Butterflies & Hurricanes

BY : Froglady15
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer:I don't own anything. Just my Husband, laptop, my 3 dogs and a very overactive imagination… Dragon Ball Z and any songs mentioned in this fic DO NOT belong to me. I MAKE NO MONEY/PROFIT!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Just my Husband, laptop, my 3 dogs and a very overactive imagination… Dragon Ball Z and any songs mentioned in this fic DO NOT belong to me. I'm just borrowing them for my own twisted amusement.

Chapter 22

Brolly was still in the middle of interrogating Paragus, only becoming angrier as the minutes passed, as Paragus would not give him a straight answer on anything. He wasn't sure how he should feel; he still had so many questions he wanted answers to but the more he did find out, the more he was realizing that he was wasting precious time here instead of getting Bulma, Trunks and Tarble out of danger.

"Times up, old man." Jeyice said walking into the boardroom just as Brolly was trying to make a decision on whether or not he should leave now. "What have you got for us?"

"Nothing," Paragus replied. "I am caught up in a bit of a family dilemma at the moment, as you can see." He said, gesturing around the destroyed board room.

"Sounds like a personal problem, doesn't it, Jeyice?" Recoome chuckled.

It does, Recoome, it does," Jeyice agreed. "You see, problem with that is, we don't care about your personal issues. We are on a very tight schedule, you see. Cold was kind enough to give you an extra hour to get your shit together and now we are set back almost a half day because of this. We don't like running late and Cold is not going to be pleased."

"I have nothing further to tell you!" Paragus said angrily. "I already told you everything that you need to know! Take it back to Cold and we will discuss it at a later time. Right now, my planet is in the state of upheaval. I am sure as a ruler, he can understand my predicament in that regard so you can go on your merry way now and quit wasting all of our time. You got what you came for, now leave or I will be forced to take action against you."

"Did you hear that, Recoome? Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that was a threat." Jeyice said in mock offence.

"I was, Jeyice; totally." Recoome chuckled. "Kinda cute, coming from him. Can I step on him?"

"No, I don't think so, Recoome," Jeyice shook his head. "We will do as he asks and leave. He is right, we've got what we've come for and we will just inform Cold that we have no further details concerning the supposed death of their king. We can let him decide what to do with them. We did our job."

Brolly scowled and looked at them. "What do you need to know with regards to our king?" He asked, disdain dripping in his tone at the word king.

"Don't tell them anything!" Paragus hissed. "It's none of their business."

"No, please do tell." Jeyice said, stepping forward in interest. "I do so like a good mystery every now and again and unfortunately this old codger won't let up and tell us how it ends."

"I will tell you anything you want concerning him, so long as you release Bulma and the two infants." Brolly replied.

"No can do I am afraid," Jeyice sighed and shrugged casually. "That little minx and her brats are destined for Cold to dispose of as he sees fit."

Brolly grit his teeth, unsure of what he should do. He wasn't aware of the situation going on between Paragus and these guys or why it would even matter to them how King Vegeta had died. He supposed he could always go after Bulma later as she would most likely be safe until they arrived at Cold's base. He had gotten a good look at their ship, he would have no problem finding it if he left a few hours later. He needed to still get more information out of his father and decide what to do with him.

"I killed him." Brolly said, deciding that if he told them what they wanted then maybe they would be on their way and he could resume his interrogation.

"Oh, so you killed him then?" Jeyice laughed hysterically. "No offense, mate, but you're one ugly whore. Isn't he Recoome?"

"Ha ha ha haaa! Maybe he cleans up nice? I like his hair." Recoome laughed.

Brolly snarled at them in disgust and sent a ki ball right above their heads. "I am not sure who you two are, but it is time to get out before I beat you to death the way I did our king. Let me tell you, there wasn't much left of him!"

Jeyice smirked. "Alrighty then, I think we have all the information we need, right Recoome?"

"I think so," Recoome shrugged, following Jeyice out of the board room. "But don't you want to know why he killed the king?"

