Butterflies & Hurricanes

BY : Froglady15
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer:I don't own anything. Just my Husband, laptop, my 3 dogs and a very overactive imagination… Dragon Ball Z and any songs mentioned in this fic DO NOT belong to me. I MAKE NO MONEY/PROFIT!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Just my Husband, laptop, my 3 dogs and a very overactive imagination… Dragon Ball Z and any songs mentioned in this fic DO NOT belong to me. I'm just borrowing them for my own twisted amusement.

Butterflies and Hurricanes

Chapter 15

The Android who had spoken with Vegeta made his way back to Cold's base. It supposed now was a good time to give them an update. However, It suspected both Cold and Its creator would not be impressed that It had returned without Vegeta in its custody and with news that the Saiyan army was still standing. It didn't care though. It had been entertaining to play with them. Let them think they had a chance of victory and then destroy them.

It didn't understand the emotion behind this need to destroy and annihilate. It supposed the reason behind it was that their creator must have programmed them that way. However what did not make sense to It was how the Saiyans could still continue to fight on. Shouldn't people know when they were conquered, It wondered? No matter, it would all be over soon enough and its curiosity was ended as quickly as it had crossed its mind. Its orders had been to lead the army of Androids to destroy the Saiyan army Prince Vegeta had brought with him and to bring Vegeta back to Cold alive when the rest of his men had been successfully slain. So far, It decided, they were right on schedule.

It made its way into the base taking a brief inventory of droids still to yet be activated. It mused that they probably did not need to activate or send any more of them out.

"Where is Prince Vegeta?" King Cold asked the Android when it waltzed into his throne room in what could only be described as an aloof, care-free manner.

"He is on the battlefield," It shrugged. "Contemplating and coming to terms with his soon to be apparent if not already losses I should suspect."

"Why did you not bring him?"

The Android shrugged again easily. "His army is still fighting."

"Why haven't they been destroyed yet?" Cold demanded.

"All in good time, my king. All in good time," It replied casually. "In less than an hour the only remaining Saiyan will be Prince Vegeta; then I will retrieve him and bring him to you. You will see. I did, however, take the liberty of letting him know that all of his men will have perished within the hour and that he would be the last one standing. He replied something about having an appointment with you? I do not remember. It was a brief, fleeting conversation."

Cold regarded the Android coolly. It reminded him so much of his son and he still had not decided yet if he liked that or despised it. "Gero, you said that these Androids would be beneficial in that they would follow orders better than actual soldiers. Here I have an android that has defied what I asked of it and even justified its reasoning's behind it. If it were a soldier, I would have had it executed for daring to defy my orders or alter them in any way, shape or form."

"The android is the perfect warrior, my King." Gero replied nervously in It's defense. "I created them to not only follow orders but I gave them artificial intelligence so that they may be able to make their own independent decisions. I can understand your frustration, however a machine that cannot make its own decisions is useless as a warrior. It would be disastrous. I created them to have reason and sound judgement. How else could they win if they were only instructed to kill? The Saiyans are clever; Prince Vegeta especially. They would have found a way to wipe my androids out if they did not possess some measure of free will where their decision making programming was concerned. Fear not, they will get the job done better than any soldiers under your command, I can assure you."

The Android nodded once at Gero in gratitude of his explanation.

Cold glared at Gero a moment; he wasn't sure if he agreed or disagreed. "You are certain the Saiyans will fall within the hour then?" he asked the Android.


"Very well," Cold sighed. "Go and finish what you started. However you are to bring back Prince Vegeta whole and as undamaged as possible, do you understand?"

"I do, my King." It bowed and turned to leave.

"When this is over, I want you to make some changes, Gero." Cold said. "I need them to follow my orders to the T. Not take them and do as they wish. I do not care if the end result is in my favor. I need them to obey absolutely."

"As you wish," Gero replied.

"I will be contacting Vegeta and letting him know that I very nearly have his son. Make the necessary preparations for his arrival. I cannot have him escape."

"Everything is nearly ready," Gero said with a gleeful smile. He was very much looking forward to meeting the Saiyan Prince again. They had met once before, albeit briefly. However Gero had learned much about him during his time with Lord Frieza. He had become fascinated to the point of obsession with the Saiyan race as a whole and had done as much research as he could on them. However, the only thing missing from his research was not having a real, live Saiyan to study and experiment on for himself.

Now that they would soon have the Saiyan Prince himself and very soon his woman and half breed child, Gero was almost tickled pink at the endless possibilities! He had so been looking forward to know the result of Bulma's child; had it been born mostly human? Or had it inherited its father's amazing potential? He had been so disappointed that things had not worked out before. This time, he was ready and able to contain the Prince. He had greatly underestimated the bond between the Saiyan and the Brief's girl; it had been one of the biggest disappointments of his life and he was ready to remedy that. "I am ready for Vegeta, his mate and son."

"Good." Cold replied.


After the Android had left Vegeta, he had taken a few minutes to recover; not just his energy but his mental state as well. He knew he had to be thinking clearly if he was to get any of his men out of this predicament he had led them into. Now was not the time for him to sit and ponder all the would have, could have and should have options.

He knew that he had to stay behind here. If that was Cold's plan, then he had thought well enough in advance to carry it out. All that mattered to Vegeta was getting even a handful of his men out of here, which at the moment wasn't looking good.

Despite still feeling spent from the loss of energy, Vegeta was still easily able to keep up, out maneuver with careful planning and gain the upper hand of most of the Androids, while his men were unable to keep up for long. It struck him as odd that the one Android he had fought earlier seemed smarter and quicker than all the rest. He wondered if that was true or if he only thought that now because he was fighting as hard as he could, holding nothing back. Now that he knew to target the limbs and that they were nothing once dismembered, he found it easy to destroy them, but only if he could get his hands on one of them. They were still faster than him.

He snarled in rage as he witnessed another one of his men whom he had gone to assist, perish gruesomely before his eyes at the hands of the android. In retaliation, he was able to grab onto its tail while its back was turned and sever it and a leg. The android snarled at him and made an attempt to grab him, but it missed and Vegeta grabbed its arm, severing that as well and smashed his fist through the abdomen.

Vegeta went to check on the soldier who had been mortally wounded by the android; although unable to assist any further in this battle, perhaps he could be saved?

"Th- thank you, my P-prince," he wheezed, coughing up blood. Upon closer inspection, Vegeta was able to tell he would not be leaving this battlefield.

"For what?" he spat in shame.

"For, for choosing m-me to fight at your s-s-side," he replied with great difficulty.

"My choosing you has led to your death," Vegeta sighed, watching as more of his men began to fall all around him. Sitting here with a dying soldier was a waste of his time if there were others he could help. "And everyone else's. It was my error to come here at all, let alone with an army; I am shamed by my actions."

"Do, do not blame you-yourself, young Prince," the soldier replied, grabbing a hold of Vegeta's flight suit by his forearm and pulled him closer to him with a strength that shocked Vegeta being that the soldier had a hole in his stomach so that his internal organs were out on display and he was bleeding out rapidly. "You are young and inexperienced, but you will make it through this and this will make you an even st-stronger commander and general than you are now. You will s-see. It is my great honor to have fought and died under your leadership."

