Why Never With Me?

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Dragon prints: 1997
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The lights hurt.

'Why do they have to be so fucking bright' I think to myself while trying to open my eyes.

'Hmph. Bastard must've saved me.' I think.

'Pity.' I could be anywhere right now. But I am in bed. Most likely Capsule Corp.

'Figures. He probably didn't want the press to get a hold of this...' I groan trying to sit up. My body feels so weak. My eyes become a little more adjusted to the light, and I look at my wrists...not a scratch.

"Stupid senzu..." I grumble out in my scratchy unused voice.

Finally gathering enough strength to sit up and swing my legs over the bed.

"I wouldn't try walking just yet. You lost a lot of blood." I hear a gruff voice from the other side of the room.

"Hmm. Yeah well that's what happens when one slits their own wrists isn't it." I snark back not bothering to look at the man in the room with me.

"Hn. Yes, but there are easier ways to go about that." He replied casually, as if we were talking about something as mundane as the weather.

"Yeah well I would have needed a truck load of pills to finish me off. Saiyan metabolism and all." I inform him, as if he has forgotten that fact.

"Besides," I add. "A blast through the chest or head would have been a little to messy for my tastes. Wouldn't want to inconvenience the cleaning bots." I smile sarcastically at the floor.

"Yes. I can see how just blood would be easier to handle then

bits and pieces of your skull, brains, and bones." He answers, same toneless voice he always uses.

I sigh. I tire of this conversation.

"What do you want Vegeta?" I ask straight out, he's not one to beat around the bush, so why should I be any different.

"Want? I want to know WHY? Why would feel the need to end your

existence in this dimension, rather than come to those who

care about you?" His tone a little more serious this time.

'Wait...did he just inadvertently say he cared about me?' To say I am shocked would be an understatement. He always treated me like the third class I supposedly am.

But then I just snort. It's not like it really matters anyway. Once I'm able enough, I'll just go somewhere and finish the job.

"Whatever Vegeta. Besides not knowing when a beating, disguised as a spar, will come has that kind of effect on some people." My tone as dry as a desert that hasn't seen the rain in months.

"The boy." He growled.

"Yes, Vegeta. Your son. He has a knack for beating a person and leaving very little scars or bruises. Well except for those few times I needed your rejuvenation tank. He was quite angry those days." I look up and stare at him with this twisted half smile.

The expression on his face is priceless.

A mix of disbelief, denial, anger and what I assumed to be sadness, taken over the usual poker face of his. Not that he was outwardly expressing

much on it.

With Vegeta you have to know him to discern the subtle changes on his face to know what he is thinking.

Very few posses that ability.

"Surprised Vegeta? Don't be." I laugh heartily.

"Trunks has always been a bit of a loose canon. Much like his father. Though I know you would never hit a woman. Well maybe in your, shall we call it 'troubled' phase? Serving under the monster who still causes some problems for you." My voice more unnerving by the playful careless childlike teasing tone it takes on.

I can see it on his face too.

The way his jaw clenches a little and how his eyes harden. He is unsettled by the uncharacteristic actions I have taken.

He's used to the fake happy in love girl, the empty porcelain doll I once portrayed. Not this pathetic excuse of a person sitting in front of him full of bitterness. Shame. Failure.

I have so much emotional baggage from the last two years of

being treated like someone else's emotional dumpster.

It hurts just admitting it.

Admitting that I wasn't strong enough to end it myself. To walk away. To know I deserved better. It all was weighing me down, and making the need to escape from this life greater.

I look up at him again. He's leaning against a wall. His arms across his chest in the usual manner, left leg raised while his foot rests flush against the wall.

His expression is silently urging me to continue. To finish. Give him all the

reasons why I HAD to end my life.

And then I finally break. I feel my face contort and tears suddenly spring down my cheeks. They fall freely hitting the floor it; almost sounds like its raining.

"I'm s-s-so s-sorry!" I wail. The emotional toll wearing me out. "I sh-should have b-b-been str-trong enough to help h-him, but instead...instead I was nothing more than a weak child..."

"I guess I just wasn't good enough." I sob, just above a whisper. "I'm just the third class you know I am. Not worth much of anything, not even the dirt on your boots." I turn my head away from him.

'I'm so pathetic.' I think to myself.

The awkward silence stretched as I continued to cry to myself. Well that was until Vegeta broke it. Shattered would be more like it. Though his voice was uncannily soft, his words seemed to echo deep within me.

"You are not worthless. If anyone here deserved such a title it would be that good for nothing brat. He failed to see such a gift that has been bestowed upon him. As the next Prince he has failed to take care of his fellow Saiyan. Failed to protect the Queen you would have become. The Queen you should have been revered as. That is his own doing." He stated firmly, and then he sighed.

To hear him to convey any emotion, besides anger and annoyance

was rare, so his speach had startled me and left me staring at him in confusion.

"If this is anyone's fault it is mine. I should have trained the boy better. He gets his temperament from me. Genetic predisposition you could say. But that is no excuse for him to have treated you the way he has. He hasn't lived a fraction of what I had to go through, so his behavior is inexcusable."

The confusion and shock on my face must have lead him to the conclusion he revealed to much because he quickly changed the subject.

"Enough of the silly emotional sentiments. I am going to train you. You need to rebuild your Saiyan pride, if you have any of it left." He teased.

"Great." I say sarcastically. "Another excuse for another man to beat me." I comment feeling sorry for myself.

"Training and sparring are not beatings child. In my past I was a cold blooded killer and ruthless to other warriors, but I never toyed with the women or children. They died quickly. I've never raised my hand to a women in anger, no matter how often I have threatened to blast the Blue Haired Wench. Besides that is not the training I had in mind. We will begin tomorrow. That is, after all, if you haven't killed yourself by then." He finishes before walking out the door, leaving me stunned with my thoughts.

'Oh god...Training with Vegeta. My life just keeps getting better and better' I think before laying back down on my bed and rolling over to face the wall.

'Well I guess it won't be as bad as not seeing it coming.' My last thought before I drift off into a restless sleep.

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