The Enchanter

BY : Dharmaserenity
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SUBJECT LINE: [Fic] "The Enchanter" Part 3 of ?

Title: "The Enchanter" Part 3 of ?
AUTHOR: Written by DharmaSerenity (Jana), Story Concept and Constant Guidance by Herve.
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Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime. Epic Plot. Fantasy.

Pairing(s): MTr x Gh(yaoi = sex), Mirai Trunks dominant for now

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Rating: NC-17 (eventually, right now it is pretty G'ish)

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, violence

Spoilers : only if you haven't watched any Cell series - end of Dbz

Notes : Herve came up with the story idea. We are talking about it constantly and this is going to
go far. Get prepared for a long one. :)

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Trunks and Gohan closed the shop and headed home. They wasted no time in resuming Gohan's training. This time, they
concentrated on sword technique.

Trunks explained the power of Excalibur to Gohan. It was not a sword that gave you power, or made you more powerful.
No, on the contrary, this sword only channeled your power, and fine-tuned it.

That is why there has only been one man ever meant for this sword -- King Arthur himself. And as King Arthur's
reincarnation, Gohan too, could wield the sword. Only a few men in the history of the earth had a power within them
that was so great that it needed such an instrument to make their power usable.

Trunks, looking at Gohan holding the sword in his living room, remembered back to Gohan's battle against Cell. He
remembered that immeasurable power wielded by only a boy, a power so great that it daunted the power of formidable
fighters such as his own father; power that was greater even than Goku's. And Trunks had every reason to believe that
as a man, Gohan must have increased his power.

Trunks, however, did not know that Gohan had become a mystic on the planet of the Kais. He had no idea that Gohan's power
was so great that to morph into Super Saiyan now, could endanger the planet, the power within him being so enormous.
Outwardly, even to himself, Gohan seemed less strong than his father, who, through the aid of all inhabitants on earth,
ultimately beat Buu with a Genki Dama. But that same self-restraint that had almost cost him his life against Cell
prevented Gohan from becoming Super Saiyan and obliterating Buu where he stood by mere transformation alone. Gohan
knew the danger, on some deep level, of what that transformation would mean to the very planet he was trying to save.

Now Excalibur would enable him to become Super Saiyan again. Unfortunately for him, and for his Master, both were unaware
that this was the sword's purpose at this time in the universe.

Mirai was acting on old information, and thought the sword would merely channel the power he had seen used against Cell,
perhaps a little greater. Gohan was under the impression that he could never go Super Saiyan again. They both had a lot
to learn.

There were uses of the sword that would attack the very elemental forces within his opponents. These elemental forces,
as identified by body, ki, and life source or spirit were targeted by different sword attacks. These attacks were best
thought of in terms of elemental forces such as earth, sea and sky, elemental forces that Gohan would have to master,
anyway, in his training.

Trunks thought that they should concentrate on the easiest move to master, which was a sword technique called Cut The Earth.
He didn't know how much they could cover that night, a long day already behind them, but he figured they could start on
the basics of the move. They talked the theory of the move for a few minutes and although it was late it was easy to see
that Gohan was very eager to go out to a desolate spot to give it a try. Trunks warned him that the exercise would alert
their enemies. Instead, Trunks explained the move to him, what he had to do, that the attack was designed to hit the
vulnerable spots in the opponent's physical being or body, and told Gohan to concentrate on the power he needed to channel,
to picture it in his mind. Trunks, reading Gohan's thoughts, would make suggestions when Gohan seemed to stray or move in
the wrong direction.

Gohan was amazed at how learning this felt so right and looked forward to the other things he would learn in the coming
days. The release he could feel just playing on the edges of his consciousness of what all of these new powers would
give him was more than a little enticing. He sensed the power behind it all and the deep Saiyan part of him wanted to
revel in it. But, despite his excitement, he knew that his body would need rest soon, after the long day he had endured

But Trunks, having other things in mind, wanted to use what little time they had tonight. After the mind exercise, he
thought it might be a good idea for them to go over actual sword moves.

