Summer of Passion

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Summer of Passion

Chapter 00: Prologue

Rating: M

Pairing: Vegeta x Goku

Summery: Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Chichi go on a vacation from their busy lives yet on this vacation Bulma comes up with a plan to break Chichi and Goku’s relationship up so Vegeta can have Goku yet what she does not know that Vegeta is planing the same thing.

Warning: Anal sex, Bi, D/s, Dom, Fingering, GB, HJ, Incest, loli, M/M, MPreg, Oral, Other, Preg, Rim, Solo, Spank, TF, Toys, Trans, WD, Xeno, Yaoi, etc.

Disclaimer: I don’t or do not own Dragon Ball or the characters that are from anime and manga. So I don’t or do not make money off of the work or the story at all. Yet there are some characters that I do own and they are my Own Characters or OCS so please do not take them.

A/N: I thought of this fanfic when I was thinking of going to bed yet this happen to pop up so I can’t sleep now.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~Beginning of Chapter~!~!~!~!~!~!~

The sun is high in the sky as Bulma and Vegeta pick up Goku and Chichi from their house. Chichi looks at her father. “Alright dad are you sure you can handle Gohan for the whole month.” Chichi asked for the eighth or ninth time scene her father got there.

“Yes Chichi I can handle him.” The Ox King said. “Just you and Goku go and have fun on your vacation with Bulma and Vegeta. If I need you I can always call you so do not worry dear.”

“Dad I am his mother so I have to worry about my baby.” Chichi said in a worried tune.

“Come on Chichi we will be late if you do not hurry up.” Goku said as he carried the bags to the car.

“Goku just carry the bags and not worry about me we will get there.” Chichi yelled.

Half way getting to the car Goku almost trip because he could not see where he was going yet he was saved by Vegeta yet Goku dropped the bags. “Careful Kakarot um I mean do you need help.” Vegeta said as he let go of Goku.

“Sure if you do not mind it.” Goku said with a light blush then looked away so Vegeta could not see it before he picked up some bags.

Vegeta picked up some of the other bags and took them to the car. Once the bags where in the car he looked at Goku and whispered something in his ear. “I wish your harpy could stay home so you can get a break from her.” After that said he walked to the passenger side and got into the car.

Goku looked pissed off before he gone to give his son a hug and kiss goodbye before he left for their trip. In the car Bulma looked at Vegeta. “Why not sit in the back with Goku so you and him can talk I do not want to hear Chichi yelling at Goku the whole time to we get to the hotel Vegeta.” She said.

“Woman are you crazy I am not moving from my seat and besides I want to be up here with you.” Vegeta said.

“Vegeta do it now. Get the back or you can walk to the hotel and trust me it is a long way from here to the train station to get to the city that the hotel is in.” Bulma said with a dark smile.

“Fine damn it woman.” Vegeta yelled then got out of the car and into the back.

Once Vegeta was in the back. Goku and Chichi where done with saying there good byes and where ready to go. When they got to the car Chichi seen Vegeta in the back. “Um why are you in the back.” She asked.

“Chichi I thought you and I can have girl bounding time while the boys have theirs.” Bulma answered before Vegeta could speak.

“Oh that is good idea Bulma.” Chichi said as she got in the passenger side. When she was in she closed the door and put on her seat beat.

Goku blinked then got into the car and closed the door before he put on his seat beat. Vegeta looked at Goku. “Why are you doing that Kakarot.” Vegeta asked.

“I do not want to die. Bulma’s driving scares me.” Goku said.

“Hey!” Bulma yelled as she looked at him from the rear view mirror. “At lest I am not like someone else that is in this car that goes over the speed limit then gets thrown in jail for doing it.”

Vegeta flipped off Bulma before he looked out the window. Goku looked at Vegeta. “Wait you can drive.”Goku asked.

“Yeah yet I stopped because I think it is slower to drive a car then it is to fly.” Vegeta said as he looked at Kakarot from the corner of his eye.

“That is cool you can drive Vegeta. I thought you would be like me and never learn how to drive so you can fly or walk to where you want to go.” Goku said.

“Kakarot I am not like you so do not think we are alike.” Vegeta said in a cold tune. After that Goku did not speak at all through the whole car ride which started to piss off Vegeta yet when Vegeta tried to make Goku talk to him Chichi would speak up or talk to Goku before he could which made him more mad so he looked out the window.