"It doesn't matter, mate." Jeyice snorted. "What matters is that he lied and withheld information. Cold's not gonna care about anything else. I know I don't care enough to stick around and get the actual details."

"Huh," Recoome shrugged in reply, not fully understanding Jeyice's reasoning. "Bye now." He said to Paragus and Brolly as he followed Jeyice back to their ship.


"You fucking idiot!" Paragus cursed as soon as he was sure they were gone. "Why would you tell them that?"

"Why wouldn't I?"

"Because they were about to leave and then you had to open up your big fat mouth!" he raged. "You know how hard I have worked these past few weeks, saving your ass and covering this fuck up of yours?"

"I never asked you to cover anything up for me." Brolly replied. "Besides why would I go out of my way to protect you after everything you've done?"

"Who cares?!" Paragus snarled. "I saved your miserable life! You should be grateful to me, not resenting me!"

"You lied to me my entire life!" Brolly snarled back, smashing the boardroom table in half in his rage.

"And?" Paragus huffed, pretending to not be fazed by his son's increasingly violent behavior. "If I hadn't, you would be dead; stop being so melodramatic. Perhaps one day if you are fortunate enough to find a mate and father a few brats, you will then understand my position. Until then, you have no say or opinion about anything I have done with regards to up this point in time.

"Speaking of which, it is time you came to your senses," he finished standing up and approaching him. "You have a planet to rule. What with not having to keep you under control anymore and that vile woman gone from distracting you, you can now begin to think with a clear head and do what you were made to do."

"I have no desire to rule." Brolly said, taking in his father's speech. While he agreed that he should be somewhat thankful that his father had had the foresight to spare his life as an infant, it still didn't excuse a life of lies and deception in his mind. "I only came to get some answers from you and now I will be going after Bulma, Trunks and my nephew and see that they are taken some place safe."

"I think you need to hang back here a little and take a break, son." Paragus said sincerely even though it was out of desperation. "You are not thinking straight."

"On the contrary," Brolly snorted. "I am thinking more clearly than I ever have my whole life."

"No, you aren't," Paragus insisted. "You've been under the influence of mind altering mechanisms for so long you can't think straight. It will take some time for you to be balanced again," he said carefully, walking towards him. "Until then, don't do anything rash."

Brolly narrowed his eyes suspiciously at him, while he was angry and wanted nothing more to do with him, it did make sense. After all, he couldn't commit to a single plan, his attention had been diverted so easily and his emotions had been up and down like a roller coaster since he'd left his grandmother's place.


"We still don't know what exactly happened, but it wasn't the whores who did him in, of that we are certain." Jeyice reported to Cold the moment they returned to the ship.

"Then who did it?" Cold asked.

"We don't know," Jeyice shrugged.

"That guy said he did it," Recoome said. "Remember that guy, Jeyice?"

"Yes, I remember," Jeyice hissed. "There was another person who claimed that it was he who'd done it."

"And who was this, why did they kill King Vegeta, and when did they supposedly do this?" Cold asked.

"Don't know. And Paragus won't tell us anymore." Jeyice shrugged.

"He didn't even want that guy to tell us and then that guy threatened us." Recoome reminded him. "It was kind of funny."

"Oh yea, he did threaten us," Jeyice agreed. "So we just left. Can we get out of here now?"

Cold was quiet for a moment, seemingly in deep thought. "You may take your leave, yes."

"Well, well, well, look who it is, is that Vegeta, Prince of the monkeys over there?" Jeyice asked, stepping up closer and obnoxiously leaning his face into the screen.

"It is," Cold replied, glancing at Vegeta.

"Oy, mate! Long time, no see!" Jeyice chuckled. "I've got your boys and wifey with us here on the ship."

Vegeta clenched his jaw in anger as he looked at the orange man.

"Awe, don't worry, I'll take good are o them for ya," Jeyice said. "I'll make sure she's not lonely if you know what I mean, mate. I'll look after your best interests."

