Butterflies & Hurricanes

BY : Froglady15
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Disclaimer: Disclaimer:I don't own anything. Just my Husband, laptop, my 3 dogs and a very overactive imagination… Dragon Ball Z and any songs mentioned in this fic DO NOT belong to me. I MAKE NO MONEY/PROFIT!

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Just my Husband, laptop, my 3 dogs and a very overactive imagination… Dragon Ball Z and any songs mentioned in this fic DO NOT belong to me. I'm just borrowing them for my own twisted amusement.

Butterflies & Hurricanes

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Chapter 36

Bulma rushed to finish getting herself ready before Jeyice's arrival. She needed to fix her makeup and put on her edible body lotion with the sedative mixed in. She had been saving that for last so that it would not be worn off by the time she saw Jeyice.

She was still very much disturbed by the story the boys had told her and it annoyed her that she couldn't take it up with Jeyice. She had promised them that she would not say anything to him. She only hoped that she could give them proper guidance on moral issues so that they could do the best they could despite being in a horrible environment, being made to do things they wouldn't otherwise do. As it was, she felt it was a miracle they were as level headed as they were. It was a long shot that they would grow up to be good, decent young men; which was why despite hating to have to put herself out for Jeyice, she was still thankful she could be there for them and guide them. Offer them some source of comfort and a balanced way of thinking. She would be beside herself if they turned into monsters like Jeyice or Frieza even.

She began slathering herself with her scented, edible body cream she had made with the sedative, putting it everywhere from neck to toe and when she felt it had soaked into her skin, she applied some more. It did smell good and it had tasted good before she'd put the sedative in it; she only hoped it had not ruined the flavor and that the sedative had not lost its potency. She needed this to work if she was going to maintain her sanity over all of this.

Bulma touched up her makeup, making her eyes dark and her lips red, but keeping her hair simple and straight. Then she dressed herself and slipped another vial of sedative into her bra. If she had the opportunity to slip some into his drink as well, she was not going to wish she had been prepared. She also capsulated her scouter and a few other things like a comfortable pair of pants and a shirt to lounge in; assuming that he would make her spend the night. She put that inside her bra too.

As usual, he did not knock, he simply walked into her room as though he were entitled.

"Well don't you look nice," he said appreciatively, looking at her. "You aren't wearing the jewelry I got you?"

"It doesn't really go with this dress," she said quickly, noticing his disappointment. In all honesty, she had forgotten about it. "Besides, I thought I should save it for a special occasion, don't you?"

"I suppose," he shrugged. "Let's go, I've got dinner all ready,"

"You made dinner?" she asked in shock.

"No," he snorted. "Who do you think I am?"

"Right," she sighed and followed him out of her room.

Bulma ignored him as he chattered on to her as they walked down the hall towards where he lived; this was the first time she had been allowed outside the lab since Vegeta's trial and she was trying to take note of every corner, landmark and hallway in hopes of remembering it for future reference. The layout reminded her of Frieza's ship in that the colors were a bland grey color and there wasn't much for decor except for the odd plant here and there. Any signs on the walls were written in a language that she did not understand so they were of no help to her.

When they arrived, he let her into his place first and she was immediately surprised at how different it was from the halls and corridors. The walls were a dark grey, the floor was a thick royal purple carpet and all the furniture was black. Rather dramatic, she thought to herself, barely supressing an eye roll.

"What do you think?" he asked eagerly. "Nice, hey?"

"It's very nice," she nodded. The decorating may not have been to her taste, she thought as she noticed several nude female sculptures on the end tables, but it was a thousand times nicer than her dingy little place at the lab. "It's big,"

"Yea," he said, looking around proudly. "Well, all of King Cold's officers get a luxury suite. If you think this is nice, you should see King Cold's place!"

"I can imagine," she nodded in agreement, noticing the amazing spread of food on the counter top and immediately realized how ravenous she was.

"Want some dinner?" he asked eagerly, leading her into the kitchen. "I don't know what you like, so I got some of my favorites. I have wine too, would you like some?"

"Sure," she said, feeling awkward and very uncomfortable with the apparent great effort that he had obviously put in for the evening. She grabbed a plate anyway though, and loaded it up. She hadn't had a decent meal since Vegeta-sei and wasn't about to pass on it simply because she hated her host.

Jeyice handed her a glass of wine before loading his own plate and coming to the table.

