The Enchanter

BY : Dharmaserenity
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SUBJECT LINE: [Fic] "The Enchanter" Part 2 of ?

Title: "The Enchanter" Part 2 of ?
AUTHOR: Written by DharmaSerenity (Jana), Story Concept and Constant Guidance by Herve.
Archive : yes
Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime. Epic Plot. Fantasy.

Pairing(s): MTr x Gh(yaoi = sex), Mirai Trunks dominant for now

Disclaimers : the characters of DBZ are copyrighted to
someone else, used without permission and no money is being made from the following fanfic. Also,
acknowledgement of use of material from Dragon Quest : Dai no Daibouken by Riku Sanjo & Koji Inada

Rating: NC-17 (eventually, right now it is pretty G'ish)

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, violence

Spoilers : only if you haven't watched any Cell series - end of Dbz

Notes : Herve came up with the story idea. We are talking about it constantly and this is going to
go far. Get prepared for a long one. :)

Feedback : Please let me know what you think.

Gohan awoke to a strange room and sat up, shivering and scared.

Then he remembered all that happened the day before.

He tried to remember what had happened at the end of it, though, but it was all too cloudy. He shook his head
a couple of times, trying to remember anything that he could before he ended up in this strange room. He felt
dizzy trying to and thought he would be sick.

On shaking legs, he got up and noticed his nudity. He held onto the bedpost, trying to breath and hoping that
the dizziness would soon dissipate.

Trunks entered the room, sensing the change in Gohan's ki.

Gohan would have tried to cover his nudity, but he was too dizzy to attempt anything other than cling to the
bedpost. With closed eyes, he sensed Trunks approach him. He felt the man's strong hand on his shoulder
and heard a barely audible whisper from him and the dizziness swept away instantly. He stood up straight
and dared to open his eyes.

Trunks smiled at him, marveling at how tall the other man was even though he was not yet fully grown.

"I'm sorry Gohan, we tried too much too soon last night. You passed out and I tried to make you as comfortable
as possible. Are you feeling more yourself now?"

Gohan shook his head tentatively, and then remembered his nudity and blushed, not wanting to fumble awkwardly
for something to cover up in front of Trunks. Trunks sensed Gohan's embarrassment and turned to give the
younger man a chance to put something on. He stared out the window until Gohan was finished.

Gohan got on his pants and shirt from the day before, neatly laid out for him on a trunk at the foot of the bed.
He put his cold hands in his pockets and looked at Trunks' back.

Trunks turned around and gave Gohan a smile.

"Wh.. what happened to me?"

"I tried showing you some incantations. The magic is quite powerful. I think I moved too fast and started off
with something too hard for you. Your mind was overwhelmed and shut down on itself. I'm sorry. We will work
slower from now on. Ok?"

The words reassured Gohan, and he couldn't help but notice the way the man was being kind to him as opposed to the
way he had acted the day before. Gohan looked down at his bare feet. He wanted to go home. He missed his family
and felt strange here. There was just too much he didn't have an answer for.

Trunks read all of these thoughts.

"Come, let's get you something to eat. And after breakfast, you can communicate with your mother." Trunks walked
over to Gohan and put a friendly arm around him, guiding him out of the room.

* * *

After breakfast, they sat in the living room again. Gohan nervously looked at the TV wondering what he was going
to say to ChiChi. How on earth would he explain all of this?

Trunks waited a moment, but knew that waiting was only prolonging the inevitable. He looked at the TV and it
turned on again. The kitchen greeted them once more, but this time it was empty. Trunks was about to flip to
another room in the house, when a small, crazy-haired boy entered the frame. Trunks' mouth opened in shock.

"Who is that little boy?"

"That's my kid brother, Goten."

Trunks was about to blurt out, I don't remember a kid brother, then checked himself. But as he did, he noticed the
little face turn to look at them, shock on his chibi features. Both men realized that when Gohan had said Goten's
name, the communication link had been opened.

"Hey, Squirt. Where's Mom?" Was all Gohan could think to say.

The confused little boy just stood there a moment, not saying anything. He just stared at Trunks. Suddenly his
eyes grew very wide. "Hey, you look like my friend Trunks! Are you his cousin or something?"

