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The sun was coming over the horizon when Winry finally set aside her needle and thread and threw herself down into a nearby armchair, wiping the sweat off her forehead with the back of his hand. Alphonse’s armor clanked as he stood up from sitting cross-legged on the floor near the table the operation had been performed on, and moved to stand beside Winry, "Is he going to heal properly?"


Winry glanced up at him and smiled faintly, "We sewed him up best we could, Alphonse; now, I suppose I should let me look at you now." Winry grunted as she tried to get up, but Alphonse placed his large hand on her shoulder, easily forcing her to stay where she was.


"You need to rest, Winry," Alphonse told her softly, "I'm a suit of armor; I won't die until you have gotten some rest."


Winry nodded and slumped back into her chair thankfully. She would never admit it, but she was exhausted and ready to pass out. Even just the thought of doing more work had made her body ache. "Well, would you mind manning the front desk and tell anyone that comes in that I won't be able to do any work until tomorrow?"


"Sure, Winry," Alphonse nodded his head and clanked away to go man the front desk. Winry allowed herself to fall back into the armchair and her heavy eyes fell closed. Almost immediately images of Edward's naked body filled her mind and a deep flush seared her body, concentrating mainly in her lower body. A soft gasp escaped her lips and she looked around nervously, wondering if Alphonse may have noticed. "I need to go lay down," Winry whispered and got up, forcing herself up the stairs to the second level of the shop to the living quarters, down the hall to her room where she allowed herself to fall face forward onto her bed.





Weak sunlight was coming through the blinds over her window and falling across her bed. Winry groaned softly and turned slightly, nuzzling closer to a warm object next to her. She froze, her cheek and hand resting against something warm and rising slowly up and down. The object was not an object, but a person. When she opened her eyes, she found that someone was Edward. He was fast asleep, her cheek resting on an unbandaged patch of his chest and her hand resting on his hip. 


"Oh Edward," Winry whispered, reaching up to gently trace her fingers over his features. He murmured softly in his sleep, the faintest hip of a smile teasing his lips. It had been a long time since she had been this close to him and she could see the stress the recent turns in his life were causing on his body. He was covered in scars, his once smooth, child-like skin had become weathered and tanned from his constant traveling, and he was beginning to develop stress lines.


Carefully sitting up so her back was against the headboard of the bed, she gently pulled him closer so his head rested against her chest. She slipped her fingers into his hair and slowly pulled his hair free of the constricting leather hair band. Gently shaking the long, straight blonde hair out, she smiled as she slowly ran her fingers through it, finger-combing the tats out of it and simply enjoying the feeling of touching him.


"Winry," Edward whispered against her chest, his eyes opening to look up at her.


Winry's eyes widened as her fingers paused mid comb, her cheeks blushing madly, "How long have you been awake?"


"Long enough," Edward whispered. He leaned up and, his hand gently tilting her chin down, kissed her lips tenderly. His lips were warm and moist, hungry for her taste but soft at first. The muscles in Winry's body instantly turned to mush and her arms tightened around him, returning his kiss with an intense passion that she had been holding onto for what seemed like ages.


"Easy," he whispered, pulling back from her lips just enough so that when he spoke their lips still brushed with the motions, "we don't want my wounds to open up again…" Winry nodded, her whole body flush with an intense heat that desperately needed to be quenched. A soft whimper escaped her lips as he pulled away further, but then she moaned as his lips found the curve of her neck, his tongue gently caressing the light blue vein just beneath the skin. He could feel the vein pulsating beneath his tongue as her heartbeat increased to a frantic pace. Winry carefully placed her leg around Edward's hip and pulled him closer, tilting her head back slightly for him. His hand found the knot of the bandana she was wearing around her head from work last night and tugged it loose, letting her own long blonde hair fall free around her face while his lips slowly moved down her neck to the hollow of her throat.