Vegeta swallowed back anger and shame. How could any of his men still feel anything other than contempt towards him now? Despite wanting to argue with the soldier, he simply nodded at him. At least the man was not cursing him and making him feel worse than he already did, although that would have almost made him feel better. A confirmation of his failure that it wasn't just in his head. He had been very wrong in leading his men into this suicide mission. "It is an honor to have had you fight with me," was all he was able to say in reply and he meant it even though he felt the words to be insufficient.

The soldier smiled at him and let him go then. "Un-unleash hell." he said.

Vegeta smirked and nodded once before leaving him to take on another android. He managed to destroy several more, all with relative ease, despite beginning to feel weary himself. He wasn't sure how much longer he could function at this level. He was more than thankful that he had spent his entire journey in his transformed state under the increased gravity. The gravity here was about the same as on Vegeta-sei and so he felt lighter and quicker. Had he not done that, he would have been done and drained hours ago.

He made mental note to commend Kakarott for the suggestion and wondered now where the third class clown was? He had not seen him in a while, not since he had been fighting the Android who had actually spoken to him and had informed him of the eventual outcome of this battle. He hoped Kakarott was alright.

Vegeta noticed Raditz, he had crossed paths and had assisted him in finishing off an android or two a few times now and each time, Asia wasn't far behind, which he thought was odd but did not have the time to think or dwell on it. However, there was some part of him that was relieved that she was still doing alright and had not fallen yet. He wasn't sure if that was simply because she was a female and he felt a responsibility to make sure she was alright based solely on that or because he really didn't feel like caring for another brat if something happened to her. Whatever the reason, as soon as he saw that she was just fine, he sought out another soldier who did need assistance and helped out.

"Whoever is left, regroup back to where we landed. Help anyone you can if you find them struggling but head back," he said into his scouter after destroying another android. "We need to retreat." he added after, trying to keep the shame he felt out of his tone. Retreating was not something the Saiyan army did and if they did, it was only in the direst of circumstances. He only hoped his men would understand and not fight him on this or ignore his plea. It was very clear to him that if he did not gather whomever was still standing that very shortly there would be no one else left but for himself.

He helped a few others out as he came across them and ordered them back to the meeting point. Some balked and argued with him and he had to pull rank to get them to agree to retreat but most listened to him and agreed that they were beaten. Vegeta was surprised there was anyone left at this point, not many but a few. Yes, they were making progress and had taken out a fair number of the androids, but the androids were picking them off at a much quicker rate than they were taking them out.

Vegeta nodded in satisfaction as he saw five of his men form a group and retreat back towards the meeting point. Hopefully they would make it. He felt another stab of alarm and dread as he noticed then that Kakarott was not among them. It had been far too long now since he had seen him and he was beginning to worry so he decided to look for him. He knew Raditz was alright; he and Asia had responded to his call to retreat and were looking for survivors or helping any who were struggling with an android to get out. He wondered why they had not come across Kakarott yet or why Kakarott had not responded to him.

For that matter, Turles hadn't responded either, which was rare. He hadn't heard from Ruco or Kolard or anyone else, which meant that none of them would have gotten his message to retreat and could either be dead already or they were still out there fighting. He pressed the buttons on his scouter in an attempt to find anyone else and was dumbstruck at the findings. There was Raditz and Asia who were stopped near a fading energy, the group of five he had seen which seemed like they were fighting at least two androids. His initial instinct had been to go and help them until he found one other energy level that was still strong and was fighting two androids on their own.

Vegeta hoped to high heaven that it was Kakarott. If there were any gods out there smiling down on him this day he at the very least wanted Kakarott to get off of this planet. Without further deliberation, he shot off in the direction of the single energy source. The group of five would just have to hold out. After all, they were at the advantage of five against two.

As he neared the other energy source, he allowed himself an inward sigh of relief. He recognized it as Kakarott's minutes before he'd even seen him. What struck him as odd was how far away from everyone else he was and wondered why he was all the way out here when the battle was a few miles south? Cold's Base was mere meters away, he could see it clearly despite the blizzard.

Vegeta shook his head and growled something about Clown Logic before jumping in to help his First Lieutenant.

"Hey, Vegeta!" Kakarott greeted cheerfully as he threw a kick into one Android's groin area and an elbow into the other's chest, making them both fall to the ground. "What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be helping everyone off here?"

"I was but I was looking for your stupid ass!" he growled in anger, despite his relief that Kakarott was alright. "Why the hell are you all the way out here?"

"Because," he answered, whooshing away from the first Android and punching it in the face. "You wanted everyone to head back, right?"

Vegeta grunted affirmatively as he grabbed onto the tail of the Android Kakarott had just punched, severing it and beating it with it.

"So I was distracting them here so the others had a chance to get out." Kakarott said matter of factly, winded from exertion. "If someone is here, they don't go looking for anyone else when they exit those gates. So I figured, I can keep them busy here and everyone else can take care of the rest."

"You idiot!" Vegeta snarled, still beating the Android with its own tail. He was trying to get a hold of an arm or a leg, but it seemed they had figured out that the Saiyans knew of their one and only weakness and so it continually out maneuvered him.

In sheer aggravation, Vegeta sent a ki blast at its stomach, knowing it would replenish its health and energy somewhat.

It grinned gleefully at him as though thanking him for the extra energy and Kakarott, who had been watching the entire exchange was quick enough to grab a leg while Vegeta grabbed an arm and the two dismantled it and quickly moved onto the other one, who seemed to be even quicker than its counterpart.

Together they managed to overpower it quite easily with a series of well executed kicks and punches. What gave them the advantage was they both knew each other and their styles so well they worked in such a way that they were a compliment to each other rather than a hindrance.

As they fought, there was a huge energy blast that blinded them both because of the light intensity and because it made the wind blow in every direction, which in turn made the snow fall thicker for a moment. Instead of this impeding them, it was a blessing as the android flew back into Vegeta and he seized the opportunity, grabbing it by the neck from behind.

Vegeta snarled in glee as he severed its head, causing it to fall brokenly to the ground.

"So what's your plan then?" Kakarott asked now that they had a free moment.

Vegeta stood there silently watching as new androids began to exit Cold's base. He knew if he was going to get Kakarott and the others out of here the moment was now. "I have no plan," he admitted quietly in shame. "Raditz," he called into the scouter. "Are you still around?"

"Yea," came a reply. "Turles is gone. It's only Asia and me left from what I can tell. That blast took care of anyone who was left."

"Fuck!" He whispered to himself, realizing that his last remaining group of five were the ones who had been destroyed in that blast that had helped him just now. What a waste, what a complete fucking waste was this all was!

"What do we do, Vegeta?" Kakarott asked calmly. "We can't win."

"You think I don't know that?" He spat.

"Did you tell Bulma yet?"

He nodded. "I did. She should have left by now."

"Alright. I kind of hope Chi-Chi stayed behind with my mom."

"I don't care Kakarott," he growled. "As long as Bulma is gone and far away from my father that is all I care about. Now quit dawdling and let's go find Raditz."

Kakarott sighed in annoyance as he followed his prince. Sure Vegeta was his prince and his best friend and he could appreciate that he was worried about Bulma and Trunks' wellbeing right now but sometimes he was so self-centered when it came to his own family that he never attempted to relate to anyone else and their worries; it really picked at him. He had every right to worry about the wellbeing of his own mate and son especially now that Chi-Chi was pregnant.