"So, I have something for you and I wanted to talk to you," he started once they were both seated and digging into their meal. "I think it would help you with your project that you were working on for King Cold and making things disappear,"

"Alright," she nodded, trying to follow his line of conversation. Honestly, she was so hungry, she couldn't think of anything but eating as much as possible while she had the opportunity. She wasn't sure what most of the dishes were, but she didn't care. They were all delicious. "What did you find?" Truthfully, Cold hadn't asked her about the progress on that in a while, not since she had painted the androids with lead stealth paint. It was perfect and he had approved all of his ships to be covered in it as well, as it made them untraceable on any radar frequency. She'd assumed that he was happy enough with that solution as he'd not said a word about it since then.

"I found something called a perception filter while I was out and about on my last mission," he said, hoping that she would be happy with this offering since her reaction to the jewellery had been less than stellar. "You wear it, or place it on or inside an object, and so long as anyone else around you is unaware of its existence, they will not see you. However, if they know you are there, the effect is gone."

"Oh, my god," she gasped as he slid the box across the table towards her and she was moved nearly to tears at the possibilities that had just opened up to her. This was it! The very key to their eventual freedom! In just a short time they would be out of this place if this was as effective as he claimed it was.

"She also said it does not work on radars, surveillance cameras and some animals," he said, trying to remember everything the woman had told him. "So it's still limited, but I thought it could still help you with your assignment."

"Thank you," she whispered, trying to contain her emotion at the possibility that there was a possible end to all of this if she planned it properly.

"Don't mention it," Jeyice smiled. "It was only a hop, skip an' a bit of a small jump from where I was stationed. I thought of you and yea, there it is. Hope it helps you with your project."

"It will," she nodded, looking at it and playing with it carefully in her hand. "This is amazing, you have no idea."

"Oh, I think I do," he said proudly. "Anything to help. Like I said before, don't want you getting on the bad side of King Cold now."

"No," she agreed, still examining the stone and wondering if it could be cut. Her mind began to race with all the possibilities. She needed to get back to the lab and test out the efficiency. "No, he will be happy about it, for sure. Does he know about this?"

"No," he shook his head. "I figured it should be best if you went to him with it since it's your project."

"Right," she agreed. If Cold didn't know about this, then that was good. Maybe she didn't even have to tell him about it and she could sneak out of here soon. "I need to get back to the lab."

"Tomorrow," he chuckled.

She held back a sigh of frustration. Even if she had wanted to spend the night with him, she would have still been anxious to leave and see what she could get done with this. It wasn't very big, but could she split it up into tiny pieces? "I can't wait to get to the lab and start testing this."

"Well, I'll take you after breakfast tomorrow morning," he said, nodding.

"I need to start running tests as soon as possible, see if I can duplicate this so that everyone can have one-"

"I can get more," he said. "The lady had quite a few. They aren't cheap, let me tell you that, but I can get more."

"Well, I might need more," she said to him with a nod, going back to her meal. "So, how did the mission with the boys go?" she asked, deciding to ponder the possibilities later on. "They wouldn't say much about it. Did something bad happen?"

"Nah," he shook his head. "They're fine. Maybe a bit shook up. It was their first mission, people died, so what? They need to get used to it. Next time, depending on the mission, they might have to be in the thick of it."

"And what if they aren't ready to kill anyone?"

"They will be. Or they're gonna have to be," he shrugged easily, not even looking up from his dinner. "First few missions are always the toughest, but they'll be fine. As it is, they did fairly well this time. They took out a ton of escape ships without blinking an eye."

Because they were told it was a game! She wanted to shout at him, but remembered she couldn't. She wasn't supposed to know that. "Well, how did you feel when you did your first few missions? Didn't you feel bad about it?"

"No," he snorted. "My first mission I was on the front lines, killing people face to face, not blowing up ships. They got an easy job for their first; it could have been a lot worse."

Bulma sighed. Obviously he had no empathy on the matter, which didn't surprise her in the least. "That may be, but-"

"Would you get me some more wine, love?" he asked, shutting the subject down and waving his empty glass at her with an obnoxious grin.

She looked at him a moment, nearly telling him to get it himself and press the issue about the boys, but then thought better of it. Now may be her only chance to slip the sedative into his wine unnoticed and hopefully get a head start on getting it to work on him before things progressed to his bedroom.

Bulma got up, took his glass with her to the counter and then checked to see if he was watching her, which thankfully he wasn't. Quickly, she removed the vial and her capsule out from her bra and poured several drops of her sedative into his glass, poured wine into his glass and then dumped the remainder of the sedative into the wine bottle. Between the drug in his drink, the bottle and the flavored body lotion she had slathered all over herself, there was no way he would be able to stay awake long enough for her to have to endure putting out for him tonight; of that she was sure. She then hid the vial behind some canisters on the counter top and left her capsule with her scouter and overnight things on the counter where she could easily access it later on and it wouldn't fall out of her bra later. If he asked, she'd tell him it was just her personal things.