The cute voice was very endearing, almost distractingly so, reminding him of how Gohan sounded when he first
met him from that timeline, but Trunks had to act fast. "Yes, actually, I am. We'd like to speak to your
Mommy, Little One. Is she there?"

Goten smiled. He liked the idea of Trunks having a big, older cousin. Maybe he'd be cool like Gohan and play
with them. Goten ran out of view, and they could hear him calling his mother. Trunks' heart was racing. He
knew that he was going to have to work a little on ChiChi's mind to get her to accept this excuse. He readied
himself so that it wouldn't be too obvious to Gohan.

ChiChi followed the eager little boy into the frame, him tugging on her dress. ChiChi turned around, looking
confused at where Goten was pointing. When she finally noticed Gohan and Trunks, her pale face paled even more.

"Wha... what?!"

Gohan spoke first. "Hi Mom!" He sounded nervous.

"Gohan! What are you doing... there?!"

"Mom, it is a lot to explain, but.."

"Where were you last night!?!" ChiChi forgot her confusion and fear when she remembered her oldest boy had not
returned home from yesterday morning.

"I can explain everything, please.."

"You had better explain! And it better be good!!"

Trunks sent a soft thought her way and she calmed down, just a little.

Gohan didn't notice the change, his own guilt and fear clouding his judgment as he stared helplessly at his mother.
"Well, I've been asked to take part in this internship Mom." He thought the argument weak when Trunks had suggested
it, but then saw the sudden delight flit across his mother's eyes at the mention of something academic, so he boldly
continued. "I would have called last night, but I was working last night with the group and we lost track of time.
This is my teacher, Mr... Mr. Taurus. (It was all he could think of.) He had me sleep here when it got too late."

He turned to Trunks and suddenly noticed the man had been sitting there, wearing glasses, a suit and his hair tied
back in a ponytail.

"Yes, Mrs. Son. Your son is very bright and we would like to have him take part in this study. It will give him
college credits that can be used toward his advanced education. You should be very proud - he's the only high school
student we have asked to take part in this program. It is a study in advanced chemical engineering. And, one student
will be awarded a full scholarship - your son is eligible."

ChiChi, her hands clasped together, stars in her tearing eyes, squealed in happiness. "A full scholarship! A FULL

Gohan looked at Trunks in surprise. Man, he's good, he thought.

Goten kept tugging on ChiChi's dress. "Where did Trunks' cousin go?!"

ChiChi barely gave her youngest a look. "Oh, I don't know, outside! Go outside and play, Goten. Shoo!"

The little boy pouted and crossed his arms over his chest as he walked out of the room.

"And are you speaking to me on an advanced piece of equipment?! Is this part of your project??!"

"Why yes, Mrs. Son, it is."

ChiChi squealed again. "Oh, to think! My Gohan, a Chemical Engineer!!!"

"You should be very proud of your son, Mrs. Son. On the first day of his summer vacation, he stopped by the
University to look at the opportunities there. He happened to be filling out the application for the study
when I was walking by the office. I spoke with your son and realized his great potential. I was actually
on my way to the first meeting with the group and invited him along. After his participation, I explained
to him that I would see to it that he would be able to join it even though he had not turned in the form required
weeks ago. It will take the next few months of his time, time spent away from home, but I'm sure you can appreciate
the great opportunity this is for your son."

"YES!! I CAN. Thank you so very much Mr. Taurus! You have made me a very happy woman!" With that, ChiChi twirled,
her dress and hair fanning out around her. Gohan just stared at her, dumbfounded.

Trunks was surprised that he hadn't had to use any more magic on her to get her to accept the story. Just mentioning
the possibility of a scholarship did the trick.

* * *

Gohan and Trunks sat down in the pentagram room on the floor. The pentagram under him gave Gohan a slight tugging
feeling, as if it wanted to suck him in. Trunks assured him that that was normal and that he should not be concerned
about it.

Trunks explained some of the portents that he knew about, glimpses of doom for his timeline, although he did not stress
the difference in timelines, not wanting to tax Gohan's memory again. Trunks also elaborated a little bit on how
Gohan's arrival meant that the danger was close at hand. Gohan found all of it incredible, but had seen enough in
the past 24 hours to know that it was possible nonetheless. Just from the little he had seen of the older man's power,
Gohan knew that Trunks was a formidable enchanter.