Kakarott loved Bulma like a sister and he knew the two women were close. However, he also would rather that Chi-Chi stay on Vegeta-sei where he felt confident she would be well taken care of. If he and Vegeta didn't make it out of here, which at the moment it wasn't looking too good he would feel much better if he knew Chi-Chi was with his parents. They would help her and look after her and his offspring for her remaining days.

Chi-Chi? He reached out to her through their bond. It wasn't something he did very often and she was still upset with him for leaving her there and not staying behind. He had only spoken to her a little since he had left. When Chi-Chi was angry, he had learned the best thing was to just leave her alone.

What is it? She replied almost immediately. He couldn't help but smile to himself; she didn't sound angry.

Have you heard from Bulma today?

No, why? Is everything alright?

I don't know yet, he said carefully, not wanting to unnecessarily alarm her. He wasn't resigned to thinking all was lost just yet. He and Vegeta had made it through some pretty tough scrapes together and now they both had something worth fighting for and worth coming back to. They couldn't lose this time. He had faith they would pull something out of their repertoire. Things aren't exactly going our way but I think it's too early to panic just yet. Vegeta is playing it safe and already told Bulma to go to her parents.

She was quiet a moment, thinking about the possibility that things may not turn around for them. Alright.

If she contacts you, I'd like it if you stayed put with my parents. He said, getting straight to the point. I know you guys are close but in your condition I think you're best bet is to stay behind. My mother will help you and I would feel a lot better knowing you were with my parents.

But I can't let her go on her own, Chi-Chi objected.

Yes you can. She's smart, she knows how to pilot the ship, and she knows how to get to where she needs to go. She will be just fine. It's not forever; just until Vegeta and I get ourselves out of this mess. Besides, if the King goes after Bulma, I don't need you and Goten caught in the middle; you'd both just end up being collateral damage.

Oh, so what, I'm just supposed to let my best friend go on her own?

This time, yes. He said a little harsher than he meant to be but he knew he had to remain firm on this if he was going to be able to convince her to stay behind. I would appreciate it if you would just stay behind. Bulma will understand; especially if you just blame your decision on me and my concerns for your safety.

Oh, you would appreciate it if I stayed so that means something? I would have appreciated it if you had stayed here but you went ahead and did what you wanted anyway! She threw back at him angrily. And here it's looking like you and Vegeta may not make it back-

I never said that, Chi-Chi. Things just didn't kick off here in our favor but that doesn't mean anything. It's still early yet and Vegeta and I have found ourselves in and gotten out of worse scrapes than this before. He just let Bulma know now to leave as a precaution and I am asking you to stay behind.

She was quiet for a long time and he could feel how angry she was with him at the moment. He felt really bad that he had let her down that much by deciding to leave with Vegeta but he'd had a bad feeling about this mission and felt strongly enough about it that he couldn't just let Vegeta go on his own.

Alright, fine. She grudgingly agreed. I'll stay here if that's what you want.

Thank you. He said whole heartedly. I love you and I promise I'll make it up to you somehow when I make it back.

I'm holding you to that, mister!

Kakarott smiled again to himself. I'll see you soon. Take care. He said, putting up a mental wall between them so as to not be distracted. He needed to focus if he and Vegeta were going to figure out how to get themselves out of this mess.

"Where are we going, Vegeta?" Kakarott called out to Vegeta who was several feet in front of him now. With the blizzard picking up even more, he could barely see him.

"To find your idiot brother," Vegeta replied.

They walked for a while, not wanting to raise their energy levels and attract the attention to any of the remaining Androids in the area.

Raditz and Asia were together but not moving which made it easier for them to find them with the use of their scouters and they were not bothered by any of the Androids, which Vegeta found strange.

"You guy alright?" Kakarott asked once he saw them. Raditz was crouched on his knees, holding his arm and Asia was standing by him.

Vegeta scowled at the two of them. They looked awfully comfortable together and he wondered right then if there wasn't something else going on there. Since they landed they had been nearly inseparable.

"Yea," Asia replied. "You?"

"I'm fine, actually," Kakarott shrugged. "I have a few cuts and bruises and I'm sure by tomorrow I'll barely be able to move but I'm okay. What happened to Raditz?" he asked, kneeling by his brother in concern.

"I killed one of those things," he said. "And just as I was destroying the remaining bits I was clipped by one flying by in pursuit of someone else. Anyway, then it decided to come after me and that fight didn't go so well. It twisted my arm nearly off."

"I destroyed it," Asia said. "I think his shoulder is broken though."

"Oh and how nice for you to sit by and nurse that for him instead of helping everyone else out." Vegeta snarled.

"Fuck off!" she shot back at him angrily. "I destroyed like eight of them. How many did you get? You don't look like you're in such great shape yourself!"

"There is no one else left out there?" Vegeta asked, ignoring her.

"I don't think so, no." Kakarott replied, pushing the buttons on his scouter. "I'm not picking up any remaining energy signals."

"When things seemed to get bad, we decided to look for anyone else to help and then we got your message and still searched while we headed back here," Asia said. "No one replied back to us and anyone we did find, there wasn't much left of so we kept heading here."

"Should we just assume everyone else is done and finished?" Kakarott asked, looking in concern out into the blizzard.

"I can go out and do another search just in case," Asia volunteered.

"I'll go with you," Raditz volunteered, struggling to stand up.

Vegeta rolled his eyes at him and his obviously injured condition. "We are on a mission to get everyone off of here, not to satisfy your cock, Raditz."

"It's not about that!" Raditz exclaimed.

"It isn't?" Vegeta asked accusingly. "You spent your last week hardly training and being how you two have been nearly inseparable since we landed, I assume you spent it wasting your time with her."

"With all due respect, my prince but isn't it because of your cock we're in this mess all along?" Raditz argued.


"Don't get me wrong, I think Bulma is great," he back tracked somewhat. "But it's because of you and her that we are here and making an embarrassment out of ourselves. You couldn't just have kept her on the side and done things the way you were supposed to and keep things with her low profile?

"Instead, you blindly took her as a mate, pissed off Frieza and your father. Got my brother killed in an attempt to keep her safe. Yea, okay he wasn't actually killed, but for almost two years while you were gone we all thought that. Then I don't know what happened but you disappeared off the face of the universe and you found your woman, took up with her and then destroyed Lord Frieza because he was smart enough to know to use her against you."

"How dare you!" Vegeta snarled, grabbing him by the front of his armor.

"Hey!" Asia shouted at him. "He's right, you know. Maybe you should listen to what he has to say because while no one has said anything to you, it's what everyone thinks!"

"Do you think I give a fuck about what everyone else thinks?"

"Clearly you don't because look where you've gotten us!"

"I'm sorry, my prince," Raditz said. "I mean no disrespect or insult towards you or your woman. I have met your woman and Kakarott's woman. They are decent and acceptable despite not being Saiyan. I do not begrudge you that; but with all due respect, even you must admit that you have let your affection for your woman dictate your actions. You have not been thinking clearly since you met her. You've started a war here all because of her. I agree that the Ice-jin need to go, but you should not have destroyed Lord Frieza the careless way that you did all because of your woman. What did you think was going to happen? That Cold wouldn't care and you and your woman could just live happily ever after?"