When they final got to the hotel everyone got out of the car. Goku looks at the hotel then to Bulma who looked at him. “What.” She said.

“Never mind.” Goku said as he walked to the trunk of the care to get the bags.

When Goku was about to pick up a bag someone come over and stopped him. “No Sir let me get them.” The person said.

Goku looked at the person. “Huh?”

“I will carry the bags for you sir.” The bellhop said as he picked up the bags and put then on a cart.

“But..” Goku said.

“It is okay I will do it. It is my job.” The bellhop said then looked over to Vegeta. “And besides you are on vacation and from what your friend said to me and that you need some time away from being treated like a slave so you can be treated like a person.”

Goku blinked as he looked at Vegeta. “Wait he said that.”

“Yes sir.” The bellhop said as he got the last bag on the cart before leaving.

Goku looked shocked yet it did not last long to he was pulled to the hotel by Chichi. He sighed then just followed her into the hotel. When they got into the hotel Bulma looked at Vegeta. “You know what Vegeta I really hate how she treats Goku. I just wish there was someone better for him then her yet there is no one.” She said before she walked into the hotel leaving Vegeta only to wonder.

Vegeta stood outside for about ten minutes thinking of a plan to make Bulma’s wish come true. “Oh there is Bulma yet you might not like it.” He said before he walked into the hotel.

Once in the hotel he seen Bulma and Chichi talking while Goku walked to Vegeta. “Um aaa here Vegeta.” Goku said as he give Vegeta the room key. “Bulma got us a hotel suite for the four of us it is two bedrooms. I hope you are okay with that.”

“Yeah.” Vegeta said as he took the room key. “Soon it will be only one bedroom suite for me and you Kakarot while the girls share a suite.” He smiled as thought to himself.

After that Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Chichi gone to the top floor of the hotel then they got to their room. Once in the room there was a knock at the door. Vegeta got the door and allowed the bellhop in. Vegeta looked at him. “Thanks for doing that for me I kinda didn’t want to see him carry the bags yet only to drop them again.” He said to the bellhop.

“Hey anytime Sir that is what I am paid for.” The bellhop said with a smile. After that the bellhop left after putting the bags into the rooms yet before he left Vegeta paid him two hundred dollars for his job and another two hundred for helping Goku out.

Once the bellhop was done Vegeta looks for Goku and seen him and Chichi on the love seat in the living room snuggling up together. Vegeta gave them a pissed off look then gone to find Bulma and sees her in the kitchen on her cell phone. “I thought you said you would leave that at the house.” He said.

“I know yet dad said he might need me to handle some things so I had to bring my laptop and phone with me.” Bulma said as she hanged up the phone.

“Oh I see so your vacation time will still be like work why did you want us to come when you have to work.” Vegeta said as he looked in the fridge.

“Will Vegeta I have some other reasons for this trip and by the time I am done with the other stuff our lives might change.” Bulma said as she left him only to wonder what she met by that.

What does she mean by that does she know that I want Kakarot. No she can’t know only ones that did know are dead now.” Vegeta thought to him self as he looked in the fridge yet all that was in there was food he did not want because they brought it with them so he grabbed a beer and walked into the den yet while he walked past Goku and Chichi he growled.

In the living room Goku pulled away from Chichi and left to go to the bathroom. When he got to the bathroom he closed the door and locked him self in there. He slide down the door and hugged him self. “Why does she treat me like this when she knows I hate being touch by her.” He said to him self with his head in his hands. Goku jumped when there was a knock at the door followed by Bulma’s voice.

“Goku hun you alright in there.” Bulma said.

“Yeah I am fine Bulma.” Goku said weakly.

“You do not sound fine do you want to come with me to have a walk around the hotel before we go to the pool.” Bulma said.

“Sure.” Goku said as he got up and open the door.

With that said they left for a walk leaving Chichi and Vegeta in the hotel room alone. When they where pretty far from the room Bulma looked at Goku. “Goku tell me are you happy with Chichi.”

“Bulma you know the answer to that already.” Goku said as he looked at her.

“Yeah yet you hate it when she touches you and be all lovey dove to you. Also I do know that you are gay so why do you keep putting up with her when you want to find someone that will you love.” Bulma said.

