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Chapter 06: Day One of The Mating Ceremony

A/N: Finally Vegeta and Goku are on Vegetasei after not being on the planet and now they finally can start the long yet worth it mating ceremony. The Ceremony last about ten to eleven days before they can settle down and mate. Yet day one starts off now. I will not give any clues what will happen you have to read. Yet will Vegeta and Goku last that long for the mating ceremony or will they slip up and mate sooner. Will lets find out.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~Chapter Recap~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~!~

After that was said they gone to New Namek where Goku made two wishes one for Raditz to be revived and another for Nappa to be revived then when they where with these wishes they wished Gohan’s tail be wished back and it was before Lunela, Ellan and Goku took them to Vegetasei. Once they appeared on Vegetasei they where in the throne room in front of four royals. King Vegeta, his wife Queen Rosalur, Queen Ila and her husband Bardock and they where shocked to see the eleven people that appeared before them. Before any one know it Vegeta and Goku where hugged by the two queens, who where in tears. “Thank the gods that you two found each other and are safe.” The two woman said while crying.

~!~!~!~!~!~!~Beginning of Chapter~!~!~!~!~!~!~

Vegeta was so happy to see his mother but Goku was still unsure of his mother even after meeting her the second time. The first time was when he was on Vegetasei with his sisters when he was staying with them. He did not know if he could trust them or not. Vegeta could tell Goku was uneasy so he pulled away from his mother and walked to Goku, who moved away from his mother with a sad look. So Vegeta pulled him aside. “Kakarot, you looked uneasy. I wish I know how to break your seal yet Kakarot I don’t know how. I been trying to think of a way to yet I can’t remember how to so please try not to think your an outcast here. You are one of us and nothing will change that my love.” Vegeta said as he hold Goku close to him.

Goku looked down then he looked at Vegeta. “I know Vegeta but I am scared of doing something wrong or displeasing to them.” Goku said with his head down on Vegeta’s chest.

Vegeta rubbed Goku’s back as he hold him close. King Vegeta and Bardock walked over to them and smiled. “He looks like you are about to put him to sleep my son.” King Vegeta said.

Vegeta and Goku broken apart and looked at their fathers in an uneasy manner. “Hahaha nothing to be uneasy about you two. We not going to hurt you two.” Bardock said as he smirked. “We are just shocked to see how you two are with each other. We never thought that you two where this close. It is rare to see two saiyans close as you two are with each other.” Bardock said as he looked at King Vegeta. “Am I right Fay.”

King Vegeta nod as he looks at Bardock. “Yes it is rare to see two saiyans this day and ages that are to be mates this close as you two are. The closest to what you two have is the love me and Bardock have with our wives and that is no where near close as your love. It is hard to find pure love yet you two found it.” King Vegeta said.

“Thanks father and uncle.” Vegeta said as he hold Goku.

“Will you two should get in all the hugs and love now because in the next few days you two be taken to different sides of the castle to you two are mated on the last day of the ceremony where you two will be mated in the arena in front of all the saiyans that are all over the planet.” King Vegeta said.

Goku looked at Vegeta then his father and uncle. “Is there another way around this because I do not know if I could mate in front of the whole planet. I am shy when it comes to having sex in front of people.” Goku said.

King Vegeta and Bardock looked at Goku then Vegeta. “I guess we will have to train him in having sex in front of people so we will have to have Lia make a elixir that will stop him from getting pregnant so he can be train.” King Vegeta said.

Goku yelped then he backed away slowly. “Vegeta please do not let them do this. I can’t do this.” Goku said in a panic.

Vegeta sighed then he walked to Goku. “Kakarot I am sorry that this is the only way to mate in the saiyan way. I do not want to skip this and mate under the moon in our Oozaru forms away from everyone like out cast. That is how our parents did this and still to this day people question their love.” Vegeta said as he thought about before he left Vegetasei and how people where still question the love of the King and Queen.

“But Vegeta why does this have to be our only option. I do not know if I can do this. I do not want to have that many eyes on me when it come to mating.” Goku said.

