He Doesn't Dance

BY : Dhampir
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The small bar was nothing more than a hole in the wall. It sat on a corner street with dark tinted windows and a small neon sign brightly flashing “Gary’s”. Duo Maxwell had paced up and down the sidewalk across the street for the past hour. His fingers fiddled with the end of his long braid as he contemplated going in or going home.

               A place like this shouldn’t have meant anything to him and it’s certainly not a place he would’ve ever stepped foot in under any other circumstances, but he had watched from a distance as his lover, Heero Yuy, disappeared inside. Heero, who was supposed to be gone on a mission for the Preventer’s until tomorrow night and had told him he would be out of contact for 48 hours. And not only had he seen Heero go in, but he had gone inside with a tall red headed man.

               It was pure luck on Duo’s part. He hadn’t felt like cooking and had gone out to see what place caught his interest. This place was a good hour’s walk from their apartment in a rougher area of the city and considering Duo didn’t have a car—he didn’t see the need—the chances of him coming to this area were pretty slim. Shit, Duo didn’t think he’d ever been to this area in the five years he lived here.

               The ex-Deathscythe pilot finally squared his shoulders and took a deep breath, it coming out a shuddering mass that belied his breaking heart even as he set his lips into a thin line. He crossed the street, flicking off a car that blew her horn at him, and then slowly and silently entered the bar. He stood in the dark alcove of the bar that had flyers and posters on the walls and peered through the blurry window of the second door. Even if the window had been clear, it was too dark inside to see well enough anyway from out there. Duo tucked his braid inside his jacket and pulled his cap further down over his face before deftly opening the door and slipping indoors unnoticed. He slinked along the wall as he waited for his eyes to adjust to not only the dim lit bar, but also to the thick smoke that hung in the air.

               It really was just a small hole-in-the-wall average bar. The bar was up against the right wall with a good 15 stools and on the other side of the building were a few booths. The middle was left open for a dance floor and there was a small stage that looked like it hadn’t been used in years. A jukebox sat in the corner and the slow country song blared over speakers placed throughout the room.

               He swept his eyes around the bar and found his lover sitting in a corner booth close together with that red head. Was this his mission? It had to be, thought Duo, because the other option was impossible. It was unmistakably Heero; no one else had eyes that Prussian blue and he could pick out the form of his lover even in such shitty conditions, but he didn’t look like Heero.

               Duo slid into the furthest corner seat at the bar, it allowed him to be able to look ahead and remain shrouded in darkness while also being able to watch Heero from the corner of his eye. Heero was talking animatedly, for him at least, with the red head and a genuine smile graced his lips. He couldn’t make out what they were saying, but he could read snippets from his lover’s lips.

               “There we were….it seemed impossible…no one else but…then it was over and—“

               “Hi there!” A voice said cheerfully and Duo startled as he looked up at the blonde man behind the bar. He had been concentrating on Heero so much he hadn’t even noticed the man approach him. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” The blonde gave a throaty laugh and a genuine smile.

               “T-that’s okay.” Duo answered, giving a small smile back. “Just lost in my own thoughts, I guess.”

               The blonde nodded, “That’s normal here. So, anything I can get ya?”

               Duo glanced furtively over at Heero and audibly swallowed when he saw the two had moved closer and holding hands, “Y-yeah, a bottled beer, I don’t care what kind.” His voice came out husky and thick with emotion has he tried to keep tears at bay.

               “You got it!” The bartender retreated for a moment, returning with a bottled beer and opening it front of Duo. Watching the chestnut man take the beer, he leaned forward against the bar and let his eyes rove over the new customer. In a bar like this, they usually just had the regulars and certainly none of them looked as delectable as this man. Well, except for the two in the corner, but they only ever had eyes for each other. “So…I’ve never seen you here before, are you new in town or just passing through?”

                Duo took a sip of beer and shrugged, “Neither, just never been here before.”

               “Well, my name’s Ryan,” the bartender said, his voice dropping an octave, “And I’m here every night if you need some company.”

               He gave a strained smile, but shook his head, “Sorry, but I’m taken.”

               Ryan sighed, “Man, all the cute ones are.”

               “I could always use a friend though,” Duo said, extending his hand, “Duo Maxwell, at your service.”

               The blonde shook his hand, but his green eyes widened in surprise, “Duo Maxwell? Y-you’re not by chance the Duo Maxwell, the singer?”

               Duo ducked his head and hissed, “Keep it down, will ya?”