She put the bottle on the table before handing him his glass of wine. "Thanks, love," he said, taking a sip and looking at her long and hard. "I have dessert you know, but I have a sudden craving for something else first."

"Is that so?" she asked with a raised eyebrow, wanting to put him off a little longer to let the sedative start working.

"I've been wondering what you're wearing under that dress since I saw you," he chuckled. "That dress is so tight, it doesn't leave much to the imagination. Are you wearing anything underneath it?"

"You'll have to wait and see," she answered elusively in an alluring tone. "I'd like to have some dessert and more wine before showcasing the big reveal."

"Cheers to that," Jeyice nodded, downing the entire contents of his wine glass and reaching for the bottle to refill it. "I need to talk to you. Finish your meal and listen to what I want to say; I have given it a lot of thought, and then we can have some fun."

She bit back an exasperated groan despite herself, but sat back down to humour him; she already had a feeling about what he wanted to talk to her about.

"Thank you," he said as he waited for her to resume eating. "So, I think I understand now,"

"What do you understand?" she asked, pausing from her meal.

"Remember when you told me that you and Vegeta had a meaningful relationship that extended far beyond sex and I made fun of you?" he asked. "An' you said if I ever had a wife I would not want anyone to have her or touch her?"

"Yes," she nodded once. She remembered that conversation.

"I understand that now," he confessed. "That need to cherish another."

She blinked several times and looked at him, dumbfounded. She didn't dare hope that he would put a stop to this arrangement they had, did she? "You understand why this thing we have going on here is so wrong on so many levels?"

"Yea," he nodded once, looking very pleased with himself. He was certain he was saying all the right things. "I mean I enjoy our time together immensely, I don't want to quit that, but-"

"Then you don't get it, Jeyice," she cut him off harshly, placing her attention back to the meal on her plate, wanting to finish it as quickly as possible so she could move on to dessert and maybe he'd fall asleep before anything happened. "If you truly got it, then you'd understand why that part of our time together needs to come to an end."

"Well," he paused. "I was really hoping you would want to move in here after seeing the place. Then it wouldn't be so bad, would it?"

"Jeyice, my place is in the lab," she sighed.

"I thought you said you were going to think about it?"

"I did, and the answer is no," she replied firmly.

"Fine," he sighed, though she could tell he was angry. "I'll give you more time."

"Jeyice, I don't need more time," she insisted. "I'm a scientist, not a housewife. I wasn't when I was with Vegeta, and I'm sure not going to be with you. If you really cared that much about me, as you claim, you'd let me go and do my own thing."

He didn't say anything for a while and she hoped he was considering her side of the issue. When would he finally get it that she had no interest in him and never would? He was simply a means to an end. He let her see and get to know the boys and he had provided her with useful tools to potentially help her plan an escape from this place. In some ways, she was using him more than he was using her.

"You know, you can stay here if you'd like when I'm gone on missions, or would you object to that as well?" he pushed.

Oh, what she wouldn't give to be able to stay there, comfortable and unbothered while he was gone for a few weeks or however long. It was exactly what she needed. She could work on her time machine without disruption or fear of discovery and possibly learn the layout of the base on her own, however she shook her head at him. Accepting that invitation was like another step in accepting him.

If she agreed to stay there while he was gone and insisted on leaving when he returned, she knew she'd have no valid argument. She may as well stay in the lab.

"No," she said. "I'd better stay there. Thank you for the offer though. And thanks for this," she said, holding up the box with the perception filter.

"Whatever," he snorted sourly. "Dessert is in the fridge, if you want it,"

Bulma got up to take a look and took a cold ice-cream-cake-looking dessert out. She put it on the counter and noticed that he got up to leave the table and slumped onto the couch with a heavy, dejected sigh in the living room area. She rolled her eyes at his petulant behavior.

She watched him take his scouter and begin to scroll through the messages on it. Bulma placed the cake on the table.

"Looks like I'm leaving tomorrow on another mission," he commented in a grouchy tone and she wasn't sure if it was because he just came back and had to leave again or if it was because he was still mad at her. One thing she knew for certain was that she needed to get to his scouter before he left for however long again. It never once occurred to her that she would ever not want to throw a party at his leaving for a mission. How ironic.