Trunks smiled at Gohan reassuringly. "Don't worry Gohan. You were chosen for the sword because you are capable of
using it and succeeding. You would not have been picked if you were certain of failure. That's not to mean that any
of this will be easy. It just means that you have the capability that is needed."

Trunks then began a lesson on how magic was a use of elemental power, or something akin to ki, but the ki of the earth,
of the universe. It was different from the ki that came from a person or being. It was ancient and very powerful,
but not so easy to tap into. And, this energy could very easily hurt a person or being trying to use it. That is
why it must be mastered. One false move with this type of energy and a person could be severely injured or even die.

He explained how magic used the elemental powers of the earth, as in earth, sky, water, and fire. Gohan caught on
quickly, learning the names of the different powers such as fire incantations - Mera, Begirama, Begiragon, ice
incantations such as Hyado, Hyadaruko, Hyadain, Mahyado, wind incantations - Bagi, Bagicross... the names started
to all sound the same after awhile and Trunks had to break.

The men ate sandwiches on the floor in the living room, Trunks leaning against the couch. Trunks had called the
garage and told Pete that he would be in later with his "nephew." Gohan didn't really look forward to being in
the shop. He much preferred to continue with the lessons here. Trunks saw the disappointment on Gohan's face and
had to contain a smirk. He could see how eager Gohan had been to learn about the different types of magic, the
delight in his dark eyes. Trunks felt more and more that this was right, that Gohan truly was the one to take
up Excalibur. He had to contain his own excitement.

It still hurt to look on that young face, though. He had buried his sadness for his former master's loss so long
ago. When he had fought along side this Gohan, Gohan was just a boy beginning to show signs of the man that he
would become. Sure, he was the most magnificent warrior, blowing all of the z warriors out of the water, even
more advanced than his own Gohan had been at a much older age, but he was not yet the man that Trunks had clung
to as a boy, looked up to, worshipped. But now, Gohan was showing signs of becoming that person at any moment.
His looks were much more innocent, his body not yet quite as bulked up as Mirai Gohan's had been, but it was just
a matter of having to turn a corner and he would be that same man. And Trunks knew that anything awaiting them
in this task was going to be that thing to make Gohan turn that corner. Was Trunks ready for it?

He felt at least that that empty feeling of loss was somehow going to be redeemed, that it would not have been all
for nothing. It was the one thing of all of his life that just felt so unfair and empty. He had gotten back at
the androids, but their deaths did little to heal the wound of his friend's passing. Mirai Gohan had been an older
brother, a teacher, a father, his life! And then he was snatched away.

And here he was, innocent, not yet hardened. Sweet.

And Trunks was finding it very hard to not just wrap his arms around Gohan, clinging to him and crying for all the
loss that he had felt at his passing. It was a pain that tore at Trunks deep inside.

Trunks got up suddenly, fighting back tears. He headed for the bathroom and closed the door. He leaned on the
bathroom sink, tears streaming down his face.

He looked up at his reflection in the bathroom cabinet mirror, and saw something there, something that he was not
fully prepared to see - something his mind wouldn't allow him to see, just yet.

* * *

Gohan had a look around at all the books and saw that many were indeed old and in foreign languages. He had a feeling
that Trunks had poured over all of these. It was mind-boggling. He felt a little sorry for his new Master. Trunks
sort of reminded him of Piccolo, living a life for a purpose outside his own happiness. It made him feel a little sad.

The look of sympathy on his face was still there when Trunks walked back into the room. For some reason, seeing that
look on Gohan's face made Trunks angry. Gohan saw the annoyance and his sympathy for Trunks disappeared. Gohan
had to remember, he had not been given a choice in any of this either. He should worry about himself instead.

"Well, I have to get to the garage. You're going to earn some of your feed while you're here."

"What do you mean?"

"I've got some clothes you can borrow. It's messy work." The face Trunks gave Gohan was hard, showing every indication
that he did not expect argument.

He got an argument nonetheless. "But I don't want to work on cars. Can't I just tidy up here? I could even try
to cook!"

"I don't want you here alone. There are too many dangerous things here and you seem too curious."

Gohan got angry. "I thought you wanted me to be CURIOUS! Isn't that what you need in an apt pupil?!" Then
sarcastically, "SORRY!"