Trunks disappeared and returned to the living room with two wooden swords. He handed one to Gohan. Gohan looked at it,
figuring it was quite old. The wood was so old it almost seemed fossilized in some spots.

Trunks gave Gohan a challenging look, and got into a fighting stance, sword held in front of him. Gohan, feeling that
old Saiyan spirit for a good spar, smiled at his master, matching his stance.

The two wooden swords met in a loud "whack," both men throwing themselves back to come back at each other for another
attack. Trunks was the first to charge, Gohan meeting his whack with his own. It then sounded as if a chorus of wooden
sticks were being used to make some discordant music as the swords connected repeatedly in a frenzy as their wielders
gave each other everything they had. Trunks felt the sweat dripping down his torso underneath his shirt as he met Gohan
blow for blow. Gohan had that old Saiyan look in his eyes, a challenge exciting him and enticing him to new heights of
physical extremes. Trunks was starting to lose, missing blows, getting pushed off balance.

Trunks marveled at how good Gohan was with his sword. He seemed to know exactly what to do with it, leaving no room for
attack. He almost seemed as if he had practiced with a sword before. Trunks, would have nodded in realization if Gohan
took the time now to explain that he had wielded a sword before - The Z Sword. But there was no time for that, Trunks
making a final, desperate attempt at wrestling the sword from Gohan's grip.

Gohan feinted then whacked Trunks sword with such force that had it been an ordinary wooden sword, the thing would have
splintered into pieces. Instead, it painfully wrenched out of Trunks hands, the older man gasping as the sword flew
threw the air. It hit a picture above the stereo, knocking it to the floor.

Trunks, losing his balance, would have fallen, but a strong embrace from his opponent halted his fall. Trunks, facing the
floor, was over come in a fit of giggles. Gohan, joined his laughter as he straightened his Master on his feet. The two
men looked into each other's faces as they laughed for a full two minutes, the release of all the tension of the day
feeling good.

Gohan looked at Trunks and saw his Master's eyes begin to droop in exhaustion. Trunks smiled at him sleepily.

"I guess it is time to turn in, then," said Trunks.

As Trunks walked towards his bedroom, Gohan felt an opportunity to ask him something that had bothered him since they
left the shop.

"Trunks, can I ask you a question?"

"Didn't you just?" Lavender brows arched at him mischievously, yet, still, a look of apprehension played on his delicate
features at the sound of hesitation in Gohan's voice.

Gohan looked down, nervous. He then looked up in determination.

"That small scar on your back..."

Gohan felt an extreme push into his brain that threatened to steal his very eyesight and knock the wind out of him.
Instinct, coupled with anger, urged Gohan to push back at the intrusive force. He felt the force meet him in strength,
but Gohan had deep, hidden reserves at his disposal, and that Saiyan part of him, angered by the intrusion, awoke an
anger in him barely containable. Gohan pushed with all his might at the force inside his head. He staggered from the
sudden release of pushing the intrusion out of his mind and almost lost his footing. With the ability to see and sense
again what was around him with the release of that force, he was able to see his Master staggering in equal fashion, a
strong hand held to his lavender head, grey eyes wincing in pain.

"How dare you!" Gohan, when finally able to speak, shouted at his Master.

Trunks was still not able to fully speak, so he could not defend himself.

"Don't you ever get inside my head like that again!" Gohan came at Trunks, almost in a rage, blood trickling out of his
nose, dark eyes, and ears.

Trunks, for the first time in his pupil's presence, felt fear. He couldn't help but cower from the look in those dark eyes.

Gohan, the human side of him at least, saw the fear on Trunks' face and stopped.

In a calmer voice, "I know what you've been doing Trunks. You've been trying to make me forget who it is you really are.
But I'm not stupid -- remember? You're Trunks. The Trunks from the future that was my friend. A half Saiyan, like

Trunks, shaking, stood up straighter, finally able to. He was breathing heavily, and part of him was still frightened,
but he was angry too, more at himself than at Gohan. He felt the horrible headache in his head and knew that sleep would
elude him that night.