Bulma slipped her dress off. She needed to go back to her original plan and that now required catching his interest again and being nice to him so that he would drink more. She was confident that if he kept up at the pace he currently was, he should pass out soon; besides that, now she had annoyed him. She needed to get his attention again so that she could get the information she needed on his scouter. If he stormed out now to prepare for his mission instead of staying here, she wouldn't get that and who knew how long it would be again before she had the opportunity; he never went anywhere without it.

She brought the cake to the table and went to stand next to him in his living room, looking at him expectantly, noting the sour look still on his face from her rejection. What a fucking child!

"Hmm, I like this," he said appreciatively standing up, disappointment immmediately forgotten, running his finger across the lace top of her bra, lightly touching the swell of her breasts. "This is even nicer than I imagined it would be,"

"Good," she smiled, holding back a shudder of disgust. "I chose it just for you."

"You did, did you?" he asked in amusement, taking a step back and looking at her. "This is nice," he said, gesturing to her outfit and holding up his glass of wine before taking another sip. "You know, I knew you'd eventually come around; and I know you have, despite the way you like to tease me and put me off like you do," he said reaching for her and pulling her towards him.

"Oh yea?" she asked, letting him pull her into him and refrained from pushing him away as he buried his face in her cleavage and wrapped an arm around her waist, keeping her there.

"Oh, yes," he muttered, as he leaned in to kiss her. "It's like a fun, nasty little game to you, isn't it? You like being pursued."

She opened her mouth to object, but couldn't because he'd taken advantage and shoved his tongue in her mouth so she kissed him back with as much enthusiasm as she could drum up. He seemed pleased with her effort and kissed her back hungrily, demandingly.

Jeyice's lips moved on to the side of her face, up her jawline and down to her neck, inhaling deeply as he did so. "My god you smell good," he whispered huskily from excitement into her neck.

"Hmmm, you think I smell good, wait till you taste me," she replied coyly.

Jeyice looked up at her and raised an eyebrow. "My, aren't you just full of surprises tonight."

"That I am," she nodded with a smile. You have no idea… she added mentally.

"Hmm, I like surprises," he chuckled, downing the rest of his wine like a shot and putting his glass down beside her. He placed both his hands on her sides and pressed her breasts together, making them look like they were about to burst out of the flimsy bra before burying his face between them again and he licked the skin between them. "Mmmm, you do taste simply decadent, love."

He moved his hand behind her, undoing her bra and letting it fall to the floor between them. In an instant, his mouth latched onto her right breast, sucking on the nipple aggressively, almost painfully. She winced and held back a cry of objection and masked it as a moan of pleasure.

He took that as a sign of encouragement and sucked harder on it before biting down hard on her breast, drawing blood around the areola.

She yelped this time, not even trying to hide her discomfort and smacked him on the top of his head. "Hey!"

"Sorry," he said, lightly licking the open wound; it was fairly deep and was bleeding. "Guess I got a little carried away. Though I thought you wouldn't mind seeing as you let Vegeta mark you," he said snidely, his mouth moving to the other breast and being a tad gentler with it.

Bulma didn't reply, just threw her head back and threaded her fingers through his long white hair and stared at the ceiling, hoping that any moment from now he would pass out.

Getting frustrated that he didn't seem to be affected yet, Bulma pushed him away and reached for the bottle of wine and refilled his glass and handed it back to him; he had already removed his shirt and pants and was clad only in his underwear. She really needed him to finally pass out if for no other reason than she did not feel like acting anymore. It was a lot easier said than done to kiss him and touch him and pretend like she wanted him. She hated herself more and more each day as this arrangement went on.

She brought her own glass to her lips, taking a small sip so he would hopefully not be suspicious that she was up to something, but she did not want to over indulge either; as soon as he was passed out, she had work to do.

Jeyice beckoned for her to come with him; she hesitated a moment before going to him, not sure how to stall and put him off for much longer. He took her hand and led her down the hall and into his bedroom. It was immaculate and over the top, and for a moment, the thought of sinking into the huge, luxurious bed and sleeping all night became more of a priority to her than anything. She hadn't had a decent nights rest in a comfortable bed since she'd left Vegeta-sei. No, she needed to download that data from Jeyice's scouter onto hers first before she did anything.

Bulma offered him a small smile as she waltzed up to him, and put her hand on his chest and pushed him back until they reached his bed. He sat down, giving her an amused look as he took another healthy sip of his wine.