Gohan pouted, and Trunks felt like smacking him, the look so astonishingly unfamiliar on a face emblazoned on his
memory as being that of only someone brave and strong. It was as if this young pup were defacing an image that
he held dear to his heart. And then Trunks had to remind himself that the tables were turned here, that he probably
had an equally pouty face when Mirai Gohan had taken him under his wing and trained him - during times when the
training got tough.

They both needed to get out and be around other people. Pete and Jim and the garage would help.

Trunks toyed with the idea of forcing a change of clothes on Gohan magically, but he had already made strides that
afternoon. He didn't want to take a step back by causing Gohan to fear or dislike him. With that, Trunks left the
room and came back in with a handful of clothes. He threw them at Gohan.

"Get changed!"

* * *

Gohan followed Trunks into the shop, and hung back while Trunks said hello to the guys. There was one customer
in there and she stared at Trunks openly. Then she saw Gohan and gave him a little smile. Gohan blushed.

Trunks called Gohan in and explained to him what he wanted done with one engine. It was fairly easy, so Gohan
started, a little tentative at first, but soon got the hang of it.

Gohan listened to the shop banter, a lot of it having to do with women and basically how to sleep with them or get
them to sleep with you. He blushed a lot at the beginning, especially since a lot of the questions from the two
mechanics were directed at him.

"So, Gohan, got a girlfriend?" Pete smirked at the younger man.


"Oh, I see!" Pete winked at Jim. "Is she a pretty girl?"

"Yes. She is." Gohan blushed, so he directed his eyes at the engine that he was working on. Trunks was silent
under his own car.

"How pretty? Supermodel pretty? Girl-next-door pretty?"

"She's more girl-next-door I guess."

"Aww, too bad. You should see some of the women that like your uncle here!" Pete let out a long whistle. "Broads
can't tear their eyes off him."

Trunks blushed under the car he was working on.

"Some of them are good enough to eat, if you know what I mean." He gave Jim another wink, Jim holding in laughter.

Gohan just continued to work, his face getting redder by the minute.

The shop was rather hot, and all the blushing didn't help. In the midst of this discussion, Trunks rolled the dolly
out from under the car. Gohan noticed the sudden movement and looked over only to see Trunks pull off his tank top
and wipe at his glistening chest with it. Gohan looked quickly back at the engine he was working on again. For some
reason, he blushed even more.

"Aww, Trunks. Do you have to rub it in!?" Pete smirked down at Trunks then chin-pointed at the counter, where a new
woman gawked at Trunks openly.

Trunks got up to greet the woman and log in her order. Jim and Pete snickered to themselves. Gohan was glad because
at least they were leaving him alone to work. He wiped at sweat on his temples and felt as if we would expire if it
didn't cool off in there soon. He looked at Trunks to see if he could ask if it was ok for him to open up his jumper,
but Trunks was doing business up at the front counter with no shirt on at all. He guessed it would be all right.

Gohan was wearing a black zip-up jumper, over a white T-Shirt. He had lace up boots much like Trunks wore. He undid
the zip on his jumper and pulled his arms out of the sleeves. He cinched the belt so that the zipper wouldn't
continue to unzip below his navel, the shirt portion of the jumper hanging off his waist. He went back to work
on the engine, not seeing that everyone but Trunks, who had his back to him, noticed how well he filled out his
tight t-shirt. The two mechanics just rolled their eyes, each thinking, Man, I wish I got into that gene pool.
The woman at the counter had a hard time deciding whom she wanted to stare at more.

When Trunks logged the order and all was said and done, he looked at the woman who didn't seem to want to leave. He
smiled at her, a quizzical look on his handsome face. The woman blushed, flushed from the heat, and the heat caused
by the beauty in that shop. She gave him a little smile, and turned to go.

Trunks, shrugging his shoulders, turned around and was greeted by the sight of Gohan running his fingers through his
thick dark hair, clad in a tight t-shirt, the jumper hanging at his waist. Trunks eyes widened. He felt a quickening
in the pit of his stomach, and like an automaton, made his way back to the dolly and pushed himself under the car.