How did Gohan find the strength to fight me like that? he thought. And what strength!

"I'm sorry Gohan, but it would have been for the best." At the frightful look on Gohan's face, "Don't worry, I won't even
attempt it now." With a trembling voice, "I don't think I could even if I wanted to. You've managed to hurt me."

With the admission, Gohan looked at his Master in concern.

"I'm sorry!" Gohan looked as if he might be sick at the thought of hurting Trunks, and Trunks had to fight the urge to
laugh, mostly due to the pain laughing would cause him.

"You're a strong one, make no mistake." Trunks smiled at Gohan wanly.

"Why? Why did you erase my memory of you? I don't understand." Gohan, looking betrayed at Trunks, stood there, just a
couple of feet away.

"I thought it best, Gohan. You and I, well, we were once friends. We went through a lot together. I guess part of me
didn't want to see that end. But part of me also didn't want to make you feel the betrayal you will eventually feel,
because make no mistake Gohan, we are not friends anymore."

Gohan looked at Trunks, hurt by his words.

"Gohan, in every history I've read of Merlin and Arthur, they end up hating each other. Merlin must ask a lot of Arthur.
It is just the nature of the relationship. You and I, we are destined to go down that same road together. I will always
stand by you, but there may be times that the mere sight of my face will repel you. I just thought my way was best.
It would be the best way to keep your trust, than having you eventually hate someone that was once a good friend."

Gohan looked at him, looking very young and vulnerable. One of Gohan's eyes kept wincing as he too experienced the
lingering pain after their mind struggle.

"I need you to continue to trust me, Gohan. Despite things I may ask you to do."

Gohan gave him a sharp look as best that he could. "Well, you started off on the wrong foot by lying to me from the

Trunks did laugh this time. "You see?" He then steadied himself. He walked gingerly to the bathroom. Gohan followed him,
a bit concerned. He watched as Trunks popped six painkillers with shaking hands. He held the bottle out to Gohan, Gohan
taking only 2 of the aspirin.

"Are you ok?" Gohan was afraid he really hurt Trunks.

"I'll be fine. How about you?"

"I'm ok." Gohan smiled. He then looked soberly at Trunks, "Please Trunks, I'd rather you be honest with me from now on.
Even if it sucks, Ok?"

Trunks winced and smiled at the same time, part of him very relieved that he wouldn't have to invade Gohan's mind again.
But part of him promised himself time to think, really think, about the immense power he felt behind that push in his
mind, that almost tore his very mind to pieces. It made him tremble to think about it now, and he didn't want to cause
Gohan any further concern so kept it to himself to think on later.

The two men agreed to retire at that point.

The younger man fell into a deep sleep once his head hit his pillow.

The older man was up for most of the night, thinking.

* * *

Gohan woke with a horrible, yet familiar feeling in the pit of his stomach. He fought the urge to be sick in response.

He stumbled out of bed in his boxers and made his way out to the living room to find Trunks at the window.


Without even turning, Trunks replied, "I know. It is growing."

Gohan didn't like what he was sensing, hoping that he was wrong. "Do you have any idea what it might be?"

"I don't know Gohan, but we haven't a moment to lose. Get dressed. We are going to put a stop to this thing while it
still grows. It may be our only chance."

* * *

With pretense gone, Trunks leapt up into the sky in front of Gohan. Gohan followed and they flew as fast as they could
towards the power they could feel, ever increasing as they neared. Both men had their swords strapped to their backs and
determination on their faces.

* * *

The shriveled being, with its spindly arms waving in the air, cackled maniacally. It's taller companion stood off to the
side, brooding, with arms folded.

"Dabura, this is my moment of complete and utter power! Buu!! BUU!!! He will awake soon, from his shell, and unleash
his power on this puny planet. And there's no one, NO ONE to stop me!" He laughed again, shriekingly deplorable even
to Dabura, whose soul was a corrupt thing.