"You are nothing short of exquisite," he said to her as he looked at her up and down thoroughly. "Really, you are just splendid, love, you know that? Come here." He beckoned to her.

Bulma swallowed down a lump of emotion and quickly pulled herself together before going to him. There were moments when she missed Vegeta so much that it nearly overwhelmed her and then the guilt over what she was doing would set in again; fresh and painful and she would become convinced that once she made it out of here, not only would she never be the same again, but would Vegeta even want her again after this? She felt nothing for Jeyice, but she was giving herself to him and she knew Vegeta's thoughts about their union. It was sacred. Her body was for him alone, just like his was for her only. He had given himself to no one else but her, just like she had not been with anyone before him.

The passion and physical intimacy they shared between them had been theirs alone with no one else to compare to, and it was always the one thing that they were equals in and they had both taken great joy in that. It was something so beautiful that they both had learned how to love and pleasure each other wholly and completely without reservation and without restraint.

Vegeta may not have always been diligent about expressing his affections for her verbally or telling her how attractive she was, but he had loved her so wildly and had practically worshipped her body in such a reverent manner that words of declaration were insufficient by comparison, and not needed. Yet she had badgered him for him to say these things in her stupidity and insecurity.

Now here she was, letting Jeyice use her, and while to his credit he usually didn't cause her physical pain, but he always commented on how beautiful he found her. Bulma remembered how many times she had wished for Vegeta to say these things and now that she had someone doing just that, all she wanted was Vegeta. Vegeta and his silent worship spoke, no screamed, decibels louder than anything anyone else could ever say to her.

If she could go back, she would slap herself silly.

Bulma shook herself out of the shame spiral she was falling through and forced herself to straddle Jeyice's lap before he noticed her hesitation.

Of course, his mouth went straight to her beasts again and he began licking and tasting her. She screwed up her face as he licked her from her left breast all the way up her chest and neck, ending just below her ear in one, long lap.

"Hmmm, what exactly is it you are wearing?" he asked and she heard the slight slur in his voice this time. "You smell and taste good enough to eat."

"It's a secret," she said looking at him and felt a small victory from within. He would pass right out, any second now. She pushed him down onto his back and kissed him up along his jaw and down his neck as she slowly fondled his manhood.

Within a few short moments, he was out like a light.

She shook him a few times to make sure, and once she was satisfied that he was passed out for good, she got off of him and debated whether or not to leave him like that or move him just a little bit. She decided to move him. In the event that if he did wake up before she was back, he would assume he had just fallen asleep afterwards.

Bulma removed his underwear and dropped them on the floor beside the bed. Then she managed with some difficulty to roll him on his stomach and bring his legs up and onto the bed. He didn't so much as stir.

She then lifted his head and put it on the pillow, partially covered him with the comforter and nodded at her handiwork. Jeyice looked as though he were sleeping peacefully on his stomach. Content with that, she left his room and got herself dressed from the things in her overnight bag she'd brought in her capsule. She also capsulized the empty vial of sedative. With that all taken care of, she went to find his scouter.


It had only taken Bulma about an hour to do what she'd needed to do on Jeyice's scouter while she enjoyed the decadent ice-cream cake he'd gotten. It had been tricky to figure out how to change the text into English, but once she'd done that, it had been easy. Within a few minutes, she had found Vegeta-sei in the archives. Of course, his scouter had been updated several times since its destruction, but she had still managed to find it and was able to get where its exact location had been and even the date it had been destroyed. She'd had no way of keeping track of time since she had been here and it shocked her that she had been here just a little over four years. It felt like longer. She hoped that this would be what she needed to be able to travel back.

She had also discovered the floor plan of Cold's base and uploaded that as well to her own scouter. If she was going to make an escape, she needed to know her way around somewhat. She copied and transferred everything she could find, not knowing what could be potentially useful to her or not down the road and it shocked her how easily she had been able to do it. There were no passwords or security measures for her to bypass. Everything was available.

Putting it back to its previous language settings, she went back to check on Jeyice. He was still fast asleep and she assumed that it would still be hours before he woke up, so she decided to treat herself while she was in his home. It wasn't like she could leave; the door was locked and she did not know the code. As well, she did not want him to become suspicious that he had been drugged if she was suddenly gone when he awoke.