Ila and Rosalur came to join the boys and their fathers after leaving the children with Lunela, Ellan, Raditz, Nappa and Piccolo. They where playing with the children yet when they heard what Goku said they know it was time to come over. “Will there is another way that you two can do this mating ceremony yet it will make people question your relationship. The other way is have a privet mate ceremony for just the pack, family and friends that you want to have at the mating ceremony yet that will make people question why did you two do this and if your bond is real or fake.” Ila said as she looked at Goku.

Goku looked scared then he sighed. “So I still have to have sex in front of people still will I guess I will do the none privet ceremony so people will not question our love.” Goku said with his head down.

“Kakarot you do not have to do this if you do not want to.” Vegeta said as he looked at Goku.

“But Vegeta I do want to do this for you. I know how much this means to you.” Goku said as he looked at Vegeta.

Vegeta felt happy yet he know Goku was not happy about being forced to doing this when he wants to have a mating ceremony just them two alone by themselves then he thought of something so he looked at his mother. “Mother is there a way on the East side that Kakarot and I could get married in the Saiyan way.” Vegeta asked his mother.

Rosalur thought of something. “Yes there is yet I do not know if people will question your love or not.” Rosalur said as she thought about something.

“What is it mother?” Vegeta asked.

“Will it is like the west side yet you skip the sex part and bite each other then you go mate under the moon in your Oozaru forms and while you in Oozaru form you bite each other again and reclaim each other as mates.” Rosalur said.

Raditz got done playing with the children and came over to them. “What is going on.” Raditz said as he came over.

“Kakarot is scared to do the mate ceremony.” Bardock said.

“Oh hmm we could ask Lera if she knows any mate ceremony that the past angel and devils did because she knows all about that stuff and if there is any ceremony that Kakarot and Vegeta can do besides the ones we know of.” Raditz said.

“Alright will lets go ask Lia for a elixir for Kakarot so he will not get pregnant to the ceremony.” Bardock said then him and Ila left to ask Lera and Lia for help.

King Vegeta looked at Vegeta and Goku then the children. “Will why they doing that I think you two should take the children to bed they look sleepy.” King Vegeta said as he saw some of the children yawn.

“Alright yet where can we take them father.” Vegeta asked.

“The north wing is your wing Vegeta and there is bed rooms for the children there along with you and Kakarot when you two do mate.” King Vegeta said.

“Thanks father yet Kakarot and I are going back to Earth after we mate and become married because Earth is where Kakarot wants to live and I do not care if we live there or here as long as I am with Kakarot I am happy.” Vegeta said.

“I see will why did you two come back if you two where going to leave that will make people question things.” King Vegeta said then his foot was stepped on my Rosalur who was in his face.

“I think it is a good idea that they live on Earth and maybe one of these days we go there and live for some while. It will be good for you to get off your lazy ass and get out of this castle my dear.” Rosalur said with an evil smirk.

Vegeta and Goku looked at Rosalur and King Vegeta who where talking. “Yes dear I will do what ever you say.” King Vegeta said as this made her take her foot off his foot.

“Good boy.” Rosalur said as she looked at King Vegeta.

Goku looked at Vegeta then he moved closer to him. “Vegeta it seems like your dad is your mom’s pet.” Goku said.

Vegeta looked at Goku then he started to freak out. “Kakarot I do not know if they are like that yet it does seem like that.” Vegeta said then he hold in a laugh that was trying to leave his lips.

King Vegeta and Rosalur looked at Vegeta and Goku. “What is doing on you two?” Rosalur asked.

Vegeta could not help me he bust up laughing. “Hahaha oh god Kakarot you tell them.” Vegeta said.

Goku jumped then he looked at his aunt and uncle. “Um aaa Vegeta why do I have to tell them.” Goku said.

“Because you are the one who said it.” Vegeta said.

Goku blushed then he looked at his Aunt and Uncle. “Um I um said that you had him like your pet.” Goku said as he looked at Rosalur.

King Vegeta dropped open his mouth while Rosalur started to giggle. “See dear not even our people think that I am the domination one here. Kakarot thinks the same way.” Rosalur said.

King Vegeta looked at his wife then Goku then back. “But I am the one that does more of the domination stuff in the bed room.” King Vegeta said with his head down.

