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Chapter 02: Words of The Fate God

A/N: Oh shit Goku and Vegeta are busted will ChiChi forgive Goku or will she finally leave Goku because she fines out that Goku is gay. We will never now so read on.

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Bulma and ChiChi followed the clothes to ChiChi’s and Goku’s bed room. “Vegeta you better not be rapping my husband.” ChiChi said then she open the door and what they saw was Goku on top of Vegeta.

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Goku froze when the door open he did not move he just staid in one spot. ChiChi fainted from what she saw. Bulma blushed then she picked up ChiChi. “Aaa do not mind us.” Bulma said then she closed the door before she took ChiChi to the living room. Once in the living room she looked at Mayen and the children. “Um I would not go down the hall if I were you all.” She said as she pointed down the hall.

Mayen walked into the hotel room followed by the children. “So did you fine them.” Mayen asked.

“Yeah we found them.” Bulma said blushing then she whispered in Mayen’s ear. “They where having sex and Goku was the top.” Bulma said.

Mayen blushed then she jumped when she heard damn it all to hell. “Huh it seems like Vegeta is pissed.” Mayen said.

“Yeah I know.” Bulma said.

With in seconds later out came a very pissed off Vegeta and a blushing Goku. Vegeta walked to Bulma and he growled. “Woman you and that fucking bitch killed the mood. It is forbidden for me the prince of all saiyans to lower my self like that and you two had to walk in and kill the mood.” Vegeta yelled.

Bulma looked down and saw Vegeta had nothing on. “Um Vegeta there is children here can you get some clothes on.” Bulma said.

Vegeta looked pissed. “I do not fucking care if there is children around. Nudity should not be a problem here the problem is that you fucking messed up my first time being the bottom to Kakarot.” Vegeta yelled.

Bulma looked at Vegeta. “Vegeta then can’t you and Goku try again or was that a one time think for Goku and you.” Bulma said. Vegeta wanted to say yes yet he could not bring him self to say that. He knew Goku would probably want to be top some more yet would he want to be the bottom again after what just happen. Bulma looked at Vegeta then she sighed. “I am sorry that we messed up your first time as bottom Vegeta maybe you and Goku should get a suit just for your selves so you two can try again or have sex with out anyone walking in on you.” Bulma said.

Vegeta looked at Bulma. “I accept your apology Bulma.” Vegeta said then he looked at Goku. “Kakarot would you like a room where it is just you and I so we will not be walked in on.”

Goku blushed got more redder then he nod his head. “I would like that Vegeta if that is okay with you Bulma.” Goku said.

Bulma looked at Goku. “What! Why did you say that Goku. You are in an arranged marriage with Vegeta and I am not dating him. I never was Goku. We tried it once yet we found out that we were not meant to be. Vegeta wanted you and I wanted Yamcha still so we planed this vacation so Vegeta could woo you so he can be with you not me.” Bulma said.

Goku looked at Bulma. “You planed this for me and him.” Goku said then he looked down. “I need to be alone for a while.” Goku said as he walked to the door before he left.

“Kakarot!” Vegeta said he was about to go after Goku yet Bulma stopped him.

“Vegeta let him go if you try to force him into some thing that he does not want to be in he will be out of your reach then he will break down.” Bulma said.

“But woman.” Vegeta said but Bulma put her hands on her hips giving him a look telling him to shut up. “Fine I will trust you yet if this back fires you are paying for this.” Vegeta said then he left to get some clothes on.


Meanwhile Goku was down at the bar sitting at the bar then he jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder then he turned around and saw Darkari standing there. “Oh hey.” Goku said then he sighed.

“Hey do not oh hey me Goku did you have a fight with your boyfriend or what.” Darkari said as he sat down by Goku.

“No it is just that he and I should not be a couple.” Goku said.

“Huh why do you say that?” Darkari said.

“Will he is to have a son with Bulma and if he is with me he would never have that child and the child will never be born.” Goku said with his head down.

“I see yet I am not following did she tell you this or did someone else say this to you.” Darkari said.

“Someone else did. This boy from the future saied that his father is Vegeta and his mother is Bulma.” Goku said.

Darkari laughed then he looked at Goku. “Goku if it was not her that said this then why in fucking god’s name are you listening to them you and I know damn will that she is the one that makes the rules when it comes to fate not some child from the future that say shit. If that was true then we would have been a couple not you and Vegeta. I still remember that day you asked me to be your first when you where only sixteen. We tried to yet you said no when I was about to put it in you yet I stopped.” Darkari said.