Vegeta snarled and was about to say something but Cold cut him off, "The woman and children are to be left alone for the time being, Jeyice."

"Oh, I know, but it's going to be a rather long three weeks. I was hoping maybe I could get your permission-"

"They are not to be touched." Cold repeated. "Your only job is to ensure that they do not escape and are delivered here."

"Yea, I know all that," Jeyice sighed in disappointment. "Thank god were getting off this lump."

"Is there anything else, my Lord, before we depart?" Burter asked.

Cold was silent a few moments longer, to the point where everyone was looking at him and wondering if he had even heard Burter.

He sat there in deep contemplation, trying to decide what to do. Destroy the planet and use the Saiyans as an example of what happens to those that cross the Ice-jin one too many times, or leave it be? Paragus was a fool and would never be able to rule properly, he reasoned; not to mention he did not trust the man to not come after him and start a war.

"You may head back, however, wait until you are at a safe distance away from the plant and destroy it." Cold said indifferently.

"Yes!" Jeyice cried, clapping. "Happy day today, mates!"

"No, wait!" Vegeta shouted almost frantically. "Do not do this."

"And why ever not?" Cold asked.

"Because we have done your dirty work for decades." Vegeta answered. "You need the Saiyan race, whether you like to admit it or not. You may take your vengeance out on me, but I implore you to leave my people alone and out of anything else. Take out that idiot Paragus if you must, he is a worthless fool, but leave the planet. Let them appoint a new leader and things will resume as they have always."

"It makes no difference anyway, Vegeta." Cold said. "The purpose of the Saiyan race has long out run its usefulness. I do not need you monkeys to do my dirty work when I have a legion of androids to do it for me and a number of other strong races willing to take your place as our right hand allies."

"Can this not wait until after my trial?" Vegeta asked quickly. Trying to think of anything that may sway Cold's decision. "You wanted to speak with my mate with the purposes of deciding my fate. Why not trust her opinion with regards to the planet and what has happened with my father if you are so concerned as to whether he is alive or not and you can see for your yourself if you have been betrayed. Jeyice. My mate is on that ship. Bring her here. I wish to speak with her."

"Awe, thanks! Does that mean you will you give us your blessing, then?" Jeyice asked hopefully.

"No!" Vegeta snarled.

"Ahh, no go then. Sorry." He snorted.

"Wait; you would trust this woman so much as to put the fate of your home, lives of your people, and the fate of your entire planet in her hands?" Cold asked in genuine shock and amusement.

"I would, yes," Vegeta replied absolutely with conviction and without pause. "I would trust her with not only my life but with the lives of my entire race."

Cold regarded him a long moment in awe. "I must admit, I am speechless. Rare it is for someone to place such faith in another, a woman no less."

"She is not just any woman. She is my mate." He said firmly.

"Right, and I find myself intrigued," Cold nodded. "I very much am looking forward to meeting and speaking with her. Perhaps she can change my mind about your miserable planet of apes? My mind with you, however will not be changed. Your life is not in her hands I am afraid, but it is noble that you would entrust her with it if it was on the table."

Vegeta felt himself relax somewhat at knowing that his planet wasn't in any immediate danger at the moment. He had faith that Bulma would be able to talk her way into changing Cold's mind.

"Very well, you all may leave and head back here immediately. Leave the planet alone for the time being, its fate is still yet to be decided," Cold said. "Jeyice, you are not to touch the girl, understand?"

"Yea, yea I know!" He huffed petulantly. "I'm only having a wee bit of fun with Prince Vegeta is all."

"Be sure that it is!" He said sternly, cutting the transmission.

"Thank you," Vegeta mumbled. While it nearly made him physically ill to thank or acknowledge anything even remotely positive about this whole situation to Cold, he was grateful that he was inadvertently protecting his family and that his planet still stood.