“Yes but who is the one that you listen to at night when we doing the sex stuff and who is the one that you know not to cross when I am mad at you.” Rosalur said as she looked at King Vegeta with her hands on her hips.

King Vegeta looked at her with huge puppy dog eyes. “You my dear.” King Vegeta said as he looked at her.

“Good boy.” Rosalur said as she pet him.

Vegeta dropped open his mouth at how his parents where. It was like when he was a child his thought of his father as this big powerful man was just his childhood dream and now his father is acting like a puppy dog to this much powerful woman that stands before him that is his mother. “This can’t be true.” Vegeta yelled then he looked at his parents. His parents looked at him oddly. “Father where is you bad ass personality that took no shit from no one but here you are acting like some fucking slave to her. When you beat it into me that a King was to be not some wash up low life yet here you are acting like some wash up loser.” Vegeta yelled as he pointed to his mother.

King Vegeta sighed then he walked to Vegeta and put his hand on his shoulder. “For that I am sorry my son that I made you think I was stronger then your mother when I am no where near her level. I sometimes wonder what does she see in me when I am this weak fool of a King. I wanted you to be better then me and take over the throne like how my father was. Yet Vegeta I know see that my father was the weaker man then me. He was not that powerful then me. He feared the mages and third class because they where more closer to the saiyan way of life that he was not close to. They had powers that he would never have and he hated that they where stronger then him. Now I see that I want you to do what I can’t do. I want you to change the way of life for us saiyans.” King Vegeta said as he looked at Vegeta with sad eyes.

Vegeta did not know what to say. He was shocked that his father was not what he thought he was to be but how can he tell his father that he is no where strong as his father thinks him to be. He is no where near the level Goku is at and he feels he will be a let down to the saiyajins if he takes the throne where he is at now. “I need time to think father please give me that.” Vegeta said with sad eyes then he looked at Goku. “Kakarot lets take the children to bed then we can go train. I need to train.” Vegeta said then he walked to the children and picked up Raya and Saya.

“Huh okay, Vegeta.” Goku said then he picked up Dina and Gohan then him and Vegeta left the throne room for the north wing.

King Vegeta looked at Piccolo. “You Namekian I will have one of the maids show you to a guest bedroom.” King Vegeta said then he looked at a guard that was by the door. “You guard get one of the maid for me.”

“Yes sir.” The guard said then he ran off.

The guard come back with a maid and she took Piccolo to a guest bed room between the north wing and the east wing. Once he was gone Nappa and Raditz looked at Rosalur and King Vegeta. “We be going now.” Nappa said then they left.

King Vegeta looked at Rosalur. “Will now everyone is gone what do you want to do my Queen to Bardock and Ila get back” King Vegeta said.

“Lets wait for them and no we not having sex in the throne room again like last time.” Rosalur said as she at in her throne.

King Vegeta sighed and sat in his throne. “Awe you’re no fun.” King Vegeta said.


In another part of the castle Vegeta and Kakarot made it to the North wing and they took their children to bed in the bed rooms that where close to the master bed room for them. In the room was a huge bed big enough for the four children. Vegeta covered them up and smiled. “Sleep will little ones.” Vegeta said then he got up and walked to the door yet stopped half way when he heard humming then a song that he never heard in ages. He turned around and saw Goku sing the song.

♪♫I will never leave you

my dearly. I will be there for

you while you sleep oh my sweet

little angel.♪♫

Goku song soft as he looked at the children. While he was singing he was purring softly to help the children fall asleep.

♪♫So never forget that I love

you deeper then the sea. So

never forgot that I am here

for you my sweet angel.♪♫

Vegeta joined in on the song and this made Goku stop singing.

♪♫How much I love you

my dear angel. Because I

will never leave your side

as long as you are still a

live in this universe.♪♫

Vegeta song then stopped when he saw Goku fall over onto the bed. “Kakarot!” Vegeta yelled then he rushed over to Goku’s side.

The children looked at Vegeta in fear. “What happen to him is he okay dad.” Dina said as she looked at her father.

