door, blood staining the metal of its body and gouges riddled completely through the metal. She immediately recognized the suit as the younger Elric brother, Alphonse. Looking down to what he carried, one hand shot up to cover her mouth to muffle a gasp of horror at the sight. The older brother, Edward Elric, lay in his brother’s arms, his trademark crimson jacket wrapped tightly around his body, but even in this dim light she could make out the dark blood stains beginning to take over the entire material. His face was covered in various scratches and bruises, and his left eye was completely soaked with blood coming from a deep cut just above his eyebrow.


"Alphonse, what happened?" she cried out in horror as she stepped back from the door to allow him in, grabbing Den by the collar to keep him from jumping on Alphonse. She hurried back through the shop and, with one sweep of her arm, cleared one of the work tables of the orders she had finished, not caring if she would have to repair them again later. “Den, go lie down,” she ordered the door, releasing his collar as he went to obey her command, returning to his spot on the rug where he watched, an almost human sadness in his eyes as he watched on from afar.


Alphonse clanked into the room and carefully lowered his brother down onto the table top with careful motions, "We were ambushed by a pair of homunculus. We just barely managed to escape and, since we were already on our way here, I ran here with him." When Winry reached out a hand to pull open Edward’s jacket, Alphonse quickly caught it, stopping her, "Winry… its bad."


"I need to help him, Alphonse," Winry whispered, feeling a knot of fear forming in her belly. What could be so bad that Alphonose was worried about her seeing what lay underneath Edward's jacket? “You can go wake up granny and bring me the first aid box if you want something to do?” 


When Alphonse released her hand to do as she asked, she turned back and looked down at Edward, trying to steel her resolve. Granny Pinako had gone ahead to lay down for the night an hour earlier, so it would take her a few precious minutes to get woken up and downstairs, and it didn’t appear that Edward had much time left. Taking a deep breath, she reached out and carefully moved the blood soaked jacket off his body. When she saw what was hidden beneath, she had to force herself not to scream in horror as she looked at his broken body. 


The same arm she had so lovingly built for him had been ripped from his body, and hung, broken, only by a few, thin wires. Deep, ragged cuts covered his body, and bite marks ran up and down the crushed metal of his left leg.


"Winry?" Edward gasped out, his voice weak and raspy as blood slipped from between his busted lips as he looked up at her. His half closed, golden eyes looked dimmer, as if he were looking at her through a haze and barely seeing her.  


"Shh," Winry whispered, her mind whirling at what she could do to help her childhood friend, "don't speak. I’m gonna get you fixed right up, don’t you worry.” She gave his human hand a gentle squeeze before turning and began running around the shop, gathering various things that she would need to aid Edward. When she returned with tools piled in her arms, she found Alphonse had returned and was helping Granny Pinako to remove Edward’s ruined clothing.


Between the three of them, Edward soon lay naked on the tabletop, a single white piece of canvas  carefully placed to cover his manhood without concealing any of his wounds. “You know you boys CAN stop in to see us without being injured,” Granny Pinako tsked as she looked over Edward, lighting up her pipe and taking a puff. Winry whimpered softly when she saw the full extent of the injuries he had acquired, but she forced those emotions down as her instincts kicked in. 


Setting down a bowl of water she had run next to Edward's head, she took up a clean rag she found and, dipping it in the water, she began to dab carefully at the open wounds, cleaning away any dirt or grime that may have gotten into them. Edward hissed at first, but then slowly slipped out of consciousness and stopped moving.


Alphonse, who was pacing the floor at Edward’s feet, stopped and asked in a scared voice, "Will you be able to save him?"


"We'll do our best, Alphonse," Winry told him shortly as she cleaned a particularly deep cut across his chest. 


Granny Pinako nodded in confirmation and gestured with her pipe to the bowl of now bloody water, "Alphonse, go put on another pot of water to boil and find me another clean rag."


"Yes, Ma'am," Alphonse nodded, clanking away to do as he was commanded. Winry continued to clean what she could with the bloody rag, blushing subconsciously as she moved lower towards the white piece of canvas. Biting her lower lip, she tried to concentrate on her task but her mind kept wondering what he might look like beneath that sheet. Glancing back behind her to see where Alphonose was and, when she didn't see him, she glanced towards Granny Pinako. Seeing the older woman was focusing on the deep gash above his eye, she reached out and shyly lifted the material to steal a quick peek. A furious blush colored her cheeks as she saw how endowed he was and quickly replaced the canvas as she heard Alphonse returning.


"I put the pot on to boil, and I found these. Here, Winry," Alphonse handed her one of the rags before setting the pile rags on the table so it was within easy reach of both ladies and returned to his pacing at his brother’s feet.


Once she had finished cleaning his wounds with the new rags, Winry managed to pull herself together and stop glancing at the canvas. Reaching into the first aid box, she took out a sharp, silver needle and a spool of white thread, and began the slow, tedious task of sewing up his twenty odd wounds. Alphonose remained silent the whole time and watched on as Winry and Granny Pinako worked tirelessly for hours into the night.



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