"Do not thank me," Cold snorted. "I couldn't care less if the entire Ginyu force fucked your woman on their way back. I simply need her to be in a somewhat healthy mental state when she arrives here. And as for your planet, we are more than likely just delaying the inevitable. However, I like suspense and so I will allow your woman to speak on Vegeta-sei's behalf since your father appointed a useless advisor to look after matters in his stead. You are sure she is trust worthy to tell the whole story?"

"Yes," Vegeta nodded, blocking out the horrible mental images that came from Colds insinuation. Whatever his reasons, Vegeta was still thankful that she would remain untouched and unharmed for the time being. "I can assure you that whatever she tells you, she speaks the truth. She liked my father as much as he liked her; she has no reason to protect him."

"I see," Cold nodded slowly. "In any case, I am anticipating meeting her."

Vegeta didn't say anything, just nodded again.

"You may take him back to Gero," Cold said dismissively, waving his hand aloofly at Vegeta.

The Android bowed deeply and roughly grabbed Vegeta by the arm, yanking him around and towards the exit. Once again, Vegeta did not fight him and went as requested.


"I have wasted enough time here with you," Brolly said, having calmed himself down somewhat from earlier. However, he was getting nowhere with Paragus and needed to go after Bulma and the boys quickly before the ship left.

"Why are you so intent on chasing after that which is not yours?" Paragus asked, hoping to stall him a little bit longer so that the ship would be long gone.

"It's not a matter of whether or not she's mine." Brolly answered. "I know I cannot have her, ever."

"Then why does she matter?" Paragus asked. "What are you hoping to achieve? Are you hoping Prince Vegeta will be killed soon and you can take up where he left off with the woman and her brat? If that is your line of thinking, I advise you to stop it."

"That's not what I am hoping for," Brolly shook his head violently, the feeling of guilt slicing through him that he had entertained the thought, though only selfishly. He did not wish any pain and heartbreak for Bulma, truly he didn't, nor did he wish a horrible end to his prince either; but that didn't mean that if something happened and Bulma was available that he would not take full advantage of that opportunity. "But if it does, she will need someone to protect her."

Paragus nodded and made a disgusted noise. "Of course, and how convenient for you that you may happen to be around. Let me tell you something, boy, and I suggest you listen and listen well. No matter what you do, say Prince Vegeta is executed by the end of this week and you valiantly ride in and manage to rescue her and the two brats, what do you expect after that? Sure, she may not pass because of his passing; I don't know anything about her race and how deeply she was able to bond with Vegeta, but let's for arguments sake say she pulls through that and one day comes to you like you so wish it; sure you two may be able to start a life together but keep in mind you will never take Vegeta's place.

"To her you will always be second best; no matter what you do. Is that what you want for yourself? To live in someone else's shadow? If you do bond with her, you will always be privy of any thoughts, feelings and memories she has of him. Will you be able to live with that?"

Brolly shook his head, he had never even considered that.

"Not only that," Paragus went on. "Where will you go? She is not welcome here. I will not accept her as your mate, should that happen, and neither will anyone else. She has no place here! And her son has no future! You would tie yourself down like that when you could have your pick of acceptable Saiyan women here? I tell you, as soon as you take your place, they will flock to you by the droves; you won't have time to even remember that blue haired wench, you will be so busy trying to decide which woman to take."

Brolly shook his head again. "We will not return here. We will move on elsewhere. Why would I return here? No one gave me any consideration since my arrival here, why would I want a woman who would not give me a second look until I became king?"

"Because it is the right thing!" Paragus growled, wondering if this was how King Vegeta had felt in trying to reason with his own son with regards to Bulma. He didn't understand it, he really didn't.

They both heard the loud engine of the ship as it left.

Brolly's stomach dropped as he looked in the direction of the ship docks and it hit him right then how much time he had wasted. Bulma and Trunks were truly gone.

"I have to go, good bye father." Was all he said before spinning on his heel and walking out.

"What are you doing?" Paragus shouted at him.

"Going to get Bulma and the boys and getting far away from this place." Brolly said over his shoulder, not stopping to look at Paragus again. He only hoped he could quickly find a ship and pursue them all the way to Cold's. He could formulate a proper plan then. Right now, the only thing he needed to do was leave.

