The Enchanter

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SUBJECT LINE: [Fic] "The Enchanter" Part 4 of ?

Title: "The Enchanter" Part 4 of ?
AUTHOR: Written by DharmaSerenity (Jana), Story Concept and Constant Guidance by Herve.
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Category : Yaoi/Shonen ai, angst, Lemon/Lime. Epic Plot. Fantasy.

Pairing(s): MTr x Gh(yaoi), Mirai Trunks dominant for now

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Rating: NC-17 (eventually, right now it is pretty G'ish)

Warnings : angst, m/m sex, graphic sex, violence

Spoilers : only if you haven't watched any Cell series to the end of Dbz

Notes : Herve came up with the story idea. We are talking about it constantly and this is going to go far. Get prepared
for a long one. :)

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Chapter 4 - Steps Taken

Dabura had watched everything unfold from the nearby hills and was glad that he had hid when he did. It was obvious that
Babidi had been easily outmatched. And Dabura was not as strong as Babidi. He too would now be toast if he had remained
with Babidi.

Curious, Dabura flew towards the shell of energy that still remained after the three powerful forces had departed. He knew
that none of them were true natives of this planet, all being too powerful to possibly come from Planet Earth. Dabura
flew closer to the battleground, but the unmistakable sound of whimpering halted his advance.

Dabura searched the terrain and just made out something wriggling on the ground. He lowered to regard what remained of
Babidi, half of his body completely obliterated as the Wizard cried out his pain and anger. It appeared that Babidi had
been thrown far wide in the powerful blast attack. And obviously, the attackers had missed that Babidi was still living
when they had destroyed Buu.

Babidi finally noticed Dabura standing over him and screamed, “WHERE WERE YOU?! YOU LET THIS HAPPEN. BUU!! BUU IS GONE

Dabura regarded Babidi as if he were a squashed bug. He could easily sense the depletion in Babidi’s power. Babidi still
had strength, but he was manageable now.

“If you continue to berate me, Babidi, I will leave you to die in this desert. If you want my help, you will have to be a
bit nicer.”

Babidi nearly shrieked his outrage. Dabura started to walk away.

“Hold it! Hold it! Fine, all right. Help me Dabura, please!”

“Your power is equal to mine now. With work it could be what it was before this attack today. In the mean time I will
increase my power. If you even think to try to betray me, Babidi, I will obliterate you. Know that.”

“Fine. I’ll agree to anything. Please don’t leave me here.” Babidi thought there would be time enough to get even with

Dabura was no fool, knowing exactly what Babidi was up to, but he would learn much as Babidi regained his strength. As he
had planned all along, he would use the Wizard to get to the power level he had always craved. Dabura would just need to
find someone to help him against Babidi when the time came and Babidi regained his strength. Dabura was not dumb enough
to think that he would be able to handle Babidi on his own.

And with that last thought, Dabura lifted the remains of Babidi the Wizard and flew off with him, to see to Babidi’s

* * *

Trunks and Gohan thanked the Kai for his help.

“It is my pleasure. Now, I will return you to your home.”

The Kai pressed a finger to his forehead and transported both men to a secluded spot outside the city of Trunks’ residence.

“What are your plans now, Trunks?” the Kai asked.

Trunks looked at Gohan. “A vacation.”

Both Gohan and Kibito Kai fell on their backs, feet comically up in the air.

When they managed to regain some composure, Trunks explained further. “I have to take a “vacation” from the garage with my
nephew and go “camping.” While we are off in the seclusion of the woods for a week, we will do an intensive course in
incantations. We haven’t much time, and I’ve got too much to cram in around a full schedule at the garage. The guys
have never had to be left alone. So, I’m guessing they will think if anything, that I’m long overdue for a vacation. It
will be a good opportunity for Gohan and I to cover a lot.”

Gohan nodded, liking the idea. Plus the idea of camping in the woods again appealed to him, having not had the chance to
do so in some time.

Kibito Kai nodded in agreement. “Good idea. And in the mean time I will meet with the other Z fighters.”

Both Gohan and Trunks arched their eyebrows in surprise. Gohan quickly glanced at Trunks to gauge his reaction.

“So soon?” Trunks sounded a bit nervous. He was almost eager to start sharing some of this burden, but he wasn’t exactly
sure how brute strength would manage in this fight. It was clear that this battle would fight on a higher plane. Could
his father or Goku really make a difference? If they could, why hadn’t one of them been chosen to wield the sword? And
honestly, Trunks little looked forward to dragging the two older warriors back into battle again. They had already done
more than their fair share for Planet Earth and the universe.

