BY : Felix_McKraken
Category: Dragon Ball Z > Yaoi - Male/Male
Dragon prints: 1872
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of the characters. This was made purely for entertainment purposes and no profit is made off of it.

Nowhere: 4

Little prince, little prince, you little, lost thing. What mishaps have occurred to cause you to arrive?

O little prince, little prince, you look so distressed. You look like shit, standing around that mess, that wreck, that heap of scrap metal.

Little prince, little prince, you look so frustrated. Your confusion has you now, does it not?

O little prince, little prince, you find such disturbing things. What brought you to this place is destroyed, you are all alone. You are caught.

Little prince, little prince, what are you going to do now? You will not cry, will you? You still have the fortitude to resist normalcy, but this will pass just like every act of bravado you play.

O little prince, little prince, you scout this desolate place, and your fear grows to monumental heights. This is the definition of forbidden. You are not supposed to be here.

Little prince, you are not welcome here.

O little prince, little prince, if only you knew, if only you knew that no one is going to save you but you. Perhaps then you'd find the time and candour for your true ill-treated enigma of a knave.

Little prince, you best start running. You should start and never stop.

Little prince, you are never going home again, and you know why.

No one can hear you.

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