She began running a hot bath in the deep tub with jets and opened up a bottle of wine for herself but then dumped it; she was a little paranoid of the effects the sedative might have on Jeyice, so she rummaged through his kitchen, dumped out three more bottles of wine down the sink and left one on the counter, one on the coffee table and one at the dining table next to the contaminated bottle. She also found some other type of hard liquor in his cabinet that smelled like gasoline and lighter fluid and the mere scent of it was enough to make her feel drunk and made her stomach turn. Was that bourbon? She wondered as she dumped some of it down the drain. She then filled two shot glasses before promptly dumping them as well, and left the glasses and the bottle on the coffee table with the empty bottle of wine. Hopefully, she could convince him that they had both gotten very drunk and had passed out after some fun in the bedroom.

Bulma checked on Jeyice again briefly, before heading to the bathroom. He has snoring lightly and she was satisfied with herself. If she could manage to trick him and sedate him on a regular basis, that would make the world of difference to her.

She quickly went back to the kitchen to grab herself a bottle of wine and as she was setting the wine opener aside, the thought of killing him with it crossed her mind. It would be soo easy, she told herself. She stood there a moment, looking at the sharp end of the corkscrew and wondering how many jabs in the throat it would take for her to indeed kill him. He was drugged. Would he even wake up if she stabbed him?

She wandered back into his bedroom and looked at him, fast asleep without a care in the world. She supposed she could get another knife from his kitchen and do it, it would be more efficient that way. Quick and easy. If he was drugged, he'd have no idea what happened.

Her mind began to conjure up all sorts of gruesome scenarios as she contemplated it. What if he woke up? She was convinced he'd turn around and gut her. Then what? Even if she did succeed, what would she do? She couldn't exactly hide the body or make it look like an accident if she was confined to his room like she was. What would Cold do to her for killing one of his men? How would it affect the boys? Would they miss him or would they be glad for it?

The more she thought on it, the more she lost her nerve and she walked away from him, putting the wine opener back on the counter and eating a few more forkfuls of the decadent ice cream cake before taking the bottle with her into the bathroom. Maybe one day I'll do it, but not today, she thought in dismay as she removed her clothes and stepped into the tub. She'd never killed anyone, and the thought that she'd so casually considered ending a life just now bothered her immensely. Never had she had such violent thoughts about a person. Jeyice may be a terrible excuse for a living being, but he was still a living, breathing person. No matter how justifiable, she just wasn't sure if she could ever bring herself to do such a thing. If only I were a little more like Vegeta, she thought to herself in dismay.

She shut the water off, turned the jets on and relaxed, clearing her terrible thoughts; it would be a shame to ruin a rare luxury of a good bath. Back home, one of her favorite past times had been a bath and a good book for her evening ritual. On Vegeta-sei, she loved soaking in the massive tub in Vegeta's room. It had been difficult to get in a good soak frequently because of Trunks, but when she did, it was always a welcomed reprieve. Especially when Vegeta joined her.

Her mind wandered back to the perception filter Jeyice had gotten her, and she wondered if he could get another one for her. If it worked as well as he claimed, then she would want one for herself, Trunks, Tarble, Vegeta and Dende. She'd also need one for her time machine and find a way to put one on the ship she still had on her; she would need the boys to do that. Then what? She asked herself. She still had no idea how to get Vegeta out of the regeneration tank without killing him. Should she chance it and take the tank with her; take it to another planet where they could unlock it for her? She assumed it had a backup generator in case the power failed so it may work on the short term if she unplugged it. But would she be able to plug it in somewhere on her ship? She didn't know.

She soaked for about an hour or so before getting out. She changed into a t-shirt and panties she had brought with her, before crawling into Jeyice's bed as far from him as possible and as carefully as she could manage, not wanting to risk waking him up and him being interested in picking up where they left off.

It didn't take her long to fall asleep, as it was the most comfortable bed she'd had to sleep in in a long time!


The next morning, Jeyice woke up before Bulma; he felt somewhat dizzy and had a bit of a crick in his neck. He lifted himself up on his elbows and noticed Bulma asleep in bed beside him, curled up in the fetal position with her back to him. He didn't remember their exploits from the previous night, but they must have been pretty amazing if he'd passed out and had slept through the night with her.

Jeyice reached for her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and brought her close to him, so that they were spooning. She didn't stir, she was fast asleep. She was only wearing panties and a tight t shirt and he wondered why she had put them on. No matter, he thought, sliding one hand up her shirt to knead her breast. He could get used to this, he thought to himself. She was amazing. Definitely the best he'd ever had; especially now that she had fully accepted their agreement.

What he wouldn't give to come to his quarters to her waiting for him every night and it still baffled him that she hadn't jumped at the opportunity. She could keep it straightened up and looking nice and he would continue to reward her by letting her see her boys even more than she currently was. It was the perfect solution for everyone; in his mind.

