BY : Felix_McKraken
Category: Dragon Ball Z > Yaoi - Male/Male
Dragon prints: 1872
Disclaimer: I do not own Dragon Ball Z or any of the characters. This was made purely for entertainment purposes and no profit is made off of it.

Nowhere: seven and 20

He was alone. He could feel it.

Just as he could feel immured in a place with no end. This haunting debilitated him. A terminal agent.

He had no defence to (t)his intangible nemesis. And the darkness only solidified the rejection of salvation - for how was he expected to fight what he could not perceive?

Furthermore, would he resist even if he could?

He wanted to think he would, yet he knew. He knew he had chosen the easy route before.

‘If you can't beat it, join it?’

The thought brought turmoil as it made him aware that this had already taken place. What had he sacrificed? Why did he allow himself to be preserved as an anomaly? This living, breathing, inanimate, intangible thing. He was alone because there was nothing else like him. He was doomed to be forever disconnected, and why would this be the preferred choice?

What made this the palatable outcome?

Why had he chosen to embrace the lurking cancers?

Maybe it offered his vacuous soul a possibility, neutered albeit achievable.

When his eyes opened, he wasn’t alone. He could feel it.

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