Why Never With Me?

BY : Nelfie
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Dragon prints: 1997
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Vegeta POV


It's in the middle of the God damn night and the boy is busting down doors and yelling for the woman.

I take myself from the comfort of my bed out into the chill of the night, intent on screaming at the boy too keep it down or suffer the consequences.

However upon opening the door I see my son racing down the hall with the younger brat in his arms.

As he passes the familiar stench of blood floods my senses.

I gaze down on the floor and see a trail of crimson mar the spotless hallway tile.

Hearing the Woman screech I slowly make my way to where they are headed.

When I arrive at the med room she's calling the boy, he seems to be out of it. Then I glance upon the brat on the gurney.

She's pale. Deathly so.

The Woman is franticly gathering stuff to stop the bleeding. Looks as if the boy finally snapped out of it. He tries to help his mother slow the bleeding from the cuts on her wrists.


Leaning against the door frame both, tending to the child. They are applying the needed pressure to the wounds.

I, however have something infinitely better.

I leave the room to make the way back to my own. I go to the top drawer of my dresser and pull out the needed item.

Walking back into the room I push the boy aside. I open her mouth, I grind the bean between my fingers into her mouth. I close her mouth and rub her throat to make her swallow the magic legume.

The vertical lines on her forearms close, however due to blood loss she remains unconscious. Considering the lack of color in her face it's not that surprising.

"Vegeta, you should have told us you had a senzu bean." She complains.

"You never asked, You both, however, were too busy panicking to even bother to notice that I had entered the room." I remark back to her coldly.

"Well of COURSE we were panicking, Nelfie was bleeding to death!" She yells waving her hands wildly and finally gestures towards said child.

"Hn." I grunt.

I trun my sights to the shock ridden child that is my son standing next to his partner.

"What happened boy?" I question in a deadly tone that commands anything but an answer. He takes her hand and his unfocused gaze meets my scowl.

"I dunno...we had a fight..." He whispers.

"Clearly it was more than just a fight. The truth. Now." I demand, arms folded across my chest.

"Vegeta." The Woman calls softly to me. "He's obviously been through enough tonight, we all have. I think this is a discussion better left for the morning." She walks over and places a pleading hand on my shoulder.

I uncross my arms, and turn to face her.

"No. This needs to be delt with now. He needs to explain just exactly what this fight was about. Given how there's a young female saiyan lying on a table who obviously tried to take her own life." I growl at her.

"I see that Vegeta, and I know some explaining needs to be done, however take a look at the state that your son is in. I don't think he's in the frame of mind to answer any questions tonight. This is better left until morning." She reasons, her sky blues eyes begging me for compassion.

"Very well. Don't get me wrong boy, we will have a discussion about this tomorrow." I warn him, turning the tone icy and deadly.

His eyes wide, he stares at my cold demeanor. We remain like that for a minute or two, in the cold silence until the Woman decides too break it.

"Well now that, that is settled Hunny why don't you come with me, okay? We'll get you cleaned up and into bed." She walks up to the boy taking his unoccupied hand in both of hers. "Don't worry I'll take care of her while you rest, alright." She assures him.

He just looks at the lifeless body before him. His head is down but I can clearly see the tears fall from where I stand. He doesn't meet my glare as his mother pulls him away from his companion.

"Vegeta can you keep an eye on her while I get Trunks settled?" She asks, but its really more of a demand.

"What do I look like Woman, a babysitter?" I snark at her.

"Please, Vegeta." She uses that desperate tone again.

"Hn. Whatever, just don't take all night."

"Thank you Vegeta." She says sweetly leading Trunks out to get cleaned up.

"Hmph." I grunt uncrossing my arms walking over to the young woman.

I glance her over. She's still pale from the blood loss, however not as when she first arrived here, but it will take a while for her colour to return completely.

What in the hell was she thinking.

The smell of her blood is still thick in the air.

It's ungodly how delectable the smell is. Nothing should ever smell as good.

Like the nectar of the sweetest fruit. It would be a sin just to taste it. But that is how all Saiyan women smell. Their fragrance is unique to our species.

You can smell the power in them, they are beautiful. True warriors. That was what Saiyan women were.

Now, here lies the last. She is how she should be. Strong. Beautiful.

However she is broken. My foolish son has failed to keep her from harm. As a Prince, he should have protected her from any harm. Not been the cause of it.

If Vegetasei were still in existence she would have been a beauty to rival even the best of the Elite women.

Despite her class, she would have been sought after even by myself. Her age the only factor in why I haven't made her my own now.

Almost four decades older. She is still but a child.

No. I feign indifference so my son may have the privilege of being with her.

Was that a mistake?

I am broken out of my reverie, however when the Woman enters the room again.

"Vegeta." She whispers. "I know you are more concerned than you would like me to believe."

"Your poweres of perception are as sharp as always Woman."

"Yes, well being a genius doesn't not grant the skill of dealing with emotions. Being a woman does." She smiles at me.

I quirk a slight grin. She could always read me well. That was one of the reasons I had loved her. Even if that love has changed. She's more of a companion now, the passion that lovers share faded away sometime ago.

"Hm. Well sometimes I had wondered." I tease her.

"Didn't stop you." She smiled. She rests a hand on my left shoulder. "I know you care about her Vegeta."

"Do you?" I quirk a brow.

"Yes. Again, just call it woman's intuition." She winks.

I roll my eyes, however as hard as it is for me to admit, she's right.

"Correct again. However you know why I distance myself." I state quietly.

"Yes. I know." She gives me a quick squeeze. "Love, though, knows no bounds. And right now..."She pauses. "Now she's going to need someone to help her through this."

"But the boy-" I start but she quickly cuts me off.

"I love our son Vegeta. This is something that Trunks cannot do, as smart as he is. He for all I know is at the heart of the problem, literally." Again she gives me that look. The one that begs for me to do something. Anything. I hate that look. However I still love her. Then she embraces me. Her arms hooking around my neck.

"If you care about her as much as I think you do, I know you'll help her." She whispers into my ear. She always knew how to get me to do things, and I find myself giving into once again.

She embraces me tighter. The only person I will allow, and brave enough(other than Kakarot, idiot) to touch me.

"You know I love you," She whispers again " So be happy." She kisses me on the cheek.

"Now shoo. I need to hook her up to a few machines and take her vitals. Unless you want to see her naked, then I suggest you get." She was pushing me towards the door.

I just gave her a sinister smile, she just laughs and continues to push me out the door.

"Forget I said anything." She laughed, closing the door behind me.

I stare at the white door, shrug and make my way back to my room.

"Be happy?" I say to myself.

Would I even know how?


Yup there it is. Chapter to 2 of Why Never With Me.

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