Kibito Kai smiled, reading Trunks’ thoughts. “Very generous of you, Trunks, but you will need their help. And they will
make a great difference. You have become so accustomed to carrying this load alone, I’m beginning to think you are a bit
of a perfectionist and in that sense, not willing to share the burden and count on others.” Kibito Kai winked.

Trunks blushed, realizing that Kibito Kai just politely called him a control freak.

“I will talk to Goku and Vegeta especially. They have a very important task to accomplish.

Trunks and Gohan looked at the Kai in puzzlement.

Kibito Kai turned to Gohan. “Gohan, you are planning to marry your girlfriend, aren’t you?”

Gohan blushed. Trunks spun his head around and stared at Gohan wide-eyed. Gohan nodded, “Yes, we had talked about it.”

“Good. Because you need to marry in order to become the true King. You see, you are part Saiyan and that means, that part
of you belongs somewhere else. As Arthur before you, you must prove that you are right to be crowned as King of the Earth.
But with your Saiyan Blood, you must do this in a ritual, uniting your Saiyan blood, Saiyan earth, body and spirit, to
that of the Earth’s blood, body and spirit. By marrying a human female, you will be fulfilling part of that ritual. But,
there is a bit more to it.”

Gohan gulped, sensing something big coming, something that he wasn’t so sure he was going to like.

“Like Arthur before you, you have to marry the land. Part of that is accomplished by marrying Videl. The other part is by
sealing your intentions with the earth.”

Kibito Kai smiled at Trunks and swiftly, a silent message was sent Trunks’ way. Trunks controlled his features, because he
knew that Gohan would find this “ritual” almost too embarrassing.

“The ritual is complicated. It needs the earth, and sky as part of it. It also needs Saiyan earth -- soil from the remains
of the Planet Vegeta, to be exact. By mixing what is left of Planet Vegeta soil with the Earth’s soil, you will be making
Planet Vegeta part of Planet Earth, and thus, the Saiyan Race natural inhabitants of Planet Earth as well. Getting the
soil of Planet Vegeta is where Vegeta and Goku come in to the picture.”

Gohan blinked, beginning to guess at what his and Trunks’ fathers would be asked to do.

“Vegeta knows where to find the remains of planet Vegeta. He needs to lead an expedition to the former site of the planet
and samples of the remaining debris need to be collected and brought back. I think Goku should go with him. I have the
sense that before too long, our enemies will learn that Gohan is their greatest foe and they may even come to learn what
the ritual means -- they may try to stop it. If Vegeta and Goku cannot get those samples, then Gohan will fail as King of
the Earth, because the people will not unite under him.”

Gohan blinked and said, “Whoa!”

Trunks pressed his lips together in a grim line.

“So, if my Dad and Vegeta are successful in getting this debris from Planet Vegeta, well, then what? I don’t understand
what that has to do with Videl.”

“As I said, you have to marry the Earth. You have to literally marry Videl, but marrying the Earth, under Pagan rites done
long before, literally means that you and Videl must consummate your marriage under the stars.”

Gohan blinked.

Kibito Kai elaborated. “You must spill you seed inside your wife as well as on the earth.”

Gohan made a ghastly, horrified face as he screeched, “SPILL MY SEED??!!!! AAGHGOH...”

Gohan just stammered incoherently after that, the shock and embarrassment over what Kibito Kai was telling him he had to do
almost too much for his senses to bear.

Trunks stared at the ground in silence. The whole thing bothered him for some reason. Not that he thought that the ritual
itself was the wrong thing. He knew of the ritual and knew that Kibito Kai was right -- it had to be done. But it still
irked Trunks for some reason. Trunks ignored the little twitch he felt in the pit of his stomach at the mere mention of
Videl’s name throughout the conversation.

Kibito Kai smiled kindly at his young friend. “Gohan, we would not ask you to do this unless it was necessary. We know
the embarrassment it would put both you and Videl through. We ask that you put your faith in us and know that we will do
everything in our power to see to it that you and Videl are made to feel as comfortable with this as possible.”

Gohan just felt his face go hot at the mere thought, but said nothing. He knew that Kibito Kai would never ask him to do
any such thing unless he truly believed it was necessary.

But Videl! Gohan thought. What would she think about this?!