"What about that power we sensed, Master?"

"That?! Buu will demolish whatever it is once he emerges!" Babidi boasted. "Dabura, you don't know his power! It is
incredible! Buu will be the most powerful, supreme being in the universe!!!"

Dabura held his tongue. He could already feel a great power coming their way - no, wait, two great powers! He was not
foolish enough to truly trust Babidi, but he needed him right now. But with whatever it was that was coming, he thought
he had better make himself scarce. He knew just by what he felt that he would be no match for either force whatsoever.
Dabura saw some mountains nearby and decided he would use the instant transmission technique he so recently learned to
hide there while Babidi faced whatever that was coming, alone.

Babidi turned to send another boastful comment Dabura's way, but then saw Dabura suddenly disappeared, leaving the shriveled,
raisin-resembling creature to stutter in stupefaction.


But he had no time to contemplate Dabura's actions.

Two men landed on the ground in front of him, looking like they meant business. He stared at their young faces and laughed.

"You fools! You think you can try to challenge me! I'll have you know that any attempt you make to attack me will be met
with all the power I have at my disposal."

Babidi prepared himself for attack, and although he appeared to be a puny thing, Trunks was not fooled.

"Gohan, you know what you must do. Do it now!!"

Trunks threw himself backwards to clear himself from the blast.

Gohan grasped his sword, preparing to channel all of his power. He ignored the increased shouts coming from Babidi as
Babidi chanted in preparation for an incantation. Gohan gathered his ki, and when he felt the power within him swirling
he directed it all at one point - the tip of his sword.

Trunks watched as Gohan's power made the sword blaze to life. He saw the fury on the young man's face, his hair flying
in the wind he created with his own power. Trunks was reminded of Gohan when he fought Cell, and his heart soared at how
right this all felt.

But another thought intruded on Trunks' revelry, and he spun around to face the attack he assumed was going to come from
a very large force behind him.

Trunks, preparing an incantation even before he saw the powerful being, was shocked to see a friendly and warm smile on the
face of the lavender skinned creature. Trunks lifted his hand to strike his ki at the being, just to give himself the
time to prepare a powerful incantation to protect both himself and Gohan, but the being interrupted him politely with
soft spoken words that he could easily hear above the din of Gohan's increasing power.

"You have nothing to fear from me Trunks. I am a friend."

Trunks stalled for a moment, shocked that the being knew his name and declared friendship, feeling the generous warmth
that the creature emanated towards him.

But then the great power behind him took both Trunks and this strange and powerful creature's attention away. Trunks
turned to see Gohan, screaming a battle cry that sent chills down Trunks' spine, and thrust his sword forward with all
the force he had in him. Trunks watched in awe.

The earth at Gohan's feet exploded as energy shot out from the sword, towards the small evil creature and the large
egg-like thing behind it. The energy burst forth, not truly defined showing Gohan's novice ability, but headed towards
a frightened Babidi nonetheless, Babidi's spells dying on his lips.

The force of the energy was so profound that it splintered Babidi's frail frame into several pieces, his screams faltering
on shocked, dying lips, the pieces of his body dispersing outward. The encasing behind him was splintered and then
exploded in a burst of pink gore. It was clear, from the attack, that whatever had been housed in that shell was no
longer a whole, living being.

But Gohan was not satisfied. He knew Buu's power of regeneration. He turned towards Trunks.

"I need your help Trunks! You've got to destroy him, before he can regenerate!!"

Regenerate! Trunks thought in fear. He saw the certainty in Gohan's eyes and in shock and realization knew that the
young man knew well of this enemy.