Paragus smashed his fist into a painting on the wall before a thought occurred to him. He needed Brolly to stay here, he could not allow him to leave in some foolish pursuit of Bulma. He quickly fished around before finding his scooter and called the commander on the shipping dock.


"Shoot Colds ship down." Paragus said.

"Are you sure?" The commander asked in confusion.

Paragus thought a moment. This could be a bad move on his part, but letting Brolly leave was an even worse move; especially in the state he was in at the moment. Sure he would be angry with him, but he would get over it when he was king.

What about King Cold? The deep recesses of his mind nagged. He knew by doing this it would be considered a declaration of war but at the same time, he had Brolly and a mountain of artillery and weapons at his disposal. He would deal with Cold later. Right now the smarter strategic move was to get rid of the woman. Permanently.

"Yes, positive." Paragus replied. "Do it now before they are too far away."

"Yes, sir."


Cold was still sitting in his throne room, alone with only Seyton for company.

A servant came and brought him a glass of his favorite wine. "Won't you join me for a celebratory drink?"

"What are we celebrating, exactly?" Seyton asked, taking a glass.

"My triumph over the Saiyan race." Cold said.

"My lord! We've just been hit!" Burter's voice shouted, suddenly appearing on the screen again in throne room. "Not once but twice we've been shot at!"

"What!" Cold bellowed. "Why?"

"Don't know, sire." Burter shrugged. "What do we do?"

"Bring Prince Vegeta back in here!" Cold ordered Seyton. "Have they destroyed anything vital?"

"Not that I can tell," Burter replied. "Not yet anyway, we have the protective shields up, but we're not sure how long it will last. Shit! We've been hit again! "

"Get out of there!" Cold shouted at him.

"We should be able to make it out of the atmosphere and hopefully out of their range within a few minutes, we're doing our best, sire." Burter said, though he looked very concerned.


Vegeta! Something's happening! Bulma's voice shrieked into his mind; he was still on his way back to Gero's lab with the Android. I think the ship has hit something or something has is us. It doesn't feel good.

Are you in the air?

Yes; they took off just a few minutes ago.

"Hey! King Cold needs to see Prince Vegeta again!" Seyton came racing down the hall after them. "Right away! Someone is attacking the ship!"

The Android shrugged and turned around back towards the throne room, dragging Vegeta with him.

Apparently your ship is under attack. Vegeta said to her.

Attack? By who?


But why would they attack us?

How the hell should I know? He replied, trying not to betray his fear for their safety. I am being taken to Cold, I will find out what I can.

Oh, god. What if the ship is shot down? Vegeta I can't get out of this room!

Do not panic just yet. He said to her. The Ice-jin have some of the most advanced protection shields on the universe that I have ever encountered. It will take a lot to bring that ship down.

Vegeta walked back into the throne room with the Android.

"You!" Cold shouted, pointing at him. "Why are your people shooting down my ship?

"How the hell should I know?" Vegeta replied in annoyance. Here he had been for three weeks now, cut off and separated from everything and anything related to his planet. Why did everyone seem to think he knew anything about what was going on over there? "My family is on that ship! Why would I know anything about that?"

"Well at this very moment, they are shooting at the ship that was sent to collect your mate!" Cold raged.

"Why don't you ask your friend, Paragus?" Vegeta suggested in a snide tone.

"King Cold," Burter cut in. "I believe that we are out of their range; the attacks have stopped. What would you like us to do? Return fire?"

"No," Cold replied, looking suspiciously at Vegeta. "Seyton, get Paragus on the line. I must speak with him immediately."

"Yes, my Lord." Seyton nodded, pulling up a second monitor.

"You are to exit the planet's atmosphere and when you are at a safe distance I want you to wait for further instruction from me. Just hover for now. I will call you back." He said, hanging up.