Kibito Kai and Trunks gave Gohan a chance to think on the task further while they communicated silently.

“You will need to find a fighter that will act as Gohan’s right hand man, his protector in all things.”

Trunks nodded, and returned the silent communication. “I agree. That would be a good idea. He will need someone strong to
fight along side him.” Trunks thought about what Kibito Kai had said, that Goku and Vegeta are going to be a part of this,
that they were, in fact, needed. Well, Trunks thought, if they are going to be a part of it anyway...

Trunks continued the silent communication, “How about Goku? When he returns from his trip?”

Kibito Kai nodded, looking forward to seeing the two strong fighters, father and son, fight side by side in this great
battle. “Yes, I think that is a wise choice.”

* * *

18 opened her eyes groggily, placing a hand to her head. She had a headache from hell.

She turned her head a little and saw Krillen lightly snoring next to her. She got up quietly so as not to disturb him.
She nearly stumbled as she made her way to the bathroom, the pain in her head almost knocking the wind out of her. She
made it to the bathroom and managed to get some pain killers.

She clung to the bathroom sink as she drank down the pills with water. She winced at her reflection in the mirror, 18
looking awful in her pain and grogginess. But then, something seemed to happen to her reflection. 18 was shocked to see
herself staring back, but it was not her, not the sleepy woman in pain in her bathrobe, but another 18 with hate-filled,
angry blue eyes.

As quickly as the image came, it went, and 18 was once again staring at her agonized and tired face. She shook her head
thinking she must be really ill as she carefully made her way back to bed.

* * *

Gohan flew back to the apartment with Trunks, a pale and grim expression on the younger man’s face. It was clear to Trunks
that Gohan was obsessing about what he had to do in the very near future. Trunks’ heart went out to him knowing that to a
young man, this would be an embarrassing thing to have to face.

And Trunks suspected that Gohan and Videl had not yet consummated their relationship, adding further to his pupil’s
discomfort. But Trunks was glad for it -- it would make the ritual all the more potent. Two virgins performing the
ritual would add further purity to an already strong ritual that used purity in thought and fidelity of heart as its
foundation. Trunks smirked, thinking on the “fidelity” part of the ritual and was very happy that Gohan’s right hand
man would be his own father - no room for a Lancelot to come in and ruin everything with Videl.

Trunks decided he would talk to the young man about his concerns as soon as there was an opportunity. They both touched
down in front of his apartment building. Trunks lead the way in and up to the apartment. Once inside, he headed to the
phone, having to take care of a little business first.

Trunks called Pete at the garage and told him that Gohan’s parents wanted him to return home in a week. Trunks, thinking
he would have had more time with his nephew than this decided he wanted to take advantage of Gohan’s visit to get some
rest, long overdue. Pete chuckled, knowing what a workaholic Trunks was. Trunks asked if it would be alright for Pete
and Jim to watch over the shop for the week while he was gone. Pete assured him it would be no problem at all.

Trunks hung up the phone and turned around smiling, only to find a very withdrawn Gohan sitting on the white leather couch,
lost in deep thought. Trunks came over and sat down next to his pupil.

“So, I’m guessing you’re a virgin, then?”

Gohan winced and blushed. When it was clear that Trunks wouldn’t look away, Gohan nodded, almost in defeat.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I waited awhile before I lost my virginity. At least it sounds like you are waiting for
someone special.”

Trunks tried to give Gohan a reassuring glance but Gohan interrupted him, seeming to have not heard a word Trunks had just

“Trunks, how am I going to ask Videl to do a thing like that?”

Trunks smiled. “Gohan, you will have to marry her next week. I’m sure, when you explain why everything has to be moved so
quickly, this will only seem a part of it. She will understand.”

Gohan looked suddenly very nervous and Trunks laughed, rubbing the young man’s shoulder heartily. “You’ll be fine, Gohan.”

“But... it’s all too soon. I didn’t think we would be married for years and I...” Gohan stopped, looking ashamed as he
met Trunks eyes. The sound of Gohan’s voice betrayed more than just nerves.

“Are you sure you want to marry this girl, Gohan?”

Gohan became defensive. “Of course I do. I love her!”

Trunks backed off immediately. “Ok, Ok. I just wanted to make sure. Yes, it is rather fast. All of this is happening
rapidly and I’m sorry Gohan. I’m sorry that you have to go through any of this. You know, it’s funny. I feel bad for
you for having to deal with it all in such a short time, but if you only knew what these last six years have been like for
me, long and lonely, well, I wouldn’t wish that on anyone either.” Trunks gave Gohan a resigned smile.

