BY : Felix_McKraken
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Dragon prints: 1872
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of the characters. This was made purely for entertainment purposes and no profit is made off of it.

Nowhere: 20TWENTY.

--The arrival was unanticipated.--

The man's first reaction was confusion as he surveyed his surroundings. He was alone. He wasn’t supposed to be. A cold, harsh rain was quickly saturating him as he inspected the immediate area. Mystified, his brow furrowed in concentration. He reached out for a second time, feeling with his mind, body, and spirit. It had just been within his grasp, but lost for some incomprehensible reason.

--The accompaniment wasn’t one. Instead it likened more to an invasion, a cacophony.--

The pulse was there. Distance was a mirage while it ebbed pathetically. Despite the deciduous nature, he was able to centre onto it, and he raised two fingers to his forehead for assistance.

--It was trespassing. Yet it wasn’t the want of privacy that solely sparked the furor.--

This was his destination: a prone, male figure. He was instantly to him, rolling him face up. The audacious traveler carefully extracted the lither out of the puddle. The unconscious one looked ravaged enough to be worrying.

--Jeopardy requires restriction.--

To depart only requires a touch, but he brought the other into his arms. This man he knows, but ignorantly no longer knows. The visitor has questions, but he kept them at bay. Instead, he fixed on his technique.

--…abjure and abscond...--

Goku took Vegeta home.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: While working on chapter 21, I realized I’d have to redo the first few paragraphs. Looking over it, I determined a few paragraphs should be the entire page. Then, in a moment of clarity, and dread, I realized none of it worked because of (at the very least, what I consider) a plot hole. The good news? Closing plot holes are always good, and I don’t foresee it interfering with my posting schedule. The bad news? To readers who have read the earlier version, some/many scenes will we scrapped. It could potentially be one that is well liked. This is because fixing the plot hole doesn’t mean fixing chapter 21 - it means chapters 21 through 38 need heavy editing/revision. As always, I hope the newer version is considered superior, although I appreciate any love felt for my writing. If a scene you like is nowhere to be found, may it forever live on in your heart.

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