Goku turned his head. “Please do not try to remind me. I still love you deeply Darkari yet I love Vegeta more. I always wanted to be with him when I was little. I gave my self to him when I was eighteen yet he left me when I was pregnant yet he had his reasons yet now he is back and I do not know what I should do. I do not want to hurt him yet I am married to someone else.” Goku said with tears in his eyes.

Darkari made Goku look at him. “Goku I will ignore the part that you lied to me about that guy yet why in fucking hell did you marry someone else then your one true love and do you love this person you married.” Darkari said.

Goku sighed. “No I do not love her. I never did. I thought it would be easier on me if I married her so I could give my children a good life yet she said only one child should stay with me and her while the other be given up for adoption. I begged her to let me keep all of them yet she would not have it so I gave three of them to Mayen.” Goku said.

Darkari looked pissed then he jumped out of his chair. “Tell me who is this bitch that made your life a living hell I will make her pay for what she did to you and your children.” Darkari said with fire in his eyes.

“Darkari please calm down I am taking care of it. I was planning on asking for a divorce from her when my one son is older so let it go.” Goku said.

Darkari looked at Goku then he pinned Goku to the bar. “You are getting this divorce from this bitch now and no buts about it. Your life is miserable and a child should not live a lie for their whole life to they are older.” Darkari growled then he pulled Goku off the stool and out of the bar.

“Hey can you slow down and what is the rush Darkari you do not know how ChiChi is. She will not let me go that is why I never left her.” Goku said.

Darkari stopped then he looked at Goku his eyes were blood red. “So that is who you married that half breed that you talked about that was a crazy bitch that wanted to marry you because you saved her life.” Darkari said as he looked at Goku.

Goku yelped then he looked down. “Yes.” Goku said in fear.

Darkari looked pissed then he calmed down when he saw Goku like the way he was. He put a hand on Goku’s cheek. “Goku I am sorry I scared you yet if I knew you married her I would have gone to that wedding and stopped it before you marry her. You know how much I love you and you know how much I care about you.” Darkari said. He was about to kiss Goku to he heard a growl. He pulled away and saw an angry Vegeta by the elevators.

“Get away from my mate you bastard the only one that gets to have their hands on him is me.” Vegeta said as he walked to them.

Darkari looked at Vegeta then he growled back. His fangs were showing and his eyes were blood red again. “Will oh will we meet again you trouble maker.” Darkari said coldly as he pushed Goku behind him.

Vegeta looked pissed he walked to Darkari with his power raised up. He was ready for a fight and he would give Darkari one hell of a fight if he got in his way of claiming Goku as his mate. Goku did not know what to do he was scared yet if he allowed this to go on people would get hurt so he rushed in between them and he looked at them as he powered up to super saiyan. “Will you two just stop it please I do not want no one to get hurt over me. I hate fighting and I hate people dying because of me.” Goku said with tears in his eyes.

Vegeta and Darkari stopped then they powered down. Darkari looked at Vegeta then he sighed. “You better make him happy and stay with him. If I hear that you left him while he is pregnant again so help me I will kill you and take him as my own. I know I will be killed by going against the gods for taking him yet it will be worth it because he is worth dying for.” Darkari said then he looked at Goku. “Goku I am going to give that bitch that your married to a piece of my mind then she better divorce you or I will force her to because she has messed with the wrong guy.” Darkari said then he left.

Goku gasped then he looked scared. Vegeta walked to Goku. “Kakarot who the hell was that guy and was he one of your crushes that you had.” Vegeta said.

Goku looked at Vegeta. “He was my ex-boyfriend that I dated yet we ended up breaking it off because I love you more then what I loved him. I almost last my virginity to him when I was sixteen yet I will said no so he stopped.” Goku said as he looked down.

Vegeta looked at Goku then he looked down. “I see.” Vegeta said. “So he was Kakarot’s first ideal mate that will be hard to break their bond yet I need to do it before Kakarot goes into his heat or that guy and I would have to battle for the rights to mate with Kakarot.” Vegeta thought to him self then he shocked his head when he heard Goku speak. “Huh what?”

Goku sighed. “I said we should go to the room before Darkari kills ChiChi or ChiChi kills Darkari.” Goku said.