"Edward," Winry panted, clutching his head against her skin as she cried out in pleasure. Her nails dug lightly into his scalp and shoulder as his lips moved even further down, catching her nipple through her clothes. Pushing the small shirt she wore up over her bountiful breasts, he paused long enough to appreciate her natural beauty before attacking them with an insatiable hunger. Winry's lips parted and a passionate cry tore from her throat as heat burned through her body and her heart fluttered rapidly. His tongue danced across the sensitive peak of her breast when her body arched against his and the heat filling her body exploded with a third cry. When she collapsed back on to the bed, everything was dark, and white stars floated above her until her heartbeat began to slow somewhat.


"Winry," Edward whispered huskily next to her ear, his tongue darting out to hungrily trace the shell of her ear before nipping it teasingly. Her skin had begun to gleam with a light sheen of sweat during the short time Edward had caused her first orgasm and she found that she wanted more. Her hands slid slowly down his body, caressing the taut muscles beneath the skin and the raised scars, and further down to cup his bare bottom in her hands. Edward groaned softly at her touch and pressed himself more into her touch.


"I want you, Edward," Winry whispered as she slid her hands up his back, over his shoulders, and took his hands into hers. She guided them down to her pants and closed her eyes as his fingers tugged them down from her hips down past her knees to her ankles.


While she slipped her feet free from the pants, Edward smiled softly as he saw her soaked white lace underwear. "I didn’t expect you to wear these kinds," he teased lightly, tugging the underwear away from her body and got up onto his knees before her. 


“Every girl needs a secret,” she teased breathlessly as she watched him shed the white canvas they had wrapped around his waist at the end of the surgery and allowed her eyes to take in the hard body revealed to her.


Edward allowed her eyes to roam his scared body and his newly repaired automail arm and leg before he pushed her down completely onto her back and hovered over her. Lifting her legs, she wrapped them snugly around his waist and looked up at him with bright loving eyes as he stared back into hers. And then he was inside her, tearing through her virgin walls. Winry's clenched her eyes closed and a whine of pain escaped her lips as her legs tightened around his waist. 


Edward paused, showering her with tender kisses and light licks to show he didn't mean to hurt her, and patiently waited for her to grow accustomed to him. When her body relaxed around him, he slowly pressed further before sliding almost completely out and then thrusting deeper inside her. Winry keened softly with the pleasure that replaced the pain and began to beg for him for more and to thrust harder. When Edward would do as she pleaded, she would beg for more until he was completely inside her and with each thrust, her body would lift slightly off the bed with the force. At one point, she arched her back so high that Edward feared it would snap, but the primal instincts buried deep inside him were in control now..


When he pulled completely out of her just before Winry's climax, she growled in annoyance at him with a feral snarl. But, before she could complain, Edward switched places with her, allowing her to be on top. 


"Ride me, Winry," Edward begged, his body shining with sweat and his blonde hair matted to his head. Winry's chest was heaving up and down like she had just run over a mile uphill, but a smirk played across her lips as she realized the power he had just given her. She began to slowly roll her hips, teasing his hard member inside of her until he was pleading for her to finish him. Then she began to lift her hips up as they rolled before slamming them back down onto him, impaling herself on to his large erection. A loud moan escaped her lips as she forced herself down further and his tip pressed to the entrance of her womb. White stars burst before her eyes as the intense pleasure shook her body as he hit the spot over and over again to the point her eyes began to cross and she was reduced to her tongue lolling out as she cried out his name repeatedly. 


Then, with a cry from beneath her, she felt Edward swell inside her and his hot seed burst into her, filling her womb with a warmth she had never known but had always dreamed of. She closed her eyes and threw her head back as her hands rested on his hard chest, milking his member for every last drop. Sliding off of him, she allowed herself to fall down onto the bed sheets, snuggling close to Edward's naked body beside her.


"You were amazing," Edward whispered, turning on his side and caressing her cheek with his metal hand. The cold automail was a welcome sensation against her flushed skin and she turned her face into it, lightly pressing her lips to the metal.


"As were you, Mr. Elric," Winry smiled, winking up at him. Edward chuckled softly and pulled her close to his scorching hot body.


"Sleep now," he whispered into her hair, his metal fingertips trailing slowly up and down her back, "I'm tired." 


Winry nodded and closed her eyes as his familiar scent filled her nose. He was home, and, before he and Alphonse ran off again, Winry would enjoy every moment she had with him.



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