“Bulma I can’t do that I have a son and you know no one will want to be with me and besides the one guy I ever thought about asking out is taken so no I do not want to hurt his girlfriend and Chichi’s hearts.” Goku said before he walked off.

Bulma looked at Goku as he walked off. “Goku if only you know who wants you in his life you would jump into his arms and be with him.” She said to her self before she run to Goku.


Back in the hotel room Vegeta left the den and saw Chichi in the living room watching the TV. “Where is Kakarot and the woman at.” Vegeta yelled.

“Why do you care about my husband.” Chichi said as she looked at him.

“Just tell me bitch.” Vegeta hissed at her.

“If you want to know so badly they gone for a walk around the hotel.” Chichi said in a cold bitter tune.

Vegeta smiled then walked to the door yet before he could go he was stopped by Chichi. “Unhand me you witch.” Vegeta said in a cold tune.

“No I want you to know that he is mine and he belongs to me. You will never get him so why even try. He is not gay so stop trying to make my husband fall for you. I see how you look at him and I know what you are thinking.” Chichi said as she let go of Vegeta’s arm.

Vegeta froze before he turned around and going back into the den. He closed him self in the den. “How does she know.” He said to him self with his back to the door.


When Bulma and Goku got back from their walk Bulma walked into the den and saw Vegeta asleep. “Vegeta time to get up.” She said.

Vegeta open his eyes then sighed. “What time is it.”

“It’s almost four why.” Bulma said as she looked at him.

“Oh.” Vegeta said as he sat up then looked down. “So how was your walk.”

“It was g...wait are you feeling okay you are acting will you know off.” Bulma said as she put her forehead to his.

“I am fine Woman. Just Kakarot’s fucking bitch knows that I have feels for Kakarot so why should I even bother when he is straight.” Vegeta said with a displeased look on his face.

“Vegeta, Goku is not straight. He only wants to stay with Chichi because of Gohan and that he can’t find any one but her. Also the only guy he thought about being with he thinks is with some girl also I do not know who it is.” Bulma spook loudly.

“Wait what woman.” Vegeta yelled.

“Shh Vegeta keep your voice down. Goku can’t know I told you this. He and I know that he is gay will besides one other person yet that is it. Goku had been living a lie for almost all of his life and it kills me to see it go on. That is why I planned this vacation so you could will woo Goku yet we need a plan to get Chichi away from Goku.” Bulma said.

Vegeta looked at Bulma. “Wait you want me to woo Kakarot yet how when everyone thinks that I am dating you. Hack even Kakarot thinks I am with you that is why I never wooed him before.”

Bulma looked at him. “Wait you could be the guy he said that he wants to be with because he said the girl that is the guy’s girlfriend is a close friend of his so he stays away for their sake.”

Vegeta looked at her. “So your tell me to tell Kakarot that I want him.”

“Yes Vegeta before you lose him to Chichi’s web of lies.” Bulma said.

“Alright I will do this.” Vegeta said in a fire up tune.

“Alright lets go I will try to keep Chichi while you woo Goku at the pool.” Bulma said.

With that said they left the den and got change into their swim suits. When they come out of their room Bulma and Vegeta seen Goku and Chichi in their suits. Goku was in a odd suit. It was a pair of swim trunks that was blue and orange with a yin-yang symbol on them. And Chichi was in a sexy two bikini that did not look good on her at all that is what Vegeta thought. When everyone was ready they left the hotel room and head to the pool.

When they got to the pool Goku was in awe at how big the pool was yet it was short lived because Chichi pulled him to the slide yet half way to the slide they stopped by two guys that where blocking them. “Hey pretty sweet thing want to come swimming with us.” One guy said as he eyed Goku.

“Sorry boys yet I am with my husband.” Chichi said because she thought they where talking about her.

“Ha-ha don’t make us laugh you hag. We where talking to that sweet thing on your arm.” The other man said before he pushed Chichi away from Goku while another man put his arms around Goku and lead him off.

“Hey hands off my husband you jerks.” Chichi yelled as she tried to get away from the man that is blocking her.

Vegeta looked pissed off and ran over to the guy that had Goku. Vegeta knocked out the guy out. “Boss.” The guy yelled that had Chichi blocked then he looked at Vegeta. “Why you!” He yelled as he ran at Vegeta yet was thrown into the pool by Vegeta.