“Oh alright.” Vegeta said then they gone into the elevator. Once in Vegeta sighed then he looked at Goku. “Kakarot I need to tell you something that you need to know about this whole bond you and Darkari have. Kakarot I know you say you love me yet he was your first ideal mate that means you still love him and this will be a problem when you go into heat again you will make us both want you then we will have to fight for the right to mate with you. Once we fight it will be the battle to the death. Would you be alright with this or should I mark you now before you go into heat if I mark you now it will break the bond you have with him so he will not have a claim on you.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

Goku looked at Vegeta his eyes were filled with fear. “Vegeta I just do not know this is a lot to take in for me so I need time.” Goku said with his head down.

Vegeta growled. “Kakarot you do not have time to wait you will be in heat soon I can smell it on you that is why I have been going into rut. When I go into full rut you’ll go into your full heat so you need to pick which one of us do you want more me or him, Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he pinned Goku to the wall.

“Vegeta I just do not know what should I do. I love you so much yet I am still married to ChiChi still.” Goku said as he looked away.

Vegeta growled he could tell Goku was avoiding his question so he punched the wall. “Damn it Kakarot you avoiding my question what the hell is going on tell me Kakarot I know something is bothering you so tell me.” Vegeta yelled.

Goku growled then he looked at Vegeta and pushed him back. “Vegeta if you want to know so fucking bad you and Bulma should be together not me and you. You and I where never meant to be together. I was to die yet I did not now you can’t forgot me or leave me alone because of what your parents want for us yet I do not want to be in this marriage with you yet I was forced to be with you because I did not want to upset my parents now that they’re dead I can do what I should have done the first time you came to Earth.” Goku yelled as he reached for Vegeta’s necklace yet he could not bring him self to pull it so he ITed out of the elevator.

Vegeta fallen to his knees he could not believe Goku nearly pulled off his necklace. He wanted to know what Kakarot meant by all that stuff yet he did not have time to ask because Goku lift before he could. He jumped up when the elevator dinged on their floor. He turned around and walked out of the elevator. Once he walked off the elevator he heard yelling. It was Darkari and ChiChi yelling at each other about Goku. He froze when he heard Darkari yell something about the fate god will not stand for this no longer then he saw the door open and he jumped when he saw Darkari with blood red eyes with a dark aura around him. Vegeta could not believe the power that he was giving off it was more powerful then a super saiyan. He jumped when Darkari looked at him coldly then he made a hand gesture for him to follow him so he did. “Why do you want me to follow you.” Vegeta said.

“You are coming with me it is about time you meet her. I know you shouldn’t meet her yet I feel it is time we get to the bottom of this and see if she wants you with Goku or broken up. Goku told me something and I feel it is time for you to see her to get answers.” Darkari said as they walked to the elevator.

Vegeta stopped and he looked at Darkari. “Who is this her you are talking about.” Vegeta said.

“Did you not hear me when I said the fate god will not stand for this. I know you where standing there when I said it so do not play dumb with me.” Darkari said coldly.

“Yeah I was yet why will you go see a fate god they lie and play games with people’s lives.” Vegeta said.

“I know they do that but it is time to get answers and I will force it out of her if I have to. I will not stand for this when Goku’s future is on the line here.” Darkari said then he pushed the elevator down button.

“Oh okay yet how are you to get to where she lives I heard all the gods live on their own planets all over the space and Other World.” Vegeta said.

“I know that but this fate god lives here in Realms City. She lived here along time ago for many years yet she changed her line of work few times from Royal, Fortune Teller, Card Reader and so one yet all the jobs she had or have still do with fate so it never changed from her real job that much.” Darkari said then he walked on the elevator once the doors open.

Vegeta followed then he looked at Darkari. “This sounds like that bitch Ali the royal of Vegetasei. She is the one reason why the saiyan race is dead because she came here to live on Earth yet where was the city she was living in. It was Middle something. Grr what was the name.” Vegeta thought to him self. Vegeta jumped when he saw Darkari look at him. “What?”

“I should worn you when you see her you should have a clear heart and mind.” Darkari said.

“Huh?” Vegeta said. “Wait did he read my mind.” Vegeta thought to him self.

Darkari looked at Vegeta and narrowed his eyes before he spoke into Vegeta’s mind. “Yes I did not that I wanted to but your mind is easier to read then Goku’s it took me two years to finally get inside his mind then I was blocked out because he did not want me in there.” Darkari said in Vegeta’s mind.