"Hey! That's enough!" Kakarott shouted at them in an uncharacteristically harsh tone. "It doesn't matter here who is at fault. What's done is done and right now isn't the time for us to be fighting amongst ourselves over things we can't change. We need to concentrate on making a plan."

Raditz glared at his younger brother but nodded in agreement. "I apologize, my Prince."

Vegeta nodded once in acknowledgement of his apology and let him go. While he was angry at being called out, he knew Raditz was right. He had let his emotions rule his actions for a long time now and things had not worked out for the better because of it.

"We've all made it back this far, maybe we should re think our strategy," Asia suggested after a moment. "We've been beaten badly. Maybe we should leave. Go back to Vegeta-sei and build up our strength and numbers. Now that we know what we are up against, we can better prepare ourselves."

"I am not leaving here like some whipped dog!" Vegeta objected. "If you want to do that then be my guest. Go and take the third class clowns with you. I don't need you slowing me down."

"Right," Raditz snorted. "Because you can win this thing all on your own."

"They want me kept alive," he admitted quietly. "Which is why you and whoever you can find left who is still alive need to leave."

"How do you know that?" Asia asked.

"One of the Androids I fought told me," he said. "It told me that their orders were to destroy everyone but for me. Cold wants me in his custody to be tried for the death of Frieza; the rest of you are nothing more than collateral damage."

"We can't just leave you, Vegeta." Kakarott objected. "Leave with us. We can hide on Callisto and train. I can let Chi-Chi know. She can bring the gravity room with her. We can train and come back, Vegeta."

"No," Vegeta said firmly. "Now get out of here before they find all of us and destroy you too."

"But Vegeta-"

"That is a direct order, Kakarott." He growled. "I expect you to obey without question."

"You're really going to play that card, Vegeta? Right now?" He asked him in a disappointed tone.

"Yes, now get going before it is too late," he growled. "Go and see to your own mate and child."

"And what of Bulma?" He asked firmly. "How am I supposed to tell her I left you here to fall to Cold? Do you realize that you will more than likely be tried and executed for your roll in killing Frieza? And they won't give you a quick death. Cold is going to inflict as much-"

"Yes, I already know all that!" He bellowed in frustration.

"Alright. Then how can I leave you to that?" He argued. "And how can I tell Bulma that I just left you here knowing that?"

"You grow a pair, you leave and you tell her it was a direct order from me to you that you leave!" he shouted, balling his fists in anger, not wanting to think about what this would do to Bulma once she found out. "Tell her whatever the fuck you want, I do not care. Tell her I beat you to a pulp because you were too stupid to listen to my orders and that your idiot brother brought you on the ship barely breathing which I am sorely considering at the moment being that you are wasting my time and your chance at escape over petty sentiments."

"Whatever you say then," Kakarott sighed in resignation. "Just be careful, Vegeta."

"Whatever," he growled as he turned away from the three remaining soldiers. "Just get out of here."

"Where should be go?" Raditz asked. "I don't think it's a good idea to go back to Vegeta-sei just yet."

Vegeta grunted, tossing Raditz the capsule containing the ship. "Take the escape pods and go; take Kakarott and Asia with you if you can find no one else out there."

"Please come with us, my Prince." Raditz insisted.

"No, I must stay here and finish this," he shook his head. "I need you to leave and go to Callisto."

"Callisto? Where's that?" Raditz asked, frowning in confusion.

"It is a small planet about two months away in sector seven. Bulma will be there with Trunks and Tarble," he explained quickly. "Her parents reside there. Tell the Namek guardian that I sent you, but he knows Kakarott. Bulma will be there by the time you make it there; if the Namek gives you issue ask for her. I told her already to get off of Vegeta-sei and to take the boys and go there. I do not know if she took Kakarott's mate or not. I only told her to leave a few hours ago when things took a turn for the worst. Go there, Raditz, and protect her and Trunks. Stay there, no one will find you; not even my father if a fresh start is what you are seeking."

"You're absolutely sure she would have taken Tarble as well?" Asia asked.

"Yes!" Vegeta shouted in irritation. "Now go!"

Raditz nodded once to his prince and turned to leave, not having to be told again. He didn't want to end up like Nappa and everyone else. On the plus side of things, this way King Vegeta would never know that he and Asia had survived. They could leave together and make a fresh start to their lives if they wanted.

"Thank you," Asia said, still standing there looking at Vegeta. She didn't feel right leaving him there to suffer whatever would happen next. "Are you certain you can't come with us?"

"Ha!" Vegeta spat. "Cold will destroy the rest of the galaxy in an effort to find me. I cannot risk putting Bulma and Trunks in danger. I will deal with Cold on my own."

"And how will you do that on your own against all of them?" she asked him with a frown.

"I will bide my time," he answered. "Now go! Before they notice you and hunt you down. Go and see to your son,"

"And what about your woman?" Raditz asked.

"What about her?" Vegeta repeated, he was so tired of them asking him that; like he didn't feel bad enough that this may be it and he might never see her or his son again. Why were they continually pestering him with this, now of all times? "She should be there long before you make it there."

"Do I tell her anything when we get there?"

Vegeta scowled at the ground. He knew she would not be okay with his decision to remain here and allow himself to be caught and taken into captivity no matter what bullshit Kakarott and Raditz decided to tell her. However, he would rather that than leave and have Cold find her and Trunks or have Cold destroy Callisto on a whim, looking for him and then have them inadvertently destroyed. "Tell her,"

"Yes, your highness? Tell her what?" Raditz pressed.

"Tell her," he paused a moment, trying to think of something meaningful to say but fell short. He wasn't some wallowing imbecile. He had told her everything she needed to know and hear before he'd left. He wasn't going to give Raditz some sappy message to relay. When he had a moment, he would tell her himself through the bond. If it came to that, which he hoped it wouldn't. "Ah, she knows," he spat. "Get out of here before you are discovered!"

The three remaining Saiyans nodded and carefully made their way as far away from Vegeta as possible, not flying and keeping their energies suppressed as much as possible to avoid detection from the Androids.

"I hope we can get far enough away that we can launch the escape pods without their detection," Raditz said.

"We should leave the ship out," Asia advised.

"What good will that do?" he asked.

"Well they won't know about the pods unless we are caught, right? So if they find the ship, they will assume that no one is left alive," she said. "On top of that, we should send Vegeta the coordinates of it on the off chance he makes it through this, kills Cold and needs a way out. We can send him the coordinates and he can take an escape pod as well."

Raditz nodded. "That's not a bad idea. We just have to hope they don't destroy the ship as soon as they see it if they find it."

"It's worth a shot," Asia nodded. "He's done so much for me in terms of allowing Bulma to care for Tarble in my absence. I just don't feel right leaving him like this."

"Don't worry about that," Kakarott said. He had been oddly quiet since they had left Vegeta. "Once the two of you leave, I will capsule the ship and go back to help him."

"Good idea," Asia agreed.

"You know he'll kill you, right?" Raditz deadpanned.

"He'll be more than pissed that I'm not leaving and he'll probably threaten to," Kakarott shrugged easily. "But he won't, I know him. I just can't leave him to whatever is about to happen next. I have a really bad feeling that if I don't go, I will regret it the rest of my life. I can't explain it, but it's the same feeling I had telling me not to stay behind on Vegeta-sei, even with Chi-Chi being pregnant and angry with me. It's almost like I'm meant to be here with him no matter the outcome and I can't ignore it."