Gohan finished what Trunks had said for him to do and asked for Trunks to take a look. Trunks, with trepidation in
his heart, left the safety from underneath the car, and came over, barely looking at the sweating young man next to
him. Gohan did everything asked and perfectly too. Trunks was impressed. He was about to ask him to start working
on the alternator, when he noticed something wrong with the car's battery connection. Trunks didn't realize that he
was already taking over working on the car himself, out of habit, before he heard someone ring the bell at the front
of the shop. He asked Gohan to go and see what the person wanted.

Gohan walked up to the front, to greet the man waiting there. He looked down at his oil-smudged hands and realized
that he must have some on his forehead when he had touched his hair earlier. He rolled his eyes at himself, looking
all the more young and innocent.

The man at the counter saw the adorable look on this new young man's face, and his jaw dropped open.

"Trunks?! WHERE have you been hiding this one?! He's delicious!"

Gohan went crimson. The man giggled coquettishly in response. Trunks ran up to the front counter.

"Hello Dennis!" Trunks laughed nervously. "This is my nephew, Gohan. And he doesn't need to be corrupted by the
likes of you. Gohan, start on that alternator, ok?"

"Ok," Gohan blushed once more and returned to the car. He heard the rest of their conversation.

"My Oh My, Mr. Briefs, your shop gets more and more exciting for an old queen such as myself."

Trunks giggled uncontrollably, getting more embarrassed by the second.

"Is my baby ready?"

"Almost. Give me about an hour."

"Can I wait here?!" The guy raised his eyebrows at Trunks several times, smirking. Trunks blushed. Dennis then
laughed teasingly. "If you do, I'll recommend you to all my friends."

Trunks rolled his eyes at him. "You already did."

The man guffawed. "Aww come on Babe, you're not jealous are you?! Just because you have that tasty bit of innocence
back there with you, don't think that I could ever love another!" The man laughed again. Trunks turned crimson this

"Aww, all right. You're no fun. I'll be back in an hour."

Trunks wanted to take the man's chiffon scarf and strangle him with it.

When Dennis turned to leave, Trunks turned around and saw Gohan's most recent blush already fading. He had to quickly
look away, though, when he caught Jim giving him a funny look.

He checked with Gohan to see that he was managing and then resumed work on his own car.

* * *

After about 2 hours, Pete and Jim went on their break and Trunks quizzed Gohan on their earlier lesson on the
incantations. Gohan remembered most of them. Actually the quiz was kind of fun, both men working as he answered.
It was a nice way to work, carrying on a pleasant conversation.

Trunks got out from under the car, his hair flying about his head from all the humidity. Gohan had even removed
the T-shirt, covered in a fine mist of sweat. Trunks looked away quickly.

He was looking at the sword and thought, well, why not.

"Gohan, why don't you pick up Excalibur?"

Gohan stood up and looked at Trunks shyly. He then went over and yanked the lever out of the cement. The sword
blazed to life in Gohan's hand, its light reflecting off of the sweat covered muscles of his chest.

Trunks felt his loins twitch achingly. He turned around quickly, breathing fast.

In almost a shaking voice, he said, "Tonight we will work on how to use the sword and some of the elemental magic
we talked about earlier. Ok?"

Gohan looked at the muscled back of his Master. He sensed the tension emanating from Trunks and didn't know what
to make of it. He found himself staring at the small, circular scar at the place just above Trunks' waistband.

He was about to ask about it, when Pete and Jim came in. He quickly looked at the sword and was relieved to see
that it had changed back to a rusty lever.

* * *

The men continued working on their cars. Trunks was getting tired. He figured he could close the shop soon. Pete
and Jim had already left an hour before and he was way ahead of schedule on the repairs needed.

He just had to work on one thing and then they'd leave. He started to work on the shocks and stopped immediately.
He pushed himself out from under the car and then stood.

Gohan was standing next to the car he had been working on, looking out at the street. He looked at Trunks, his face
paler than usual.

Trunks turned to look outside. He then walked outside and stood in the street.

People were walking about here and there, not really noticing anything.

But Trunks noticed something, felt something even and it appeared that Gohan could sense it too.

Trunks looked up at the darkening sky, beginning to fill with the evening's stars. He stood there for a while, a worry
frown playing at his lavender brows.

Gohan joined him.

"Gohan, it appears that we had better get our asses in gear, because whatever is coming, well, I think it's
already here."

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