               “Sorry!” Ryan gulped, a blush rising to his cheeks. “I just…” his voice dropped to a low whisper, “I knew you looked familiar, but I never thought Duo Maxwell would be sitting at my bar!”  

               “Well, surprise.” Duo said weakly.

               “I saw you at your last concert 5 years ago. It was the best concert I had ever been to! I couldn’t believe it when you announced you were retiring…did you lose your voice?”

               Duo nursed the beer in his hand, staring down at the bar. “No, my lover asked me to retire, so I did.” More like demanded it, Duo thought. He had always enjoyed singing and after the war had ended, he began taking guitar lessons and using music as a way to process his emotions. His instructor had told him he was more than good and recommended him to a talent agent. Heero had shrugged when Duo said the agent signed him, not believing Duo would get far in the industry. But within a year, Duo was one of the top up and coming musicians with a huge underground following.

               After the release of his first, and only, album, Duo had skyrocketed to fame and had a 7 country tour. Heero hadn’t liked it, not one bit. Duo was in front of thousands of people, singing every night and Heero couldn’t keep his jealousy under control. Heero remained out of the limelight, letting Duo attend any and all events alone—claiming it was because he was a Preventer and needed to keep his identity a secret. So, at the end of his tour, Heero demanded he stop singing because it was bringing too much attention to them and putting Duo is grave danger.

               Duo had been crushed, but did it for his lover. What Heero said had made sense, if it came out that Heero and he were in a relationship, then Heero’s cover would be blown and he’d have to quit the Preventers or possibly go into Witness Protection. Their whole lives during the war were based on anonymity and Heero still relied on it. And so, two weeks after his last concert, he announced he was retiring and slowly faded into the background. That first year was the hardest because he practically remained inside the entire time as to avoid having pictures taken or being stalked by paparazzi.


               That had been five years ago and now, he was almost forgotten. Every once in a while he’d see a trash magazine saying that he had been spotted in Fuji or Cairo or back on L2, but they were all old pictures and nothing but speculation.

               “Damn, you really love him if you gave all that up.”

               Duo nodded, staring at Heero who now had the red headed man wrapped in his arms while they shared a slow kiss. He felt his heart break right then and there, there’s no way this was a mission, was there? “I really do.”

               Another patron had changed the song on the jukebox and Duo watched as the red head perked up, making a gesture to the dance floor. Shock and pain went through him as he watched Heero acquiesce and was dragged to the middle of the floor by the other man. He couldn’t even get Heero to dance with him in their apartment, let alone in public where other people could see them. Heero didn’t dance—ever. Not since the end of the war at least.

               A strangled sob caught in his throat and Ryan laid a gentle hand on his shoulder, “Hey man, you okay?”

               Duo straightened up, steeling his emotions so he wouldn’t start crying. “Sorry, it’s been a shitty day. Just learned my lover is cheating on me and I think it’s just now really sinking in.”

               “Who would be stupid enough to cheat on you?” The blonde asked seriously. Duo Maxwell was sex on two legs and had been his first celebrity crush. The man was breathtakingly gorgeous with those deep violet eyes and a heart shaped face framed by chestnut bangs and red, kissable lips. Duo just shrugged his shoulders and hunched down, staring at his barely touched beer.

               “Hey Ryan!” A patron called, causing the blonde to tear his eyes away from Duo.

               “Hia Mark,” he called to the regular customer. He glanced at the chestnut haired man, “I’ll be right back, please don’t leave!”


               Left to his own thoughts, Duo stared furtively at Heero and the red head who were swaying together on the dance floor. There was no denying it was Heero, but at the same time, he just couldn’t believe it was his stoic lover. His hair had been gelled and styled so that those thick chocolate strands wouldn’t fall into his eyes and he wore a tight dress shirt that showed off his muscled physique. Duo had tried for years to get him to dress in something other than his Preventers uniform or tank tops, but had always been met with glares and biting remarks.

               Duo let his eyes fall lower, following the contour of Heero’s body as he spun the redhead around the dance floor. That shirt was tucked into form fitting pants held together by a leather belt and he was even wearing leather shoes! Duo had never seen his lover dressed that way, and looking so sexy and carefree. Heero’s emotions were open and he freely smiled at his dance partner as they rocked together with barely any space between them.

               “Can you believe it? Man, some guys just have all the luck, don’t they?” Ryan asked, appearing in front of Duo again.