Cold was impatiently drumming his fingers on the side of his throne, waiting for someone to pick up, which no one was. The ringing kept up for several minutes before they were disconnected.

"My Lord?" Sayton asked, unsure of what to do now.

"Call them again!" Cold snarled.

Once again, they all waited for someone on Vegeta-sei to answer the call.

Vegeta stood there, holding his breath. What the fuck was going on?


Brolly ran out front to the ship docks, only to see several Saiyans shooting at the departing ship with ki cannons. "What are you doing?" he shouted at them. "Why are you shooting at them?"

"We were given the order to shoot it down," one of the soldiers replied. "Why? What's it to you?"

"Who gave the order?"

"Paragus did," The Saiyan commander in charge said, walking up to him. "Not that it has anything to do with you."

"The Prince's mate and heir are on there. King Vegeta's second heir as well!"

"We are aware, and we assume Paragus is well aware of that fact as well. Truth is, we are at his command in the King's absence." he said. "Now be gone!"

Brolly growled as he saw someone else shoot at the ship, only this time it missed. He walked up to the soldier with the cannon, yanking him away from it and smashing a fist through the cannon, destroying it.

"Hey!" the commander shouted at him, powering up.

Brolly smirked at him and did the same. "Hey yourself." He said, rushing him and ramming his fist into his stomach. He was shocked as the commander flew across the docks; he knew he'd hit him hard, but he didn't think he'd hit him that hard.

He pointed a finger at the other di cannon and shot a beam at it, marveling as it exploded. Despite the shouts of protest, he left the docks to go find his own ship to take. His first instinct was to go after Paragus, but he had wasted enough time dealing with him.

It was time for him to leave.


After several attempts to get anyone from Vegeta-sei with no answer, Cold called the ship again.

"We're fine," Burter reported. "We've sustained some damage; the protective shield is toast, but any other damage is fairly minor and can wait until our return."

"Excellent," Cold nodded. "Are you clear of the planet's atmosphere?"

"We are, almost, yes."

"Good; once you are a safe distance away, I want you to follow my original instructions and destroy it."

"Are you sure?" Burter asked

"No!" Vegeta shouted, though he knew this time there would be no changing Cold's mind.

Cold ignored Vegeta. "Yes I am sure! Now do it, and I want to see it for myself!"

"Yes, my Lord." Burter said, switching the view from the pilot's room to a view outside the ship and at Vegeta-sei's retreating form.

"I told you!" Cold said to Vegeta angrily. "Your kind cannot be trusted! You Saiyan's have double crossed me for the last time. Hold him." He directed the Android, who took an even firmer hold on his arm.

"It must have been a mistake," Vegeta replied weakly, his mouth dry and he was nearly unable to breathe he could not believe this was actually happening. He wanted to do something, but was completely paralyzed by dread. He didn't even notice the Android's tightened hold on him as he longingly looked at the beautiful red planet that was his home; he was almost transfixed by it, still in disbelief that in another few minutes it would cease to exist.

"Take a good look, prince." Cold sneered.

Vegeta's stomach dropped as he watched the screen in abject horror as a large beam aimed towards the planet Vegeta-sei and hit it in the center of the circular planet.


Brolly managed to find a small ship that was actually fueled; the several he had tried to take had been empty. As he started it up and steered it carefully out of the hangar he noticed a large, bright light surging towards the planet.


It was calm and quiet; nothing happened and for a moment Vegeta thought that maybe it was a hoax that Cold was playing with him in order to rattle him. Unfortunately, it was real and it was actually happening as the Planet Vegeta-sei then shattered onto a million pieces and the debris shot out in every direction a moment later.

The ship seemed to become unstable and was rocking every which way from the turbulence of the blast and as the debris began to hit it, Vegeta felt an immediate weave of concern for Bulma and the boy's safety. Hopefully their ship wouldn't be destroyed by the debris.

"Idiots!" Cold cursed. "I told them to wait until they were a safe distance away!"