“I do not know little princess.” Vegeta said as he sat down on the bed by Goku who was still out cold. As time gone by he grow worried so he power up his ki to get help from his family with out leaving the room.


Half way to the hospital wing Bardock and Ila stopped then they looked at each other. “We better go see what is going on.” Bardock said then him and Ila warped to the room Vegeta and Goku are in with the children.

“Vegeta is Kakarot okay.” Ila said as she ran to her son’s side.

“I do not know aunt. He past out after I sang a song with him. It was the lullaby that my mother sang to me and I think when Kakarot was a baby I sang to him yet I do not know why that will make him pass out.” Vegeta said softy as he looked at Ila.

“Vegeta do you remember what Kakarot said when he sealed his heart. He said if you love me you would sing me the song you sang to me. Maybe that is the song he was talking about. Check if he still has the black seal on his head.” Ila said as she looked at Vegeta.

Bardock looked at them. “Honey how can a little song do this to him there is no way simple words can do this do this to him. He maybe just past out from over doing it or something.” Bardock said.

Ila looks at Bardock then she grabbed his ear and yelled in it. “I know my baby boy and he did not pass out from over doing it you brainless bone head.” Ila yelled.

Bardock pulled away and covered his ears. “God you did not have to yell in my damn fucking ears.” Bardock said as he looked at Ila.

“Will next time do not say stupid shit.” Ila said.

“Fine yet how will we know Kakarot is okay.” Bardock said.

“Lets take him to Lia and Lera then go from there.” Ila said then she picked up Goku then she looked at Vegeta. “Vegeta come with us.”

Vegeta looked at Ila then his children who cried them self asleep. “Alright yet we will need a guard to watch over them. I do not want any one near my cubs.” Vegeta said.

“Alright we can have Ail do it. He is the best man for the job.” Ila said she she closed here eyes and calls Ail through her mind.


In The Castles training room a young looking male saiyan dressed in white armor and suit with white boots and glove looks at his opponent who was about to attack him to he put his hands up in a T-shape meaning time out for a bit. When his opponent nod his head and walked away the man know it was safe to talk to the person in his mind. The man had green hair with a tail to match while his eyes where blue as the sky. His name was Feltail yet he is called Ail for short by the other saiyans. “Yes what is it my queen.” Ail said in his mind.

“Ail can you come to where I am at. I need you to be a job for me.” Ila said in his mind.

“Right away my Queen I will come to you.” Ail said then he walked over to his opponent. “I am sorry about this yet Lady Ila needs me to do a job for her.” Ail said to his opponent then he left by warping to Ila.


Once Ail was in the room Ila told him what was going on. “Hmm I see will I will watch the little ones for you and if the wake we can go to the medical wing.” Ail said.

“Thank you so much Ail.” Ila said with a smile before she looked at Vegeta and Bardock. “Alright lets go.” Ila said when she said this Bardock picked up Goku then they where off.


Meanwhile in the garden Nappa and Raditz where sitting under a tree holding hands side by side. “You know Raditz we should stop sneaking around like this like some no good thieves we have to come clean with everyone that we are a couple. You know I have to tell Lia about us. If we keep this up she is bound to find out about us sooner or later. I know we fooled around on the ship then we made it deeper after we died yet Raditz I am still bonded to her so I think we should tell her and ask if you can join our bond.” Nappa said softly as he plaid with Raditz’ hair.

Raditz looked at Nappa. “I know yet will that make it harder on you and her if I join the bond. You know I do not know if she will let me in. You know she was pregnant with your cub before Frieza came and how will a cub react to seeing their father back and another man come into their pack.” Raditz said then he looked away.

“I know Raditz yet I do not know. I love you and I love her.” Nappa said as he made Raditz look at him. “I can’t pick between you two. I know that sounds wrong of me but I love you and her. So the cub will have to accept having you in our pack.” Nappa said.

“Fine will lets go tell her.” Raditz said then they got up and gone to go tell Lia about Raditz joining their pack.


Vegeta, Ila and Bardock finally made it to the medical wing where a dark purple saiyan came to them. “Lady Ila and Bardock what is...” She gasped when she say Vegeta and Goku with them. “I do not believe my eyes Prince Vegeta and Kakarot here at last on this planet alive and will.” The woman said as she looked at them.