“Are you safe Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

“Thank you Vegeta.” Goku said as he was about to hug Vegeta yet Chichi ran to Goku and hold him crying. “Gahhh Chi I am okay.”

“I was so scared I thought they where going to take me away from you.” Chichi said.

Vegeta looked away from her. “They where after Kakarot not you bitch.”

“Why the hell would they want Goku he is not gay and I am better looking then he is.” Chichi said as she done a sexy pose.

Some people started to stare at them yet must of them where looking at Goku while some where saying nice ass which made Goku go beat red. “If any of you lay a hand on my husband I will kill you.” Chichi yelled as she hold Goku.

“Ha you can’t win you old hag.” One man yelled.

“Why you jerk.” Chichi yelled before throwing something at the guy yet it was cut into two by a chick. “What the!”

“Now now fighting at a hotel is not a good.” The chick said as she put her sword away. “Now say your sorry to one another or face my wrath.”

“Like hell I am saying sorry to that hag.” The guy yelled then the sword tip was pointed to the guys neck. “Okay okay geez I am sorry.” He said as he looked at Chichi.

“Now your turn miss.” The sword wiling chick said as she looked at Chichi.

“Okay I am sorry.” Chichi said in fear that she might be killed if she did not say sorry.

“Good now do you two feel better.” The chick said with a smile. Chichi and the guy looked at the girl like she was nuts before they said yes ma’am a lot better. “Good.” Said the chick then she looked at Goku and blinked. “No way Goku is that you.”

Goku looked at her. “Oh may San.”

“Yeah it is me it has been ages scenes we last saw each other.” San said as she walked to Goku and hugged him.

Goku smiled and hugged San back. “Yeah last time we saw each other was my eighteenth birthday party at Capsule Crop. So tell me how is everyone.”

“Will they are good and they miss you. You should stop by scene you are in town. Ali would love to see you.” San said.

Vegeta and Chichi looked at each other. “Um Goku who is this chick.” Chichi asked while Vegeta crossed his arms.

“Oh this is San Sliverfang. I know here for a long time. She lives here in Realms City.” Goku said.

“Oh okay yet how do you know her Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he looked at San.

“He knows her because of Ali. His grandfather took him to see here when he was having odd dreams about a boy. Ali told him that the boy is his fated one and Goku would one day meet this boy of his dreams. Yet Goku will gave up and married Chichi.” Bulma said.

“What Goku Son you gave up on looking for your fated one how stupid can you be. All you ever talked about was marrying your fated one yet you marry that witch over there.” San said in a cold tune.

“Hey I am standing right here you bitch.” Chichi said.

“Zip it half breed.” San hissed at her.

Chichi froze in fear. Goku looked at San in shocked. Vegeta looked at San. “What do you mean by that.” Vegeta asked.

“That bitch is a half demon. I can smell it on her and it sickens me that she raped Goku and forced him to marry here.” San said as she point to Chichi.

Chichi run off in tears. Goku looked at San. “San.” He said.

“What Goku I can see you do not truly love her and you love him?” San said as she pointed to Vegeta. Goku’s face gone red before he runs off to hide or find Chichi.

Vegeta looked at San. “What the hell are you some kind of demon?” He yelled.

“No San is a wolf god that can see into peoples’ hearts.” Bulma said.

Vegeta looked at Bulma. “Okay I still do not follow you yet okay.”

“I see colors of someone’s heart like right now you and Bulma’s heart are the same color. It is blue that means you two are alike. Bulma is a water type soul and so are you. Water type souls are good yet they need a fire type soul to be with. Goku is a fire type soul and he needs a water type soul. That bitch was an earth type soul and rival of fire type souls that is why they fight a lot.” San said. “And those guys that tried to get Goku where water type souls too.”

Vegeta looked at the guys that he punched. “Man I am glad I saved Kakarot when I did.”

“Yes me too or Goku would have been.....” San stopped when she looked at Bulma, who shocked her head no. “Never mind forget what I said.” She said before she left.

Vegeta looked at Bulma. “What was that all about.”

“Oh what I was looking at the water park over there and thought that would be a great place for you to start to make the moves on Goku.” Bulma said as she pointed to the huge water park.

Vegeta looked at the park. “Are you really trying to make Kakarot and I have an affair.”

“Vegeta their marriage is wrong. Chichi forced Goku into the marriage when they where young so you can break them up before you lose forever.” Bulma said.