“Alright would you stop that please. I do not want you in my mind. The mind of a saiyan should only be read by their mate not someone that is not their mate.” Vegeta yelled.

“Alright I will try to ignore your mind yet you will have a hard time blocking out her because she was harder for Goku to block out when he first meet her. I was there when he meet her. He was only a boy yet he wanted help with his dreams so he came to see her. I knew it was forbidden to fall in love with a child of the alizarin moon yet he was so cute. I watched over him all his life. I was like his watcher when he need watching. Yet I stopped after he told me to after we broken up. I could not bear to see him with another.” Darkari said with his head down.

Vegeta growled. “Why are you telling me this are you trying to make me pissed off or is there a reason for this!” Vegeta yelled.

Darkari looked at Vegeta. “There is a reason. I want you to make Goku happy I know you are the devil of the alizarin moon and it is your job to do what ever you can to please him so do it.” Darkari said.

Vegeta blinked then he smirked. “I will do just that yet first I have to mark him yet Kakarot thinks I should be with Bulma not him so how can I change his mind on that.” Vegeta said.

“Will once we see her everything will be come clear.” Darkari said then he step out of the elevator when the doors open. Vegeta followed then they left the hotel.


Meanwhile Goku was on an island that was by Realms City. He hugged his knees crying with his forehead in his knees. He jumped when he heard foot steps then he saw the last person he wanted to see right now. He growled at them with hate in his eyes. The person jumped back and hold up his hands. “Easy okay Goku I am not here to hurt you. I know what you did and I am sorry I should have never told you what I told you yet I only had half of the story about my family yet when I gone back I got the whole story. I was force to come back here to tell you the whole story before you make the biggest mistake of your life and change the future for ever. Also I am here to help with the androids.” The person said.

“Will it is to late for that Trunks I done it so get lost.” Goku said coldly.

“You still have time to change that mistake Goku so please do it.” Trunks said.

“Why should I. He probably hates me any was. Heck maybe he’s with Bulma and they are having sex right about now.” Goku said then he got up before he walked off.

Trunks sighed then he followed Goku. “I dought that Goku because he loves you more then he loves anyone in this world.” Trunks said.

“Yeah right if he did he would never left me. I should have given my self to Darkari when I was sixteen he loves me.” Goku said yet his heart was hurting when he said that.

Trunks grabbed Goku and made him turn around. He saw Goku was crying he did not know what to do he wanted to hold Goku and tell him everything will be okay yet he knew that would not help him so he sighed. “Goku just hear me out okay I know what I said was hateful and not right when I said that Bulma was my mother yet I did not know the truth about my parents. My father is Vegeta that is true yet my mother is not Bulma. My mother is you, Goku.” Trunks said. Goku’s eyes grow huge then he past out. “Goku!” Trunks yelled.


Vegeta and Darkari are out side of a huge manor. Vegeta sees the girl that told him about the soul types about him and Goku. Darkari walked to her. “Hey San is she here I am here to see her.” Darkari said.

“Yeah she is here yet why is he here with you.” San said as she looked at Vegeta.

“San he needs to see her to clear some stuff up about this whole mess and I know she has the answers so please allow him to see her.” Darkari said.

“Fine yet if he tries to kill her you better stop him.” San said then she walked to the steps. “Follow me I will take you to her.”

“Thanks San.” Darkari said then Vegeta and Darkari followed San into the manor then they walked down hallways after hallways to they came to a red door that was all by it self. “San are we allowed in there she said no one is allowed in unless it is time they meet her in her true form.” Darkari said.

“I know yet it is time and she wants Vegeta to meet her in her true form. Goku already meet her in her true form when he was a child when he first came here so it is time Vegeta meet her in her true form too.” San said.

“Fine.” Darkari said then he looked at Vegeta. “Vegeta once you in here you will get all your answers that you seek yet please do not hate her when you find out who she is. I know you might hate or do hate her yet do not hold that against her because she not the enemy here and never will be. She is trying to do her best as the Fate God yet it is hard when she has to worry about the dark ones that wanted to mess everything up that she worked so hard on.” Darkari said.

“Fine I will not hold it against this person can I please hurry up and meet this bitch before I lose Kakarot.” Vegeta yelled.

“As you wish.” Darkari said then he open the door then he stepped a side. “You will have to meet her alone I would go with you yet she wants to meet you alone.”