Vegeta looked at the woman and smiled. “Lia I see you still a nurse here at the castle.” Vegeta said.

“Will that is all I think I am good for. I failed at being a mother. I lost the baby on a mission I was send out on. I know I should have not gone out yet I had to go because I was called to do so.” Lia said while near tears

“Oh Lia I am sorry that happened to you.” Vegeta said then he hugged her. “You did not fail. The ones that failed you where the ones that send you out on the mission.” Vegeta said.

Lia smiled as she hugged him back. “Yes I know yet it was not your mother or father who send me. It was someone from my clan that sent me. I was to be a peace keeper for me and the Kitsunegloves clan. Ila and Rosalur where not here on the planet and your grandfather on your mother’s side send me out to the Kitsunegloves’ castle yet they attacked me yet when I thought I was done for a Snowbell clan member saved me yet it was to let for the cub.” Lia said as she looked down.

“Awe will I am sorry yet you did not fail. It was my grandfather’s fault for sending you. Yet why did he not send Ail there.” Vegeta asked.

“He did yet Ail was nearly killed and I had to go to save him. Yet I thought I had it under control to their king came out. He hit my stomach so hard it knocked me out and when I came too I was in the Snowbell castle with the king and the queen looking at me. They said their son saved me. He was passing by and seen me being attacked by the king so he saved me. After I and Ail where healed we came back here and King Vegeta and Rosalur show to it that the Kitsunegloves where taken care of. When they fought your father he got the legendary level super saiyan yet he nearly was killed because the king had that same form yet Rosalur took care of him when he tried to kill your father. Oh man your mother was real pissed off that he tried to kill him. Man that woman was deadly no wonder she is called the Angelic Devil.” Lia said then she shivered.

Vegeta was kinda pissed that his father had the super saiyan form before him yet he changed when he heard the rumors be true about his mother being the Angelic Devil. He wanted to face her now yet before he could run off to face her he had to see what is wrong with his mate first. “Lia can you look at Kakarot for me please.” Vegeta said.

“Yeah sure.” Lia said then she turned around. “Please follow me you three.” She said as she walked to a room half way there she looked to a blood red hair female that is at the nurses station. “Lera can you be a dear and get me the scanner and some needles please.” She said. When she said that there was a yelp by three saiyans. One Ila, the second Bardock and the third was Kakarot who was on he ceiling holding onto a light for dear life. Lia looked up and giggled. “Oh look he is wake.” Lia said then she smirked. “Get down here so we can do a check up on you and no needles will be used.” Lia said.

Goku let go of the light and lowed himself down to them. “You sure.” Goku said.

“Yes I am sure.” Lia said.

“Okay.” Goku said when he land by Vegeta when he land he looked around him. “Vegeta why am I here.” Goku said as he clung to Vegeta. “I hate this please it brings back bad memories.” Goku said.

Vegeta looked at Goku. “Like what.” Vegeta said.

Goku looked down. “Like being here when I wanted to be with you. I was here when I was a baby and it made me have pain that I was helpless to get to you.” Goku said.

Vegeta looked at Goku. “So do you know where you are and what planet you on. Yet do you know how you got on this planet and what planet you where on before this one.” Vegeta said.

Goku yelped then he looked down. “I am on Vegetasei our home planet. We where on Earth before coming here and we live there with your four lovely children Raya, Saya, Dina and Gohan. We came here be we need a pack for our family to keep us safe and to keep your rut in check when I am in...” Goku stopped when he got a look from Vegeta.

“Okay Kakarot that is enough so do you know who everyone is that is around us.” Vegeta said.

Goku looked around then he looked at Vegeta. “Yes my mother Ila, my father Bardock, Lia and Lear.” Goku said.

“Good but we still have to do a check up.” Vegeta said.

“Oh okay.” Goku said then everyone followed Lia into the room that they where going to while Lera gone to get a scanner. When she came to them Goku was on the bed.

“Okay Kakarot come over here and stand on the mat.” Lera said.