“What you mean Bulma?” Vegeta said as he looks at Bulma.

“If this keeps this up Goku is planning on having another child with Chichi yet willing so they can try to make it right for Gohan and this child that they might have.” Bulma said.

“He is what! Like hell will I allow him to be with that bitch any longer. That’s it lets go to the water park.” Vegeta yelled as he ran off to find Goku.


Meanwhile Goku gone to look for Chichi to the men from before blocked him. “Please let me go I have to find my wife.” He said.

“Who said you can give us orders you are going to come with us and scream for more when we fill you up with our cum.” The boss said as he pinned Goku to a door before opening it and pushing Goku in side while him and his men go into the room. One man pulled Goku to the bed then strip him of his swim trunks.

“Please stop this I am married and I’m not gay.” Goku said in a panic.

“Oh we can tell that you are gay yet you hide it because you are scared that you might be rejected by your family and that man that you love.” The boss said as he got on top of Goku. “Now open up and put your mouth into good use.”

Goku closed his eyes and turned his head away. “Please no I want my first time to be with Vegeta and only Vegeta.” Goku yelled.


Meanwhile a man that worked at the hotel ran to Vegeta. “Um Sir your friend if in trouble I seen him be pull into a room with three men. You better go save him.” The man said.

Vegeta got pissed then ran off to find the room then he found the room the man told him that Goku was in. He heard Goku yell about wanting Vegeta to take his first time so he broke down the door. “Unhand him he’s mine!” Vegeta yelled before walking into the room.

“Aww lets get out of here.” The men yelled as they ran out of the room.

Vegeta walked to Goku. “Kakarot are you alright.”

Goku looked at him then hugged him. “Vegeta I was so scared I thought they would take my virginity.”

“Kakarot it is alright now I am here and did you mean what you said about wanting me to be your first.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

Goku blushed then sat up and kissed Vegeta before pulling him on top of him. “I met ever word Vegeta please take me and take me away from Chichi.”

Vegeta looked at Goku. “I would yet right now is not the right time.” He said as he looked to the door way and seen people looking at them.

“Aww.” Goku yelled as he cover up his face.

“Move it let me through.” Chichi yelled trying to get to Goku once she got to the front she looked shocked. “Get off my husband right now Vegeta.” She yelled.

“Oh he is not yours any more bitch.” Vegeta said just before he kissed Goku deeply. Goku wrapped his arms around Vegeta and kissed him back not caring that his wife is right there watching them.

Chichi ran down the hall crying. She could not believe that her husband was kissing another man and that man wanted to kill her husband when he first got to Earth. Back in the room Goku purred into the kiss then stopped kissing back. “Okay Vegeta she is gone now you can get off.” Goku said trying to get up.

“Oh who said I wanted to get up I am not done with you Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he ran his hands over Goku’s body. “I plan on having you scream my name while everyone watches us as we fuck the day away.”

Goku’s eyes grow huge. “Vegeta please go easy on me I never been with a man before so you have to be genital with me.” Goku said in a panic.

Vegeta licked Goku’s lips. “Vegeta get off Goku right now.” Bulma yelled as she walked to them. Vegeta growled at her. Bulma looked at him then pulled him off Goku yet Vegeta attacked her. “Vegeta stop it is me.” She said.

Vegeta looked at Bulma then back off. “Kakarot hurry run get away from me. I’m not my self.” He said.

“But Vegeta.” Goku said as he tried to put his hand on Vegeta’s shoulder yet was growled at so he got his swim trunks then ran out of the room.

Bulma looked at Vegeta. “Your in rut again.”

“Yeah I thought I was over it yet I’m not.” Vegeta said then looked down. “I should head home and lock my self in a cage like last time.”

“Vegeta why not tell Goku what is going on and see if he wants to help you.” Bulma said.

“I can’t do that to him he will get pregnant then what will he do.” Vegeta said with his head down.

“Vegeta he already wants to lose his virginity to you so why not have sex with him.” Bulma said.

“I know yet I do not want to force this onto him when he does not know that he can get pregnant.” Vegeta said.

What they did not know was that Goku was listing in on them to he walked into the room and looked at them. “What do you mean that I can get pregnant Vegeta I am a male only females can get pregnant.” He said.