“Huh fine by me!” Vegeta said then he walked in the room then the door was closed behind him. He looked around and he was in a forest. “What the hell is this!” Vegeta yelled.

Calm down Vegeta just walked deeper into the forest then you will come to a house inside of the house will be her.” Darkari said in Vegeta’s mind.

Alright yet if this is a trick you are so dead.” Vegeta yelled back in his mind then he walked deeper into the forest. He stopped when he came to house. It was a small little house. He shrugged then he walked onto the deck then he walked to the doors of the house. He saw the doors open. In side of the house was dark he seen some one seating down at a table. “Who is there show your self?” Vegeta yelled.

“Are you sure Vegeta that you want to see me or do you want to just asked me your questions first.” The person said.

“Who the hell are you! I said show your self now show your self you fucking Fate God.” Vegeta yelled.

“Very well.” The person said then the candles around the room lite and sitting there was a young adult woman she had long blond hair and bright green with red eyes. She had a long black kimono on with red flowers on it with a red sash on her waist. “Sit and have some tea with me Vegeta then we can get down to business.” She said.

Vegeta looked pissed then he looked at her. “Enough bullshit bitch you are going to tell me who you are and what the fuck do you know. I did not come here for tea. I came here for answers and you have them.” Vegeta yelled.

“You have not changed one bit Vegeta you are still a hot head prince that always wants what he wants and never want to wait.” She said then she got up. “Tell me if I tell you the truth what will you do with the truth.” She said as she walked past Vegeta then she slipped on high platform sandals.

Vegeta looked at her then he growled. “Do not play fucking head games with me bitch I am not in the mood Kakarot nearly broken our arranged married because he thinks I should be with Bulma and he feels he should have died.” Vegeta yelled.

“Huh I see yet he did not so be glad that he did not do that or if he did I would have kicked his ass for that, Vegeta.” The girl said then she walked down the steps. “Come with me.” She said.

“Bitch I am not going any where with you to you fucking stop messing around I want the truth about everything that is going on. You are a fucking pain in my ass just like the royal of Vegetasei was. She was a bitch just like you.” Vegeta yelled.

The girl turned around then she looked at Vegeta. “Oh so I am a bitch still and I thought you saw me as a sister when you where little.” She said.

Vegeta looked at her then he growled. “Ali you fucking bitch you should pay for what you did because of you Vegetasei is gone. It was blown up by Frieza. My people where killed and I was force to live a life of hell. The only ones that keep me safe from Frieza where Raditz, Nappa, Lunela and Ellan to they all where killed. Lunela and Ellan died on a mission a week after I came back from Earth when Kakarot was eighteen then Raditz was killed by Piccolo and Goku. I know I killed Nappa yet he was after Kakarot and I would not allow him to kill my mate.” Vegeta yelled.

“Yet you manged to serve the pain you lived through your whole life. Did it make you stronger then what you where when you where little.” Ali said.

Vegeta closed his eyes then he looked down. “I guess you are right but why did I have to go through hell just to lose what I worked so hard to get just so it can be taken away from me and I am forced to be with a person that I do not want to be with.” Vegeta said.

Ali looked at Vegeta. “Vegeta only you have the power to chose your own fate no one else can. You are your own person and you can pick the road you want to take not someone else. All you have to do is got on your own two feet and walk a path that you want to make for your self. Even I can not make you pick your path for you because I allowed you to make your own path and you did will for your self even if I throw some forks in the road you got through them alright.” Ali said with a smile.

Vegeta looked at Ali then he smiled. “Yeah I did will. I better go and find Kakarot before he does something stupid.” Vegeta said then he was about to leave to Ali grabbed a hold of him. “Huh what?”

“Good luck and when you do claim Kakarot do not allow him to spill through your fingers. Hold onto him as tight as you can and never let go even when things seem to be getting out of hand.” Ali said.

“Thanks Ali.” Vegeta said then he left the room.


Once Vegeta was out of the room Darkari looked at Vegeta. “So did you get your answers that you wanted.” Darkari said.

“Yeah I did will I am off I have to go find Kakarot before he does something stupid like always when he is back into a corner and he feels there is no way out.” Vegeta said as he walked off then he stopped. “Crap I did not ask her where he could be.” Vegeta said as he turned around.

“I can help with that.” Darkari said then he closed his eyes then his eyes shoot open. “Vegeta you need to hurry Goku is on Lunar Peek Island and he is not alone. I do not know who is with him yet they could be a problem for you if you try to claim Goku.” Darkari said in a panic.