“Okay.” Goku said then he got down and stepped on the mat. When he was on the mat. Lera turn on the scanner and it ran up and down Goku’s body.

Lera looked at the screen on the scanner when the scanner was down then she giggled. “You still masking your ki I see.” Lera said.

Vegeta looked at Goku then Lera. “What do you mean still.” Vegeta said.

“Will you see when Goku was first tested by me and Lia we found a blockage on his ki. It was only reading a level two yet it shown that there was a mask in power level when we did the test. We told the king and he said to run the test again yet the blockage was still there so we put in the computer that his power level was that of a two yet still to this day we wondered what his true power level was when he was tested the first time. When he tried to make him mad the scanner blow up and we never got a reading.” Lera said when she saw Vegeta was about to leave she looked at him. “Your ki did the same when you where a baby. Your ki was off the carts too when we made you mad that is when you where given the nickname fireball that your mother calls you.” Lera said.

Vegeta stopped then he looked at Lera. “I see will I know Kakarot’s power level is higher then mine now he surpassed me in that because he has the level of super saiyan.” Vegeta said.

Lera looked at him. “You had that when you where a baby too your hair was gold when we made you mad yet your mother sealed away your powers because it was to soon to let a super saiyan walk around with Frieza around. Also Kakarot was the same way when he was a baby and your father ordered him to be sealed as will. You two where the only ones with the super saiyan from at birth yet there was another child close to that yet he never crossed into that level.” Lera said.

Vegeta looked at Lera. “Who was it and who were their parents.” Vegeta said.

“It was your cousin Broly. He was close getting super saiyan when he was a baby yet he did not get it because your father ordered Kakarot be taken into the royalty nursery where you found him when he was a baby.” Lera said.

“That is when you sang him that song while you tried to give him the soulstone that is on his neck.” Ila said as she looked at Goku’s neck.

Vegeta looked at Lera and Ila. “I see.” Vegeta said to both of them then he looked at Goku then to Lera. “Is he okay to leave now. I want to go back to the children they are asleep in the north wing.” Vegeta said as he looked at her.

Ila looked at Vegeta. “Vegeta you have to wait what about the elixir for Kakarot’s heat. It had been almost two or three hours and Kakarot’s sent is coming back if it gets worse you will have men after him.” Ila said.

Vegeta looked at Ila then he sighed. “Fine.” Vegeta said then he sat down in a chair.

Goku looked at Lera. “Can I get off this mat now.” Goku asked.

“Oh yeah you can.” Lera said.

“Alright.” Goku said then he sat down by Vegeta.

Lera left the room with the scanner. Once Lera was gone Lia looked at Ila and Bardock. “So how long do you want the elixir to last.” Lia asked.

“We want the elixir to last for about ten to eleven days for the elixir because we are going to train Kakarot in mating in front of people.” Bardock said.

“Oh I see will I can do that for you. I will be back in a bit with the elixir.” Lia said then she was gone.

Goku looked at Ila and Bardock. “Can we not do this I do not want to do this.” Goku said as he looked scared.

“Kakarot you have to do this or you end up pregnant and you can’t do the mate ceremony to the cub is born.” Bardock said.

“But is there a way to keep the baby safe if I do get pregnant with Vegeta’s child.” Goku said.

Bardock thought about some thing then he looked at Ila. “Ila is there a way because you where pregnant twice and both times you where horny as hell.” Bardock asked.

“Yes there is a way so he can do this with out an elixir if he wants to.” Ila said.

Bardock looked at Ila then Goku. “Alright it is up to you.” Bardock said.

Vegeta looked at Goku then his uncle. “We will still get the elixir for his training I do not want our people to say that the cub is not mine when they find out that he is pregnant with my cub before we mated.” Vegeta said.

“Yeah that is good to do because you know how the people can be still these days they are judgmental of everyone to this day and age. Yet when they find out you are cousins they will be wondering why the hell did we allow you two mated with each other.” Bardock said.

Goku looked like he was scared about this whole thing and he wanted to run away. Vegeta looked at Goku and could tell how he was feeling about this. “Kakarot I thought I told you this inbreeding is allowed with our people yet it is rarely used here. I think only the royal family uses it or children of the moon use it.” Vegeta said.