Gohan looked as if he were making an effort to forget his own worries, and gave Trunks a firm look.

“Gohan, lets eat a large lunch and then have some rest. This evening we will pack and early in the morning we will set out.
We have a lot of ground to cover in very little time. We cannot delay this trip any longer. When we come back, you can
explain everything to Videl.”

Gohan nodded, looking determined as well, after having heard what Trunks had faced by himself. Gohan knew he was lucky
that everyone would help him and that he would not have to face this great task alone.

* * *

Kibito Kai regarded the astonishment on the Z Fighters’ faces as they reacted to everything he had just told them.

Goku downright beamed. “KING ARTHUR!! MY GOHAN!? WOW!!!”

Vegeta grunted in disgust and turned his head away, arms folded. “Well, Merlin was the power behind his greatness.”

Goku just laughed at Vegeta’s remark, landing a friendly hand on his shoulder. Vegeta shrugged it off with a sneer.

The rest of the Z Fighters, even though a little shocked by the news, also seemed rather pleased.

Tien marveled. “Wow, and Trunks is Merlin -- a great sorcerer. I remember him being so quiet. It kind of fits, you know?”
The others nodded in agreement. Vegeta looked lost in thought.

“You know, it does fit. If anyone was the reincarnation of King Arthur, I’d have to agree that it would have to be Gohan,”
Krillen said proudly of his old friend, beaming.

Piccolo smiled, “Yeah, the Kid is also the perfect Sir Galahad.” And then Piccolo made a face. “Does that mean I’m the
Green Knight?!”

All the Z-fighters laughed at his comment, including Vegeta.

Yamcha piped up, “Hey, I guess that means we will all be Knights. Wow - The Knights of the Round Table!”

Goku chuckled, “As long as there’s food on that table, I’m there!”

Krillen asked, smirking, “Does anyone have a round table?”

Several Z-Fighters scratched their heads thinking and Kibito Kai shared a look of exasperation with Vegeta. Kibito Kai
interrupted the men in their revelry to explain what needed to happen next. He didn’t go into the details of what the
ritual would entail, but he explained that the ritual could only be accomplished by gaining a sample of Planet Vegeta soil.
Vegeta looked very pleased to be asked to play a pivotal role in such an important task and agreed without hesitation to
make the trip in the space capsule he had used so long ago.

Vegeta paled a little when Kibito asked Goku to make the trip as well. He was about to argue, but Kibito explained the
danger and that several Z fighters should make the trip, including Krillen and Piccolo as well. All agreed.

And without a round table to use at the moment, the entire group of Kibito Kai, Tien, Yamcha, Vegeta, Piccolo, Goku and
Krillen sat in a circle on the grass, out back of Goku’s home, and discussed the trip and the plans to come.

* * *

Trunks and Gohan had finished assembling their tents and broke for a quick bite to eat. Their surroundings were beautiful,
their camp in the heart of the woods on a mountain far to the north of the city. It was cooler here, offering a respite
from what was turning out to be a rather sultry summer. Gohan only hoped that if it had to rain, all the humidity a
prediction of inclement weather, that it wouldn’t turn out to be torrential. Out in the open as they were, that would
make for a very unpleasant time.

Trunks went over several of the things he wanted to cover. He explained that he would love to go over fire incantations,
but out in the woods that wasn’t very practical. Gohan stared at a pair of woodchucks frolicking nearby and agreed with

What he would cover instead were incantations for lightning, one of which would be used in concert with Excalibur. The
first lightning spell that Gohan would learn would be Raiden. The lightning spell he would learn after that would be
Gigaden, the spell he would use through his sword, and a much stronger version of the Raiden spell.

“Now Gohan, you must become one with Nature so that you may ask her for permission to use this magic first. You can only
use magic, of any sort, with permission from her.”

Gohan nodded. “I think I get it.”

“Ok.” Mirai blushed a little. “You may want to strip down to your underwear. I have to draw some symbols on you. While
you strip, I’ll draw the pentagram. You will need to meditate within it. When you feel in one with your meditation and all
the nature around you, levitate, so that all the forces of nature may spin around your body. But only when you sense that
it is time.”