Raditz looked at him long and hard, not wanting to leave his younger brother here on his own but also not wanting to outright disobey a direct order from his Prince or stay here and be killed for nothing when he had a chance at making a life for himself. "You sure about this?"

"Yea, one hundred percent." Kakarott nodded confidently.

"Alright," he sighed. "Just don't get your stupid ass killed, alright? We had a hard enough time coming to terms with that the last time you decided to blindly stick by Vegeta."

Kakarott smirked at his older brother. "Don't you worry about me, I'll be just fine. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I haven't tried yet. Now that it's down to the nitty gritty, I think it's time to finally let loose."

"You were holding back with those Android things?" Raditz asked dumbly.

"Uhm hmm," Kakarott nodded with a mischievous glint in his eye. "Well, just a little."

"What! Why?"

"I don't know," Kakarott shrugged, scratching the back of his head awkwardly. "I didn't think it would be a good idea."

"And why wouldn't it?" Raditz raged at his younger brother. "Maybe it would have made all the difference of more of us making it out of here or not having to leave our Prince behind!"

"It may have and it may not have, I don't know," he said with a slight frown, obviously he had not considered things that way. "I wasn't ready then but now I think I am."

"Okay, well it doesn't matter now," Asia cut in. "Just do your best and get Vegeta out of here even if it means dragging him off of here kicking and screaming."

Raditz nodded once and uncapsulated the ship. "Capsulize it and take it with you in the event you guys change your minds and bail."

"I will, Raditz," he nodded. "And find a way to tell Chi-Chi that I'm just fine and not to worry, alright? She will more than likely be on Vegeta-sei because I asked her to stay behind so don't worry if she's not there."

"Whatever," he shrugged. "Are you coming?" he asked Asia who looked torn between staying and leaving. Part of her wanted nothing more than to leave and disappear with Raditz. While things between them at the moment weren't more serious than flirtation and concern for the other, she was more than curious to see what a potential future with him held. If Tarble was on this random planet they were heading to, then she would be more than happy to give it a try. Her father and the King would never have to know that she survived this massacre.

On the other hand, her left over feelings for Vegeta were nagging at her that if there was any time for him to finally give her a chance, now was that chance.

Asia held her breath and followed Raditz. What did she have to lose? At least she would be leaving with someone who wanted to pursue her rather than staying behind and possibly losing her life for someone who belonged to someone else. Either way, she would see Tarble again if she went with Raditz and that was what she based her decision on. Her son.

She followed Raditz into the ship and onto the ship deck where the emergency escape space pods were kept. Raditz activated the emergency launch sequence for them before stepping into one.

"Care to keep me company on our voyage, my dear?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"Dream on, pal!" she snorted, feigning outrage, when really she could feel her face reddening.

"Awe, come on!" he whined and it was so strange seeing such a big burly man like him carry on that way, even if it was only in jest. "There's plenty of room here."

"Oh there is, is there?" she snorted playfully, leaning in somewhat, as though actually considering his invitation. She smirked at him and lightly brushed his lips with hers experimentally. He, of course raised to the bait and kissed her back. She thought of it a moment and while it would definitely be interesting and a great way to get to know one another, she decided she could wait until they made it to their destination.

Asia slyly pushed the close button on the pod before stepping away and hopping into the adjacent pod from his, snickering in glee that she'd fooled him into thinking she would actually travel in a small space pod, designed with only one occupant in mind with him for two months.

"Hey!" he objected over the communicator, but she could tell he wasn't all that upset.

She giggled. "Hey yourself," she replied, strapping herself in and turning it on. "Alright, I don't know where we are going, so I am just going to lock my pod to follow yours, alright?"

"Deceitful wench," he deadpanned playfully and all was quiet a moment. "Alright. I found it. Vegeta was right, it's about two months away, more or less. You ready?"

"I am," she replied, knowing she was agreeing to a whole lot more than just getting off of and away from this disastrous mission. She pushed the launch sequence control as soon as she heard his pod beginning to fire up. Asia set it to lock onto his and sat back, bracing herself as they were launched at break neck speed into the atmosphere. She hoped they wouldn't be noticed and shot down. That thought hadn't occurred to her until just now and she felt panic begin to well deep in her gut. She could not die this way, she was on her way to see her son and start a new life for herself. Sure she didn't know anything other than fighting and conducting herself in a royal court but there were other things she could succeed at in life, wasn't there?

Asia only hoped she could trust Vegeta when he'd said that Bulma and Tarble were on their way to the same planet she and Raditz were inbound towards. She didn't see why he would lie to her; not at a time like this. She hoped Bulma had made a clean getaway safely with Trunks and Tarble. If she didn't, then she didn't know what she would do.

Then there was the matter of Raditz. She wasn't entirely sure what to make of that. She had accepted his affections and responded to his advances and flirtations out of desperation and loneliness. Sure she was attracted to him but what if he wasn't the right man for her and she had just left the right one behind? She shrugged it off. She had wasted far too much time pining away for someone who couldn't notice her and she needed to leave if she was to see her son again. She rationalized it that way and if Raditz did prove to be the right man then that would be an extra added bonus she thought with a smirk.

"We made it," Raditz' voice came on over the intercom. "You alright in there?"

"Yea, I'm fine. You?"

"All's mostly well, though I am finding this space pod oddly spacious. It seems something or someone is missing."

"Right," she replied dryly. "Sweet dreams Raditz; I'm locked on to you and am going to activate the sleep stasis. I'm exhausted."

"Oh, I will have the sweetest of dreams, don't you worry," he chuckled, doing the same.

Asia smirked as she almost immediately felt the effects of the sleep aid filtering through the air take hold of her. Her last thoughts were of looking forward to seeing Tarble soon after she woke up where she would never have to see her father or King Vegeta hopefully ever again.


Vegeta had made his way back to where he had found Kakarott only a little while earlier, not far from Cold's base. He stood there, proud as he watched the Androids approach him. He knew they wouldn't kill him and their plan was to take him to Cold now that he was the only one left but he was determined to make them work for his capture. He had asked that they spare his men and they hadn't. So why should he make his capture easy on them?

He powered up as he waited for them, watching them carefully and trying to devise a plan of attack, though nothing was coming to mind. He decided it didn't matter. They would eventually wear him down and take him back with them one way or another. He had just resigned himself to making that as difficult as possible. Why should he surrender to them?

"Are you ready to come with us, Prince Vegeta?" the Android asked.

"Not quite," he smirked.

"You realize that the only orders we have are to bring you back alive," the Android said. "So we can inflict as much damage on you and use as much force as necessary to bring you in. So long as you are alive, Cold doesn't really care."

"I can hardly wait," Vegeta snorted. "If you want me, then you will have to work and earn that honor."

"I thought you had said that you would come willingly?" It reminded him.

"That was before you needlessly killed all of my men. The deal was if you let them go, I would come willingly. You failed to comply so that end of the deal is off."

"Very well," It shrugged in a bored tone once again reminding Vegeta so much of Frieza that he felt an extra rush of adrenaline and general dislike course through his veins. "I only thought you would appreciate the option to come peacefully."

"You are nothing more than a machine. What would you know about what I would like or dislike or appreciate? You don't feel emotions."

"That is true," It agreed. "Emotions themselves are foreign to me. However the words behind them I am able to comprehend and understand somewhat. Etiquette dictates that it is acceptable for me to give you the option of coming with us willfully rather than beating you down."