Goku looked down then he looked at Vegeta. “Yeah but I do not want to be judge by our people. I hate when people judge me or think little of me.” Goku said with his head down.

Vegeta looked at Goku. “Kakarot are you okay you acting odd since I sang you that song you seem different. You not like the Kakarot that I know and grow to love that was on Earth.” Vegeta said.

Bardock and Ila picked on this and they looked at Goku. “Yeah you seem different are you okay.” Bardock asked Goku.

Goku looked up and waved his hands in front of him. “I am alright trust me I am fine.” Goku said then he laughed yet his laugh was not the same one Vegeta know of.

“Kakarot you are lying to me tell me the truth what the hell is wrong with you.” Vegeta yelled.

Goku looked at Vegeta then he got mad and stood up in front of him. “ I am perfectly fine, Vegeta. I am not faking any thing. I am back to normal or do you like that stupid baka me more then the real me.” Goku said as he looked into Vegeta’s eyes.

Vegeta gulped then he looked at Goku’s eyes then he saw what he thought he will never see in Goku’s eyes. He saw pure anger and hate not the same old kind and sweet eyes that he saw before in them when he was on Earth. “Kakarot what have got into you. You where never like this you where kind and gentle man and that is what I loved about you. Why are you acting like some hateful man. I did not want this and you where never like this when you where younger. I wanted you like how you where when you where a child not this.” Vegeta said.

Goku looked at Vegeta then smirked. “Yet you where the one that said you wanted me more saiyan am I right.” Goku said with an evil look on his face.

Before Vegeta could tell Goku how he feels Ila walked up to Goku and knocked him out where he hit his head at when he was a child. Vegeta looked at Ila with why did you do that look. Ila looked at him then she looked back at Goku. “Vegeta that is not Kakarot will not our Kakarot. You see what you have not seen when Kakarot was around us there was two sides two him. One a mean spirited side and a sweet lovely side. The one that was talking was the mean one and from what happen to Kakarot keep the mean side locked up when Kakarot sealed away his heart yet now it is waken I think he is pissed off that you did that. Yet he also more pissed off that Kakarot sealed him away. I think we should keep him at bay to we figure out what to do with him while he is back to normal.” Ila said as she looked at Goku.

Vegeta looked at Goku. “Oh I see yet what can we do. I think keeping him out cold will not do that much good because he is in heat and what if he does in heat and get a lot of males after him when he is like this.” Vegeta said.

Ila looked at Goku then Vegeta. “We have to keep him out cold for a while to he and his dark side get an understanding of each other and things. I hope they do work things out or it will be hard for you to mate with him when he is mad at you and the light side to weak to take over.” Ila said.

Vegeta looked at Ila. “Okay yet how will this work for them to work this out because I do not want to go into rut while I wait for them to work this out.” Vegeta said.

“Vegeta just give him an hour or a day so they can work this out.” Ila said then she smiled. “We will take him to the north wing where he will be safe while they work this out okay.” Ila said then she looked at Vegeta with a smile. “Is that okay dear.”

“It will have to be okay I have no other choice but to wait for them to talk this out now do I.” Vegeta said with his arms crossed.

“Yes that is true now lets go take him to the north wing.” Ila said then she looked at Bardock. “You wait here for the elixir then when it is done bring it to Kakarot’s and Vegeta’s room.” Ila said then she picked up Goku and took Vegeta’s hand.

“Alright I will do that my dear.” Bardock said when that was said Ila and Vegeta where gone.


Vegeta, Ila and Goku appeared in the royal bedroom for Vegeta and Goku. Ila laid Goku down on the bed then she looked at Vegeta. “Okay I am heading back to Bardock you stay here with Kakarot to he wakes up.” Ila said then she was gone.

Vegeta sighed then he walked to the bed and sat down by Goku so he can wait to see what will happen if Goku will be the same Goku that Vegeta grow to love on Earth or be the darker Goku that Ila told him about.

~!~!~!~!~!~To Be Continued~!~!~!~!~!~

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Vegeta: You better not make me an uke or you are so dead.

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