Why Never With Me?

BY : Nelfie
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So anyways I have become increasingly bored and have way to much time on my hands ATM. SOOOO I decided to start another fic. Yup. This one is going to be angsty and probably fluffy.  Not like overly vomit fluffy but it shall be sweet in some parts.

Ahhh pairings. Well what we have here is a case of Trunks being a bastard(sorry fan girls) to my girl Nelfie(who we can shorten to Nel, or Vegeta might call Lee lol), and then Vegeta and Nelfie ^.- heheh. So anywhooooo...on with the fic!

Warnings: Language, suicide attempt and mentions of Violence against Women.

Standard Disclaimer applies!

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Nelfie stood there looking at the one person she thought loved her. But everytime he hurt her, it felt like her heart was being crushed in those powerful fists.

Why? Why could he never tell her he was sorry?

'Why never with me?' She thought.

She had seen and heard him apologize to others, though it was always cold, like it held no depth. But with her he never uttered the phrase. Not once had he ever said "I'm sorry..." Or "Can you forgive me?".

No. He never did that. He just came to her with some sort of gift, like that would wash away everything. Then he would tell her how much he loved her.

But even when he said that. Those words that should have filled her to the brim with happiness, only seemed to leave her cold and empty.

That's what it felt like now. Cold and empty. It hadn't always been so. 'Two years...two years ago we were happy. In the beginning. Oh how things have changed. How I have changed...'

A shell. Just the hard exterior with nothing left in it.

But it was him that drove me to it. I couldn't take the names, his indifference, the sparring that left me needing to use his fathers regeneration tank after every match.

'He drove me to this point. So here I lay on the bathroom floor after one his motivational speeches.'

'I'm cold...'

She wasn't sure if it was the tile on the bathroom floor or the loss of blood.

'No matter...' She thought, the sweet nothingness should be taking over soon.

'I hear knocking....Maybe its the Devil?' She thought. But then she hear his voice.

'Wrong devil.' She inwardly laughed to herself. She would have answered but she was too tired now, and too weak. His pounding became louder and his calls more frantic.

'Hmph. Now he's concerned? Maybe its my blood pooling out under the door?' But now she was too tired to care. All she wanted to do now was rest....


Trunks' PoV


I screamed her name pounding on the door. I became worried when I felt her Ki drop. When I got to the bathroom I could smell the blood. Looking down I could see it seeping under in a dark crimson puddle.

My calls and pounding going unheeded causing me to become more and more panicked. My breathing rapid.


I know this is my fault. We were happy together once, how could I have not seen this coming?  Snapping out it, I realize she's fading fast and I bust down the door.

I see her lying there, colour draining from her face and her Ki dropping fast.

'Oh Gods, what has she done? What have I done?'

Not wasting anymore time I pick her up, ignoring the blood staining my shirt from her hair, and fly out the window.

We're only a few minutes from CC so I take her there knowing my Mother could help better than any doctor at an E.R. She knows Saiyan biology after all.

'Please God, don't let it be too late...'

Those mere moments felt like hours, and some relief filled me as I touched down on the lawn. I push past the front door, kitchen, living room and break into a run down the hallway.

"MOM!" I yell. "Mom please!" I shout at the top of my lungs.

I round the corner and see her come out from her room in a light blue silk nightgown.

"Gosh Trunks whats the pro-" She stops as she looks at me."Oh dear God, what happened?!" she shouts looking at the girl in my arms, motioning for me to follow her.

I follow her not answering her right away, still in shock myself. We enter the medical part of the lab and she tells me to set her down on the gurney.

"What happened?" She asks again.

"I-I don't know." I say, only vaguely hearing her.

"Trunks!" I hear louder this time.

"Huh?" I answer.

"Trunks snap out of it! We need to stop the bleeding!" She yells at me.

'"Shit." I whisper before I start scrambling for gauze.


So that's where I'm leaving it for now. Next Chapter will be a Vegeta POV. It'll probably be short depending on if I want to go into detail. Besides I am tired. I wanna go to bed XP.

And as always review or don't. If you do I love you. Flame if you feel like it. Oh and remember if you find any mistakes with my work, I hate you ^_^




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