"I see," Vegeta snorted. "And did your creator give you any insight on me? If he had, you would know that the only willful act I would go along with where the Ice-jin are concerned is destroying each and every last one of them."

"Very well, my Prince." It nodded. "I will give you your wish. I can promise you will regret it."

Vegeta snickered. "Do you think I am afraid of you and your horde of metal implements?"

"Afraid? No, clearly you are not and that is to your own detriment I am afraid."

"Let us get on with it," Vegeta growled, floating up from the ground, ready to do some damage. "Let's see what you and your tin cans are really capable of."

The Android smiled at him, his red eyes gleaming. "It's about time," It agreed, raising up into the air and making his way forward to meet Vegeta somewhere in the middle.

Vegeta knew the Android was faster and stronger than him so he needed to find a way to out think it and wear its energy down. If he could take this one down, he was fairly certain he could slowly whittle down the rest of them. Maybe he would be able to take a quick break and then pay Cold a visit.

He hadn't kept Frieza's head as a trophy, much to his regret now. This Android, who Vegeta had decided was their leader or commander looked more like Frieza than the rest of them and he figured that it had been specifically designed that way. The rest of the Androids looked like Frieza in his last form, but they varied somewhat in markings and were plain. This one, resembled him perfectly in his last form. From the markings to even the voice. If Vegeta hadn't thought any better, he would have sworn this Android was Frieza brought back to life.

In any case, he chuckled at the thought of destroying this Android and bringing its head to Cold as a little greeting gift. Sure it wasn't Frieza's head, but it was the next best thing and would have to do. He only hoped he had enough strength and endurance left to do it. Now that he had calmed down, the tiredness and exhaustion was beginning to set in.

Vegeta launched himself towards it as quickly as he could. He hadn't forgotten that it had told him he was predictable. So he decided to try something unpredictable.

Instead of attacking him head on, he weaved and phased in and out, back and forth as fast as he could, hoping to confuse it. Instead of attacking the Frieza-look-a-like, he set for one of its minions behind it and when he was close enough, swung his arm out in a chopping motion as hard as he could, swiping its head off in one swift motion before it had a chance to react.

He smirked in satisfaction as the rest of it fell to the ground. "Who's next?" he asked gleefully, ready for anything.

"I am!" came Kakarott's voice from the distance.

Vegeta turned around to look to see if that was who he had thought he'd heard or if he was going insane, sure enough there was his First Lieutenant, whom he had thought and expected to be long gone by now.

He turned away from the androids and sped out to meet him. "What are you doing here?" he snarled at him between grit teeth, trying to keep his tone discreet despite his outrage that Kakartt not only had the audacity to not obey his order to leave but then show up here against his wishes.

"I'm here to help you," Kakarott replied casually. "You're not going to win against all of these androids. It's suicide, Vegeta."

"It is not!" Vegeta snarled at him. "I know I cannot win! Do you think I am a compete idiot? You were told to leave! That was a direct order!"

"I get that and I'm sorry for not following your orders, Vegeta." Kakarott shrugged. "But I didn't feel right just ditching you. Raditz and Asia are gone, they left and are on their way to Callisto. I have the ship on me, I'm going to help you with the androids and with Cold and then we'll get out of here; together."

Vegeta growled. "No, no, no. You do not get it!"

"What's there to get, Vegeta?" Kakarott asked with a shrug. "We'll get through this, together like we always do."

"No! That's just it!" Vegeta replied with clenched teeth trying to contain his rage and keep his voice down, ever mindful that the androids were just several feet away watching this scene. "You are not supposed to be here. That is the point of all of this, these androids. Why I busted my ass to get as many out as I could! Cold wants me. That's it. Me. Not my army, not a few Saiyan hostages, me. That was his whole plan all along; his and my father's. I am to be defeated and humiliated in battle and then taken to Cold where I will more than likely be tried and then executed."

"Hmm. Dissention among the ranks it would seem," the Android sneered at them. "I will let you two iron out your issues for a few minutes but I am afraid it will make no difference."

"I know that," Kakarott nodded, ignoring the Android and its remarks. "I am here to make sure that doesn't happen."

"And that decision will now cost you your life, you stupid clown!" Vegeta spat. "I am not going to die out here. I will fight until I am unable and then be taken in. They are under direct order to slay everyone but for me. So far that is exactly what has happened. Why is it you think I am not injured? How many of these androids did I destroy? Some may have been a challenge, but none have actually harmed me."

"That's a good thing."

"No, you fool!" Vegeta insisted. "You will die here and now if you do not get out of here. They will leave me alone and kill you. Cold does not want hostages, he only wants me."

"Then let's make him work for you." Kakarott nodded confidently.

"That was what I was doing before you showed up!"

"It will be fine, Vegeta," he said casually brushing off Vegeta's angry rants. "That was before there were two Super Saiyans."

Vegeta scowled at him. "What do you mean two Super Saiyans?"

Kakarott smirked knowingly at him and then let himself go, releasing wave upon wave of energy as he let himself transform into the exact same golden god-like state that up until now no one except for Vegeta had been able to achieve.

"You, you ascended." Vegeta commented dumbly as he looked at Kakarott in his ascended state and took in this information. "When did this happen?"

"A few days before we left to come here," Kakarott answered. "That's why I insisted on coming with you instead of hanging back. I am more use to you here than back home."

Vegeta nodded. On one hand he was angry that Kakarott had kept this from him, in a way it felt like betrayal; and it picked at him that his third class companion had achieved something that he thought unique to only himself. There was never a precedent for two Super Saiyans at one time ever in history. Only one. And it was so elusive that it only seemed to happen once every one thousand years or so; it was an anomaly exclusive only to the royal line, not something that was attainable to just any Saiyan no matter how talented or skilled he or she was on the battlefield.

Instead of being angry about it now, however he brushed off any feelings of animosity and accepted this new and very unexpected development. All that mattered was that he may have a chance at beating these things together and then face Cold the way he had intended. It now made sense why Kakarott had kept up so well since they had started this losing battle against the Androids.

Yes Raditz and Asia had also made it but just barely. Vegeta knew from looking at Raditz that he had barely been hanging in there. If he had insisted he stay he didn't think he would have lasted against one more android. And he didn't even take note of Asia's condition when they parted ways.

"You should have told me this sooner you fool." Was all he said and truthfully it was the main thing bothering him at the moment. He didn't have time to be angry or ponder the reasons why Kakarott had been able to ascend. At this moment it didn't matter and it was possibly the only chance he had right now at not being taken captive to Cold. "How long can you maintain the transformation for?" He asked.

"Not sure, I haven't really had much time to see what I'm really capable of. So far I can hang onto it for a while, it's not that difficult."

Vegeta clenched his teeth in annoyance. It had taken him weeks to be able to figure out how to channel his energy properly and be able to maintain his transformed state. Here Kakarott had not only broken the barrier but claimed that he could maintain it easily. "You really should have let me know about this while we were on our way here; we could have worked on it together. You may have ascended but if you can only maintain it for a few minutes here and there then it is of no help to me."

"Stop worrying, Vegeta." Kakarott said. "We've got this. Now what is our strategy?"