               The ex-pilot just nodded, not trusting his voice, but his eyes didn’t—couldn’t—leave Heero as he watched the two share another slow, passionate kiss. A kiss that he thought only he had ever been privy to, certainly a type of kiss he had never shared with anyone else.

               “They’ve been coming here every week for over a year now. Always every Saturday night, but sometimes they’ll show up other nights too.” Ryan said conversationally, not realizing the anguish he was putting the lithe singer through.

               Over a year? Duo thought, not able to stop the tears this time from forming. He bit his lip, trying to stop them from falling and quickly rubbed them with his arm. “They really like this place, huh?”

               Ryan shrugged, “Seems like it. We’re not very popular, so I think they like just having a place of their own. But it’s nice to see two people so in love, especially today’s world. It feels like there’s just pain... but seeing those two really helps me have faith even when I’ve been dumped again.”

               Heero’s partner said something quiet, but Duo could tell it was something teasingly said as Heero let out a short laugh, pulling the redhead to him. Duo watched as the two left together, hands intertwined, without a single glance back. If Heero had, he would’ve seen his chestnut lover crumbling beneath the betrayal, but even more so at the sound of that laugh…a sound he tried to illicit for years without any luck. The most he ever got was a slight chortle and he could count on one hand how many times that had happen.


               Duo waited another half hour, staring at the bar. Ryan had left him to tend to other patrons again, but he wasn’t much of a conversationalist tonight anyway. He slowly took some cash out of his pocket and laid it on the bar for the beer. He stood up, surprised at how tired and achy his body was, but the new knowledge he had acquired had completely drained him.

               He started for the door when Ryan yelled for him to wait and slipped out from behind the bar. The blonde man was a head taller than him with a long gait and quickly caught up to the ex-pilot. “Hey, I know this is probably the worst time to ask this, but…” he paused, holding out a pen and paper, “Can I get your autograph Mr. Maxwell? I doubt you’ll ever come back here again.”

               Duo gave him a sad smile, but took the items, “Sure, I’d love to.” He quickly scrawled his name on the paper and handed it back to the kind bartender. “And call me Duo.”

               “Thanks!” Ryan beamed, but his excitement faltered as he looked at Duo’s crestfallen expression. “Hey man, he’s not worth it—that lover of yours. If he doesn’t know how lucky he is to have someone like you, then he’s not the one for you.”

               “Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll ever find someone else to love like that.” He answered, wrapping his arms around himself and cursing his weakness as tears welled up again.

               Ryan took a step towards the bar, but paused. “If you ever need anything or just someone to talk to you, I’m here almost every night and I’ll be a listening ear…or a bed warmer, if you need it.”

               Duo cracked a smile, but his eyes slid over to the dark stage. “Actually…does your stage work?”

               “What? Oh! Yeah, it hasn’t been used in probably a hundred years, but I know we’ve got the equipment in the back.” The blonde bartender said, “You want to sing? Here? I’m sure I could find you a better venue than this dump!”

               “No, I want to sing here. You can see it as a thank you,” Duo smiled at the blonde. “You really helped me out tonight.”

               “Well then, hell yes!” Ryan practically yelled, thankfully Heero had already left. “You can sing as long as you want to and for as many nights as you want to. I can plaster it all over the web and really draw in a crowd.”

               Duo shook his head, “No, don’t do that. I’m not coming back to the industry. I just want to sing one song, only one song, and only on one night.”

               “I’ll take it! I’ll take anything you’ll give.” The blonde said, giving Duo a look that would’ve left him hot under the collar if he wasn’t currently trying to pick up the broken pieces of his heart.

               Giving him a weak smile, “Next Saturday?”

               “I’ll have it ready for sure!”

               Duo nodded and headed for the door, pausing for a moment, “Oh, please keep the stage dark, I don’t want anyone seeing me.”

               Ryan gave him a puzzled look, but nodded, “Sure, no problem, Duo.” He watched the lithe man pull his braid out from under his shirt and then slip out the door and into the night.


               Duo made it home and unlocked the quiet apartment. Like he thought, Heero wasn’t home. The man stumbled into their room, collapsing on the bed and curling up with Heero’s pillow. It smelled like him and Duo could no longer hold back the tears, letting out a heartbreaking sob as he cried harder and longer than he ever had. Not even when Solo died had he felt this wretchedly broken.


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Note: This will be a short 3 part story. It's something I've had in mind for years but never had put it to paper. Not sure if this means I'll be back as I had deleted all my stories once before, but this one wouldn't leave me and it's already finished. 

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