“Alright were can I find this island at.” Vegeta said dumbly.

“It is the only island by Realms City.” Darkari said.

“Alright and thanks.” Vegeta said then he ran out of the manor. Once out side he seen the island. “That is the place will I better hurry.” Vegeta said to him self then he took off.


Trunks caught Goku when he fallen then he laid Goku down on the sand. He felt Goku’s forehead. “Goku your burning up.” Trunks said as he pulled away then he got up. “I will be right back I am going to find something to help you with your fever. I thought I saw a house on this island maybe there is something here that can help you with your fever.” Trunks said then he left. Half why at the house that was on the island Trunks looked up because he felt a ki come near the island. He gone into hiding then he saw who it was that flow over head then they stopped right above him. The person land near Trunks. Trunks hide behind a tree. “Please do not let him find me.” Trunks said to him self.

The person looked where Trunks is at. “Who ever you are I’ll show your self or be blasted because I am not in the mood to play games!” The person said coldly as he powered up a ki blast in his hand. Trunks came out of his hiding spot and looked at the person. He tried to not show that he was scared yet he was little scared of the person because he heard from Bulma in his time that Vegeta was cold hearted, hateful, mean, jerk and a lot other things that made him scared yet he wondered how did Goku end up with Vegeta in the first place. Also how did they become a couple in the first place and how did they have him. Trunks jumped when he heard Vegeta growl at him. “Who ever you are I will worn you this you better get off this island and go back to where ever you came from because I am not in the mood to fight with the likes of you! I have other matters to take care of now leave.” Vegeta said coldly then he turned around.

“Alright.” Trunks said then he took off not wanting to be killed by his own father so he left. He headed for Ali’s manor because he was on his why there when he saw Goku appear on the island.

“Now that is out of the way no one will bother me and Kakarot while I claim him as mine.” Vegeta said to him self then he walked to the beach. Once there he saw Goku panting real heavy and the sent Goku was giving off was lovely. Vegeta growled then he shocked off the thought about raping Goku that came to his mind. He walked to Goku then he knelt down beside him. “Kakarot can you hear me.” Vegeta said calmly.

Goku open his eyes when he heard Vegeta then he growled as he backed away. “Vegeta get away from me now I can get through this on my own I do not need your help. I will not be your one night stand again like last time.” Goku said coldly.

“Kakarot I will not put you through that again. This time I plan on marking you as my mate. I will not allow any one to come between us this time Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he moved closer to Goku.

Goku’s eyes grow huge then he yelped when Vegeta grabbed his legs and pulled him under him. Goku looked up into Vegeta’s eyes then he started to purr when Vegeta lend down and captured his lips with his own. Goku wanted to fight back yet he gave into the kiss then he wrapped his arms around Vegeta’s neck pulling Vegeta deeper into the kiss.

Vegeta smirked in the kiss before he ran his left hand down Goku’s body while his right one gone into Goku’s hair. He pulled away from Goku and he looked into Goku’s eyes. “You know I would fuck you here and now on this beach yet I want this more conformable for you. Also I do not want to have sand in places where it should no be. So we should take this some where you can be conformable.” Vegeta said.

Goku blushed then he smiled. “Alright yet where at Vegeta I do not know of a place where we can mate with out being bothered by any one. I would say lets go back to the hotel and get a room yet we might make a lot of noise and be kicked out of there.” Goku said.

Vegeta sighed then he got off Goku and sat by him. “Damn it to hell.” Vegeta yelled then he flapped into his back.

Goku sighed then he sat up when it dawned on him about one place. “I know of one place yet I do not know if we can use it. I think she might get mad if we break into the place.” Goku said.

Vegeta looked at Goku. “Where is this place at and who owns it.” Vegeta said.

“Will there is a cabin here on the island that is Ali’s it would be good to use and we can mate there yet I do not know if we are allowed to use it.” Goku said.

“Will we can always go and asked her if we can.” Vegeta said then he got up and dusted him self off then he felt something in his pocket. He pulled it out and looked at what it was. It was a key that was in his pocket. “Huh?” Vegeta said as he looked at the key. “What when did that get in my pocket and who’s key is it.” Vegeta said to himself.