The thought of her greeting him daily in his own quarters clad in nothing more than revealing lingerie made him hard and he wanted her again. He supposed he had some time before he needed to be at the training center to do his briefing and prepare for departure and if he was a little late, so what? He was a general now. He could pretty much do whatever he wanted.

He knew he had definitely played his cards right last night and that she would be only too happy to change her mind on her living arrangements, he decided he would formally ask her again over breakfast if she would consider moving in with him. How could she refuse him after this? He had a nice place and he had given her something to help her with her project. What more did she want from him?


Bulma moaned blissfully as Vegeta stroked her slowly, just the way she liked it. Oh it had been so long since they had been together; she missed him like crazy. She loved it when he woke her up this way; be it in the middle of the night, or early in the morning.

She knew that this was just a dream but she didn't want to awake from it so she fought to remain in the hazy fog of sleep because when she woke up, she would be alone again.

He began to rub her a little more persistently from behind as her need intensified, dipping one finger inside of her a couple of times, then two. Oh, how she missed Vegeta's gentle touch and teasing ways; only he knew how to drive her absolutely crazy. She arched her pelvis against him into his groin, giving him access to pleasure her better.

She moaned in pleasure as his fingers were replaced by just the tip of his member, pushing into her slowly as his fingers went back to stroking her clit softly.

He slowly penetrated her warm center shallowly, pulling out and then pushing into her again a little deeper with each gentle thrust.

"Oh," she sighed out loud in contentment as the pressure in her center began to build up towards something good that she had not had in years; not since the last time she and Vegeta had been intimate anyway. She hoped that she wouldn't wake up before it happened.

One of his hands began to massage her breast as the other played with her clit, circling it gently with his fingers. He quickened his pace somewhat, moving deeper into her as she sighed and moaned in her pleasure.

"Vegeta," she moaned as he began to move faster and she felt her release nearing. She wanted it so bad...

"What did you say, love?" An accented voice asked from behind her as he stopped his thrusting and she was jarred out of her dream like state in an instant as realization hit her. What the fuck was she doing?

She was on her side, with Jeyice doing a whole lot more than just spooning her she realized then, gasping in alarm and mortification at her mistake. Before she could say anything in her defense to confirm or deny it, his hand that had been on her breast moved up to her neck and tightened around her throat.

"How dare you think of him or even say his name while with me!" he snarled viciously at her as he began moving into her again, though it was hard and fast this time, completely void of the gentle way he had been with her just moments ago.

He moved his body against hers so that she was now on her stomach and he began to use her harder than he ever had up until this point.

"You will never have him again!" he hissed maliciously into her ear as his hand tightened threateningly around her neck again to the point at which she could not inhale. "You belong to me now. You will not think of him while you are with me, do you understand?"

She moaned something unintelligible as panic and dread coursed through her as her breathing was restricted. He rammed himself into her harder than ever before. His hand that had been pleasuring her clit was still there and the friction of his hard strokes still rubbed her against his hand, stimulating her, causing her to cry out in both a combination of pain and pleasure of which she had not ever experienced before.

Despite the horrific treatment, she ground her hips against his hand. Before she had woken up, she had been so close to climax. Fuck it, she thought to herself in resentment as he continued on with his brutal treatment. She hadn't had one single ounce of fulfillment since they had started this dysfunctional agreement.

"I see," he grunted into her ear as he noticed her attempt to move against his hand. "You like it like this, do you?"

She did not reply, his hand was still dangerously tight around her neck that she was beginning to feel lightheaded. Instead, she rocked her hips against his, trying to rub herself against his hand that was still between her legs.

Finally she erupted, screaming out as a very powerful climax pulsated through her. "Fuck me!" she exclaimed in the heat of the moment as it took her completely by surprise despite the shame that she could possibly have gotten any pleasure from this or from him.

"Very much obliged," Jeyice grunted in her ear, mistaking her words as meant for him and began to slam himself even rougher into her.

Bulma squeezed her eyes shut as she rode out the waves of her release that were still wracking her body as Jeyice continued. She was ready to pass out from lack of oxygen.

He came just as she was coming down from her high and he collapsed on top of her in exhaustion.

She shook in the aftermath of her orgasm, her mind not right just yet or fully comprehending what had just happened.

Jeyice removed his hand from around her neck and threaded his fingers through her hair on the back of her head, roughly pulling her head back so she could look at him. "I enjoyed this very much, love but utter his name in my presence ever again and I will kill you. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she whispered between heavy coughs now that she could breathe again. She just wished he would leave already so she could be alone, get dressed and be alone in her misery. He snorted as he dressed and left abruptly without further word to her.