Trunks crouched on the ground and started to draw an elaborate pentagram full of runes and symbols. Gohan, blushing,

Trunks took the stick he had used to draw the pentagram in the damp earth and used it to scratch symbols, with the muddy
earth on the stick, onto Gohan’s bare skin.

As he did this, Trunks explained that he also wanted to cover some protection spells at some point in Gohan’s training.

Gohan interrupted to ask him, “Like Mahokator?”

Mirai looked pleased, “Yes, exactly. Plus some of the lesser spells of that family of spells.”

Trunks also planned to follow up the training with some healing spells. If they had more time to cover additional spells
they would. Right now, they had to concentrate on the basics.

Meditation would be a key.

And Trunks wanted to fine tune Gohan’s swordsmanship on this trip as well. Yes, most of what Gohan would do would require
mind power alone, and ki, but he would have to swing that blade as well, and as good as Gohan had been, he still needed
some work, which would take some practice. A little basic body training wouldn’t be a bad thing either -- sparring would
give them needed breaks from the intense mind study of spells.

The runes and symbols now covered Gohan’s body. Trunks instructed Gohan to sit cross-legged within the pentagram. Gohan
did so, feeling a little on display in just his boxers. Gohan closed his eyes and tried to get comfortable.

When Trunks could see that Gohan was ready, he instructed, “Now, empty your mind. What you want to feel is the energy of
the earth itself pulsing around you. When you feel that energy, the earth’s ki, or elemental magic, your body should rise
above the pentagram. Do not focus your thoughts on that feeling at that point. Keep all thoughts clear. You should
eventually feel earth’s magic fill you, giving you permission to use it. See this as a way of asking her, Nature, that
is, for the right to use her magic. Do you understand?”

Gohan nodded. “I think so.”

“Good.” Trunks smiled at his pupil. “Ok, begin. I’ll just watch you in silence. Forget that I’m even here.”

And Trunks watched as Gohan began his meditation. He stared at the young man’s body, and Gohan’s serene expression for
awhile, but felt almost uncomfortable doing so. Trunks let his eyes wander and caught sight of the tip of his scepter
peeking out of his tent. He wanted to have some time to really get to know the powers of his new magical item. The
scepter was a mystery even to Kibito, so it would be up to Trunks to figure out how to use it. Trunks only hoped that he
would be able to learn all of its power.

Trunks had been watching Gohan for nearly an hour when he suddenly felt the air around him flicker and spark as the wind
around both men picked up, rustling the grass around them. Gohan didn’t stir and Trunks remained still so as not to
disturb his deep meditation.

Trunks thought he was seeing things at first when Gohan’s body started to float above the ground. It seemed almost too
soon for Gohan to be this in tune with the Earth around him. It had taken Trunks so much longer to achieve this same
connection with nature.

Gohan’s body began to drift upward, while at the same time, all the symbols and runes carved into the earth and painted on
Gohan’s pale skin glowed with the power that Nature was bestowing on the young man. Gohan’s dark hair stirred, floating
in the air around his head.

Trunks was mesmerized by the sight, and it was several moments before he noticed that the branches of the trees surrounding
them were filled with small birds, eyes trained on Gohan. Trunks, also noticed several rabbits and other woodland
creatures crouched around the periphery of their clearing as if they were entranced by the sight of the young man
floating in the air.

Trunks looked at Gohan again and felt an overwhelming flood of love sweep through him. Trunks blinked realizing that this
feeling of love wasn’t a reaction to Gohan, but a force coming from Gohan. Gohan was emitting a surge of love so
powerful that Trunks almost felt his heart flutter and his breath quicken within him in response.

Trunks smiled.

As if in answer, Gohan’s eyes opened, looking directly at Trunks.

And then Gohan smiled too.

Trunks felt giddy looking at his pupil, floating in the air, a golden glow surrounding him, and pulsing light from the
runes on his body and the ground, Gohan’s hair floating and stirring in a slight breeze, the young man smiling in pure
bliss. Trunks was sure he had never seen anything so beautiful.

Trunks jumped up, staring at Gohan, a huge grin on his face. It was time to start on the lightning incantations.

Trunks felt eager happiness within, knowing that yes, they had very little time to cover so much, but Nature herself was
claiming Gohan as her man for this task, and Gohan was getting in tune with her in record time.

This could all work! With the realization, Trunks had to contain the urge to jump for joy. Trunks beamed at his pupil,
Gohan returning the eager look of happiness.

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