"The one in the middle, who looks like Frieza is in charge," Vegeta replied; he may be annoyed with Kakarott for showing up to help him and even more upset over his ascension but none of that mattered now. "I have fought with him already. He is faster and stronger than the rest."

"Vegeta, they all kind of look like Frieza." Kakarott pointed out.

"I know that but that one looks the most like him! Does he not look distinctly different from the others to you?"

"I guess you're right, now that you mention it."

Vegeta rolled his eyes in irritation. "Alright. Now that we have established that, I think it is best we take out the rest of them first and then take on the stronger one together. If you can manage to hang onto your transformation that long."

"Shouldn't be too hard," Kakarott shrugged confidently. "I won't quit if you don't."

"Hmmmn, we shall see." Vegeta smirked, at this point anxious to see what Kakarott was capable of and hoping he wasn't being over confident. "You take the ones on the left and I will take the ones right."

"Sounds good!" he agreed and the two Saiyans took off in either direction to destroy as many androids as possible.

They did just that; destroying each and every single one that they came across. For some they worked together as a matter of efficiency and for others they were able to destroy them on their own. It seemed that no all of them were made equal, Vegeta thought to himself.

He checked in on Kakarott who still was managing to keep up to him and maintain his Super Saiyan transformation and he wondered how he was able to do it? Sure he was able as well, but it took him a long time to build up to that kind of endurance. He had to make sure to find out from Kakarott exactly how he had managed this.

As he went in to attack another android that was giving Kakarott a hard time, he was grabbed by the arm by one passing by and it would not let go of him. He snarled at it, trying to get loose but it had a strong hold on him. "Let go, you piece of shit!"

The android chuckled at him and only tightened its grip and managed to flip Vegeta around, twisting his arm so hard he heard a crack. He winced in pain, unsure if it was his arm or shoulder that had given out. Either way, it was not good.

When the android dropped him into the snow, he wasted no time going back after it in a blinding rage. He grabbed its tail and an arm and ripped both clean off of it. Vegeta smirked as he watched it short out and fall back onto the ground.

Vegeta and Kakarott continued on at that grueling pace for what felt like hours to them both. Finally, the only Android that remained was the "leader". It kept its place in the air, glaring at the two Saiyans as they plopped themselves into the snow and tiredly let their transformations go for a moment.

The Android looked at its fallen warriors in disgust and pressed a button on its arm, initializing for the rest of the android warriors waiting in the base to be activated. He had been sure they would not be needed, but it had been wrong, obviously.

"You alright, Vegeta?" Kakarott asked Vegeta, winded and sore. He knew if they remained idle too long he would not be able to stand up and fight, never mind even move. Every bone in his body was screaming at him to take a rest.

"Yea," He grunted. "You?"

"I'm hanging in there," He sighed, not wanting to admit how bad off he really was. "This was a whole lot harder than we thought, huh?"

Vegeta didn't say anything. He just nursed his sore ribs and dislocated shoulder. This isn't good. He thought in despair as his arm and shoulder sagged despite him holding it in place. He suspected that his collar bone was fractured as well.

"Well, it's been nice knowing you, Vegeta." Kakarott chuckled. As a new batch of about twenty or so fresh android robots came out of Cold's base, making Vegeta's heart sink in despair; how many of these blasted things were there?!

"Shut up!" he snarled, though he had a sinking feeling that this would be it. He wouldn't even possibly get the chance to face Cold if they kept up at this pace. He was tiring, his body ached all over and the Androids were coming back harder at him than initially. Perhaps he had underestimated their desire to leave him unharmed. No matter, he would rather die out here in battle, honorably than in a cold, dank cell, tortured to death and helpless to defend himself. There was no honor in that.

"Are you ready?" Vegeta asked his companion as he stood up despite his bode objecting.

"Yea," Kakarott winced.

"I told you to get out of here," Vegeta growled again under his breath.

"I know," he sighed. "But if the rolls were reversed, would you leave me?"

Vegeta rolled his eyes at him. "What does that matter?"

"You know you wouldn't leave me to this, Vegeta. I know it and you know it." he smirked at Vegeta's aloof demeanor.

"Well I would not want to go back and inform that screeching harpy you call a mate that I left her stupid clown of a mate behind to fend for himself," he grudgingly admitted, knowing full well that Kakarott was right. If things had been reversed, he would have not have left Kakarott to suffer defeat alone and while this angered him, mostly because he did not want to see, dare he say best friend die because of him; he was thankful that Kakarott was with him. If anyone would have been able to help him turn this cluster fuck of a battle around, it was Kakarott. They had done it before and so far, it looked like they would do it again.

"Ha! I knew it!" Kakarott gloated childishly. "Raditz said you'd kill me for coming to help you."

"I considered it," Vegeta deadpanned, not liking to be reminded that his First Lieutenant had so carelessly brushed off obeying a direct order. "And I still might after all of this is done."

"Come on, Vegeta; be mad later, alright?"

"We will discuss it at a later time," he agreed, watching the androids carefully for any sign of a premature ambush on them.

"You and I grew up together, Vegeta. We've been through everything together too. We've helped each other out through good and bad, gotten each other out of more scrapes than I can remember," Kakarott said seriously. "I just want you to know that no matter how this pans out today, I'm not sorry for coming here when I should have stayed behind and I'm not sorry for disobeying your orders when you told me to leave."

"Enough with the useless sentiments, you fool!" Vegeta snapped at him. "Get ready, we will need to be focused again in the matter of moments."

"Oh, I'm ready, Vegeta. Don't you worry about me, I'm just fine," Kakarott replied, transforming back into the golden yellow Super Saiyan state. "I just want to tell you in case I don't get the chance that I am honored to be your First Lieutenant and I know we as Saiyans don't have friends, but I still consider you my friend. I would follow you and fight at your side to the end of the universe and back if you wanted me to and so I want to thank you for giving me that opportunity to do that with you."

"Enough!" Vegeta snarled, not wanting to even consider that things may not work out in their favor. So far, Kakarott's help had been a blessing and as much as he did not want to admit it, he was glad he hadn't listened to his command and he was glad that he had ascended. If anyone else in his race deserved it, he could not think of anyone else, other than himself of course, more worthy to yield that kind of power than Kakarott. "Get your head in focus and stop spewing ridiculous sentiments! You are a warrior, not a fucking poet!"

"I love you too, Vegeta," he grinned, "On our way back, we should spar and maybe you can teach me how to manage this ascension thing better, it's really exhausting."

Vegeta ignored the over the top sentiment and nodded once. "You should have told me before we got here. We had three weeks, we could have worked on it. Think of how many more could have left if you hadn't kept it from me."

"Yea, sorry about that, I didn't think about that possibility. I thought you'd be mad when you found out." he admitted.

Vegeta nodded in response, he probably would have been mad. Hell, he had been mad even when Kakarott had shown him and they were in the middle of the biggest ass kicking the Saiyan race had ever gotten! However common sense had kicked in and he let that over rule his pride. "If anyone deserves the power of ascension, it is you." Was all he said, not wanting to admit to his own selfish pride having been bruised by this development. Now was not the time.

"How many of these tin cans are you going to dispatch before your circuits compute that no matter what you do, you are no match for two Super Saiyans?" Vegeta shouted arrogantly as the newly dispatched androids began to move into their designated formations. "I mean you weren't even a match for one, but two Super Saiyans! You androids are far out of your league and Kakarott and I are going to turn this embarrassment around."