Still fearing the powerful being behind him and knowing he had to act fast, no time to draw the five pointed star, but
knowing the incantation that had to be used, Trunks reached into his pocket and pulled out some stones - five to be exact.
Trunks rose into the air above Gohan. He held out his palm with the five stones and started to whisper a chant. The
stones began to glow and slowly rose out from his outstretched hand. Lavender hair rose and swirled about his head as
the stones themselves seemed to dance and swirl. Their movements grew to the point that each stone now danced about
Trunks himself, almost as if they were flirting with him. Gohan stared up at him in awe, his breath caught in his throat.
Trunks, opened his grey eyes, intensity on his delicate features, as the stones shot out, landing on the earth in five
equidistant points around them. A translucent dome seemed to appear out of nowhere, but in fact, was in place by the
five stones, encircling them all within. Trunks, the intensity on his face never changing, closed his outstretched palm
in a fist, which was now encircled by a pulsating, yellow light. He started to slowly descend, his lavender hair flying
about him, the light about his fist shining brighter each second. He descended further, Gohan staring up at him, not
believing the power he felt coming from his Master. Trunks feet touched the earth, and once his footing was firmly
grounded, he yelled, looking like his mad Saiyan ancestors before him, and knelt in one swift motion, pounding his fist
into the earth. The dome filled with an intense white light. With the appearance of the light, they heard the bits and
pieces of pink flesh scattered all about sizzle as what remained of the pink creature vanished before their eyes.

Trunks turned around to see what effect his incantation was having on the creature standing on the hill behind them.

The creature smiled at him.

He's still there! Trunks thought, and then he calmed. Mahokator would destroy anything within it that was evil.
Trunks could hear the rest of the pink creature disappear behind him as he stared at the lavender skinned man. The
man merely smiled at him.

"Supreme Kai!" Gohan exclaimed in excitement, finally noticing his old friend.

Trunks fell onto his back, his feet up in the air comically.

SUPREME KAI! Trunks thought. KAMI SAMA!!!!

Trunks sat up to watch as Gohan ran towards the Kai and shook hands with him. The look on Kibito Kai's face as he looked
at Gohan was unmistakably full of awe and respect.

"It is nice to see you again, Gohan. I see you are well." With that, Kibito Kai turned towards Trunks and smiled.

Trunks trembled. A Kai! He thought. And The Supreme Kai at that!! He had learned of the Kai's as he continued his
studies. He had been close to meeting one himself when he traveled back to Gohan's time and the fight with Cell ensued.
He knew of Goku's constant instruction from the King Kai, but The Supreme Kai!! That was a whole new ballgame.

And apparently Gohan was quite chummy with him!

Trunks just sat there, stuttering. Gohan looked at him and couldn't help but giggle.

"Trunks, good move to use the Mahokator - Buu is completely destroyed now." The Kai complimented Trunks.

Trunks turned around to see that the creature was completely gone now. "Buu?" he asked, in shock. He then turned sharply
towards Gohan. "You knew this creature?! You fought him before?!!"

"Yes, I did. And it was Supreme Kai here that helped me to be able to fight Buu." Gohan smiled at Kibito Kai.

Trunks got up and in awe, held out his hand to shake it with the Supreme Kai. "I'm Trunks."

"Yes, I know." The Kai smiled. "You were a small boy last time I saw you." The Kai smirked. Trunks blushed. "But
you have grown in such a short time." And Trunks knew that the Kai was no longer making a joke about the other version
of himself from Gohan's time but was alluding to all that he had done in the last few years. Trunks blushed further.

"You have done much in such a short time with Gohan as well. You should be commended."

Gohan blushed this time.

The Mahokator's white light finally disappeared as the last bit of Buu was obliterated. They looked around them and
outside the shell that still contained them -- it looked like it would be a beautiful day. The Mahokator would remain
there, prohibiting evil from ever entering that space again. The earth was scorched where Babidi and Buu had been struck,
but it would revive.

Trunks, trembling slightly, couldn't believe how easy it all was. In shock, he thought, Is this what I had prepared
myself for these past 7 years?

The Kai looked at Trunks and gave him a wan smile. "I'm afraid not, my friend. Your fight has just begun."

Trunks stared at the man in disbelief. He had not felt any intrusion in his mind as the Kai read his thoughts. He
realized that yes, he had a lot to learn.