She didn't move for several minutes. Her mind hadn't caught up with what had happened yet. She was numb. Too numb to cry or scream or do anything other than lay there and cough violently.

Stupid, she told herself. Stupid, stupid, stupid! What the fuck am I even doing?

She finally pulled herself out of bed and headed to the bathroom to clean herself up. She examined her neck in the mirror and winced; her neck was sore to the touch and it hurt to swallow. She knew within a very short time her neck would be badly bruised and cursed Jeyice.

Bulma got herself dressed and quickly left his room, her stomach was in knots at the thought of seeing him or even having to speak to him. She took a deep breath as she looked around the living room and kitchen, but he wasn't there.

The place was a mess, just as she'd left it last night. It looked like they'd had quite a good time so she hoped he just assumed that they'd both just drunkenly passed out last night.

"I was told to escort you back to the lab." A monotone voice said to her from the door, startling her.

"You scared me," she said, her voice rough-sounding, even to her. "I didn't see you there."

It nodded at her once, not saying anything. Not wanting to spend another moment in this place, she quickly collected all of her things and went to it so it could silently escort her back to the lab. She would have liked to take advantage of the silence to take note of the layout of the base again, but her mind was far too distracted, replaying the incident of the morning in her mind over and over again. At least she'd had the foresight to put the floor plan of the base from Jeyice's scouter onto hers.

They finally made it to the lab and It followed her in.

Bulma didn't even think twice before bolting to her own room and racing to the bathroom to turn the water on in the shower to as hot as it could possibly go.

She had calmed down somewhat on her walk back to her room and she found herself wishing that Jeyice had killed her during their altercation. Would that have been so bad, she wondered? Sure it would be sad leaving the boys that way but who was she fooling; they weren't getting out of here.

As she fell through a spiral of self-pity something began to override her sadness until all she felt was anger. Anger and resentment that she had let this go on for this long. Leaving her bathroom she ran into her small kitchen, finding a blunt, nearly useless pair of scissors and went back to the washroom.

Without further thought or deliberation, she pulled forward a hand full section of her hair and began angrily cutting it as short as possible, leaving about two inches worth of growth. Satisfied with the length, she did the same, sectioning and hacking it with the dull scissors, not caring if the cut was even or not. All she cared about was getting rid of her beautiful, long hair.

Maybe if she looked like a boy, Jeyice wouldn't want her and maybe he would leave her alone for good.

She knew the chances of that happening were slim to none, but she needed to do something. She had allowed this way of living to happen for far too long. Instead of focusing on a way out, she had wasted her time working on the time machine in an attempt to fix things she probably couldn't anyway.

Fix things, she scoffed bitterly to herself. Dende was right. She could go back and fix things but that wouldn't change her current predicament. She needed to get out of here before she went mad. She needed to quit dwelling on the things of the past and start actively working on a plan to change their future.

"Time machine," she scoffed bitterly out loud. "What a stupid idea!" she berated herself as she finally stepped in the shower, scrubbing herself down madly before she began to shake again. The shock of what had just happened hitting her hard again. He had nearly killed her.

She had won last night. She had managed to get out of him violating her and it had backfired on her this morning; it had backfired big time.

She wasn't sure what bothered her more, that things had gone badly the way they had or that she had apparently enjoyed it. She'd reached completion; and not only that, but it was one of the strongest climaxes she had ever experienced in her life. What the fuck does that mean!? She panicked inwardly as she began to sob bitterly. She didn't like being treated that way, nor did she want to be treated that way. Was she becoming a masochist since all of this started, she wondered.

More importantly, if she got out of here and she and Vegeta found a way to work things out if he still wanted her after this, would she ever be able to have a normal sex life again, or would she only find fulfillment if it was something degrading now? Vegeta would never treat her this way, even if she asked him to. He'd think she'd lost her mind. Even on occasion when he was a little rougher with her, never did he cause her discomfort, make her feel unsafe or degraded.

Forget Vegeta possibly not wanting her ever again after this, she was pretty sure she wouldn't want him at all either. All she could feel now was her neck still burning and her muscles beginning to ache. "I should have killed him last night," she said to herself out loud. Why hadn't she? It would have been so easy! This would not have happened if she would have not been such a soft heart. Next time, she told herself confidently. And I will destroy him in such a way that before he's gone, he will understand why storms are named after people.

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