Had his own family's safety not been in question, Vegeta would have been laughing hysterically at the possibly that they may have destroyed their own ship. Instead, he stood there and watched the screen as the remnants of his home disintegrated into nothing more than rock and dust particles.

His mind was blank as disbelief and shock hit him like a ton of bricks. It was gone. His home was gone. Everything; his past and future, wiped out forever. Even if he did find a way out of here with Bulma and the boys, what was left for him? Nothing.

Instinctively, he reached out to Bulma.

Vegeta, he heard Bulma's voice in his head.

Are you alright? He asked hollowly and she knew immediately that something was seriously wrong.

Yea, I'm fine; well, we're all fine, she replied quickly. The ship is all over the place, I didn't know that you could encounter bad turbulence in space. Hope that's all it is. She said and then frowned to herself as she heard something strike the wall and a dent was made. Or not, maybe we're flying into an asteroid belt?

It's Vegeta-sei, he said quietly. It's gone.

What do you mean gone? She exclaimed, her brain still not quite processing everything, she was still rattled from being jarred awake earlier and now only a few minutes later the ship was unstable again. Oh, god, no. He didn't…

He did, he answered.

I, I don't know what to say, Vegeta. I'm so sorry, she said, trying to be comforting while coming to terms with her own shock. I know and I remember exactly what that was like; it's the worst feeling ever! I don't know what else to say other than I am so sorry you are experiencing it but you're not alone; you have me.

Vegeta didn't reply. He had no words; but he clung to Bulma's presence within him and the comfort she was willing to offer him. If anyone would understand how he felt at this moment, it would be her.

"Have you nothing to say?" Cold sneered, apparently disappointed from Vegeta's lack of response.

"What would you like me to say?" Vegeta asked, once his mind registered a response; his mouth was completely dry. "You just destroyed my home."

"Well, I had been hoping to get to see a glimpse of that explosive temper I've heard so much about," Cold huffed, taking in the shocked, crestfallen look on Vegeta's face. "I suppose it hasn't sunk in…"

Vegeta didn't hear the rest of what Cold said or asked of him before the Android led him back to Gero's lab. He said nothing, thought nothing and saw nothing; he just walked back numbly to the lab in a blur.

He even closed Bulma off. He needed her; she was the only one who understood but he couldn't even deal with that at the moment. The comfort she offered somehow made it worse, only confirming that it had actually happened.

He didn't hear a word Gero said to him either once they had made it back to the lab; he was chortling over something or other. Vegeta didn't care.

What was there to care about anymore? It was all over. He now had no home and was the last remaining Saiyan, unless his father had indeed been off planet and on his way here. Though he wasn't going to hold his breath on that.

He was going to die here as a science experiment and his mate and son exposed to who knows what. He wished he could at least find a way out for them.

Before he knew it, he was back in the small, cold white room and the door was closed. He hadn't heard a word Gero had said to him so he didn't know why he was back in his room and not strapped into the exam chair again, nor did he care. He just wanted to be left alone and back in the silence and solitude that surrounded him. He didn't want to talk to anyone or even think about anything.

Vegeta slid down the wall and curled into the fetal position, curling himself up into a ball on the floor, welcoming the numbness of the cold floor and wall. For the first time since his arrival there, he was grateful for the cold; it kept him from feeing anything. He couldn't feel his arms or legs, nor could he feel anything inside. He wasn't angry, he wasn't grieved. He was truly numbed to his very core and that was how he wanted it at the moment.

He could have laid there for several minutes or several hours, he wasn't sure; but as much as he craved the silence and solitude, the worse he began to feel. It was almost deafening and he found it nearly suffocating, so he grudgingly let down the wall blocking Bulma and reached out to her through the bond, hoping she was there.

Of course, she was; as he knew she would be. Never had she deliberately kept him out of her head as he had a tendency to do and for once, he was thankful for it.

Bulma didn't say anything; she only sent him feelings of comfort, reassurance, and her love. She knew there wasn't anything she could say to make him feel better or remedy this, so she didn't say anything.

She was just there.

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