Vegeta I slipped it to you when I grabbed you it is the key to my cabin that is on the island where your at. You can use it yet make sure you and Kakarot clean up after you have your sex there okay. I do not want to come to a dirty place if I go there.” Ali said in his mind.

Vegeta jumped then he smiled. “Thanks and we will.” Vegeta said then he looked at Goku. “Kakarot lets go to that cabin.” Vegeta said.

“Huh but why we might get in trouble if we break in, Vegeta.” Goku said as he got up.

“You baka.” Vegeta yelled then he shown Goku the key. “She gave me the key when I saw her before coming here so I think she wants us to use it. Now lets go before you get worse and we end up fucking each other on this beach.” Vegeta said then he turned around.

“Oh okay.” Goku said then him and Vegeta walked into the woods. It did not take them long to they got to the cabin. They walked up to the cabin then Vegeta unlocked the cabin before they walked in. Once in side Goku looked at Vegeta then he blushed. “Um Vegeta.”

“What is it Kakarot do not tell me you are getting cold feet?” Vegeta said.

“No it is not that Vegeta. It is just that I am wondering will um.” Goku said then he looked away then he looked back at Vegeta blushing.

“Damn it Kakarot spit it out already we do not have all damn day for you to do this just say what is on your mind.” Vegeta said.

Goku blushed then he blurted it out real fast. “I was wondering if I could be top after you are done.” Goku said real fast.

“Okay Kakarot slow down and say that slower okay. You know I hate it when you talk to fast.” Vegeta said.

Goku blushed then he took a deep breath before he looked at Vegeta. “I said I was wondering if I could be top after you are done.” Goku said then he hide his face because he was scared if Vegeta would hit him.

Vegeta smirked then he pulled Goku close to him. “We can see if you feel up for it when I am done with you that is.” Vegeta said.

Goku blushed then he wrapped his arms around Vegeta. “Vegeta thank you. I love you.” Goku said as he hugged Vegeta.

Vegeta smirked then he kissed Goku’s lips then he pulled away before he pulled Goku to the stairs. Goku let Vegeta pull him to the stairs before they gone up the stairs. Once at the top of the stairs they gone to the bed room. In the bed room they saw candles all the room with black and white rose petals on the bed in the shape of a heart. Vegeta thought it was to much yet he ignored that thought when he looked over to Goku, who was already taking of his clothes. He walked to Goku and stopped him. “Allow me, Kakarot.” Vegeta said.

“Huh okay?” Goku said.

Vegeta pulled off Goku’s shirt once it was off he throw it to the side then he took off his own shirt before he looked at Goku and pulled him into a kiss. He ran his left hand down Goku’s body before he removed Goku’s sash then he slide his hand down into Goku’s pants. Goku moaned in the kiss as Vegeta rubbed his member. Vegeta smirked then he pulled away then he removed Goku’s pants before his own then he led Goku to the bed were he pushed Goku onto the bed. Vegeta got on top of Goku before he kissed him again. Goku kissed back as he wrapped his arms around Vegeta’s neck.

Vegeta pulled away as he looked into Goku’s eyes. “Kakarot once I claim you as my mate you will have to leave that harpy I do not want to share you with any one. After you leave her I want to court you as my mate for life. Once I do this nothing can come between us. If you die or I die our souls will be forever linked together and no one can break this bond.” Vegeta said as he looked into Goku’s eyes.

Goku hugged Vegeta as tears ran down his face. “Vegeta!” Goku said.

Vegeta lend down and licked away Goku’s tear before he looked at Goku. “Kakarot is that a yes to marrying me and being my mate for life.” Vegeta asked.

“Yes Vegeta I will be yours. I always wanted that. I love you so much, Vegeta.” Goku said as he hugged Vegeta.

“I love you too Kakarot.” Vegeta said as he kissed Goku deeply again then Vegeta pulls before he started to kiss Goku’s neck while he put his left hand around his and Goku’s member. Goku moans as he pushed up into Vegeta’s touch. Vegeta smirked as he keep rubbing Goku’s and his members together as he licked and sucked on neck then he pulled away when he heard crying. He looked at Goku and saw he was crying. “Kakarot what is wrong.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

~!~!~!~!~To Be Continued~!~!~!~!~

A/N: Huh I wonder what is wrong with Goku he seemed like he wanted it yet now he is crying. Also this chapter was twisted and mind blowing. I wonder if Vegeta will ever find out that the boy that he shooed off the island was his son. Well keep on reading to find out.

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