"I need the both of you to come with me now."

Gohan nodded in complete agreement. Trunks only hesitated for a moment.

Kibito Kai touched Gohan, and looked at Trunks. Trunks held out his hand and placed it on Gohan's arm. Then Kibito Kai
put a finger to his forehead and they all disappeared.

* * *

They landed on the planet of the Kais. Gohan looked around as if he were regarding an old and familiar friend. Trunks
stared at his surroundings in awe.

They stood in front of a large lake of crystalline beauty. Kibito Kai explained that this was the point in the universe
that used to have a doorway on earth, but that door had long closed. It was now only accessible on the planet of the
Kais and it was where Excalibur came from.

Trunks looked at Kibito Kai. "Really?" Then he felt the energy that the lake exuded. "Yes, it must be!"

The Kai turned towards Trunks. "You are right Trunks. The Lady of the Lake resides here. And it was she that had
given the sword to the earth. Unfortunately, the first Arthur never had a chance to return the sword to her before
his demise at the hands of his own son. It was lost. But you found it, in your own garage, did you not?"

"Yes." Trunks' eyes were large and luminous. "So this is where it all began." He was like a person making a pilgrimage,
finding Bethlehem or Mecca, the awe and beauty of what he sought before his eyes shocking and mesmerizing him.

"It is also where you will find your power, Trunks."

Trunks looked at the Kai in confusion.

"These are troubled times, I'm afraid, and more help is needed from the Queen that resides here."

The Kai turned around. "Lady?"

The lake shimmered before them and suddenly dappled from one point. A pair of beautiful hands rose out of the still
waters and clasped between them was a large, dark scepter.

The Kai lifted his hand to the sky and The Lady threw the scepter to him. He caught it with ease and they all watched
as her hands disappeared once again below the still waters.

The Kai then turned to Trunks and held the scepter out for him to take.

Trunks, with trembling fingers, reached out to touch it.

It looked as if it were a charred and dead thing with some withered snake twining around it.

Trunks took the scepter in his hand and suddenly the thing blazed to life. It was made of wrought iron, with what he
could plainly see was a dragon, in fact, a silver skinned dragon that greatly resembled Shenron, twining around it,
its head crowning it, its open mouth holding within its grasp a clear-crystal dragon ball.

Gohan gasped.

Trunks stared at it in awe. The power he could feel in the thing almost made him feel giddy. It was beautiful and
mind-numbingly powerful and it was now his.

He looked at Kibito Kai and said, in a shaking voice, "Thank you."

The Kai smiled. "It was not my doing, I assure you."

"But the dragon ball? I've never seen one like it?" Gohan asked.

"Apparently there was another Namek that created this sceptor. However, nothing is known of him or his dragon depicted
here or how this dragonball works since there only seems to be the one. All I know is that The Lady of the Lake was
calling out and I could hear her - it is obvious that this tool is needed for what is coming. It seems that your task
is a great one, Gohan. And you will need the guidance of a great wizard." The Kai turned to regard Trunks.

Kibito Kai continued, "I can feel the evil building. Buu was just a part of it. I don't yet know what it is that we have
to fear, nor if it is truly formed at this point, but the energy of the universe is building towards one point on earth,
in Trunks' time. This is not just a battle to save the earth, Gohan. This is a battle for the universe. And
unfortunately, I don't think Goku, or the dragonballs will be enough to combat this. We will need your youth as well
as strength, Gohan."

Gohan nodded. "I will do all that I can."

The Kai looked at Trunks knowingly.

Trunks could hear The Kai's voice inside his head.

The voice was warm, yet still held an urgency as it said, He will have to marry the land in your time soon so that he
can be crowned King. He will then need the brave fighters of his world to fight on his side. You must act quickly.
Buu's coming to your time was the catalyst. It is now under way.

Trunks nodded at the Kai and Gohan knew that they had been communicating silently between themselves.

Gohan wondered what all of this would mean for him in the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

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