The Android smirked in response. "A bit over confident, are we?" It replied.

"Let's do this," Vegeta said to Kakarott, powering up.

Without waiting for them to finish getting themselves into proper battle formation, they took off after them, the thrill of battle the only thing keeping them going at this point, they were both injured and exhausted by this time. They each targeted the same one, dismantling it and destroying at ease before moving to the next one, which was not an easy task being that they were much faster than them, especially now that they both were beginning to feel the effects of battle that they had endured all day.

They spun one android into a high snow bank and continued to pummel its counterpart violently as they tried to grab onto a limb to seize and rip off, it, however, took on the physical blows and managed to keep its limbs free from their clutches.

What they hadn't counted on was the other android they had thrown into the bank. After the last blow, it hadn't returned to fight. It had, instead hung back and observed, waiting for an opportunity to seize its advantage. It launched itself up into the air and wrapped itself around Kakarott completely.

Vegeta tried to get in to assist, but was stopped by three of the others, grabbing hold of him. "Get off!" he snarled as he felt his energy level being quickly depleted. He could tell from the look on Kakarott's face that he was experiencing the same thing.

"That's it," the Android shrugged nonchalantly as It watched them. "It's all over."

Vegeta glared at It a moment before he understood what It meant. "No!" he screamed as he looked at Kakarott in panic. He frantically tried to get himself out of the hold of the three androids but it was no use.

For a moment the two Saiyans made brief eye contact. It was only less than a second in duration, but an understanding and acceptance passed between them in that split second moment before the android that was wrapped around Kakarott self-destructed, destroying itself and Kakarott completely.

As soon as the smoke and debris settled and revealed that there was nothing left of both Kakarott and the android, the three androids holding onto Vegeta let him go.

Vegeta floated down slowly back to the ground as overwhelming shock and grief took over his every thought and took hold of his very soul right then.

He let himself sink lower and lower towards the ground. He was so distracted and distraught as what had just happened began to sink in. He didn't even notice when his feet touched the ground; his knees buckled beneath him and he found himself slumped in the freezing snow in defeat and despair. He could barely breathe he was so consumed with grief and rage for what they had done to Kakarott.

He sat there for what felt like an eternity before the Android floated in front of him. It stood tall and straight, its arms crossed, legs together and its tail draped delicately in front of it. It looked positively regal and beautiful and perfect. It regarded him with a cool look of disdain and hidden amusement over his absolute loss. Being that it was made in Friezas image, Vegeta knew that look well: It was over for him.

"Are you finished playing games yet?" It asked in a bored tone. "I really wish you would just come quietly with us, but suit yourself."

Vegeta shot it a hateful look before launching a fist at it. Unfortunately it caught his fist, grabbed it and twisted his arm while swiftly kicking him in the gut.

He held back a howl of pain as he felt the bone of his shoulder give out for good this time. He wheezed as the wind was knocked out of him and he was unable to breath.

"How about now?" It asked, leaning over his hunched form as he tried to get air into his lungs.

"Fuck you." He whispered under his breath.

It chuckled as it looked down at him, forcing him to the ground onto his knees as it continued to bear its full weight on him; which in Vegeta's current worn out state was more than he could support. Dread washed over him as feeling of deja-vu hit him hard. He had been in this very similar predicament once before with Frieza. He hoped this Android had not been given the deceased lizard lord's memories or appetites and subconsciously tightened his tail around his waist as tightly as he could.

Instead of reaching for the appendage, however, it laid its other hand on his other shoulder and he knew exactly what the Android meant to do the moment he felt himself hit with extreme exhaustion. It wasn't fair, he told himself. "You are no warrior," he whispered to it as he tried to fight succumbing to the tiredness threatening to claim victory over him.

It chuckled at him gleefully at his defeat. "You were given the opportunity to come willingly."

"And if you knew anything about Saiyan warriors, you would know that option is not an option at all," he replied, trying to stay awake. His eyelids were heavy, his head felt even heavier, hell everything felt heavy. Both his arms were throbbing, his shoulder with the broken collarbone was burning in excruciating pain, yet all he wanted to do was sleep. If he slept, all of that would go away and maybe he could regain his strength back and destroy these horrible things. No! He told himself You cannot give out. It is over the moment you give in and fall asleep!

"That's right," It agreed. "I was programmed with the background knowledge of how stupid your race really is; how you would rather suffer and die horribly rather than accept defeat by your enemy and live to fight another day. I wonder, did some of your men see and feel the glory at their own deaths? Being ripped to shreds easily and left to die out in the cold. Sounds glorious to me," It mocked sarcastically. "You don't think in the afterlife they are not cursing you right now for your foolish campaign? That they are waiting for you to slip into the other side so that they may mock and degrade you for even thinking you could win this?"

"Shut up!" Vegeta snarled.

"Such a pitiful waste," It continued on. "And now you are brought to nothing. No men or allies on your side. In the matter of minutes you will pass out from sheer exhaustion, yes I am full well aware that you are fighting that tooth and nail; I can feel it. Your stubbornness, but you will fail and I will bring you back with me and you won't miss your appointment with Cold, so not to worry. Neither will your mate."

Vegeta had for the most part drowned him out, trying to concentrate all his efforts in not letting the tiredness get the better of him. However the mentioning of the word mate brought him out of his haze. "She is of no concern to any of you," he replied.

"I do not know why she is a factor in all of this, but it is my understanding that she and your child are to be delivered here to Cold and my creator upon your defeat." It said nonchalantly.

Vegeta chuckled at it. There is no way, he told himself. He had given Bulma enough time to make an escape. She would be long gone by now and no one would have any clue as to where she had gone. At least he had succeeded in something and that gave him great comfort right then.

"What is so funny?" the Android asked quizzically as Vegeta began to laugh almost maniacally at It.

"Oh, nothing," he replied between fits of laughter. "Just that Cold never thought that I did not prepare myself or make plans in the event that I may fail. They will never see Cold. I have sought to it."

The Android glared at him but did not reply. It made note to notify Cold of the possibility as soon as it could. In the meantime, it still had to subdue Vegeta and that was now taking a whole lot more time that It had anticipated.

Vegeta wanted to reach out to Bulma and let her know that he had failed. He wanted to know that she had gotten off Vegeta-sei safely with Trunks, that she was currently on her way to Callisto where they would be safe and to let her know that Raditz and Asia were going to be joining her as well. He assumed she would have taken Tarble with her. He had given her enough notice that she should have been able to pack them both up and be long gone by now. He hoped anyway.

He didn't reach out, however. As much as he wanted and needed that reassurance and confirmation of her safety. His shame was so great that he didn't think he could face telling her that he had no idea when or if he would see her or Trunks again. He may not ever make it out but at least he had given her plenty of time to leave and that was the only comforting thought he had at the moment as he felt himself beginning to slip in and out of consciousness as the Android continued to drain every ounce of his energy and within a few moments he gave into exhaustion and passed out completely.

"My, that was a little more than disappointing." the Android snorted. He picked Vegeta up by the scruff of his armor, ready to deliver him to Cold. "Make sure there is no one left alive and lurking around. If there is, get rid of them and destroy whatever is left of their ship, if you happen to come across it."

The remaining androids left to do as asked and It made its way into the base to meet with Cold and Gero with his prize.

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