“No Kakarot you can get pregnant. You are a saiyan and you have a rare gene that allows you to become pregnant. Also it allows you to become female.” Vegeta said then growled at Goku.

Goku looked at Vegeta then blushed. He know about turning into a female part because he did one time when he was about sixteen or seventeen. “Vegeta I know about turning into a female I did one time when I was sixteen or seventeen yet I did not.....” Goku stopped then looked away he did know he could get pregnant because he did get pregnant one time.

Vegeta looked at Goku. “So you know you where not normal like other males where.”

“Will at first no to I changed into a female. I thought my life was not normal after that so I tried to wish to be a normal male with the dragon balls yet the dragon said it could not give me my wish.” Goku said with his head down.

Bulma looked at Goku. “Wait when was that Goku.”

“Just before my eighteenth birthday. I wanted to be normal so Chichi could not know about my body.” Goku said.

“Oh Goku.” Bulma said just before she gave him a hug.

Vegeta growled at her with his eyes fixed on her. “Get your hands off my prey woman.” He said coldly.

Bulma looked at Vegeta. “Now Vegeta, Goku is not some whore that you can fuck when you want to have him. You have to allow him to accept you as his mate. I will not allow Goku to be another forced marriage.”

“Woman who said anything about marriage.” Vegeta said coldly while his arms where crossed over his chest.

Bulma looked at him then walked to him and slapped him. “I will not allow Goku to be just a quick fuck for your either and besides all you ever talk about was Goku when you or I tried to have sex when you where in rut the first time. So I will not allow you to mess up your chance with Goku just because you want him as a quick fuck.” She yelled.

Vegeta looked at Bulma then looked away. “I know woman yet maybe he sees me as just a quick fuck so he can go be with his wife.” He said and as he said it he sound hurt.

Goku looked at Vegeta then he walked to him. “Is that all you think of me as just a low life no good player that wants to use you. Hell no Vegeta yet I am still married to my wife so I can’t just cheat on her like you want me too.” He said.

“When will you want to be with me Kakarot. I can’t wait forever and you know. If this keeps it up I will be in full rut and I might rape you or Bulma. I do not want that to happen. So pick me or that bitch you love so deeply even when you want me in your life.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

Goku looked down with sad eyes. He did not know what to do. He wanted Vegeta yet he had Gohan to worry about that is why he have not left Chichi yet when Vegeta came to Earth. Yet now he had to think about him and Gohan’s future. He looked at Vegeta before he walked to Vegeta again. “Vegeta.”

“Stay back Kakarot.” Vegeta growled. “I will not be your one night stand again.”

Goku stopped and looked at Vegeta. “What do you mean again. I never had sex with you before.” Then it hit him he remembered his eighteenth birthday just five months before he and Chichi got married. He had four children yet he gave away three of the children to Mayen so she could raise them because he was getting married to Chichi and him need a child that looked almost like them so he keep Gohan. “You can’t be.” Goku said in a panic.

Bulma looked at Goku and Vegeta. “Goku what is going on.” She asked.

Vegeta looked at Goku then smirked. “That is why I told you to come with me yet no you wanted to play house with that harpy and our son. Tell me what did you do to the other children that you had besides Gohan. I knew you had four ki reading when you where pregnant with Gohan so did you kill them or give them up.”

Bulma looked shocked. Goku looked at him. “They are fine I could not raise them so I gave them to a friend. I have been there in their lives and they know that I am their mother. They asked me why their father left us yet I do not know what to tell them I just say their father had to leave Earth so we could be safe.” Goku said with his head down.

Vegeta looked pissed. “Now Kakarot what do you want more me and our children or play house with that bitch and lose Gohan because I will not allow him to stay in your little house game no more.” He yelled.

~!~!~!~!~To be Continued~!~!~!~!~

A/N: OMG Vegeta is Gohan’s father not Goku and Goku is Gohan’s mother also who are the other three children that Goku and Vegeta had. Will keep read to fine out.

Vegeta: About fucking time the truth is out in the open now Kakarot what will you do. Will you play house or pick me.

Goku: I... You have to wait to find out Vegeta.

Vegeta: Damn you.

Ali: Yeah Vegeta I want it to be a cliff hanger and head turner.

Vegeta: Damn it all woman.

Ali: Whatever lets close up.

Goku&Vegeta: Alright bye everyone hope you like and please rate the story.


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